Eric Stonestreet Podcast

Bob Fescoe
Monday, May 14th
Fescoe sits down with Modern Family star & KC native Eric Stonestreet! They talk about his love for KC, the Chiefs & Royals plus his rise to stardom and doing an episode with George Brett 

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Ten years ago air stone street had a nice career going in Hollywood but never had that all the put him into rarefied air. What difference in his game over NASA goes through to help police report the news to come. After helping others redstone himself decided to audition for the wolf camera in my American family. As we all know he's got the job that would have to be great not only for Eric but for Kansas City is well. Don't think it was not enough to sit down for the latest PC bobcats to discuss his career his Philanthropic work in Kansas City what his future holds after modern family. And how he may have helped the world when it when he fifteen World Series championship. Here's my conversation BC native. Eric Snow history. Start off by telling you stories that I heard opening game this year cough would stay in the dugout talking to one of the royals scout system to be called. He's had he has have you have you had a chance to talk to Ryan go jet but it's opening day and coaches talked early but he got it talked said. Why he's you know we was playing second base in game six of the ball fell between him and Batiste. That's okay that's kind of a cool story and yet here's how what happened goings tells the story quiet. Really kind of just you know it's quiet atmosphere going on and then all of a sudden on the scoreboard ago pay royals fans stand up and make some all. RS and he said after that he lost track of everything because the crowd came to life. He thought Batista said I got it the ball fell Kane scored. You're sitting here at your mouth wide open did you ever think it character that you played well the royals won the World Series. Unbelievable. I do I hadn't heard from that perspective you know that that. Now hold on I'm confused was at the game I was at op I don't know we were you a game six McCain scored from first when the ball fell on behalf argued against dilute it a yes alleges. Yes I was at that game and then they they put that up on the year's screen and then they cut to meet up the mood the sweet and I was like. I think I started correctly I'm not I'm not 100% sure I've never heard it. From anyone else's perspective look at. He quietly I was like I was. That was awesome idea articles. If they don't I was as the royals game one Friday night they dust settled things off metal just not off and they played it again and their. Like for significant market recorded knew that the that's the that's for all that's a batting practice pat from. I think fourteen sewing you different now on him in the video with that that's an incredible. Story here from a player's perspective can you you know you as a fan and which I just damn right you never know if you have any. Effect on the outcome of the game but it definitely rally the crowd. Doubt and I always think like this is the stupid but I think definitely if I'm not watching the chiefs game they have a better chance to lose a fumble I'm totally there and totally insane totally the same and I don't know why it's like staff but I get that feeling by the fact that you know win when you're grown up I mean that the I guess at the tail end of the world's good years in the 1985 job and thirty years of an obvious that to the rebirth of where they are to hear that you had an impact on net that's gotta be cool field. The only it was amazing and after after that game Jeremy Guthrie sent me a text on we are deedrick misses on Porter was like do you got to come out of the locker room yeah. You gotta let us give you are they do they at that year they did a traditional. Ric Flair gimme three Wu whose. And they said you got to come in and let us give you the the traditional woo woo whose yeah. Guthrie he pieces to stay here all in the issue you come and block guys now. He interviews he's like. Everybody. Here comes the fact her for modern Phillip that your Mike fixed me a big bowl and I admit I. I modern Italy. Anyway they gave me three wounds and and I hit the road I've I get very uncomfortable locker rooms yeah it's really uncomfortable place to. MySpace yet you know what I mean it's like I I get uncomfortable whenever I'm intruding someone else's. Working men and I'm because I was an athlete as a kid and you know wasn't good enough to play college or professional I have a lot of reference for a lot of respect for it and I just get awkward and uncomfortable not to mention all the naked that's right it is very very awkward you know you you walk him and like are you play you know and I do for a living I try to stay as much as possible out and it really is like its bigger space and I just I just prefer my athletes from a little bit of a distance and. Yes I guess Michael complained of being an hour after almost championship celebration as I was is every champagne celebration they have as yet Donald's no I never did. Idea idea now I should probably but I did Neville everything smelled like you know champagne it would take it to the dry cleaner after every round and there are another round acclaim and champagne at a clothing was very fun for everybody now. That's incredible I'm am glad you told that story. I've I've only ever. This is a very long story. Don't get me very quick. But when I was at the White House correspondents and for sure it was ever invited ago because month and we grossed by ABC I was at the table with then former chief of staff President Obama. The Ditka and Chicago guys cute in his name is this just skate but you have a table with them and I told him knows who's gonna. The White House to the next day it is in his office opening was moved around as deaths you know probably mean that did it. And he's like you come went last week of Wales I got a tour. Hours later my two worst canceled. And sit next to his wife and an exit I can't. Believe I can't think of his name right now. Built building up inside the white like bill bill bill hits to cancel you gotta get used to rescheduling pulls out of Collard greens and is next time your wash at 220. Cool and all but here now I don't have any plans tomorrow at the African White House to you know. He's like give vehicle so we fill up our day we go out of go to capitals game that night of back to hotel breaking news some of them. Wow. You're so yeah wide open so it gets better. So like oh my god that's wire two were canceled because rewritten we're in the middle Killen of some of them in the heated when anybody. Else well. That that is what it was. But I didn't get to hear that's for sure what it was in Tel he's getting interviewed. In sort of the deconstruction of the day in his accounts of the days like. The answer at the White House correspondents dinners and actor from Family Guy tells me he's come into the White House and I'm like. You know my Blackberry and say that hell you are in cancel its two hour we'll unbeknownst to them they had forgotten to cancel all tumors that morning. So like thirty actors in the course on us and get that email. Two were tourists canceled. And that it goes on CNN Jake Tapper covering it Eric Stosur alerted the White House that took the White House to Pittsburgh gets so that's my brush with. With history. The closest I've gotten to political peace in my life but. That was that was also also awesome I don't think as awesome is is has that story is told me about rallying the royals. I'll bet that's pretty cool managed a kind of a champagne celebration for it's different but yeah I mean to kill we killed the son of a gun yet. And you've got to have your White House tortilla every get that tore into the tour I did get the tour how was it is great highly recommend going to the White House. It into the Oval Office and getting an apple from the president of the United States if you just but it. Epic upset US house as being unfairly treat you different this year with her finger grip or limit that or airport. I how much for you because I always say that 1415 room for the royals raised everybody's profiling Kansas City is hidden in Maine is a better city we fell in love with ourselves again charity aspect of things went through the group. How much at the air one reach your profile on the national well. You know here here's the unfortunate side of being. From Kansas City and living in Los Angeles would most Los Angeles for twenty years pay taxes in Los Angeles. And I'm a fan of sports or more for me to have gone to baseball games I go to Dodgers games. So I was I was Bennett dodgers' season ticket. Holder for. I think six years at this point the royals' season ticket holder now for four years I think. But I had died or season two so I was going to Dodgers games will the moment the royals got in I've always been rooting for the royals I've grown up as a royal fan but I think we can all agree that. Pretty dark days that I didn't have a tremendous amount to talk about your read about it's like. So I immediately got called you know the band Wagoner because I mean you know have a royals you know so. Kinda sucks for me for a minute because of those those things and had to explain to people like let me you know let me. Let me remind you that there's an American League and the National League and the only time that it matters is if the Dodgers in the royals play each other. And I'm so clearly a royals fan and I will be rooting for the royals you know. So I was super stoked in it did it really did I mean but that's what she's you know that's why get so upset with in college institutions getting so mad money goes to sports and money just because. Athletics to raise the profile raise revenue raise everything for. An environment and culture and I think you're absolutely right when the royals went on that run. You know. All the sudden there was a team to get behind in for good reason I don't think Kansas City has a hard time behind teams to begin with but. Given them being the winner. Just do you really did it just made the city enthusiastic. View the cool thing for me was walking around an airport world's people randomly just coming up you were for royals on for the world that became America's team for that time they really they really did and and again I'm sure you've probably gotten your fair share of it too is like oh we're. You go by that royal said you go dose that'll show the people love to say stuff like that. You don't know anything about me you don't know where I'm from what I've done to who I know what I've rooted for in my life but it. You know I guess you get that reputation Hollywood folks get that reputation of being you know beaten badly in the nicest thing at dodger organization did for me though is is the owner of of the Dodgers his wife is from Kansas City OK yeah and last year when the royals played at the shop at Chavez ravine I said. You know. And come into the games but I can't where doctor stuff when the royals are in time he goes where you royal sat and sat next me in the box. So I sat next to sandy Colfax. Mark Walter in the Dodgers owners box where in Kansas City Royals had an and that's what we're que no idea how much that helps me. Because it's like it. People are so many questions valley. Or utilities funerals it drives me in it's probably my number one pet peeve on social people given nation because they can and yes because I think he's because they citizenship because I go. But you understand that in order for me to watch a baseball game it's fourteen minutes from my house. Or three hour flight. In given that I like baseball. In going to the park in the pageantry and it's now hot dogs and all that. The Dodgers are my choice to watch baseball and now it's like it doesn't mean that I dreamed of blue blood out of my. While the doctor or the royals blue blood out of my veins it's like yeah I'm a fan. But the cool thing about the Dodgers though is that when the world's came into existence Ewing Kauffman modeled their uniforms after the doctor ought to forthrightly color same color same basic logo I mean the whole nine yards it's basically. There's no red obviously in the royals uniform at the reasonable but the Dodgers but they figure to be 'cause of the doctor yeah so you can use that to say hey that's good MLS could MO let's give him an Andrew who terror metric we care because he and and Peter Moore loans because they were doctors better ego because drew terrorist investor baseball tendencies let me ask you this that you've you've had a lot of great opportunities you use it now coming back to Kansas City RC almost ten years of modern family be in on the air. You come back to your hometown and you have the opportunity to basically do what you want hey I'm coming to town I want from the first pitch I wanna hit the trauma that the chiefs game or go to K staters some like that. What's been the coolest opportunity provided to you. Because of the success of the television show well there. They're people are kind enough to ask me to do stuff I I I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't ass to do it in. You know with the slick stuff being out on aren't the field at the K you know again just remind everybody. Listening he uncheck and in constantly with sixteen year old me and fifteen year old me an eighteen year old mean and being like Kim. You won't believe. Your on the field and aero head can you believe you're in the locker room there or on the field caiso. Those things are really cool for me now but they're also just a really an amazing thing for me to remind myself of how. Over the moon ecstatic it would have been as fifteen it. Those things are great. Beaten that Drummond aero that is. Really exhilarating I mean here in seventy. 34000. People whatever capacity there is roar is really cool I mean if that is why. You wanna become professional athlete has to be here be on the receiving end of that. That's awesome. Get to know people you know didn't you didn't know. You know the comments a little bit in Clark and sitting with him in the owner's box at the chiefs game I think is probably way up there. You know it it's it's great because everybody loves you guys with the speaks like you know and and you know when it first started I don't know that you guys expected it to be as successful as it is and with median involved in knows manage project a new round at the nose bandage project rally our race I should say we we've had such a overwhelming support for people to support Children's Mercy Hospital childhood cancer. When you got started big slick how did you guys picked children's mercy and make back kind of the target of what you wanted to do. Well you know. I would join big slick late because those guys were guests recognizable before I was robbery eagle started it made the call to Jason and Paul in those three guys started it and then. And they did two or three years of it before I came as a guest. The men asked me to join so. I'm not sure what the thinking of how they chose chose that but all you have to do is take a visit over to children's mercy and understand what they're all about and sort of the situations that they are dealing with on a daily basis and you realize it's a great organization you know two to raise money for because. As was said there are no Spanish project. The race the other day you know. All of all cancer research and believe 4% of it is for pediatric cancer casino lot of cancers in kids is rare you know it'd. It's rare for. You do get cancer but when it happens it can be as we know devastating. And especially you know brain cancer in. Is is a very under studied. Cancer amongst kids cancers so. To slam dunk as far as what I wanna do like I said there at the five K one month and we happened they knew people would ask me to help out with one thing or another and kids and cancer was at top my list of things that I wanted to do so. Combining them is an is obviously a no brainer. Yeah and you have been getting involved a lot though is an excellent and do some stuff with Kate you made it seems like you're just like are given back to Kansas City what you don't forget where you come for well I'd I don't ever want to and you know I I. You know. Which Kansas State in. The reasons and that now is because it's it's it's it's similar thing it's like. I figured out what I wanted to do in life in Manhattan Kansas went colleges in college and went college. And I found my path there. And so I have no bad feelings about. I don't I don't look at Manhattan Kansas and think like oh well that's work. You know that happened when I have no pour pour memories from being an and in Kansas. And you know obviously growing up here I had my ups and downs as a kid just like everybody does you know I left here when I was. Eighteen went to Manhattan then moved to Chicago Los Angeles so my experience in Kansas City. Is not of an adult. I've never lived in Kansas City isn't all I've never. Gone out to restaurants really without my mom and dad I've never gone to I've never been to west port partying until I was probably thirty. You know I just never did it so. My point is is my a few of Kansas City is very. Ideally in childlike so when I come back I enjoy doing all the things that I do it is acute when the games and sporting events and things like that so now we get to experience that is in the bowl. Whiff. Whatever comes along with me being on TV of saying what every one call that are of money to be able to do things that I wanted to do. Is really fun and I loved. I love the people here who gets the kids here are my people so. I enjoy coming back here in every one laboring here enjoys coming here everyone loves every every one of those liberties that we bring for big slick as we like. Thanks everyone's. It really is amazing what people come here they get a totally different impression of Kansas City at what they think Kansas city's I read something. Today actually in the business journal about Al Kansas city's now outpacing places like San Francisco for like new millennial workforce jobs because. Also affordable the list here yeah you know like they said you could work 29 years. In San Francisco to get enough money for a down payment for home three years in Kansas City while the same type of job. To get the money for a down payment more more people are starting find out what a great places. It really really is in the news there's a part of you I'm sure you're living here full time it's like you wanna keep it just that like kind of the secret church he certainly no one. A lot of what comes with being a popular place to live but. Ice and people here all the time it's like you know friends that I have on the show that you know have kids and they're thinking of vacation we go seriously go to Kansas City. Drive down to you know spend 34 nights in Kansas City drive down to Branson Godot silver dollar city hit worlds I mean what a great cool vacation right here. In the in the in the heartland and you meet great people and eat good food so what's not to love what. Is your mostly kind of fulfilling moment from all the stuff you've been able to do with children's mercy hospital and and all the stuff you've kind of been involved with over the years. Is there one that really stands out where you're like man that really really hit home with. Well you know developing. Relationships with a couple specific kids you know in and having. You know some meaningful impact in the in their lives of hopefully making their lives of little. Easier through different friends of mine. I think it was in the news. A couple years ago that and executed it children's in the month you know and no one be careful what I say but. You know he was sick and is is sick and doesn't travel very well and need to get the Boston. For a appointment that he had and I called my friend who owns Jimmy John's and said. And I enjoy playing executed it to in the doctor's appointment. In Jimmy's like when and where in. You know he did it without even asking a question. So. Putting people together in the using the resources that I have acquired by you know trying to find good people in my lives. You know as you can imagine. People who wanna be my friend sometimes in. For whatever reasons I have to do my own navigation of what people's interests really are and things like that and I pride myself on meeting good people in just keeping them in my lives we strikes and have very many. Transients in my life. I bet you don't treasurer yeah I think people in and and he happens to be one of those guys that I think is the good human being and he did have a solid from meaning got. It's Stanley they're kept his playing there for three days forum and flew back. That that's incredible Amanda do you feel at what's it feel good about yourself feel good because of how vocal we were able to accomplish for this kid he Escude is giving the care that he needs just because I've made a phone call induce a book. Well yeah I and it's and it's again you know hopefully that I convey when I you know meet people like that somebody that's. Wealthy or powerful or. Resourceful in any way that. They understand that. You know where my heart is and what I look to and that I'm not saying. You know. Do this for me and then I'll do that for it's it's literally. You know they knows come from a good place so. In that wave that's why I'm saying it's like I I I hopefully gravitate towards really good people and I hope. That's because I'm not a bad person myself you know I mean. Short do you do you have basic goals for this kind of stuff like in five years I'd like to be justice for children received ten years I'd like to be able to do this you you kind of have those schools out there I have my own private goals personally with. Philanthropy. That I'm still batting around really. What I wanna do personally. I you know robbed in and started agree cherry with big slick and will go indoors where it's our ninth year or ninth you're earning your. And the nature will be ten. And then. You know I'd really like to find money my own thing to. In addition to of what I wanna do you know as you know my sister works with special needs kids and idea. I have really fallen in love with a lot of those kids in and see how beautiful and joyful and honest and earnest in just loving that those kids are in. Think about things that I can do to and help as they transition into adulthood is definitely something I'm interested in. I've seen a few things that are interesting to me as far as like open hoping you know what happens to a really high functioning kid with Down syndrome when it's point one point two wins parents are getting older word word of those kids go. And so I have interest in that area of thinking of things like that. You know win in its abuse stuff is very. You know something that I. I think I'm I'm. I'm interest and mean in exploring a little bit safe homes and things like that. So why I have goals in my mind of what I wanna do because I don't know that I want them sheep like acting. In the show's over I don't know I. It's feels it feels too good to. Them how people out selfish if that makes. I I agree back Alley I'd I don't get the same rush of adrenaline from anything else that I get from like it was British prime yeah five K or something like that year involved in DC. That good things are happening you're helping somebody could be less fortunate and and that's of the night spears have in an ideal would all back to the royals I mean I did a Dancing With The Stars competition for a for the BMA foundation here in 2015. And getting out there and dancing for Charlie's house. Was the most exhilarating thing I ever did get a thousand people in a ballroom chanting your name and root for insurance and money and help but in you do and you're like wow. I can't believe this like it's hard to explain that feeling and guess that's the feeling you when you score a touchdown and a homeowner Sauna like I don't know but I've never had a feeling like that. Via our it you know and I always say you know his people are so kind Paul and Robin Jason and Dave and I we come back and wanna thank you so much with. I think they said at the press conference last year that. While that's super appreciated and really nice for everyone to say don't forget we're getting something out of this too it's not just this thing that were coming in doing that. That we we are receiving something in return were receiving you know those good feelings and good vibes and positive energy in the world so. In some ways it feels like I said oh a little selfish you know because it does feel you know Soviet. You have a TV show is obviously here we know that it's UB ten seasons in the neck kinda going to be it is I think some of rumors have gotten out there'll bit but. I think for me having a seven year old girl daughter you're attitudes are so cute oh for oh my gosh they are adorable the way you're the youngest daughter. Grabbed on to my leg like oh my gods built by Dario appreciate that but we watched the show together and people probably think oh my dodger bats parent or something watching those kinds of programs or whatever. It has been I think one of the best learning experiences. Not only for for me obviously but for my kids because were sitting there in the question comes up. One I two daddies and and my wife and I explained it's a five minute conversation. They move on. It's become normal now in in this world and I don't know. If we would be as accepting anymore as we are right now of that kind of culture were we two daddies are two months to gay lesbian lifestyle. If it wasn't for you were shall I do you do you guys understand the impact that you guys are truly happening in America well I. I think in the beginning. You know. Media I mean. We were definitely opening up people's hearts and minds and you know we've all said. Many times and Steve and Chris guys who created show. Said many times that urge and has never been anything other than to try to make people laugh for twenty minutes every Wednesday night and now thirty times a week on US. Hum. But. You know that's the main objective and obviously. You know. The ancillary. The the affecting areas around that were to beaded you know have a conversation or conversations for families and that people ask questions and you know you choose how you wanna address with your family and that we knew those conversations would would would would be started and we're proud of that and have been very proud of the work that Jesse and in the writers have done to create. Cam and Mitch in. In a very. Honest. Way and did the fact there gave. And what their sexuality is. Hopefully shuffled down the list of just like in. What you would say typical male female relationship is is like you know they. There and each other's throats they argue over the dumbest things they have the craziest stupidest. Like. Bitch sessions they have the craziest stupidest things happen to them. In in that way that was the goal this is too you know quote normalize two men living together in a way that. It's not even conversation. In the flip side of that is like people will say look who never. You know show emotion or you know affection or whatever and it's like equal but. You know the peep people are always blowing by this is a tie it huge fill in clerk gets all the time. In the route the reason fill in clerk has all time is because Juli is constantly. Kissing tie like Jesse and I don't. As Erica and Jesse we don't have that. Paying where. Really just kisser as herself so she brings that to her character Safina under the same way they're not like people they just they cancel all the time. And so people think it's like all that stuff scripted it's like this kiss this feels like no that's Julie doing you know and in Jesse and I just we love each other personally as friends we don't each think like well how can we kiss each other today in the scenes just doesn't come. Ricci she spectacular show I think Phil Spector I think the whole cast is so good. And I wondered do you guys like. Right the joke for the situation or do you come up with the situation based on a joke like the Stella situation where you know dog style that's a no I like is is is that what were you. Came up with the jokes he named the dog that way and he knew you're gonna utilize it took how interesting that you zone in on that someone else just asking something about that and I use. I use Stella. That is an example because obviously my boss credit he he said consistently come before the jokers to Joseph creek as a dog's name is now that's funny out it's. Let me think about that build Ruble I believe wrote that episode bill Ruble is a big fan of Broadway and musicals. And movies and pop culture. And I believe. If I would have to look and see if we got Stella. I know that they wanted me to do some sort of Brando West Bank while I would imagine if we're looking at the Stella Cain first they named the dog style. Not knowing that ever that eventually. I would be looking for Stella and then it just kind of falls in place that would be my guest but I would have to look at the order of that. But I can also very easily see this happening which is Jay gets a dog what are we gonna name. Oh you know so and so has an idea for cam to do. Marlon Brando. We should name the dog Stella so that candlelight teacher could yell style like I can also see that happening because that's how complex. The writers' room is in the writers or are other stories and ideas nuggets of information all over these white boards and our writers working to separate rooms one rooms led by Chris and one rooms let Steve the creators. So I could see it either way or how slim how how involved are you guys in the writing process should. I am not. That involved in the writing but you know we here you know modern family is I just did said the suit of Emmy panel we did a couple weeks ago you know it's a living breathing. You know sort of organism. That's estate more aligned for the way he describes as clubhouse really yet he always says and and I've used it numerous times because. And we'll get back to that once or but he always has the clubhouse is a living breathing organism and if you affect one thing yeah you affect everything back went in I guess it was fifteen Guthrie wasn't pitching well there and cut Guthrie and I'm like. You understand if you take him out residential tiger you're right the dynamic of everything changes. And guys in the front office in Dayton when he's on a show assistant living breathing organism NAFTA. Well you'd eaten communal. Maybe national review yeah I don't you look at an audit panel anyway. No our show really is that because people asked the question is do you guys improvise which I get that notion of that question within. Now to selling them putting somebody down but it's of it's it's a very simple question given how much more than improvising we do witches. You know when we're sitting here doing the show others. Creator always with us Richard Steve depending on who's Epson is in the news the writers. Or writer and then there's the director and then now that we've been doing the show for so long we are there and we have its say in things so. Win we know it seems now working its not like we're like let's improvise it's you know a line it's like well no let's all huddle. In come up with the best change to best and on the best cut. You know because so many things have to do with what's cut in the scene is what makes seen better. In our show writers have always the call that your baby you know right general. Right to joke just he thinks is the best she thinks is the best joke they've ever written. And they have to let loose of them all the time because you know we also want a concise comedy you know. Our show's gotten faster over the years to if you watch season one. Our show breathed a lot more than it does now on our show. It was really fast pace so fast pace of my dad's like I didn't understand what aegis. What it wouldn't Nolan wouldn't wouldn't you say. Why is everybody talking so fast it's like a winner is it but he's not wrong yeah he's not wrong. You know. I. A half hour comedy is 22 minutes or point one minutes and 45 seconds so that should be about 22 pages of dialogue. Will have drafts that we read to the table that are 3630. Pages. So. We gotta cut a lot of that talk fast speeds insisting that he's save that as well because our our Aussie started like six years ago but he gives it one piece of advice at six years we still using it. You got to be fast pace got to be pacing pacing pacing. That almost seems like a new generational thing now where everything's got to be faster moving faster this facet this to try to keep the attention span is that what you guys did Saturday just do that fit more stuff. I think they did it just of that stuff more stuff and because. You know I'm being honest I think a lot of the comedy in our first couple seasons was driven by you know. Space. Allowing cam allowing managed to say of the blind in elf. Feeling after you know you watch pilot. And then I think as the show got better. Or got. Popular more popular more critically acclaimed in my opinion what happened is as the writers like what was shows so good because of what writing. And I'm thinking we'll shows that it is because your writing really. You know them. Minimal stuff meaning as forest. Amount of words you know. And then a you're allowing the actors to make the most out of those words and what the show's gradually and is more words less space. In so I think is justices the collusion of and who and why. Somebody thinks the show works in in the end we have bosses in the bosses decide what makes the show works and so we have. Faster pace shows with more words and in our creators don't even agree on that because one creator will be like taking you. Up the pace of that one anomaly with which it's now. You can't and the other creators like. Slow everything down like well we're used to sing it fast you know it's it's back and forth so. It's both in you know that's why level and we do an episode there was an episode last year were from Chile along came back yeah. It was a wedding episode and it really reminded me of first your first one or two seasons where everything was nice and nice and slow Britain's. Slower how much it these are based on real life experiences for you guys a lot of room you know we owe a lot of them. Did any zucker whenever I mean producers in Abraham Lincoln Tunnel built you know all of our writers bringing in their own life experiences in mind their own kids. Why dozen wives situations I mean the whole episode where. Mentioned him have to call the fire department here in them Mitch changes before the fire department gets there that's a real story that happened Danny de. She I think his wife was having her gallbladder router is having gallbladder attack and called. 911 in he realized she was going out of the stretcher that she wins and a bit of a lip on Michael lipstick and change your clothes and so the firemen would be impressed when they got their. And so that's a real thing that you know that happened that's the other thing about our shows like. You know people. You'll read things new Buick can't believe we're doing that's war. I'll have an opinion on its economic would never happen. What's the brilliance of writers that the brilliance of a writer and what are writer does it's similar to chef. The chef knows what taste that you just have to trust and he'll tell you it. Blueberry jam and L go well together. For nearly. I don't want that in the new guy otherwise not what does the rest of my life. And writers do the same thing it's like Vegas they know what people find it's funny. And sure enough I'll be walking down the street and some really Agha a stop at a time. My favorite scene is blah blah blah and I'm in the back of mind going in and read it table thinking it's the dumbest idea I've ever heard in my life. And here's somebody telling me that exact same thing happen to them. We'll get back my conversation with Eric stone street just one minute but let me tell you a little bit about right door grill red door grills quickly becoming one of the go to spots for everybody in Kansas City. With three convenient locations there's a regular grill near every one and with great specials almost every single day of the week. There's something for everybody at red door grill we started off with Monday with those five dollar burgers and we're talking about a half in stick Berger were talking about a juicy burger that is so good and it's only five dollars on Monday and then on Thursday they have the epic column. That has everybody talking and asking I don't think sherbet more I always tell me takes a whole week to prepare that ticket from the time it starts merit rating on Monday to the time it's flash fried on Thursday to turn out so crispy on the outside in juicy and delicious on the inside. That red door real Holler pinot deep fried chicken is perfection. And of course happy hour every single day of the week Monday through Friday from four until seven you'll get great specials on drinks and app. Appetizers as well. And who could forget prime rib Sundays were you can get the best primary urban town for the best price and that's not all there are offering on Sundays red door grill you're getting half price bottles of wine as well we're not talking a bottle here a bottle there. Every bottle in the restaurant is half. Price on Sundays so make sure when you're out about you check out one of the three red door relocations for once for dinner for happy hour and everything in between. 159 in Antioch. 119 street leeward and of course a location and harder brook side it's red door grow and will see you at red door tonight how how excited were you do. George practice known it was awesome it was great. Have you talked to him about I have not talked to him about it I haven't seen since the episodes so I got a text from the writers at around Christmas holiday thing in. You know George Brett and I just wrote back why. Said well we're writing an episode religion in the to a couples retreat Arizona. And we want it to be next to the royals' spring training and we won went right depart for George Brett normally I know George Brett you know write it. Lisa would you. Ask him if he'd be willing to do it in so we got on the phone and I they told me what the part was soil would be able to talk to Jorge tell them exactly what it was like dissent George you know. Pretty concise. Texan said. No problem if you don't wanna do an interview feeling or can't but you know we'll go to Saberhagen you know if a but then they all wanna George George Brett it's George Brett. George Brett is universal baseball player no matter where you do you. So total what was he set them hum on the calling tomorrow and he called me the next day and I kind of explained to him and he said yeah you know he he was little he wasn't. Not interested that he was George brick cool about it he's like yellow mean it'll levee I can do pretty good George when he's there and I can mimic him right afterwards. It's hard for me to get going immediately without hearing him. But he's like yeah I mean let me see I think but I think it could work it could work in them. He got his brother in touch with the producers and next thing you know he's gonna do that thing. So he was out and he couldn't have been more excited. He couldn't have been more gracious and nice and took pictures with everybody had so many questions about the show and now works and in he'd been a fan of the show here. Years ago that mean you asked me the coolest things I've ever downer ban part of its like one I just told the story united under. We're George. Apparently was doing a radio show in front of the opening of the Dunkin' Donuts. In I was coming home or something like somehow modern family. In my different from from high school called me and he's like George Brett knows who you are you just talked about you on some radio show. With what music will only told him the guy that pleased him one month at least from key NCs like eight. So then I was coming home for a all star game that's a good one plane in the celebrity's. Off or yet did you think Matt Cassel to do booming but everybody helps you know like an ID to Ahmet one of the only one. Ball. I Alex Smith too I'm a sucker for quarterback action now look at a cent on the arm and Alex Smith Fenner and result a lot of talent always let's I'm. Here's what I am is an anti fans thinking they know. The African thing about playing quarterback in the but we. We all do you know what you're you're at least paid talk about it in you know like you're in an and an educated. An opinion anyway we digress yes I'm I'm very very anti people that jump on. You know. It isn't it that that it's not their job to do your twitters basically talk yet people attacking Alex this. From their private egg count that they don't have the balls to lose you know you can say who they are talent in the east side it's the worst may I got so many death threats on Twitter over football and things like and it's like really acting so am IQ would you talk to people like this Twitter you know it is it. It drives. But it's it's why. We're doomed society its forms and serve like people are just gonna nuts. Say anything to anyone the world will know norms in communicating. To you can't say a thing anymore especially if you have. Blue check mark by year name where if you have a following and all I mean you. That's why you being in radio and being in the U being paid to give opinion it passed the deal look all. For filling except for like what happens when you say some people don't agree you know. I don't don't agree to become match like it's like night daily I don't know if you heard the story. We're talking about the other day about this this fame handles fame 22 or whatever sent a death threat to the Tampa day Buccaneers yep Zeta drafted guys from or the and I will archive that we dollars and got a pre draft of the fourteen I don't know analyst. And and so they passed on him and number fourteen and he felt somebody else and so the sky was Matt's recent death threat via Twitter and other investigators that jealous guys put away because maybe they'll send a message. Everybody LT can't be doing this core. Well. Listen I mean other than affected or jails are overcrowded we don't put even real criminals in jail anymore when they do anything bad I would agree with you but they. Need to do something to create. Incentive not to do that. Whether it's. Harsh talking to or. Something. But he people look people consists everybody has a voice now and then not only does everybody have a voice. People without a voice if they happen to get retreated by somebody with a voice now has a voice so now you can see how one tweet. With five. People following him was re tweeted by somebody with thirty people re tweet you know fallen and now it's somebody picks it up and now it's like that the paper trails back so now that guy's got a voice and on Twitter famously. So just shut up I just try to keep him happy and positive on the mr. Graham guy and tweet every once in awhile but I post pictures and images trying to. That's what people love mess with people sure the people don't get that a massive with them that's the other thing. I'm a comedian while not a standard three Obama but professionally paid funny person. And people don't even realize that you're being funny. Everything's so serious toasters you what are we wanna be frustrated. When it really get yourself frustrated and worked out. Go to one of my answer posts and I delete most of these comments of the body there more of me cooking steak. And look at how much hatred I get for eating meat from begins now in that culture that those people will. She is unlike. I like America like hit you'd be you'd begin in meat like respect you for doing that and also being an impetus like that's. It's great that you don't eat beef jerky have you try your peak is. Turkey is really African good and if you've eaten beef jerky and cannot eat beef jerky teach peace seeker because I don't know like. All four of the that they come to mean in late. Just and I just just yet after me and I bottom first a little bit and that's where people are like used to view things for your review followers alike. OK so let me explain this to you this is it a place that I've created in the world called mainstream page that's my property. I Meir area and it's equivalent of you walking in my home saying hey. You're an ugly fat ass opening my friend or NC near an ugly fat ass and then you expecting me. Not to defend my home like my property my name him. It's the. Yeah I had a the other day some but he demands. What I think I exit soda machines at some type of woody from Saint Louis we call pop around here like. Well I grew up in New Jersey group calling its soda I hate the term pop I'll call when I won and and you work in your sixties posting this on FaceBook. Who can parents who cares. Well that's where I get really frustrated with Kansas and people alive. If if I'm wearing a hat in a picture that I post it's not the Kansas area. People Malaysia. We're so we're rules. What you rouge rule Lou who. Would want to vote. It's just money but I where I had this hat that I like it's an LA hat it's not even in LA Dodgers at. I'm not a skater another server never been on either well I was on the support for an episode month. In couldn't even bounce but a I have a hat it's LA in the bottom portion of the L is surf sport. I wanted to surf shop. Brown. It's a cool that it's vented in the it believes it's nice that the bill that I lying to the I love the hat. I Wear that hat in all it's as though we're jewels and when Jim Wilson but you really is true. Today bro. Take it easy. Step back to okay. She didn't work out to me it's just really is amazing what you wait and that's what we do that's been questioned and Ike. AdAware from George Brett and being in the in the modern family episode how cool that was the guided him to sign an autograph for everybody thought he was this great with everybody and he had a good time and afterwards he. He we week I got him sign a few scripts with all the cast George Bratton. Like it anyway it was great. Is that your favorite episode Whitley if you receive your favorite episode is which which means I always go to the first one that pardon me for so doomsday real quick that I won him first I mean for sure is well. Because I wanted to be close kid my dad named as well the clown and I remember very clearly when I got that episode it was raining when infantry fox. Brad Walsh Paul Corrigan wrote the episode and it's titled fizz ball and given them an article was written about me when I was in fifth grade. In the based you know sort of the notion of bringing his vote to modern and we off that article. And I called my mom and dad and said yes you're gonna believe this. But we just table read a draft of modern family called his. Will it mean I was very emotional one because it's it's it really is full circle moment and figuring out you know. One to be clumsy kid I didn't know that meant that I wanted to be an actor. You know did those two things didn't match up to me. OMB of clown circus and then I went to K state and forgot all about that and ended theater and then fell back in love with the idea of being clown circus soil audition for ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey clown college twice I was in college seriously it had back in enabling them and not a class and I don't know if that's Garth Brooks says some of God's greatest cancer and answer prayers true. But. You are that's what I wanted to be as clown circus is it came to Kansas City every year remember these two. And auditioned twice didn't get in and then did theater in kind of fell in love with that process and Thelma with a lot of people that I was meeting and dealing with them like these people cool and fun and different I was a fraternity guy case stay in them. You know so I got in axes to theaters and did play and people said Buford I was like okay cool thanks. And then kind as lately seen year. It is pretty dramatic political moment silence by Miller and people were like you're really really good and I joke but I'm very serious and that I was kind of dumb enough to believe that anybody coming up to me in Manhattan Kansas. Saying I was good. Must have known what they were talking about because I was like. It they must be right. So I moved to Chicago moments in. India who were Tina Fey to choose your teacher she was available to teachers is now like four awesome walls you know knowing Tina Fey before she was like. Version of Tina Fey she is now meeting famous and wealthy and you know successful she was all of that. Without all of that before in a matter and he just she used star she was so funny. I'm she was on the main stage second city with Rachel traction early engine Angelo that's. In Scott Allman. Haven't worked in gyms you expressway but they were on the main stage when I was a host of CD NC. And she was my little two teacher and that class was being a big character class she teach you how to build character from you know sort of the ground pepper. Whatever like. Different avenues in care. I ask you this because I make fun little time. In modern fairly you from Missouri because you would make fun of Missouri. Okay good yeah possessing Missouri all the time people get so mad at me for saying mister and that is really irks everybody will. Or like Hayward you will be from Kansas only I don't wanna be from Kansas. Because I knew that was gonna become like a giant bull's hands back the plate. Boom boom boom from Kansas and weighing no let's make him from southern miss you know Missouri. I forget that sequence of how it all came out of where he was going to be from but I definitely. Fought against being from Kansas. I I honestly think. The way we decided he was from Missouri in I can be completely wrong is that there was a script where. They said something cadences always on my home back in such and such chances and I was like now. Make I want Macon Missouri and then I said tong and oxy misery. In I'm pretty sure that it was this the writer had written into where I was from new lows from paper. And they just picked on in oxy Kansas like where it was going to be from a normally. I don't want him to be from experiences one be from misery. So now he's from some sort of it's gonna change them from grasshopper loser. And morphed. Yeah people give a (%expletive) about that ultimately. What do you make of from kids is only broke slow your roll if you just. Read an article you'll see that I submit it clearly says it's like protecting the great state of Kansas by beating from mr. Laugh every time it's like you know little things you don't know what loser most Missouri people are really good person sense of humor about it they're like we love when you make fun of Missouri and you know. In Dana Powell who plays mice this sister on the show Pam she's actually from Springfield Missouri so she went to Missouri State. In so. Yeah and it's now worked. I just didn't want him before he could have that you mentioned earlier that once the show is over you may just decide to be done but acting title roles talked about going behind the camera do all that kind of stuff. You be worried that you can't be anybody else of having camp. Well Ed O'Neill. Quickly you know. Taught us early on given that he was album for so many years. You know if if that's what happens. You know he said you have to in his is polite way of saying. Look at your bank account you know there's other ways to keep track of how life's going in if people call you cam. And that's the worst thing that happens if you're still on the positive and off of everything so. I get it. That that could happen. I'm not worried about it because I don't have this desire to weigh. Reinvent myself. Like false falsely in late in some sort of weird rush. You look at ago like Bryan Cranston. Who was famous for you know. Malcolm in the Middle and then he just kind of did his own thing for Obama said needs you know on breaking bad. Woody Harrelson is agree examples somebody that everybody news was the current mean. What's his name. What was it what it was. Hot and cheers and took whistle producing it. And he just goes away and does his own thing there's plenty of actors that have done and you know it's one of the advantages of having the job of it and you know the good fortune. Having great job as a real happily modern family wraps after ten and eleven seasons it's not like there got to find a new job. And I don't have that desire within me. Independent of financial gain of me you don't need I don't really know what it's like to be more. Famous and sing them like super famous and to sing like I get what that feels like so I don't need to like try to become. Brad Pitt that are you know Michael Jordan Malone who everything you most person world. So I'm good on that level you know so. Just depends on like what I full Phillip and wanted to. The other problem on fairways created for all of us as actors is our hours are phenomenal. Our co co stars are great people. Crews incredible the work its top notch. So we for we have this sort of weird utopia there that. You know now how are we unit. Asked. And I worry. Given my lack of patience with ass holes that like if I go and get on another show in a deal with the coast or it's like. Won't common trailers something like action and for me. Am sure so I worry like how that would work is I would have to have like that I would have to Buick will. Tell me about yourself where from kind of and we elected you have like I'd wanna know who I'm about to go sign up to potentially do another tenure show. I didn't have that option getting in the month it would Ed set the tone there at number one on the call sheet so. You know as saying their business you can't be bigger ass hole than. Did the ass hole who's number one on the call sheet you know so if number one's gonna hassle. Number two doesn't cancel its velvet that's a good way to look at yet again like you can't be big ease the bosses. You know that's that's good lesson for every fork you know number one guy your job is absolutely you can't yeah. Write an end. You really didn't start solar and you can sort it and figure out company culture based on how those threes and worsen. People are too there. They're employees it's like if there. Believe that must mean that they are being taught that being an ass holes except behavior. If you can get the job as cam where are you room. And that's tough because it was one of those moments. I'd. Moved out to Los Angeles in 1998. In some way ahead. What most people would consider. Kind of a successful career up until you know my addition from and from the united. Occurred on a couple TV shows them over a hundred commercials in my bills and actor on home. So I was you know making it. Creatively I don't know that I was that super stimulated. Because I was like. You know we should pile on my own family I it was over hearing what everybody else was doing Jessie had gonna play but he deal on Broadway if it didn't go to June the at another pilot used in position to four tie and another pilot Sophia. And holding deal with ABC so she was fine and his riches fox and he doesn't care what right. As a matter but he's got to catch a bigger check it from you know from Mary Joseph Kennedy and he's like OK the chosen noise go back mills borrow one pot roast and watch him a man and you know it's like I don't need to do. So I was the one that was like. Got a Sears call back on Tuesday it like I I really didn't have the kids some of the Q were had more stuff going on their careers than and I didn't and an and that's not to minimize what I had going on I was. Proud of my career at that at that point. But having said that I was in sort of one of those valleys that I think all actors or performers go through where you're just like one of my dune you know what's mind what's mind. Arc here. It's on the phone with this character actor named Marshall bell you can Google them. He's if you watch total recall he squad in total recall. He's from Oklahoma he talks like this Lexus to eat a lot. And we had worked together on some IBM commercials you know Marshall rings here in man here and what it what else you gonna do you know. Type in an office somewhere. This was before my audition for modern family. So yeah I know and then you know he kind of talked me back in just reminded me that you know. When sure on the merry go round in Hollywood you're trying to on my people who work and just keep working. And you just need to hear that a real solo. And that I had shown. That I was able to get jobs booked another I booked other pilots and I've continued getting jobs on TV. I was in. But I wasn't creatively and stimulant and built character for. In the month and we came along in a body mind came over and asked me to help them prepares audition for his role of Cameron on my American family. This means men or boys still my best friends and he said stunningly homing this auditions that your so we said Alan. Went over music did you should audition for this only and she. And so he left and Coleman manager and my name man was just hearings auditioning for my American feelings in. You know we're human and it went in and they passed you know meaning that they they said no not in a like you suck way but just like it you know right for the part. In in two weeks later I think they called back and said. They still thinking about Eric Reid can he come. In clean shaven and dressed more appropriately and I went back in. And again in the past said nothing Q and in three days path they believe in the make called me back in and test and test. And that's only part so. I think what I would probably have done based on the conversation Marshall bill is that I'd still be. Work in in doing my thing in. Although now all of my friends that are still you kind of busts in the grinding it out. In their stories of commercials and how the world has changed so much I don't know that I could still be doing it up when I was effort tethered like being. Like the successful actor you know I was never tethered to like. Make it like making it that that was never in my plan my my sort of naive plan and call it just sort of my golly shucks personality from and it gains is going to drive acted now. Is that I thought well I'll just go until somebody tells me hey this is a restricted area you can commanders. Oh okay yeah thank you so much I just was just my about you know like I just felt like somebody would let me know when I had exceeded. My limitations. You know what I mean sure and that's really how I approach the business and I thought well until somebody just. Tells me. Definitively. You're done I'll just keep Golan Jerry Seinfeld said you know acting I think he says it's like wait in line for the Super Bowl tickets. You know as tickets it's like dia have the you have the nerve the time patience the energy money. Await. While everybody else kind of gives up. Just outlast everybody to get that ticket. In so that's kind of what I was doing and probably what it's stuck to it but I may have found something also would have interest you know maybe producing you know I may have been. Down. You found that I wanted to be a director. As I've kind of always had to open. Oh with the wind kind of thing you know. Helping the royals win game six against the blue jays are becoming camp better accomplished the career. Of water. I'm that's. And it's amazing I think. I have to go with cam because if I wouldn't have become cam I wouldn't have been able to help the the royals win nobody would care about some guy on the screen in stand up and and start start that start that rally now I want to help the chiefs. This will help just pretty particular atmosphere now well. I think about them the same thing I think about him every year I'm in love with the team and I think were going to be with its Super Bowl but that's how it's been every. Every year you know I I loved our draft. I did too I don't know any of the players but I know like they fill positions of need them like that works for me. Well I mean. From a fan's perspective watching the draft this year. And given our offseason. And clearly we believe in pat problems. He. If they would have drafted wide receiver first. Running back offers a quarterback sack in war. Even a tackle. I would have been like what. In their hell like we lost that game in my opinion is well. We didn't win points. Fine fine but. Defense defense conference. Does. So it. It needs all the second half as has been. Well because we didn't have a first down. In that he has that hurts that hurts it does but again defense. I firmly believe defense weapons. But appearances. And championships so. I believe that and I believe we have the pieces in place I'm very excited about wide receivers. I'm very excited about running back situation. I mean. Spencer ware doesn't hurt we just cream on just quietly sitting over there have no idea would have a bad ass he is. All of our offensive line and become a huge CO went to dinner with women I could now the amount on the and stick boy and an economic. Fugitive and it's I love our offensive line that was. You know. My favorite player room was total. Left for via the basics. And so if I could imagine what I wanted to be as a kid it was like the cork in the NFL journalists you know lutes. It's. And grow our I wanted to be one of those guys. So the fact that now I like know some of the chiefs ovens women who might ask them questions and talk to him. Their interest to do what I do I'm interest in with it's it's a cool exchange. In I think you know I was. I said this to them. At dinner I never watched draft from that perspective where I was so actively rooting for them not drafting. Alignment. Because I didn't want any of my friends Lou potentially have to really get. But like I've I've never watched it that way. Would you let Larry tardy to a surgery on you. Is he is he is surging their views that doctor doctor I know is that the let him look you and I would object you know had a cough form. The NFL I told the the chiefs they need to do a funny commercial with the party where. The NFL means to and giving this away for free for you. Know with a call him LT TAT. And T. Where he's during the game constantly dealing with the guy across from them. Asking them about like something that's bothering him he's like. So nice you know like I keep this burning sensation in my throat is it's geared skirt laughter but he's constantly diagnosing the guys he's blocking on the field. But heavy gray I would be and then when Vince Wilfork was still the league I thought it would that we should be great if it ended with Vince Wilfork and of them walk offs easily. It's it's it's since its 2000. I love you guys love my jab when they're still history he really is doing a lot to help folks right here in Kansas City. And who knew that Hollywood character could have an impact I'm one of the great sports moments of our time. It's.