The Dwayne Bowe Episode

Carrington Harrison
Tuesday, April 24th
Carrington sits down with former Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe to talk about his music career, knowing the Migos before they made it big, going on tour with Lil Wayne at 19 and who his top 5 favorite rappers are. 

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They should it just stuck to sports. He gets the stick to sports club dance with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Church. I would bet the former NFL player when his over the knowledgeable but my vote is enabling it. And I will say this I don't want to talk to you about this since lenders who were coming in studio. The first two people I've ever heard talk about me ghosts or drinking you. Thank you the first two people I've ever are hurt results she and I remember at that time unit. You had their mix tape measure Abby now the first two people ever hurt or salt talk about me welcome you walk. My brought the world a dead man considered too easy to jets are going so it's either. But they have right. So you don't you were doing before it was cool. Take a day of a game in 2010. It came that it was his go and then thirteen fourteen. And then since 2000 team and how do you egos. It was big time big time and some. Love Kenzie Duma thing you know thing alone. In noticing this and he defends me want to commend you. Keep food in the town of we except that it would them. Since then man I've been mean tone room. This he lived them for years. From the mine and abroad to hear in the image has been there we've Moroccan citizen than doing their thing sound in the room. How crazy is this the air like emergence as a group like going from no labels who lives across the country it's now see and you know. That they're Coachella now did a lot different than they were staying with you you know a few of. I feel it is the same thing you know I mean it is filled the feeling is the same talent you know. Ahead of them gates who is still I feel the same Lindsay on Tom move and how my music has thrown out. And the zone that we get together so this is going to be you know often in the same museum of you have to be warming or in the. Have you do you do you recorded in his homeland tomorrow on this team is somewhat and crazy. When you plan on dropping dropping its paper like we have got so until he opens up. EP no referee. Alone based on you know among league no more. But still making plays and steel making no move. You know in the room. With job me EP within. A part of that mix my prime right before the current film. And Roma red meat to leave them wrap. A global. I kind of feel like music has changed in the point a light. Radio used to be the way that she broke artists in that that was the way but now meet got a big enough social media following people know who you war. You can just drop something else out cloud drop blue album music it does give it directly to the consumer and then we decide if we thought with the there's not you know what I mean it's like. You know you do this mix tape you put it on the timeline and then I mean people billet that it'll go. Once negative posts do I'm out of here authority the mis speaks with this business is like a dizzying don't disagree may have led moment this folks who. When it comes you know to phone social media. But it's like. Wants do once again as thieves like if you admit if you if you if you like their reason additionally my own death saying I'm playing you know me. To start knoller and his social media it's for. By Zito life for did you always think about a like nobody's gonna promote just dump as much as you promote you on us like other people might do like you more don't like if you wait between impulse and it morning email you know words or behavior that intentional says both you know and who also he worked with other New York's. Who. Catalog as long ball Griese. So bogeys. Mean Jews. Skip I mean. This is crazy I don't wanna give battled tooth when you he's line no no no he does assume a guy who knows after the. How to that home kind of collaboration come in Delaware and opened up for I mean a pretty successful acting got it got its had a really good crew like. Got decrees along got he's been around now that I think about five starts stick with eight years ago feel like you know like how to Beckham ago. Men set a thousand put it together avert a bit and bruises he you know but the biggest partisan in me listen. In Afghanistan government before atop the and then he let would have dormant that we don't often see these. In on new that a moment of a nicely really really really good friends Mars. And we just gotta tie you know get the ball size limit. Not that you've needing validation you don't seem like somebody needs validation by rapid like always based on Lycos the final body today you know like. And like music is kind of rap music it normally is based knows when you like this it's like god goes. I mean as a good Finley and I'm never. Ever needed one. New coast wasn't as vehicles. Among men among both of them do the way I wanted to if you don't mess with. Miss we have not. Austin going to room into. And I mean was he got that momentarily as late eighteen Thursday that. So we estimate in a proposal to do this for me nominating and Bluetooth or sit with them this time. I was a sincere music today that was revenue and I was like trying to kind of put my Euro and exactly who reminded me yeah but I couldn't really think of like off the top who reminded me like it didn't really sound like a lot of traps that the cheer today like that. Scott Travis melodic phase but he didn't do it like kind of like peace is a bit like I couldn't really figure out exactly who the US unfair if. Low in lieu of it is that the money billion Euro zone to get old school below the cap and he loom. Thus they knew you'll see you know Sam McKee. I'm the all these flames you know to a specialist restaurant in few of these. In currencies the negroes way. Now having no money day. Don't mean that is really you know. From you know when I'm only going griner and an income they all day. What you've got to make of this like current way that we're in like. I think their raft like you'd think kind of goes in cycles like we have the snap cycle back in the mid 2000 would alien like it seems like now like I call light. People call light mobile rap on a really big I gotta think he's like the like melodies keep Alec yeah selling affordable you sound like Travis like that the sound that people wanna hear like our UEFA. And not on our network denies it has waves will be over the issue you know this heavy quarters that that we've come around. It is an angle bank today. Old GM makes this fifteen Fayetteville. It's gonna go back to note that way for odds and erase the keys and head six. You know on his death with the incidental moment wave has been going over volumes and the amount is this the next quarter in this for the B. You know some Israel motivations and things that. And he's even today though the good news on me. Start to think that is like doesn't mean if you put it up or like that right now they like to think about like the ninety's in the even like the early two thousand's will like hold in midget then it. They may have bars was at a premium and like we counted we judged wrappers off that now like me now is this not turn up at the club. To a you have only take a mile into sweat on men's clothing did. Desolate and that's what is it about the middle past ten years when now you see with Cuomo has term threatened to businesses and brands. In the fifth on June Dwyane and only him but as soon. Wish you get into music so was it was it a pretty quick turnaround from after you got them playing football was alike may I got to poll put my energy is something Nelson was a kind of gradual like it was a process of not clinically there anymore to kind of get your label your music dangle. It was it definitely was. You know I don't wanna not do nothing nothing was Tivo missed some guys from different things when. But it was I always did music but now ahead time anything that tackle focused on them amnesty. Not everything in position so America might go for my number one goal and of musical for us thought of an influence on the loose until maybe. You know in another name in is paying off. Two or some other guys that were in the NFL when you were there that you thought were good musicians good musical I've ever actually heard some atop the stuff. And like couple guys ABA Damian Miller's dozens of Majoli depots does stuff like there was some other guys that maybe just like it was their hobby it was there interest that you doc could connect. We rent a think tank Tyler who was to leave me alone Terry McGraw. Who else lift the and me. That really it's a cute way you know we had a few stuff runs in the locker room you know those capacities twos are really. You know jewels over his verve he can he can go in economy home. Matt the news and he says he can go. Pet peeves and anything goes a lot of death and go woody in voting will go with chemical alert our way to much time he can't. Can do both personally beautiful isn't going going to be a man and you can zoom mobile. We'll get you love for music. But where did it where did it come from Ireland where came from from me like I remember to sit migrant launch you'll play old blues records and I kind of feel like black music especially. It was from jazz and and with the blues and once of the seventies with the soul music in the Iraq it and we see like evolution though like. Remember when he hit me when you. Did he went away and ended up to four degrees blocked his those a lot of laughing my name is so when that job. It was like me we had to stick and move does a policeman. In there now without motivation is who's on the block. So you know that right did little wings hold. You know ever hallways Davies of those miter. Those cows and a list view you know he was of the come into the game and nothing can see the if the common house adjustments phones and a blue suited my house and let him. So I was always into I just couldn't silly guys would do away with some of these so on the field. What was it like to go from listen and wait executed today in no way in a million and you were friends but when he was most popular rapper and am now is console him announcement and when. Select a dangerous place than we did. Plays a man Olympic event in noticed as. I'm handled must have from the since we since when that happened it. You know him being who he isn't being home when you really all men on them he used the Catholic influence. You know take my game today as though. I'm asking to snitch on anybody begin mile one tour store. Stimuli. One I was around little way when this happened story. Okay. Once I was in the Marines content. Who have day. They've they've known him. And a lot of girls is terrorism on the books in the bloody nose like no no no of killing his bottom line. Don't condone it blows on the doomed. He was like me vulnerable as you gentlemen. I came with two. Let's see who it is that they follow all events at the wrong and they did not leave they stay in the lobby all day. They went from Romero. And thousands of homes lead in the bill overdoses although. And you know from there they can get a little crazy but I made it out within the story. At that. I heard way he told this story he was a highly questionable and he was like. He brought this shake back and they went of his hotel room and you thought it was empty but JR Smith was in there wouldn't lose their own and they won't knew the girls like they'd say to each other girls didn't know they knew each other as she ran an out of bear I know Wayne has some. Amazing towards the in the music damning guys like Mickey just. The part of this. Smoke them in his craft was his work and that's what he really focused on you know the group reasons girls as you know they recruit people to move into the. Was he doing from a health standpoint. I mean remember those teams he skid that had that he's no good as we had two little Wayne did you know now I mean you lose both of them to us the amateur I've sought to win more than I. Being good. This incident muses com mean most them. He takes its creditors fees from Wednesday's two to do that and make them sound. And no deaths player by those musical field. And sometimes you get thing you know you're taking the fifth to give the world what's known in this week in an interview with Q so. You know he's going to feel things he's still wave. Itself. Some have been my friends were just talk about this and our group chat like two weeks ago. What's your favorite little wind song which are most under appreciated when song like people like just end up on the song. On my favorite song that was the goal to a government would goof tee I was immensely when they made bail. And missed officer's coat you know mugger receivables. She's that he criminal laws to oversee boo me. If you go a mile now so you know that's all right did this remind me cannon. I just can't do because Bobby Valentino Macon those fate we. Do we handle in Ireland by NASA that's on the net and it's something that I thought it was never played. I was I was incidents at Carter to. AA and I was like. This was like the perfect combination of everything like you got to realize like I'm really good at his rap and stuff that was different than Carter won like he was still trying to figure I don't Carter won you figured out how partisan and have them in the production of these cartoons incredible now like going back with. Almonte. You vote you know event the delegate and listen to them again in the car amended that they'll Mondays in music and megs in. Lou it's a good and Louie gets you know so become own seeing Aslan. Can you mend the line the guys as ransom now what I accuses dissidents who would be that we don't. Fifteen is Manning will be doing is. In on CNN's live at the that is opening minute in shift the focus also was really going on that movie to really from real life. It's crazy because what you gotta say that in I think it's more subconscious now because I would say like for me just about got older futures kind of become artists more for me but like. Just Wayne for like 0406. Was just dropping stuff constantly like you couldn't turn on the radio tired of feature. Yet a mix tape that was always in the hopper he was like do with something. Don't like it guys fired mes I've gotten older light when you feel like you. Drop as much God's image his you know like I assume for you now that your started to music by mail when you get now mind frame what you gotta get the boot the records of the light. May try to get it all west was still hot and present. My and that's what I letters like practicing and get the devils Trenton is going to crest he nudges. Without the care you get though is different McCarron don't always perform when you enjoyment is. Always exercise of voicing craftsmen. To Sonny tell me notes had a day off. He went on the contents to defend mills today is no well he's in Miami worked him out all the where he was really in the blue. And if like me when you content plan if Obama really put my craft and tomorrow we're and that's why do as good as ideas though. The message is the only as good as you wanna Vizio crib together you know put the time you Kraft put the games now can they really make it happen. May eleventh you're at the uptown theater would Gotti what kind of people who maybe never come to show viewers what can they expect. On the of them bit the muscles. Indicating. As England and meg and don't know what to do. Can be let to finally have a lot of money via phone as well as heat but you know we'll be someone to vote you know there's going to be and have a lot of good. Positives in Atlantic. You know missile means can be. Speaking man put this please. Number one single pay any right now I think says a nominee. So Motley you know. This project on to do things I mean we we don't for the city. How can people find it music is it is an on all the similar outcome apple music guy. On the view them only email you list some new stuff in the gains in the women's rights in but I got a few phone zone on apple paid Leo ample. And other stuff is there to be released on and over if we thing. A good strategy and a little bit and you've got stuff you've got to do. Which a top five like every every Rafael has like their top five artists ready to go in their head hoosiers top five. And they ought. Amigos and did it in an Emmy goes through a future unity overall off. It means that you wanna go regal got a cousin and things tone that newness of her brother Mose so you wanna go with. What's you know in which he came away with two men gave him to you know follow somebody who data from the more like few and you know kinda feel like the perfect example of somebody who started started moved out and then. An idea. I was shocked the ninety you have in East Coast rappers and it's up viola you've got a bit too much influence of them they'd obviously got a shot like anyway it's unless did you clean it up. A vote of 5050. If among boys. Put in north from down south side had the McCarthy than Eagles you know who I was listened to push through these times it's not seen it. It is feed the establish success. And name they'll be content on the moon book ability to do accuse. Me young men some people didn't keep reminding them. I felt like jaded like doesn't get the appreciation that he deserves like Jada is flow has been consistent for 2.5 years like -- of the same thing that was rebel would be already did diet. It was rapper whipped. He still wraps the same now and its army is just as potent is delivering the same like I've I've I don't think we appreciate Jada enough. No son Isaiah the man I mean you really the Saudi owned TC derivatives you know says that let us sitting people took a Foreman. Put out into the day won't so he's not doing met. Everybody is Madeleine simply well against he could mean you can salute you go to. Well who'd do that gave relief would have known president. Yet by if I'd like think of like an autopsy is my top five would be. JB ABA. Great and geez would be my top five. I probably have fifty like sick like success enterprises somewhere that looks like it's about trial was like more likely to rise to its use or the where the soundtracks the BB and I was like am day out there are definitely in adults who okay. That was heiress slow you know. It is no different flavor of this and they what do you Casey for its chosen male and a tomorrow will be at the wise. And replaces the event and event. Given bag talking to accuses. In Albion back involved mathematics. You know give it to the communion and then to assume things they want someone my approvals. And the speaking to schools and things like that. There's your upbringing kind of makes you feel like you have a certain level of problem Allison responsibility. Duty but just. You came from this environment you are now in a position you can help kids that grew up in a similar vibe and kind of wrecked them on a path that you eventually went there. And Jesus as McQuistan thinking. Now we did you know I was raised I mean by charismatic room. And people of the system you know is that enough and it's about give him it's about teeth and earn him you know what I'm not sprayed and death. Some small. Some offices of the small living in Louisiana today to do them play. If that's together due to you know. To Mickey I do causes his immune Amy I'm dormitories and is known these. Pulls a lit you no ambulances and mark of this very. You I don't remember this admits she won Tom actually went to one future things it was a rates around it was and then released can't men had a tooth and you know they tell you that I knew that if you drive me a lot of people. And I remember you and I it was actually like right around here in this stuff talking about I was like we spend so much time talking about this. But you were doing this would only meet for eyes which about his want to see kind of what it was likely that I mean it it does kind of suck to be refreshed like obviously there are a lot of positives to it. The negative would be used when you mess up like at noon sonic game we spend so much. What you've done so much more good stuff that it should cancel smiled and laughed and I. But negative negative negative media sales of me people who know. Devo when he voting known until we hope positive thing. The negative things this votes wanted to pull me over today in a ring with you know it is what it is as I will be making them was when you've got to do the right way so. That was a lesson for me to TC guess who's trying to make. You know 5060 me you've got to live a certain way and you can't do things you do when you lose. On the practice squad you know things like this though a meals occurs there Vincent William La La from a set up sunny sixty Dmitry food Tuesday. You do. (%expletive) is that seeds there's no way you didn't freed tighter times. Okay in the back and I mean I probably got it that you gave him like a month the really good publicity it's they they did you and welcome I'm Muslim you know he wants more than the ones I mean you know it means these. That was blamed both so much time well as the new so must of got a lot of you'll you'll so people way better than. Jerome miss follow me on the scope Lenovo. A bid to one item on to say six to bring keys and give it to karma ovals. With the we rapidly. And the so male living it's as tig is now. Go to case opening few locals. In Oak Park mall set up street set up pay legal download and pay Leo Latin. And known. Since then things have meant pieces of our. Issue you next time you see got introducing him pretty soon you should have told him is that avenue que Rica you should have been up. I asked the Lewis Duma the Antonio did damage the economy was renounced them by the his entries in room. The way borrow money Barak in Kansas City we got here.