Dumb Ass Take of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, November 17th

We temporarily renamed the segment because one member of the show is ready to move into Del Boca Vista retirement community 


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Your T end zone we sucked every huge. So from Maryville to Parsons yes I enjoyed covered in this football from whom do this whole line. More is Peters the AFC defensive player of things listening. Every one agreed. The dead with this one just beat up dot bull dot and crap on you it's that dumb ass cheek of the for proving my point once again that I could be as early coach I'm a double. David Kansas City radio dom has taken the week where Specter goes through the week in Heidstra define what the dumbest take was. For all of us whether B myself vesco or playing in. Let us check the scoreboards for a team effort he predicted a heavy vesco. Amelio willing to thank you and I always ask DOS sets pretty accurate are these outrageous statements that are not as a pig is there. Yelling at people like an old man yelling at clouds which would like five or six titles as we. It was. Oh is that is that Zaragoza reared here in the realized it relates how much putt at nine Welch had five myself on the board at one clean yet to register. A dumb nasty to the week but. It's not going to be domestic of the week this week it's going to be the old man yelling at clouds speak of the week temporarily tied it wasn't me and it was. And as often accused of being the old man on the show these days and that's us back on this guy who. You reach walking around the locker room naked now testicles meeting your needs now days summary on how little this. Congratulations. You are the oldest oldest man. These cakes laurel of the week. Yeah. I did not watch one minute of the case you can touch game last night and I don't care that I am admitting that this morning because college basketball isn't good enough. For me to fight through the waste land that is not being able to figure out what time your game is going to start. And that its ninth hole at all the ball was tipped and there you are a half hours 31 minutes later. That when you're supposed to do it that's not they're not playing goodnight book that's about it last night. But it out. Example you're setting for elementary school kids when you picked them up and you're holed up in your tea minivan in the handicaps by. If you take dumped in the handicap stalls to. Started having respect for others Johnson County picked up parents gap too many people feel they're the only ones that exist in this world. Take your chance mini van and got that these further out alive. A little vulnerable walk is for everyone involved. And while and it put your phone down to a talk to your kid that liked you just picked up on FaceBook can wait T get home. You kids with your loud music and your dad global bird. Here's the mouth hula hoops from pac man video games you can't say thank you to the president the United States that's what the Chinese. I can't trust you walk us why you did say thank you. You did use the Chinese president of are you. Man who is the only person who did not vote for air and judge for the MVP was rusted died of the Kansas City Star. That's not how could how do you not vote for airing challenge. In either one or two I mean that that's just an ignorant vote so people are OK with that vote who can hear her sayers. Feel patient too much will be stricken from the record. Part of that just from Wednesday's show. Three of those are wedges just the way they show was Bob complain about the key game beyond too late yeah people raw ugly using handicapped parking and now they're kids and not say thank you. In one show. I can't help but at those of the topics. Josh mainly in the so I'll Specter that production everything you exaggerate that they additive was perfect all by our bases and hey there. It's rocking back and forth the stop. It directly to Mike. Yeah I asked our played cheeks are sore. It is to put the wit if she's elusive. In our predictions here on best of weather warnings we do every Friday or day of or before the game that. At 945. After the dom has taken the week. Let's start this thing off with. All manually clouds that's got to eat slowly and if Lamar Hunt junior now if the hunt it's twenty plus carries the chiefs win. Chiefs of Winamp they are balance they've been averaging about sixty plays. So I'm gonna be hopeful 32 runs 28 packs. Specific I like it. She's ready if they could read putts gets into the end zone. Bill gets millions on the way back it's about staying the chiefs win at forty plus touches on the hunt. Kelsey. And hill. Eighty point five runs in fifteen receptions runs out to between ILC. Hey at sun that's a lot lower that love that. Parents testified the chiefs waited they need two interceptions of C Eli Manning. It's a joke probably best left in 2005 this are my first it was very specific this one is not. Chiefs Winamp. The ball is. Yet there. Well played guys won't play. She knows there's no way there's no way they lose I don't know operate the cheese wit Travis Kelsey goes off and puts over who of 150 yards out. On the day I think he will. Jeetz Winamp they had a lead at the end of the first quarter. You know it's it's funny because I was gonna say the team's win if they show up and I didn't wanna make Stephen Matt I'm glad you picked them at halftime and it got Matthew. All right on the cheese and loses this fight the chiefs lose of Arlene was dark look it's twenty or more carries the whole time he's got twenty or more carries for the giants big beat the Denver Broncos their only win. Which should be there giants Winamp yeah I don't so I carry. Jeeves lose if they scored two or less offensive touchdowns both defenses are not very good. But the rub is the giants' offense also is not good so that we need to score some points. Right she's lose if Alex Smith becomes a turnover machine. Let's go with. Two turnovers from Alex net written for him is turnover machine investing on the same page that he's elusive Al Smith the next few turnovers allowed our identities will lose if they commit two personal foul penalty. And that their record is much I don't know chiefs lose if they get as cocky as us. Or me. Pretty chiefs lose it or it needs to work we're loans were over 100 dollars. The chiefs lose it you I'm getting both were 70%. Completion percentage 250. Plus yards and two touchdowns. Right center for pick predictions of a player the pop. That's right he's went 35 to fourteen I player to pop as Alex Smith he goes when he to a 25 for 300 yards and three touchdowns no interceptions. I'm going. Chiefs win a 42 to fourteen. While out. Picked a pop Patrick my homes. Four for eight for 42 yards at a time. It's goodbye everybody. I mean I know we start drinking early on Fridays on IDs Johnson filter those hospitals. Are exaggerated and she's been 31 to eighteen picked apart. This Chelsea takes the game over with 150 plus yard. Chiefs win 2717. Kareem on 26 carries 168. Yards and two touchdowns. And it today. They often go back Monday at 945. Right here on 610 Sports Radio to see how right or wrong we were when it comes to chiefs win if the chiefs lose if as they take on the giants this Sunday in New York. They can make with the day shift in two minutes.