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The Drive
Friday, August 11th

We get to see Patrick MaHomes for the first time as a Chief...Ezekiel Elliott was suspended was it the right punishment...K-State AD Gene Taylor joined the Drive...What happened the last time the Cardinals swept the Royals.. Pop quiz


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I. I can't sit here. Keisler who Janus. Has more friends to get there have bachelor parties than probably any human being that I have ever coming contact with Chrysler is off today dusty likens is producing this thing. Come right. Didn't. Being depressed about you're teensy royals is the law and it is the only Brad strain that they might be a little bit of astronomer I think more disappointed in your rotated his race and right now with the royals based on what happened last. No I mean I completely understand we'll talk about the royals at some point in today's show a lot so did two coming up at 230. We will talk to beat Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor about him officially becoming friend of the show. And about Kansas State now being partnered with 610 Sports Radio will be the official radio home. Ain't Kansas City for Kansas State athletics. Josh Berger will join us in studio coming up at 3 o'clock. Today there is a major college football anniversary that we will need to get into pick a player today at 4 o'clock. We will talk about all there is a lot exit sue in today's show where we have to start. It's been a long time coming but today if you're heading out to air it stadium or watching on television. You get your first official in game looked at Patrick Holmes. Yesterday. Was about seven pre season games I believe. And I had to put all the bottom screen at the royals on the top screen Sunday last night in the order a little bit and I'm watching it. Mr. risky and I'm watching them common goal round on NFL network and it was exciting it was fun. What's exciting about this is in a quarterback crop that at least in the first week of pre season game the first week of three seasons. Seems to be exciting guys seem to be farther along than I had thought I thought mr. biscuit was going to look pretty rough in his first preceding game. Look pretty good shot a lot to look like somebody that sparked tomorrow in an NFL game if you need to. Du'Shon Kaiser had a couple beautiful throws in his game. It's exciting and fun to watch these rookies and that's the leaders story of the pre season. It's just fun to be included in net yeah it's fun to have one of those guys and you're going to have the ability over the next month. To compare your guy. The other rookie quarterbacks in the NFL exports at its core. Is about competition and comparisons. We compare recurring classes we compare power rankings we compare literally every single possible thing at sports. This is fun because you get to compare your quarterback. At the absolute highest level against other teams in what is the hardest thing to fine. The hardest thing to find in pro sports is a franchise quarterback. Teams have been trying to do with 1520 years still can't do it help you open trying to do it since 1983 to find out who your franchise quarterback is. For the first time in my lifetime do you think you know who it is. You'd think it's Patrick Holmes now it's delayed a little bit and when you get to see him actually stepped into the role of being the franchise quarterback. But today's the first time you can look at a rookie quarterback or in the field for you located city chiefs and be optimistic and hopeful for the future. You know it's funny you mentioned Robiskie last night which I got a chance to catch part of his game did not see much you guys who didn't seem to Shawn Watson night before you also saw last night he got. So Paxton lynch last night. And I also had a chance to compare taxed alleged in the extra this. And I think the Broncos thought they had their their franchise guy last year they got tax elation if you watched him last night in year two. Vs what Mitch Robiskie did in his first pre season game. You can see pretty quickly. Who's better or who you think is probably going to be better you're too vs year one and that's what was really thought about last night. To me tonight's GA's game against the niners at arrowhead. It's the most anticipated she's pre season openers since 2009. And I went to that game as a fan I was really excited remember we had. The hottest GM of the market and Scott Pioli the hottest head coaching candidate in football at the time was our new head coach in Todd Haley and you'll. Got the guy that replaced Tom Brady after Bernard Pollard oh you know buckled his name. You had Matt castles he had an energy and yet a new head coach and he had a what you thought at that time. Was your franchise quarterback of the future now all three of those turned out to be wrong they were over three and all three of those he can't fault she's ownership for Dillon. It this is the first pre season opener that I've been excited about since 2009 and it simply because of one person. And that's the God's gonna start the second half a quarterback in Patrick. Alms. I'm excited for the simple fact. The readiness of more homes we discussed that we talked to a lot of people about it. Many of rookie quarterbacks looked ready at least in pre season game won an extra misty was eighteen to 25 threw for 166 and had a passing touchdown to Shawn Watson. To me it looks like the best of the bunch of like a guy that can spar for day one for the Houston Texans. Fifteen it's only 579. Yards used his legs scored a touchdown to shine Kaiser. I think you saw some of the flaws with him head to great rose eleven for 18184. A passing touchdown and one other long completions. Those three guys looked ready. And what I'm looking for tonight is your guys' turn to look ready. If all of a sign up to this philosophy detachable Holmes is not going to play in 2017 and it's not he's not ready you got Alex Witt national star art cooled out fine. Then I think tonight is about putting Patrick Holmes in as many realistic. Game like situations as possible. Because the second team rests with thirteen registered it in pre season these second third team reps are getting during the regular season. There are not going to equal in game experience of you potentially going up against other teams to lose or I hope at some point going up against other teams ones as we get later into the pre season. So that's what I'm looking for the readiness of Patrick Holmes. Because I didn't think Richard is he was gonna be ready he looked ready yesterday to address us and if anything I think we have created a little bit of a Peyton Manning Ryan leaf mentality obviously not one not number two. And I doubt either one of these quarterbacks become what Peyton Manning went on to beat. But that she sure as hell don't turn out to be an issue but the chipset sorts. But she straight up 27 detained they had a choice. Now mr. ms. keys off the board. You gotta pick between. Patrick Holmes in the shout Watson that she chose. We'll see if they made the right pick. But rightly or wrongly for the next 1012 years as long as both of these guys in the NFL at least in my mind they'll be linked together. You can't save one of them was off the board when you had a chance to pick. They went up there and it is a direct one to one did you get the decision I. Did you get his seat at the next table because it's obvious to me in the AFC. That teams are starting to prepare for the posed Brady Ron. The patriots aren't gonna be on top forever Tom where he's not going to be playing at this a league level for too much longer. Do you have a quarterback emplacements ready to take advantage Tennessee feels that way Oakland feels that way Indianapolis feels that way. That she's gonna feel that way in 28 team Tony nineteen obvious gonna have that figured out today. I would jets out of these add these four quarterbacks. One of these guys is going to be next though one of these guys is going to be ready you just hoping your team at the right decision. The thing though and I'll be careful with the whole comparing Watson tomorrow holds for the rest of their careers and in many teams missed on their car. In any teams and is all the time now granted of the civil thirty years is it that she's had a chance at the shop wants. They could've gotten they chose that song I get it and I understand it compares with teams miss all the time on quarterbacks. All the time you know I mean. It's you've got the background in her. Real you know or team which backed out. Denver Broncos Denver probably should aerial we took action might weaken that so and so. At whatever position so. On. A little bit I don't think people have the attention span. It to do that compares and throughout the rest of their career because teams are gonna miss here and there but in terms of us getting a chance to see Patrick Holmes and I at least it will a little bit of a feel for what we might see in the future that's what so excited about this we've heard so much about them. They're Johnson I think was all of basket at one along with Vasco and talked about like minister canceling. You know when you got defensive guys. On your own team come and say that fanatics like you now. Granted he's going to be eagle against the threes he's gonna deal is that third string guys from the San Francisco 49ers. Which you gotta start somewhere. And that's where I need to see him have some success looked comfortable and give you that by you know that okay. He's quick he's got the arm strength he can make that throw the decision is gonna make some mistakes tonight but I think it's pretty clear. And I think last that was a really good example that was a good point you brought up is that we get to see about two quarterbacks. You know we Watson. Cannot afford to best dean Kaiser last night so old. On an and it's fun to be able to compare rookie quarterbacks all playing on the same night and be able to flip around and see these up actually actually. You saw matured as you like ain't. So open that homes in this day and nano category instead of that. That's disagree with you I think because of the nature of sports and how hard it is to find it. Quarterbacks are always linked together in it's incredibly costly when you mix think about RG three Andrew Luck of Powell. Desperate the Redskins were to jump up and grab RG three how those two guys are linked together think about last season when jeered off the Carson Wentz. We will absolutely compare those two teams in their quarterbacks thing about the 03 class that had Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. And and Phil rivers is in that class cheers fans will do the exact same thing if Du'Shon Watson goes on to be. Deck press got Russell Wilson winsome playoff games goes to a Super Bowl wins a ring. She stands absolutely think of what if now it doesn't matter as much if your quarterback ends up being good and then for the next 1012 years that'll rivalry between the homes and you go back and forth and you kind of poke your nose at the other team and say we picked the correct guy. Absolutely in the mind of chiefs fans these two guys will always be linked together and it's even different because if you had pulled the fan base before the draft. The fan base wanted to shot once and thousands and thousands groups and I think a lot of people were in the side of taking Watson. And I think it's the I think it's the short term gain for the long term pain out as the saying is fair bet today. The shot Watson looks NFL ready to me. The god I watched a couple nights ago against Carolina looks like the same guys saw last year whenever Tony Romo went out. It looks like a guy that can throw touchdowns this year struggle a little bit but could guide eighteen to a playoff berth a team as talented as the Houston Texans. Putt the chiefs are not drafting Patrick Holmes on the readiness and 2017. There are planned along Conn they're hoping and 28 scene between nineteen that quarterbacks ready and he's ready to take the torch. And take the chiefs to levels they haven't gone to since when Dawson was the quarterback so it's not the short term fix for either team but necessarily in that she's case but that's why just disagree with you that Kansas City will always compared to especially because. You wanna wants and you did it once and you show somebody yells George I better work out more than it works out for the other team. And and I could be completely wrong and this and I say that simply because we've really never been in this situation I mean when Todd black that was taken in 1983. Allows thirteen you know I mean the majority you know back then you're talking by the Kansas City Chiefs in the eighties and Iraq the radar and it was crickets out there so. Maybe it is because I haven't been out. I'm an unchartered waters right now and I'm not thinking about that so I could be exactly wrong on that I just feel like with the short attention span of fans of people. And the fact that every team misses and so many players every single year I'll just be curious to see if that's the way it plays. Coming up next the biggest story of the day in the NFL and I think they got this one right coming up on the draft. Stay back in on the drive. It's an exciting pre season you look around the NFL scene with the rookie. These are doing for this ball out yesterday to shall Watson a couple days ago two shot Kaiser had a couple of really good those he was the most surprising me I'd. Wasn't really highly of him or damage to this. RG three Andrew Luck situation in 2003 quarterback draft. Kind of situation. You're always going to compare Patrick my homestead to shout wants in the shell wants and looks NFL ready to me right now he looks like a guy that should be starting week one for the Houston Texans. And should be getting. Reps. Number one reps for the Houston Texans we'll see what happens and we'll see how to shine continues to grow this pre season. It's the long game for the chiefs Holmes is just aren't we won for the chiefs does he grow how does he develop behind the scenes my stance on the homes in the pre season is a very simple one if this is the only time them homes can get real action. I want you out they're using him in putting him in as many real life situations possible. Alum Holmes coming in hand in the ball law a normal homes do what you do is he's doing O and 25 times the show lots and threw 2.5 times Kaiser to eighteen times. I wanna seem almost fifteen point facets and tap him on the offense and have him in as many realistic. Play calling situation in game situations. Us sounds like you want him not taken reps with threes and fours then I mean is that this woman and I you know careless with his unconcerned about. This in the Joel's stop there women who have those guys the four string guy. It's gonna be playing in the fourth court I don't want packed homes up there get slaughtered with well have a fourth string offensive lineman in front and that's what. That's a concern of mine and it sounds like to me that you'd like to see him with the with a little bit of the ones and the twos. I had no problem today with how they're going to do it I would say by game four win it's obvious Alex Smith who's gonna play a a series. Maybe a few snaps at most that I've probably have a homes against whose forces the actual amount of time. That's how I would handle mobile I would probably be a little bit more aggressive than what I think the chiefs are going to do tonight. We'll see what happens I'm not playing Joel's army today he's not going to play for you this season he's a practice squad player why give those game reps away from Patrick Holmes. It should be about getting him as a mini real life situations as possible now it's pre season. But if you aren't going to play him in in regular season games I'm trying to get him realistic practice time. The NFL pre season is as close to realistic practice time as you can do it aside from actually playing in the games so that would be my strategy tonight formal homes. The big story in the NFL a Z still Eliot stall our. Running back for the Dallas cowboy always has been suspended for six games. I like the suspension here. I think the NFL has done their due diligence when it comes to these suspension of Ezekiel Elliott. I think they have miss played mishandled. In ahead grave missteps when it comes to domestic violence situations in the past. I think a lot of the frustration. Around the NFL in its discipline policies is it doesn't appear to be any level of consistency. Josh Brown who admitted to the NFL that he assaulted his wife only got one game we all know about the Ray Rice situation. He was going to get two games initially it wasn't until the video got out that it was a greater suspension for Ray Rice. We ultimately know that led to Ray Rice no longer playing again in the NFL they've done a really poor job of being consistent on the issue of domestic violence. Urgent need dailies learned something from that. There was a level of transparency. In the Ezekiel it's suspension they had a press release ready to go they did a conference call. They are they are willing to pull receipts hey we talked to the victim we got a phone records we got text. We have done our research here we have done a proper and thorough investigation of Ezekiel Elliott and this is the punishment that we've been handed down. Maybe I'm falling for the ruse when it comes to the NFL which we all know they can. Play the PR game as well as anybody it would appear at least in the issue of easy to Eliot they've gotten his situation correct. Yet based on what they're telling is absolutely and your ride the Ray Rice thing is the first thing that pops in my head right. This happens. Around the league all the time it's not just the NFL we see in other sports too but I think we see it more in the NFL. And I think you know filled Hitler and atlas with the Ray Rice. Two games in the video came out then it's an absolute mess that you're in big trouble. Right. You know I think the difference between Anna and tyrant whose name is gonna come out today is gonna come up in Kansas. A cable will top kill didn't. Nothing in six games for disease you'll endeavors there is that this app overtime it was in college Z Hilo darted draft by the Dallas Cowboys when these incidents. Ed come across so I'm with you see I think six games is. I'm good with that and it it sounds like he's guilty let in try to get it out of four. Or last but six games to me. It is the wage should be an an even take a step further. There if there's enough evidence in the NFL is backing this up with as you said a conference call a press release in even more. I think it's a bad look when guys try to appeal stuff I think it's a terrible. This. It happened that made I don't know him to be either charged with a crime itself went down enough for the NFL suspend yet. Take your medicine let it go. I disagree with that I mean if the NFL's going to take. Half a million dollars out of your pocket I have actually no problem with you going through the proper legal recourse to try to get your money back. I think that is the ULE implying Tommy you wanna play contract incentives and all those things. These are the six games at Ezekiel Elliott would miss the giants at the Broncos at the cardinals' home against the rams home against Green Day in San Francisco. I think this gets reduced down to four. I think the argument he's going to mates and his lawyer is going to make about we have not been charged with a crime. The police have done an investigation and they did not come to these findings soldier going to suspenders it's obvious Ezekiel is going to miss some games. Now it's how many games fewer than six do you best. The NFL have made their ruling is what they've determined you're going to miss time we saw Tom Brady. You confided in fighting and maybe this is pushed back to next year maybe appeals the hell out of this thing. A CQ Ellie is going to miss some time in the NFL. For the ruling today the question is win do you do and how many games if I had to guess I think this gets reduced down to four. I think he's back by week five against green today. It's in the NFL's best interest to have Ezekiel Elliott back for a for a Packers cowboys game that's going to be the 325 game on fox which is technically a national TV game now without television contracts work. The NFL I think is going is one of reduce this down for the ever. Between Brady and Ezekiel Elliott knows this that was a flake away. And I this is domestic violence. Right there there's a big difference there and as much as I love my god. Something's illegal something done they knew I just the whole side panel thing. Here's the thing when it comes to legal stuff modified being glance. Left and right and I understand the argument I just completely 100%. Disagree with it. You can get suspended from your job for not committing a crime. It's habit to me when I was a channel five. Because I've bottom on a couple of different things they did like it they suspended me as they could all right. So you don't have to commit a crime to get suspended and have a cost you money. All right so that that's that's the biggest argument part of that. And just because they're not gonna charge him with a crime. To little charged with a crime it's because they don't think they can prove it. Our I don't think they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt so they don't charge there's something there to help a lot of smoke. How big the fire is but that's going to be a bad look like your employer they got every right to suspend is at the plate gate this is domestic violence. And if you look at the statement that came from the NFL today I'm Reid is directly from the NFL and their press released today. Over the course of the past year the NFL has conducted an extensive investigation. Lead investigators interviewed more than a dozen witnesses including miss Tiffany Thompson who had alleged multiple incidents of physical violence in July 2016 and mr. Elliott. The league also consulted with medical experts lead investigators examine all available evidence including photographic in digital evidence. Thousands of text messages and other records of electronic communications. It would sound like the NFL has put the leg work into doing proper investigation of this they can't afford this group and other one of these out. I think it's fair to say in the issue of Ray Rice they didn't there was a video. I think either of the NFL's all the video and didn't really do too much about it. They didn't try hard enough to get the video because if GM seeking to the video you can thinks the billion dollar company NFL can try to get the video. So these subject of busy to Elie who was one of the ten to fifteen most popular players in the NFL according to them. You can choose to believe the NFL or not. Believe conducting an extensive investigation. We examine all available evidence we spoke to. More than a dozen witnesses including Ezekiel Elliott in the victim. Thousands of text messages and other records of electronic communications. They have grounds to believe that you or guilty of this. They can at least light on what day. Or arguing that you did the flake it we can go back and forth does it affect the game did not agree note all the stuff I don't know our. In this situation based on their investigation and thousands of expenses and other records they have reasons to think that you did this. You're missing time. The question again it is not if you're missing time it's how much time are you missing so was accurately I missed two games he might mystery games you minus four. There's a 0% chance that he played all sixteen games this season or next season because the NFL they have. Good enough reason according today and do think that you did this coming up next we talked to Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor about the big announcement of the day. Up next on sixteen. Stacy and we're happy to talk to demand of the hour Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor joins us. Liable on the drive Gina how are you don't have. A lot and are you guys. Do have fans at great let's talk about the big. On news in story of the day how does how good does it feel to officially be now called friend of the show. Well it's good that it got a point that. It's been it's been a good thing not work cited on I think. We've got to bring to the table turns coverage and I think. You do for a political. A little bit apparently looking for when would decide a lot of fun and partner and so excited when you guys as part of the case they sent me. Jeanne if you can't tell our listeners how exactly this deal came together. Legal appeal in in the company or was it he can just kind of our review partnership cheap and certainly our what. Cheap seat. Got here you know Nazi workload cloaked in a vote from your field. Normally when they continue down to console as a symbol of our pocket and we got to cut internally by. What were so our goal that we look at for what one would. Little wider what are coverage area in terms so we'll daytime and night time. And inflexibility. You know what with the coverage certainly the pregame post game coach's show will loosen things that. We didn't have before that you guys are certainly gonna help us work with. You know full coverage of both conventional loan code reciprocal basketball. And football and then you know coaches governor coach coaches show and got a cynical and doubtful the year so. Overall things are very important to listen that came true and quote. Jane. Was signal strength for you guys because you know at nighttime or really really strong and is that with that part of the the reason you came though this. No question and now guilt thing we talked about current principles during. Now night time it's because you please protect the basketball perspective more torque into the mind of should be killed them. A couple of football game will be broadcast ignited. Now that ability and you know that it'll find it within the barriers that shouldn't there there were at the well you know how to get to find it and and that debate partners and certainly. Will weaken glove so offended that these bodies of. It's easy to define them as it is about time so that all available on. The conversation internal Meserve looked for somebody. Not a threat to the show Gene Taylor the athletic director dedication day cased in athletics now. On sixteen Sports Radio. Boy it's been kind of a busy few weeks Gloria had it yet Maria Bruce Weber now identified a new radio Obama bullet never but it. Little more busy passage of the head man in charge and athletic department and it. A lot of beautiful thing and get great that they've got to keep me. You know. Or school it's he's. With union announced that the work of their filled with a greater perspective side you know to talk in the first were. So quite a few weeks. What I got there about a contract extension. Nixon and it's a great internal vote until the restructuring. So burst. Something that I was trying to be done before he forced schools started. And it been has been busy and and you know to continue to meet their children's musical artists significantly in. I've met with probably 90%. Internal soul. Well before going on between our first football game back in Minneapolis. What took soccer team played united university of Minnesota and so. It's at that time Mir awards dinner on he bought them. Jim was gonna ask you this timing I'm sure was an ideal. How big of a challenge was that was that you found out this news any football season starts in 23 weeks you had to get this deal done pretty quickly. Do not want them now and you know I think and baseless or concerned about the built on money. From from the perspective before football. Game at school toward. Internal folks in the field to pull this together and you guys that he let me make the move quickly and omitted important and so yeah it. He can't overreact he can't panic because I think our brand is strong and soccer cup so this week on the station. Like sixty and it would you know strong station like you guys. Be part of the program artwork in and so we were confident over poor because of its citizens. With the right stations certainly gets it. Look at that bill. Well it. Jeanne I've got to step daughter go to K state as a freshman she leave it in. A couple weeks and got accepted into the pre vet program so it's it's been a really fun day right here GA basically on the day shift his daughters go to K state is wells so. Yeah I've got high five and we've been where a lot of purple around here and I get the K state moms sticker on the back of my allies. Her cards and Allah when I text her until I can finally telling the news today she was pulled to what kind of reaction have you gotten. In Manhattan and and and from around the country from boosters from fans from. From your staff. But then you know according and what's civil and on Flickr and it didn't. Well. Look at sort out and people hurt. Your you know on your station kind of incidents. That creek conversation about but they go to the station you know it took part of you guys. Cuddle party out there it was with a sober. They're active members. Follow the complete quote these commitments and Egypt in the. Gordon Kenyan that it's the bird caught in the the fan base and about because a lot of things that they want it. Or hope for you know they'll they shouldn't get it and so it was you know this isn't that cute but so. Bernard. Am assuming we get some discount tuition this year as edgy you're gonna make that you make that happen. You know that second I'll do. That but. It yet but Kate haters and their families. We're we're program could be at carton looked for so long relationship because as you can because. That's correct well right now it seems things are official Gene Taylor officially becomes friend of the show and six in sports in Kansas State athletics have teamed up. 46 in GB the official radio home in Kansas City for K state athletics gene thanks for coming on today. What they've done it didn't take care. Thanks Jane. That was Kansas state athletic director. Gene Taylor I'm. Certain at least from his perspective it's good to kind of get this knocked down and now media focusing Cain is they'd athletics is about the football team. Third in the big twelve pre season wise case they should have a good football team that should be a fun college football season this year in Manhattan and happy to have him on board your sixth and. Absolutely in three weeks from tomorrow night they'll put up against central Arkansas they get Charlotte add to that in vanity that's a game that interest me that after that the fourth game. On September 30 against Baylor I think it's going to be pharma is up next we take a trip down memory lane to the last time the cardinals slipped the royals and this is the worst I've felt about the royals since well I'll tell you win next in the draft. Yeah. She. I've dancing harassing here doesn't like these business staying with Chrysler out today. Back in all the drive. I hate. I look at this team the royals your royals team your very optimistic about. This is the most disappointed I've been with the royals since the beginning of the season sweep to the Minnesota Twins. There's absolutely no reason. To get swept by such an average team and look the way they did for stretches. Like they did against the St. Louis Cardinals. It's one thing to get swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers an historic baseball team on the road and author of your competitiveness. That is in its tomorrow. You've got swept twice in Kansas City. Couldn't get all the snide. And win the one single game against the St. Louis Cardinals they started this four game series under 500. There is no reason to get swept in four games by the St. Louis Cardinals. That would Zain embarrassing effort what we've seen over the last four days from the royals. And I've been holding the players accountable for this we can talk about that we can talk about Dayton we can talk about ownership in payroll all that stuff though. Dayton Moore went out the deadline may deals made trades to give this team everything they needed. I kept getting into the bullpen on the need to assist our way out got those things they went out got about and Melky Cabrera try to help the dolphins may and they have all the pieces all the tools to make the playoffs with the current roster that they have. There is no reason for you to have a week as bad as the one the royals have just had. Irritated that he should depress the top of the show and they got irritated. And a little bit angry about it ain't in a touchdown a little bit yesterday did. When you go make Tuesday as the deadline which other mortgage deals about the royals did as much as they possibly can with what they had offered try to make your team better with the royals have gotten worse. You know it's funny it's argument Minnesota Twins hears about a series with the royals in Seattle. And an unit of sweep in the mare's when their red hot. And there was one game went extra innings and and in house I was I was leaking oil you know I'll Alice fall asleep follows doze and job. And I just turn the TV off and went to bed and I did that because I knew they were gonna win. On the royals somehow come back and win that game because they were red hot. So concerned. With. You know a team like the cardinals it's basically a 500 team they're battle they can't just come in suite the royals. More like how hot you are right Albers is what you've done over the course of the season is he combat teams can get really help the White Sox swept the Astros. We stuff happens in baseball. What happened in the last night though and be on the followed one of like what my buddies he's maybe the biggest royals fan and I've never. No person more glass half empty that loves the root of the way he does. When the wells were up three nothing in the sixth inning Jason Hammel had an 02 count hit a batter that he went 300 Dexter Fowler I told him right there on like this game is about to be over. That's the way I felt I felt the exact opposite of the way I felt. In the Seattle series when it was an extra innings when the royals were in Seattle ended up winning that game and swept him. The royals have been melting down they've been badly gets swept in Baltimore. Split it was Seattle just got swept by the cardinals I knew exactly what was gonna happen. Something was gonna go wrong. And it did Peter morally Cayman had a throwing there. After that Motley Yadier Molina on Waller with the Grand Slam I mean this whole thing has been a broken record the royals at three years last night. The cardinals scored 37 runs the royals committed seven Ayers in that series they had two grand slams. The royals are as bad as they've banned it reminds me a little bit of April. You can they've done enough offensively. The last two nice to win baseball games but they haven't won them because. They can't pitch and they can't play defense right now. And it is discouraging big time it's big John discouraging because this time right now post deadline that I thought the royals would be in would be better. They're worse at least right now. What has to be frustrating to any royals and is just how sloppy they've looked over the last couple and a great word to describe that the 2014 and when he fifteen royals kind of built themselves on being able to do the little things and being able to take the extra base being able to lay a bullet down being able to throw the correct bases and make the correct it fundamental baseball place. Didn't these four games against the cardinals are awful like every possible thing that you can you bet that baseball really close to being bad offensively sometimes they would give you decent stretches but no it would say their offense has been knocked in the overall the baseball these four days. Again the cardinals started this series under 500 the cardinals are eight below average to average baseball team. You don't look like Houston this week your. Like the Dodgers this week that's unacceptable. Like this team was all in this team was going for after the deadline. Remember the phone interview Eric Hosmer did cable is needed a couple help me trusting date to go out there rabble we edited. Double a whole lot since you've got the piece that you do like one of the worst teams in baseball since then. Like this should be one of those things as a feigned should be upset and angry now. It's behind you. You leave Saint Louis you go to Chicago who just swept the Houston Astros but still one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. It's time to get back on the winning track time to play good baseball and take care of business against the Chicago white. But again you're running into like such team that's really hot and royals team that's awful right now so this series scares me to. Again it's about you know the White Sox what do they go to an Astros series 27 games below 500 something like that. On they're not very good team over the course of the season but. Teams get off and so now the hills. They it in theory. That have gotten better since the trade deadline or going into play division team it's terrible and now they happen to catch a did a terrible divisions in the judge you played pretty good right now. And the royals are playing is that baseball's they've played since April I'm I'm irritated and you meet seat I'd like. I you know I let the you know. Emotions seep into it sometimes with the royals and right now that emotion is anger. Because there's not and it's part of the reason why would offer more easily or so much earlier on the season present his defense is stuff like okay is this the royals are gonna become. You know is that it is that what they're becoming when you have a guy it is that bad and has such a bad baseball I Q some of the stuff that they've done. Over the last four games against this St. Louis Cardinals and that's frustrating to me. Gotta make decent throw to second base last that I asked escobar's got a feel babble. Preacher again Gallagher had to do a better job on the play you know others that date back and there's there's I can't imagine what it must be like for front office guy knowing. The UN now and ownership as well you'll not and you gave them what you need what they need. You provided to and that was killed for apple Hammel last. Well you got an illegal what do you not leave him in there is three enough and and your bullpen has been awful lately you've got to put him back in there. You got this and handle back out for the six know your bullpen can't get any. So it's nothing's going right out of sync I think is the way he described yesterday and everything at least with the exception of a little bit of the optics is out of sync right now. If you wanna talk about a flashback Friday here kind of how the royals used to look the last time they got swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. Was June 24 through 26 of 2004. Were going to a long time ago. This was the number one song the last time the cardinals slipped the royals. Since it's let's. Talk baseball and that's supposed to squeeze him you know this is not you know once. Okay. Saves is it Mellencamp. Us or let it turn was the number one song on the last time I want to share. And that's on Nolan talking a man I don't know what can you do that it's like and you know let's acknowledge. I don't know because I don't know it's longer talking about how did you know that you can't tell us any of the war just quit and it and as I guess that's all I got what do you think the name of that song is that it either does it wreaking on what would you just yet amounts like that. Saw the ushers deduction yet on. How did you mean yeah it's good though it is has I'm I'm pretty sure that was not a target yet I did the delegate. I did I was one and get. A little better upper right arm was insecure about why doesn't go. ET EE. Eat and eat. If you hit it as knuckle. That's a little bit better that a little you put. Chile into the boards I should have passionate committed to it a little bit trial are hardly did on the I was it was definitely a leader and a note comments on yeah. That's one of yeah us all like Exxon and some guys that that was like your music to weigh in the communities and away rate. Like I didn't talk about the plot for hitch no explicit. At the end it would it's no words it was in the movie it's we don't need you pizza they got food there yeah this was the number Earl and me. Back in 2004. We don't have the movie Shrek two Spiderman two. Passion of the Christ. Meet the (%expletive) in the Incredibles and those were the hot movies in 2004. Beat the (%expletive) You know. The long time I was called real longtime passion of the crowd like we're talking like. Like the birth of Christ is that it's better the passion that the passion and all right this attack in order to confirm him this was also very popular in pop culture the last time that the cardinals swept the royals Jean Jennings was on fighter. Was dominating. Jeffrey tell Lynn Jennings the sportscaster channel line no change and has cousin of his cousin Ken Jennings went on Roland. There has been unrivaled. Sense it's dominate it just remembered I don't know anything about. Ken Jennings I do you know I don't agree to the store just sitting down I can't believe this he won seventeen. Days of jeopardy set before that's like cal Ripken asked man he won two and a half million dollars well. And Jennings two and a half million dollars exchange earnings and I do believe you know I did a lot of work at about Greg Jennings he's retired and. No he is he has retired as he works at fox sports so nobody got him and yet know it is contingent but no absolutely that is a completely a different individual just. It was disappointing with the royals that. I know you and I have different level of optimism about the girls and I think this team makes the playoffs I just think they you know as a wildcard team you still have hope for the divisions are possible from the one division on court I'm leaning towards. I'm trending towards the one car it just. Very frustrating to see them get handled in such a way by eighteen that I believe they are better than it. The royals are better than the cardinals they didn't really show you over the last four days it's hard to get swept in a four game series. A really be playing portly at that time to get slept in a four game cedars and again we're not talking about the Dodgers series. The Dodgers series it probably could have won that Saturday game and then Sunday game they went up against her shawl which yet this royals offense is NB including Kershaw. You shouldn't get swept. Home on the road by the under 500 Saint Louis cards they now. I'll have better records and you because they just went Q&A four game series just say very disappointing week for. Did you you know that you know he's better than has a better record in the royals now and Minnesota Twins now leapfrogged the Kansas City Royals I think it is sporting thing for me is that he'll see the royals have a bad game. Or you know or back in 82 games but not necessarily back to that wish for bad games and to me that's the part that irritates me because. I'd love defense allowed bull that I love that lettuce isn't and the royals have been bad for games in a row and that's that that she's got mean that's got me I got a case there so it. Is. But when it is probably. I'm going to win. These pop quiz has brought to buy victory Chrysler dodge Jeep Randy caller number 691357676. Stand for your chance to win his six back in tickets. To see that she ball and all and August's. Is crystal thirteenth is thirteenth in the thing. Wanna make sure I don't wanna tell people to August 13 at the pick it up today. If it's not assume it's all these guys this is Goran says that at community America ballpark for the 7051 pitch. Today's pop quiz hit me. This yeah. The water's boiling. If you know what the pop quizzes call up dusty right now in the tickets are yours coming up until minutes are scattered just burn your talks to us. About the disappointing week that was for the royals bird in studio next in the draft are buying Xperia.