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The Drive
Friday, March 16th

Today is ALL about Bruce Webber...can he make a statement today in the first round and get KState over the hump...MPJ said he what percentage of health? Cdot spills his guts on what he thinks this means...We do a drive should know who we are talking about...What was the main take away from last nights games..POP QUIZ on 3:16


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And drives presented by two got guarantee Harrison. What what you've got to schooler fuel. Branch and it just has to be put legal under flower bed. Back in on the drive itself back at discarded but there's another day another dollar another beat. Dusty like you back in the studio. Red baiting with the wizard he's quick let's go a lot of stuff to promote your -- a lot. It's about winning streaks that side here is casino we got the scores on the tape at the Russ Davis made its way and we give you a chance to what a thousand bucks in thirty minutes anomaly that. Someone inside winning streaks today is going to lean with a thousand dollars yet you know got a text and some that though. There's no who you gotta go through your company is sign up you Greg is up we'll be here you Greg is up as opposed special and you got a chance that when a thousand bucks for your QB that. Eight out of the ticker at sixty special you are winning streak and coming up that 445 K state pregame. As the wildcats take concrete right here on sixteen were traded. The voice you just start with Brad Pitt today that I hate about you but I'm the shocker to me and I've got a shocker hat on today they're trailing Marshall. 5352. Right now on the second half of rocket shocker that because it about a year and a half we're going to be pay about university can we edit steps and on their sovereign for the shot that it. Before we go heading get into the top stories of the day as you ready for Kansas State crate we'll talk a lot of Missouri. We'll talk a lot about what happened last night we need to do a drive investigation will do that in fifteen minutes. Because once again you're a bit ahead to book hoodwinked bamboozled. Rodham market letter straight will get to that momentarily but before we do. Dusty before you have a chance to rule all the dogs in Kansas City let's get the courts. Our high scores on the tenth project by Casey transported to every single ten minutes. The rap today let's get you updated at some of the incidentally scores image of the Wichita State. And the marshals gore. Right advocate. Earlier today Texas in the process Providence 7369. Purdue letter over cal state Fullerton 74. To 48 who scored insured command again which does state trailing by by Arab by point excuse me. It is set I have Cincinnati up by five over Georgia's state 3530. North Carolina lipscomb just under way 73 in that game Arkansas Butler tips up here just a bit but once again. Let's not forget the K state great comes up right here at sixty Sports Radio. At 445 pre game of golf a little bit earlier today you're sixty and scores on the tans are brought to you by Casey trains and that's our. Wanna start today show wanna start to Asia talking about Kansas State in most importantly about Bruce Weber. As we know in college athletics the one constant is the coaches. We see player turn over guys Sri Pittsburgh guys that clearly for the team PH ran away college basketball is marketed is about the coaches. You got guys like coach K you got guys like me not yet guys like is though the team though. You know the legendary coaches that exist in college basketball. Now Kansas State doesn't have one of those coaches but I think today is very important I would say sit for one Bruce Weber. I looked this up that because you know I keep secret about Tiger Woods that Tiger Woods has not won a major since Barack Obama has been an office 2000. Bruce Weber has one no one in double late target the games that Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America. One NCAA are in game I was last year and they want the plane gave which we had a great debate if that's the art and not. You know what I'm talking about on talk about being included in the sixty sport gains. That you actually fell out of Iraqi. It winning it NCAA tournament game he's never wanted to party game at Kansas State aside from the plane game. The last time Bruce Weber one NCAA tournament game was in 2011. Today is obviously about the help the team wait obviously about the health the beard brown and it's about Kiki in the state win the game. That goes about things but most importantly today is about Bruce Weber and we all know how hot cold Kansas State fans have been about him. Iger right I think it's about Bruce Weber as well because as you vets see that he had won one here yet won a case stated it is the fourth time in six years. He's got these days into the NCAA tournament but he has got away you know he was echoed champion in his first year K state. But the N it was into the thirteenth seed in the south right. So I think couple of things can happen today for Bruce Weber State game in your game right here on sixteen Sports Radio pregame starts at 4459. Are off a little bit early today to get that way for the K state great. To that call it. I think that's great your fan base because there is a portions fan base that doesn't absolutely loved Bruce Weber. There's there's a there's a large portion of people out there I think it would would rather move on from Bruce Weber than. If they can get a win today I think that will help our right yeah part of this thing to. Is it. Bruce Weber and K state can be great and markets Foster I think it validates wherever it validates that he made the right decision to let. A young players that was extremely talented that great freshman year a troubled sophomore year and Bruce we're ready keep up the team. If Bruce Weber compete Creighton is validated by the decision that it was I gonna make a decision that case state. Gotta do. And I had to make all the markets Foster now markets lost you can at least four out of the keys to beat him that look for Bruce Weber for sheer. But I should this couple weeks ago when GQ the athletic director K state. Came out and said that he's gonna help Bruce Weber with nonconference scheduling. Next year and might. Thought has always been out there what you do for a living out here you were at par out here so copiers that if you'll well I don't care. If your if your boss needs to step in and help you do a better job and you get on his radar that's not a good thing and one of the biggest reasons likely state. Was somewhat on the ball well and on the bubble. For the majority of the season was because of their lack of nonconference schedule strength. I've said before you know there what 339. 351 teams are not. Rush to get away. That's the bottom line they stick its way. But what typically happens to case stated Bruce whoever's got some bad line. And that that luck being stress fractures weight. He's going to be game time decision today the first team all big twelve player got that lucky its case you as well ordered roundup poked in the couple minutes into the game. You know at either one of those guys now will say this about case. You know case to keep out there without me without. And without Jerry brown and they put up one hell of a fight against unions and got that into that bucket wait a second so with that. Maybe. If dean late Diego. Maybe that helps in the data because they proved that getting with the number one seed they're big rival in a conference there in a tournament game. And and still play tough and still that chance a slim one but a chance to win. I think it's bigger than just validation of the markets Foster decision. I we've gotten just past that point obviously. It'll be a big story line it will talk about it's a Marcus Foster please relief well. But I think we've kind of moved past the validation of the one individual decision last week at the conversation this case they was in the beats wall term and we were talking about how to they elevate the yours yet do you start to elevate tears winning NCAA part of game. I don't care that game to get right now care it's it's Jordan stayed out here but it's Marshall find a way for a major conference team. Would mean it's in the NCAA tournament it's not elevate your status that you elevate your program. And I think elevate skiers that case they find themselves. That's Iraq the question we've had a lot about Webber's. There's no denying that with Bruce Weber measure coach you can win twenty games there's no not with Bruce what Roger coached that you finished top four in the big wealthy you win twenty games. It make the NCAA hard. The question Kansas State in its alarms it Gene Taylor and Steve. Can't you wait NCAA. Or in the games with Bruce went so far has been able to do it this year you've got an opportunity in 89 game that Vegas and at that essential point flip. It. B&B eight not seen our. It's got to beat the top sixteen seed the NCAA are at it and make a run into the second week we talked about the elevation that tears for Kansas State. It's part today if you were Bruce Weber will want one in the double bird game. It the last eight years that's unacceptable for coach that coached the national team if it. The other part of that TC got its back is actually part of it. It is eventually put itself tough spot by scheduling it's actually nobody in an icon now do you agree. That lets say dean dean late. You know suffered this mom or or very routers have a real suffers an injury it's gonna have his day that you schedule better than not gone. And that would grab a couple of wins there you're not this little 89 match so part of this to me is on its way. The fact that it's dolphin in the wood in the NCAA tournament is all Bruce Weber. It's for everybody's deal with some that it is one of the season and ritual ever put his team and a bad spot. Because as we nonconference schedule is on the nine line and now dean waits her. A few if you think ahead a little you prepare for suddenly this figure elicits a couple. At some point we're gonna lose somebody or at some what we're gonna have an entry of the guys in the land. At 506070%. At least a little easier on ourselves and it's doubly to our. I'm in our conference schedule was made it to upfront K state because now. With your best player with a stress fractures as a game time decision. Now I hear that 89 instead of what a 512 or something like that part of it is Bruce Weber salt richer but it didn't get a man. That Iraq can he can be in the process of elevating the status cased it. Speaking of guys playing at 506070%. Is what Michael Porter said yesterday the reports about how he feels heading into the NC it's hard. Somebody don't have Michael Porter what he said he was talking about feel like he was 6065. Say. Heading into it to the target I mean today I understand with Missouri it's going to be about that the lack of not having boredom Barnett. But today about Michael Porter. We know he's not going to be bashful we know that he's going to shoot today yet he's gonna take fifteen he's been out today. Am sorry as a writer guy in his first round game against him it beats the war is not point 345. Year from now. About Michael or outdoor market in just minutes of the game. It's going to be about Michael what are not being able to elevate his team and find a way to win it. Once they get to the set around they got a great role agency going up once he does want a shot in the game. Not saying this won't gate goods or is there because Eagle 8 games and winked when he injured they did this season. Missed the overwhelming positive or books but the legacy of my war in being remembered which you are so badly out. At the very very beginning of the season pre injury you wanna leave a legacy wanna be your member. Played well it's doubly hard it's to get that opportunity the regular season and finally went to a report that we. We gotta get your score updated sixth at every kid's scores up it is what you'd like easy treatment. There were no Wichita State up 3737. Ago in the second half all Marshall Georgia's state Cincinnati. To start the second adds to that lead to 3532. List yeah. On top of North Carolina fifty seat on top of the two with 1254 of the first step toward 115. And store that you do knocked out hateful 17448. His stated 7369. Over Providence the SEC bodily five and oh thus far in the NCAA tournament. Back to the poor thing which we are talking about. Listen we thought well a lot of it on the other side we'll talk about that because it got a good compared to replace that we didn't know much about at least the country know much about. It became almost a household name overnight because of these double or. We will talk about that plus there they drive investigation we need to do for the NCAA targeting your bracket would do it next drive. Under Camilo. About six seventy lesson comeback this time injuries use explosives. On the cubs have a good program I want it bill goes on the ball that you know all the way there yet so. It's. And them have to do I couldn't help but go over and over exert its. I didn't have the tax line up. I'm happy I did an excellent says that we satellite we lived under the sea with sponge Bob this where it I think we have fixed it etc. of the underdogs. Winning streaks that grates it did special that year makes election Bruins. Thirteen TV that I can see it is this part. Well the sports bar insiders news eight Austin was there. We will get you scores momentarily Wichita State and Marshall are locked up in a tight ones 65656. Minutes and twenty seconds left that would. Marshall advocate it got completely out assault pulled pulled up from staff Corey rate which I think normal three point rate for the game BA. Coming up after us today Kansas State we will be off the year at 445 today tomorrow royals Rangers. A double dip when it comes to spring training baseball bull to aim at 8 o'clock. Able give it chance of a thousand bucks a national cash contest. Coming up at 230 and a lot of people loads the new winner Beverly. Someone want that thousand bucks listening to this show so obviously you've got a chance to be a 2000 bucks just listening in and it. That's right up there before the brakes you know about the important tonight for Michael or junior. And shirt all day. Cops about guys that made their name in the accidentally or awkward junior has real opportunity tonight. And look back to a rise through brute excuse me Brewster did. I'll blow they beatle base hit that shot the ball there and that's a shot remember from incidentally tournament history right. Oliver and ash Shalit case you when he played for northern Iowa. Make your name and instantly term. In basketball circles in the Acer those people though Michael Porter junior days he has a chance to make a national name for himself in inch tablet for that eagle off. Not only knew that it would know as a rookie he scored thirty in the term. Well I think Michael works and freed up tonight to go about their relaunch it beat three in a go nuts if he has a great game tonight. He's gonna go from being a basketball circle name that everybody knows and zoom circle name that everybody knows to potential national name. Italy does need to totally turn. Estate. Four at the difference a lot of those other cases just help. Don't I don't pit exit talent they are all right in its fourth I guess it's more vote. Opportunities you'll be feel close to use all these that's an explosives and make that point throughout the eight. I did notice. Was wrong with Mike you were asked it last week in Jordan but Michael for I Salt Lake I ask what it dumped at all with two days. He would lay it up you look at it gingerly out of the oh he has the explosiveness. That would. Our Michael Porter are surprised like how I mean it's it's 65%. I thought he talked repeatedly about wanting a place he. I wanted to know from the Arthur I I would guess the Michael porter's life mate old news. Eight about 100% to articles the season but the last years of age yourself is there live in the back on present spot it's more about confidence at all those kind of big I would guess that's why he's playing over. I just sick kids so much to lose and an. I am a solid under the impression is that he's gonna come back in place because daughter percent based on what I said you know yesterday it doesn't sound he's close to that. We we need to woods' private investigation for the NC double look. We'll do that momentarily but first we got to get the school. Yeah we do let's get to this extent every kid's scores a bit rusty Casey trends little under finest go to Wichita State and mark in Wichita State leads it. Said he sixty that's a foresee vs thirteen seed. We saw what happened last night to Arizona against Buffalo's second match or say the fifteenth seed in the south region. Is only down I want to use second seeded Cincinnati Bearcats 4443. In that game let's do. The fifty and seat oh lead to two C North Carolina in the last three G-20 three to one want them to evidence to go the first after duke beat state Fullerton. Seven before 48 and taxes say it and Albany so these three is 69 the SEC is unbeaten. In the dirt and so forth you don't care about the boy about plagues what about virtual earth you know and use their brackets. Was not right near us has portrayed as it should every Tim brought by his future. A lot of whining about body did you that it does. Let's let's go great fodder that relentless drive nature beat the audio worked very important profession that we worked Wichita State seventy Marshall 69 to eat. I want it our bodies a lot of it will be back on the drive. I side winning streak did not hear it north casinos that drives their parent does it like back studio. I'm here with Brad and coming up at five minutes will be about the bucks in our national cast got it Wichita State. Dancing on the door. The upset right now morsel find themselves with a six point lead against Wichita State and Marshall at an acute with say all of the momentum. With under two minutes the play in this. Yet they do you know. We should because this we saw forced to go to class that there's a related buffalo got blown out they get the number one pick the Internet. Past years ago. You know Marshall right now the six politely waited. They have left that games yet few minutes ago the game roughly and Marcia just get a steal so it's 7876. Or 7872 right now. Martial arts on which to us it is overlooked sport but fortunately it's it's Kansas school you know to Wichita State. I would it's unfortunate. And had a shot or ad out today and adamantly universe in a couple years. So for which does it refer the case everybody is that in the year which stated in trouble. As the foresee or use they're seated Marshall right now. Okay it's your chance to 1000 bucks national cast contest coming out. We got a DeWitt drive investigation. How many years in a row. Are you fine people going to let Arizona. Ruin your bracket. I don't know how many people yesterday tweeting its I had Ayers article and he had Ayers on one of the final floor. At Arizona Agilent and national championship. People wants. Even people twice. If you got full of for the third time. In Arizona that's that you problem it is shameful and you problem. Well at Arizona going one gave in my imaginary neutral bracket because I knew that it was a fair how to change your imaginary medal bracket the army is sort of make it work like it you don't fill out. Now I mean it's on the air. I give you my bracket on the air. Hey dusty let's take a live look at the CNC right now it looks like Wes ours you beat Wichita State at about the out of the NCAA turn. On CNN this is done. Students right now partial it is I'm wolf in Wichita State with which it. Once I definitely get that live look cute little. Marshall a basketball right actors so. Now look good for the shocked right now Greg marshals don't bananas on the sidelines so which does it looks like it's about to be bounces marshals pulled the free throw line. Right now 7872. With 53 point one seconds. So back to back days for seats go to let's something miraculous happens for Wichita State. There season's about to be over. Yeah it certainly seems that way we will get a lot looking after we do with the national cats cuts says it's a thousand on the thirty text the word LO UILL. OW 278. Or 72881. That's LOP I LL OW. You could be the thousand dollar national cash winner in our concerts extant Sports Radio he's the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City. Giving you a chance to wind up to 121000 dollars each weekday just listen all of the parties from six to six. And your chance your next chance to win is that retard the complete rules. Over at 610 sports dot com they just went to a commercial break up the lead kind of ranking and to sit at three so 7875. In the Marshall. Wichita State game whenever that game is back from commercial we will take you. That game Wichita State locked up in eight titan and looking to avoid before thirteen matches yeah. Litigious and scored brought to you by Casey Trenton at sixty had every tech Ed. Scores on the ten brought to you by Casey trends yankees mention. Marshall lead Wichita State 787544. Seconds to go in that game shocker to other foresee Marshall. Is that thirteen also Cincinnati leading Georgia State 4947. Eight minutes to go in that ball game North Carolina. Trailing 58 seeded lipscomb white I 28605. To go. In the first stab Butler arc it's not just underway Butler leads Arkansas. Twelve to two Purdue 7448. Over cal state Fuller that's a bottle. And Texas Stadium over Providence is a final as well. 73. To sixteen adding I don't care about the play by play just what ago. How your brackets are during remember sixteen and every T and brought to you by Casey trends. Let's go back that AT&T right now martial against West Virginia Wichita State MO like my color elements that. Marshall taking all Wichita State seven. 875. To 44 seconds left in the game. That's going to be taken down. But it anytime soon on Mars hill and it's it's all state Marshall this look like they got a shot blocked in this one. So we'll see he wants is ruined my own business try to figure out to what happened here's a file that black should I did it can't really see. Looks like. To try to to try to figure out the way up got a free of this might literally take 45 minutes yet here you look at about eight kilometers three zebras. This game might not get over it no. Sometime tomorrow here this a little Snyder hit it got a call right right till I get them taking some time to try to figure this thing out. But it also rose that the flow of the game as well. After the review will take a lot look you know Marshall Wichita State on TNT it's the second half there's 35 seconds left. In the game right now they are trying to see who the ball goes off of Connor fray camp plays little limbo with the basketball. It moves out of the way I think that's got to be awful Marshall and Wichita State's gonna get the ball back but when it comes to college basketball reviews. I don't really know how you could say definitively one way or the other I don't think that we have traded at. I don't think that we have traded the ability to. Do things right for the speed and how quick the game can be the. OK with that for the most part. Like let's and we saw the replay right now on a which does that Marshall. It's pretty clear to me the car frank get intelligent martian guy was last get a lot about you but sit on this official review now for what. Almost two minutes and were look at that. An elimination game and it's heavily targeted 787536. Seconds ago both these teams fight their guts out. And or have to wait for 2345. Minutes on something at least I think we can see from the monitor here at an inside winning streaks there is working as city. I just think that it's normally so close when it comes duties the same way like with what it's in the NFL. Like it's so close I can really make an argument on both sides that we spin for five minutes. Win and everybody and winning streak because that your individually poll everybody that's here who do you think that ball is out at Roland march and make it. It would be. It would be 50%. On once I'd like this gentleman over here to you they just said that all adult out of ranking senate battle Marshall yeah you guys. You know both guys both got glass bulbs are watching the exact same David don't know the ball out oh my. I'd just like it. That didn't hit great yep right there today like. It looked at it like it didn't look like it's a maybe that's what's that it's a lot and this is a crucial call that you have to get it right you know. And they got to get this call right it's a tight game with under forty seconds to go the shock hazard out the ravens could either basketball with a chance to get out there times. I just don't know when these scenarios of how close this play is if you can keep the I don't know if you can keep these calls right without subjective it is. And then it comes down to we have. Freeze frame it'd do it in super slow ball wait HD to see if the ball went out on a certain individual. I still have no clue who it's out on a senior watching it. Right now it looks like it went off three different people like it did if I think these situations are very very typical will let you know who the ball is out on. Who gets the ball it is 7875. Marshall is up right now. If the balls Al martialed and obviously Wichita State would get the ball back down three with under 25 seconds. Left in the game will see what decision they have this could take 45 minutes to decide who gets the ball. It seems like about to get a ruling now dusty going to go back teensy for the live look at a martial. With the statements. The call stands. USU that is what is so great market it's Jessica. It's applying the it's thirty seconds on the shot clock. From Marshall so baseline end. With a six point two and a chance to vacated two possession game with very little time on the clock. Don't watch John Elmore 133 for him to come off some screening action doctor Paul song. He gets a good. Lots of time here. Well I think at long last we have little squared away bushel basket full rest thirty. 36 point two you've got all kinds of options here. Not score quickly. They give you possession don't drive take some time. Unless it's time getting used to talk about one left with a thundering heard. So a way. It's 7875. In Marshall Wichita State is 36 seconds left in the game bookkeeping here. But I do what you guys to hear the end of the game is the Marshall Wichita State they're actually taking a commercial break right now. The Cold War I apologize they gave you was pillow that was an all cohorts want to apologize the actual call work right now is price. He our eyes see eat rice 272881. That's rice PRI. CE that is the code word you could be the thousand dollar. Cash when the next one will be. 330. Will you be the correct one after thirty my apologies. And now we're talking about Arizona before we have a lot look at it would do that we're a little bit more. Arizona I think is the target team that people nationally the kansas'. Three straight years in a row Arizona has been eliminated by a team that they double digit in the in the NCAA tournament. I gotta like that's the conversation people have about Kate you nonstick that you maybe hasn't always looked up to seed axle we're back in the Wichita State game let's go to. He's point three. It was 36 point two. Marshall has got to build makeshift set them. Five Wichita State not protecting the past or the basket at all. 807533. Point nine like college basketball is yet to watch eighteen replays did everything correct. And ruin the flow of the game that we're doing right now. It's been more reviews over the last five minutes the basket they'll review on this look at the clock is that what's going on yeah I mean you've got you've got to get it right. Well I mean goodness this is what we signed up for we have to get every single thing right so we have to stop the game every minute to try to make sure we get every single thing right about the. We have four minute official review. Right which by all the camera angles we saw we couldn't tell. Now they do quit marshals equipped in bounds they did it dot they're trying to figure out at any time up. We that what. Six minutes of virtually no basketball in the Wichita State. Marcia and in this thing coming out of the wire right out of 35 point two seconds to go Marshall leads eighty to 75 Marshall the thirteenth seed. The shocker are the four seed Wichita State about him about it does speak. You know. Outside to deliver that. It's not gonna win. On this night it. If you have a one time. Never a time you can't substitute because there was no time overall it was a review by the officials. This time on the clock. I right now Leslie Marshall Wichita State and Wichita State at the foresee. Marshall is the thirteenth in the east region it is 45 point two seconds left. Wichita State was down three Marshall got a dunk they are still reviewing the time left in the game. It's that you play and the need to get every single call right has absolutely rule where in the end of college. Basketball that manufacture than ever timeouts that your effective what foreign media timeouts. Perhaps it ruins the flow of everything anyway you know what the rules that this particular change right from the three point line back like in the way the NBA lane. I think you gotta do that and because that these kids you know it it opens the floor up a little bit. And that's one way to potentially speeded up this is an absolute match at the end of the Marshall which does yeah. The fun part about game. It's not like these gave the honest or played an incredibly high level that he's not be fast let's not beat on it yet in the game. That's that fast or far more important was it one possession game on during many in the first round the NCAA aren't Mexican. Didn't know what do. Because there last minute. We've seen a lot of no basketball last ten minutes in the game that's evident of the wire its sixtieth every ten scores on the jets brought to light. Casey trends again the talking about. Marshall leads Wichita State 80s7534. Seconds to go that would Cincinnati's over the ten point lead on Georgia's state 5949. 314 eagle that game north Carolina's finally got come back and got the lead over lipscomb. To see Carolina leads the fifteenth seed lips and 4134. To eleven ago the first half Butler. All eleven on Arkansas with eleven minutes to go in the first apps and files or at Purdue beat cal state Fullerton seven or 48 Texas scene and a winner over Providence 7369. Coming up tonight at Kirk about this afternoon at 445 right here on sixteen Sports Radio K state. Pregame they get to the K state takes on crichton did you hear that game right here on sixteen Sports Radio you don't care about the play by play. Age is what at a higher brackets are remember six that every kid brought to you by Casey trends. Which does latest volley that's in about the quality of he soon. There's no. That's why he had a smile. The blonde with 28 point nine cities hit into the line no question that's a found. And Santa has only made one basket was going. To pass now he's go to the free throw that was what I want to the basket he got fouled up. He's got to be shipped one and one free those that don't believe there's a double bonus to Wichita State going to the line. Down five. Shooting the first one and one look their best player later shame. Yeah apps area that's it let's get this thing you know we've gotten get stoppage get a player that fouled out. About 48 point nine ago at least like normal stock right now I'm always basketball that edits things coming out of the wire. It's definitely seconds. It's a loose ball out of bounds it yeah. He says if Juan is down to fifteen point nine with widgets on staying still down kind of next time you. Sometimes on the offensive rebound. However Wichita State had opportunities to score. I think that's another road you know in the West Virginia. March OK stop. Stop let's step aside it. And will get back to you momentarily because I would imagine this review will take the entire commercial break and I have. Wanna say it has taken I don't ruins people's one PT doubly tournament. NCAA tournament is the most overrated they. In sports I'll tell you what next. What is our state has been eliminated from the NCAA tournament they lost eight won 75. Who Marshall in San Diego California. Tex lines 69306. You guys are crying babies can never Wii's always something to complain about if they inject you would crime here. Being more time put on to the clock someone else that I'm I'm enjoying this game game just fine. Please stop the whining make sure you get the call right in the clock right as well. They're talking about it because I think it's a replay has absolutely ruined the end of college basketball games this that. Was to weed out. I would read. There were one seconds that went off the clock in the final minute of Wichita State it look not same minutes it. Eagle. What he's seconds public college basketball game book. Now eighteen minutes in real time to complete that can not be good for the sport. I'm a big believer that the NCAA target gets worst as it goes. In the first couple days exciting everybody's brackets there it is and as we go war. But I image she knew one thing at a college basketball I watched a lot of college basketball throughout the course of the regular season. March Madness I think. For people that don't want to as much as I'd do it don't really get to see a perfect but I see a data bases the big reason why you want to for upsets and close basketball game at the they're they're even starting to ruin that we can agree that the talent level is going to be good college basketball gotta be down. We can agree we're not watching a high level of asked auto anybody that you watching a high level of basketball. And they're gonna ruin me and for the buzzer beaters and the exciting part so. Twenty seconds of basketball action takes nine minutes to complete a so what about the sort of anymore if this is how they're going to do. She used to be honest with eased any. This and most businesses anymore customer service is crap he's great and now we're just used that right where to. We used a crummy service from the majority the places that we go I think we've got the point with college basketball that were used to. Back quality college basketball is in the early nineties the Duke Team ULP that are out these players that stick around for five years were used to. A lesser quality that basketball were still in love with the school that we went you were still well with the thought of what the term used to be and that's what it's there well what. With the public 900 billion for TV right arm of the year. So I just think we're used to an attic were willing to put up with a lot more than the when he's willing to put up with so. If you. Nine minutes late points packaged it adjectives to timeout team two time outs that you got four media time out perhaps you've got five. You've got. Reviews you've got all it's often complain about Allah baseball games art. On the stretcher outrage at least baseball at the end of it doesn't ruin. The problem. Every single college basketball game close we'll talk about all the other side but we got to go to school yet it's sixty at every kid scored but it brought to buy. Casey threat to score the game and talking about martial arts at Wichita State the thirteenth seeded Marshall thundering heard a winner. Over fourth seeded Wichita State 8175. Acting east region. Which does it became weakened the sack fourth seed. To go to that Arizona was upset last night but buffalo Cincinnati Georgia's state. About 54 seconds to go back games it's gonna win it. There are 6553. At that North Carolina leads leads him 43 to 34 Butler. Leading Arkansas by twelve it seeded Butler on top of seventy dark it's not 1717. With 739 the first apps files were at 7448. Purdue over cal state Fullerton 73. 69 taxes it and over Providence don't forget. Pre game for K state and Creighton search right here on sixteen Sports Radio at 445 you don't care about the play by play. Andy's what are El Tigre brackets are doing remember six average and brought by easy trends. Excellent 69 meters six rather there be questionable call going the wrong way in the flow of the game be in erupted give coaches more time to draw plays. It takes the players basketball IQ out of its excellent excellent leader of six. Is that replay isn't funny anymore not for the viewers broadcasters or the team may need to speed it up and it kills momentum. There was a study done a couple of years ago line. Dance and I went and looked at a they took every single game that there was in the NCAA. How long the games. And they and they looked at how long it real time the final minute of college basketball addicts. It takes it it NCAA tournament game one averaged five minutes in 57 seconds to complete the five. College basketball is a well in the product. I understand why people like more than the NBA at times the players are as refine comebacks happen a little bit more frequently college basketball. Upsets the patents for yuppie crowds. They human element I understand that part of part of the beauty of college basketball is buzzer beaters in March Madness that thing that happened at the end there is no reason why the final sixty seconds of college basketball game. Should take one average in the NCAA tournament five minutes and 57 seconds. And so the end of the Wichita State Marshall it was not on people and they got to move out of their own way. They stopped the in the last thirty seconds four different times or review. I know there are you open after time at the end of the gate but we're so worried about it the clock says 33 point nine as opposed the 34 point one that we got it's been four minutes the electorate now. That's overdue for every single college basketball game at the end of the does have to be. Get better system like technology supposed to speak in that the whole point. Right now basically what it's doing in its support of the actual right you know you've got fifteen. You know go HD cameras on every shot of the catch and then it gets reviewed. Let's do just that Jesse James split from the Pittsburgh Steelers made the catch try to make him move got over the line. The goal line in the ball. It's the ground that it's not catch it took them all to figure this thing. Always. Sets instead of watch HD cameras doing it to eight. It takes all the fought out in the game now I do. I think it's doubly so I disagree. I think. One of the really cool aspects of it is because to learn about some of these kids we've seen some cute from the middle know our meetings late great example. And this guy's and Saint John McCain's. Middle nowhere to store that was in the which to. Talk about hey you have your small town don't make the rock picker store which. Which does data couple years back it was mr. on city nobody wanted him and it comes out and makes a name for himself to target it's almost like. Note the Olympic story like some of the vignettes and those stories are there these are games got to figure out away. About Smart to figure out away to fix the tax rules so. It's it's not such a match at the end of games and and what's the NFL's I mean. And Michigan else they want us to catch wrecked once he touched. Us all season statistical recovery over moderate. It. In this way this game did not seem to change the outcome I have no idea but it doesn't have in his. Text size six back reserves sixty guys have a solution to make game quicker get the call right it but it's called right as well. I say this all the time is it possible to get all the calls right. You can at about the same argument we have the NFL you can have ten different people watch the game. About a text and five in you have five different opinions on what happened. US gentlemen we're sitting right here watching the exact same street he thinks it's all which felt that you think it's all Marshall we are never going to have a hotter percent consensus all in each day so why are we so focused on trying to get on the precinct consensus on this. I don't think it's a very very flawed way I would eliminate instant replay. I think the game removed by a faster I think you'll be better flow to the end of acting game would be more enjoyable if they did it that way pop quiz. We can spot my. I'm going to win. The pop quiz brought to you by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the prizes a pair of tickets to see sporting Kansas City at the same no buzz they earthquakes. And you have to pick the tickets up today. It does the because whatever 691357676. And if you. You know we can't throw that was followed dusty right now. And compared it to viewers what you got to pick them up. By 53 coming up did you manage we'll catch up with our guys just for you live in surprise Arizona we do that next drive.