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The Drive
Tuesday, January 23rd

After hearing Tony Romo's soundtrack of sound effects and strange noises during the CBS game on Sunday, Heis is convinced that Romo is on his way towards becomming a national sensation in the music world. It's Now That's What I Call Romo: Volume 1!


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I haven't seen Twitter herbal and someone the way they turned on Tony Romo since that's Curry's wife. After I was the most popular thing on social media. She's at a couple things out of pocket and Twitter and immediately got her out of the paint. Wrong all of America's dog laying the first four games of the NFL's season. Everybody loved how green he was everybody how exciting was that call up the blaze in the FC championship game Twitter was trying to get Romo. At a year. Here's some of the sounds that Tony Romo was making in the process the did very uncomfortable. Who. We'll catch. You gotta see this that is definitely. All. Would. Do a lot senior middle watching a watching a play you're you're the guy amp. Everybody is close to all his eyes with just since in the Booth. Not I don't think paired together all. Right. It now signal that was maybe the reason for the countless other there was one sound at the end almost sound that is people. Because it ought and it was like one of loss then he starts to act I do that every time whatever it was you you. And when it's re Saudi. 90% of list doesn't when they showed replay and they're try and not trying to see a guy gets to beat down I make those. I do not be mad at Romo doing the exact same thing. The motto is critical I've read odds aren't you America's. Sweetheart. The first four weeks overseas and now. You can't hide behind other games and we just had to watch Ramo. Romo you like it. Everybody here. I don't you guys are all. I heard something. That represented Tony romo's future acting their future is outside of the broadcast. Yeah. Those sounds. All came together. And this is what I think Tony Romo is going to be ups and Nicholas. You used to know Tony Romo the football player. And you know Tony Romo the television broadcaster the but you've never heard the former cowboys gunslinger like this I. That's right for the first time you can have all Tony's greatest hits on the Mike. In now that's what I call Romo volume one songs that bring everyone together across all music genre. With the timeless hits including. His mother ray. Who are just a little bit. Man eater. Things that make you go yeah. Hey baby. And at the opening of the girls girls girls by Motley Crue. It's Tony ER where the yard stands for rock in the night. That's way too much about this Tony Romo like you've never heard of before and this first time collection can be yours for only 21 to money. Now that's what I called robo volume. Don't fumble away this opportunity like a playoff game. The orders today. I'm always down to support the now music series somehow they made another installment in the series I don't know if you guys have kept up and now music sooners understand if you stopped whenever tiara canceled all television. They are on now. 98. There are still making those now that's what I call music you seem like somebody had now eleven back in the day you know you need it and wrote. Well you know this is what is. If they basically we just take all the popular song with the radio selected given seasons like some little long they would just put a mole it's just there and the buy CDs there's still make these things on nine. And nineteen and I didn't know what good Tony. Let's call music edition and I I can't believe how quickly people were ready to get my guy Tony Romo out here is that so -- -- -- birds that guesses on the great is it to Saturday to -- to hit it seems like a plays -- at that now that's what I call to order now value Mon may we can put on the out drive website thousands of boards dot com and it's easy access yeah Amazon well eBay I think you'd be flying off store shelves digital store shelves.