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The Drive
Monday, January 22nd

Who is "Sir Brad" throwing into his "Pit of Misery" this week? Plus, CDot is still holding onto a Philadelphia grudge from his childhood...


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As we do every Monday. It's not for server as that of his please follows a Brad he's going to give you a private tour of the pit of this year. I'm sort of what. Ernie did say OK okay. A pretty well this week my friend. It's not just one portion to group of people and several. Members of that group. He jotted it wasn't worth watching last night late spikes got knocked out. Nick pulled himself held a game. The misery is going to be filled Eagles fans today and he got. His start with this group the Eagles fans are the streets today. Millie. And millions in Iraq. Millions and year old grandmother of vikings game that it hit the vikings game and Rodrigo. Processor two tickets to the super us. And apparently. Philly fans and luxuries motionless to go to the Super Bowl chili dog all I know I know in your team isn't it but you're just gonna give you to take his ball down the street in your house. Eventually go to the well she's got issues in Fort Myers she came out this 99 year old woman named. She's gonna give it to a couple of friends but for Eagles fans to go after that. Grandmother probably great grandmother. I think they deserve to be an impediment. I'm misery daily. I. I. The vikings fan are you saw video or not there was a bike and running. Next to a subway train after the game. What happened. Actually hit a cement pillar. He was still happy that is Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles and Philadelphia Eagles games so happy he's running a subway train and he ran into a so we're just kids group. Misery. Our daily daily. When I was. We had it yet eighties that are choose from Sweden. Cheese. Let's just an absolute spoke I was middle appreciate until later on in my life how old. Or nine. Or entire family team. Her entire family was beautiful (%expletive) it's insist. The reason I bring this up because they were walking around downtown with our family and a town that anger out there. And there are guys that were walking right in the polls. Because they couldn't keep their eyes off the sweetest and I'm saying this is how this'll happen to men throughout this Swedish twins hazel I had wind. She happened to have a twin sister and that's about it. Out of the integration. This is actually I would say one of the benefits of having a cell phone camera because he's now twenty years ago and never seen women and others but the fact that yeah it's your cell phone camera video of someone running into the hole as they try to race takes the train and bus yeah. Is I would say a great evolution in modern technology and I'm happy that we had some of the got there and the Eagles or as new. Brands that it is because of it. Because you think about all the times really mean you wouldn't be admitted imploding your yeah I just don't get Horry would have been out on there now cellphone cameras got it. It actually takes the video and show people how trouble for the guy to basically Malone and Alvin rugs or enjoy this next fight fans that you see that. What's your favorite news. Rock out soon I just so. Eagles fan actually drove to buck up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The step into that rock and runner. All of this (%expletive) that is dune buggy. Those over the Philadelphia. Museum of Art drives up the steps and tropical rods in his new bugs so for that he's an awesome. You elements are record as a. Yeah daily. And I. He Eagles fans throwing all Beers which by the way to me is such a way. The early years. Vikings fans both for the game before the game even started. Told can't be yours vikings fans as we try to link to related news person I don't know over the eagle and grew faster throw full this is in full years installed the vikings and Eagles are Brad tournament. I didn't. And I. Eagles fans don't folders the vikings lost out of the park I can at least understand it is again until regatta that actually got to get rid of me. So we're all ears out and still is still an open. Daily and and. Other Eagles this suit got a nineteen year old by the hundreds or that you brought this to my attention. Punched a police source. We are real people. Who. As college a police source. What should I don't know what a bunch of bullies hours outside of Al. That's really the only thing that would make sense and it is pulling I was in an alcoholic and create your sensibilities and is forget things we've heard stories about what happened the people. Sort of like after the first the second person bunch goers yeah all the people. And yeah. You in jail you're going to be patient. Man he's had to make the other popular like you mean it's finally. There is this an. This guy. And I don't know his name C a social media can be. Just take. There is the way when we asked the judge is. Great yet. They had in what is that. PC TV twelve Zell and panacea. But so that he's got to go and server and the can't. Yeah daily. And it's. Oh. But it is their bread and. Yeah I did leave a denial. One. The biggest disappointments I've ever had in my entire life was on to Philadelphia. Me and as a bit rocky fan I wanted to see the statute and my parents took me to lose the as our museum Philadelphia Museum door or the statue was not at the top of the stairs to the body moving around Oden. Would not always there. I was anticipating the Iraqi mall at the tip I still run up the stairs. And I would see the statue. There I was very disappointed as the chip like I could not understand why it was such an iconic scene but as a sports movies in movie history. Love the music playing and rocky running up the steps in and celebrating in. It was not there. Leisure over and you know. No it's still upsets I've never seen the rocky statue before like I wanna go to Philly specifically is the Iraqis that you because I was cheated as someone who loves it and I just watch creek but as we can I law. The Rockies series. And I was cheated in my ability to run up the steps. And the chance for myself rocky.