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Monday, January 22nd

After watching Sunday afternoon's Jacksonville v New England game, Fanning is convinced that it would be Jacksonville playing Philly in the Super Bowl over the Patriots had Alex Smith been their QB over Blake Bortles. 


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You know I think the jazz to get as a superheroes and a what Alex Smith. A lot of people are talking today about nick foals and Blake portals and other stock is rising and they're gonna get paid he's keen and could get paid. And in the value of those guys went out but what I can't think you wanna watch the AFC championship game last night. Was. Man if Smith was quarterback the Jacksonville Jaguars Jack you go to the super bored now. Is it again if Alex Smith was the quarterback in the Jacksonville Jaguars Jack to be edited soup right now are for I I completely 1% believe that. I guess a couple of reasons why. First and recorded touched on this a little bit but the 35 seconds left on the clock. Before half with two timeouts and it is edited take any because they didn't trust late morals. There's no way that happens if you have Alex Smith you got it doesn't turn the football over. Trust a guy like I could trust a quarterback like that with 55 seconds ago and had to go to at least try to get your field goal. And tack on three more before he would have if that's the case that this game changes. And they don't trust the passing ability to play portals you tell me you put a guy that had. Edit readers this year to 46 touchdowns five interceptions but if you put that quarterback. Alex that on the same jags team with that defense. Yeah defense was ferocious yesterday and it really upbeat lately against Tom Brady New York 24. In New England to Tom Brady. Me and the judge to me are a perfect fit for Alex Smith Billy simple it would go over the top that's all the heat they got a running game Leonard four and ends an absolute beast. And impose their will the patriots in the first half they do that to the patriots got a lot of teams in the NFL. A got a defense that's one of the best if not the best defense of the national football you tell me put Alex that on that team that he knuckled Super Bowl on the I. That's that's from yesterday I am I'm a little surprised this is your stance kind of only game is I public portals played like Alex normally does. Public bulldozing content piracy callable. What portals I thought was good yesterday but not good enough. He completed 64% of his passes 293. Yards to a touchdown didn't turn the ball over and I thought made plays in the first half. The reason I disagree with the premise at least in this one individual game is. I can see if you can't run the ball announcement is not gonna elevate and beat good teams. That's what happened in the second half of it in the first at your 100% right Jack single digits about what ever they wanted to offensively and I thought really dictated tempo. And really took the physical park in nature of football to the patriots that's not the second half was the second half it was like Belichick set our right. Hayward don't let you run the football effectively drew a quarterback's gonna have to make plays to beat us consistently public morals isn't good enough to do that but the numbers I think while good are a little bit hollow because in the second half. He. Code in my opinion a public well maybe one maybe two goes at the end of it but it was clear that it. It was clear that New England had shifted their defense and you need your quarterback to make plays and he couldn't do it. Is that the exact same thing we say about Alex met a lot of times the numbers may be really good but throughout Bayern is points in the game it's at 37 its authority and a new Ager quarterback to be the one to make plays in he's not capable of doing. But I felt like happen in the second half of the game and it felt like even though they were ahead Jacksonville was holding lol yeah we're not technically in the league I think do you think he's got this that are collectively portals. Yeah I do all of all Alex Smith plays better the public morals did yesterday I think is the thing I mean. Almost appropriate yards one touchdown no receptions having a 98 point five. Quarterback rating of Gaza like everything else that's going out there and hit the patriots for 315 yesterday. I don't know if you. Yeah he's already done it this year and Alex Smith has more straight and I think he can trust him more with Moore throws. Because sockets on the football over any help a lot more mobile even public morals and run I'd I think I think Alex Smith is a perfect fit Jacksonville if that's Koreans. If you look like portals as if I read this correctly they got to pay what nineteen million. I mean if they if they bring him back for your five typical some 99. Process. You know trade for Alex Smith. You know if you could do that mean what's out may twenty next year. And I'm so hardly listened and I knew when the sooners celebrate he scored that game was over. Because Blake portals did not have a NN. To go out there and lead that he wanted to study's senior Alex Smith have the ability to lead means yet opportunity it's beat Tennessee Titans got the patriots twice in his career. You know. I think absolutely I think you give Tom Coughlin. Who by the way had Judy giants teams that beat the patriots in the Super Bowl get out Smith Doug brown and Tom Coughlin that defense and that running game absolutely. I take Alex Smith every day twice considerably up. I guess maybe you and I talk and it's a different things I I agree with the announcement is a better quarterback complete boards I'm saying in yesterday's game given what we seem from Alex Smith. There's sex has a great running game they did not run the ball effectively in the second half and did it. They ran the ball for less than four yards a carry with with wood or for that I don't know why they went away from home at least they did Butler for net that would point four carries for 77 yards just like they didn't want the great. The last three possessions Jacksonville was waiting for quarterback to make a play and their quarterback couldn't do yesterday. I just don't know what we've seen from out but I think she's the gods make these plays in the game president I've seen him in the situation I think she's I assault against Tennessee we we don't you couldn't I'd. I don't think he gets to that point. I don't think it comes down to the last drive for the patriots out of the Jackson case of these cats. In the third quarter early fourth quarter but it's like if she's did the patriots. Meet Alex that would help come and what she's down the fourth quarter. They to doing our due back at work. But I don't think even gets to that point because I think you do so much more doubts meant. There's a lot of there's a lot of dink and dunk throws Alex is I think you'll be able make fun is our strength in his arms held last ardently portals are of you listen broadcast yesterday or not but. Jim Nance to Toni wrote were Romo talked about the production meeting when they need quarterbacks coach is before the game you know during the week. And Blake morals admitted I'm not a pure thrower. I'm like what how the pure slower and in and indeed. An NFL quarterback can get that point and Smith is a much better passer a much more accurate passer simply boards I don't think he comes out of the wire like it did you have out Smith. Coming up next we take a trip around local college basketball KUK state in Missouri Guinea up to speed on the weekend action in the big twelve in the SEC and excellent drive. Ride presented by doing sixteens from the Turkey into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Oh. Coming up. Third so a fifteen minute look at some of by origin of the Kansas City Star. Was in the Dominican Republic a year ago. Because of the death of your Donovan Turkey went to stay after them on past when it was expert at the funeral and Donald turn. In no it was in the Dominican Republic talked a lot of people who casual by Hager we're in coming up in fifteen minutes or what it was like to be in the Dominican Republic. When you're Donald Ventura had passed away but before we talked about it Gregorian it is. Ketchup on some local college buckets of our college basketball perhaps we got to start with meanings jayhawks. Kansas was down 67. To 61 with two minutes and five seconds ago in shockingly. They came back to win this game they are now six and one in the big twelve. In six and three overall the team everybody keeps telling me how over rated this case you team is how this is atlas sells biggest teams out there soft and they're up. They keep displaying a lot of toughness at the end of these ball games and scrapping and clawing back to find a way to win. Give credit for coming back and win those games per share but I'm still not completely sold this team is. Is all that great and compared to what we've seen in the past and I'm I'm not buying it and again and get to these sets. And I watched even closer this year you keep saying about the officials and Allen fieldhouse would you agree that call late when the basic kid drove to the pocket he's got absolutely blasted. And there was no call we in the does that and scores I mean. Know they've been Delhi to Baylor that the only to case they'd both games at home at grant they got they got the wins I get credit for that but I'm still not sold on gay youth is now. Iso someone weakness and it makes a really good point. Like it's definitely thank you just have to accept this is what case you wizard except that they always seem to find a way to win. Mean it was kind of telling this week in the big twelve team destroying a fall Texas Tech that everybody was so everybody so afraid of Texas Tech they lost at the worst team in the big twelve at Iowa State yeah everybody was afraid of Oklahoma messing nation -- of Oklahoma think they're good teammate has lost on the road at Oklahoma State. He's Yugoslav bass player and Jalen Fisher like. What am I suppose to be warned about now in the big twelve like. You think is going to win it that's not change you educate a lot of credit for finding ways to win I think the big difference between this case you team and other teams is. This team who doesn't have a knockout point yeah this team to jab to death the other kid you'd seemed to strangle the life out of you that's not what this case your team is gonna do but. There's still got to find a way to win at the game. Caves gonna go fourteen for the big twelve when this league pretty comfortably I think yeah for what is gonna get four losses excuse me is gonna get the big twelve asylum with there's another team that I'm afraid of the big twelve right now. Let's head to Manhattan itself with Kansas State. Kansas State is ranked thirtieth now wouldn't it nice number beside their name but you can not have a better than what. Kansas State has had. They've had a culpable win over Oklahoma 87 to 69 and took care of business at home against TCU team that is certainly ranks and a team that will be in the NCAA tournament I saw a stat today. If Kansas State wins tonight against Baylor. Don't be the first time they called multiple gears over 500 in the big twelve in three. Year end tape at Kansas State is always bottle under court game below 500 there either up one. Bob Woodruff game on. It would certainly be nice to give yourself a little bit cause a little bit of breathing room and make selection Sunday a lot easier. Plus I think the stigma with K state is always going to be big you've played really well at home against teams like Oklahoma and TCU not go on the road to Baylor and you lose. You can not say another winnable week here at Baylor has to take care of business in Georgia at home. Kansas State is a better team than Georgia and you play host to Kate the Kate you in a couple and axial -- week from today. You've got a chance to really put winning streak together and really submit yourself as one of the best teams in the big twelve OK state takes advantage of as often yeah. And if K state beats Baylor tonight in Wakefield finally he would make it right that's right here at 16 Sports Radio 7 o'clock with a home wildcats. The case goes on the road beats Baylor tonight in my opinion. Graduated that T two of the big twelve. I think they're in the tournament. I think they're in the tournament. Because they're coming up back to back job toll five wins they blew out Oklahoma not once but twice in the same game if you saw that game. Did a big league blew it came back in the second apple about it. Yeah and they beat TCU on Saturday. They took pay you to the liar in Lawrence so stable on the road do Baylor team that nearly beat Kansas influence over the weekend I'm fine case stated Terry team. That's an edgy deep way to date. Cat's been unbelievably big twelve player of the week averaged forty points a game last week that he is something that we haven't seen in terms of big man in case they've long long time. It's crazy that. 0% chance of winning player be your conference like not that's what else brought down the top apple heard the better teams are better players is. In the conference in deep way I've argued on what is one of the 34 best players in the groups picked up a the way Texan put together a really solid conference slate and we knew that general puts that in years past estate loses the right. I mean I think tonight. That shows that tasted a little bit different than it did in years however senator. That's a lot of people complaining of are not ranked U. Eagle is an all get some credit usually right to be take care of business but I just I've seen this to mean it's not from K state you take care business at home. An eagle on the road against a team like Baylor on big Monday and you lose a bit dis heartening game late let's see I can't escape responds now coming off the two big wins. Well let's take a trip to Colombia catch up with the Missouri tiger. My Missouri Tigers. Find themselves in my opinion firmly on the bubble I know every single brackets knowledge he has them of the burden but it's brackets college in January and a whole lot of stock in cement. Missouri is firmly on the bubble. They played about as poorly as you can play on the road owns Saturn this score forty. Nine points and shot fifteen of 54. You math whizzes out there that's good for 27. Point eight percentage Missouri has no seeds have been. Not a small percentage chance of winning they had no chance of winning if this happens. John Porter. Or eight these assets Robinson no shots over. Or eight did not score twenty minutes just in order did not score tests Robertson who was their best player one for eleven from the field. And seven points in Jordan Barnett two or six. Between Barnett. Porter it has is they made three shots between the group given notes it's going on the road Jeremiah Tillman is a foul machine termites Obama's 46 rounds. In their sixth conference. 6006. Conference date. Let's do this to other and that's is that the things like it. Like the bubble or not in the tournament get six or he's left the water into the South Carolina. You don't it's your turn on the team and lose in an. It's a team that's the worst thing in the SEC and that's in the they should went right. Havens actually I think eight of molesting this little better than their record eight it was a pre season top ten team is no shame in that they got a game actually next Saturday at play at Mississippi State. We want the war seems like that you got to find a way to steal maybe one maybe two more road games and take care business at home to get an in home got our console and still got Kentucky. You go road to Kentucky that on the same team so. There's enough games that hole and there's enough of the split that it is or can finish 581 gave up above 500 I do think David chizik NCAA tourney and I still continue to think the Michael Porter will play basketball or Missouri has returned February 3 against Kentucky Missoula in and out of the day I'm shooting Michael Porter playing in a couple of weeks as Missouri plays host to the Kentucky Wildcats.