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Thursday, January 18th

In today's "Best of The Drive," Fanning wonders if Alex Smith might be the unluckiest good QB of his generation and the guys all reveal their predictions for who will be the headliner at the concert at The K. Plus, CDot has a bone to pick with a comparison Mike Welch made earlier on "Fescoe in the Morning," and the guys try to figure out why kids are eating Tide Laundry Pods. The best of wraps with a Royals free agent whiparound and "The Hits."


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The dry presented by do sick piece of the pie theory is when it's your turn it short term it's now IC Stearns last week I went to highs with an idea. And a set I had to think that this idea lets you throw back Thursday's. Little reason for grammar not football is great on Thursday he got on the post owed fixtures there's gonna give people a reason line like we can tie itself its popular social media. And we could create a throwback Thursdays every interview former players on the rule. He said all right. Give me an idea of some players would like. Again I feel like Bruce or guys. That list back there with probably sixteen to seven people were royals players ice atlas ice at the episode of the show that I got. Don't worry so today we meet as a show I mean we're talking about the idea. The kids he votes or shall walk around like early. And you got your check out some of the boats they get jerky. Sort of the grills they got back all sorts of Trout fishing pond. I'm a little catch and release dates and other fish like that all partners that began more has gone to the Trout fishing time yet for the royals. That's a real a like Mike Trout that we. Ya that's I mean then that's terrible. I think it is try to make for we're feared yeah it's yeah. That's what it's like other vote showboat orchard here are all absolutely amazing that that's fun. We are right exit cobalt boats which are pretty votes in election. It's likely to vote and vote that is the promise water boat. Yeah well if that is upon to vote I had no clue on June it was not a sailboat or banana boat. Do I don't know yeah that's it that the alternate mode Gary thinks that note that I that I do not so it's up to that and commitments he has. Honestly about this today and how a list of best of those guys in the morning. To finish our users can work and. These heat them. And I started thinking about what's the difference between case keyed in and out Smith. And that to me at least for this year came down to one thing. And it's walk. I mean is outs that the unlucky is good quarterback that we've seen in the city and think about this let's go play out for him. Does start there the playoff game Marcus Williams should tackle you should update. If not for that play. Paste you go home the vikings are out all right what Marcus Williams. Bonehead play try to flip the guy flipped it upside down to make the play all the sudden time runs out like move on. What that's Alex that the playoff game against the titans. Markets Marietta for the touchdown pass himself. Jeff tripled thanks for the worst calls in history the play offs. And Harrison blacker misses a field goal. All of which had nothing to do with Alex Smith and second over the course which in his career. The guy has a quarterback rating essentially went into this year in 2012 when he gets his concussion loses his job 49ers go to the super ball. You look at what happened in Indianapolis Andrew Luck fumbles the football get to back scores a touchdown. Lights up the scoreboard. With his numbers yet she's still lose it because they can't stop it. They go to England after the beat the Texans. The single handedly keeps the chiefs in that game but doesn't have a healthy Jeremy Maclin or are just Houston available. So. Before people come at me like yeah what's on the left you lost game last night play out but you know. But Roethlisberger lost play out Peyton Manning's walk left you'd like even the great quarterbacks quarterbacks that are that announcement boost playoff games so. Give back like. At portals holes and yet the guys 304 quarterbacks in the championship game this weekend. And Alex Smith has got the unlucky those because I think we all agree that Alex Smith is a better quarterback in Blake portals please keep them in the polls. Anke certainly had a better career than both those guys I think he'd have actually a good situation is pretty comparable but if you look at the unit case Keenan said. It's been atypical Alex Smith on its season but there's no denying a career that Alex Smith it. And I forget someone told me that you make your own luck. And certainly of lucky things that happened to Alex Smith let teams weather geek how Williams in the NFC championship game whether beat Jamaal Charles Keating a concussion in the Indianapolis game whether it's Marcus ray go to making you don't catch. But I do think it's safe to say that we seen 812 years sample size of understanding what you guys he's not a young quarterback Timor where you can project what higher ceiling is going to beat. That's kind of where I battled Alex Smith again there's no denying that unlucky things have happened to Alex Smith. Throughout the course of the but I would say that history. Is littered with. Bad to average quarterbacks that of 112 playoff gate. The great ones or able to elevate their team and to win multiple playoff games. And I'll it's a similar to what we see we can't pick it realistic to think the case is gonna go the final four every single season that if she and that it's not achieving chipper boss. This season opening date the national championship on a team. But I do think that once every three once every four years you know it you're a good team being put yourself into good situations and favorable situations. You enable yourself to break through the patriots have gone to everything possible to break even the quarterback. You can continue to be a good team and put yourself in a situation in eventually the luck is on your side in evens out and you break through. Unfortunately Alex Smith to bear rarely in that situation because the margin of error that you have with him a quarter. What's the margin of very late portals. We have three quarterbacks that are nearest the Regis and over this when the Steelers beat the Seahawks consumable in Detroit it was suitable excels at forty. Nine for 2123. Yards to it as big in numbers. He's gotta wring out Ria. So that's the cut the point that I get again it's like you could have poor quarterback play and still win this league now about very often. But it happens where you have like Alex Smith and has great numbers and some really important gains and has very little to show for some of it because of law. If you like this I think is what for 45 years Lee I got to be able discount that. Quality coaching. Different coordinator every year what's got you or want okay then now we can talk because everything's settled and everything was that was in place for him. But you'll have doubts that in with. He'll go check and that crew were were Brady fell into essentially the nineteen act overall pick I think you might have you might have a different situation routes that. Double overall pick a crummy situation in San Francisco with what. I give her office coordinator in his first five years the fight flatly it's things settled. He's got a steam rolling of the eyes recorder actually get to concussion loses his job. You know in an in this a year literature that it does it mean that bad breaks and it's just not fair. I mean to be fair and also with average enough workings the the high draft pick and pound Africa was also average enough that a team spent eight the tenth overall pick the draft quarterbacks like some of the situation announcement that that's rated at. Vince self inflicted so to speak if he was playing at a high level I don't think it team's been a top forty grant it to go to grant the replacement ballot tapper or the tenth overall pick. If you document your quarterback solution you go get a quarterback you go give it a linebacker you look at somebody that can help the core of your roster and not drafted replacement. Some of that is on Aleks Maric though. In this perfect quarterback music that luck in certain situations and made it tough frog in the ads for other guys. About this. IP three quarterbacks that are here is gonna doubts that are in the chief each give us I had elected a music since those that we've seen a lot of average artists have number one hits. But a lot of average artist to have number one albums and you put together a career and a moral that's yet to change ticket so it's Mark Sanchez dual ports into that you're starting quarter. He's done it twice. Weis Mark Sanchez what a theme to the if BJP ticket he's not a starting quarterback Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl in the next year nobody wanted to be his spotter any sport sixteen games that you combine the next four years after being after winning a Super Bowl so I'm way more focused on the totality of people's career than me and it lets the air each game to game that's when you're a function or is he looking it does from now. You know clearly show hate you get a running game if you give a wide receiver I induce them. What you do but that's what portals and you turn this year with this good defense with good running game continues sustained success into overtime we can name a lot of ten people want a playoff game we can name a lot of guys that want want to play update the differences integrate with into consistently year after year after year. Alex has never done he's never won consistent playoff games he's never played it beckons that the level level and I think that's what separates him obviously from the got the key here. Wanted to get on the FC title game in San Francisco. You know so he was able to do in San Francisco you know all the kids that I would love the public for all import costs in the game. Sing that Alex into the hall of fame bats and he's all that well I'm seeing some of the worst luck when it comes to Pelosi and stuff and big games especially. In decades who gets the highway it's just it was. Two for our twelve for 26 the less than 200 yards. Play that well in that game neither dedicating. That things are going to happen we've seen Brady was a Super Bowl because the guy made a once in a generational kind of catch we've seen to it that the game drive knocked Berea like. That's why I think in sports it's so weird that we equate wins so much quarterbacks like. Brings that everything he was supposed to put his team in a situation he took a team down the field you left the field with the lead. He played defense for the saints like some of got to go out there make a tackle that's the difference between being a winner and a loser. A lot of times when you get your opportunities you've got a break when you gotta get your ring. Up next the royals made a major announcement something they have not done it Kauffman Stadium with 39 years we tell you what it is an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't sixteenths from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Good drive. Our conversations were talking about Alex Smith since being unlucky is the quarterback in the NFL it's the world's major announcement momentarily. I guess that was look at these situations and topics a little bit differently because other play that what if game in a negative since we're just about everybody. Like Bill Self is a hall of fame coach legendary coach obviously know what would that not that. In his career as a lot different appear rose to shoot free throws to Chris Douglas Roberts gives you free throws if Mario Chalmers did hit one of the great shots in the history college basketball. Michael Jordan never retires we look at a team Elijah want a lot different look at a lot of people a lot different like like just works that way you know that you think if you're good enough. Alec if you're good enough player good at musician of eventually the things will breaking your way for you to break through what I think. Turns me off about Alex Smith so to speak in this topic code any that well seasons that is think we've had a really good understanding of what Alex Smith. I think it really good quarterback that access to operate out of opportunities and yet again through. You know I was critical of them. You know the titans game at six minutes at three timeouts can get his team Google position on it and that's nothing to do with right. The loss to the Steelers last year at home this diary to a couple of times that has nothing to do it like and that's on Alex. Excuse me. So yet again or whatever which was a quarter 2002. Super Bowl. We're talking about. You know that she's evident that thousand yard rusher receiver tied in the Olympic team that won chargers. With and outs and Charlie joiner chuck Muncie in and cal Winslow in several Super Bowls O. I'm really really good quarterbacks that don't go to some ideas look outs and a look at the quarterbacks that are in the championship games we like the that's a little up and as others. The black right. No number one of but he went to his second season. Many great quarterbacks guys we considered great that I've never been to war and real quick though it's not illegal to it is really good. But didn't meet the office for one is for several 121 for like three yards to Nixon notes I've also got to a great as if it. But I just sang like you can go. Have a money game and get ratings were illegal. You know it was so good that's why it let's look at some that there are things happened that. The conclusion career in one direction or the other. Today the royals. And now. I guess game. Connection with live nation there's going to be a concert announcement at Kauffman Stadium. This Friday this is the first concert at Kauffman Stadium. In 39. Year long time they've got a concert obviously at arrowhead the gonna do some this at all. They have not don't want at Kauffman Stadium that you don't you know still not as excited about. The pendulum it is like apple. But our guys saw us last last year but I mean at a Metallica concert Comerica Park in Detroit it absolutely shredded the outfield. You know so if hitting is. After the season's over a 100% on all of seeing great music in in different venues and be really cool it was a big deal when and kitty Chesney answering cops back Errol. I've never hidden in my life I don't believe it will the last 79 and is it Hitler and I think. It's sparked an outdoor counselor in October yet well I think that I structure the last and it didn't it that royal stadium now that you spent I don't know how much money. Absolutely reduce the redo the field we saw pictures. The royals put on Twitter excited that the vehicle that you obscures what's interviews even wondered what the date and the newest and. You hope. It's coming to call like who I. I hope you hope like tomorrow or Friday when it now who thinks like you in the John Mellencamp Bruce race. I'll take those ice and you hope that it fish. All I think it's official Mohammed Ali you are Gartner Vonage milk might not make the same mistakes that he yesterday you just see what you like to see Kurt Cobain are asking who would like. Booker Kobe show. Reach out to. Angela thing actually you said before that would be an egg on Iran it would be amazing game played in Kansas City before they get absolutely thought cop. This is likely going to tell you I guess I guess like peek at W wanted to be my guess you have. Rihanna via at and become yeah and outlook on other companies don't you crowd you don't you don't want it to be Syria. Yeah this is no I think it's going to be. Yeah this is yeah I'll put out over you can't beat the Vegas odds. I area team it'll have won that need to fix. It will be a country artists or white male over fifty years old all hundred per cent. You can pay one of those two things that the bank it's either going to be a country artists. Or a white male over it. Why he said. It's at Kauffman Stadium OK a look at who they have for the sixth inning stretch. I haven't hit seven yeah I'm shocked the that's not Jon Fogarty shot yeah I wouldn't be surprised it is this outstanding is not the seventh inning stretch my apologies. That December that stretch but is that is that the thick that you don't until a new reality the announcement going to be a country singer Aaliyah the pride that it can check your air Turkey or it's going to be ice Jesse played earlier this year as you might you both. I don't know that Anna Taylor Swift and a cheering him a lot of begin to have that share a guy that he's over fifty. It's just coming this year though is it will be there at the U Dennis has said. If if if not he's not mean I don't think it's gonna be on tell you it's good out those who think I'll take it resetting the bull bottle Vegas odds you'll think its ability Kendrick Lamar Hunt Sri artists. White male over fifty that will be the musical guest and Kauffman Stadium. Here's your I think it's going to be. Yeah. I think it's regional and with a loss. I think that I think I'll get a reside kids didn't. You've got to have a suite. At the day. It's is gonna be like what two years ago. All the boils UC thieves and all the all the little teenage girl there it's war but not outside the days try to get to Mercedes. And it needs can be Roland and yet you think teams that got to me yeah and he's going to be here. What odds yet albeit odd that you wanna do what we do tittle and I didn't put a big deal. Dollar supposedly get out of it and it all game you yet all you tip don't want a game you'll hundred dollars if it Bieber you give me ten dollars it's not be that you don't want that I'm just I'm not able to gamble and be up until you know you'll say. It's really don't think I dare I say I like when I took that is there a risk right now that's the risk of giving you know what I. Yeah hundred dollars a bit stiff it to beaver. Think he's gonna show up the royalty back this leads ultimately it's girl's gonna be there ready yet they're going to be go crazy for drew pictures here. It's gonna be that's OK I mean if that's really the road threshold that the royals liked it would not want you to equity Betty want you could be that little yeah. There you track queen seventeen. Yeah. Cano comeback that we are to be a real party had cultivated Kennedy got high says Barbara writes that in itself. You're asking you ask me who I'd want and it wouldn't be our president loading and we thank you think Vietnam I and I'm on right is going to be seventeen Carrington an idea not just going with random old white Ilie he told me to find a song titled white guy for this note with the easiest answer you could possibly 5 I am going to save as he gets. This is the person that the royals are gonna bring back for their concert. And I want Garth Brooks I'm sure Garth Brooks an outstanding performance we know it was still black man. At Karbala. This is the list goes like agent wire bread they know what's gonna sell out they know it's going to be a popular gone there's no controversy around it this is clearly that the the royals are gonna go. Instead of darkness but far away they absolutely by far away I'm telling you who it's. It'd be. And while there got it but our oral like over 58 excellence I think it. I it. It bloody well don't there. He's not Darius Rucker. She. There's truck. I don't know it up about country music Tuesday he doesn't seem like a big enough artists of forty doubt people that he would. I sold out football stadiums I would yet I wouldn't doubt I I think I think there is reviewed and solid all. Darius Rucker and Billy current like that that the pack. Is. All for that Jackie Robinson a country singers that. And it. Novel or a ball or maybe yeah here in the in the country dollars now. Let's. It feels like a Florida Georgia. If you like. Yeah call. Wills even if you miss the announcement this Friday the royals it will announce their first counselor at call day in her. Nine years old Billy jewel. Meaning it's making its. Chrysler Barber's pricey and for the general. This pride there are striking. Out. How would be deleted him what would allow you to think them deleted a barbecue you can dress up there for. Should become a coming up next and that's why that's absolutely stunned. So instead something completely ridiculous that bounded on offense though in the morning. Who said this week you'll and that's a. A dry presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new sixty and sports dot com. They thought. Now. Yours they'll announce it. Friday. Or I guess we think it's going to beat. I have bill dole meaning and it Justin Bieber Chrysler and partners right thing in the tax mind. Actually that at or strike. Out he's got partners. Legal action on the tape itself. Go with the Garth Brooks easy money on the table that's that's fine you can gotten keep going that the news in an area that the tax line. As though not a good guests the suggesting is that right thing that's an option somewhat with excellent that's excellent six 306. Does that brown had a gap between shows in Seattle and Charlotte from August 31 September 13. My another text there. They've been selling out shows in part yield in August that would make a lot of sense that brown. And Soledad the era before. I'd like yeah that makes us that would certainly fit in the luxury. Artists poll with orchid is an option to immediately where park last year. You know that could be a little bit like guys over fifty yet. Makes its. Rounds of countries such as well and it's going to be one of the throughout the newly released who really count the nice thing about your neck on the line on that one to you about. Well Barbara strikes it is a white guy in countries know I was hearing in selection wasn't anybody's life yeah yeah. I know you guys will find this to be completely shocked. At this morning Colin vesco in the morning. There with a ridiculously. Out there. Might well. Davis with the line. We had plenty of arguments. Both good and bad at York it's a bit about like portals will listen to what might welts say all right you know. Well the late Bordeaux this is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Quarterback correct player. Ice Blake portals is starting to follow the same career path as half and radioed them. As he is managing his team into the AFC championship and eventually into the Super Bowl because if you remember. Early and Tom Brady's career. You game manager took a drought and today until 2007. Tom Brady was always that stigma and fantasy draft right. UNC super walls but never fantasy super holes. Because he was a quarterback who was a game manager and tell 2007 when he exploded that from that point forward he's always a big numbers. But he relied heavily on a fantastic defense and a strong running game. In the playoffs during his first Super Bowl run Tom Brady with the Pittsburgh as an underdog in beat the Steelers. Zach who played balls as did. Pretty with a ten point underdog back in 2001. As they went to as they went to Heinz Field in the AFC championship game at. Ten point underdogs they beat Pittsburgh then they went that another upset victory in the Super Bowl what was portals underdog nine point somewhere around that area. Or it. A little bit here raised the point people's eyes athletes tend to become the biggest stars Blake portal is already well on his plate that. Being one of probably why you should apple bulls and AFC championship game right now. He's also to an island post season play. That is fact post season quarterback into and out. Now it's not because plagued morals is putting up great numbers are going out lighting up defense is left and right give more rushing yards than passing yards in the wild card fragments that's that's a real advantage back I got to win a game you win a game and he did he show he can win the game multiple ways when it comes to post season play. There's one thing you could always say about Tom Brady. He's a winner. Blake pulls right now sit in at 20 wait portals is a winner. My favorite part really of the whole audio clip with a bunch of great stuff there. Best go and ask. Welch is heat shrink. It might be in the world is talking he starts to agree with it snake. I mean this in the most loving and respectful way that I can that it usually say that you really don't this is one of the dumb mistakes I've ever heard in my Ireland you don't. He needs. I listened to sports talk radio. This was one of the dumbest debates I've ever heard in my entire life Welch brings out the portal went about winning at Pittsburgh. Fair point you know the game that he's talking about happened. Brady's rocky season this year or replace board but you know what Tom Brady was doing in your four. Winning is second Super Bowl rate. They are not a thing. The only similarity between them is they both play the same position in the it up well that's where the comparison between Blake portals and operated. This is what frustrates me to all. I can't even put into words. Blake portals Yahoo! games that go through 487. Yards and play all day. Eagles certainly when he when he knows he. Can't that's cool his people because he held up to three points. Or 87. Arts as a witness give you about sports like we can watch the game and see what. Robberies just be taking a team down to fuel the score and we know that that saints lost because of a once in a generation maybe the greatest play. Since that David Tyree helped catch but it brings a booster. We can see Blake portal and team with 87 yards passing in the turnaround and all that I know whether he's not a winner. Even close to a winner here is talking about my defense Alex at least a little bit right. A little bit. They were calling Alex that the loser and Blake portal the winner Michael public oracle what are you all. Always key on what it means. He has all of a winning team yet that's accurate one being a winner is accurate he's not a winner he was quarterback that. Theoretically. One game though we all thought that they would trade orders up great. For the Steelers game we all thought that they were going to be in the Alex Smith sweepstakes we all thought this now it's only he's aware he's. But what portal I don't know what it. Is that the struck a big split world that they kind of feel like seeing it being girls which he kept saying facts as he says Scott trying to make that happen not trying to make Blake portal and after he stinks he's not good. He is not a winner you not want him as your quarterback if I sat here and I asked you to write down. The quarterbacks in the NFL you rather have the lake or all right leaving the draft pick or I gave you back up quarterbacks. I don't think you have not what you find the option. Our brother pat just wrote in the end at other ethnic or make you feel that template portal. Let me ask you this though and I'm with you like I would like there's and they quarterback outlook public let me let me ask you this. Thank you able to the credit re Smart enough to get out of the way. You know and and for that team to beat figure out to figure out they listen to me the first couple years portal sacked fifty times book yours the law. For rookie quarterback in a crummy team. Now. They've got a really really good defense they've got a terrific running game and Smart enough to get away. Its profits you know the coaches are all that's important to get away. And throw five yard pass it out of the way don't screw it up. Mean he's at the camp and he's not go to the hall of fame. He's not screwed up forum. Connecticut is coach I think the coaching no blood no. Let's do everything our powers that slippery I liked it short couple weeks ago I thought like we're gonna have a good season. But then this season turnaround if you look at all the costs. I don't think we've reached the point now quarterback with the forgotten how to really how market area. Once the NFL know that you're gonna be good or they think you're gonna be good dance with the test or the same that's gonna happen. But for Patrick a home I think all of gonna have success early on in his career because our talent situation coach. And behold they have really good start to recede. That we're gonna come at that fork in the road. Would decide what kind of quarterback you're going to be the same things gonna happen consulates when it comes back next to the sink is gonna happen Richard off the same thing happens its what's the same thing capital markets Mario. They're great quarterbacks like at the Russell Wilson it hey everybody said that you can't do without Marshawn Lynch he's been did it without Marcella she played a consistent level. Portals that showed me with your opposite that the paid art it's a legitimate NFL quarterback you take that step for being good he just didn't do it. Would you give us second contract and that's the question at this offseason projects and I don't know how you get public morals and. And it's gonna be really tough to pick like let's just say for the sake of argument that the feeling. That they're doing under the symbol so. The the jags are spot because they had a quarterback that helped lead the team to Super Bowl who's at the end of his rookie contract in what do you know that I think I. So I would still look like. I would let it I think one of the worst things. When applicable laws Joseph Flacco won a Super Bowl they felt obligated to pay that they paid like he was a great quarterback obviously wasn't a great quarterback. Like to meet the sign. A true greatness is that meeting went wrong in being able to won't like it like Seattle you signed Matt went to a contract he realized at the trip that Russell Wilson is better than him. That is that trying to make your decision work in your off the take a different path about Jacksonville I just don't know how you can do it. I don't know how you can invest big time money and a quarterback beat you or a race. To have plea portals that my quarterback ever do everything coaching Liza my power and not let in eight games that's not a quarterback pay with. Obviously if if if if if this thing gets it to the simple they beat Tom Brady and the patriots in New England. Like pork going to be pretty good (%expletive) I'd and and while I agree with you that. And I disagree with Welch. I will say this I'm Blake portals got a reform because he's been cropped on by everybody including players in the league for quarterback still stand. That's like six because if you give them a little bit of credit without saying he's Brady press quarterback of all time. Do you like mortal a little bit of credit for being coach double including interception numbers down that the big thing with portals the first couple years I think that the coaches realize I realized it. He's not a guy that's gonna make good decisions we continue to make him a high volume passer. We've got to change change change what he can do. It makes it less of a focal point the office in best. They spent eight top five pick a running back. Still be that you got a real hey we got the quarterback we got to try to give him as much weapons as humanly possible and that's what happened with public morals coming up next. Gimme a minute evolving. Paul Pierce her I'll explain what I mean next them. There's no draft in today current. And Pittsburgh. Looked a little bit here to drive presented by Duke's case from the electrocution to studios sixty and Sports Radio. Oh there's a story right now sweeping the nation. I feel like once maybe twice a year something happens in the news I literally can not explain. Or understand why people are doing a lot of Smart but I do think I have like general comments that's. Do you use the tide pods are you still use than the regular. Logic we should Hercules. What do you you know he's he's he's so easily political week is the Wii is a little pods for dishwashers and talk to use these things. To wash my clothes. At no point have I ever thought about the no point and I looked at how colorful they're war and all they were jolly rancher who wanted to write in the world that easily. And you wanna millennial I try to defend I. Defendant's behavior if eating. And iPods. You are idiot heist this audio with Curtis you've seen his fourth this like a challenge doesn't think now this a fun thing particularly with the Jonas can put this ice. Many of the social media videos are recorded and posted by miners. They're putting what is laundry pods in their mounts for click read Internet face to warn. They call it this tide pod challenge. Nineteen year old my gun did it on a dare he told us knew that hurt but did it anyway. A lot more to say how old student pilot Howell. What are you going and a knowing anything like that and amounts you know now authorities say this is what started out as a joke on the Internet. And now it's just gone too far. The pods are bright and colorful and children make him look like candy at least ten deaths have been linked to ingesting the pods to work toddlers eight were seniors with dementia. Procter & Gamble the maker of tide products told CBS news they should not be played but even if meant as a joke safety is no laughing matter. Some people are dumb. Slapping it is they are doing this when I children. I the people that die if that's series of popular reflects looks like that whatever I could have been like hot dude there's the house here with that mention can do. The audio we just played the cute thing I knew better but still. Eight it. Wrong with that that was the side and let what is wrong with that and appreciate it and the people trail in China. There's extra line others was countries because argue there on your iPod. Think yeah it's cool. Going negative through all the time he's learning how to write Kirsten. Spent teaching our work life skills. Like not lie injury and urgent articulate it thirtieth. I think what it's yet again anthropology college your ticket policy note that the pollen and you noted I can't remember the name of the faster but he basically said there's certain things like in the her. I would say people that society iPods. They are out Bob the probably not that either the doctor that you're talking Arlen is exactly don't mean to hurt it's the end. When inside the laundered notes and bullets I guess scares me that excellence the six. At that point. Are the future leaders. I don't think he. Or is probably what the future Lee Miller say more so than if you really like dive into this they're doing. Or so your re week that light the other ought to like the action. But that's the side when we read in the history books like what killed America. Media like yup it. People incredibly dumb thing the Internet or did you see them. Video saw yesterday I had no idea where it's not the place that I don't yet the go to guy that which is the duplicate a New York City. That it would change in its totality it guys wait for campers outside it here's the Mac address that people were at the picture that it was celebrity. That would be partly because they thought it was things it's crazy people. The people are losing their freaking minds right now is for lights. And to be famous for a Melissa it's crazy. You famous really. Deterred. And I. The insult you elect that's maybe the only skill. I don't know. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electrocution and studios sixty and Sports Radio either of the biggest stories of the day gains that have been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day and bottled. I'm actually a little bit surprised that we didn't hear more of those horns of the course the daily you would imagine that people are violently around on some of those check out near the foreign see if they might. Instead they felt like de ice tomorrow would really put it when it really gets going I love it Obama can do out of it. You gotta hit VIP unions that knowledge does anybody here today but tomorrow. Come out here and they'll take care if let's say you gotta gotta be a big ball out got a boat showed today. It's not like he knows that he's like legitimate vote peoples like the police got let me clear that. It was elected he lay on the boat awards. You know the entire time at least that that's all we're doing to check out the quotes I got a couple of buddies they specifically in of that here because they knew they would I want. So yeah he's a series quote uses that. That's that's life I'd love to experience one and I can't get out of it that I have boat and barge boat show money. Yes good afternoon money I don't she'll. Or rather coach nobody to. It's always start then its today talking a little in a film to kick off the shelf standing. You distorts and as you are looking at the list of the quarterbacks snatching up over conference championship weekend. In particular you're looking over these you know who was basically a hail Mary unit that we missed tackle away. From going home and not having a chance to. Play out this narrative of the vikings playing for the Super Bowl their home don't. And it lets a conversation about our pal Alex Smith. What does the unlucky is good quarterback of this generation quarterbacks of fame why do you believe of all the quarterbacks. Alex might be the most unlucky of them. Well first of ice and others got to come across the BB Alex Smith College so aware that somebody wants to Columbia. You should look at the quarterbacks that are in the championship games this weekend you got played portals and it pulls. And they case Kia and you're telling me that those three quarterbacks better than what we advocate that he won that game starter. The answer to that is very simply no. If you look just this weekend right. With the put Marcus Williams without a tackle and also the vikings instead of losing are now winning go to the NFC title game. It looked to me plays a huge role opposite what worked against Alex Smith would variable for the touchdown pass to himself. Walker missed a field goal which typically doesn't it Jeff Triplett one of the worst officials I've ever seen it one of the worst calls in playoff history. None of that has to do without some of a right. Here and got a break Alex Smith did not read outs let's quarterback rating in 2012. All right in 2012. What does concussion with the same as it is now. Any at the highest quarterback Brady it at any quarterback in the league split got a concussion 2012 losses job college athletic forty dollars which suitable. All right so another bad break Alex. The worst luck. But anybody when it comes to two good quarterbacks and is that three quarterbacks that are in the future games as we get our you're good to go into your city government. Art I agree with you there is not as good but I mean because what does that really mean like I don't think that. I don't think it falls as good as that press I'm not going to let the fact that the bulls in the NFC championship maybe taking away from the greater goal in the bigger picture is. I don't necessarily be caught up so much he'd just won like. I think to establish a great players and good player yet with its old city different now if somebody is a look at playing this last week in it now changed my opinion. One nick pulls a case you know poured out like what portals you gotta look at the totality of their career. Like mortal being that mobile virtual quarterback what are rather have flooding that's the conversation that I've worked at just adding I think that people should be having about that. Big proponent of that you make your own luck and I find it hard to believe this at the most important position India felt that it. I truly great player you'll find this season that you are able to elevate the play of the guys on your team and put your team had a chance to win like Matt Bryant. Well look as good quarterback but not great he finally broke through. You just don't see too many really good quarterbacks that don't eventually break in looked virtually sure the quarterback you think they're going to be. Everett and federal civil war and I think there's a lot of money you get better at that Roethlisberger for Super Bowl. Not wanting one for a 143 yards and two interceptions. I mean the Steelers won despite him you know in Britain would back at one point 11 couple. So I. I just think Alex Smith is a much better quarterback in what is records ducking low ceiling. So apparently the ceiling now for nick pulls these you know Blake portals is the AFC title game at their ceiling at least according to what they've accomplished is higher than Alex. And and number yeah I saw his third. Elite quarterbacks in Miami quarterbacks mean point. Still alive in the house there is just one quarterback that's Tom Brady but not as concerned after he missed practice today. But that injured hand from practice yesterday and extent creep just a little but the line in Vegas. For this game was. Nine the beginning of the day it's now creep down all the way to seven and a half of the patriot that's the full point in a house down. Now I think it would take more than a hand injury. The key Tom Brady's playing on Sunday against Jacksonville home playoff game. Especially especially after everything that's sad and took place in New England this here especially with the recent reporting south quicker sham. But all the drama going on and viewing but thought it. Pat says that the stars possibly starting to outline that your projects. I. Still with the quarterback. I think operating with a quarterback who let's Jake she's deeply sport who's the coach for the still oh for the jaguars to us moral code that. Name's Bill Belichick Williams College where this game. This game is in New England Sweden Gillette Stadium Foxborough mass political. The New England Patriots the platelets. For romance I thought. What do Brady doesn't play. I think that you act when it CNET with a game they go Brady doesn't go play a vital here. Who are you taking new in this hi I'm I'm asking you should answer the question is Brady's hand amputated. You'd think that I know he's not going to get you right is of course is beautiful and ask you what it. Do you. Did not have an SU there isn't much this is very simple question or not it probably thought he was OK that's it ain't. Sub did so again to answer it if Brian Moyer starts the game would you patriots. Oh that's very easily tell you that does not think it I can't believe you would ask. But that is the opposite it where the whales that. Think they have to but Brady's hand offered an optical out that I will say this I think there are injured hand Arnold union at all. Ice policy as its operating gets cut off the Jack when it also that added I think that right. Audit report it that way. As well. I self knowledge of the council Olympic Games. Bella and now the normal team this bill telecheck. I still think that at me. Other piece that you are are putting Brian Hoyer a situation where it's running game the right is it all in reining. I think that would do little. I this'll be something cantonment he actually able answered this I'm the last time Missouri had any idea what Fareed the last time Missouri. I had a reign to wing it was when this movie was popular in society I. Chili's and see that you seem beat number 21 Tennessee. In a game in the high fifties were frozen as the number one movie in America. Happy for you. December. 7. Of 20:30 I am working at 610. The board all right. But they got the win so congratulations to them a big victory in a must needed victory as they pound down to Michael Porter junior and. For a team that is missing its best player. Certainly look. At what are transfered to that's cool deal that they look at that thing. Yeah give them aloud what you picture clip let's I wanna game consider the wedding bit with the Florida game get away with a nice. Good win over white team at Tennessee he talked about this yesterday it was. It's time for the for the tigers actually get a legitimate win here. Bald Pate they had to get equality yet at some point they don't have quality went. Finally got one in conference play yeah what against Tennessee got a chance to get a good road with this week at the same image that is. Scratching and clawing to get it felt that it part of life and Alford 62 when they come through in the next Wednesday. Got a chance. But it's heavily targeted it everywhere for the recount is too because. Damage inflicted permanent Michael where we'll play it if that was a joke our audience forgets Dave doing is. Please brackets like that it had a plan about this case you adversary going to be in Wichita could face and him in round two in which her. If you go to that game. And over again and that concludes that its board today.