The Drive 3p - Truth About Chiefs, Conner Teahan, Bill Maas

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

In the second hour, CDot and Brad deliver to you a truth about the Chiefs this year, talk to former KU men's basketball player Conner Teahan about the revival of the KU-Mizzou rivalry, and talk to former Chiefs defensive lineman Bill Maas about the Chiefs' loss in Oakland.


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Coming up in fifteen minutes. We'll give you five good minutes with former Kansas guard Conner team and on the rod and gun bouncing back and forth between any case you. And the chiefs all. Days and keep them locked in right here is six in Sports Radio today's pop quiz winner won NBA two K eighteen for PlayStation fourth inning tell him what today's pop quiz move. He was it was old school man one of my favorite all time movies in the reason we had old school that's new disease because the dialogue that is names film animate him to not to notice he is still snoop dog any changes for all he was declined a little bit but now he's back to be used to dull yet birthday snoop doggy is 46 years old today they stooped old in my man. Yes if old. I'm gives absolutely okay again it's still you know Wear dreads and smoke weed on stage and still hang around young people rap and no snoop actually he's too old to be doing all that he's got to show coming out of TBS looks layers. Well jokers wild and yeah I heard about that initial concept of the show is but I have heard it looks really funny as a preview for our taste then if you ask which house yeah I'm surprised that anybody from death row has turned themselves successfully into the Family Guy that snoop dog or. One dollar percents and dollar question that was murder it was on trial for murder and now he's like America's party does he takes upon. Guys are out potluck dinners and Martha Stewart and now we go to parenting advice from snoop dog it is amazing the transformation. That Snoop Dogg and ice cube who had a song got asked the bullies has turned into. The failed remain ice cubes turned into its showed out eventually rat pack to a ball and grow I want nobody shows that more than those 2.2 we just are calling Alvin. Agree ever gonna get there was real main counter this is an elder Brothers yelled that's his name a total of fifty got a got a drop at least that's new for the dog. You gotta be one of the soon though that makes that makes absolutely central to the kind of team coming up in fifteen minutes. But five good minutes but the Kansas guard you ready for in UK you this week in Sprint's under. I think there is now an undeniable truth about the chiefs often. And I tried to fight for long enough if you listen to this show you know I've tried to fight in I've tried to find stats this prove you know what you are. Leader MIT real lover now that day I don't know if I would consider it a lumber I would just say at some point this stance booked on the stance. We have now seen seven NFL game. Almost halfway done for the season you'll look up at your halfway done with the NFL season next time we will see that she's like it will be their eighth. Game. Alex Smith is a hot read quarterback in the NFL I didn't know it's up for debate Alex Smith is pointed MVP level. I thought it was just gonna be a 34 week thing at the other she was gonna drop. I leave in the transformation finally give Alex Smith I don't know what happened. I don't know finally took me seven weeks to get it. But the quarterback hustle play yesterday grated against Oakland. Make it seem like Oakland is the 85 bears defense of the 2000 ravens is still against NFL offenses. 1979. Yards so far this season. Fifteen touchdown passes you have as many touchdown passes in seven games that you had in fifteen last season. No interceptions no fumbles completing 72%. Of your passes. Alex and it is a top three quarterback giving it up and you can maybe make an argument that right now he's definitive to. Brady still one to me yeah I'd argue Alex Smith Parcells once you take your pick on who you like big gala event and you take the Alex but the second best quarterback inning and thought I could deny these again its lenders Alex Smith. Is the second best quarterback in the NFL. You should know she dated at eleven you know he should do I think he needs to be he's represent big ball I mean I think that's what he's become. I mean I think he's worthy of wearing a 495. Dollar Berkeley that's always player right now he's a big bowler. He's playing like a big Boller yesterday did this is why I've always been against quarterback wings. Because I output was not a winner. Yesterday but he played well enough to keep played well enough to win yesterday that loss is not what Alex Smith I know what does that say about when the opposition scored more than 24 points which he gets some wins the totally divorced yeah yesterday the chiefs looked equipped for the shoot out. Brought so the shoot out a lot of times what has she got a break on a butter knife. He had Rawlings all just pistol to ensure that the that would but and then just yeah. It's going to hurt he had bullets yesterday he had gone yesterday and got in the fight like fifty caliber that Derek played fantastic yesterday. But I was just as good as him intercourse 400 yards three touchdown pass and was carving up the chief defense. Alex Smith yesterday again over 70% completion dean. Didn't throw the ball over didn't Alex Smith is the second best quarterback in the NFL I don't know how you can argue at this point I thought two things I. That really enough to use Alex Smith right now that I thought about last night. I thought it was really crazy. Crazy but I wanted to see the game is going to be played out when the raiders were down nine and they chose to kick a field. I wanted to see what was gonna happen at the end of the game. And again it's completely different game and it's a different week it's different team and Alaska that she says that opportunity it's the Steelers. He kicked a field goal is instead they went forward and completely different game I just thought that was. I thought it was a funny little side note from that game last night the one on was the fact that you know the last on the raiders beat the geez. Derek Carr late drive went down the field rep initials it happened again and and and it has nothing to do with Alex Smith. But I just kept thinking like is that is we go full circle here is that the way this thing's gonna play out. You gotta raiders team that it's lost their last four. And they're gonna dry and Derek are gonna take and on the field again you just don't like in 2014. On Thursday night football. I think what skiers she Spain's most about this game as I've heard people making that compares into the 2003 trees I don't know of there that broke. Often finally dale but they've been pretty good so far offensively let's see how it continues that 03 team just magical offense yet. I think what genuinely scares this team. It's like having a basketball team that you know keen shoot free throws. Ports like having a baseball to me that the Memphis Tigers have 2008 or it's like having the bullpen that you know. Isn't very solid. That's what their secondary feels like it doesn't get to that point on that point yet I know Stan but you know what to fourteen team shoot free throws or you know if you've got a shaky closer. At some point you're going to need that still to try to win a game. At some point the chiefs either gonna have to get tremendous pressure on the quarterback. Or they're gonna have to do in the past a lot better than they're doing and so far this season against just about every team. They've got cooked in different ways whether it was the first game where Danny Amendola had six catches 400 yards. Al Shawn Jeffrey itchy for 792. Travis Benjamin 5105. Vernon Davis to for 89 yards the other Hopkins you know before catches three of war in the end zone. Antonio Brown last week eight for 155 and this week Ahmard Cooper Ritchie for 210 which was with the best day in the NFL. So far this season while wide receiver in the spirit award this week if I would offer the player of the of the week. And Jared Cook each for 6107. So far the fantasy advice should be played a pass catch or against the chiefs somebody's gonna have a good day and I feel like what that she's what we've said is to try to justify it is. All garbage time yards all the cheats to game one this is every single week we won two until last night. If you have a pass catcher against the chiefs somebody is going to have a good day that you understand in. January. To either play New England again or not to play Pittsburgh again. Can you stop the offense. I don't know how do you trust the chief's spot Pittsburgh is the last time these prepaid plan and I understand that you beat doing it last time he saw. I certainly don't wanna play England in their offense without they can move the ball against them. You're gonna have to at some point be a lot better against the pass they knew bid that's why I say it is to start the show. The question for the chiefs the same question the patrons are gonna have to answer seen you win a Super Bowl with this defense with how many yards they give up. The adding the beauty is every team in the AFC is flawed but you've got arguably it's that question and eight in last night defense we saw big yards to everybody that's you know. It totally judging completely on last night's game of the quick turnaround yet defense to beat a team. I I think. My guess would be is that I think he's Thursday night games they're gonna trend high offensively and cash or watch that game I'm like okay this makes total sense now. Got a couple defense are the best in the first place or coming up short weeks a little bit beat up of course the office and Tara what do they not gonna be beat up though because. Attendees for the play the Broncos on Monday united mean it's is you know again it is who's gonna though I'm just don't want him to sing when I say beat up let me clarify that. It's like you're coming off a really hard fought game against the Pittsburgh Steelers four days ago that's all say like. You just your the same and your legs are right you still sore. You're working that stuff out and your in your in the second game what I considered to be the toughest stretch of games in this is not given. Put excuses up their for the chiefs or anything missing the defense is all last night. Absolutely can't listen rebel with a surely think that's the chiefs defense all right. Played tough against Pittsburgh I think it's a. Pretty big part of that she's defense I would say I do think we know it's about the chiefs if the chiefs are not forcing turnovers like they did throughout the last three season yeah. And it's gonna be other it's not win what that she's used to do their bit but don't break defense. It used to be all right let's move the ball its ball marks is gonna get of our internal. It's gonna you can move ball you can move the ball Eric Berry is gonna force a fumble or just news that a forced fumble. I think pressure like she's worked yesterday when they were not any pressure and a court if you're not gonna force that it was they did yesterday. Then this second there is not stopping anybody yet but gonna go for 300 yards in some receipt is gonna have the right you talk about this team been banged up. Yeah there were banged up against Danny Amendola that they couldn't stop yeah they were banged up against the Eagles brass on Jeffrey or Travis Benjamin that we use different logic for every single time. Eric Berry's not coming back and I am not. Three top Halloween Stephen Nelson got the gonna join the defense and all of a sudden you're gonna transport into Denver you're always going to be able to move the ball. And she's got an adjustment I can't place a much manned coverage that's what's animosity Austrian shows terrific. Do we put what you man defense. Teams can run the football and he's got so many defensive back to the back turned to play that's going on it because they're covering route. On they've got to adjust something. Absolutely I'd guess not get a judge. Everything on what I saw last night defensively is because of the short term. I mean I I think. My guess would be when we're going forward the trend on Thursday that football's going to be high scoring games from here because defense is. It's much easier for a wide receiver to be a 100% three days later than it is a linebacker or safety so. On the chiefs have to get better I mean I'm not I'm not make an excuse for because last that was bad an opportunity after opportunity the roughest put up thirty points they still couldn't hold. Coming up in that. Just a Big Five good minutes of former Kansas guard Conner team and life sometimes has a funny way of evening out talk and she's in UK you all day right here on the drive. The ride presented by Duke's case from the MVP electorate he can. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Next commercial breaks you witness sounder. And when you sound that as a last chance to win NASCAR tickets for the league team. I know you love your race and will this is now the studio head out to Kansas Speedway. Acts. When you hear that during the next commercial break we'll also talk to build mosques coming up at 330 billion US bank in two chiefs and raiders the first. Five minutes of former Kansas guard John art scene got the balance of payment. I am doing. I grew up to a fantastic let's just start with this what was that like to hear that the rivalry is gonna be renewed in some aspect that Sunday it's Branson. Are you shocked I always very good side brought down doubted that about a wouldn't joke at first but and excited to get matchup. Growing up here in Kansas City later rockers high school what was it like to grow up around the rivalry obviously be invested on one side of and then to eventually play in that robbery. Me so much fun so much passion behind the rivalry you a debt or some unit you've you missed that fascinated -- around as much because of the fact that we don't play anymore so I know there's always an exciting game and always warn Matt you have a trend it would take a vehicle that side so a lot of passion and winning security and all the fun matchup. A player on Kansas which of the rivalries meant more to you and your time in the big twelve was the robbery against Missouri Kansas they are Iowa State. The the last five to seven years is definitely developed into a fund back and forth between I would statement NKU thing. Yeah they're definitely Cayard yeah I mean in any way to play a lot. That either in the arm and I did it can you knew that that the game that the most bad blood. In a coordinate the fans care about the most I would say give become relevant lately it's always been match up but in terms of real pure hatred. I'm NK UN. Right now talking a former Kansas guard Conner team on the drive looks just Bartlett that first match up. Back in school eleven in Missouri Rita have you played in an opposing Jim as loud and as obnoxious as that Missouri crowd was that their. Yeah now that's specific day that there are some great crowd. Educate state but that particular game knowing that a bit the last time. Now we're gonna play them for going our separate directions. A crowd will each. Was very involved and they were there early. And they were that made themselves heard. What was he feeling like I guess as a KU player kind of going into that game I remember the feeling as Missouri fan I was at that game in the belief was meant we can't let you win the last time in this building they won the last time I heard senator as you remember we can't let hey you have the one up in the final game in Missouri. Yes and we kill us say our and we wanna win battle it matters so by all the skill and that you would have them do better than new player. We would have the exact opposite which include don't want didn't have any bragging rights you're the sweep that series on the year. Me come in and and show. There will never going to followed by our man and come out with a victory. An income or let's not forget that Thomas Robinson very out of control come into the lane Steve Moore and brown takes a very legitimate charge there I didn't. There's certainly no controversy about that one. There's no controversy go download as much in the amount controversy about that Norton a press stuff out there again. Don't absolutely you're talking accounted feel a drive for a couple more minutes I don't wanna talk about the block you're only got upset me. What that moment like whenever you guys finally win thomas' pocketed jerseys sell it at emphatic if I've ever seen him before he realized that you pulled off. One of the greatest comebacks in Allen fieldhouse fishery and that was for the greatest basketball games in big twelve in college basketball history. Yeah so good now though thought they're going to your edit just pure emotion and just so happy and animated look at magic teammates know he made the Melamed a leader's spot colonels some serious for me and give up on each other I think we'd go back and now locker room. It just makes you have that much more respect. And he got much more entrenched in that relationship. Added that he. Connor we can go ahead I know I've asked you this before but every time we talk I will ask you this question. You can admit that was a ballot the into the game right. I did not admit that it exists now or go to the ball buried there doubt any. And it EU I think the Internet just the way it should have been added I would not a charge on Robinson. Anti Sean Taylor got hacked when you you're a low ball the court he says there are strictly by possession after it. But Missouri got the win in Columbia reactive to win in Lawrence and now I don't think you're making your point too much about that. He got a that's the part that always upsets me about the game is I can admit that direction McAuliffe ballot Thomas said the into the game with a blocked. But that called output types down on the line that eventually hit the winning became very free those. That's that picky tagged out in it that was one of their physical and emotional game. Now I got I'd interior Cummins somewhat net. But hey you did that let you play the game I'd be human error and maybe it was terrible referee ordered that. That there whenever you get to seven position. You could educate the liberation never let you did you expect we'll begin right I mean to you that one play example tried. But I if they were big execute on several other things earlier on that would ever. No you're right I mean I still think backs and again Michael Dixon just he just didn't seem to know how much time was left on the clock and he doesn't get a final shot up. Certainly very frustrating when there is no way did I no end in that now all haunt me for the rest of my life last question here with a former Kansas guard cutter team. Do you want these two teams that play every year it experts that are going forward. You know I I do personally I completely understand. Where the can't decide it's coming from but I just. I'd love or operate and that's just because Doug Parker you know or why it. And we want to see these things we wanna be terrible the same way we water read we lost a great well or whatever it is. I object to the fan I love big UK unit just doesn't the big twelve is that they the same without. Ali and you but I mean and and and Colorado and other teams saudis switching to go back to it the way they were used to be. Art scene and former Kansas guard friend of mine unfortunately because they're KU favorite you know what I'll look plastic outer always enjoyed the argument thanks a lot. Abroad. There are many people outside of the state that I referred to as for an sewn. Assays with a little bit reluctant see when it comes assessed as someone that Lee actually on the team Selig to things he Kansas collar team and it's until basically he's probably Allah will definitely do things like that said there's I mean I'm really struggling to figure out with the rest of the things are that I would end up liking there there there is a mini there's not many things I would say are very pleasant over there on that side of the state line but. You gotta agree wolf lodge. Cool that they're organized for Eddie got an ice water park over the did you they do eleven guys are part of multiple daughter soccer stadium to. The racetrack and NASCAR. At that and if you go now it's also watched on television but it just goes an idea of what you want NASCAR and good mileage data. I only had a good on about thirty minutes those are and see him kind of drive around how much longer than we've got a couple of hours ago and I'm out of here I'm ready to go I really am. Too much of an interest in this we'll talk to bill lost year in a couple of minutes. I want it to play this cut for you really quickly because life sometimes. Has a very weird way of evening itself out. And. Back to. Earlier this season against the Philadelphia Eagles remember the play where exact urged the ball bounced in the air than that irked catches and has belonged catch a liberal last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers we all remember that way Antonio Brown. At some point. Evens outs towards the funny that the Paulson have been either tip or kick off or tick embedded down. Wilson's not supposed to scored touchdowns. The Oakland players their Dodgers didn't make a play ball gusts of up in the air easy touchdown walk in he does a little bit a Dion says that he strolls in there and did some. We say it is 5050 balls the 50% goes the other team but sometimes the 50% comes to you I think about 80% of those 50% balls with the other team last. That would did not. That one was in the she's favored I would save the 5050 calls were not in your favor the 5050 balls are actually having. This team had two possession lead in the fourth quarter and you've certainly had numerous opportunities to go out there and take care business and win that game and you didn't do will talk to bill moss about last night's game. Is Bob Sutton the problem with the defense last the former chief defensive lineman excellent draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric leading into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. New mosques being good enough. At the feet making playoffs going culminate all of. But Bibby down are there any doubt or film that you're nodded it's either or either former chiefs defensive tackle if you're hoping. They're somewhat. On some words for it something's that. And get you on Twitter read bill mosque is gonna be on the defensive back they've gotten access to sell president of the KC chiefs ambassadors. Which. She's the school. Didn't seem too weird should be it needs to be it and that's what post article about bill moss spiritual car rewards which would. There was. Tiger being. The normal operation just completely falls apart. Your plan to hold open I spent all that time to update the open and that's arrogant disrespect to great name of Vinny I. See an update is hot he paid John hearsay accounts the other like on the show for almost a year right I thought you sounded different in that opened yet. And of Soviet army Fannie and every game. So there. Bill loss. Is on the full line right now he's brought to buy seven street casino and also in BP electric heating and cooling Billy Bob I don't Zaman. Boy you guys. You're short like the raiders in lessons. He's I don't know how many friends Chrysler Chrysler at least once a month and leads to go to somebody's wedding or some Jewish holiday like upstart I'm like convert to Judy's and just because. Now every month. Just take off because some holiday is still celebrity like the regular new year in the Jewish master like double I don't. Any get well note in these beat like yeah. Like who's the child with you. Sam. Madison savings rate. That was short little angry Irish guys don't like the only holiday again to saint patty's it is. Pillage and they did and I don't know what you make of that man. Pretty easy it was creepy you know if there's about the raiders and you can go back through history. It figured that the raiders right all the decree used games. In NFL history or what the raiders are. Her from the holy roller play it to the full Bruschi. Shouldn't the talk rule all formal change you took a crazy game last night it just. Every time is it realistic don't you should something nuts is that. Don't war over to the last play of the game which are sold sort increase that that the raiders game. Are you in that camp of the officials screw that she's last night I'm not but oh what went. It was on an actor because here's the religious truth okay. So that it's secret so anemic and OK. At bay stable. Because you're like well the secrecy that would be reviewed their seats it would it would supervisor. Gained now remember. So there are short due to an end those guys get trying to watch tapes of the change. And other gains in the crimson and Utica this government this week so we took. So you know they'll get the trying to dole two old jeans and what to expect it and trumpeter played. To recruit Siegel it's politically speaking different. And do you eat you need to have a sense. And would certainly the recruitment and have a sense of either one of these two changed all on how to play because it's. You know of the flag came out so much were actually deploy recent template. C'mon guys and a critical. Of the warrants to settle plate plate because that's important game. We're below called holding on on every offense corporate security burger just look at. Bill. Bill is dumb question that I have the chance of doing so they had to stay over. On it is that the same group that all the raiders' game on Sunday. I don't mean that they basic civil war is a bit there bill currently watching crew. Wouldn't want somebody at the games you know. Very big stage to go back in the rule the tuition room and look take the with the supervisor. They go over there over the king we're quickly if she really didn't talk about things and reviews ratings in big agreed on June you know the greens or the week. Show you you can't use each channel as well. Don't count on making a flight back home. And then turn regretting it now on all of Wednesday for searching which is to make sure we can so just hard to cut down on. Onto your look at that achieved since it publicly. But that was a long meeting last then after that game. Always moan. Yeah yeah I don't think they've made it back to some types. It was great it was just a wild game there's so many things to look at the game. There are so weak positives. And there are so many negatives you know what this game you can you can talk about where. No you're right bill we're talking to bill loss right now on the drive he's brought him a seven tree casino and also MVP electric heating cooling. We all agree on what the positives were Alex Smith is turned into a top five quarterback in the NFL. And his offense was certainly not the problem yesterday I wanna talk to you about the defense as a former defensive lineman. Let's just start from the top. Is Bob Sutton the problem with the defects. You know. And I go back exit this back when Rick Roberts and this year to. Defense isn't scheme damage defense down. And tackling it is that you that one attack and in due to strange. And in every in every defense played some some some larger position where you're at a disadvantage is something occur. You know look for instance if yours and that deepens school that's why it. They're their own ego but that Jake he's got a 202 sideline before that bowl picture. And so decent line you'd like Becker beat under detention there. You know what the defense is called the line open. It's sort of a big advantage for some players and at a disadvantage. Or shall play. For other players and you have to be able to cope well those weaknesses in financial. Analysts say it. He senses the scheme. Of the EU defense it is viewed as something to do wanna do. In in this will look like hired clear to me you know to be honest with. I thought that partner. Pedal happened is that all just like it's in football. When you're tired and you're seeing stock move. Yeah and you start using your hands and you're grant and Obama accusing. Me that's you know that's that's when you're tired. That's a small part our team and obviously but it's stupid saying we're actually looked tired. I was gonna ask you to about the past as we can go there I remembered conversation you and I had this offseason we're gonna talking about how a couple of years ago outside linebacker was the clear strength of this team. And it's not right now. How can you guys towns it is Justin used to be neutralized and a game like that in where is everybody else whereas the Ford where's spring some bull why were they not and active in that game in rushing the past. Yeah I agree you you know that their line up and wanted a better job in that we did. He a lot of people talk about no objections Houston about dropped be really don't drop in the you know 24. Point structured lesson we're. Percent and you know. He position is outside directors folks it's not be considered it yet approached him so you know there's. When you look at three forced me your outside linebacker tried to school to be the drop. Be careful wearing that it is that's that seems. Now that being say. It certainly won't try to hit him. Rushing more that you drops. We played it or we put the four. Seasons with Dirk how much. And used outside linebacker and in. Don't tell which it. Let's look we we get that shortage Russian border and east they're really didn't like to drop into coverage too much. It was a challenge for because you might just want to wrap around. That instead you sit there. Outlook the job that we're back actually so yeah I want it's much more and then there is struck in. It's at times you go run a 34. That's part of one of the 34 regret it's at deception. So that took a quarterback has the reception. To the alternate bought and Steve and that's what you want ships. Bill yesterday that she's had a bad combination of not forcing turnovers not having a pass rush in a bad secondary how do you hide his secondary because I felt like at the beginning of the season we at least knew with a game plan was. Don't throw towards Marcus Peter's side the way here it's Mitchell's the last Philip gains though I Steven Nelson thought everybody else that's exactly what's happened the last couple weeks how do you remedy that. Yeah well you know if you can have a problem here factor figure bird hurt and urged French guys in and we had a young quarter up there receive tickets so. We went through ups and downs and some bumps in the row or so ago unveil a little bit which guys. Young point rejected. Sort of sort of make it to priciest real quick to pick that would be great. For these are getting that. You tackle Marcus Cooper may be the they that you. Yeah yeah yeah it's about the scrappy yeah he was. Right waiver wire pick out yeah. So we went through some ups and downs with what's and but you saw as the year went on. Look you heard that they see each each time they're out there what word you know you're not legion will be the legislature work. And egg it's important shall include courses in order to get better and better we've seen that the last couple years. You know I talk to you guys before him in the season and should what you biggest concern so architects there's. It blog picture there. And it will not not just you know secretary aspect of the linebacker expect over. Opel inside linebackers and the other silent that surge. Let me just let us this bill like I like hell. I mean that she's got no hits on the quarterback none last night how rare is that. Yeah it's it's pretty rare public Q Russia which urged receptions talk about that need yet some time and so. That that that's that that's not a good thing. You and again I go back and it actually does look like tired changed. You know you'd you'd have to want a plea decency principal atlas that is the other eleven guys opens. They know the plate in the in the weaker field that circles. Since no number of states. So you better be yeah. And fossil faster and Conroe and make up in particular all attack all those things are oh (%expletive) and aggression. That that's that's help defense and play and hadn't seen them since last. So bill let me ask you this because it sounds like you don't think there's some technical fix if Bob Sutton called you tomorrow and said they'd. Bill I got a question about the defense out elastic so what would your answer to him beat. Well you sir it's a guy basic success. They're they're the guys that it's an unfortunate it happened this terrible Rick Roberts to. Particularly in packets it's it resorts or go play it to Steve yet played better team they've. You know and that's so urgent locker room the guys are not only not only can understand misty but at some anger at all the muscles skiing. You know that's that's a scary thing to get to be real careful there's. It's not deceive and you've got to deal just step well play these guys have to do it told them. Here in Portland if you Iraq War 33 for an actor what you Roland. Defense is played he got beat the guy in front and he everything that you don't have. The play is snapped out in note we're still it's a there's only one way to beat debt risky political appeal they beat. That's bill loss he's brought to you by seven Sri casino also MVP electric heating and cooling bill appreciate the time. Thanks lever come on to him in. Exhibit that's bill moss joining us on the drive build not putting the oldest one the coaching staff to do it. Thinks they have the talent in the players to fix it right there we'll get into that plus the best of the rest. Other guys had good gains and just Alex Smith. Tire retail Travis tells you we talk about those guys in former KU player Calvin Johnson joins us in studio 4 o'clock to get into the rivalry talk and she saw continuing K you all day on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's just. The guys in the war the two. What security you have it is it is so holy places of which seem yet played better be they. You know an actual person locker room the geysers but I believe. We can understand this. But the thing so that anger at all the muscles being. You know that's that's a scary thing too is yet to be real careful that. That was bill Lawson just joined us. He's not blaming this team. A lot of fans are blaming this game. I do think that is a crutch that people use. If your offense is struggling let's blame the offensive coordinator at the defense is struggling let's blame the steam in the system. I do agree with the loss that more of the onus is on the players. I just don't know secondary wise if they're gonna be able to do it if they're not going to give a consistent pass rush. We knew at the beginning of the season that the chiefs corners were going to have. Challenges and struggles throughout the course of the season. The expectation was you're gonna have a good enough pass rush that was gonna create pressure. That was gonna wreak Havoc in getting the backfield you can do it yesterday again you allowed airport. Or defense apart that it allowed Dirk orbit those weapons to target Ahmard Cooper sixteen times as he did yesterday. Terrance Mitchell Philip gains Stephen Nelson would he gets back. You were not slowing down an offense that has the firepower that Oakland does if they're gonna operate the way they were yesterday but it clear playing yesterday after Marchand went out. We're gonna throw the ball against she's and we don't think they can stop our quarterbacks not gonna get touched he's got to stay up right and we're it's going to pick who we wanna know the ball to one guy had 200 yards they're tied and had over a hundred yards. They have an answer for anything. In the raiders passing game yesterday. Think the bill said to I've been using the term beat up when I talk about this chiefs team on heat he amen to defer to bill on that. It's a little tired which to me makes sense you're you're seven weeks into the NFL season and played a there's and I came after Sunday's game but still man there's not a skews in the NFL you gotta get it done and she's in get it done anyway last defense. And they had a chance still with everything that we're talking about with the team Bennett two possession lead. In the fourth quarter and find a way to win I don't want to hear about the officials don't linger about Steven Nelson Vienna I don't wanna hear about aired Baird. This team was up thirty to 21 in the fourth quarter that football game at the football like 430 to go you gotta find a way to win. Absolutely I don't know how you do you got to find a way to win and you got to find a way to scratch and Claude those kind of games those where the games that the chiefs were finding a way to scratch and claw. Now everything evens out the NFL eventually what goes up must come down but. You got to find a way to scratch and claw and win that game when you're up nine points in the fourth quarter misty didn't do you know they did and they have to demand. A couple of the slack in the defense last night the guts and is out there that are about what sharp money that football has brought you always talk to me about -- been a lot of time talking about X winds the guy it'll be Dustin Colquitt I know we don't talk about owners will be got to talk about the par yesterday. Here's some Booker missed his first NFL kicked all but kicker dot com and I know people were a little bit on edge a little bit nervous about he's now made his last thirteen ticks. Mitt goes to show you how quickly things change in the NFL. Santos was solidly Republican and got a good kicker Cairo Santos Higgins a groin injury he's on the IR they bring in this kicker they they cut piracy that's why he's Arab he's not an NFL team right now. Here's but it looks like the hot new kicking thing in the NFL. Well I think within two I don't remember kick of his being returned. Seriously why is bills have been terrific. Manny is its bullets there's a camera angle last out of the broadcast. Behind his kick off and it's sort of a line drive. And man that thing was a knuckleball. It was like the end zone. That thing was switching directions like four or five different times he's been phenomenal. One guy thought to be an X-Factor in yesterday's game into being. An X-Factor in the game the Marcus Robinson coming into the game. He had 41 career receiving yards he had 69. Yesterday he was a big part of that she's offense that just shows me the beauty of this offense in the beauty of Andy Reid and people might be really high on Chris Connelly. Man there's no difference between Chris Connelly some weeks and now Wilson and a Marcus Robinson meant a scheme that gets guys open. The market Robinson wasn't all that she softens they were not using up until this week where they had used when injuries finally kicked into this team. That Albert Wilson you was a short he was gonna place of leadership that everybody over the Marcus Robinson. Five catches for 69 yards in eight targets meant the pieces on this team and I think what makes Indy Reid's office and so beautiful and certainly sought in Philadelphia outside of the year they had TO. A wide receiver for the most largest doesn't seem to matter in his system the bigger deal with Freddie Mitchell they can do with the mark Robinson they can do with Cris Collie they can do what I retail that is a system in a scheme to get guys open and put them in situations may place. Fortis in what to Marcus Robinson doesn't it you know down the you know for the rest of the season. You know coming ill at a Philly Eddie was activated for last week's game on May be accurate result price of four letter ABBA. You know he looked a little bit out of place the rest of the ones we not to this game and now he's gonna get ten days and if that bronco game. So really excited to see what he's gonna do I mean when what he's getting legitimate arrest instead of being on the scout team a Brack. Coming up two minutes former JU player Calvin Johnson joins us in studio to talk about the robbery and is toppling under Ted Owens in Larry Brown Kevin Thompson next on the drive.