The Drive

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

The Hits Biggest stories of the day, What does it mean for the Chiefs making the roster cuts they did today? Whats the best matchup for the opening weekend in the College Basketball Tourney? What does this late cheaper signing of players mean in the MLB are teams tanking? The guys recycle the topics of March Madness, all the local schoold made it to the dance and we hear what their coaches had to say. Clark Hunt released a statement about Tomba and CDot brings it up as he lets you hear what the Owner of the Chiefs had to say about the departure. Is Tomba a future coach and was he a better pas rusher than Neil Smith gets brought up from the text line....Have a solid Monday night, KC


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When you. Forty decent starts their homes tonight taking on cruise as usual at sea and they can't keep cap that's not right then. And it's the champions league. Though. Yeah that's me today. Tax panda PE ND NA. Jerry press report. Says he is like he is likely to play point seventeen college hoops tonight as he plays Illinois and he state takes on. Arnold they play but the play it out about so that's you know now that the show any high school and gun. Okay Jeff did you. Drives presented by two top eight guarantee Harrison. Bread campaign. Faces on it and I'm fine thank you so much we'll listen in as the drive there's there is senior dusty like it's producing this thing. In the meantime. Until we find someone else or maybe that someone else. These new. I Camille does it certainly could be you don't know who the next I don't know with the next big heist is going to be great value does the ice that's is now if if if that's who they end up picking ambulances are the -- we're stuck in the post that ice you know that's I like Alex Smith he's off. No that's that's that's absolute the 100%. Actually you're listening to the drive kids airs in your does he like has produced in this thing brand feigning. Right now wish you could see Brad he has like seven brackets sprawled out across that he's like spreading over which sleeper he's got a habitable and he's got to do the other one on the other one you a lot of bracket madness happened. Wallpaper over at the house. Yeah lights and all that is is that what she can. That that she can get involved and in Washington basketball tickets she can. Because I get her out she's easily discovery whatever enemy we are actually going to be live at winning streaks if you wanna comes out by. And wants the NCAA tournament on Thursday and Friday bishops going to be doing their show from there and we will be doing our show their so. I'm sure a lot of you were taken up work. To watch basketball eats and sick going to maybe enjoy some beer or country that would us inside a winning streaks inside here is casino we're gonna be the nation's going to be there. Fund will be hand as we get you ready for Kansas Kansas State. And also Missouri's all three teams are in the NCAA term and I have a feeling we'll talk about that and it. These are the biggest stories of the day game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day at 5 o'clock. I'm day. On your racquet filling out situation the toilets the other life. All right Kate one has been great so. Brackets on the back burner for a second of quick but the chiefs they did some news today it's releasing those players only resigning and sure enough relief on Parker. Ability good way to start it number one you. I think Tom holly we obviously knew this was going to happen I think the bigger message is he releasing of from park. I think that she's isn't a particular message our defense is not good enough last year. Eight we don't think Bob Sutton is the problem we think the players in the implementation of those guys running this team is the problem. Next year the chiefs have a bad defense. I think that's the year for Bob Sutton but it's very clear what's happened this year. They had decided that Bob Sutton in his defense of creation is not the problem it was the ports that was the problem this year for the chief. And their pay a lot of guys a lot of money. And they'll get a whole lot of production let's be honest they have done the last couple years ago they need to make some changes I don't know this Bob's sudden on the lives of players made its combination of both. But after this year. It's not. If it doesn't work and I think it's pretty clear based with the chiefs have done DJ gone public gone. Rob Parker gone Marcus theatres on that defense is gonna have a really different look. Let OT a's opened up all right. I think it's safe to say that with the middle about a draft picks the chiefs have. It's gonna be on defense this year that's going to be focused based on what they've done you know she's so well. I never do we gotta talk about practice earlier so Phil yeah it is just but I also asked him what. Yeah that simple little biased here's what on the outside but. What's inside what's most active. We're talking personally talk to potential match I was talking about the first round March Madness tournament what's the most that you won maybe it was due. For an event in the in the tournament fifteen years Parise Goddard. Or. You know they've got your fantasy element. I'm hopeful that you can save Rhode Island against Oklahoma you. I think the best that major teams in college basketball should understand everybody's gonna hit the road while they Rhode Island is the best college best what I wrote with a tough. Fifteen team for most of college basketball season with policing the committee doesn't value mid major teams in teams are ranked Saint Mary's they make the NCAA tournament. I think you factor that against Oklahoma. I know this sounds very crazy to think who would anybody be shocked to trade young went absolutely crazy I think it's possible and scored forty something points. Also Oklahoma as they continued in the second half of the season have went to the finish line to get beat by twenty. I think Rhode Island in Oklahoma is most intriguing first round match up yeah. If you game's great case they to me is really interesting because the markets Foster angle. I think that's a funnel and I think taxes and about it is that Google body and that is this team and it keep waiting for that op moment for the longhorns. Received what Bob is going to be healthy and that it was or Florida State is really interesting to me to go to three that I really like. Michigan Monty has confronted not a lot of things about Montana have seen what I've heard. It launches pretty darn good enough to take the experts work with them at the -- policy the most and all breaking the law here I'm right and I'm drawn outside the lines a little bit dusty. This route to in the south region. Were scared straight Kentucky Arizona. Like that is the game all right. Round two Kentucky Arizona in the south regions might be the game of the term that's what I'm looking to put in fourteen months. I'll give you was a low key game that not many people are talking about the could be a lot of fun if it happens. Saint Bonaventure against Florida the bodies I think I think saint Bonaventure against Florida in saint Bonaventure wins the playing game. I think it's going to be a really really fun match of another game up so much you. The beta Nevada I'll pronounce it the better than Missouri out of that I'm I'm a broken forever on the for an online sales on that. Nevada against analysis. I think as it Sheehan sit BA and would you lead on the kind of game I always like. Major conference team against good mid major team those games on the most interesting to me in the NCAA because. Little mid major team has nothing to lose and they go out there they play tough. They got nothing to lose. Number three. I don't spinning up and she knows in front phantom. Plus the beta. Prevent them. Let's get real calculus that's what makes your seat those teachers get the earlier today that the that's now Israel off left and right I'm just broke because I went to college in Joplin as many you know. In the state of Missouri is halfway in between Kansas City job so I always thought there may gas or did something to eat so I just. I said the beta probably thousands of Tonya so I look at the work I always think it adds I I am broken forever with the pronunciation of Nevada. What's your favorites is it that data or Oregon. Or Washington or she didn't like them there's no our last one you John north Carolina central. See that's not fair that they. Eagles everybody knew that anyways at number three I he wanted to partake in the Carolinas and I shouldn't act like lobster I was like well. Doctor in yet and it's been about did she Mo it's the incident that's sluggish remote. CH on the session multi. You see. Anyway so at the free the phrase out of my stock is now it was the bores audio earlier. Is there an issue with baseball players being signed in the off season now or is it just this year because of next year signings. Potentially could be so much drastic and so much morning. I think the best lie. That Major League Baseball owners have sold used that the Iranians. Is that it is advantageous. For them to lose games not spend money and notch rides and make the playoffs. I always told that the goal of professional sports is to try to win a championship. The royals a team just localized wanna make an example not accusing the wasn't anything. Have openly said the goal is to spin less money and not sign players the long term contracts. They've openly told you into only eighteen their goal is to not try to win. They have sold at CU the thing in as a good thing as well. Tanzania felt they couldn't do that one here hey we're trying to take as were tied at number one overall pick the bigger quarterback. But the way the NFL's biggest impaired I think the jets were trying to do that and the jets failed miserably at eight to try to get a top draft pick. I'd just think the owners have completely brain washed the aliens into what's beneficial for that if the royals. Just in fifty to forty million less dollars this year does that benefit the most you'd think in today's game or the owner of the team that's actually saving the money. It's the older than saving them. There's two things here. Is there an issue police I mean I think on some level there is some collusion. It's today let's let's not out of these as many big big body long term deals that we done because it is simply don't work. Now you rub the most part is I think there's something odd with the moves deal and I just don't understand it and others more to I don't know what it is what it this year is held. Who's the got a report that nobody else offered a deal to Bob nightingale it was Bob Knight and I'm not expected USA today. One of the most respected baseball writers out there so that no other and offered loosened deal. 38 bonds last year two time all star world champion. And nobody offered booze to deal. Means something's fishy there I tell people this all the time not a stuff that we don't know blow your mind right this doesn't make any sense to. This doesn't make any sense to me that guys. It's 38 home runs the best offer the only offering got us for one years six in bucks. So do you believe there's collusion do you believe the dealers that wink wink nod nod. This bulk of the deal and not pay players as much money they have in the past absolutely. I think is moves things completely different though because it doesn't make any sense but no it's either baseball offer Mike whose stock is a contract. The best he was gonna get. Was one years six and half million. We kicking himself right now I get 79 with a qualifying. So there's two separate deals there Moses thing I still on the entire story and is it just smells bad. And that includes the hits for today at goes through and I guess address the seating. And ranking of each of the three local schools to start with Kansas is the one seed. I think the second best team going into the NCAA tournament is based on resonate. Not talking about who you have winning I'm sure some fans have different teams picking it and I know the scenes have been kind of down on a U in this final and his team being a final fourteen. I am curious over the next couple days does that conversation change because remember you and I had a lot of conversations on the course of the year. And you adamant that he has no chance to go the final four this is not a championship caliber team. Now we completed the regular season and the conference tournament. If you think that you is a championship level team and I know a lot of fans have told me this entire season that they are. Tell me who is entering this tournament. Because if we even had to rank opting to use that kind of team. Mean tell me it seemed you think of the five most like that when the eight its public image of the seven most likely to win the eight most likely to win. It is Horton not Ingraham Kansas and that bunch given what we've seen throughout the course of the season. And their regiment I would put over the topic for sure I mean go into this thing Arizona would scare is now I think Virginia is gonna be really good I think the net of Villanova is really good. Duke Carolina. All those teams in doc as a trendy pick to get to the final four as well. But I think now based on what we've seen from KU I think there in that group of eight. The Q when the national championship while I'm still on the fence whether or not they can pull it off. But they certainly have earned the right. To be in that discussion you know like decorating goes away and get on your iPhone and the maps saying it is the most direct route and a couple of rounds so it's 42 minutes this way it's 58 minutes is waits around ten minutes that. You took the hour ten minute route they take the most direct route to get the one seed in the midwest. I mean it was an up and down bumpy road for K you get to the point they always wanted to be which was the one seed in the midwest but they got there. And they want the big twelve tournament without their big man you don't Azubuike. All right so. Listen I think critical to you all year I think rightfully so I think Bill Self. Was critical of his team and rightfully so well. What this team has done at the end of the year and what were able to pull off the big twelve tournament without Azubuike was flat out phenomenal bleak doom. Averaged 14 game of the big twelve tournament. Averaged thirteen point two games for the regular season. Or this guy went but let's. So is Sosa played Coleman's got a double double of the game against West Virginia Mitchell like Foote has emerged. We may look back is crazy as this sounds detail happens in the NCAA tournament and we say this this year to. The fact that Azubuike went down. With sprite and CL in practice on Tuesday last week. As a blessing in disguise for the skater but because Sylvia does those who grew up in the big twelve term. Let me ask you this and I'll give you my opinion do you still look at this is not being atypical case you'd seen because I've worked every single case you spay and tell me all this you're not a typical day you taint. This looks pretty typical to me you've got a really good point guard like series in the NCAA tourney and we are here this thing over there. Hard times over the next four days guards Dominic march cards when the term. Are you Greg are you to they had to grant and for remains immune Miguel's lessons a leader in that room and have certainly changed especially with a final four. So typical case UT. I look at this case you tee incredibly typical to me as we've outgrown. The most remarkable thing to me what happened this weekend I don't know why I didn't see this coming because I've been talking about the big twelve Twilight Zone. I've seen this happen with Kate you. Every single year. I don't think they can do what in three days but it happens every single year that lost you'd oak Azubuike I didn't pick to win the big twelve turn I thought that he was gonna play at like 6070%. Definitely need it hey let's rest up let's try to get ready for the NCAA turn Eid is thought that we're gonna play like how they did against Oklahoma State. I think it was clear case you took their foot off the gas in the game it's Oklahoma State. They just created another great pick me. I've seen you do this my entire life I've seen them lose a guide to the NBA draft next year that next guy is better than one that they had before. That's secretly what they did in three days there was no reason to believe Sylvia the Sosa could do what he did this weekend. I'm not saying you don't believe that in the long term since you can't you faint I'm talking W Washington oak Azubuike. Lot of people saying if you can make an argument for Sylvia that's also winning big twelve tournament MVP I think deserve to win her one it. You could've made a pretty convincing Soviet missiles are what Al. Lunch break reading this we got to look at it too before which he was some of that he was incredible. This week. So if you want to talk about atypical case you'd seen. As we head to march and we got to see what happens with you don't go but I would say the emergence of Sylvia the Sosa lets you be a little bit more cautious with the joke Azubuike he doesn't need to play heat this week arts on Thursday's game. They said enough for the sixteen game against an ice pick at the Smart thing to do. Maybe at the earliest he comes back Saturday game against the ball I don't know Arctic or NC state respect to those both those teams I don't know if you need to win this game from what we've seen from KU and it's especially going to be a very pro OK you cry out. How good Sylvia was this weekend I think allows Sylvia art allows you to joke Azubuike that is much time as he needs to get back in as close to a larger percent as theoretically possible at this point and see what does. As the socialist. This weekend he was phenomenally big body there always known as the guy by grimacing that formally Newman. Oh when it twice for one game at 847. I mean early on the seizure like police Newman. But this getting it out it's 13 ambulance negative about this team is completely different they were earlier in the season. Every it is eighteen last three home games this year and it wants sprint center is Washington. Right and the way playing right now they hit their peak and they hit their stride they're playing their best basketball at at the right time this is a battle hardened team right now. No it absolutely is let's move on to kids they will get back to Kansas coming up. In just the bill also want to read the quotes from the chiefs as they released on the Hollywood gets banned 525 segment what Simmons will get back to. If Stewart's Kansas State. I think their biggest questions. Are very simple. It's dean weighed in there and I'm no doctor some Odyssey or pretend to be one. But bear Brown's injury did not appeared to be varied game missing in the NCAA tournaments and here's what I think happened my theory would be it's. He got poked it was a little uncomfortable they thought hey we don't need you in this game at least from AC spam point. Maybe Kate maybe can't is they could have been a seven C a sixty that they end up winning the tiger. Big twelve tournament. But I. Sit down put ice over here I was try to get the swelling down let's try to get you back to a 100% if I had to guess I think bear brown wears goggles in the games we goes Horace grant. He goes high reader to go to Iran does something like that I think he does that and dame way is the one I'd be worried about the way you look to mobile yet to mull. Jane gates he looked to me yet so I'm looking at. Bodies get healthy here so that would be my biggest question bear brown. I don't think it's going to be that I think their routes are I think he looks the same self is got to do with playing in the goggles. NCAA turned it goes without saying. Dean wage does not play they got a chance you're not winning against Clinton like you were beating Creighton in mind and what it. Dean weighed me that's the big right and he got a first team all big twelve guy dead. I think we'll probably be in the NBA not next year probably go back to Manhattan and he's got a chance in India. I don't feel that stress fractures in the feet is that I never had so I don't know what it's like I. If they determined that he can't get worse. He'll probably take an average of is to be if I would assume you'll take in the if that's the case the and he can play at least for a little but without him there down. A quote I mean. Let's not if K state held a lot of credit for being with Kansas Bob Berry brown about the way in its two points in the big. Against K you in the in the semi file out and play detail right legally NCAA tournament. And you get very brown he's got a nice situation get. You know I talked with a slasher compared Kansas State to mid American conference football team going up against somebody the victim Michael Iowa State. Listen when you don't have to right. When you lose guys like he waited Bear Bryant eagle that is really good teams. Ahead of them for three quarters but after that coach case thick cannot. Absorb losing both those guys so I'm with you I think Barry Brown plays wears goggles and Deen wait we got we have to wait and see. Because that's stress fracture that to be a real big issue form if he's not there that went. Russia look at India comes a Martin or later in the week we'll keep you posted by guest will probably. Right that's what the mid week maybe play for you guys on Friday as he looked towards Missouri's game they played a late game on Friday. I it's twofold for Missouri I would say one is a Jordan Barnett rising. There's other than most ways of looking at Bjorn as a faint obviously you were upset before the biggest game of your season. And the biggest amateur art it's life we're being honest the first round means it would turn things like Uga did he lie you cannot play in the rules state. That you have to be suspended for made up from Missouri competition for at least the weeks and I'll do it I'm just here but says he can't play in this game. Any shouldn't play in this game something W jeopardized not only liked the life of people around you by choosing to drive. It's funny scene if you get it do you why you are either stupid or care there's really no other way to look at many people get upset about that but it's true. Technology has created every possible way for you to will void do you I'm passing a bad person if you gonna do you watch them but you just lets you. Overestimated our ability to drive you got pulled over threat to blow and brought the lies and you've failed the test you in danger not only alive but the lives of the people work. Or careless in the fact that I am OK I can do I can drive and a lot of people have been a situation so again I don't wanna make it seem like at being. Giving a DUY makes you a bad person but obviously there's different agreed to restore grades and everything. But did you also to look at it from the point of being a college student out of Jordan Barnett. You sat on the bench for a season as he transferred from Texas and watch a bad pass bolted to get a chance to play last season. Decent year but the team was absolutely awful they fire the coach that recruited you to come to that school God's mark Potts. Don't know on each passing with them from being a Saint Louis but not the guy that does not to sign at the plate for you stayed at Missouri I don't know because of a gradual transfer or not. He stayed at Missouri. They had a great season. It was the twenty best players in the SEC this year the SEC tournament happens you go one for nine and one for six from the field you lose the personality of the SEC tournament. You didn't get a DU wine not suspended for the first round it's doubly hard and imagine the guilt. The Jordan Barnett would live with if Missouri and those they close game in the NCAA tournament and he thinks an apartment I was playing I could've done something better. That's something you live with everyday for the rest of your life as a human I feel bad or Jordan Barnett. And I feel bad for two and just. Injury and this happens in Missouri all the time that. Get a couple of ways first dot from a team standpoint I'd be as. I'm like listen and Michael Porter got hurt Blake Harris transfer Terrence Phillips got kicked off the team. We still managed to get in the NCAA turn of the border shelves the and then my teammate did this as senior on this team I got you need on a team with no depth. Made this type of decision. From individuals to appoint. Let's and I was briefly acknowledge that I played college golf for one semester I wasn't discipline of student athlete. To be able to hang on to that position plus a what a great all three but I was good but not great. Bottom line is this here's trying to get a lot of second chances in life. Right college athletics are one of OK Jordan Barnett screwed up. A royal opt edged a terrific opportunity for him to play in the NCAA tournament after he's gone. I'm sure the kids certain big idol Missouri when his game so get out there. Right but if I'm a dessert fan of a loser team is a district. Knowing and that part makes counsel a lot of sense all of us I don't want to read you what the chiefs had to say about releasing Tom Ali today and we'll get back into the NCAA tournament. Plus in ten minutes we gave you a final chance today to 1000 bucks. Right here on six and Sports Radio. I came on the drive here it's easier just a few years. Being geared to gain is all here at least a new day. Yes he is going to be our producer until they decide who our new producer is out with the old and in with the new best feel like it's a delight them. We Essex in sports case seen maybe they would dusty will be your permanent newbie you may know as the. Dirty wearable that's the name in the hands of the patients is that correct gusting. That's Qaeda correct and an actor actually got it from producing. Officials bird. And then of course being free reign with as burns that's something people do the dirty where all dollar tax line did because they took my first name dusty and then likens which is. But where will underworld movie to your dirty where it was a dirty where rule makes perfect sense because eloquent way. Early show that means we got the beard and you want to teen wolf the other you know. This is from CEO. And owner of the chiefs Clark Hunt like how there's it's stored calls and chiefs chairman and CEO BP likes to be called that owner. He's the owner of the chiefs. Tom has a tremendous has been a tremendous ambassador for organization both on and off the playing field his incredible work ethic. And passion for the game helped make him one of the most successful pass rushers in franchise history. Probable will always be a part of that she's family and we sincerely appreciate his contributions to the chiefs in the Kansas City community over the last twelve seasons. This next statement is from Brett beach. I have a great deal of respect for tomba in the amount of success he's had as a member of this franchise. He's one of the greatest he's pass rusher is of all time is made a lasting impact on chiefs kingdom. We wish him the best as he continues his career. This last one is from Andy Reid now start regency on the radio. Quote I am grateful I've had the privilege of working with Tom holly getting to know him on a personal level historic stores to see. Yes it's his love for the game is incredible and he's passed on that passion. In his knowledge to a lot of our younger players I can see him being a coach one of these days they're just. Basically if the chiefs tell you they want you to be your coach. That is code for you can't play or what we're happy to have you around. To tell the truth yeah that's probably your role. The practice or pay millions go and that's they they love saying that I that your did its trade I could see him being a coach when these days he's built a tremendous legacy here in Kansas City and we wish him the best as he moves forward. Well top holly I do you think it is very very fair to keep this in mind with tomba. Won't get to a coming up in five seconds but first got to get your chance of 1000. It's international cast contest dusty thanks reminded by men you get an and thousands on the thirties text the word page that's GE eight page I'll do it again PA GE 7081. You could be a thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest 610 Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City. Giving you a chance up to 121000. Dollars each weekday to solicit and on the thirties from six to six next chance to win is well. 6:30 tomorrow morning of fast in the morning complete rules apply at 610 sports. Dot com sort of thing about the rules but back to you felt real job does a great job and trying to after the gig great job right. One thing I really appreciate about Tom hotly. He's he's a throwback play the same stance I had with the or Johnson. Well here's one organization where you got drafted by the organization and its idiot brigade to see you came back. You've played out that whole second contract in the came back inside a poor contract for the team. Other topic should be applauded the same way that Gary Johnson should be applauded. They're Johnson in my opinion dates back money to play with a team Citi chief indeed everything in his power to come back to the chiefs Hubble was the exact same way. Remember at the end of tomba tomba very easily could it chase. What the markets where chase when he got his ring in Denver hey I wanted to try to achieve a ship hey I appreciate with the cowboys. Had a great career I'm trying to go win a ring here. Public could've went to go play for the patriots got a little what the Packers could've went to a lot of places that would have given him a better chance to win a championship. But it was happy here he was comfortably here is families is only place that he's known at least at the professional. He wanted to continue to stay here and well season with one team in the NFL. And so put together the career that you've put together. Ed Thomas going to be in the ring of honor one day Derrick Johnson going to be in the ring of honor one day. Some call him Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas I don't think they had that kind of impact but. I mean for the modern. She's fair or the younger she's been maybe a better way to put it the younger she spayed. It every chiefs team that you really know that you've been close to that always had Gary Johnson Ian Tom holly. You actually put Neil Smith conversation he's got four more sacks in the untie a virtual. James has changed on a mile an authentic and probably played it when Neil played nineteenth five though the ball 45 that's or 50% more so I mean. I think I think we did it's wonderful and who do you think was the better chiefs' pass rush I think you'll wins over. It's you and yet I'm look at what Neil Smith did with the chiefs you know he was 8896. Tom Tom was 2006 to 2017. Thomas eighty and have Sachs. Had about fifty fewer tackles but a 110 or assisted tackles bottom line is top Ali's number two in the in the chiefs. A terrible times actually got they had more sacks him. And she's histories that are Thomas atop Ali we'll go to one of the great she's made seventy million dollars lately Kansas City Chiefs so. And the guy could barely practiced and oiler to me on the field but it's his time and use it all the time to football to young man's game. And it just beats the hell out your body and he's got other interest it he's got his music and all that stuff. But it. It is cool though when you have players that wanna stay. With their team right end and tumble to do that. They're Johnson wanted to do is look at it now and I think with what we know about football. I will start to see players like Tom Huntley and we talk a lot about the younger players that are gonna retired due to concussions and office of the talk about football those guys certainly exists. But I think the new wave so to speak is going to be is guys like Derek Johnson and Tom holly that it made a lot of money in their career that used to. Stay around for an extra 12 maybe three season and try to paying more. Now it's may and I've made sixty million dollars in my NFL career and I feel relatively healthy. But aside from me to do something else in my life and I got a lot of other interest I think dared Johnson wanted to I think you get hired by ESPN tomorrow ESP or NFL network. They've already had humble and he's done some CBS stuff he's done it's used in stuff. Eric Johnson has options now Tom how. Ali clearly has option usher Johnson as a coach he does a lot of football rat and he loves it he does a lot of other things. So why does think we'll start to see guys like Tom hotly that maybe you know use the plates they were 3536. Tom how he's gonna be James Pearson and that the best way to put it we see James Ayers and loves playing well is addicted to playing football again what he does with bodies try to get right to play I think you love the mental grind trying to get your body ready to go out there for for conduct and TJ is that it's you I think they do their jobs is that way more so than maybe. But I just think what they see that tomba is his interest is clearly in music too much into camp interest in both of me being a littler. Do wraps Ilan global music what would you meet other Thomas close partnership to the next phase of his life in. You know what I'm healthy I've been a lot of money in my career I just got let go from the only team. I don't think child plays football again I think Tom holly announces he's retired here in the very near future. To an end he's not the only got elect noted rob Parker too is gone so many chiefs of lost. Ford offensive stars I mean I guess we still call Thomas starter and we. Rod Parker like goaded into so mark is Peter's rob Parker Tom Ali Derrick Johnson. All gone from this cheese defense yeah absolutely up to play a couple of things of what coaches had to say about the NCAA eternal get suits in the showed today. How you were just sack religious when it comes to filling out your NCAA turner some people out of the bracket. This is what Bill Self had to say about teens is being selected in the NCAA tourney yesterday on CBS in the selection Sunday show. Well I I thought it was. If you're an automatic bid winner obviously it was. Maybe a little anti climatic scene in the heat shield that the very first that I thought it was exciting watching how how you guys and they open. But both for Mia which is seriously I was looking at. 11689. That was all I was when he's going to affect their first two game tournament that we get a chance the way. And of course we're we're happy that we get staples home in Wichita. Successful you know get staples the home home hall but that's only if we played great. This week here but but certainly. Every game will be compared to about I've known Steve a long time again and when he was at Cornell he gave us all we wanted in our building up its last. Fashion one year and certainly. We got to get ready for that one and and if reports enough to move you know plain enough. Plenty NC Stater or Seton Hall you know those are bad those of both speak. Both both opponents could be quickly gains for us because we just don't have much margin for error but we are playing better were playing were more confidence and I like were wrapped. I think what Bill Self said there are teams that make you terrified if you wore hats human as the play Kansas were playing better and we're playing with more confidence that's I see the biggest difference in everybody's. I don't know what's gonna happen with you dealt Azubuike I don't know what's gonna happen with this news I think the worst thing that can happen to the opposition is Silvio the Sosa is found this whack a little bit and is playing with confidence where he just wasn't playing with confidence before and you could help build it now. Have confidence in. Don't have confidence and put them on the floor building up confidence that he can stay out of foul trouble now you do and we don't have confidence works and momentum works. Always think momentum is a lot like inward kind of thing it's the belief and knowing that you can do it. Don't shipping get over that hump especially when you're like Silvio and you were to an annual behind the curb a little bit that having. You're playing high school basketball what 45 months ago and now they put you in the middle of a big twelve term race. Our conference regular season race is the odds that you're a little bit if you're not gonna be hi Ian mark and bad Li Michael Porter Mohammed bobbled the under eight and kind of talent. Apart that two of those I think your I think sometimes guys respond differently when they know that there ought to choice right. There's no there's no safe there's no safety net in the big twelve tournament recipient Sosa right as a book he's not coming in to save. Right Ian eagle there or do is did I hit it over the deepen and said slam. And boy Getty. I think we saw that from only human to. It may look back depending what happens in the in the NCAA turn it may even into next year. And look at you don't Azubuike go and out of practice last week in the spring and CEO as a potential blessing for KU because it forcefully Newman. To step up it forced. Sylvia associate to go in there and play well those safety net here kid. Go out there if you don't play well we don't win it's really that simple. And he would play gray double double its West Virginia showed some attitude against cannot lose Phnom. It also created I would say it I would say it a 100% to eliminated it but. What you're big knocks on JU was lack of depth yeah. You just told created you just created depth with guys when Euro loss we saw a social and I think is now guy you can trust the play 1520 minutes if you if you don't become just go crazy it's crazy the joke goes down Ellis would you create up all the sudden went into you makes those it's not really shocking because at Kansas basket let's get it back. Just pour pour some water got another one pops yeah like I guess I'm sick of looking at I don't know how anyone could predict this gonna happen with Sylvia's those. This year he is averaging. Three points and three rebounds a game. No reason to think he could come out in the big twelve tournament and do what he had done what you saw a little bit of a spark in the Oklahoma game. And that was the only game I think you can say it made it really well this in tiger sees. This entire season. And then pulled something happened something clicked. And she turned into an absolute beast against Oklahoma State six points eight rebounds to obviously take a guy on your beans in fifteen minutes against Kansas State. 811 in nineteen minutes in a couple days ago in West Virginia played 26 minutes sixteen points ten rebounds he has won T. One in the rebounds in his last 45 minutes of basketball who is that guy that's playing attic in incredible level if you're still go to Sousa they limit our biggest knocks. They created depth by guys on their old roster this weekend was an overall win for Kansas State councils are suited for K you will see what happens with you don't Azubuike what happens. Put getting Sylvia to Sosa involved and I think the confidence knowing I can go out there and play well is gonna pay bit is gonna pay big dividends for this team is they've means mr. And I talked about him having his ceiling going into the tournament alone you know and like Christmas team target passes sweet sixteen that's why settle here and that's what it looked. Ellis at UC it was a their part of the bracket. And seat all NC state clams in New Mexico State Auburn in Charleston and now Silvio to Sosa. Is playing great and probably Newman's go off for thirty in the big twelve tournament. The ceiling got raised this weekend Canada at sprint center downtown Kansas. For K the other two coaches spoke. Will play it would they had to say plus you're violating every single rule when it comes to bracket may expect news and we'll tell you what it is next drive. Bank and on the drive. Take you up until 6 o'clock today on the podcast page six in sports dot com also available and I'd seen the show coming up after. Us a lot of play really quickly what Bruce Weber had to say. I think they are one of the most interesting first round match ups with Creighton going up against Marcus Foster in like most 89 games and obviously most games in the NCAA tournament H room coin flip cunning game. But this kind of has that extra Jews because you're going up against a guy who was in your program recently and was the best play it was a big deal whatever market author transferred. Is Bruce Weber had to say about going up against his former crew. A market the good news reporter and we. We felt like we. You know he didn't flatter. Not many people recruited him. Yeah I believe. Freshman year. You know one of the most voters in the big twelve it's still remembers. What can we were 31. Of them. In. If he does the you know you hit it better the player great great offensive. Players. On series got. Or the defensive player who is you know experience. But he or retirement what you know fossil actually really good that they have. They've got some rip some as well as the answered the laws are there. Phil McDermott are better off line in the game. You know Hitler like to. It was the. You know the tournament loves creating great story lines are great match ups think about it on both sides retains the state you get a chance stick in the college career of markets Foster. Or if your Marcus Foster in your Creighton you get a chance to redeem the are you did you get a chance to stick it to Bruce Weber in the Kansas State are in the Kansas State wildcats team that dismissed you I mean it's that's. Not for a local aspect of it we know little bit more the backs or obvious because local and we're closer to K state and a lot of other people are. This is one of the most intriguing and best first round match up if we get a healthy enough dean way and I expect I expect very brown a play umbrella look at forty K State's game. Me too me Creighton Robert Craig comes out of the big east are two number one seeds coming out of the east and Villanova and say that's a good Lee. One common opponent Baylor K state swept him and great loss to markets posture against K state. In an 89 matchup we're not tock and 125 year you know we're not talking thirteen for I mean this is a coin flip game I think you said it best he called it. So yet that the story lines really get it really has its hero. I think Missouri would be that in that same region with Kansas and eight and that would be bad that would be the committee having SNC. No I'm with you and that my my argument for the beginning with Kansas was I do think it is in the benefit of the NCAA tournament to reward you for having a great season. I think what happened to K you're looking at it I think from a objective perspective I think what happened for K you win the 89 is the best thing that could happen. Men don't put teens this our RC dot Lazare in our region C caller NC state. Two teams and well two teams far away that's going to be a 95%. K you cry out in Wichita. Bright 98%. C golfing and you think are make and captured in C state fancy bigger make an actor. For having the regular season and conference tournament that case you as should be playing a game in the first round that are essentially a home game. Going to be essentially a home game if it was Missouri yeah a lot of Missouri fans are gonna make that trip for myself included and it was going to be anymore can you phased. It was going to be like a 6040. Time you cry out this way it's gotta be in 19955. Kind of K but. To carry Kansas they screw Virginia the overall number one you're gonna sell and Virginia's got Kentucky and Arizona there half of the bracket. You know so they're gonna have to face the winner Creighton Kansas State they get by that came and got Kentucky or Arizona. I mean project is an overall number one actually screwed NKK got a sweetheart deal that last. I like to use region IE to if you look at their region man I think if you ask Bill Self at the very beginning of the season. The beginning I think you tell him let's avoid Missouri if that 819 because the Porter any uncertainty. At the very beginning is that lets you port. But note Michael Porter is going to do. I would be surprised to be scored twelve points in the Franjo. I would be surprised that that first game he's got his legs back under would now which were Barnett they put him in that Wayne. They opened a little bit where he's posting up a little bit less he's slashing to the basket he gets a little bit about explosiveness. Explosiveness back imports up when he said that we keep my. Both are very possible when Michael Puerto this year so once like case you shortly wanna avoid playing that game the two in the three C. If you region tough match up it's only got to play one of the worst like I'd much rather be case you've been Virginia. For the number one original for you get a better regular absolutely Bridget is gonna play. Either Kentucky or Arizona I think now obviously things can happen to the term it's unpredictable one of those teams. In the sweet sixteen it irritates it would rather play the possible matchups. West Virginia which tossed our arts and a look at the Ross of the bracket. Close at all or year or five seats or Arizona Kentucky or your fourth that it's not even look just get screwed for an answer that he is I don't closely rather had a coach of being happy about the go to being happy about where they are. I mean look at where Missouri so let's excellence a seat up did you watch Michael porter's last game because aidid's I don't expect OR. You know what to expect Michael porter's injury. I bet you're one of you with a didn't think he was gonna back this year. Singapore's gonna come out and be Marvin that obviously do not know nobody knows I don't. Any one can say I know Michael Porter going to do. See an acute put to college basketball in the autumn didn't know he's been injured. Maybe he's more efficient navy says hey I gotta get my shots there. Right goes six highly focused more defending read I just don't know how anyone can know how does Missouri team is going to respond and how he's got a response. But he didn't just probably doesn't go as far as he's just this year basketball town if you ask counsel mark as a as the coach of an 89 team. Which one seed would you like to go up against I think he picked savior I don't think he picks Kansas and I think they're one of the teams that kind of exploits a Missouri's Exxon let. Lack of size inside but Missouri the team that can very easily get out trouble down low I think JU we saw that in the scrimmage. Really do take advantage of that Villanova and that second third best team in the country. Virginia team it just poses matchup problems for everybody without a cane to Spain in if you have a point guards very difficult for you to beat Virginia. I think you pick Xavier I think if you ask them realistically. Didn't have three areas for the first round of the electorate that you like to end up. I think he picks Nashville's one of those I think he picks going to Nashville that's what you got your Missouri. Obviously the Jordan Barnett thing is a big loss for the Missouri tiger does don't know if you can pick a better destination one they got Missouri set up pretty well I think he has set up the best and I still think Virginia the raw deal. Checkout the podcast page six and sports dot com also available on iTunes. Your brackets strategy I don't I don't got a good. The people more time give it to run will it do for brackets that your wife for somebody that knows nothing about college basketball fill one out. Do top seeds all the way through to get emotional bracket if you got some ties to certain universities and little researching. Your thought. Well brag he got four bracket you got your blood covered. On everything else I'm trying to help the people and some money seat and it's it's a tried and true process how much is being better at selecting the game and that's a tried insurance with. Be better how can you think. Is an apple. Can do no you're right I don't quite often your wife recently knows nothing about college X that's the beauty of the NCAA like on like tigers like tonight we have two cats like tigers on the take the zoo. That's what it's gonna be whole whole. Greensboro with their help to Greensboro and churn out Greensboro wins. And it's the craziest thing in the NCAA term that's what he handed out to somebody that has no knowledge of college grads. Check out the I guess made six and sports dot com also available and rides and back again tomorrow looking at Ken Pomeroy. Help you fill announcer brackets tomorrow on the drive. But think.