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The Drive
Friday, December 15th

CDot & Fanning go over their favorite Chiefs/Chargers over/unders and prop bets for Saturday night's matchup.


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You guys from the dry. Back in all of that drive today's pop quizzes was presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. Good to name the person in the Clinton when the pair of tickets for the Brett Eldridge. When the long waits who were makes its way to Kansas City at the uptown theater Saturday April 21. Price who was Kevin Garnett talking suit the only breaks out late great Craig Sager who passed away on this day one year ago tonight. All right T to Craig Sager a teacher profession you meet him before it. I did not meet Craig Sager but I knew all about is them. You go back to the kids city's main he was a sportscaster channel mine in the royals won the World Series in 1985. So I knew all about it and I who's your friends with Mike Swanson the VP of media and in broadcasting over the royals sliced a lot of great stories about so a like a new home even though I did. So Craig Sager detainee died one year ago today with a long bout of cancer. Right now is going to take it well he has a over under projections for this Saturday's game. As the Los Angeles chargers head to the frozen tundra Maryland stadium nestled itself right now for Vegas to try and determine who's going to win this in the line keeps changing back and forth we do have the props regular start with Alex Smith. Over under 245. Total yards that includes both rushing and receiving. It's a very tough and stingy Alley chargers defense over under 249 total yards round. I'll go with alt. Because I think he goes for about 24245. I think this game gonna be a little bit high schooler. I think it's going to be played 2724. Maybe the teams get into the thirty so I think it's gonna force the g.'s office the kind of put up points at Alex Smith he just kind of goes to like very weird cycles of play. This just appears to be one of those good cycles and how he's playing the last couple weeks 366 against the jets to 68 last week against Oakland. I'll take the over in 245 this week to press because weather isn't gonna be a factor is not going to be that cold tomorrow night at airline. To deal or two but I mean this is a tough enemy because I don't think Alex is going to be huge state on the football. Because of the good things I mentioned last segment we're talking about fantasy advice I think he's got to get rid of the quake. Which means those big plays that were used to seeing what Alex has chiefs' offense. There's going to be a bunch of them but I do think that. Join boasted only driven a chargers defense could make him uncomfortable enforcement run a little bit so this day I don't know. 227. Yards passing the football but I think he's gonna run you know for at least 3040 yards in this game because I think he's not to run for his life quite a bit I'll take and deal. I'll go to the future hall of Famer Philip Rivers over under two total touchdowns on all take the over they appear to got to have turned the keys over to Philip Rivers. Thought that that she's really have a good chance of Kenya now I think she announced gonna have a hundred yards receiving in this game. I think it's probably more likely to be pushed and under like Agassi and only two touchdown passes having 300 yards and maybe. Melvin Gordon has a rushing touchdown in this one. But for the sake of the game all take the overriding rivers had a pretty good day on Sunday again because it's going to be pretty high school where I'll take it over from Philip Rivers. Yeah I'm gonna take deal brought that to auto markets Peters is coming back but it. I think they're gonna try to put heat and Alan on derail Revis. And I think that's going to be an absolute mess and again the guy that nobody is really talking about his honor Henry who is right in the same category as brought in guy in Travis tells so. Yeah I think Philip Rivers added sort of the football over what she's been on fire lately either Dallas been terrific politic he'll run to total touched. Are executed going to win. Auriemma hunts over under 95. Total yards on the day both rushing and receiving 95. I'm take the over on this one again I think this game's gonna be high scoring. In the Los Angeles chargers are 28. Against the run. There's no doubt in my mind that you can run the football against them the Eagles ran for 214 the chiefs earlier this season ran for 189 the bills once every three giants went 52 Broncos won forty. Jaguars won 35 a team like some on the football. You should run the ball against the chargers 66 yards I do is there are at least rushing yards and 28 and a half. I get a good day I'll take the over on 95 told yours I think this is a hundred yards. Permits data from three month yet and it scares me a little bit. When it comes run the football against the San Diego Chargers and I get recovered from where the 28 I think in rush defense. But you know recently that pretty decent against the run. The last three games teams around the skins ran for 65. Browse for eight and the cowboys for seventy ninths they don't pretty good job of a show that running game that they said. I think it's going to be the cheese. Main priority to get to remind known so. I think they're. I'm taking over on this because even if they can't get that running game normally want to add it to your username and as much as they possibly can because again. That is out a chance to get that the ball quickly they're gonna swing passes screenplay is so like dance on the Corey much going over a hundred yards. Over under Keenan Allen. Total receptions. Numbers placed at six and a half. You know my team I think this game's gonna be high scoring I'll take over on TV now in receptions. Right now I just don't know if there's any team that is totally capable of stopping demand with what we know about the cheese I'm not. Doubting I'm not counting on him to be the team that stops it. The last four weeks now has been an absolute monster it started in the game against the Buffalo Bills on November 19. Well catches 459. Yards against the cowboys eleven catches for 172. Two weeks ago against the browns ten for 105 last week six catches for a 111. Yards Keenan Allen is playing at in a leap. First team all pro level I would bet on that happening because of how that she's pass defense has been so far this season I'll take the field. Yeah I take you over and you know as well I mean it is last what four games he's been targeted 49 times so. It we just brought it we base it on an average he's gonna get at least twelve targets in this game and so yeah I've got to take you over I'm big. And I I'll keep saying this to all blue in the face man I'm big on how team's plan right now not how they're playing a week three and hit out of the chargers play really good right now I think he's going over. Or Matt money Smith saying he's right up there with Julio Jones this year you have imagined it six and a half by being easy overcome. Travis Nelson at the back the sheets that over under 81 and a half total yards on the that's a really really good questions like kind of feel like I have to pick between I think three has a good day and I like. Every kill maybe more than what Matthew Berry does the first time these two teams played each other he was not very effective in the game. One catch for one yard against the chargers early in the season all take the under Olin Travis Kelsey and I'll probably take the Obama sure what it is I'll take the over. All what you did before Tyreke killed Davis they gave the Chelsea had a good day five catches for 69 yards. But the over under 81 yards I'll take the other. I guess this is a really tough one because. You know I'm under I'm only that they're gonna be using a lot underneath routes. Because Alex Alex reload time to go deep shutting Travis just gonna have her really really nice game I don't think he's going to overdose I've got to take the under on Kelsey. The guide experience that you should have been all of your fantasy lineups Harry hill every single album over under six and a half targets in the passing. I'll take the targets for drivers are for every dollar take the overall target. I think yet that day I think he has. Five catch 85 yards potential touchdown got a day I'll take the over on six and a half argued today as saying throwing at Adam. Exempt screenplay at a shovel pass. I'll take the overruns are. Take the under I think that's the one thing that the charge to try to take away. Tightly seal will not be chargers on Saturday night that's the one thing that I entered the game plan against. And again I think I think Alex is going to be run for his life for part of nights I've got to take the other anti retail outlets to some defensive props starting with the return of Marcus Peters. Over under either one interception a forced turnover in this game. I'm gonna take the under conducting it's always more likely that you don't force eternal over the you do but I do think that markets Peter plays well in this. I think the chart strategy is going to be let's not pass let's not go on the side of mark is Peter's. Let's make sure we keep it on the other side test the Rome Revis we test here it's Mitchell. We test Philip gains and Steven Nelson we throw it at that side but there's no reason attest to I think is gonna be a very amp up. Brash radio play ready to prove himself on the big stage mark is Peter's. I just don't think he's gonna have a lot of opportunities in this one so I'll take the other I've got to take the under on that too. I don't think the throat and very much why would there. When you've got Darrelle Revis Terrance Mitchell. Anybody out and Marcus theatres I don't these it's an opportunity to keep an ounce can be on the same sad isn't it may not matter. What matters target and anyone else that's fair enough let's close in the first on the plate equity was matchup I'll like maybe one time. I think silly. Natalie is gonna happen very often and they don't move market leaders around. Become the best receivers so I'm taking him. I've been talking about Melvin Ingram Kelly boasts all throughout the week it but the chiefs offensive line Al Smith just worry about both those guys come on form. Over under three sacks on the day for the Los Angeles starters at air I'm gonna take the over. The chipset to prove to me that you can stop these kinds of pass rusher. Like you likes Russ. Erik Fisher in this game to really neutralized the two options one thing of the ages had one option. Put the banged up offensive line into not go to a league level pass rushers these might be needed to best pass rushing or the best pass rushing duo in the NFL. I think it's quite likely four pushed the same way I thought about Philip Rivers over under on touchdowns with two. Three seems about right before the basis of the game I'll take the overall sense I the public of Ingram and enjoy boasts all weeks and it's basically Neil Smith and Darren Thomas roll it here in 1990. So based on that I've got to take field Alex Smith is the sixth most sacked quarterback any NFL he's been sacked 33 times this year in thirteen games. They're gonna get him that I'm taking the field. And that includes our props sports today.