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The Drive
Friday, December 8th

Carrington has found a story involving parenting that he thinks will make Fanning's head explode...


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As the story I think that's right up innings Alley we will get to that momentarily but a little breaking news in Major League Baseball. John Carlos and has officially rejected he St. Louis Cardinals deal was in place between the Marlins in the cardinals. The stand has a complete and full no trade clause and he said. No from the GM of the cardinals quote unfortunately we were on able to convince me into waive his no trade clause and joined the cardinals we felt this was a great landing spot for him but it was not meant to be. You have to think the Dodgers are now the most likely place for Stanton makes the most sense to me why would go to yeah early. Policy center the giants were in the mix to rally was sealed San Francisco. For the Dodgers things. That actually panel of the fact that John Carlos Stanton doesn't wanna go to Saint Louis and experts incident that's that's your you don't let it be better. But also said he drinks is Hudson on the ship did go it's easily going the city of drain Spin City the city of fountains. Analysts added drain and not placing it is yet. And surprise me but the part that those two is it. You know and it would Stanton was at 325 million dollar contract set to make. Some ridiculous amount of money it is the first year of his deal it really starts to blow up. It signals can afford it any small market can probably afford that that's what's crazy in the if you're gonna make of the money or somehow I would assume that tomorrow is probably a big part of that salary. But holy smokes man. I I just think it's really really funny that that valiantly in Saint Louis B I would think LA is probably landing spot they're free to load a Connecticut so much money. I don't know if I would count. I don't know I'd tell the cardinals though small market though adding the cardinals have gone elevate their commute their TV deals billion dollars adding the cardinals might be one of like rare examples of a club that. Is in the midwest may not Chicago not Detroit put. They're not the royals when it comes to financial restrictions that they have made a lot of sense for the cardinals I don't know why you wouldn't wanna go play for organization like them that you know is originally going to be in the playoffs and as such a loyal fan base but when you got a full no trade clause literally have to explain why you don't wanna go somewhere that's not where I want ago. Yeah there's some columnist and Saint Louis has read this piece he was called the keynesian spoiled or not wanna go to Saint Louis is that this is in fact what happened. And I don't think that's what people little gray a no trade clause in there. I got a problem with that and people are in their say listen. In Miami right now and if you're gonna trade me that I get to at least have a say in where I go so I don't I don't have a problem stands in Ottawa to go to or you'll hear hear that it. I saw a story today that I'm telling you will make your head explode. The story was there was the trial called the back mean in fact where they had a 180 kids aged four through six. And they would have a parent ask them to do something. And they noticed that the kids would listen more war. If they dress the kids up is Bettany and our doors the explored to get him to do the tax so the task was they had to completed ten minute boring task. That it's you know the mom would say. Sparky do acts Sparky would get distracted by other things and not do acts but they notice that they would tell Sparky to do something has argue got distracted. They would say hey here dress up as Superman and didn't do well I ask you to do and they noticed that when they did that the kids were 63 more per doc percent more productive. They have kids. That we're not dressed up as superheroes. The kid is all this isn't a mom would have done to motivate me to do which you asked me to do that it was a very simple. What I say and if she said what I say and I oh it. The next time it was going to be conversational. I should listen to what you have to say she asked the first time and that I would say. My mom I don't know why should have this like six cents I'm playing madness the fourth quarter two minutes left. Hey kids he can you do XYZ hold O one games almost done what I say. I knew that I had a decision I had a choice to make NF I didn't do what you gonna do with. For me that I get the opportunity be dressed up like doors explore entering into of falling game the try to complete it and she asked me to do. So what's apple and little spark in Sparky there gonna get the real world hey I need of negative finisher TPS reports. I need you'd think she GPS reports now. Hey Sparky only to put on your back man students that you're cubicle okay now do my tedious reports at say you know what. It's just do it can't now get it done. You don't I mean. It's a team you guys now an hour my dad passed him I have terrible. It'll reward you can you do something you wanna hear the quote from the study you'll love this Saturday quote taking a mental step back from one's own situation could help children persevere in the face of distraction. Basically researchers are saying that allowing children to put on Alter egos. May be easier for them to quo persevere through short term distraction told those kids it says four to 64. To six. Quote perseverance is necessary through our allies from children struggling to sound out each letter on the pages they learn to read to college students studying organic chemistry late into the night. When due to the tedium of the task at Ian pulled meaning immediate gratification that are bound and our environments success off the requires persistence through some un pleasure. Is that you can't teach your kid to do what you're asked to do dress up as a cartoon character and over the senators have bigger himself loves to do absolutely reported in Andy's on I'm just telling him I knew the store is right up your Alley Sparky is in solicit means park yeah Martina just continue like this clown a look like two months that it. What I said what I say and that was it no she was thus it was that he was into the queen when it came to that.