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The Drive
Friday, December 8th

Former Chiefs DT Bill Maas weighs in on the Chiefs/Raiders game and whether he believes the team's relationship with Marcus Peters is still salvagable.


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It. You'll mosque of the good book former chiefs defensive tackle it reversed itself be a big you know given the schedule are perfect district. We could hear her she's. On Twitter Redfield mosque talking about at home and it looked betrayal of it off without exposing it means go to water little. I am. You know definitely got hold while president of the GC GG ambassadors. But I see him play I think. Marcia ball. You have a guy like that a lot war. The back field we have no larger corporations do mosque I can't tell you know what week. She wrote ruler went from a vacation report bubble reforms to. Sort of but it boom. A little bit of breaking news. As someone one lights water training Brent has been playing. From the Cleveland Browns that'd be forced mood John Dorsey as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns listen to this Kenny Brit this season made eight point five. Milk in it. Dollars it was. He doesn't have to sit on the sideline anymore not be used to get to spend Christmas time what does family. Cheney is a first ballot finance all star in a winner of light slot so he's a receiver for the browser yet since they Dorsey to voicemail when he got to know I think two Ebert was up their practice in a doors in just said. Blankley a lot. They've done there's receiver gives it is he just that the voice to pain completely fine in the million. Dollars for Kenny Britt on the atlas that's a front and catch the big Kenny Britt had this year eyes 78. 84 big deal particularly for wind redeem we have like five catches and a touchdown and and was a bomb the rest you know it cannot be a big number will find that out right now we had to drop spotlighted at double bill moss he's presented by seventh street casino an MVP electric heating and cooling Billy Bob I don't today man. You. Good doing good. Bill you've had some I would say pointed things to say about mark is Peter would call critical things they're very pointed things to say about you made a lot of good points. And a lot of sense in your comments there about Marcus Spears on Monday after the incident. What do you make of amnesty situation now we find out he's not gonna be playing on Sunday against oak. You know what we obviously have some. You know you just compare your plug into it was a only about that incident that incident only. It and we don't know hold circumstance are relatively seal. But he you know he he didn't have to security write him off too little to show. It's a treacherous. It was all about the world flag. Actions. Will result was sitting here until Q you talked about one being. Title Trojan Turks are Kurdish. But there's got to be more to it. Yes it's funny bring bill at Gary pickle for Missouri football coaches it was in studio today he was cited some of his books for a thousands of fans over here. And somebody asked you about them like how he would handle markets Peters and he has he has listen man because based on what I'm seeing right now there's a whole lot more of that story than what we know. You buy that. Yup either there's got to be more to it there's so that must be something transpired. Something in stated. Or you know there's there's a lot that goes into those things to make to make that decision you don't. You don't punish you know the other players for this looked as well. Given all the challenge OK given the age QB injuries almost six now. We still apology guys on the team that looked at oh he won't do is where it's your job it's certainly. You know they don't want to be in there should they don't want it you Argentine built and it won't urged city historians say it's what guys wanna win. So shall make that choice to. Sit what are your best players. It seemed that you know we can foliage change not just you liberators or. Two city and he's probably. Keep its highly capable notebook aerials all of there's you know there's got to be there's got to be more short. The suspension came from above in theory. Bill. No I don't buy that. It ought shorted but coworker who was some sort of in which. You know they're they're gonna bounce something off almost if they wanted to do with the road that's in the world. But I don't think it was victories from 4 o'clock. Parks not back or you know be eager to keys Overton can search it's in the right people expect to report properly or there's. Pursuing since the global nature of what is she's not purchase. Short jumper at large portion citizens. This is Indian and that the personal story. Right now talking to bill loss to our weekly visits are present in my seventh street casino and MVP electric heating cooling last question for me on markets Peters. Ain't he on Wednesday said they he met with the veterans on the team to have this conversation. Obviously you can't get inside the minds of guys but do you think guys like Justin Houston guys like Gary Johnson had maybe grown tired of markets Peters act because those guys seem to try to be the ones to help them the most. And they don't even seem to be able to get to him at least from the outside looking in. Yes you know it very well could be but I don't think uses of it was democracy slopes. More executions you and that with the guys are discussing the north toward leadership council instructional ball in the this is what I need you have a sufficiently take it one of the reasons this world rent a secure votes but it wasn't wasn't Becker. Talk. But. You know all those things we said. I think a lot of it it's too soon with its. Indian and true you know. Discipline has been a big issue this year. I'm not just talk about Slaton and so you know I'm talking about. Discipline discipline and in one yet responsibility to do discipline in your assignments discipline it in jumping off sides for currency. All sports. Or work out to perceive as repeated these. Two GB ram and impeach read those. Those things are all little things or discipline issue. In when you are scared. About. Do your job or 58 basis in the funds sold it to do better. You'd be surprised how quick those things cleanup. You know all of a sudden event. I know you know as I've been there I know the difference between lax this scene that you don't know your kit that we were socially. If you don't social social world and in points out that she's too with different way. And it's just what it's the cradle. You don't like it here or Clark beats your guys that's your that deals with deal which is the fact that matters. Almost in just couldn't go away. Because you seem more attention to. Think that a big swing in this state and the conditions of what he's trying to clean up a lot of things. Bill do you think the relation between Jason Peters is salvageable. We all of the recent Osce yes is because she's still younger. Ergo. You know I I know we go back to college and it noted history that I know all that but. Ice also build the guys that you know played long enough to hold it that they're groups. Part two you know you just five years in the league also. So there's something special deal to me to war she isn't. Just all about you. You mean more. Teach me more about being a team player means more upbeat leader the most since coming out with mature you know. I would. I wouldn't rule that whole way yet you know. Charles what's you degree to ship with a guy right now. These are kind of about content if you will. We when he was young burst even you work function things and big game big time leaderboard actually his career shall. Yet it's salvageable. And a lot of people were talking about. He got beat this the room now. I don't know if you can. Right now talking to bill Lawson drive for a football perspective. What do you expect from this defense without Marcus Peters I understand maybe he hasn't been that Peters of old with interceptions. But there's still a fear to me amongst offensive coordinators in teams of I wouldn't go to that side too many times there's no reason affair anybody now in the secondary group without. Yeah and immunities and opens you won't see how she responds. Know him out of their loved ones that holds its rally time it's beyond rallies are. You know. They've they've got a policy of the they. Payable let's. It's blown them out too well perform. Well play in the broad shut down this all sorts of variables. She local rehearsal. You know sometimes a boom like this. And get you know the saints to keep the different directions on the middle psychology it can play. On other un Petit but the players. You know what brought that up because it's one of the things we talked about earlier in the show believing in something like this you're you're essentially being forced to refocus rather than just being told him. You think something like this can have that effect on team. Yeah are you you know when you sit down probably. You know. One of the best players on your team it's not the best. Like when you're kidding when you make that move. Everybody else the luck incidents were the security in her eyes are open and look at quarter as both ways is our goal. You know what they're doing that in them. But I actually got better straighten up and get myself together so that's. That's the mentality has it. Must ensure. That we just all about that one incident where she saying or. Collectively all the other. One look at what. This is just sloppy oh where I got attention. Bill we have and we haven't had the opportunity to ask you this because that's kind of been a new thing and they'd announce until Sunday what do you make of any retaining over responsibility of play call. You don't wanna what they kept it and get a little weird isn't you know check out what some good morning that they interruption to whatever you. That's what it was. Talked about it. We're Walsh. I thought it was weird if her name was floated orange. Did he told to a lot of desperation moves who tried to to a lot of different sense. And I thought then you know most of such regard yet. But it appear to be in the first quarter that's for sure the offense looked like it was we'll put more corrections. On the attack but it was a defense its favor that as well. He's still gonna have a lot in with whom we. I think that the idea is to try to hit a slow roll. You know they have been slow with the offense. Give this to say here it is who broke him back with this extra one year although there anorexic to try to find that rhythm. That they've been talking about the losses that we side. And you also want guys play callers as it is it is down in that part time. You know. Maybe they can strike for him that he wore the team leader JK okay Arctic port. When we went on crafted works suggestions what I see what they can interject resources of the flow of the game the protocol. I don't have a time to see you its players you know what he'll make it stop the ball. Political to citizenship distinctions and in the poultry you don't. Players are very quick thought it would be told which that's what they want. There's an order for there there he beat the Laker coach we'll hear from the head coach. What sidelined perhaps she was quick job doable that those two guys it's likely it which concealed shall let me just one do you. Lick your dog treat it illegal to overwork heartbeat but the paltry and that's the nature of it that's a true either directly to. Last question here was bill loss. Bill we started the show off with teams have a chance to really eliminate what's happened the last 56 weeks and always been bad. But this team has two games in the division at home in December if you win both of these games pretty safe to say that you were going to win the AFC west. Who are you picking this week she's traders. Yeah I'm a more from the chief should mean that you actually look. Guess that I think they got terrible they actually decisions they've got to get a great veteran coaching staff. Purchase too much there to say she's we would take in the whole I would ticked cheeks and home. But it's almost anybody in the NFL that's that's the nature and that's that's what I think Google and to get reports on the same page actually prove you're wrong. And that's what they put the wrong that's what The Who worked router or what what would you say it's like. Oh bill. But the person could be exciting there they believe little. Because he cheeks chin with a that's it was a bullet. That's built mosques our weekly visits to bill a present my seventh street casino where it's at and also MVP electric heating and cooling. Bill always enjoy taught NC man thanks for coming on tonight. I.