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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

After it was brought up earlier on "Fescoe in the Morning," Mike Welch joined the guys in-studio to debate if the Chiefs should consider moving Marcus Peters at the end of the season.


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Right now welcome it might well it's both from Pasco in the morning because today. I was listening to your show there are a lot of opinions on marked as Peter your show is never short of opinion no we're not. And I heard you say. Betty is not. You trademark is pierced and that it also acts so I want you to come into the present short case of why you think it's time trademark is Peter. All present myself. I'm not sure stating sits on this I think staining is on the side of we wanna see it work itself out because no one's in the business of trading 24 your all pro quarterback Matt a position like that. Let's figure out a way to make the same side that I more. Christ always gets oldest sometimes by having the opposing viewpoint yeah decided trademark is Peter about what you currently. Well. Like we had threats Taylor on today and and he agrees with me actually because. Marcus Peters resigning Kansas City. You look at all the stuff does happen. Since he got to Kansas say I have a very hard time believing. Marcus Peter's really wants to sign some kind of extension here I think he wants to play elsewhere whether that's with the Oakland Raiders San Francisco forty hour somewhere in the West Coast. I don't think he will love it here. So if your not going to get him to re sign long term considering to look at it next year which will most likely be rebuilding Europe the rookie quarterback. And then more is Peters contract is up shortly thereafter. Why not try to get something back form why not try to put him on the open market a guy who is an all pro from last year has a lot left 825. He's one of just a few all pros 125 years old wallet Tyreke hill. Why not get something back for him and I'm looking at teams like this differences go 49ers got their first round but their second round pick which is an early one. That would be a solid return for a guy like Marcus Peters and it would send him back to the Bay Area where he wants to go at this point. It looks like markets Peters doesn't wanna be here breed it's partly the city partly the organization. Looks like the organization there real keen right now LaMarcus Peters obviously. So if they can be better for all sides of this hour is not a fit. It's not hard feelings about same Marcus Peters is a malcontent because I don't believe that by. It's is better for all sides if they move on a make sure you don't lose out on Marcus Spears Rios and a free agency get something back for him and just move forward let me ask you this. An opposite the doubles avatar and obviously to respond to. I think part of the backlash towards markets Peters is somewhat. What I mean by that is. And on interest the superstars are very lovable. Hosmer Duffy Cain south. Very lovable guys the chiefs got a couple of mobile guys Peters is the exact opposite. He doesn't seem that invest it in your community as much. Some stuff he does not a majority of stuff appears to be an Oakland he appears to not care about community the way the world's players do. I think that kind of fuels a little business because the healthy we agree has done something worse in those uniform then what Marcus Peter's done. Do you why sleep. Burger King in the middle today on a Sunday or worse. But. Feeling around any Duffy was a lot more immune. Unique and fair but hey he's one of our guys know we'll make it back up to is no harm no foul everybody had to stick I had that's being updated often and like people their right to jump ball mark is Peter from the word go on every little thing I think some medicines the public. I did not march on March on incredibly loveable and likable but more shout get a pass for a lot of the stuff. Peter doesn't seem too interested in being loveable and likable and it's take it or leave it. I'm not worried about what outsiders think I don't think that team dislikes mark dispute what kind of push back with the I think a lot of though he doesn't wanna be here that's out comes off to us. If you ask Derrick Johnson now I think he'd enjoy a completely different answer I think if you ask just in news now did you complete different answer. If you ask Joseph fan that we want it to be like the nineties we teach players showed that we know these guys. Peter just doesn't seem too interested in that kind of stuff. But the organization did suspend Andy Reid suspended and I believe for 12 how I can't imagine anybody in this entire city. Police for 12 the Andy Reid made his decision without hearing from anybody above him any organ. They went somebody from the applause somebody from the Honda family is upset and that's why this happened so. The organization is in just the players around it's the people above markets Peters is the people above any read frankly. In that he's clearly rubbed them the wrong way. So. On the same Marcus Peters it's all on him because it's not more is Peters dusty things in the community markets Peters is not a terrible person. I don't pull. But sometimes you look at the fit say is it right. Is that fit in Kansas City right for Marcus Peter's market Peter's right for Kansas City I think the answers become now. And at that point it's better for everybody to move on cheese it's on the back in it trades and losing markets and free agency which I guarantee he would happen. He's not sign an extension here. They get something back Foreman a trade he moves on to a situation he might like better. I think it works well for everybody in that regard it as far as as far as the perception of markets Peters and how it's kind of molded by the royals. It's necessarily like old Danny Duffy it's a free pass BC got to do you why because we like him. It's partly how you react to things after the fact. We you yell at a fan in the stands are dropped an F bombs of fans in the stands and then after the fact you're asked about it your responses a bit to go get loaded. People the wrong way and yet I mean that's part of like ability is how you respond after you make the mistake also built up equity with in the community tale Billy had but when you make a mistake how you respond is a large part of how you were. Perceived. As well I was talking about this earlier and I compared to. Peters to you're Donald insurance 2015 when they're about to send your dollar. Then there is set out of the miers and Jason Vargas got hurt after that you know venture at got the message when they turn the bus around right well yes. Rented rented Francisco there at up to blog until he wasn't yeah no I join that fight. Flip the boss but again the ownership which is in. But he played in Tacoma and some of these places in New Mexico. Instead of play in the big leagues that your only 113 down the stretch and it got his attention what I hope happens and and I. That certainly as we say while jobs was in mid first round pick for mark is Peter's listen to that. For sure 100% I'd listen to that pressure to do what about what about the second round or Sanford Cisco recently imported Sampras and that's like a 35. I don't know 3536 and that's where you would penetrate markets Peters and penalties and I'm. We have a bullet what are you gonna get form if you don't. Nothing like gonna get maybe what one more year production possibly because he's not sign an extension and if this thing plays out though let's let's see if this. Sort of separation. Like that the couple took a break the chiefs and Peters are taking a break a break for a week we're gonna catch the breast. I Hampshire Peters got the message loud and clear and hopefully if you've got him for at least two more years possibly boards can franchised him then. And ultimately. That is just one more year and to be easy for an extension act last year that as an option at least two more years because it's after your three taking in the of the op Ed but the options expensive normally would like to extend somebody from the rookie contracts during your. But this woman say it with a guy with that caliber talent you hope you can work out that isn't here on each absolutely bananas by with. With all the stuff that he does and I think the suspension was more human thing that you actually gone up with that but the worst thing can happen is in a few. What if you trade him he goes nuts and figures it out in the light comes on I think you will play. I look at markets Peters IC Charles Woodson Charles what's it had problems early on in Oakland a lot of and he was blamed for a lot of things that went down especially that Super Bowl loss you back and look there were a lot of people blaming him and his attitude and his actions off the field and all that stuff. He went to Green Bay. Any gay cliques form he got one offensive MVP there and he even said I'm in a lot of mistakes in Oakland I wish I go back into that differently I was very immature. I came to Green Bay they gave me kind of a second chance remembered the I don't know the EU's trade agreement he was it was wasn't for a lot. He goes to Green Bay figures it out with defensive MVP totally different guy that could very easily half with Marcus Peters. I just can't see it happening very easily in this environment. Now if it does but let's say Mark Peters comes back from suspension which by the way. LO well week for 8:12 AM Tuesday that was his response to the suspension we already know that the conversation happen early Tuesday morning. So that was his response to a suspension indicate to me he's now all all that turn around by let's say comes back he says all right. Got it worked out spent a week away. My head's clear let's go our let's do it. What if he comes back in for the next three weeks it's more of the same it's more than that body language brought up more point and everybody else every time something bad happens. Well that it's probably time to look at moving him to another team so you don't lose him in the long term. And you can get something back form significantly now because the price with the years on his contract you can't pick up. The value markets Peters in a trade is much higher that it will be a year or two from now. We got to take a break out as in what this week rat throwing aside. I just hate this belief that everyone has now come to that he doesn't wanna be here. We've never seen or work that he doesn't wanna be year. We never even seen an anonymous source or exonerate what he's resigning Kansas City I don't I think the markets Peter is going to be here I think it is in the best interest of the chief to make it work in you to sit and think he's Charles Woodson set navigation also needs a change of scenery think you've figured a way to make it work if you think he's Charles what's in the hall of fame the raiders tried to they waited so long they had a game away for peanuts you try to keep making it work this is the first time you can say it's gotten this bad. This up. Has been talked this week with what is printed on this week. But you sit down bulletin this week and you figure out a plan to try to make it work for people that have the ability that mark is Peter says especially at the position that he's that. You to everything apart try to make it work if you think he's Charles Woodson version no trading him for a second round draft pick next season. I've figure out a way to make it work and I and I do absolutely everything I can't do it until it is an absolute breaking situation responsibility us notarized or per cent next address. The drive presented by don't sixteenths from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Capital markets Peters. Mike I think we've reached the point with Marcus Peters that like were not even like being trying to be objective anymore and markets here are some detected the scent. Excellent six characters are so what do you mean here it's and there's a video Marcus Peters Cheney asked Casey monitoring would raiders things but no evidence of him not wanting to be here what are you need. That's not what happened. He's all the training with martial martial arts TV show. More shy and gets the crowd at tackle Marcus Peters he's laughing and flipping up with us. That's evidence that he doesn't wanna be kids because he spends time a relic. That is all an early but we like to buy lottery like this what upset about markets Peters. Like we're telling people like you stores like that now. Video of that. So it's not. Next super big news that is that is that going on. How things go on these really ease the daily news. For fans he's topple like I mean which is beyond bush and. And here's the thing which rest Taylor came on you could check it out it's extends for stock comic podcast phase of Tesco in the morning which rescued Monday amassed do you think. Marcus Spears is going to resigning Kansas City has now. We everything that's happened with everything that's gone down with market here is very hard to see him wanting to resigning Kansas City. In the chiefs really wanted to resigning him made that day this goes beyond just football. You know goes to the hunt family how they perceive things that Marcus Peters us. How big of a headache easy for them it goes beyond just eighty Reid saying. Well I talked to about it were fine they say that to us. I was there yesterday and I asked him how to market stake deduced that the first thing I thought it was the LO while sweet man how sort of laughing as soon as he said Edberg they have I bet that's why set though Twitter. So I asked him how the market take the news says that's between Marcus and I can say that to me but when Clark asks yes to give them a real lancer. How do you think that answer went down probably not very well. Right now we don't like Welch. In studio for fast on the morning he thinks that. Mark is Peter should be treated. You think this offseason Aussie or you enforce contracts up also this. Meat on the middle on this. I do everything in my power to make it work as an artist Peter because I think they're the three most important and valuable positions on the field pressure cornerback. It is everybody would say. It was a put it because we know how important how hard it is I would say second is probably Warner. Outside linebacker pass rush if you wanna switch tutorial might argue that a fact. I don't think left tackles important as those of the two position I don't beat her I'm not a big profits why. But no less biased there I was I'll probably go. Quarterback. Corner. Then left tackle them pass rusher that's just me. These dollar deal to stop the pass rush but then again. We are in Kansas City therefore quarterback is a one of those guys were photo I hope we never out UK you have to keep them safe in a box like Alex jumps up and over guys trying to get first downs so it's not quite as important. When you have somebody like that you have Tom Brady failure really good left tackle. So I just saying if that she's not the point that you two seem to think they could be it. Miller frustrate you fed done everything in our power Clark's thoughts and he's talked to you. Everybody has ought to you and we can't get receive if you don't straighten this offseason you're completely botched. You do everything and you're human resource to try to fix the situation. Or trade while it's still two years left you can get the maximum gotten don't wait till the oldies but something happened now you're ready to make this move. Which I disagree with everybody when it comes to his lack of desire at all kind of stumbled wanna be here I think that teams still loves and appreciate mark's Peter. I have a different opinion of earth Rahm Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report an anonymous sources around the teams in the team's got a fractured apart as Peter. Sports remark is Peter's talking loudly doesn't wanna be here. Report from anybody say it's cracked the locker I would argue that this is in conversation that team conversation out of arguing not a bad for conversational lot. That goes down any read using Andy Reid is one of the best crisis managers in all of football like when things go open or the Andy Reid make sure everything stays tight. No nothing gets out at least starts with him when he gives us all the answers up. I talked about that liquid Travis Kelsey got the personal foul penalties he got pummeled with questions that Wii's I talk Travis that stays between us this week I talked markets that stays between us. He is east that starts up top it starts from example he never throws anybody in the boss and you've never seen an eighty read team. We're no matter how it gets you ever seen anybody come on talk about so I would say that's more ready any read here's why though. You have to look if you're going to trademark is Peters is the offseason to do. You can explain away a bad 47 team. You can look back pay he was an all pro and when he sixteenth he was on pace to be the greatest court quarterback in the history of football. After 4060. Just one bad season. If you don't trade him he comes back next year India is another sub par season by his standards now he's bad but LaMarcus Peter standards he's having a sub par season. If he has another one that values gonna want you can beat teams will rationalize and look past this season this year it's dot. That's fine all pro last year still mourning four years old just used to take it to the quarterback that's no big deal. Well. If it happens again now is valued did it's this offseason where you get the most value LaMarcus. I say this like. Brother in law and come off with a suspension and hopefully. You know markets had time to think they could figure it out and try to fix the problem that's that's the first thing that I'll try to do it. It's fixable in the U winnable situation in and it's not. In the Osce you try to trade him. That's what I would do but again I think that they haven't really to score like him Greta he's got his flaws like anybody you know he's he's an issue the problem right now. But if he can fix it and get him to be more of a pro. And get his attention. The great that you try to keep them if it and I think you've got the rest of his regular season and part of the offseason try to figure that if you can't figured out all in favor trade because. You you can't you can't constantly have this and it's it's it's become a distraction at least in my. It's a big clear up big markets Peterson still plan. I think this is what's better for all sides because we're markets Peter standing is right now in this city whether it's fair or not I think a lot of ways sometimes it's not fair so criticism that Asia is. But either way I think it would better for markets to get a change of scenery and a fresh start. I think it's better for the chiefs organization. To move on for more is Peters because it feels like a broken relationship let me ask you a retrial date that you try to fix it but how far do you push I give it the next three weeks after suspension. If it's die if he does it come back with a refresher attitude when he when he thing for the team he can't help them win. Well then that it's probably on the move we. Ninety seconds left let me ask you guys it's really quickly what do you think was the tipping point because it now with this with Kelsey. Bible tells us the team nobody was saying hey let's think of you still the only constituent tied it in the NFL and what tipping point was that Mark Peterson Al got to the point you to which trademark is Peters in the Osce does know that it was Carter was at the anthem was indeed putting the ball stand is that the law Bob's like where's the point is it bad enough with it this week. Oh well I mean listen to for me had nothing do with I got no problem with me at the protest that your ride you wanna do it go for a problem that. Web problem is 45 different things that happen this season. You know whether it's personal files it cartilage yelled at Sutton dual edged up and then. To be there over the top that he needed to be suspended this week so for me that's it's eat he appears to be getting worse with the behavior. Better. This trend in the wrong direction. And as one of those things where he called Bob Hope that it's gonna turn around it's gonna be. Not just say it is going to be the chiefs and Marcus Peters working together and then. They'll come out of it better but it's still trending in the wrong direction it's been trending that way all season long. That's Mike Welsh are assessed all the more and they got him and that he messed.