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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

Carrington points out on "The Drive" that all the talk surrounding Marcus Peters and his suspension has clouded our eyes from a real issue on the Chiefs defense: the recent play of Justin Houston.


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I wanna play a quick game. Snaps do you think Justin Houston played against the jets. And how many essar had ever taught a place writes that the ball for like 42 minutes. He telling how he plays or that game I don't know the number you know your random order and ominous day and you gonna think this deep well Simon you know last fall follow up question ominously 54 snaps eighty. He played eighty snaps does it really gain 49 times saluted on these lists yeah. I still ask you first let me tackle beating doesn't use navigating its jets in eighty snaps on the field coming tackle do you think Justin Houston had against the jets. For me 85900. Just used to muzzle on the field all defense for AD. Place and got Z role. Tackles in the game. I'm a sexy. Of a racist and yet the real well what about interceptions and was happy with Marcus Peters has come leak leak. Taken the pressure in the spotlight. Off just in Houston. Just Houston's at base salary. Is sixteen. Point 35. Million. Dollars. That doesn't incorporate the signing bonus that they're still paying out. Does it incorporate the work out bonus that got. The restructure the deal to create a little cap flexibility. All in all the chiefs are paying just Newsday and one seat two million dollars. You're telling me for the 22 million dollars that she's a bank doesn't Houston they got zero tackles in the game against the jets. Passing you got to go out there and detect most Super Bowl lords Tom Lawrence Taylor and nine sacks in the game. You can't register a tackle against the jets. If that it Mark Peters is not an Atlanta game we know he's not playing in the game. Let's see Justin Houston make an impact on this game on Sunday. And need your leader your veteran leader 48 years old prime of his career healthy. Outside linebacker is he will wreak Havoc in this day I don't think he's healthy. I think that's the biggest part he's healthy and eighties and Sarah it's not like this as this right here for just announced that its. We're seeing them be a part time player. The last three weeks. Eighty snaps 62 snaps sick 66 so against the giants he was on the field for 96% of the place. Last week it's our two weeks ago against buffalo in 90%. Last week 88%. Just in Houston play enough games they have a contribution on the game and there's no reason why players talented. It is still has just in Houston should not register a tackle any game against the jets in which they ran the all 49. Is the forty and single tackle the global game what's happened with mark is Peters has completely shifted any blame. Any focus on a guy who has won sat in his last full war. Games. Doesn't use public out of this team is dead last Saxony have felt during the losing streak the second there has been a problem. And IC a lot arrows don't get it back a lot of arrows Soledad Stephen Nelson a lot of arrows thrown at the very is quarterback guys that are out there. And I'm not saying they're not a problem one of the biggest reasons why their problem is this team it's absolutely zero pass rush. They don't quarterback consistently. And against a quarterback in Sicily you'll even Steven Nelson all islands and Philip gains on islands. Just what's happening Josh McCown is waiting AFC player of the week. Jermaine curse busting your O 150 and a score Robbie Anderson looks like Julio Jones against you. Markets are skewed we just used to pass rallied late last against the jets. Is that he's actually got against the Oakland Raiders the person plane. Zero said that tackles yet I would back Cilic just needs his entire career. Five games in his entire career. That's the only about games that that. Five games since 2011. That he had had attack. This year when he gets its act that she's won five of six were just using its quarterback to change the game into its New England. I'm with where we keep thinking that we keep wait for just news of a breakout game. Get a nice game with it was the end of the game against. Against doing it all the talk is well drops back in coverage well okay. That at some point you might be able to get it on the quarterback. It does give Jewell mean Tim. I mean in these tropic ME MB jumping back in coverage he wasn't tackle and linebacker I mean to you what exactly exactly and anybody knew exactly guys that were coming over the middle yesterday yeah. No to sending some of that excellent blitzer excellent six bunkers are six they are reasonable way from Justin not towards them. Tell me how you can Spain being on the field for eighty snaps the way the years. It's not like we know he's hobbled with an ankle when he played in 25 snaps are honest he's Lebanese banged up. Eighty just in Houston I think has won the five best pass rushes in the NFL. I think we've seen at various times throughout the course at this season against the Broncos he was pretty dominated time. Against the patriots early in the season he was dominant at times. There's actually no reason for what happened we just knew who I care to drop that coverage on record run the other way you have to have an impact delegate lead and it's gonna ask. The deficiencies you have its secondary which all they have the only way you can do to but the pass rush. A bad pass rush and secondary but explain thirtieth in the NFL and influence that explains why Josh McCown is cooked to. That would explain why three separate players the AFC offensive player of the week against you. But it does that explain why you can't it's a quarter. They're caught a stink. Up the difference was the cat named food that that right tackle the signs that make it is the golden. Yummy sexy again 00. Yen at seven tackles. There's no reason why just recently up 12 for diesel. He's too talented a player like no other way to put it. Again we and the chiefs nation as the chief kingdom of callers liquidating them we spent a lot of time talking about it kick free market going. With the hospitals put him homes are a lot of conversation directed at the person is the most ammonium within 22. Names that. See them again and that's. They ran all 49 times. No there's absolutely no I thank you can't spin it any other ways with tablet just in Houston.