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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

Fanning takes his crack at a relationship analogy involving the Chiefs' current relationship state with their star CB Marcus Peters.


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The only thing I thought about it they get beat last night but Washington. At sprint center which I'm sure we'll get into see that. Because you're there on time. And I kept thinking about the markets Peters they all of last night in night talk to my wife about it and and we kick around things we talked only to get her opinion on it because I'm just a block head Sports Radio host and I like to kind of get a vibe for other people thinking. So someone of the relationship analogy that ties in with your Donald ensure the royals and basically what happened with Mark Peters and here's what I think happened. We've all been in this situation before abruptly alliances has nothing to do it does is say you know but. Relationship where we love the other person. I'm we care about them but at some point you just need a break from each other like it love that person you care about that person richer about the election so. In an attempt to make the relationship lasts long term you've got to take a break from one another yet it takes some time onto sort of reevaluate the relationship reevaluate what. Irritate you about that person is it it is it a big deal is it is said to the toothpaste and red. Or cap on the tooth paste thing or something smaller to something bigger. That's kind of where the chiefs in market speeders are with each other. I think any time away. From each other and look at the royals had a doubt overture in 2015. Never time boy well he almost did but. You know there to listen to all law until Jason Vargas got hurt. And the F can't do that and yeah you can't send. You can't send a guy down to the minors to work on his game and work on an attitude adjustment and to come back and be ready to roll. You're not going back to all the on ride on a Bosnian peanut butter sandwiches down there. So mark is Peter got suspended thank you either have the option here are right and venture was immature player super talented kid. And almost went down along the decision in May is getting ready to go and the Jason Vargas dollar. Venture need to grow up markets is needed to grow up. Before they say ventured Almonte was foreign settle with a five point 19 ERA. After. The decision to send him down there your Donovan chairs straightened up. Had one hell of years 113 in fourteen starts with a three point one ERS and that's kind of what. The chiefs are dealing with Marcus theatres right now. They just need some time apart from one another. And it needs to affect you go it needs to be public it east for everybody to know about it. For it to have the effect that it needs to happen and it was going on here hopefully. Markets Peter's been away from the team he's not the facility. The chiefs are had to deal with the fact he's not there they can you separate themselves take a deep breath and both sides of this thank you just sit back and say. Okay what one is is this going to work for us long term you know what needs to happen for this to work long term. Do we even want to be together long term and I think that's what would this week can do for the cheese and for markets Peters because the chiefs are obviously tired. The stuff that he was doing I think mark is Peter's needs to grow up and understand it listen in the NFL is a privilege in the certain things you can't he can't do. And it's time to grow up becoming a distraction to the team it's becoming an issue it is so this. This week at least in my opinion I hope turns out the same effect that the royals tried to have on your Donovan surely are attempting to send out in 2015. I think the big difference in these conversations and I understand why people I think are kind of combining two but I think there's two completely different kind of things. I think sometimes we have what we think thirteen conversations and we project tough means feel about. The team and about the situation project goes on to the players but you'll and I just had different perspective on this like I don't think the team cares about Marcus Peters cursing in the locker room. I don't think the team is that concerned about his blow up to Bob Sutton. They happen it's a competitive game at the end of it is very easily defused it we haven't really heard or seen anything other. Outside of that I just think something's probably the mine that the least of a holes that. I think that the conversation between the team and what the fans are gonna be having on Monday is going to be very very interest. Because I think that date to conversation to have about that she says what if they win. What are their defense goes now employees well and shuts down beer car in this raiders' offense and they hold prayers to when he points. What's the topic of conversation what are people going to be saying one Monday. Because there is an inspection of cheese as we can over the phone lines and talk to that legitimately think this team will be better without Marcus Peters. I think that's crazy. In yesterday's I was thinking about this too I counter reads like some bizarre O world I've never in my life rooted against the chiefs. He wants to see the chiefs lose. Like party wants to see the chiefs give ball 400 yards passing. 45 points in city mayor seat we try to tell you how important markets Peter Wallace. But I'm thinking on the outside that's what happened the first time they played this team what Marcus theatres so I. Like the chiefs at least from this perspective or a lose lose situation. If they win in play well. The topic of conversation on Monday's going to BC we told you mark as it was distracting he wasn't that important team let's straight its policies and people that have been bing image from the entire season. Will be saying that literal and or Monday. If they go out there get cooked offensively the same crowds gonna say that's the same thing that happened the first time these two teams played each other. I just think the topic of conversation on Monday is going to be incredibly interesting to see how people spin on all sides the only way acting you quote unquote win this conversation is that achieves what a game 4544. The dolphins that there as well as the defense trouble they still find a way to win nobody is gonna say that you did Marcus Peters if you give 44 points in the game. That's kind of where my focus is kind of shifted in the conversation around market Peters in this game. Yes you know I'm glad you wrote that because that's a that I thought about too much what if the chiefs when this game then one. You know I think a lot of times in the get out of back to the relationship and out sometimes you need a break from each other is to get away. Because like the chief Steve markets beaters that market beaters obviously needs the chiefs. And I think they can both come back and be healthy together and that's well this week is but you're right if it. If the chiefs win this game without Peter which I do think is a possibility. I do think that she's trashy to beat the raiders do I think that she's Stevens could be better and sort of exhale not to think about all the Peter's stuff that goes on for one week that'll work absolutely long term without Peters. Not so much. I think that this week you can now relax if you're a player you can focus on. Doing this you know OK listen we're down a guy we feel lucky and I got to do a little bit more this week I've got to refocus I got to do this I gotta make sure on the fundamentally sound like an. Mean I think that. In itself can be somewhat of a positive this week long term I think it's totally different deal because it markets Peters an extremely talented players that she's gonna need. But on yet I think that she's will be in a dilemma. On an end somewhat of an an a no win situation if they actually win this game which again your ride is bizarre.