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Wednesday, December 6th

Every Wednesday at 3:30, Chiefs HOF'er Neil Smith stops by "The Drive" for his weekly visit. This week, the guys discussed the suspension to Marcus Peters, whether fines matter to players anymore, and what he took away from the violent hits from the Monday Night game.


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Take your calls 610. And Sports Radio. Former chiefs defensive end. Hopefully you know he doesn't do this problem for them I have some things that. Might want his sixth time and it failed Pro Bowl selection disruption would you can stuff. We want to do what the game Kansas City Chiefs hall of Famer territory for a group threw out the facts. It would written record sec celebrations specialists do they don't hit Portland and we could spin swung and almost. After him a bit I think that's Neal Smith enormously important and emotionally for me to. On the drive. Always an honor in San sit down with the Super Bowl winner. The sit down with the cheese hall of Famer his wheels in the present and by the lone season it sure levels checked. By visiting load t.'s center downtown teams find your nearest. Location. Neil Smith joins us as the young right entertainment most of guns with them how journey enemies signed a lot of lot of grass on Sunday and feeling good argue that. It was a great way it was great while sport and great ones when he doesn't miss it well you're missing in nuclear policy. Like watching the game and I came here to stand in front of the team it's just a lot happen now and a good thing about it is miss it you know at least plus seats man I'm like they mix plus seats. And and night. Multiple games going on gas this stuff what extra pass north stands at Austin Neil you're sitting there when Marcus theatres as well that year. And I immediately went over do you think your reactions due. And you're talking like he's gonna get fine I believe by the team will today we sat audience suspended for one game what's your reaction. Well I I knew is gonna come to this now it's it is this. That it happens this way in which you have to do you know you have to draw the line somewhere. I think. That this is called will be above. Normal. The head coaches. Call today. So you think you think Clark that was involved there is no question became from above and you know of course of course then have to do you know who is yet to make that has yet to make that. I'm decision. Motor home you know you have to have this discipline but the but the body and I hear fans calling to say why now. Where if you don't do it now when you gonna do it yeah everything about it is like you know it's gonna hurt our chances of winning the west as the net yeah he had that opportunity to. To make it not to beat this this is the ball is in his court he should do that. And then furthermore I think that in all markers need to grow up and be you know and this is growing this is some growing pains. I like urges us seed out like hey you know you mothers take things away from you what do you take away from Rome and dispose of being a professional job. You gotta get a you have to you have to honor that discipline. Mom. Whatever happened to the position where. They had to go with the chiefs. Win. They had someone you can watch players. Bomb and there had problems they can always come from the Momo Winston's yet when he a player development I think that. We do away from that type thing these things happen they need to go back to their program and I'll be one of the first one to put my name in that it did he debt. Because this is something that I think these young players need someone that can come to him talk to beyond the field was one in your life and what's happening. According you can name bring it on to feel when you get into you can get yourself away from. Emotionally get caught up in the game plan game and to have an opportunity to play the game the ways of balls in play inside the line. Because that's what I think happened in markets Peter's situation. I don't know this to be fact. But I would guess. You'd much rather played in the money like like it they told them our hate would make it a 100000 dollar fine and you can sit out for the Oakland game. I'd pick Marcus Peter signs up with a 100000 dollar fine it's a home game a very important game for the team against Oakland against martian Arctic cares most about that. Richard is that sometimes you gotta go beyond money you've got to really take away something that you know we truly loves insulting that will sting a little bit more than just senior check a little bit lighter. That's I think this was paid we've had this conversation with you we find you we've had veteran players sit down and talk with you. We got to do something bigger in a ball to let you know what you did on Sunday that's not how we played football here in Kansas. I don't think in every heading of the chores to do this is the question now what I do understand is that the fact that. You know if you look at. Caught Thomason from Pittsburgh would you do this type of situation he sent itself. It's what do whatever it takes for me to do to discipline for hunting but I'm not gonna hurt my team. And recruit to that way. If you look at Marty Schottenheimer would march on them do Derrick Thomas in AFC champs of game suitable match. Judge today. This is the game this one game to go to mr. Campbell when you say now what they're really really understand. That we army for a difficult in the game absolutely. Because I think you know black and Derek has been in AFC championship game. In a quarter or half whatever within that like it was eternity downs on their moments ago and Matt. The fact of the matter is that he was tried to keep discipline to his team into rehab to do that because I think it was a way of opposite. Two to make that call in the it was a radical to do agree with I mean you need is ancient sin you know gained sixty and 54. Guys care about fines of more 540. I don't. Mean that day care. I really don't. I mean it's it's a report right now what is the fine. Okay back in my day the final was that you way decides that it. Find full five not guaranteed is about winning down if you do a violation of the of the of the rules are more. Degree and I we have new shirt out. I think they care if it's that much money I am with you if it's a small amount of money I get a guy like markets pointed out bring a did you do. Assays what is done to stop. Thank you and put that from what I'm saying is I think it does stop it is a 50000 pounds of Bentley. Into everybody's got a life. The life living a crazy man I don't think that my two years of his for a show people. And it would then you'll get the cause that there's okay that's why did these athlete on his money in his would it turn out to be. As that are related to date and all all all on his show and got gonna say they all bugs. Ali is trying to say you know what they're from Oakland you know any sort of discipline him when he was better today than it dug in it tomorrow. Wait now to return to hell it would and it. I don't think the morning. At this weren't really care of Dodi really think the body know you're never going to get his money back. Never what I hope you heard from the suitor a. Do most the young players think hitless in Macon. Five point six million this year agendas what is it with I'll just get a key it's just gonna keep college can keep fallen so would you mr. and everything down. Salute and a climate of five million miss you mr. unfit how he would bridge and shot man yeah I mean her I would like to. The argument dollar signs like I was Bradley comes at 350000. Dollars like what did you make of five million a year. What that negative. And easier for a 350 and what are you it will bottoms and a twelve. Would you see that check when you see object I would really does that way when I don't mean. Yeah well. I would just say 121000 though like I would say those like those small fine that they give people floor. You know if you do a celebration they don't like I don't think it has any effect on what I mean it. Auto Beckett got nine of those in his NFL Korea's it was easy to bothered by paying those fines. When it comes that right now socket in Neil Smith. On the drive he's brought to you by the load see senator. Of one of askew on the other side about the hits that happened in the Monday Night Football game between the budget you smooth us Smith Shuster. AA and bonds has birthday and I wanna play comment from you from Ray Lewis I think that you probably echo a lot of what he had to say or on this subject talking to Neil Smith live on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back can only drive sitting at Neil Smith and he joins us in studio is Bronson by the loads he sinner. You wanna play this for you this is ray it was today on SS Warren. I wanna get your opinion as a former defensive player. And how you feel like the rules are in my opinion slanted against defensive players and we taken out hits. That in your date would be legal clean football it's an Al guys did suspending guys gay. Heavy fines for those kind of hits that's what Ray Lewis had to say today or undisputed on fox sports won't. That's all of these people all Mike Cox is the most physical game is not basketball when you step there in the AFC north. Probably the last two decades probably three. Last slippery decades the most physical division in football. When you talk about rivals who don't like each other. Us all to listen to. Take hits now right and and and and this and at that filter all the way down so hostile to complete in the how do you make Jorge at all because you can't do it. Oplink. Play dean. Of let. One of David Soares scored village role benefit Rick Taylor say all pre game that you have a pat on the back it's you that it's. I wanted to does that what message. We put out an option but every time we got lot. Because we opted to put us the key findings he has put their jobs and not was suspended them one day we'll make or. Why did not what the week the week is going Jong is the reason we put this game well that's what the mentality the way to play. And now we sit in the game and we told them about fueled the birds are. If you try to make the ball come out of Antonio Brown hair I missed in the perfectly on them it's it's been. And wrapped up some businesses with flag football. And. What do you make of those Thomas Ray Lewis oh man. No ray. Lover. And I know rooms will be a great work of course and I told him this long time ago when I first seen this kid play. He wears it owns les. He puts it on the field. And he is the different maker. Roughly for him the way it was says it. I couldn't put in a bit towards the game is not change or he knows it and is sold. It's changed. From my era to his error in exchange gains and is gonna have to change. Because. Football is what people love to watch on Sunday what is not to saying. Twenty years ago. Ten years ago not even now in his new error and they have to change because of what's. Going on after football. We have not hit two really have not hidden his peak yet as far as. You know all. Have been. Change in problems because he only been on the heels have been electric for years right (%expletive) column recall it memory loss and in different issues. What did it come in here on a statement. That they have to change his game because of you know these symptoms that you know these former players have taken so it's Mosul now. I gotta give it to him because he you know like I say he wasn't asleep he was absolutely right that's how we mark the played a game. There's no question. To put those big hits and 22 to make how life fumes into made the vested in the gay. You can't do that no more and the thing about it is like. What is the right way and I can understand and hide his frustration news what is a right way. The kid slowly turn as soldiers hit. Opponent Woody's shoulders when he and his now what's new here to. That's a fine now. Shouldn't be suspended because he did try to turn his shoulder he never let what is it so the issue is you know. In the league now is like that's what it was targeted Al that they don't really know the rules the rules have been changed always since I've always say. In the rules of office. And never ended the design yet now it's funny Megan had turned to ware is in the defense's side mount. And office where okay not all his guys get suspended. They did find two more crack back blocks in you know doles out the sorts of states. Hopefully we're talking about this yesterday. Running backs it finally just put their head and try to run over electronic news room that was it that wrong was. Was in the end the make it up. But I can you both won't put him down at the same time stills and so you can't find a running back of trot or run over a guy. Put his head down to two to bowl over guys. Less then you know hymns to administer to defend his man has to face and in his legal. We're taught that we hated to think that then ended the Hamlet. Yeah I think the biggest problem right now that the league is going to have to balance between the two is I'll pull this up for you. I think what Zhu Zhu did in that game is accepted respected. Eight is appreciated by other guys won his team British and it does it's been. Because like he does not feel for you this is usual meeting with the media and listen to Antonio Brown is saying in the background after. I think you're there. Obama if they plug on them off. And it's called karma. You look at these. Off come out. So I struggle at least with this part of obviously the violence in football could be toned down a little bit and I do think that the juju Smith Shuster block was a little bit unnecessary. I agree with you back and you played those crack back blocks were ones that we celebrated and you live for but you know fellas we're never forget. And and they're trying to get rid of the. You never gonna forget it no bull that I would you accommodate newcomers from there was something and it happened yet you know oh why don't what happened was not. And that's why he's sick and. I'm saying is there have been situations. That your team or so and also the other two have they'd hit you like bet it would be approved by guys in the locker her so what's the six. These two approved you know what it is the number 87. 87 you say none else this 87. Oh whatever number it is to the other opponent and that's what it means which means he'll get right you'd uses say 87. You call it what you want which hit. Us. And that's why I think you know it's gotta be hard for the NFL to completely eliminate this from the game because. It is one thing for outsiders to say I don't approve it I don't like this. It's an uplifting for people in the football community people that play the game and have to live with the consequences of those kind of hits who say we want these kind of things to happen. Antonio Brown did not seem very remorseful for what happened to his opponent. This is that you had a comment if that's the case amongst NFL players talking ever fix the problem. We you know what Antonio grounds it is it is it is playing the right position right now last quarter. Do reserve receiver in his league and your play quarterback you have in the words. The only problem is his play defense. And is no finds. You know put them crack back block gains as well as you know that's the prism of player. If you get a guy that's right amount of pitches and played out in all of that of all all. Own a warranty repair rules back in and hit him that is the fifth because you're not watching somebody build it back he's wanted the ball. So you wanna call it that has been guys don't do that the got to make it even Noble's. That's Nielsen net. Neal always good talking football at clearly fellows thanks man.