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The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

CDot finally felt ready to share two "million dollar ideas" he's had in the works for a while. Only problem? One of them already exists...


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Backhand on the drive today's pop quiz was the Simpsons. 84 years ago today. Prohibition it and that's kind of cool that it ended on your 21 birthday like you could yeah and Julie and I was beer like. Our kids had nineteen and 1920 yet to sneak in maybe it'll look I'm an hour on. But mainly first birthday they they they repealed I mean that's that's awesome odd and I definitely critical news. So I was born in 118. Long time ago is is is the answer to that one out of the annals do winner of today's pop quiz got tickets this Brett eldredge someone accident and asked who bred Al Georgia's I would assume he's playing quarterback for the chiefs this week you know I mean you know they are bringing in old guys some guys in Brett eldredge can maybe give it ten to fifteen snaps ovals. What he is coming to Kansas City. Saturday April 21 at uptown theater for an amazing she sings the long way that's dishonest but she answered the chiefs are trying to win the division along with a series that are so yeah. And something on good that that's another rental income. Giving a long runs OK all right and it just visited raised just I. So it makes a lot of sense actually NASA drunk on your love which is fitting since prohibition ended. And 84 year was beyond that piazza are not strong material on them drunk in love drunk and or Coca. I quick correction Chrysler the since it is not an Allen and I know it's you know when. You know when I thank you which we take you got to play teams its brands editor's note real buzz about I know you're used as Al normally it's Alan Alan ES but you know you guys are aliens in the kind of answered scenario or in and they know it a little longer be on the outside. It's not a rocket attacks or limited credit here is that you think mark is Peters is plan don't. They're playing is she can't cult is all the honor he just needs to stay in the house for an eye and like he should be and whoever you know whenever your team loses and you don't want a lot sports that are for the weekend like that's I would I'm not sure that's got markets Peters roll like you got suspended I would you snow Wednesday and that's you know over seas markets leaders of the Kenny Washington tonight. Mr. issues at their careers it's in sports. I am going to give you a million dollar idea momentarily but we got a breaking news. Source Roger Goodell has seen new five. Year extension that will take him up to the start of the league year in twenty. 24 that is courtesy of Albert career he also tweet also the six main compensation committee reached down to that other 26 owners individually over the last week. Came away it was strong consensus to finalize the Dell's new deal. So the five year deal is done so Roger Goodell locked in as the commissioner of the NFL. He's believed that he can occur up to forty million dollars a year based on performance incentives. I want you got that private jet of people remember the negotiations not that he was asking for fifty million dollars a year in use of private jet for wisely everybody is definitely having health care so Roger Goodell with trying to secure the bag for everybody forty million dollar you do a lot I do wonder if he got this. I'm surprised it happened in season I feel like three days ago he was beaten with Jerry Jones and people are having problems with them five years from now Roger is gonna be the commissioner that the CB eight will be Al at least during his time he's would have a very difficult negotiations his Wimbledon. Some power there's no way to meet players at least sign up for the CBA with the current in my opinion marijuana laws currently is in the current suspension. It's very overture right now which you get suspended for. I think those are gonna be two of the biggest things at the players fight the next on the CB is not a. I would agree with you on that decay in listened the union in the NFL typically is not this that's strong and those guys don't hold tight they never really have so. When that she doesn't point one think it is I think that ECB is that's going to be a fight that's going to be interesting and I would be from if it from a fan's standpoint. That's a year I'd be prepared to maybe be ready to Nazis in football. I have a million dollar idea too of actually what the Segway that one of those. Well I don't have one of those so I do do they add up to a million dollar a huge bummer each million now and you don't see Indian two million dollar ideas he heard your answering the drive shark I'll give you my first. I lost well yesterday. I got to work. And then I went to open up the door with my cheek art and realized while it was in my pocket the usual prices bachelor party that I was well all the time. That was fun night and they are looking around for a while and Amber's idea a national party and your special anyways is it my backpack so what I do. Here and you. This idea. We have those key cards and I imagine many of you your job you have something in your wallet that you just put it out the door locks the door. They should make something like that that you can put in your wallet. And whatever you in the situation that I repeat at least seem to find myself and you cannot find your wallet you should be able to pick up your fault there should be. And that's why fine whatever you call that the wallet fine and that I click or what do fusion phone and then based on. Then based on GPS. I should be able to determine where my wallet is because of the little chip. The car that is inserted in my wallet while fine would be nine million dollar idea. Did change your wallet. And change it here oh no that's why million dollar idea is wallet five you have heard of ever change your wallets your belt that. End up. This alleged I this a crazy idea and it won't cost anything. Just you know. Don't usual like you say I need my keys in my wall what do tickets go. It's possibly to get stolen would you like to be able it's all the way it is not want to be like so the police. Jack for my wallet. But I can recover for you you know they still little while five million dollar idea. Another million dollar idea I was thinking of this over the weekend. Having ever DVR to show horses yeah one DVR to show yeah. And you wanted to watch that show. You gotta go on the guiding you got to do all these different things and it's a long and tedious process. You should be able view that the same cable provider is somebody else then you should be able to digitally transferred the show from your DVR. To the other person's DVR. Let's say you were watching the show but still with a documentary on the History Channel about the history of baseball. Garrett and I really enjoyed this documentary. Usually watch. I don't spectrum you got Specter yeah you should be able to have like a cable digital drop box and you should be able to go home. Click on TV show go to sing. Be able to sing meet this year though. And then instantly it pops up my DVR like to watch it on my television transferable. DVR. Another million dollar idea. Do anything different I paper DVR. Art just charge me an extra extra two bucks my cable bill. For the ability to Chilean first shows from my DVR to your view are transferable the New York it's like out while fine. Insurance for a DVR and my two million dollar. Ideas what is this. So. Like. You have the same cable but that's backed up connect team expects rose that I guess are they don't you have like I. Like to prime time. London and all that stuff price can basically go find anything you want. It's already air so it's like already there she could basically just say to me a apology to see that show on I see that. That Brock ownership usually watch that so that all I have to do is already good and I just got to click on eyes the united fund Brock writes a does that kind of already exists. I'm office and on the on to me and got up not mean everything that's ever on television is all debate it. A lot Jurassic Park tomorrow and I got DV yard. I did this to you it's true this is amazing idea I can't believe that anybody. Would hate on trains for DVR. We go to the phone line Jason OP. Jason how do you feel about my two million dollar ideas. Well it's uninteresting and driving for Cooper right now my pastor listening to your. All a far bigger idea at that party yeah. What and I don't remember. Will have a friend or your life. First of all Jason what's the name of this let me move this. She said it's like a clip that you put your phone and then you downloaded are putting your wallet. And download and out your phone that you aren't. You accessed via partners like he would view. Locate her so but for all. Okay all right Jason thanks for calling and we're gonna have ties ties this up for us eyes checked to see if this idea has already being. Created because I felt like that was a really good idea. 15. You know they don't trust the intimate. All of that has found that wall. GPS tracker on Amazon and very much does it it is thing on clicking on. If these drone and ground 6999. When it is. Tell me insulin combo cap a pack he wallet item finder it's a four pack. Now for sixteen I figured I could use before passing I think Akamai while my keys. Yet silly but is she is routine your wallet I needed he's on anything and no I could use it ties to putter as members. I anybody on anything. Okay arts and maybe the key idea has already been done. But I don't think it's a maybe things tonight I'm not an art Keller I will take this is. This may add this one got OPEC and there's like different sizes here to me fake news. But there's no transferable DVR so like you got shot at a news that's good that's the process of brainstorming. You know. That's the process of brainstorming. Portrayed DV all of you beneficial everybody I'm assuming I got things DV. Alex and says you created who I still am. The last in the UKU game played at the zoo arena on my DVR. That's and that's what's out of the loop what you like to see. I still got the UKU game the football game from arrowhead where my DVR it see it just send that to you again. Eight the results for transferable DVR service right here on Google. OK now let's jump online there's nothing here that you she may have something that I'm trying to tell you I'm trying to help people you know that's based on trying to do was irritable.