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The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Brian Baldinger, Longtime NFL Veteran & current analyst for NFL Network & FOX Sports, talked to CDot & Fanning on "The Drive" about Andy Reid's decision to bench Marcus Peters for the Raiders game and why he believes this Chiefs team is in a terrible state of mind.


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Because I travel hot. Hotline at jets over the Brian balding or of NFL network also a fox sports is calling the chargers game this weekend. He had some great analysis of the ultimately to fill about Kansas City Chiefs defense. We also want to catch up with him and talk about mark is Peter's. Brian how you do it's an amen. I'm doing great guys you know and unlike nobody else manhunt Davie FL. Britain ready for you know week fourteen right here loose all the change you don't have greater significance and importance come down the stretch. O'Brien one player that would not be getting ready for week fourteen of the NFL season as Marcus Peters any read today during his press conference announced that he's sitting Marcus Peters down 41 game what do you make of this team suspension of Marcus Peters. Well look I mean he did not have a good performance on Sunday and the attitude is it is. Is questionable. About just you know how much you wanna participate how much he wants to give to the team. Good team effort to get themselves up with tailspin right now that's that can question on the outs for everybody to see it's on tape. Everybody can see it. I don't know what else might have transpired since Sunday's loss to the jets know what the plane ride home block ruled. You know what else is gone ought to lead to the suspension. It's seems soccer crazy about it today is who she is based on somebody's performance. To get my you might come out earlier but regal. Which means we recently got other things might have happened. Between Sunday and today but regardless. I mean I think everybody can kind of look at and go back and watched you also in the place that. It looked like you get more questionable effort and nobody can deny his talent but how about counts about that for. And I think you can call that into question how could candy Lee has a choice but to look at his team in the locker room in the meeting room and say. The only way we're gonna get ourselves out of this is that we all pull together and not pull together. That we got move on without you and I think that's when he's station telling steep dirt. Is this one of those things that it that if they had just doesn't put his foot down. Right now he could lose a locker room. I don't you'll want to lock whom this is kind of not that's always hard to get this 53 guys and people you know which guy sure you know I mean he reached it up from ruby got command will be. You know he's she's actually work. Amongst men and people and they just to stop what. Jeep eagle you can just look the other way and pretend like itself hasn't happened yet that's for sure you gotta do something. And you are I don't pick who's all markets Peter Ziegler means will come on we'll pick on him a little bit and he is what I'm not the key to look at some other guys. Are looking around all the mentally really personally as hard as they care guys slope in them and all that stuff comes into question when you look. You know when you're playing as poorly as a plane right now. I think you had to do something and Mark Peters right now I mean if you do that are Bob and Greg within the on this. Brian bill lost joins the station every week and he was on our morning show on Monday and he was talking about Marcus Peters how a guy like that would not be popular and well received in the locker room the actions the off the field incidents that Brad just said. Plus the effort that sometimes he doesn't seem to play with in your eleven years in the league and being in different locker rooms howdy player like Marcus player up Marcus Spears be received in that locker room. Not good news seventeen news is that it's all about seeing it all up all together is about respectively gained. It up for this big party gain attitude big party gain. It's so you just can't throw your arms up. You know what a player is running free. Upload a New York Jets and got dole make a tackle you don't we got up to make tackled. You'll know in a lot of ways just point fingers and other guys about yourself from Seoul. Are you wouldn't be well received from unlocked apple will build a dessert. I mean you tweeted that a lot of stuff it was yesterday and the alt 42 film you break down each and every week but it it seemed like the chiefs defense was. Was a big focus of here's. Yesterday whether it's. What markets Peters is donor's arms up a litany guy ago he really critical not just Peter the the entire defense right. Well mud looking it get. It is critical but at saint time in my really doing anything that Bob Sutton for any reason don't mean if if if I want to critic. Obviously what he's doing you'll on the sidelines in the locker room and on the practice field because that's really. Would have to defection I'm not completely without I'm just let the fans know what's going on and I don't plan are shown plenty of good things. Normally she's do cream harmed or flawed two and a party collaborative. Virtual play good stop on its its seaports and it's no bias here all. What YouTube you know wanted five. You know he the last six ball games in your defense gives up 51 point 238 points. To the jets. Chips don't have that type of firepower not unless you let them have that fire power not accountable football team a regular judge critic of the play hard and Josh McCown is some good job with what he has but. The big Robbie hitters look argue Beijing agreed out here. I mean it's you know you gotta be sums global pride in what you're doing it this is an and I point out that statement. This is as bad as you can get it can get a lot worse a lot worse. So look what happened to the giants you know they were suspending players to look what happened to open until parked. Don't think it's all part in but also pointed out it's it's totally up to the players locked infection this sort of gratitude and try to get better. Right now talking to Brian balding or eleven year veteran in the NFL currently with NFL network and fox sports. You've really hit all that a lot attitude energy effort and it coming for the locker room do you see that as this team's biggest problem right now not doing that at a prom. Look I'll say this I don't believe people floppy or quit during football game I don't believe that. A belief that you know there's some level it's not just about prize is about you know call. Preservation to them you look and feel not ready to play immediate carted off the field. I would say that preparation throughout the week does come into play are you preparing. Its heart is unique in big picture communication is clearly broken. And it's not being communicated was wide receiver to running forty you know across the formation all the art. And why the Eagles certain ones who runs that the jets had against the chiefs were both four big ones. What do not either captured or gotten one good run for its and so we sat. Preparation for the week is that good bad practice habits what is that. Soul into communications terrible. You guys should not be running open commercially but subconsciously the long dark you've been a great coach has been small car I don't know if you're listening not honestly I don't know. What they put on tape last week would start which you would have won a couple of take. I wanna ask you this is an offensive lineman is someone that knows the line of scrimmage better than anybody to two part question. Why can't this team run the ball effectively when they were able to run the ball the first half of the season why can't they stop the run sub and they haven't been able to do really for the last two years. Except you run it is a multitude usually play a lot of god defense and sources linebacker leagues that's kind of a pass defense but if you wanna run at that Amin what does source that you would do 300 pound garden's business. That's not exactly always sound you you're giving up something to do something else. They're not you know I mean you're a better defense last week you have three technique. It's getting out of your different technique not to get a hole you got a middle linebacker. Derrick Johnson there to get protected not to get block is getting blocked. Soul I mean those are just fundamental flaws right there we all launched group and it happened more than once. You know and Matt Forte is going to force you know forty yards bought. You know Billy ticket hoped if you get a three technique amidst first thing you do you can with regard reach and you can't let the middle linebacker to block that defense that's why that defense. The middle linebacker Freddy and I would say Dirk Johnson. Probably doesn't want his lousy ones stick. Is so he's not getting to her knees to get to. As quickly as he'd like to. Roll what Reggie drag the deal is what he seems to be out of position a lot. You know and receives a decent communication breakdowns there. They're not stupid war and then run the football. I thought yup and slide the interior of the offense a La. I'm talking about you know party. Talk about Mitch Morse a plum awful lot thought early in the season before the interest abortion party. That they were you could child should put that Korea Jergen city three to legally they'll move the line of scrimmage. Against the Eagles against the patriots so we'll change early in the season. I thought that was a really good mood that they got injured party there's a lot of gains more sold out. We have seen to be able to catch what they had going in those first. You'll five games of the season. Brett I ask you this and and I think this is coming from you know it like this is the pulse of the fan base in Kansas City right now based on what we've seen. You know over the last 78 weeks and it it does not look like the cheese can come out of his tales and do you think they can. I'd be surprised if they do. I also feel surprised about what any reason able to do about seeing them for fourteen years of Philadelphia to a lot of great things so you know it's good. It really tests and these leadership. You know people communicate what he sees as the issue of how to fix them right now charged played a lot of football team against the Redskins host on that. You know it's Italian Italian stars you've been in this business. And so you know the chargers played a lot but a football right now now. You know it's week to week social indicators for how he must go to play. Generally weak weak but he obviously has got the worst in Kansas City right now about the offense put a lot better last week and that's encouraging and so if you operatives can. He'll do what they did last week and put up. You know could be two or whatever was last week. Up points total points I mean they can do that in its defense started turnarounds and then you kind of do as a group. But to take all basis in the upper got to be a lot better maybe host city market Peters out it's going to be a good into the street. Although our deal on these tools do too well looks like next week and you pick a lockdown on the outside once a week. Brian ball to anger eleven year veteran in the NFL often former offensive lineman currently with NFL network fox sports is calling the chargers game this weekend. Brian appreciate the insight thanks for coming on today. I figured out.