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The Drive
Friday, October 13th

CDot & Sean Levine react to the breaking news that Jayhawks HC Bill Self has now confirmed the KU/MU game at Sprint Center on Sunday, October 22nd.


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It is of this so highs at the breaking news down. While. It's gonna happen next Sunday. I feel fortunate yourself right after news media day coverage. Bill Self confirm Kansas and Missouri play each other next Sunday he doesn't say at sprint center but the game is going to BS Branson herself. All and his feelings about the game you rivalry quote. It does not have one thing to do with playing Missouri it's all about hurricane relief how much money they'd plan to raise equal. The plane is north of a million dollars. From Tom Martin KC TV five this is not a quote this does his read on the situation itself does not make it seem like yeah as any interest in renewing KUN in new rivalry full time sort. Strictly circumstantial. That's fine for now this is the start. It's a building block. Because it's my belief was they were never going to play Missouri a let's mandated by the NCAA or they happen to both be in some Maui invitational. Under the pre season and I two years something like that. That you just can't avoid playing. Willing to pay and I'll play Missouri for chaired maybe just continues on maybe next year they put the children's mercy it's a. Teams were married right when you're married for a long time it's different than dating and to me this is like. They're not gonna get remarried this has happened to meet up to Dave and buster's one night and maybe they had a good night. That's all this is to me do you see this is any more than just kind of an ice breaker I don't is kind of curious and as big occasion fan as I am. Maybe I'm just a cynic here but. If it's all about hurricane relief why not have there been hurricanes and fires and other. Tragedies that have happened or country and worldwide since 2012. Teams last played. One of my life. I want my solemn Bill Self because I say yesterday on the show ought to give bill a lot of credit now I think saying it doesn't have anything to do with playing was or is a little bit dishonest and honest and you wanted to keep deprive a little bit with comments that said. It's hard for me to think. None of this was motivated by playing Missouri some of it obviously had to be motivated about claims are you pick another team that you knew there'd be interest that you can raise the most money for charity. So it certainly is a factor maybe not the biggest factor maybe the hurricane relief is the biggest backer not undermined. A Bill Self but I guess I would say if I had said on Monday. Let's give us at all Monday before it is gonna add primenews is gonna happen. Missouri will play Kansas and basketball this year. You told me the only way that happens is in the NCAA turn I said. Was always gonna play that you in the next three years just opened a window before the decade or is gonna play games. Everybody would have told me the only way they play have been Mimi NCAA turned. We don't that's not true we now play each other in the NCAA charity and when there's an urgent relief fund and if they can raise enough money for charity. Say that in two years they and other circumstance in which Missouri confine themselves Lincoln's I don't know if they're going to start a series or not I would just not. I would guess this series between K even if you will never happen as long as Bill Self the coach. But I would say is I do feel pretty confident that resort will play Kansas again while Bill Self is the coach which I never thought I would say. Let me tell you what's going on here are in its ever had us for enemy that they're really close with the big kind loving kinda hate oftentimes are for enemies your roommates move and we generally cool. And then you no longer are. The cooling off period I've learned for myself is usually somewhere between three to five years where it takes quite awhile because. Maybe that person did something to your personal property that is pissed you off all the time it usually takes a while to get over it when you're really close to someplace in case you an annual. We're really close and here we are at that kind of spree at a five year period. Or honestly believed that as much as can you wouldn't like to admit it. Kind of missing annual little bit and that rival and that Saturday once a year they get together college football either. In and you in Colombia are more answer arrowhead where the games played him twice a year and college basketball maybe one time. And the big twelve tournament I think usually takes about three to five years to get over this type of thing. And then you don't just get right back to the relationship the used to add it takes a while that's what I think is going on I think this is kind of the breaking of the ice and I wouldn't be surprised within the next. All the three or 45 years at this is once again a rivalry it's renewed because at some point common sense justice that it. And I get the angles from both sides that doesn't benefit you and and you would love to have a global bloody good for recruiting and beat him and all that. At some point it just comes down to a gain a lot of people wanna see played and all it takes really are too powerful people. One from K you won some and you won't get this thing. And the you size all it will resume the lottery it's always been the case you think I guess I would say might the part about self and a little bit dishonesty is. Tell you is the biggest team in the area. Chiefs. Royals we agree that can't as basketball is the next big entity. What's stopping you from reaching out to you from Casey to play this game we're not gonna get as many fans have to put this for her to leave as wood metal bats I'm saying is to save it doesn't have anything to do with Missouri it's dishonest. It certainly has something to do. Get if you just a beat you at the other team that you know you could put potentially doubts Branson. And if you'll Casey. Your packet for rain in them team we're gonna play the only way you can check out sprint center. What you need it. Would arrogance and this has nothing to do what was or guess that does. I guess. Again it's like the guy says though counsel Greg do you hope that doesn't mean he's going to go deep hole of also said has nothing do with and you. He knows that something that would and you I think what his intent was when he said that cared to does that. This isn't bigger picture don't read into it doesn't mean we're gonna renew the rivalry and you know few years from now we're gonna play this enabled real like Tom just want him back together and ability to port. I think that's what team don't get too excited all this is is a draw and quick question repeatedly you think are gonna go. They said they expect over a million dollars I assume that's in ticket sales post donations. You think they're demo coming from a crowd you expect for an exhibition game at sprint center where they can see the best player on the court to vaunted ground which want to. Secured I think that more people would be that this does not an architect or not no they're not I'm not going down the humor I'm not going down that. You can marxists I think more people will be it this game that will be yet can use game against Washington and its. I think it's going to be that I think the interest I think the good weather. I think the split on both sides the intrigue the hype around Missouri. Even if you don't want in this case you've been in the curiosity about seeing Michael port the curiosity about his basketball team. That we can agree has been the talk of the Aussie. But the college basketball offseason is normally about you know about the big freshman that they do it in what's due to be about Katie in Q and they keep the street. The talk has lost in Kansas City College best one bit about Missouri and the resurgence how Missouri went for being the Cleveland Browns last season in college basketball now being respectable. In the renewing of the rivalry in the trash talk equal on both sides. So there's going to be curiosity either shortly going to be interest and intrigue someone asks that there's going to be a betting line. Businesses are also don't count Kansas City there's definitely going to be the friendly competitive banter I said this yesterday. This is good for everybody I don't see a negative in this. Right injury can happen whenever you play sports that you play four days that you plays Pittsburg state of not hear anybody say. Mean we shouldn't play both teams at Allen because we're afraid of injury. This is an opportunity for both teams to play in front of fans haven't extra practice. The southern take away exhibitions schedules are you still get those games it's another way to play. And simulate digging situations are. Riders they simulate game situations sometimes we see these quote unquote exhibition All Star Games and gore like the NBA all star game they play good game for five minutes and I always said. Best players in the world in the NBA all star game I don't see them actually go for 48 minutes to seat the best tool sets don't read it. What type of game do you expect this to because as much as it's intense blue line ice that's not going to need to fight. Do you know if I lose it when I wanted it that he likes to be back I don't know it's going to be competitive side you'll I'm I'm because it was going to be this categories I was worth our time to watch the feisty shall watch you know felt that you should lots eight. Games that take you northern Illinois at that you block now that you Brantley to use these you are down a lot of games you've maybe he's been at the word on what it. Early it's not going to be competitive and you're gonna close to 9172. Out. As more and say in the netbook aisles at the early drive line in for spending today and to take you by three and a half at sprints and of course that's fluctuating. As much as we care about it to you and and you guy in the fans care about it Bill Self cares about it that suit console market cares about it all the bosses and all their superiors and all the alumni care about it and then back long before that is actually a free state displaced people that. It really doesn't are probably all that much. Michael Porter who's an exhibition game is gonna stick around and you for a semester plus so that's why I wondered just how intense this game is going to be. Something tells me it's going to be more like in exhibition game there's very little defense played a lot of three point shots and don't which is fine. Does it go to your eyes I should on the regular I think both answers are not saying that it's going to be March Madness intensity. It's a scrimmage. It's another -- team like I think both teams are crying in this get I don't think it's going to be March Madness in its icing on the floor at a basketball game but I don't expect to be the NBA all star game like I don't think both teams are unable to treat is as they wait to get better why would you not take it that way I want you not run plays and runs that's got an opportunity to. As a way to get better or those games you describe against Pittsburg State and forty state UN Casey go. This game against a is to make money which is why I think you're going to see a lot of I think it's the atmosphere is not going to be 1100. Like a normal to you and game would be just because its you vs and because the fact it's going to be exhibition lots reporters and. Yeah completely deserted imports of us I think the bowl teams are going to try in this surprised that it's gonna do it the be all I don't know why coaches did not feel like you would this. Is why would sign up outside to do what you do as a real slick as it as real script. They're giving them urgently is not keeping the body does is good people there and.