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Monday, March 12th

There are cliche's in every years March Tourny and one is the guy who fills out too many brackets or the guy who refuses to do it. The guys reflect on who they are and why they choose to be this way..Scott boras is at it again Fanning believes he may be turning into the crazy Uncle status. He spoke to the media when Moose was introduced to the Royals, in Surprise, AZ. All local schools are in the big dance, hear what they had to say, and what our guys took from it. Does the Jon Jay signing make more sence now that Bonifacio got popped? 


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Let I didn't Democrat or how we're seeing concert on anything via our eyes and at a time Joseph was our producer on time highs on occasion. And he said the hours days birthday was today in a micro. I did you could Mitt says the Risley if you don't know we hit my bet is to do some and lost a year yet to be people that make updates different. I appreciate that but if you can't pronounce the name is the Reza and you said RCA is birthday. That maybe should be the wanna you wanna go bet Midler. Maybe you wanna go to the board that you can that you know deal in the game and you know I mean don't don't go with artists yeah. Here's what you do you do what I did and on the seven footer that place for a Florida State. The Nigerian a freshman. I think he will be on Google is that pronounced what Alex the parlance I looked up at the George you know that's the way you gotta do you know Mikey all the odds. I just figured can't it's got a pretty good following in Kansas City loves Jaycee. Part of his nickname is those little insight there on Monday and where's my knowledge yet updates from your bonus Malta. Your committee one of the ultimate sportsman's. I think there are few things that are sacred a few things that you should hold near in the year. You completely disregarded all of that completely disregarded. All of that when it comes to filling out the NCAA. Turn in that bracket. You're absolutely wrong on C do I wish we hadn't get off my lawn seat because that's kind of what it's like. I sound like the young hip fun. Amazing sort of loving dude you sound like the old man over there saying don't a lot of bracket it's no fun that's not the way to game supposedly. Great advice great bracket advice for all these guys out because that. I'm not happy. But how many texts or emails out for buddies wanna get people like I've probably got six of them in the last 24 hours to get Michael. Brown. Tonight it's my velocity I think it's a pretty solidly built. First one. Just go straight shot and all seats ticked higher seed in every single game there's a decent chance you gonna win some money without a championship. Which by its final four teams had a straight shot right all right the actual. Because it typically like pat from the front desolate you consider sixties it ever watch basketball. She's the one usually wins the NCAA term oh well that person in my life is my life. It is not HDTV year one of those discovery. Investigative series should not pay any attention to so. In brackets and it's a field is that I don't care what you do because you're probably gonna win it anyway and I split so there's two brackets the third Brack. I deal with my emotional sixteens and schools that I'm emotionally attached to for example. I steps and go to Wichita State next right. OK so I'll take the shoppers my stepdaughter goes to K state and taken a shot I may know somebody that plays crichton I'm taking great. You know is you follow me on this I got my cousin lives in Boise ticket Boise State if there turns get it. My emotional an emotional attachment to any of these teams at Indiana was an ice is still working there I'd take Indiana for hikes. And my fourth bracket is my well thought out bracket which seems to always fail but I do it anyway I do my research I do my homework. I put this thing together and so there's my four brackets or fill the bases covered. And taking all that long and upsets and then I can pay attention to move for example. The Clinton's New Mexico State game and actually care about. This is where I side with I believe it is Mike Greenberg. Wear socks about the bracket of integrity. How old seeing you know old. How war. You're bracket relief payers if you have multiple brackets because. You can't say that's my sleeper. If you have that sleeper in eighteen it yet eighteen different sleeper. You can never went out today or you could all be right in every single game let's think for example let's say the Miami Loyola Chicago again. You take Miami it wanted you're regents want your bracket yes but betting your wife reading your take on oil Chicago. David Wright technically well you know I hate the little some physical when the when the bracket integrity too much. Consoled as back as 96 animated G today which it made in this league anyway it's double has I am a firm believer in. Just fill out one bracket. And at that brackets not good enough to bring your money that it just wasn't Mitt beat Obama but right now what she's doing is just reading yours. This spreading his sports knowledge to pin here at so what you gotta give me in a principal and you got to stand up for something. Having full Brad deaths or not standing up. They got the joint bracket got the white bracket that the emotional bracket got the wealth what is so which brackets the regional bracket what is the bracket that we can about weight on the show well isn't that shot is the white. Witch while weakened now the I just want you know I don't. Think it was a dot org you you know what's gonna happen. I'm gonna tell you what it's got to be Friday. And we're gonna be discussing the NCAA tournament yet gonna pick a random game yet. West Virginia Murray State Murray State knocks that went off you'll come on the radio it's I had that would. I can't say you're all I. It's at the racers in my wife. That's what I can say now by a well thought bracket that's the one I like to refer to. I mean that's the one right it's time and did the research but don't want bracket make. But the racers. I just don't know how this bracket UG which seems to really be successful and you you really age wrong about it. I don't like if I'm successful I'm just trying to win money. Now purity in the weeks and try to win one of these brackets and that's all I'm trying to use the world these brackets and the real polls like your wife bracket yet where does this go for your opportunity to win money. Are you playing this game with your wife yet are you think this bracket it BitTorrent audited and and somewhere whether it's an online order for office one. All the snake and a sales politically if we went so you don't trust your own picks enough to trust like the it was like well how Brack. Trust all of not always fails never never I've I've actually won two brackets in my entire life one was. 1989. When Michigan and reveal Robinson I want my dorm floor bracket and that line and Sasha filled quickly my body stuffed into his work. And I won at Portland too in my entire life that. Tax on six countries or six really one bracket from a guy who sold well the paper to his neighbor of the guy who waits in line for free flu winning a lot of free food and I did not want to acknowledge the obvious no I don't a lot of bracket at all bush era dated. I would fill wild ones Cingular bracket. Actually understand this one right here. This makes a lot of sense to me text size 690s a six K you fame here I always allowed to brackets one working you winds in the one where they don't. Actually understand you don't have stated your case you band and it's hard to pick against your heart winner comes that means that's racquet so. Also you've got one heart. But you have you this man's bright it's got to take you bracket in the end it's actually being not just the one I want to happen yeah they got. Imagine the case you've been says. Occasionally every senior that's my team just like that as it all about it's about taking sheets. Yet the cheer for the chiefs. Yeah. Tom Watson a fancy football is different reference a really big in the draft being really big and into all that stuff. I'm certain every time guys forward he was saying I have them on my team. These seventeen. Fell 37 it's yeah it's a drag my life on the college basketball fun. That's normally do is to get girls at the office involved with a two ugly hate asked only to fill out right a split. Said he got basketball junkies never watch basketball before all the sudden the look at it LU Brooklyn same and I got to keep that. Texas southern game who's gotten Greensboro today what is garlic greens were just makes it fun. For a bunch of different reasons. Wife the other part of why can't you just put your real Brent. Up against your wife's bracket. And see who wins we do that to me that's that's a possibility that brackets a lot of racquets a lot of racked up sand and look at bridges for getting this great mountain. They tips you act number well letter template you know get that get you girls pat a little dog ball for Valentine's Day shall we forever right. Here's another one for future wife involved in the bracket. And then you don't happen cedar. Then you and she's in a basketball too for the next three weeks it's it's a win win for everybody. I'm just trying to help the people out there and I'm trying to do good bracket philosophy here. And with four brackets it's very simple take all top seeds and one at your wife's a lot another loan or your girlfriend or some of that annoying thing about hoops. You go through emotional bracket and he go with your well thought out bracket forcible brackets that it. Go back to that actual bracket sear just kind of go through the regions a little bit. Do we agreed that K you probably has the strongest 123. And four seeds I got look at it these are the top sixteen seats on the east but once seed Villanova the two seed has produced the three seed is Texas Tech foresee as Wichita State. Ink say use region that you duke Michigan State Auburn. In the west Xavier North Carolina mission can't Indians out in the south region it's Virginia Cincinnati Tennessee an. Arizona. I think Virginia probably has the hardest sweet sixteen match up if everything plays deceit I would want to play Arizona I would want to play Kentucky Kentucky at all of any I don't I don't know there's a team. Others to fight fight scenes right now you can say are playing their best basketball of the year at a hot like it be for every single mid major yet I think it's what he's playing their best basketball the acting kids it's playing their best basketball beer I think north Carolina's playing tremendous pass just seems I would wanna avoid. If Virginia I'm terrified of that. Of that sweet sixteen matchup but he thinks it is they're probably as that well. I think their bracket is probably the hardest hi you end of the bracket. Well to get Michigan State duke and Auburn right I look at savior that went to me. I think that's a really tough one and the design and not as a trendy pick for a lot of teams like the final four. And that you get you got Michigan North Carolina and I think it's tougher for Xavier and as for you. I mean. You look at the top four seeds and in the midwest you've got. Yet K you do Michigan State and Auburn Michigan State Auburn those guys those guys and cancel once it's out right. I just a look at k.'s top half of the bracket in and they've got. They may have the easiest. Of the one seat at least to get to the sweet sixteen. I mean it's yet and Seton Hall NC state clans is New Mexico State Auburn Charles. I mean that is a cup cake of a top half of the bracket that way I look over the west and that to me is where Xavier screw. Mean in zag of Michigan and North Carolina. I I don't see there's no I don't think there's anyways its outreach there's no way. And I think Houston's playing too so I think it caves got a top at least Michigan State and duke in their iPhone tech. What time of the top four seeds leverage is that Kentucky and Arizona in their half of the bracket in the itself. In Kentucky's not even a 123 or four or five C. So are you got the top is by far which to me is another reason why the committee drives me crazy for the overall number 11 of the toughest after the bracket. In the south doesn't make any sense to me that should be Xavier. They should have the worst but project is the one in my opinion these guys the top is Kate got to the EC's. I think that I think you're right when it comes at Xavier I think Xavier probably has the hardest road to get to the final four of all the ones seats if you're a saver lets it let's assume that Missouri wins is on the basis of this conversation. You play Missouri in Nashville I think it's gonna be a somewhat rural Missouri crowd how close it is. The buzz off Michael Porter and porter's seems like one of those guys that could be hot scored 25 in Cary Missouri to a upset in the second round of the NCAA tournament. On the bottom half of I think Carolina is actually the best two seed of all the Tutsis are like Carolina more than like duke right now more than like Purdue or Cincinnati. Michigan is probably one of those teams right now playing as hot as anybody try to get there it. They played their target weaker ocean at least talking about right now so I got to think when it comes to wrote if you were Xavier I don't really think the committee did you any favors them but I also don't think the committee should give you any favors if you're the fourth once he in my opinion if you Xavier. I went to your Virginia this is like. Our reward for being the number one overall seed should not be having Kentucky SR five C and our region or having Arizona who was clearly while those wild cards foresee that can make the final four. Be the fourth seed in our region. I think if your changes made you have to be really happy about where you ended from a matchup standpoint from a geographic standpoint if you sell at the very beginning of the season where do you wanna go. I know so does this case you play better away from Allen fieldhouse and away from home. Blown you always wanna play your games close to campus is possible make it convenient for your fans possible but come in and flood that plays blu. Yeah you know they're doing that at Wichita and you know they're doing their own law if you ask self at the very beginning of the season. What seed do you'll and where do you want to end up you would have told you the one seed in the midwest. And that's what you've got inured to artist teams that you in the preceding. Makes sense of the the two in the pre seed they're gonna shifts each other out you can't play Michigan State be different if missed estate was before seed yet and that it set up you go play Michigan State and duke yet you only got like one of those teams if you make this or Kansas or in Kansas. What are the three teams are afraid of latched on what three teams are you afraid in your region. Maybe you pick Seton Hall because the big guy Delgado. If you've probably pick Michigan State do all right if you're always face some tough that's a term but also pos with Siebel loses. NC state and Wichita you take your chances if your case you and you don't have to play Michigan State Georgia and you only get potentially play one of the sea gods were good to you a lot sometimes I think that you has been kind of they put them in the tough region that's just the draw the NCAA tournament I don't think you can really make a lot of complaints if your kids on how the seating broke out. That's like. They wanted to with a conference championship they want to limit the big twelve tournament championship and wanted to be a one seed the midwest in Wichita and Oman and everything they wanted to do. It shouldn't take the most directly to take the turnpike. You know they took some back roads and in some weird. You know some weird out to finally get to where they're gonna go to the bulk each of the trip to get where their deploy the best basketball right now. So the playing the best basketball and get the easiest. Set out. Like I got nothing to complain about OK you right now if you're taking fan you'll worry a little bit is that Azubuike is not going to be out of percent return other than that. God creates you you're playing your best possible AK right now as everything. Tax like 69 preserve six or something delegates who attacks on the other side plus. 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Mike was sockets is signing one year deal with the royals it is official. Do you think the Scott Boras has turned into your crazy uncle. He's gonna get there and AME some of the stuff that he says use dude like like what what he's saying here. I attacks late Friday night. Tipped me on to the fact that Scott Morse who's going to be in surprise. On Saturday with moose when he introduced into the media sauls Republican for what he had to say and here's part of what Boortz had to say about the system failing. We have an agreement. We have and integrity in our game and that integrity always is and must be. For the game to be was MLB is is that is where the best players play and the world. Four we have an eruption of that and the best players aren't. Rewarded. Appropriately. That we have intervening factors. That. Interfere with the best players being coveted and you have. And awareness by that by the fans. They have everyone involved in the game I think the integrity of this is one where our system has failed to. But Scott Boras Saturday in surprise. I shortly after Mike moves doctors was lose. Introduced after a loose on the when you're six and half million dollar deal. Note Porsche this stuff about that Majorly hot lava. Talent turning like she is saying some stuff he had. Look at that he's pissed off his client or pay. That's what he's mad about he's mad that he's not getting. Com as much money is used to force clients and I think what it's come down to two point you've made quite often seen as the teams are sick and tired given big money contracts. The players and have a eat three or four years Miguel Cabrera is gonna make what forty million or thirty teaming when forty and I teams find sick and tired. In what Boris talked about intervening factors in the each start as sound a little bit. I think those are two completely different thing. I agree with you when he was talking about the high prospect lob even make a lot of sense you know we know he was talking about. I understood fully what he was talking about this according to Bob nightingale no team offered Mike whose stock is a contract other than. It was a one year deal. About him signing a Bryce Harper contract or the air out of contract are you telling me a late Europe like Mike stops. Under thirty. 38 home runs last season two time all star albeit a little loopy. But two time all store. No one offered him a contract for only said that the angels give us that no we offer an ideal it was three years 45 million dollars. Talking about a huge big money back breaking kind of deal. If they're contract for someone like my sockets I think the frustration from bourses I agree with his guys are getting paid. You and I both think some level of collusion has happened here the free agent market is just too weird to offer me to think that's a player like Mike we sockets. Had two of bin shall we sign a one year six and a half million dollar deal. I have said this time and time again. I think the best trick Major League Baseball owners have sold the pains is not spending money is good for the team. Would in theory it is only really good for them. It's not like these owners that have decided we're gonna spend less money this year we're not gonna sign at these big deals. Our hey you know we're not gonna field a competitive this year let's slash prices from 20% say let's you know let's do something for you the faint they pocketing this money. They're finding doing creative ways to make money hand over fist they don't turn their books over so we can't really challenge them. The best trick these owners who played is they sold it to you is spending are not spending money is good for the future of their organizations. It's incredible what they've done in my pain. Let me justice. In this is separate from the wars. So no other team offered moves to counter right correct okay. And that's fish. I don't know and over the twice a lot years that I've been in sports. Insult them looks weird there's probably a little bit more of the story. You're telling me that 38 home runs. Major League third baseman two time all star world champion. Got no other authors not even what your deal for anybody else because what I think happens it's distributed their there's I tell us all week on my. It's only tiger there is. The stuff that we don't know would blow our mines so I don't know what's going on here that this change fishy to me. That only 118 his former team would offer clues to contractors gotten more of the story. I agree with. I would say though I think it's the same thing this thing about our conversation we had on the show. You've got oil Spain yeah I think ten more positive than most well Spain yeah. You are finding reasons to not pay in my stockings and you know most more than anybody sold. If Palestinians or even argue could agree. If the royals would have announced before years 65 million dollar contract removes that have been I think a decent portion royals and that would be in case at that contract. Even though I think if you ask royals fans is he worth that money a lot of roasted with say yes I think what's happened this offseason is. Teams have now copy what fans do. Fans look at least what's happened is I think it'll odd conditioning is with how the economics of the game have worked. People now find reasons to not pay these guys all men look at body type it it doesn't project well 567 years downed lines that we don't want to pay and today like that. But the project for one year. Nobody offered in that to like to me it is perplexing to me. Almost like you know when we found out that they'd done that she's well every team about mark is Peter's. And in the were the only taker know offered like the stock is. A one year contract except for the royals. There's got to be more of the story it's similar attacks on says moves turned down deals tell me who those deals were from because Bob my. Gil says that he was not offered a contract embossed Earl he said that the contract at the Angel offered him was never all on the table. So tell you these teams are I'd love to know yet many people got some different reporting that it's been out there I'm certainly open to information that tells me when I'm well. I believe Scott Boras talked but the system is broken. The system right now in Major League Baseball at it's not gonna instead of buys a flow don't force you to spend money teams can do what do we at all. The world's do it right now wells are openly saying we're going to spend less money that we did last year and we're not gonna anybody that does not without. Happens in the NFL you know felt it's been a certain amount of money. You can't spend over amount of money. Right now a Major League Baseball there is no. There's no penalty for truth of the matter is that what the rules are doing is the motive agreed to stay. But the more in the awful there's no penalty for that so there's no penalty for if I know. This trade for when and pick up at the Marlins why spend money in free agency but just. Players on the team. It's like what it's another example of people would do it NC football. Where is it football in your teams eliminated there's normally wasn't plays were acting a swipe Julio Jones from. I can't ghost might go back of the team just openly. And spaying and and you can. What yet that messed up yet on Alice up baseball and that's. This offseason that's like god that that's a big reason why guys are getting paid and openly saying we don't wanna sign guys the long term deal and we don't wanna spend money. Once that system is being created and it's encouraged by the billions. It creates what happens I think right now a Major League Baseball. Coming up at five minutes to get your chance of a thousand bucks our national cast contest plus hear from all of the local coaches and that's the drive. I'm coming in at 5 o'clock it's the biggest stories of the danger in the city is going on poor. 45 pulled it and see what the John. But now we got to give your chance of a thousand bucks our national cast on says dusty taken away that's right it's thousands on the thirties text the word apple. AP PLU that's apple eight PPL. 27081. You could be a thousand dollar cash where that contest 610 sports really is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance. Up to 121000 dollars each week. Just listen on the thirtieth from six to six your next chances at 530 today. Complete rules at six tenths force dot com Ellis and you. This what Bill Self had to say about the NCAA terminal last night's elections Sunday show on CBS. Well I I thought it was. If you're an automatic bid winner obviously it was. Maybe a little anti climatic scene in the U you know that the very first but I thought it was exciting watching how how you guys and they'll. But but for me I'll which is Sears I was looking at. 1168 now that was Paula was when he's going is that their first two game tournament that we get a chance to play. And of course we're we're happy that we give staples a home in Wichita. Successful you know get staples the home home home but that's only if we played great. This week here but but certainly. Every game will be competitive. I've known Steve a long time again and when he was at Cornell he gave us all we wanted in our building up in the last. Question one year and certainly. We got to get ready for that one in and of reports enough to move you know plan now. Plenty NC Stater or Seton Hall you know those are that those of both speak. Both both opponents could be quickly gains for us because we just don't have that much margin for air but we are playing better were playing with more confidence and I like were wrapped. That was Bill Self on last night's Sunday's election show on CBS. The part that stood out to me and I'm curious what's that us humans and hear what Bill Self had to say news. No should ever call this election show anti climactic yeah it's human drama. It's saying hey let's take a live look in Oklahoma are they gonna make the tournament discussing it in the in the looking in when they make the tournament in the looking if they miss the turn and talk into the coach one way or the other. For Bill Self as it was it's like an active. Think the CBS Q was there he should perk up. He should never have that opinion I thought he kind of watered down all of its OK but I really enjoy it was be nice but it was entitlement to the way they did it last night. I think took away a lot of the joy way of revealing the brackets how they did it was the at large teams and that it awful medical order. Odyssey kid's nose in the targets that really wasn't the big thing for them. But if they're gonna go through every single once about you know every team in the they're gonna do it. Just do it Ol wait out by the biggest thing the stood out to me at least in the early part self as more time to talk about individual matchups there. No college coach noble and should have the opinion that the selection show was anti climactic. That's a hard thing to screw up is the selection show I mean truthfully on yet it shouldn't be anti climactic in the bill's been awfully nice there. Listen we're talking much about and today because a sixteen's ever beat a one. I'm looking at what they did right now there schedule. They have they did face a number one seed early in the season they face Villanova back in November and Villanova blew the doors off right. And this team also lost to Toledo lost to temple mosque that 2000 lost sol. They don't have a whole lot of quality wins but the all the Ivy League champion so. You know bill can you know talk about go to the coaching job that it tends to have a we do see some of the Ivy League teams committed targeted. And and hang there for awhile but I don't think you're going to be able and can't. Not a thing they're gonna hang with Kansas either I think kids playing incredible base our basketball and I think the crowd is certainly going to be a huge favor this and won those games that. It's a problem with that game's close in the second half I don't really think that game's going to be. Very climactic I think they game's gonna end up being an anti climactic they'll be happy that the definition of console Martin caught up with the media to talk about. The tigers being selected for the first time and I believe five seasons. Suzanne you were orange. So he's in terms it was a great thing. Administration. Success. Some good news. Zoo world you know. Bruno. Movies and guys us. Appreciate it changes or. It is good to. And sooner. It absolutely is a good feeling if your council Marten if I had told you back in March when you first accepted the job you would make the tournament the next year. With Michael Porter playing thirty minutes the entire season. You would of rain and to go pressed the button if bad happened. Missouri won twenty games this year than wanting games in the SEC they got an eight C means he doubly turner which means or comfortably in the term we're not talking about UCLA. It's in the playing game and got to go to Dayton we're having a debate on if Missouri's in the tournament. So first off Missouri should it's it's eight. It's a badge of honor to make the term must thing is or had a great year in the center all college basketball teams but to go from eight wins last season to now when he more than twenty winning ten games in SEC play. In being an eight seed in the NCAA tournament. You don't really congratulate yourself mr. console Marten. I that you even part of the story out there too I mean you Michael Porter in the first game Blake cherish your point guard transferred carriage Phillips kicked off the team for some sexual assault allegations. And short Barnett just gotta do you want over the weekend. They're not going to be you're not gonna happen if this week enemy has dealt with some stuff. And they picked fifth breezy in the SEC. They lost their point guard Terrence Phillips got kicked out the team of Michael Porter got hurt and they still finished fifth in the SEC article console Martin's done. At a zoo is absolutely phenomenal Alfie can get on. A win in the 89 game without Jordan Barnett then now we're really talking about some but I think to this point what Missouri's data what cons of Martinsville has been Phnom. Last night Bruce Weber. Was on the station talking about what the big conversation point of this game's going to be. Going up against mark is false and should you know they are back story in their history markets also result Creighton is now a senior he's the best player on that team they also got a local Kia Mitchell Bullock actually to Eudora he's on the team to he's a freshman. This what Bruce Weber had to say about going up against Marcus Foster in round one of the NCAA tournament. O market is really good player and we. We felt like we. You know he didn't flattery is. Not many people recruited him. Oh yeah believe. Freshman year. You know one of the best players in the big twelve I still remember that that's what this camp this week there were 31. Of them. On Saturday and Sunday. In if he wanted them. You know he did it need to get better the player great great offensive. Player one series. Order the defense the player who is you know experience. But he all the guys three what you know but who actually really good that they have. They've got some rip some publicity in the flawed burger filled McDermott well that's better off line in this game. You know Hitler but I can it was it was felt that you. I was Bruce whenever he was on our station last night he was interviewed by the morning show they were you know late at twin peaks we were in independence at twin peaks. That's the intrigue in the match up in this one to me I guess the last three fold here. One I think is they did definition of a coin flip game I would expect Craig to be a once two point favorite eyes are missing the lines out assume them to be a small favored in this one is due to the injuries that have happened to Kansas State. Truthful. The injury status of dean weighed in very brown sure will get updates about the course of the week I think very Brown's gonna end up wearing goggles in this when to protect his face. Dean way it was still limping this weekend so we'll see if he's able to play. Those are the big things I'm looking for two and just the match above the markets also would have been a senior on this team or is asking a senior last year's team the relationship they have members Webber and I think that was a big reason why Marcus Foster transferred. I got in the committee is always a little slick always journal sly when they put these match ups together Marcus Foster in what could be his last game going up against Kansas State and Bruce Weber. That's a juicy first round. Actually edit today as they guide matchup to you as you mentioned to coin flip team markets. Sponsors of first team all big east player averaged one point two game leading scorer. Let's not forget and great command of the big these guys in the Missouri valley. Craig's blue Jay team anyone's coming up the big east and the big east has to number one seed in Xavier Villanova. So they don't want comparable between these two teams as Baylor K state swept him crichton got beat beat by I think it's. And even if they have case it was a local team for us to me to be one of the sexiest. Day one matchups around one. You actually think Ebbers lover sounds like a millennial who gets that on the other side plus the John chase signing. Certainly makes a lot more sense now today than it did when they first made it will tell you how next on the drive. Coming up in fifteen minutes. We'll get to the top stories of the day in seeing the city you have one more chance to win a thousand bucks and our national cast on says. 53. And really got since the chance dispute with a lease on the show. Or dwindled because were off early on Friday for the Kansas State. We are off tomorrow. Because of the royals this spring training game for the next couple days so I mean it's a weird week for your chances to win at least a thousand bucks a mean that you listen and at 530. If you wanna get that little extra bit of paper you don't have to enter five brackets the way fanning does for its Fort Bragg NC state news you can listen to the station. 530. Listen to dusty field. Tell you a word it's accident measure's chance of 1000 bucks and you probably got a better chance when enact. When you do when your bracket funerals or else makes is kind of weird weeks yeah. Reserves in the incidentally term and that's on them and see. No it doesn't happen though it doesn't and that doesn't happen often though it it hasn't happened five fellas it's it's been awhile hey listen we and it's at it's almost like it's like seeing Nebraska actually winning NCAA tournament that are gonna they've never seen so that we. Missouri beat it and turn it as a respite early incidentally they've never wanna game NC double eagle at the Eric I think about how long they've been doing the NCAA eternal time they've never won a game and in the last little while. I think a lot of grief about B version and I understand that good an hour or jokes. It could be yellow. Stay we need your best play by play reenactment of the classic Kansas City Royals baseball moment an expert panel. It's gonna select the winner from each group so I had to do was join rob the show you lead twin peaks and independents. This Wednesday march 14 spent a week at the ballpark with a birdie Wednesday. You can win pregame feel access to the press box to be the broadcasting royalty and joined her on air. During beyond that shows so again we need our fancy gold during weekend need your best play by play reenactment of the classic Kansas City Royals baseball moment. And you get more run when Abacha great stuff to the press box rebroadcasting royalty to be on the bird. I had to do was keep listening sixteen Sports Radio the details and for. There dates Bruce Weber was on the stationing yesterday. You said he sounds like a millennial let's decide this is Bruce Weber yesterday. You know when people say what to help out walk out as well as we. Now with some other possible scandal FBI. Let me expand the you know everybody has you know it. Many people I could get fighter marked boxes or just you know different god given or Pittsburgh. You know there have been a lot of it is good that you came in the current members of market the last out of order. And you know wanna help Coke is. And all they have to feel look at although he did it yeah it was. Maybe they'd decree. That. You know what you think the Opel. And their. It came you know beaten West Virginia where he would. Well it'll be for it and I'll leave here. You know they sector where they you know go and they order that it would be so. Now I understand that the massive that they have to go through our guys eat yeah I would. Our guys that are by it's art there's a lot of people didn't get them. I think you don't want what we need to tighten their belt between them permit that might help coach you have more than that. The witnesses that were. Being part of the and it's going to be determined to they have more. I think it's a great. I able for creating opportunities for student athletes. I probably at the forefront if you're not gonna pay. Like they're not in president am trying to create as many opportunities possible you'll never hear me say there's too many bowl games because they're not gonna pay and sit them to a nice place to go playable game and that's the one time you can give them free stuff you get an iPad given apple watch and it's not an NCAA violations. Or creating opportunities for the student after. But if your teen can not qualifying. For the NCAA tournament if you play and major conference. You have no one to blame but yourself. This is how I would change the NCAA. Talk about the does not change you know annual south Carolina's upstate in there and seven point five this year this list now this is how I've changed the NCAA portables nine points in the smaller conferences I would make the regular season winner did the automatic bid for the NCAA term I think that increases the quality of the NCAA term. How many times that we see a fourteen in nineteen team like Texas southern get hot at the right time when three games and now they're in the NCAA tournament. For the smaller conferences I would say if you win or regulars easily. You were guaranteed a spot in the NCAA torn because I think is unfair about the system and a lot of things are unfair. It's the number one unfair thing can happen you give it seemed like Mukasey for example which is take demanding roots in Italy to this year and above thing if they were good. They could go 58 in their conference finished first lose the first round of their conference term and they're not making means doubly term. That's something here I do. Great regular season and it should be rewarded for your great regular season Alex and there and then for those smaller schools like this you're not yet they should be ready in the country for the smaller schools I would say hey you win this copper target if you're not one of those big teams that won it like it or not. If you. Like if it's you and Casey and another team from that league ends up winning you were guaranteed a spot in the nineties you're guaranteed to play posting a basketball here at. Ortiz went out there he went to count returned to awarded by playing in these kinds of games. That's how you create opportunities it's when asked to be innocent of you accomplish something just putting everybody in the tournament is not the system and that's at the last week by the thing would be is. If you finish under 500 in a power conference. You're eligible to make the tournament unless you win your conference turn. But the same pressure on Alabama the same what you put a small school but the same pressure on Oklahoma State the same way that you do because an art to people living making our. Well look at look at North Carolina State wins. And it plays a major conference don't have good winds that's all you get so many opportunities to have good with so team for the most part of Pittsburg but. Just about every team that played a major conference I was state as good wins a tournament like eighteen happens games Democrat equality. And let's pretend that there are. You know schools from the non power five conferences in Atlanta added up. There are 31 teams from the non power fives that are in the 68 team field right now. But back to a Bruce Weber said about letting everybody. For those that don't know. There are 351. Teams in division one college basketball Lisa Madigan for. 351. Teens that play division one college basketball. Alabama and then went three and 28. Bruce Weber wants a man. Pittsburgh went eight and 24. All and eighteen in conference play Bruce Weber wants a man. The world lose ten and 22. Chicago's 8329. Bruce Weber once this man. This makes absolutely no sense this is the millennial thing and I'm talking about what reward people for being lousy. Everybody gets a chance. I don't know. Is Bruce Weber is try to only Kevin Stallings and get fired at Pitt just because he gets in the NCAA tournament. But he goes Ol eighteen in the conference. They brush atlas and I respect how little he's got a case there I think it's up placed recruited times and that he's got. He's got Kansas right up the road from and he's the third best team in the state right now he still managed to get it in the NCAA tournament. And win a game and beat TCU. But he is off his rocker on there's this makes absolutely no sense to me. Let's reward Delaware's state that went for a 28 let's put it in the big dance it's ridiculous what he sang and I think he's too far on the coach's side this thing and not. Far off over on the reality side this thing you cannot put. Teams like Chicago State and went three and 29 and the lack. In the NCAA tournament's 68 is planning sixty four's perfect I'll deal with 68. Bruce Webber lost his mind and coming up in two minutes we get to the top stories of the day in Kansas City plus she's ever released a statement about they're releasing Tom holly will read it for you next drive is that.