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The Drive
Friday, January 12th

Former Chiefs DT Bill Maas joined the guys for his final appearance of the season to recap the loss, discuss if he thinks Bob Sutton will return as Defensive Coordinator, and why he's still hesitant to trade Alex Smith this offseason.


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The dry it's presented by do sinking east this was. Beat turns 183 on Twitter with one of the best Bill Self impressions I've ever heard in my entire we don't read man. And we don't got no hard what do you realize you could do the self impression I've only been practicing like this year like after the Washington game that we lost this incident. And assertiveness and at the moment when his stance what you wanna do is we're gonna have talked to our guys that do impressions. It's the best impression person that I know we're gonna hand it might tell. Bill Self questions about ultimately the seventeenth when he eighteenth game day. Good one of the greatest coaches the whole angle don't smoke there's. Oh the big twelve. So I know nick I don't know I mean we just we're just focused on on Gordon somebody right now and may. We have tough kids last year with Franken Jay Austin and I mean we lose those gas as in any of these two wheels turn on turn youngster learned it and. He can still. And. I just think if we can start corn somebody and make an open shots we could easily. With AM match. You wanna talk us through that conversation like Bruce Weber. And Bill Self. You bought. I laid back into. Give us right. Also has their bad I don't know we can do it means that six. We stillborn yes I thought he took off early and can. Certainly took more than two steps via the heated. And Harrison. He Friday ever think. Congratulations. And nine at five guys could get three day work. Drives back on Tuesday but we got a strong power and still. Up until 6 o'clock it is a drive and Harrison have been Heisman producer of this being game creator of the Oprah and bags from the flu. For the seek the virus as I was saying oiler Alonso and so he's sold out so people yet the sea of fire as. Did as a flexes it mosquito thing I assume so I don't know I never got. The about it before about what they'll be at which time missiles we'll hear Bill Self and that's really what we did bill they know there is speaking the bill's office from Gary the door earlier today as four hours ago. Bill Self by the way it was all smiles in the hallway today when asked if he could hear about. Disposal or Preston today since it's Friday self smiled broadly and said quote I think it's going to be a great Friday TG IF in quote he said to check with him at 5 PM it is 5 PM. We will be monitoring it to let you know whether we hear word. If Billy Preston and still be owed to Sosa have been ruled eligible or Kansas or ineligible we will let you know either way. I assume it will come up between now in the end of the shows have been listening if you were looking for that news. We will have somebody all the breaking analysis once you find out one way or the other either. What took so long or why it's taken so Long Will get today we got a lot of ought to get into today's it beat the big stories of the day. Even cities have been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about that every day and filed. I also I think it's up to it was actually some positive conversation on Alex Smith longtime chiefs quarterback has voted to. Disney World. Now it's not coming off the Super Bowl win like most quarterbacks but they'll still heads Orlando to replace Phillip rivers for the AFC ought to reach as a quote. From his right tackle Mitchell Schwartz talked to Robert well Sports Illustrated says quote. I think it was the best quarterback in the NFL this year the numbers bear that out put up some crazy stats. Was by far the best people there are in the NFL this year it's been a blast is the guy that makes us feel unfortunately from his perspective all the bad in the middle of the season. Was offensive line related even too much pressure and we weren't able to allow him to step in it was their residence and we tried to address that he got better he got better. He's awesome I can't say enough good out. That's one of his teammates and somebody that doesn't necessarily have to step of relics of the site you so Lanny is there any. Chance that maybe we have undervalued. At Alex Smith from the level of what his teammates need brown and yet for. I it's a little bit different because I obviously least expect Mitchell shorts being the pro that he used to come out and be overly positive about Alex Smith. I don't even deserve with a lot of things they said. Don't think we under rate Alex Smith I think I properly great talisman. Coming out of the good quarterback I think on some days he can look like a really good quarterback. I just think he needs to be an ideal conditions in order for him to be successful. Thank you we sat here we really were rejected the bodies pod like the eleventh to thirteenth best quarterback in the NFL. But as we saw on Saturday. If somebody goes out like Travis Chelsea is somewhat useless picked 43. Passing yards in the second half they didn't score. As not a good quarterback does or great quarterback does I've liked Alex Smith. I just don't know if he's so quick to help you over the ceiling unless everything goes right and it will be hard for that after the game of football. Get his numbers look basically the same is true reasons in sombre right yeah 1000 yards less than one senator sentences as that was. This is that the numbers are obviously a lot about that exhaust. And I'll root for big time that final drive against against the titans on Saturday night I mean you can do this right now doctor. They can do. Sort of reminds me David Sims in the movie tin cup the ruling that it was Kevin Costner Kevin Costner and and as as Roy back would you go for every but he would go for David Sims would lay out. Alex Smith lays out. You know an entity that's that's that's the thing that holds him back from being great. We saw the final drive against the titans sought the Steelers game last year the playoffs this diary kill a couple of times. Alex that is a great quarterback. I would say that the good to great quarterback but he's not at least. Because he can't pull the trigger at six minutes and three timeouts to get his team in fuel position to win the game to move on the second round of the playoffs you can do. So I think we value correctly I say is good I think he's great I just don't think that. We also have divisional round NFL's post season under way they're gonna take off on Saturday afternoon the falcons. Despite that being the succeed flight to Philadelphia and even though Philadelphia as the once the ball reversal three point favorites in that game. A faceoff against the Carson once list Eagles afterwards yet the patriots that's in Tennessee. The Steelers a welcome Jacksonville and then to wrap golf on Sunday after it in the beat the vikings hosting the New Orleans Saints and frigid Minnesota but they won't have to worry about temperature conditions because they played an indoor stadium which player or which game. You guys think you'll be the most invested in this. All it's one of my theories after the hits today gave most importantly saints in my. That is a real entertaining. And really easily match pat says I'm a little bit surprised that the saints or five and a half point underdogs I understand that the story the vikings season how case you haven't you could try to argue the most improved player of the year. All in the league excuse me and the vikings would be the whole team in these Super Bowl slot understand all the few good nature behind him. Mean I'm a big believer in gullible what you know. And I got case keep them in a playoff game and I got future hall of fame quarterback Drew Brees apple would Drew Brees and I'm going with what the team that I think has the thought the defensive edge was pretty close but I do know that the saints brought the ball better than Minnesota does. To make it be the New Orleans Saints because I'm a little bit surprising that big of a favorite I like the points and I also like knows when that game out right. Hey nice job triple it is easy rep for the game anyway when. I don't think so because he's tired of him that none out here I think David if you read that like the type of chance that he's not. Does not give a paid attention to do they get crazy and Jackson Steelers is really appealing to me. But the jets within marriage is breaking towards down the road disease. Picked up Big Ben five times beyond thirty to nine in the jets to a couple things this. Have to do with football games in the playoffs and in the cold weather that played great defense and run. They got littered orbit they got defense without attitude and not to mention it to it was a little sick today he's obstacle they partially torn calf muscle. So to me that is a really intriguing game Odyssey jags are for real a lot of fun out there legit or not the other possibility that that Pittsburgh. All the Terrible Towels and all the Super Bowl trophies and knock off the Steelers I would absolutely 100% love that. Summit last jet ski. I've thought okay. Today is hearing some called it a little bit earlier in the show its big rival we've weekend. Big rival re. Edit this what does that get is that it may first two rivalry weekend big rivalry week. The recent reach us robbery big rival rivalry weekend. I needed if we had added by either way. Big rivals is set to go at it this week and you have the sunflower showdown right here on sixth and Sports Radio. They stable travel Lawrence our coverage kicks off at AM. But on the other side is in its chances take on Mike Anderson and Arkansas a switch should these games as you guys born tree to take you in K state in the season where it's actually might feel of a beautiful home. In the zoo playing their big rival in our. I'm a little obviously buys in this we'll I'll actually be at the Missouri Arkansas him going down there tonight after the show. So all argue the other side I think the intrigue in the UKK state game is. Okay needs to keep up with the other teams in the big twelve. I think that's for legitimate team that was the big twelve I would TCU in that category they already have three losses in the hadn't played Allen fieldhouse which built pretty sick collectible lost in that would. DC is not in the big twelve beds in the losses this early in the season. With Kate you it's about keeping pace with Oklahoma keeping pace the West Virginia to keep pace with Texas Tech already won in Allen fieldhouse. And there is the speed component. It is gonna come out this in this game because. So now some ways it argued they got cheated last year and game. I think it's a really interesting games early in the morning you wake up it's 11 AM. Tip off and Alan. KK State's fallen this year in Allen more fun than it normally is it's always funny Bramlet because there's always that she's beat you loses there's never really realistic chance are gonna lose now give us. But this year I think it's pretty interest yeah it's almost lossless. Here's speeded take the that quadruple Euro step right if you do that overtime game. Decades these days or it takes two and a sad because. We each can show that to be. I mean this is not the typical gauging that we've seen in years past or right on the if they get Azubuike foul trouble live there that there threes faces get a chance to win this game. So violated the coverage on a sixteen Sports Radio starts tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock right here on assistant Sports Radio so for me. Not the glows like to get into the thing guess she robberies. Up to but I'm zoo because it was you who does but. In terms of state rivalry week I gotta go KK state maybe which dusty tells you. I'm excited for this week in the NFL we did so momentarily as we conclude that it's today. He's I think you're crazy I don't think you're crazy like. You are really good argument four in a Philadelphia beat the game that you're looking for a lot of people like myself that kind of thrown dirt on the Philadelphia Eagles and have already John the mount Evans saying for the last couple weeks a Philadelphia looks like the ninety's chiefs. They're gonna go thirteen and the Orioles home playoff game they're gonna have a very disappointing in short lived it. Time in the playoffs I think they're losing this week at Alina minus three heading into Philadelphia. I'm not that interested in Tennessee at New England because we think our team and a half point favorite. C is the worst team remaining in the playoffs and it's not even close to this should be compete in the playoffs for being honest. Like your team is it's into the team that beat my team. That's that's honestly like they're about that you know I mean it is a thirteen point dog in the playoffs. I wouldn't get data possibly. And the type your thirteen and amp we dogs doing. That's crazy. Jacksonville Pittsburgh. I do think there's a lot of intrigue in this one I mean these two teams play the other earlier in the season Jacksonville smoked. It's for the first time they've played him. They re in the ball incredibly effect on the it incredibly effective Wheeler for net had a big day against and they forced big problem Berger F five turn over. If you remember Iran border was talking about retiring after the game against Jackson then it was key to kids Citi it's what the chief judge have a lot of respect for Blake portals I do a lot of respect for the rest of that roster they're Teaneck and play good defense or run the ball he got a chance to beat any team that you go up against. You're going on the road against the team that beat that you beat earlier this season will see not healthy Antonio brownies. I think that's a game to look forward to as we talked about during the it's at least for me. Knew Minnesota. The winner of that game wins the NFC right to go play for the Super Bowl. I think does the two best teams in the NFC alike what it is doing and I could see them won the Super Bowl as well they sponsored they get that offense going. Adding New Orleans is the best team in the NFC. In Minnesota is the feel good story of the season and in the NFC and I make a lot of people who rooting for them to host the Super Bowl especially for a franchise that has never won one. Three of the four games are really interest in this week I just can't fake excited about Tennessee and I think Tennessee's gonna get beat. Only one attendance yes it did that game feels a little bit like. Like chiefs ravens when Matt Cassel was quarterback indefinitely like no chance now for the titans in my opinion. Osu quarterbacks and when you're picking games I picked a wanted to buy it I don't understand why. The Minnesota Vikings are favored beat the New Orleans Saints and it Drew Brees urged Christine. And me. And the other thing we know we say is every time it's set up perfect number workshop. No team has ever. Played in the Super Bowl in their own stadium it's never happened. In Minnesota has a history of war in an egg in the playoffs they ought to win. Go back to 1998 and Anna this has nothing new with the players now the people in the Minneapolis know about it believe me. Gary Anderson was 3535. On field goal attempt in the regular season needed one. To beat the falcons couldn't do season over. I'm not buying the vikings. Not by the vikings pull this thing. I just don't see it happen. I don't have a good five on this team not to mention if you try to take the run away from the states which I happened last week. It Drew Brees hit what is. Like that multi dimensional. With a saint I don't understand how and was in Vegas knows all sometimes anyway. I don't understand how does censor such dogs in this game. From supporter Gary but dorks we did this out earlier today Bill Self by the way was all smiles in the hallway today when asked if he could hear about. The Sosa and Preston today since it's Friday self smelled bra smiled broadly and said quote. I think it's going to be a great Friday TG I F in quote. He said you checked with him. 5 o'clock we are monitoring the situation to find out what's going to happen to the eligibility of Silvio does Sosa and Billy Preston the moment we know. You'll know we will tell you guys what it is the moment that we find it. On Twitter. Guys that sell me if I'm crazy about these two NFL playoff takes the first one is. Tom Brady has something to prove this week in and in the rest of the playoffs. In terms of legacy and how we rank them and what we think about Tom Brady is gravy at this point the moment you came back from down 283 last meeting in the Atlanta Falcons. Yeah legacy is for ever cemented if you were Tom Marie. I think you're the greatest quarterback of all time it was nothing can happen between now in the into the playoffs to change that opinion for me about Tom Brady. Why I think it matters of wiping Brady has something to prove the last five weeks for Tom Brady are as follows. Six touchdowns five interceptions 61 point 7%. Completion percentage at remember they got smoked by the Miami Dolphins. This is not an eight team that has played good Chris football down the stretch. I think you can make an argument. But last season Brady was fresh in the reason he played so well. Was you took away a lot of the Wear and tear from the beginning of the season. Any only played twelve games that you had four straight by weeks in the season he played twelve games had another bye week so get you ready for the playoffs. You're not there you played great playoff we obviously know would have with the patriots last season. This year you didn't have the offseason that you had you didn't. Only played twelve games yet to play the full sixteen the full seventeen weeks you look at Brady. Made the cut off for Brady started at once she got about 1112 game marker and I think that Brady was kind of weak and oil little bit and getting close to hey Audi a bye week to week off to get my body refreshed and be ready for the playoffs. You've got the bye week now you are the number one overall seed you've got bye week. These next couple weeks where I don't think the topic of conversation this offseason will be Brady doesn't play well these playoffs is. And Brady cannot overestimate themselves. He pushed Jimmie to rob blowout is VS stores are the way on the patriots and offseason talking about what Brady's gonna do what Bill Belichick is gonna do what Robert Kraft is thinking. And that's a 41 year old quarterback that you didn't get to the Super Bowl with the topic of conversation this offseason if Brady doesn't give backs this bullies. Is Brady over the hill is Brady Dolan because I'm Angel believe in the NFL the end and the finish line. Comes a lot quicker than people give him credit for Brady was the play for five seasons. Probably plays two or three more season. During the middle of one of those seasons now let's see what happens but the but the patriots who appeared to have no plan B you know back the plane. You put all your eggs in the basket of Tom Brady being healthy for the next couple of seasons let's see how he plays this post season after not having a typical Tom Brady December. As the only member of the shows and as Maurice I could tell it. It's a little bit more difficult when you get to be your forties I can't imagine played in the NFL NBA and forty years old. And you wake up then there's a lot of guys out there there probably can understand what I'm about to say you can wake up when daylight what capitalization. And forget about shoulder that you hurt high school went to my Asian. You know why does it take me five minutes to be able to walk or get out of bed. I don't understand how the cat doesn't mean he's obviously. One of the most disciplined athletes it's probably ever pan. But sooner or later he's in his wall maybe this is it I don't know. You know I'd it a cousin Dennis floor talk all the time and in the mid 2000 came and realistic it's amazing you know real as it marks go crazy. He was eventually that bubbles and pop. I always feel Tom Brady. Eventually Brady's gonna pop but has bubbles and a pop in May it's this year maybe it's next year but I guarantee it before he's 45. I guarantee. No it held do you place at least 45. Minutes he's leaking oil. Down the stretch in his regular seasonal eligible for minorities. They have. So you know Republicans like I would say this is a fan do this just sort of enjoy it. And and understand you're watching greatness even if you're not a Brady's hand or patriots fan. Just make sure make a point to watch it in case it's the last. You know because of the way he's been able views absolutely unbelievable. My take. I would have a whole time again to have to get into a quick Richie touch on the other side news. In my crazy for thinking if the falcons witness a verbal than Matt Ryan's going to the whole thing. Hard to believe the hall of fame is gonna keep somebody out at least in this scenario. There a favorite in the divisional round so Vegas thinks they're going to the NFC championship game we'll see we'll play we'll see how things got a break down. But that's when the Super Bowl like I would say there's no player aside from now Blake portals disagree argue markets Mario today has more game from the playoffs in a good run. Dan Matt Bryant. Back to back Super Bowl appearances. An MVP awards he won last season NS approval rating at the patriots went RV at the thought when the suitable. I'm at make a pretty convincing Matt Ryan argued because the numbers will be there is a good quarterback and he's been great he's been a good quarterback. In it terms of the post season it's hard to argue he would have been great if they witness a role this year back the next bowl appearances a Guinea MVP and a ring. Matt Ryan gets himself into the hall of fame they were visible to other similar quarterback Eli Manning go in or does it. Daddy I mean six then all time in passing archers to be blows me away Matt Ryan if you want to super ball goes to back to back capsule I think he deserves it. Coming up next we give you a chance to win. A pair of tickets to see that Dave Matthews Band the night before the big game plus. As a cup you guys out there that maybe won't have the peace of mind to watch football this weekend with the chiefs out feigning has devised the plane and away. Send help you watch all the football you want this weekend. We tell you how national address the dry presented by don't think it's from the MVP electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at five minutes we get a chance to win tickets. To see the Dave Matthews Band Saturday February 3 at XL it's it is. Minneapolis this is a sweet you. We'll begin itself hit airfare you could sickest and Dave Matthews being you also need to be in Minneapolis. The weekend of the big game. It's a big deal I do you listen in at 534 chance to win this all you gotta do you listen to six cents. Or radio three different times of day 830 a fastball in the morning 1230 obligations and also 530. Right here on the drive who did today at 530. We've all clicking refresh to kind of see what's happening with Kate you because earlier today there was tweet from beard Doerr who. Covers KU does a great job for the Kansas City Star has known Bill Self the entire time he's been there have been on the KGB for really long time. Self by the way was all smiles today. In the hallway when asked if he could hear about the Sosa and Preston today since it's Friday and self smiled broadly and said quote. I think it's going to be a great Friday TG I F he said checked with him. 5 o'clock. We even checked in at 5 o'clock we have heard no boos from Garrard the door or anybody on the case you beat about what's happening with Billy Preston. I will continue to say it as a stand up for KU fans when it comes this Billy Preston was suspended from action. November. Or teens. It's January 12. Two months. At some point you need to do what's in the best interest I think of Kansas a wise it was spinning a lot of money and try to get Billy Preston eligible. What's in the best interest of Billy Preston and also what's the best interest of the fancier. This soap opera every day side that the NCAA continues with Billy Preston. Really know what's happening with Soviet associate you at least admitted them in order he is attending classes at IKU. Wise isles play bass no clue what's happening with the NCAA came up right now there are a lot of information and a lot of reason to trust the process. So I was a bit excited today because gare door when he says itself says check back with the 5 o'clock. I'm expecting at 5 o'clock here or something or get some got a new moves and have some panic include I don't what's happening in case you. It's weird to have KU conversations when I feel like all of them have a Nash because I think our team is gonna be different I think that's also gonna play this season out of the biggest question. Only that I don't know the press is gonna play this year. I thought it was going to be a couple league games five at the asked who most and that it's got past five games I'm thinking I hate first conference game they played Texas. On the 29 of December I thought Preston was gonna plan that he still hasn't plate. It's marked the king. We still having gotten a world Billy Preston this has gone off for way too long it's not in the best interest of anybody out of Kansas not a Billy Preston out of use the pay and that once your team to be at full strength does want this saga to be over now Billy Preston's either be ruled eligible to get back on the court I think he should be. Orders will limit eligible let Billy presidente you rule. The frustrating thing is we only deals going on nobody is very transparent about Bill Self can't talk about Italy. Has talked to anybody about anything. That's frustrating for Kate fans have for everybody really part of it is too like your rushing to an end make them a the wrong decision and if the kid didn't do anything wrong then they can't screw the kid. But he did something wrong wanna make sure. You're doing the right thing he's got a lot of time and money invest in recruiting him get an eligible so. I don't care that is taking that long I just weren't they truly get it right. Kelly instant replay in the NFL you could take a little fine just get the call right and that's what I want to insulated. I just would say if you're gonna have an investigation I would say after two months I think you have an enough time doing that when we're talking about someone's livelihood and eligibility what. Present and do anything wrong here and they make them eligible the first the marked. Just taken away its freshman yet I think that'd be disappointed because it's a three months to get all your paperwork in order redeem need to do. Two months is way more than enough time I don't feel I ask you hate that. The next Davies the plate he's sixteen games now like I feel like asking for the no hurry up and expedite the process outlook rational line. And while I we don't know the facts and you know that's the important. And I guess I'm with you on board the NCAA should be transparent we don't know if action maybe its a lot more complicated we now. On. Read it like we get it to the Dave Matthews that quick right. Or make you guys are aware this is really cool your chance to. What a trip to see Dave Matthews. And the Davis he banned the night before the big game at 530 plus. Lot of great stuff right so the best we can do this or item I just butchered it's nice to have the right spot. All right sixty sports radio and intercom presents the fourth annual the night before when Dave Matthews Band on Saturday February 3. That's excel energy center in Minneapolis is strong and ready to articulate the biggest game in sports Il dead is with the biggest night of music. The night before a sold out the only way to get it is to win at least sixteen Sports Radio at 830 with fast with a warning 1230 in the nation and 530 on the drive BC dot. This hour's code word this is key here. This hour's code word could sing in the night before Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis and the code word is. Is it liver lie. And very confused hurt their spelled Hussein's I would live on. Go lie real lives they lie okay this hours total dirty is alive. So taxed live LIZ. The 72881. Lie LI VE to 72881. For your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules or to enter online visit Erica unconscious dot com one way at least selected nationwide entrant. Will win a trip to Minneapolis for the ninth before they. He. Looked. All of horizontal for two days man trying to get healthy. I'd what I am most most as your AppleTV horizontal you know speak about the cica Myers that's. A few tips for the boys the fellas this week so. And I know. Since chiefs are not playing this weekend in the playoffs. Decent chance to go earlier life. On my beyond maybe what not watches as much football activities would you hold things up plan right so I got some tips spilled lots of football first all do this tonight. It. Focus. Yes it. Damaged and the thought was not your wife rubber feet little thought astonished. And until you manually scan a quarter half half made beautiful game that. This weekend. That the ladies love them defeat and if I care about if I go to the other parts if you touch the parts were. You normally don't try and touch you touch different parts and you rub those parts Lotta time beautiful football game. If you're rubbing. Yeah ladies arches on her feet and they love it in order to watch the game. You're not in control of your relationship that what parts of like guys normally try to rotate their feet of each Arab defeat. Then chances other accurately beam really is try to make me feel better after along the war this is what idol honest. Whenever we have these topics but I'm not a relationship the way the UN high certainly and you guys there happily married. You can't just. Ask or teller a baby you know I enjoy watching the ball was the big weekend of football and I'm happy to spend time I don't work on Monday by I really like this in their last game. You know what time games are made by short eyes what games you wanna watch him be prioritized I don't care that much about Tennessee New England. So if I had a lady is she says hey let's go to dinner I'd happily go to the dinner during Tennessee knowingly and not gonna take our dinner I come home NCAA if the games close I can dual back. I would just days many are not taking care of things the way you need to be taking care of things isn't you know if you've got a trade rubs for footballer do. Rob annual he's all. And the bottom Murphy in order if you watched half of an NFL this is a in some other areas that like it and it's sensual you know like this thing isles this Abbas I also don't get it whenever we have these conversations. What's children shortly watch the most ice show and everybody is a GT ice and Alina watch her as the show take. Everywhere agent Bob the bachelor stuff on HTT he. That there is that what's that show one on ABC the dancing competition on Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars it. I've got a lodge like my 600 life. That that's trades on the back in what's okay so. If she's watching these states. This you have to do all these things that just get some peace and time to ourselves that there are lots of them just rubbing your feet Quincy watts in the well as with the stars guys. It's dollar and hour sometimes two gallons an NFL double header. Much longer that's 67 since there's the different sides but also say prioritize. What part of the game you'll watch. Need to watch the first quarter of every single one of these games in the middle of the order issued the watch him move beyond Sunday afternoon. Maybe I watched his movie to let's watch a by the time it's over time it wants this in jail meet up with it we can sit on. I would ask you BJ Vic Lee and now for the next twelve hours or I see the students here. That sounds awful accident. Yeah that's it that's like yeah I mean a lot. People attacked signed their own your sign Tex on six losers six no you don't work that Reseda. Another person's need to stop talking about relationships this is the reason you're not in one another person C dot is delusional. This is what I don't understand some of you guys tell me how great relationships aren't able to yeah. How they make you happy. About someone's feet to want to cool of an NFL game shouldn't. Option I mean and he did it women who like his nasty feet leg will boomerang you know OJ had a bear claw I'm big on feet and so I would. Have a conversation with it I knew you get bad thing is another option I got a little idea that I. I'd first like I would say a breakfast like bigger at breakfast it's got to be careful where residents say this could happens. Not this breakfast. At that moment. See that time. This is 100% guaranteed circuits as Reagan did it just gives it a little handbag in the cash register and give me about two dollars and seventy it back please. Read it. That's 100%. Cash and sharks. Are. Yeah that's signs written on I absolutely Brett handler all of their neighbors that your much. But I hope I take my girl on the grass it's 275. PM and as yet he did to 75 breakfast and that's it. Here's suggests. Maker breakfast maker little movement. On it that if we take if you maker omelet morning. You know and she waits at the breakfast you think about are not up literally did so for error by at least first part of the double header for giving double header in the. The more thinking about. Insert taking all of this and character doesn't really good point. Which uses it all you do is just prioritized. Or time a little bit. They give bears game that you just don't have that series not of interest and that's the time the go ahead make it happen it happens to be the New England game. And say hey I need the afternoon boarding we do whatever we need to do evening if you got something planned let's go ahead make it happen. Change or scheduled to make it eight you bought it at the same time it's allowing her to feel like you're changing your scheduled a cost you your wives. Outlined no I don't think it's not like it all like I would understand. It. Funny I want to Missouri gains from now until got called home and every football entered a slogan those are not negotiable to meet. I care a lot about those I wanna watch those. I admit sometimes when it comes to KUN their plan a home game against a bad team. I'm not locked in and dialed in and watching every dribble. You're on the television when they played Texas southern. I'm not gonna fight very hard to like it let's go see a movie as I gotta wash that you game for work you know. I want to talk about that game anyway I'll catch the highlights Albie was ringing and I know what's going lord we are now at the playoffs. It shows the mayor someone well who is very interest like were. Sandwich I don't like we think we're a little different situations over the fellow we're talking about getting 71 of the royals' season well. That's an issue you know I don't watch that game. James set in the Dallas July absolutely that's it must watch out again at least some of the absolutely. What else. I don't think that is the only factor in some women laughed and she understands that concept additional eight babies it is every week and a lot. Women it'll agility understand okay what football star seventeen weeks ago. And in colleges. You know now we're gonna hold people look at some flooring here's another option for easy for some of the guy's. Got a body the zone history. Meant to say listen Fresno street you know he's got this do yourself thing he needs help me you know. Take care takers of plumbing issues so on the on the rundown there. It gives you chance watching game in town a few Beers and waterway there cheated. Some great music and do it yourself project neighbors that's another option. In order in order to do something that you lied in enjoy it you have to sign up for plate dates with your friend that's what you have to do yet not. He's got great marriages like me and ice that's what you gotta do you have to tell why they are going over your boys down like this but this isn't busy shocking deal for I I project guys before that had. Would take money over to their neighbors and stash you know. And it and they like keep each other's. Yet not every Mary cleaver is out there and I'll try to help the guys out there if I would Russell and I ever get in the situation you know amendment and get divorced. You know I'm gonna say baby you know what I really wanna losses game. He years 5060 bucks beat it go get your feet down bogus journey ends done got a spot I really wanna watch this game. A little guys and dunk off and go my buddy's house. To play. Fate Tim the tool may end nodes in the world wants to get our had to rub her feet you know you could you you know educated here. And do massage. I'd be damned if it's the fourth quarter. Of a very important game there or you're watching a team in a basketball game it's two minutes left and it's tied there as he comes up to me ask for foot rub in a kid. The first are you. We well. Can't do that damage kidney problems that's. You can wait to with a timeout it's OT you know I mean you know muscle muscle break in between games and options I was saying the foot rubber earlier. Every time like sometimes you know I'm getting older I'm getting closer to thirty I think about relationships you know you'd it be nice to be in one. Ended we'd do one of these segments and you make a great you may make it sound like it is the absolute worst and it sure does this at Stewart this news you can use. I'm sure there's some benefits to being in a relationship a lot on all of you yours for three kids. It's. Ed children ice has become my house and lots name that's what I do now yep that's because like prices. And hi this is handy at all it's it's this whole thing just sounds brilliant or the other day in the cold. I'm in Nagasaki. Got anything else you gotta do know. Call them off and stuff like this all right text like six 306 its upper ask us anything if you. Ice if Spain who runs their relationships even though we just does. Ask us anything the question is yours going tags and text line 690s a six we're still monitoring the Billy Preston situation will let you know it it's a news breaks on a drive. I got in my mind it. Are you know I are gonna hear. Presented by sick it's from the studios sixty and Sports Radio Sunday at nine catch birds hot still powered by seventh street casino where it's that. Yeah yeah even in he's going to go easy. And I think we can hear you sure. OK I agree. That's a very good question it's. Too. Shall we. Real sex line 69 or zero sticks out in every show on Friday asked a city thing is George seems to control the direction of the show. What did you get a soldier radio about catch case they can take you covered right here on sixth in Sports Radio starting tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Ready answer questions was so let's. Still I had excellent excellent Isner a six seed. Would you rather have Missouri go to the final four and balloons or seen Kate use. Moon are on dollar BK code is at Bayer and Expedia RB KB. That is in question I think Dresser and it seems as as as Bayer can you think it is. Which your C Missouri got the final four in loser PKU in the first round or the sector again. Damning evidence against that things out pigs or go to the final four over just about anything that there. I was certainly the final four would be just single file or is on the anniversary of when the week's celebration like college basketball. As much is about winning the national championship obviously want an objection is as much about the road to the wild about college basketball's packed. It's not called the road to the national championship game but wrote to the final accomplishment being won the last four teams that god basketball. It's. Tremendous so it could be South Carolina clash here go the final four looks I'd take that. Tex lines six countries or six what constantly and fortunately team now been announced that Alan coats and obviously I'm excited to see Justin Timberlake. He's not communicated city needed at a second leg and sort it. I really had announced he concert to worship aside from the year. Com this summer festivals say shall see like this kind of spurred off tour who released music it's when he teamed Boehner album but. Nobody's really announce anything. You want what's that we're plot thickens through casinos yes. And I look stuff. It's an accurate or else around him. But we don't live to to look past it wouldn't. Tex lines 69306. Pool and he read ever win a super bull. I would assume no police say the answer is always more likely know when it comes to winning a Super Bowl I'm I take no for anybody it back concerts like. Aside from will Tom Brady went another one I'll bet you don't want anybody you get the oldest coaches to with a simple that's what's in his sixties and yeah it's via. Tex signs 69306. RJ Paula Logan's line and the worst thing to happen to the Internet you know either most people are what those guys and apologized when that Japanese forests. And shut in and got himself I. I had no movement and the war I really learned and until and tell us did I I nobody worried when you realize how many YouTube's got everything at like. I miss this Howard these people so popular and I descent capsule is real life. Sex on 69306. On us don't understand how matter that Sutton still had a job. I'll put it as a seven right now. We'll see you all and Tuesday. I think he's got to be the defensive coordinator next week. Boy it. I was flooded mine. Our operatives and it's. I mean the pilots the defense was shattered when it mattered most it wasn't. Sex line 69306. Do you played poker. The car that did vote. You like in game three game usually you talk about like partying yeah but again I say you and black checked you know like like like the target like yeah. Does not great I don't play much not a huge imminently losing money. Sex line 693060. Consider hot dog seemed whenever I ask you I don't. I would say hot dogs on them. I would say anything like that where than on wraps around the meat like the hot dog you put right in the middle I would say some Philly cheese steak sandwiches I would like those this differently in a category like hamburger. Where it's like. Bottom pieces of bread middle part is all the stuff in the ball on the top so obvious some of those who seemed to really think that people care about that. I think in which is really stupid and it is there race is very current show that you're binge watching. And agility and on. All the football allies on. On at home. And I was I was with I was watching on the you know be present stuff they do is deal and built Billy Martin and other nasty ones announcement want. Tex 69 cruisers sixty think general offered me a worried world I'm almost done with Watson when you are probably what's a living single and living single. To love who moved up like about the ones that actually if I natural allies. Do the royals make the post season not actually well nothing but I acting like a team that thinks they can make it. It's gonna be is if they don't treat anybody it's silly to create his back I think we've got to think. Non medical care what was your favorite cartoon is the man I'd probably say matter. Thomas here. I was really big on dog and I was really big on Scooby Doo. I always say like I've been one of the reasons why such should be being along orders I always call lawnmower dole Scooby Doo. It's gonna do never and a continuing story. You would start the main characters. A villain would happen. It was in the next thirty minutes trying to figure out dated and being you figure out who did it and in the next episode it was start over and sell a lot of episode of law and order another son to go got to keep current there like some overarching story lines but. But the beginning a lot order a rape occurs they investigate the right. They saw them this that they exhibited did. Skid beat you Everest you know argue that no numbers targets OK so the difference to have was a deafening it was a huge hit desperate to be dealt with not to keep Daphne was the team. Sex line 693060. Do you think Paul Orlando will be starting opening day for the rules he's decent chance he's starting center field again. Do you believe. Sex line 69306. Over under yards next season for Patrick Holmes fourth house. Particular picture moment our men and until they deal with what's the interceptions and fifteen. Also to deal I'll be over and it's just it's not as hard as she stands made it seem like this year let's say it's easy to do bush. It down year for quarterbacks I'm gonna guess that next year. Twelve to thirteen guys the 4000 yards I'll guess that you were team and a high volume passing offense although before bounding out and got a great your beat them 4000 yards but. More times than not like your quarterback I'll guess that he goes for 4000 yards get this revised delete it says I gonna I gonna get to that concert a bit a couple of time. I was this among his notes and later. Check out the podcast basics and sports dot com also available once I'd suit. Check out to K state game right here on six stents Sports Radio tomorrow with coverage starting at 10 o'clock. For Brad fanning whose bat great to have you back next orbit Iceland is this thing in me. MIC we got here so it is that. Prize presented by opposing teams from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.