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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

The busiest man in Bristol, Trey Wingo of NFL Live and "Golic & Wingo" stops by to preview Chiefs/Titans, give a national perspective on the Chiefs, and what's his rule when it comes to "spoilers" on TV!


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Sunday at nine catch birds hot still powered by seventh street casino where exactly. Backhand on the drive its existence of the team's playoff game this beacon in the NFL playoffs in general which right wing though ESPN. The mayor of of many jobs. Fields in both alive he hauls he'd also hosting a radio show goalie in winning goal is paean and used via radio trailer window he welcomes the drug trade I don't have a god are you aren't perfect well hopefully we are you ready for big web cast used solely because it seems like it's very often. Beat date not a lot what received overall fleet. The afternoon naps pulled off of the place but the other but the long time away we got a long way to go forward get there. Let's start with this what is your national overall impression of the chiefs this season it's been sort of a wild bumpy ride with the chiefs but there's certainly have come on late. They have looked at righted the ship but obviously it was crazy after the department store and what they went through a global scenario. Where we may be for the third straight year in star vital that's what happened. About an important if he does that oblige you but does so quite. Awhile you'll like it might happen with intensity of the last four weeks. I thought that what I was most impressed with what it was that she's probably right that ship and get going. Talking to trade wiggle ESP and trade one of the things that Michael has been telling me like I'm back on the geez wagon and I don't I'll always. I just needed to see this last month. Kerrigan's argument I think it's about what does it really beat anybody you buy and that. Well look that that'd be that'd be April but you can only way to schedule a ball Oberto so that that part of it. Well now you'll see that all they did go up and we what we want him and beat them get a vote different time different he. They thought we'd still count yet but that we that we want to matter just as much as what happened in week seats being the determining that division because. I mean I get it later in the season and you open there's more sort of but you know what it's still just one day. What you wanna be seen as a vote we squad so that there's two way to look at them yet. Make that point the latter it is beaten buddy. And beat them and second time in this era of the Super Bowl when we're playing at all on Thursday night that. That coupled with law that are responsible wanna promote the ravens on Monday about Thursday night that go to Denver picnic the six putts. So that Nortel north of the public outward. When you like to beat the giants when they were all he. That's unfortunate that you saw that matters just as much as what we. We saw them in the stretch. Because trick for me I think maybe what my biggest disconnect is and how I'm happy to talk to somebody this is seniors use or beaten down every day with the Alex Smith discussion news. I tried to in the playoffs at least pick one I know. I know Tom Brady I no problem burger I know Greece I feel like I have a good understanding of what team do news. It's hard for meets elect somebody else kind of enter into that logic in that thinking and look at the history of the AFC playoffs these of the last fifteen years. The only quarterbacks that it wants the Super Bowl or Super Bowl quarterbacks in Joseph Flacco seemed like the numbers are on Brady or Roethlisberger. Going back odds are going to Minnesota this year. I think that completely fair and you're right since 2000 Ortiz. It's been either Tom Brady Peyton Manning or an awful order one appearance like bill what which has been the same thing. And about the he would be represented in simple and I get that but let's just take it one step up. Because that you're the Joseph Flacco made it. Nobody expected them because there are remembered they were poignant all the wild card round and they NDP via the colts didn't watch for oil broker. And that they want the Denver. When Denver I believe the number one of them are. And that it would essentially wrap up until the Broncos couldn't finish out a drive to run out before a first down and you'll walk over it that Jacoby Jones and an eighty yard touchdown pass were somehow inexplicably. Never gave up the sideline and the deep. That it would over one and no we're not in shock the world of what is going so. I hear what you're saying you'll like it through completely stacked against you. But chipped it says recently a simple 47 receivable is expecting scenario. That at the white applicant city play out all of them. Arbitrary window ESPN Trey by and Alex Smith this year because he's essentially doing. The things that everybody Kansas City wanted to do which is told the people said he was to conserve that he was Johnny jet down. You wouldn't throw deep and it's got a regular now is so I think that's the difference along with auriemma to and the running game but are you seeing. Alex Smith this year. I am and I think what Egypt's that is the most important thing the running game. What they were going that flaws five of those start running game with non us. And if you make the running game non existent guess what it's much more difficult and tried for about all of them. So what they've been able to do in these last three or four weeks get Kareem are activated back and it's certainly felt like. After you after those first fight in that yet rookie wall. We hope that the numbers in terms of touchdowns. Yards for carry in York for game and those burst by in which will although. And then for the next five games they work completely ordinary some of that with a little bit of injury issue with the top of the blog we understand. But as much as we love what Al Smith and that it felt he and achieve it can do it all predicated by the ability to walk as a fuel running the ball. It's set up everything else to work and you don't have to stack the box to stop the run. Then those oh screen developed and so we'll have that I've regional long ball well I'm not gonna either. Everything with the intensity as much as we love the flashy weapons. I've read you know Travis he'll say after probable permit for the from a remarkable for wolf and everything else. Right now talking to trade wing go of ESP Ian. On speaking of tire retail he's been challenged to a race by Adori Jackson from the Tennessee Titans in a foot race. Where he says quote I hope your taking meet in the foot race who do you have winning that race between tiger retail and really anybody in the league as I. Because in that race I'm Dick Tyreke. Well I think that the rejected reporter and I think he's done a little more often he's he actually is a really good multi dimensional player but. It is nicknamed the cheap. Yeah it is the got to take him right go to Eugene as well or. It's the best or. Not that David rockets he's our retail I think the key to the guys that they've achieved. That's the fastest land animal in all had to do is watch the movie are you finance the fat. Hatred for a joke before the out here man you know we'd all about Herm Edwards in the in this part of the country right good hunt's story. Well. What I'd do possibly have. Here's the deal or it's just looking for nine years we did everything together we went. Travel Lott played a lot of ball great but it did he think about her. Like he got it became a home very late. You got you both guys all you. I am not locking that guy that's that's that's my loans are. On anyway last year. But in the penultimate episode there was this huge repeal where something happened to draft. I was on the show wants and the public that he usually there OK I'm not gonna give away about it you'll. Back dragon like part that was literally the bigot that you could set the Polaroid to be so. At the people that didn't wanna drag it just Greg you'd typically. All the urban development is Tuesday as long as sort of looked out at its origin it would be its forward spot with good when he really saying it would I would vote for. Tray it's funny you bring that up and we'll get you ready here on this we actually had a problem on our own shop about spoiler rules and where meaning that day. Third the Walking Dead but now it was 44 feet I tell you what happened what is your spoiler when it comes to TV shows and movies. Olympic double on I don't wanna hear about what was on Twitter because you don't have to be on Twitter okay Twitter is that it that reaction. Interactive blog so if you don't wanna hear about it don't be artwork that's for the board rule number two with 24 hours after the war vet and now. Everyone's been closer to 48. In my you know. That that got on that you know you'd need to make the sign. I'm so are the very fact that society if it is 48 hours get out of here yeah in the barber or whatever 48 hours one example. My son and it's like a lot of actors and like little. You know what that. What about like you do. It's not like it's I'm not watching shying felt you know to me I mean this isn't this summer rerun I mean this is like the Walking Dead finale. You know so either. Like not talking about or or. Thanks future. Trade. I rules say that you were one in my size favored people at ESPN has an answer. You can bump to the top five elect a much power ranking of these opium personality you real shot to the double stress. I will say this somehow off on the way to survive. Now that's straight wing OESPNNFL. Live the goal and we showed intentionally used BAT's also use the two he's probably is being you is it the truth is Edwards always appreciate you coming on the show me.