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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

CDot & Fanning kicked off "The Hits" by debating whether Eric Hosmer signing a 7-year, 147 million dollar deal would be a positive or negative thing for the future of the Royals.


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Either of the biggest stories of the day keep the city. I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about him every day at 5 o'clock. The difference today obviously it was Ryan Lilja in studio here at 5 o'clock hour we'll join us in just a minute or two but the biggest story. Day it involves there Osborn yesterday we heard about San Diego Padres potential deal with them being back the next. Somewhere along the facilities from Bob nightingale of USA today sports six years. 120 million dollars. Don't look up this morning to USA today's sports and Bob nightingale reporting the royals offered highs. A seven year deal for upwards of 147. Million dollars on the tape. And I can't Rosenthal. Of MLB network. Decided to put it on perspective and said that if the royals were to offer this deal for Oz it would be as part of a rebuilt as a Sansa. With the Kansas City Royals now this is excessive amount of money for them given help where they are right now. They're about to lose some other freeagent Lorenzo Cain vikings got it's I'll see this Escobar possibly. So they are team that has talked and did quite open about the need to rebuild. How effectively would be signing on to that they weren't trades of players in addition to losing the free agents. Hit a cut out their payrolls significantly. It might seem. In congress to have Paul's worth that big number and then a payroll that is relatively low. But the idea would be to build the next great royals team around their house. So if the numbers are true from Bob nightingale on again if you missed it he added Jeffrey Flanagan on the day shift earlier Dave Bob nightingale who broke the story. He was on fast in the morning as well as jobs burned here and that's feel as well plenty of coverage throughout the efforts expense force dot com. Two part question for you guys for the lone hit of the day. Do you anticipate Eric Hosmer a green into the seven year 147. Million dollar deal BE. Do you like the deal from the royals perspective. I still think that he ends up in San Diego. Because I think date in the in the wall and let him in need him more than the royals do. The royals still appeared at the end though well that Bosworth who had that doesn't we're fine without your rebuilt because they already have one infineon. I do think it is between the whales in the Padres are not as bad as the Padres won Hosmer a little bit more than boils. I don't think it's a good contract for the royals I think if you look at markets that are comparable to what the royals are. Deals like this have not worked out. The Minnesota Twins when they signed Joe Mauer really made the playoffs one time since they've gotten signed that contract. Joey bottom side big time deal with the Cincinnati rates they haven't once the playoffs as they cited. Ryan brawn contract he signed. They're having lost the playoffs as they signed it I just don't know if it's good business or eighteen. In a market the size of the Kansas City Royals to sign one player to make loading one million dollars this season for the next seven years I just don't think that's good money good business. It comes down to San Diego and Kansas City and costly to Kansas City I did see the royals coming up with a 147000007. Years that was. I felt. I've got nothing to base this on the I want to point either back so. If you wanna tell me who really wants to modern 47 million dollars to be that's the first real big boy number that we've seen it seen out there for Eric that is. Italy number. Here's the other part of this though that it it's really the first thing I thought about when I heard this contract offer. This Jeffrey Flanagan a royals in Sadr has had a chance to confirm yet Bob Knight you'll reported. In USA today what information contract offers like that get out of the public. Who benefits from. So is is that a number that. Is gonna help possibly get more money is that a number that is used to baseline it's a starting point for other teams on what is. I think from royals' standpoint. It benefits them greatly whether or not. Oz signs because that shows that there was only about seven years and 147 million dollars to start kids sitting at a mosque doesn't take it. It shows that the World Series about the historic gains city because nobody is it is rich guys. We get more. If they're given got away from nothing to cut payroll and they're apart they're based out there that this fears or rebuild or sell. Edited out there that is public that the offer was seven years and out of 47 million. That's big one month so that the royals went either way on this deal because. And it is a win for him to block the ball player are true leader a winner and his best year of his career in Milwaukee so. I like this do for the royal because outscored its contract comes off the books and two years in Kennedy's and three. So I could afford it and Eric positives that guy that I wanna Adnan players that are coming up. That are that are coming to the royal system an Olympian part of the rebuild slot like. I say this if the royals can now all of a sudden afford seven years a 147 million dollars guaranteed I never wanna hear them cry poverty. I. Never. Wanna hear them talk about how much money they lost or how much things are tough fight needs we've been there. I. Was sitting on this and all my entire life. Cry poverty to DNA you know a small market where we know the fight it's a limitation the baseball they. They've got a partner 47 million dollars to give away I just. I think it normally history's best indicator of things moving full if so can point to me. To an example of baseball market and Michael will signing a contract like hot and ends up working for their club. It's show me an example I can show you five examples of an organization about the exact same thing that we'll think about positive. Hey he's a great player let's build around and export to do it lets you really wanted to spend money over the next couple seasons but the Dell was spending a 15270. Million dollars in payroll of the season a foot piece there on top. That's cool if the plane is except possible for the next couple of seasons. And why in Haiti and boarded and then we'll just with them with a group of bargain basement players try to be content over the next couple seasons there gonna be sadly mistaken that is not going to work yeah. Well that's the royals do that I think is Smart enough like this were invested their positive we're gonna surround them with some ballplayers get a part of that too is. 147 they've held long ways to 25 and it's what forty some odd million from what. Joseph Howard got ten or seven years ago too so I think it's I think it's. It's a big investment would like it is we've seen that. If you add fiber and what is it about 58 and five girls who was tabled on beyond. Oslo Israel to the royals I mean that that that's their guy bill that they're willing to spin that. Mean that's that they view them as they listen we got Apple's bit about it is that amounts of media. But I guess to me that example all the wells to go to the playoffs with Rihanna. In the rule the World Series like what I ain't what confuses me most about what the royals are trying to do you talk about the process this is still what the process was processed by giving one person 21 million dollars. It was about building the farm system built into the draft meetings our trade and having guys on the team early contract. The moment or publicize the date on that paper he's never teen friendly contract usually biggest albatross in. You're expecting him to be the air that played this season you're expecting and it 325. Home runs on August if he doesn't feel they disappointment every single your well I don't know. He's gonna contribute a bunch of different ways that we won't see too I mean. I think I think you can you can Google after guy that lets you believe it and you think he could have a ripple effect in your organization for years to come because the way it was and in the wake of about it. That's part of and that's part of it that she'll one baseball reference dot com. And I guess I would just say if if bumping each point one million dollars I need a lot more than things that won't show and I need some tangible stuff in terms of showing up or in the field in terms of when he did it. We'll get. Was getting Minnesota didn't get it when they signed him Ron didn't give it to put it like. Are we shall the going to be good sign hundreds of this mean he was on the team into seventy and they were average baseball and unbelievable all the elements are. We'll be meat they are he was only eighteen and 46 the network. Team to I just. I think it is throwing money at something that. I think they're trying to do with the short co Iran legend I think the royals the first time did it the hard way and now they are faced with the very difficult decision they got its elders or know. I guess I guess theory all right our seniors we checked this out you you're gonna have to dig on this one it. Does anybody know if there's a FaceBook group with. Maybe a lot of middle aged Kansas City women that pass that. I'd put together you know 2030 million bucks decide money yeah. I don't know that group yours and sent back to glass in and said we gotta make this happen yeah now that that it is in my as a teenage girls and I'm just say our houses a big deal I've ever sense Hobbs got on this team I've been haven't by rose to gets my wife Vicki are we going roasting in our renewals and with the youth with its latest and I'm just saying. Yeah. That's the other part that I guess that's. Article it's only fourteen when they were actually go and I'm gonna guess back into when he twelve he was on the teams you into an identical I didn't know it's got excited about it yet. But they are just absolutely bandwagon. No doubt.