The Drive

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

Something we thought was fine, was messed up for no reason...Why did the selection show mess this simple idea up that was already a good system....what kind of message did the committee send to the people with the final selections...Dayton Moore spoke to the media about the Moose sign. He also said "Baseball is not a business to me" what did they guys think of that quote and is Dayton right about this? We play the "Mascot Game" . Are the Chiefs making the right moves?


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Back in all the dry. Coming up in thirteen minutes will be Vijay has won a thousand bucks also Iguchi is the queen in armed masked guy game future ready for the NCAA turn him. If fifteen minutes date more votes than you this weekend about the signing of lighten stock is. We'll talk a little royals baseball here coming up at 315. Yesterday we were at twin peaks inside. In independence base than ravenous fun time. I don't know if all of you saw all the way they did the NCAA tournament selection show all of the selection show edited but they have combed. Li Li ruined the selection show. What they did yesterday if you didn't watch it I don't blame you for not watching yesterday they did all the at large bids in alphabetical. Order. In order. So every team that did not win their conference tournament team and obviously when their terms they were at large bids were guaranteed because they won their conference tournament. Big hit every at large bid in alphabetical order. Who asked for this. Not a single person I've ever talk to about the NCAA tournament selection show. Has ever asked for them to tell us all large teams that won on the bubble first. And didn't tell us the region's. I feel like the NCAA tournament show is a very very easy one to do not know television producer but don't produce a show I think I know how the pew poll. Wore the NCAA tournament show to be built together Soledad. One region. Show us the bracket. One of the small teams you know Idaho State it's a lot looking on Idaho State we see the kids go crazy. And they Greg Gumbel talked about that seem for thirty seconds. Did give us all the matchups. You can talk about the bracket for a little bit let's do another one. So a team that was on the bubble team like Oklahoma let's allow public and on the and we didn't see there in the NCAA tartan. You've been during the next region -- the exact same process you just did went the other region inning gave you this if you wanna take a commercial break. Take a commercial break. Understand everybody eats city got a Coca-Cola commercial let's cut to commercial lures sync up near a moment bad trends kitchen a bachelor of Kansas would be good. You gotta do those commercials will tee setter comes in handy you go and do those commercials. You do those commercials for five minutes you come back. Youth and repeat the process I just said. Bracket. Unveil. Show me a couple of teams that you have eyes on a team that was on the bubble unseen that's the small school that won their conference tournament that's in the bracket because they made it saying. Read beat the process four times you can be done in fifth. Scene minutes then you can talk about the bracket all you want to have you want to bring in Charles Barkley Kenny the jet smitten. NG that was and it matzo. I don't care. Hammering him literally anybody at that point a lot of us will still watch it I enjoyed the conversation about it. But the fact that they have taken the NCAA bracket and they tried to complicate a confused how was released. Is maybe the dumbest thing television is done race sports program thing and why. What I mean what what's the what's the whole goal of radio television news that right you're goal is to keep the viewer. For a long period of time as long as you can possibly keep right. So right out of the gate he put the at large teams you put an alphabetical order if you're if you're a bubble team sheet. You don't see your name on there what are you don't you don't door and raked leaves man like oh good of life to go pick kids would take a nap. It was stupid this election showed it means McDonald's Fries it's perfect. Right you know put mayonnaise on on McDonald's Fries and you certainly don't try to trick up the selection show there's no reason to do it. I don't understand at the network level how you can screw this up like daddy's a lot of Smart people. It put this stuff together what it was they outsmarted themselves and it was awful. We'll be good for us we're twin peaks. We had to sit there are lit him once this stuff. I mean this was I they just completely out thought themselves and they screwed up something it was perfect way. I just don't understand and I'll only start I do understand that I think what they're trying to do is. Beat DVR in the inner. It is impossible for you to be. Like I hear all the time about how ratings are down in everything I know we have a conversation about the NFL that we talk about the grammys and and the Oscars ever ratings are down on everything because you have more options you have Smartphones of people streaming in cutting the courts in the Internet. We are hardcore fans I'm gonna watch the selection show however they decide to give it to with public complain about how they give us the selection show but they know they got me. There are a lot of people. We all know that in the don't watch a lot of college basketball don't really care about the actual bracket just like filling it out at their office and they thought they found out about the bracket that day. Somebody did their job that pays five bucks into our pool Sally the secretariat was hated saying she's gonna fill us she's probably going to pull even though you want a 170 out of the college best this. We all know this happens. You need to create a show for the people that. Arrested in college basketball but hey if it's boy I'm going to turn they've just taken a lot of the funds suspense out of it. I'm like how they did it before I never had a problem. And I think what happened was they tried to play themselves that won your member of the bracket got leaked yet and they tried to unveil it over an hour work. It it took so long liberal I don't need fifteen minutes of another. Thirty minutes and talk about a for the next thirty minutes art show can be done in thirty that I get. You can sell you can make a ton of money on it so unveil the bracket thirty minutes talk about a for the next thirty just want what is the easiest thing to do. Crisis is it team meal on. When you have TV producers want this great really neat creative odd angle. Sometimes the angles Eric Palmer. It's not some crazy royals and sometimes it's the guy that made the mad dash in game five not some off the beaten crazy creative nobody angle sometimes. The story is just the story. And the store on selection Sunday is who's in who's out and where the plane hit to the point and get out. Tax on six entries are six woman listening to be grouchy old man hour they tried something different might take some time but at least they're trying. I don't think they ever needed to try something different. You said McDonald's Fries I make a different analogy. Kid's birthday party aren't easy to play at this point they're very easy to play its class. Maybe cupcakes trick about all the kid's birthday parties that you've been to before yeah. Unless it rains it only goes really well. It's very easy to do so likable thing if your kids seven years old. You know what you do need to take. You about his friends you create some activities you give them the gets attention in true. The formula on how to put together etudes Merc report. We had much and true formula on how to tell us about the NCAA. I don't want to try something new no one has ever asked you to try something new the old they were doing how we ever thought you know. Man I'd really wished the date of radically changed the way they told us about the teams it is a very simple process the midwest region. Tell us the teams that are in the midwest region give Russell's live look you know a couple of teams that were in the bubble. Do that same process. Commercial break. Come back doing the same thing we now know the bracket and now we can for an off we go our merry way and we can discuss that they're trying to be DVR. They're trying to find in new way to keep you engaged can't it is burning people than you do that it is not a lot you lights again. That was done they skirt up elated that opened its. I do that the committee has. Figured out. The formula Cairo on different sides when it comes I think the perfect team or is Oklahoma at Oklahoma State. I understand why Oklahoma is in the NCAA tournament. I think the committee made 83 clear. We are going to reward you for challenging yourself in the non let there's three teams give a lot of questions about Arizona State Syracuse in Oklahoma. A team like Oklahoma State missed the NCAA tournament I think the best argument against Oklahoma State is they're not even a one seed in the ninety. State team that people its ambition got its aren't body don't want the four best teams in the and I supportive of their right. He argued broke a misstatement and turn it you're done year. I think the difference in the teams that made the tournament and the difference in the teams that missed NCAA tournament is. If your Arizona State and you're gonna play a game like at Kansas in winning an icon. They're gonna get a big boost its target times come because your resonate is gonna be solid. If your team like Syracuse she also played Kansas neutral site and search he's the national scheduled a challenge themselves and account and they played a major problems all these teams do. If -- like Oklahoma and you win at Wichita State you beat organ and I can't you play Arkansas and the knockout and you beat USC a team that was once seed in the uniting. You're gonna get that bump even if you're resonate is a little shaky down the stretch the target to meet rewarded teens that challenge themselves in the non countenance of Oklahoma State. And notes to blame but yourself and missing means public turn you didn't schedule anybody in the knock on you did win twenty games you didn't finish 500 annually. And you had a conference studio a neutral site against it is to be him three times and you lost I'm sorry strike one strike two strike three out your goat I'd say. Well they swept Kansas during the regular season and one out West Virginians are they swept a one seed. Being a one seed twice. And they want at west Virginia's a five seasonal and and they have to beat Oklahoma. And again that was never really questioned in the big twelve tournament. I'm with Oklahoma State open Wheeler for a million figure this thing out because you can't schedule a soft knock on expect to get it. Even though Oklahoma to me is is not as good of a basketball team right now is Oklahoma State is this and I look it. Oklahoma Arizona State and Syracuse. They got and they got one thing in common and all have sex appeal for TV re okay Oklahoma's got tray on the human. Three point launcher right the leading score leading assist guy. The college version instead of curry but he doesn't make shots anymore. Arizona State as Bobby Hurley and see double A term that hero when he was a point guard for duke and Syracuse is Syracuse and as Jim bail out. Those three teams got him. I think Oklahoma State should've got. Instead of them and let me throw one more match Saint Mary's. But he was ranked twentieth in the country singer should be to turn in my opinion in the country and I think the AP nineteenth in the coaches poll they're not it. So that you can get all of this ride and end I don't think they ever will mean I think it's it's it's an imperfect science. I think they should place more on tiger point towards the end of the season you know in Oklahoma does not deserve to be in the NCAA term. Bottom line. They got an odd sex appeal which radeon and from what the committee says man. Mean they were safely. That play in game show who again. They want long lost what eleven of 1512 to fifteen down the stretch and got beat my team that didn't get and only Oklahoma deserves to be in there trailed Bobby Hurley JaVale and that's what got the. Schools does look at Arizona State don't mean they have arguments when icon these little wings that Oklahoma State has in the ninth. Pepperdine shortly. Oral Roberts Pittsburgh Houston Baptist Austin. Florida State Tulsa you'd team Rio de Ronde valley. These are the wings that that Ayers mistake hands in the nonconference. Idaho State San Diego State northern Arizona UC Irvine Kansas State Xavier San Francisco Saint John Kansas Vanderbilt long would Pacific. Which ones close which ones challenge themselves and and I kind of actually wins I think there I don't you went in which one does all I think doesn't want to get in there and I count I. I'd like Florida State you don't forest it was right nineteenth at the time if you look at they're not cover scheduled date they. Lost to Wichita state of the schedule than they lost and and which was ranked sixteenth at the time loss so they lost about six to say that they didn't challenge themselves and on dot isn't completely accurate they just didn't win. Right in and got away air Zelda. You same bit is an all sex appeal doesn't say Arizona State won those games Arizona State beat Saber on nutri I open a once and another. Once he's mistaken they're not cut has two wins over one seeds they want at Kansas and they beat Xavier on a neutral site they beat another tournament team. In Kansas State on neutral site. Mean that's not. Not to citing law to resonate the Oklahoma State has I think it 2018. If you miss the NCAA turn anger from a major conference. What you want Saint Mary's Saint Mary's is not in the big twelve not her big twelve I think Saint Mary's got screwed up things nightmares should be in the NC public turn. If you miss the NCAA term as a major conference team you can not blame anybody but yourself. Oklahoma State. Played 33. Games this year 33. Menu and all the opportunities in the world making suitably term all in the world. Get a chance to get to twenty win Judy get their units SP 500 leading get there you've been at a neutral site game against the team you beat twice. With the target seemingly on the line you lost by fourteen. Again strike one strike two strike three past challenge herself and not count in win games and an icon. And you can get by about being eight team Alabama exact same way challenge themselves and not come one games are not god gave yourself an opportunity to make the turn. I'm looking at Arizona State and their third leg but is this thing two loss to Colorado Stanford. Beat cal blew Kalla loss to Oregon State lost or again. So you know listen. I just think we put too much emphasis on what it team was in November vs what they are right now I do think you have to look at the nonconference catch on with. Challenge yourself placing teams it's good for basketball fans and it's good for the teams come tournament time. But Oklahoma is nowhere near that team and I think the committee needs to factor that in cities looking and equations. Coming up Dayton Moore spoke with the media this weekend about the signing of Mike stock is will get suing an excellent drive. And on the drive to six to win coming up in the twelve minutes so we'll give it as a 1000 bucks an ass and ask god says. It will play games from yesteryear for me the mascot name only two callers. We'll give you chance I was on the vine the mass gas that are currently in the NCAA. Tournament. The first attack with a fancy gold dream weekend seed got. We are your best player I play react and of classic Kansas City Royals baseball moment. An expert panels select the winner for age groups he enjoyed Romney show hugely its web page and independents. Wednesday march 14. Start the new league year by the way in the NFL spent the weekend the ballpark with a bird. You can when pregame field access to the press box to meet the broadcasting royalty and join burn on air. They're on the on that shows keep listening to sixty in Sports Radio for details and further date Wednesday 22 independents. If it's your best Kansas City Royals baseball moment. He'll play by play you know what you really cool. Irks Dayton Moore spoke with the media this weekend about the signing of Mike stock is here's what he had to say. Baseball's not a business. Is your business side of it yes but to me it's about. Players that have a heart to win her to compete. And it just looks like baseball like whose stock is exemplified. I've discussed this weekend seed and the first thing I thought about you. And I was curious what you think of that because baseball is it is so I think you have to factor in the business side of things especially Kansas City. I think Dayton Moore. Does a pretty good job of making it feel like it's not. And I think as fans we as a cellular field the business part we just wanna be a fan who think of the game as the same way that we thought we played it. But due date is being naive. Well when he says that are what you try to get through people. I remember one time I sat down with this media canceled. And he'd talk to me about the four reasons why people do sports talk radio when he was saying like money like some people make a lot of money doing our job like general Colin card make a lot of money. They would do for. Good with a close athletes like hey I can't play the closest thing I can do is eight. Our job you can be friends with some of the athletes like you can get to the level. You can call a certain player and you guys have Beijing you went off the year relationship. I remember saying to him. I like doing it for the trade aspect like I enjoy the coming in and challenging yourself to find a way to talk about the same things that everyone else is talking about it differ capacity. Everybody does that's why some people. So I don't leave Dayton when he says that he looks at it that way. But I think the challenge you probably runs in two ways. The business side matters to his employer. But I would imagine he was happy do Eric house without money hey David. Mr. the last recalls this is what the market says we need to pay air cause I wanna do. I'm sure he went to a mean he made the most passion argue why they should keep their gods. If you remember the report and John payment that was confirmed by arrest indicted as resources on its own. The royals offered Eric Hosmer seven years a 140. Hours of the 130 suddenly not yet compare all offered a lot out. So I think a lot of that came from Dayton Moore and him making an impassioned argument is as good toward job as they mores been. And seemingly a true I in Dayton Moore has it seems to go in the hall thing yeah but the last 125 years what small market teams have won the World Series not just Golan. What small market teams have won the world see now I think things done he had to change to make a legitimate hall of fame or. So if you've been that good at your job thinking go to your owner you can ask for a lot of things you know give it to you. I think it sounds he probably runs into is he runs in seems to make a lot of decisions based off a motion. David Glass does not appear to be that way and not many billionaire people that I'd come in contact with our team makes a lot of things based on what you do for me and what sure value. And I think that's the challenge they have in the front office of the royals. All the time yeah I'll play this audio for you again this is Dayton Moore. The way he sees baseball he talked about that this this weekend when would moose was introduced to the media. Baseball's not a businessman. Is your business side of it yes but to me it's about. Players that have a heart to win her to compete. And into slow play baseball like whose stock is exemplified. One of the best bosses I ever had governor Gary Brown. And this was probably 1528. One of the best bosses diver had did this he kept management. Politics. All the money stuff away from everybody in our newsroom so we could be or do you go do our job and be creative and put on the best product we could possibly. I think that's what Dayton war. I think that's one of his goals and that's what he intends to do with the Kansas City Royals. I'll keep all this other stuff as much as I possibly can away from you guys she could go on the field of play child game and be successful. I think that's what his goal is now there I don't think the patriots are that way. You know I don't think other sports franchises are necessarily that way I would. I personally like it that way. I think that's sort of the way we have it's six then in a lot of ways and I like those types of bosses I think it's really difficult to do. Because some people far. Hey on your body this game let's go play let's do this some losses are and here's the bottom line you've got to produce your gone. I Dayton tries to do boat. I think he tries to keep it crap all of his players keep the politics. The management aspect away they say go play baseball I think that's what he tries to do and I think. At least at this point he's done a pretty good job and I'm with its peak and recreate another championship team in Kansas City leveled Lackey Cooper's. Adobe needs to recreate another when I think to be I think they go to the playoffs again. You can say analysts the playoffs three times in Kansas City I've wants the World Series twice and we won a one level adding Dave Moore is gonna handy very strong convincing World Series argument and we're up against the bright but I think this is a challenge that a lot of businesses especially creative fields go insurer. I think it's very hard to find someone. That is really good at the business side and also really good at the creative side. Absolutely Fred has a million ideas but never know how much it cost the pay for sure and then you got business partner says it's expensive that is to do that yet so you kind of need to balance of the vote. I would assume that's how their relationship works. Dayton. No general manager know when creating a team wants fewer resources and what resources cash. I don't think that date more with the David Glass Andy. Was heading away too much of your money your read the cut the payroll and a 4050 million dollars I would assume like most people Dayton wants more resources and more help. And David last of the once alum I'm not into that. I'll tell you what I am going to pay for it and you find a way to make it work now think about our conversations about being Duffy. I don't know of the conversation to trade any Duffy came from date of April date more. I think it was the David last wants to shrink payroll all right what's while the contracts that makes a lot of sense fair that's one we're gonna start the book and and ships what I do believe Dayton Moore when he says he doesn't look at that as of as a business but the problem is a lot of other people but he works with it do what that it apps. Absolutely it's like that every business I think everybody is up against that can handle the business part of it and also do the people make him feel comfortable and get engaged. Coming up in just maybe it will give you a chance of 1000 bucks on national cast on says all you gotta do you listen to dusty. And text in need to caller right now 91357676. Dead and Dole's state. The masked guy game next in the draft. Back to handle on the we will get which scenes deleted ticket or tickets to sporting Kansas City here momentarily but dusty. Tell us they only on als in net balance. Yeah really easy thousand dollars on the thirties text that code word team. That's TE AM July and it team to 72881. That's seven to 81 you could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national cash contest. 610 Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance up to twelve. Thousand dollars each weekday just listen in on the thirties from six to six your next chance is that. Arthur. We rules applies extant sports dot com out there and team or not that team okay. There's all little will get ensue on the other side will get into a bit a team that I am very very proud to Bulent. And coming up about ten minutes cheeks are making a lot of moves to get ready for the new league year that is march 14. So march 14 the first day they can finally address what we all know that they've traded Alex Smith and they have trader markets Peter. As much we have talked about the chiefs have big and able to talk about it so they can do that for the first time on March 14 we'll get to a lot of moves they've been making to get to the new league year. Now we give you achieve instant when a pair of tickets and our mascot game the masked guy game is very very simple. We have all 68 teams that are in the NCAA tournament. Idol ask you their team you'd tell me their mascot for example Kansas jayhawk they are the jayhawks we have John in Jake. The winner gets a pair of tickets to see sporting Kansas City. Are you doing man. Did all right first up Virginia. They are not the hope of hot spot. Virginia double it they are the cavaliers. Jake. Xavier. Yeah they're not. Jake not all that. Roaring start. This spoon community to Jon and Providence. Brier bay let. Flyers and you like prior idolized for I don't know if you think tank he certainly wasn't today of that job out there the friars all right Jay. Rhode Island. They're like Oklahoma in round one they are seven seed roll out very. Well. Now what are they mountaineers. Won't get to the rams. John and Cincinnati. It's. I. Google there lizards that it reluctantly pulled. Betty White can. Not a puzzle that no. John. Seton Hall. And the they have high rates. We'll let that. The other guy hung up the phone back again we'll check. This out there got an. Jillian as as Betty White at your view. Is done and bears against Sony's that I have gone to Italy has about a mile that include sleep. That concludes today's mass that game and throw through me that's healing and equipment. So they can't let you know and he probably does well you've got he has the answer to everybody and being sincere in addition to everybody has thus these memories they couldn't giant that he was the race there the racers. Oh count Brad is though. Monitoring it we just before you actually do other no he does they'll all that team that. He would. I and I'll give argue Brad is current talks you guys about something I'm very passionate about. A few years ago I've decided. To embark on a challenge. That not many people are brave enough to take. I got tired of the frustration of building yourself well. All lead to be quickly disappointed. I got that enough in my life I cheer for the dessert as high as one of those things it's it's better to love them and and lost than not love and all I got tired. The hours of college basketball viewing that I put in. Going to nothing. I got tired of losing the patent sales I got tired of losing to terra. In people all do not watch college basketball in nearly as much as I want college basketball you're quitter so I had a brilliant idea. IA do not fill out a bracket. And you. One imagine how free I feel we'll talk your word in there has been lifted from no longer in my stating your from the TV screaming out of 512 matchup cheering for the big school over the little school. I can just simply sit there and watch the game in and Juliet with Noelle emotional attachment just sold knowing that I enjoy sports and Ireland. Both he used the fill out a bracket I challenged I urge to join me on Tino brackets. You'll not guess how Fareed. You feel hell you're not sitting there stressed that Michigan State's losing in the first audience it it in the NCAA tournament because it got it going all the way. This way you can just sit down with a cold brew join us at winning streaks grab yourself a got a great chicken salad. Have conversations with us in once the tournament in peace. I tell you to join me. For now the seventh consecutive year on seemed over acts. He EU the cold Turkey and I have not filled out a bracket at its except as a short. I haven't put out a bracket since I was in there Jason Terry to let me ask you this though the reason you have to care about Miami vs Loyola Chicago. The 611 match up in the south region on the first it much. You wanna know why you care about that game why because it hides itself but the other games. It's not like my team me and the oil a Chicago are playing by themselves that you have to watch this guy game. If you don't care about that game just what. Don't watch and other games are going all of us are gonna be going well we're winning streak. It's going to be a lot of game one talk and you know what his UK are winning it's good. Is it there indeed stuck. It on in a bad basketball game you're watching the end of weighing its close here's your memory some read between feels like to me. That you suffered through a little bit of adversity and he's decided to quit just give up to that ball went. If I quit when adversity happen I would stop cheering for Missouri when I came to actually vowed I'm just saying is I take all that adversity. Every single day as the Missouri tiger if it any time you get excited. Sharon from his or is like cheering for your bracket you know your brackets gonna fail let me give you know it's gonna pay let me get. If the people little better way to would you turn your ears that I had in four brackets ever you write my goodness I do the chalk one is straight seats right straight she'd go all the way through. Whenever two Brack right is give it about life for some it about basketball to fill out a split if we win. My third bracket actually do some home. And I sit down I do some research I try to figure out how this thing's gonna play out and my fourth bracket is my emotional. That's were like you know life. My cousin lives in Boise to Boise State is 116. Or you lied. Ice Deb sons go to Wichita State to take a shocker here. I take my emotional so I got an emotional bracket I got my homework bracket. I got my wife for so resident and the about college basketball bracket and I got chock Brack bases covered so I got four brackets right here. And that's really enjoy the term it that I would encourage you to do it strategies shutting down. We're gonna get to that coming up at 4 o'clock but first the chiefs are making moves to get ready for the new league year olds say what those move our next draft. Backhand on the drive coming up at 4 o'clock. We get back into staining committing one of the ultimate sports and one of the big no no's the adults. Once it comes to sports will be today at 4 o'clock for the chiefs are making moves to get ready for the new league year. Tom highly. Tom holly has got to go leased by the Kansas City Chiefs this was a move by the we all knew was coming Thomas had to have been cut. Basically the way Thomas contract was set up. It tumble was on the team in two days that she's gonna give him a million dollars simply for liking Tom hotly. I didn't think that they were gonna do that time is stole money last year for doing not nine million bucks tomba release day and difficult state between this out. I think their greatest fans in the world and stag she's kingdom for twelve incredible years I also wanna thank. The chiefs organization for believing in me. From the beginning all the support during my career in Kansas City has been overwhelming Kansas City will always be special to me. I do not expect Tom how leads to induct one another team. I think it's kind of clear that Tom ridge's has other interests that are outside of football. And that's. Perfectly fine. And with what we know if football does to your body I would say if you made as much money as you made a few Tom Ali and you have other interests I would go explore think about this offseason we've been discussing of war is going to come back again and graph expo playing on a hall of fame level. So I fully understand someone like Tom Owhali saying hey. I've got other passions of other things I wanna do with my alive I still feel relatively healthy he got kids if you're Tom I want to go enjoy the rest of my life you have played one organization for twelve years I'd be a little bit surprised the tomba popped up on a one year to year deal with another team I expect some hot leads retired here very very soon. Twelve years 78 million bucks and a couple of bad knees at a topless dot Google in the ring of honor and Tom was anomalies in Kansas City the last couple years. Beat up and not near as productive but Tom Elliot out as one of the great chiefs. And god. No absolutely rob Parker also and god is a year to rob Parker released a statement earlier today. I would like to thank the hunt family into Kansas City Chiefs from my timing Kansas City it was great playing in front of Spain's aironet there was some of the best teammates in the NFL. Now it's time for me removal and I look forward to this new chapter. In journey ever there was it a loss but were not terrified at dusty you composed Owen. On line it was a story from the big lead. It was basically. How whenever these teams signed these 345. Year contracts I don't know. Regal a BCD and sign these five year duels all the time in the end up cutting a guy before they ever reached that. That's why you should always just pay attention to one I guess two things. Pay attention to. The guaranteed money out quickly you can get out of that contract because the moment it seemed can save money by getting rid of you likely get rid of you. The chiefs this offseason save nearly five. Million. Dollars by cutting Ron Parker. Five million dollars daddy your body not keeping your expenses. Good player but we yeah we say all the time on the show the goal in the NFL is to do what. G younger and cheaper and you don't do a deposition they're about to get younger and certainly a lot cheaper so the moment it reaches your contract. Where they can cut you would save money they're going to do that next year top of justice and music is an exact same boat right now. It's not that she's interest to cut top Arctic just news and next year days so you still wanna be seventeen picture you're just instant you better either be a willing to restructure the contract. Or are getting cut it's that simple in the business of the and so. Yeah you mean just uses deals like for a 101 million bucks but really used for 55 right. I doubt that was the guaranteed money so that she said the potential out. After this year not quick note on on Ron Parker is one of my favorite cheese you talk about about a god it was so thankful and worked his tail off to stake in the way. I just love rod Parker a love his attitude all of you went away when about it. He got knocked around accord got back up it was a really good safety and the cheese grab them off by the scrappy from Seattle Seahawks. And you terrific career I just love the way around Parker Boyd. Does look at this team and I just I I looked and I see that. They're moving completely in another direction in defense of total. Look at what they've done this year defensively Ron Parker on Tom holly and that we knew was gonna happen Tom holly on Gary Johnson gone markets Peter is gone. Mean they're adding four new starters on defense this is what we know now. Yet in the league doesn't start for another two days I mean who said that Allen Bailey won't you cut. There's a lot of different things I think they're doing I think that she's clue look at their defense last year and said this is not good enough. We got way too much talent here at least on paper to do thirtieth ranked defense anybody that we think. Their contract is far exceed what we're getting from them on the field it's time to go a completely different ration romp Parker's contract this year. He was gonna make five point 65 million dollars the base salary. Any cap number. Under seven million dollars you release them you say four point nine million dollars in castration rounded up to five. This was a no brainer decision if you're trying to overhaul your defense save money. The younger did cheaper or spin them money elsewhere as this team I think now could use some defensive line. Actually what you're getting Eric Berry Dracula the Achilles. You can put dirty Dan backers say they had to find some depth it's now with Ron Parker on I mean it's it's it's all money. And as players understand it they get it they sign the deal it sounds great I just use this deal was signed for a 101 million bucks sounds awesome that's not its work. It's worth the guaranteed money what's that up this year. Playing out of your mind. More than likely you're getting cut so this team that's gonna look different and cheese for this at all mean the last few years then they'll stop the run. You know the last two years the defense has been a major problem when markets Peters on the NFL network. He took the took play fort. Should the defense is fault they lost that playoff game and it's against the titans. And that she's a toilet three lead that she could stop them in the second half. So the defense for what they were playing is got to get better it's a little different as you mention all the DJ Peters and rob Parker all gone all your. An adversary right in the league year is coming up in two days meaning march 14 is when teams can start. The legal tampering period starts will get the updated cap space we can know where the chief said they can finally comment on Alex Smith but to comment on mark is Peter's. Mean things really get going here and a couple of days I think we'll have a little bit more inside obviously a lot of trader markets beaters but I think that's the big deal. We obviously knew they had to move on from Alex Smith and I don't really expect him to do a lot. I will be curious and we were talking about earlier today if they announce a press conference if they do something to it and a lot has happened for the Sheehan since they lost the playoff game to the Tennessee Titans I'm curious over the next couple weeks is. I can be really easy high over the nets will be with its double a target all your local teams are in everybody's interest is talking college basketball right now. It be really easy for the chiefs to really push this thing back so they would not talk until talk on Friday when you play lower or we'll talk. Right before the NFL draft talk between now and then. This thing at the opening of first round draft picks and I could see this organization. Waiting to talk to the media around the NFL draft. I can see them you eagerly wait that long like into the chiefs. No she's. Shipped off the quarterback that is quarterback rating at 45 touchdowns six interceptions and and basically fleece the watched it Redskins. They sent markets Peters the rams for a couple of draft picks and the package of I don't understand how they could possibly not speak about there's not going to be wins there not. But I would assume even the chiefs understand that they need to speak it's on at some point this week. Coming up in two minutes we'll get to feigning committing one of the ultimate sports and live on the draft.