The Drive

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

All three local schools got into the big tourney in March....what does that mean and where can they go or, where do the guys think they end up by the end of March. the three schools that made it in have some major questions that will need to be answered. Kansas...will Udoka play or have a roll? Kstate- Dean Wade and Barry Brown must show and be great...MU...Can they survive w/o Jordan Barnett and can MPJ get better in a short span...Fanning is all in on Tiger Woods, are you? Pop Quiz as well. 


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According Casey searched their home schedule tonight taking on cruise as you'll at sea and they can't keep cap that's not right don't. Added it's the champions league. Where you go. Marie. Yeah that's me today text panda PE ND NA. Here press report says he is like he is likely to play point seven team college hoops tonight as he plays Illinois and he state. Exxon. Arnold they played well but the plane come about ice and that's you know now that the show bidding high school and gone. Hey afternoon. Presented by two top eight Carrington Harrison. Brad standing. I addition of the it's airs. Just like. This thing until we find someone to do permanent dust. I do it in a governor Mario doing fantastic. Album update here. If you get this job updates are gonna be what puts it over the top U. Negative got a good up and escalate and are going to be better than the old guy but what Maria what do you feel for the next couple days whatever you Brad well. The one the only. Thing with me today in its national love me some view them in the next four. We got a lot to get into it today show coming up at some authority will go region by region and give you a whip around. Oil and art takes inbox each of the four regions coming up in about fifteen minutes. Would gates of the major questions facing each of the three local schools as they head into the NCAA tournament. And as always at 230 we give you a chance to win a thousand bucks our national. Cast contest but. Where we have the stark is what everybody is talking about in Kansas City selection Sunday was yesterday. And we know the brackets the number one seed in the midwest Kansas they are taking on pain. They play dam of this Thursday at 1 o'clock Friday in the west region Missouri is the eight seed taking on the ninth seed Florida State. That game will be able late game on Friday I believe an 850 set. And Kansas State I believe that by the late Thursday game if I'm not mistaken. They play Creighton in the 89 match up let's start with Kansas as they're the best of the through local schools no one seed in the midwest region. If you all right Kate you Spain and the bottom half of the region I think is pretty strong we do in Michigan State as door to your receipts. But don't put both of those teams if you get so the only day. I have always going to be on the side of give me games that are the most geographical. Geographically advantageous to you. Kansas. If you asked them in the very beginning of the season where you wanted to go. They got exactly where they wanna go they won the big twelve outright regular season they won the conference tournament. They get to play games in Wichita this Thursday and Saturday. And they're going to Omaha after that you cannot ask for a better situation what Kansas finds themselves in. In addition to playing their best basketball of the season at the F. Perfect this kind of fought the case you've got to the point where they wanted to be at all right. It didn't take the most direct route to take the turnpike and it took some too late late they took some back roads but the circuit where they were supposed to go which is a one seed. A conference champion. A conference tournament champion one seed in the midwest region also the same thing I said last night. On Pollard Terry selection show from twin peaks at independence I had to awfully afraid. The hop on board my favorite college basketball team right now. I find myself though on the fence on this you guys or I've been with the Kansas. All the entire season no debt though it's note that. No Billy Preston can't do it they can't win the conference championship the streets over no way it was the big twelve to hurdle that Azubuike. No possible way. And they've done all those. So I can find him multiple reasons why they're not gonna make it a deep run in the NCAA tournament I can find you multiple reasons why they will. Listen they still don't have GAAP. So importantly doomed to cool off he averaged 24 game of the big twelve target but he averaged thirteen during the season. Right but on the flip side of that. Mich light foot and still Sosa were fantastic in the big twelve tournament they got valuable minutes. We know is the end of want to get a gamers no matter which way they play they still have Bill Self. I have gone from on one side of things Carrington who straddling that fence when it comes the case. To make decisions mean the NCAA tournament starts of officially because you last year you count the playing games for the department into it's. Sports are all good so what you gotta get off the fence about the Kansas I like this and accidents. To stay the other said that it sustains them. I think in terms of the four and five senior region. You've got to be happy about it. Virginia. Virginia maybe came into this thing is the number one overall seed a lot of people you'll like Virginia a lot I do look at the Ford fives eating your readers of the potatoes about sixteen matchup. I think your point arguably the hottest team in college basketball in Kentucky. And Arizona with the Audrey ate a potential number one overall pick you much rather be in case use region being where there where Virginia finds themselves that. I think the Kansas got if Auburn or don't you don't want a lot of SEC basketball understand they're kinda like Texas Tech. Good team well coach I don't think they have extremely hot topic obviously beach you wanna neutral site. I don't think the team you should be afraid of is yeah sixteen matchup. Weaver I think over the last like fifteen years people talked about in the committee released in case you not this you can't really complain about your seeding if your case you. Number one overall seed in the west you didn't get shipped outlets a lot of people thought you could potentially be the number one seed out west. In Wichita also what that two and a half hours from Lawrence Kansas three hours or stand at three Paul Casey two and a half the more it's all law is three and a half hours from lord can't you cannot ask for a better. First sector around third fourth round geographical and in terms of your bracket you always got to play a top team in the league David duke it through the first three games of the tournament. You're always gonna play a battle tested team. You hope obviously if that got a bracket rates are way at the bottom half of a worst case and or did you played duke or Michigan State in a game that. It should be a 60%. 70% advantage over your side. Yet that duke fans everywhere though I mean that's beyond the brink of fans that all law it's KUN duke and and that game in the lead it would be. And would that be amazing to see those two teams in the elite eight if they can both get there I feel good about Kansas. There's pass about the gods grew they got a great drama and got a great drop the top after the midway. Moving on to Kansas State who as the 89 game and they play on Thursday are -- to play on Friday will be off earlier privately 550 or Friday will be off early on Friday many entry in this one is who you're going up to India in markets Foster. Was the best player on a Kansas State team in recent memory the sophomore year of the best player on the team you go up against him. In the first round of the NCAA tournament that's a juicy matchup you can always tell that the committee loves the kind of put these team together with these story lines. I'm excited for that first round match up that's why when the team games I'm most looking forward to in the first round of the NCAA turn as Creighton plays Kansas State. Every two I mean markets Foster this history case today you know it and that was a first team all big east player averaged a game for Creighton and look Creighton. Double teaming up for wins over top five teams. They're coming out of the conference that's got to number one seeds in in Xavier and Villanova. And the common opposed to these two teams share is Baylor K State's web Taylor Craig wants to sell. You know Greg is 57 to get started teams up. The story all right there. Leading into this game is case state vs Marcus Foster there's so much more to this game the 89 matchup that's good though that's the match of the U wanna stay out of of any team. I think it's a really appealing game. Yeah does look at this game is 89 matchup I think beat Kansas State or Creighton loses in the cycle rounds of Virginia. Yeah those teams are dead and Latin yeah both those teams are but. It really comes down to the help of changes they will get today on the other side we talk about the questions with each of these local teams miss it you were calling flu kind of game it's 89 gained to flip a coin. And you can decide based behind you're gonna fill it out on your bracket I do think the entry obviously is in the markets Foster against Kansas they component. It comes down to me is Kansas State healthy in this without going into a 5050 calling foot game. Not having your two best players it's the best players hobbled and picking your winning that game as you alluded to Craig is a good team and they can certainly be Kansas State on a neutral site. If you get a healthy Barry brown and healthy and nothing dean weighed. I think you win that game if you don't lose. Yeah essentially get out what 56 days not to get ready for this one. Dean lately all of that for the foot injury that he suffered which was Iowa stress fracture I think it was so worried about Jerry Brown. Let's not impressed with what case they date did against Kansas right now they had dean way they had very brown for about ninety seconds and they got that gig with the into late in the second half so. It it. Missouri's takes on Florida State in the 89 match up out west the late game on Friday. This is scared in the Missouri fans speaking in terms of the EU. Location that you were saying in terms of the opponent that she wears it in 01 C. I don't think you can ask for much more than where Missouri is seated. I'd much rather play Xavier then Virginia Villanova fourteens especially if you're gonna plead it is in Wichita street greed that's going to be a very pro Kansas crop I don't care Missouri was gonna be in that region. You play a team in Florida State that I think you're better than I am. Anything you play the week is of the once seats and you're going to play than if we're talking about writing distance from Columbia. Six hours from Columbia four hours from Missouri eight hour from Kansas City. You cannot ask for a better region to be sent if you were the Missouri Tigers this is the ideal scenario I think if you asked Congo mark. And we're gonna have Condo mark on this week. Hey before the bracket comes out where would you like to be seated. I think that Nashville is in his top three places to be picked maybe he picked Wichita could close the Kansas City I think that Nashville's one of those plays that he'd pick tape where would you like to play your first round game I'd bet if you asked them the once he'd he'd like to go against I think he also picks eggs Xavier as the one CD like to go up against you cannot ask for a better reason to be sent in as a Missouri tiger band than the one they got sent to. Don't know what to expect from Missouri I mean an organ of the Jordan or bad thing it is on the other side a little bit and the deal either happen over the weekend but I got. Michael Porter back short Barnett will not play in this game we know that for a fact so I don't know what to expect from Missouri. As far as Florida State goes and this is a team that. Scored its fewest points and half against Louisville got knocked out of the on the other conference stardom at twenty points that for example they got road wins over Florida legal Virginia Tech in the regular season all wins over Carolina Clemson Miami. They've got a seven footer on the inside who is a shot blocking big east one of the best in the country. A freshman by the name I key OB argue that 67 blocked shots so he's going to be a handful inside. On I think this was the point flipped I don't know what to expect from a zoo. Was game two with Porter no Barnett I don't know what we're gonna see your this could be a golden opportunity for Michael Porter unity go out there a takeover game. Let's talk about that coming up on the other side all three of the local schools have major questions heading into the NCAA tournament would do our best to try to answer them plus your chance of 1000 bucks and our national task on says. In twenty minutes stay tuned on six and Sports Radio. A little bit of breaking news I guess that's a note to pass a really great news I guess is being on NFL network in around. Ford says that AJ McCarron is a possible target for the Broncos and Kirk cousins Lance elsewhere and it's certainly looks like Kirk cousins could blame elsewhere. These Joseph knows a Jimmy cared from his time in Cincinnati. It does kind of feel like the Broncos if they don't get Kirk cousins are gonna have to be in either the Faber gonna draft baker mayfield I think they really like baker mayfield you take AJ image here or you go Greg case you have to be the next quarterback of the Broncos. If thick as if they get case keep them they're sort of have to draft a quarterback right and you can't. The case schemes at one really Goodyear out of his entire career he still got a quarterback yet case. I would say keys teams got to be on the number three of those three guys when you that. He's gotta he's the least. Least quarterback that they mean it rather have. I mean obviously have cousins right rot probably rather have AJ McCarron he schemes got to be number three on the list. I think they would like case you have to shore contract I see them doing something similar to what the chiefs did sign case keep them to a two year contract you draft a quarterback you can sit him for a lot this case keep an experiment doesn't working your one. You didn't get rid of may be trade him for low draft pick him and you hand the ball odds in your hand things over to the rookie I do agree with you. If you signed case Keyon to a contract you are drafting a quarterback that can't be a long plane and it's not at quarterback will bounce in between the NFL wants a news and notes pop up but today it's gonna be a mostly in NCAA. Tournament day. On the drive what Kansas I think there are major question is obviously the injury to you doping Azubuike. I know that things always work out for KU Gaza how this season we're talking about the big twelve. Allies and all season you were tell me how has brought a case you. In case you lost their best big guy for the big twelve turner right the big thing just created a not. So as Sosa. What like one game his entire time that you against Oklahoma law that's what you saw he put a all this button. You don't Azubuike on the sideline I don't know what happened maybe Davis powers. To Silvio associate at the black at the powers like that whatever they put the red dirt was outed this so he does also. Like how this week and he is amazing. This weekend they magically just found another best big man in the country some doctors say that you don't look at the injury is not big Forte you it obviously is big. I think without wells Silvio to Sosa played this week in and you don't need to rush token back agree I think you can beat. Obviously. Bradford in the first round to hit a perfect excuse me you can be in in the first round. Without. You don't Azubuike. I think you can beat either Seton Hall or NC state in Wichita would know you don't Azubuike. But think how look how good Sylvia was pin there's no need to rush him back to give him another week you try to get him back as close to a 100% as possible. Well that's sweet sixteen match up and we see you end up going against. Aimee is what you dope is a guy just run the court get rebounds and don't want people I think. Getting him back in game shape and gain speed and all that stuff is gonna be pretty easy I would say Silvio to Sosa allowed you a little bit more time to have you -- now this. Sound crazy back to that Angela K does in this tournament and say that the odds of pokey and seal spray in the grade one sprain maybe it may have been a blessing in disguise. For Kansas because Sylvia a social Graham he put up a double double that in the title game it's West Virginia. Look like he got into it mixed it up a little bit with cannot to Iraq before the app which I like to see. Had eight points on eleven boards and in the semi final game against Kansas State mich light foot. Played some really meaningful minutes I think he's vaulted to a player the count on on the bench. And part of that to see god is somebody to step up that Azubuike apparently. So. Hey you did in the big twelve tournament was phenomenal the way they played in the when he stepped up that Azubuike. If evolved on the Jadox I get Azubuike. A handful of minutes and again that it's been in the one vs sixteen. And that I arrest him and get him ready for whoever you're gonna have the second round I think you look back. You know. When Casey gets into the sweet sixteen if they do you look back this Azubuike injuries it's a blessing in disguise he got minutes from this OSHA. No antitrust and act that. You know and he went out there looks phenomenal and its western. Kansas State. I think it is they vary vary very simple question. And a very simple answer for Kansas State. I don't think the very brown injury is Betsy I don't know I'm not a doctor. I think. Obviously when he got hit in the I think you have a little bit of discomfort and they just say you're too valuable leader we know make in the NCAA eternal we don't need this game. Maybe gets us off the 89 line but can't the state I thought was pretty locked you know where they were going to be seat. Hi Ian was gonna be seven may be a sixth but I think we knew where Kansas State was going to be in the NCAA tournament. Other. Anyway it was limping this week in I don't know how that just clears itself up in heals itself up we're now he's a 100% running up and down the court. But very brown I think it's a very simple he's gonna put goggles like he's diary Irving and I think he's got to be ready to go the dean wait injury would scare me. Just don't have any inside information on this I fully expect bear brown the plate I expect dean way to give it a go. Org Friday I don't know how healthy eat the way it's going to be but I wouldn't be concerned about your eyes. Think the concern if you're Jeanne way is can I heard it or can't make it worse and it's you can't take the name. You take an alien open up to label that's due in the NCAA term now. If you can make got a lot worse and again I'm not a doctor either but it did make that stress fracture a lot worse and can hurt you down the road. You probably don't play him but he's live this weekend. And it's up to that he hurt in the big twelve tournament which is what light Thompson told us we have on the shell on Friday voice in the which of the wildcats that they get to sit and bodily communique stake in right here at 62. We're trading. We can't always with Missouri excuse me. Why it's like there's two big questions and topics with Boozer. One is obviously the loss of Jordan Barnett Missouri plays eight guys on scholarship. Now you've removed one of them in Jordan Barnett who was her second leading score in your second best rebounder and it got it clearly helped choose based Odyssey of a second question on the team. And that includes Michael Porter disease had a shot well we've seen him play. They've taken that guy that senior leader off the team in another got to help you bring the ball the court as we know was relaxed. And that is a devastating. Loss for Missouri not think it's a little bit less. By the fact W argun add Michael Porter and now. He starts initiatives have him kind of 121 put him in the lineup main. Foul trouble is a no no in this game there's a have anybody on the bench a couple guys console your play a walk on Embraer around the same way you were in the in the second round of the SEC tournament. They're margin for error was always going to be really thin. It is now even smaller with the suspension of Jordan Barnett who was not gonna play in Friday's game Syria. Action is seen as a bazooka as a seasoned signal or when you found out a game zoos in the tournament and then Jordan Barnett at Stanford doing it actually twofold. All one in and it's just anger. Yeah I 12018 they had created every single possible way for you avoided DUI. I if you could you lie and 2018. You either careless. Or stupid. This what Bobby both because they have created every single way for you not to do. In 1991. To call a cab anymore. Just read your. Your phone over. Tax somebody to compete your pal Jordan Barnett had called me I would went to go pick Jordan born up in Columbia I don't drunk I. Much rest I'll come pick you up yeah also know when Columbia the company you. There's no reason in 2018 to get a DU Iger either stupid or careless in my opinion. Org you just. Under us. Made outlet you metric onshore a lot of people but that situation. You have 82 premieres you feel fine to get behind the wheel couples over you blow over and now during the stuck. The other in typing feels for Jordan Barnett only very personal mystic about everything Jordan Barnett has gone through the last year year and a half with ms. He transferred from Texas could leading get a chance the play yet to sit and watch in absolutely dreadful was a basketball team. He can finally got the opportunity to flight from Missouri and they were still terrible. Coaching change to he's now played fourth three different coaches in five years of playing college basketball gets an opportunity without the Maarten develops into a really good player in the top twenty players in the SEC in my opinion. The SEC tourney is in his hometown and Saint Louis it was the first Danish huge one for nine from the field one for six from three point land. You get bounced out of the tournament you didn't get it do you why not you're suspended for the first round of the NC doubly turn it. Only chance the play and the term and means to lose in the first round afforded to 89 games of the coin flip got a game. Just imagine living with that guilt and that burden for your entire life because if if you lose that game that's exactly what what happened you remember that you got drunk and you and you drove. And you didn't get to play in the NCAA turn and I would guess if they lose it's a close game. And you could have been the deciding factor help shore team who boy in you war there just the guilt of living with that I can't imagine. This night I had the opportunity to play college golfer like one semester blew that first double and great I was good enough but not great. I didn't study. I didn't. Take care of everything that I do is take care of I wasn't disciplined student athlete I tell this to kids all the time there's a handful of things the only one crack at life. Most everything else you get a second chance. But college athletics is laudable is screw it up more than likely you're done Jordan Barnett. Rule that opportunity that he had created for himself in a while one of his teammates I am I raked. At what he did. Right here it cost us potentially chance to move on in the NCAA tournament and I'm with you on the other side is your kids these are college students are not grown men. All right so I get that and I don't know anything about Jordan and I don't know Donald personally ever talked him right. But there's a golden opportunity here and you blow because you made that decision and again it's one of those things that you're not gonna get a second chance at because easy. Coming up at five minutes we give you a chance of a thousand bucks and our national gas god says and we go to region by region with our breakdown for the NCAA certainly do that next on the drive. It's thousands on the thirty text the code word for X that's the Ole IE CE. 272881. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner and the national cash contests extend Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance. Up to 121000. Dollars each week just listen in on the thirties and 66. Here next chances at 330 and the complete rules apply at 610 sports dot com. Coming up in fifteen minutes we'll see what the big stories non college basketball for the weekend had feigning all giddy. And as the rest of the country DD two and thirty minutes. Something was ruling this week in day all my life. I thought was impossible. To ruin but impossible happens obviously way more frequently than we think. And the impossible happened. This week in and that I thought was perfect. That was ruling will get today here in the next thirty minutes let's go region by region and give us our thoughts dusty it is. We'll start in the midwest region with George Kansas Jayhawks as the one seed. We talked about it's opened the show I think if you're Kansas thank you have to be really happy with the draw that you've got. I would say you got prod the most difficult to recede in three seed though. But you can't play both those teams and we yanks made those teams cannibalize each other NEC NCAA tournament. Very rarely do seeds play accordingly so maybe you avoid both those immediately I doubt it. Yeah maybe you can avoid both of those teams I think geographically in regionally obviously you're in a very good spot. This seems like an elite eight or bust kind of situation for the team Tuesday. I'll agree the top half of the midwest bracket we're kansas'. Sets up perfect form I mean it. You factor in the the way the plate right now yankees play the best basketball this season right now you know I've said the majority to see that I think is keeping it. That's the sweet sixteen was the bracket for all the way I would guess what the bracket did. You've got Nancy knowledge she state plans to Mexico state Auburn and Charleston in your top half of the bracket I mean. They have got a very easy path in my opinion to get yield to the lead a which like you said she got the bottom half that's got Michigan State duke. Which can be awfully tough. But other than that. I got no complaints were gay was the committee took great care the jails. This brackets actually going to be a little bit chalk it. I look at that three C Michigan State in dupe and I think maybe the disappointing part about this day from viewing perspective odds none of us know what's gonna happen is all the teams I would like. Play team that I like a lot more than that like you Rhode Island. Was it a different spot I'd like Rhode Island to maybe win a game or two would probably do go to neutral site all trust coach K and could be Rhode to be there Rhode Island Rams where the utility room is going to be Oklahoma Oklahoma's got a tracheotomy. Or go to the no Oklahoma might and to close the game umpire heading into the third. It biggest reason is kind of black you'll miners and yet I don't really easiest sleeper in this I'd guess that you had it right. Back against the wall and give me a sleeper Auburn. I seem like Rhode Island if we're talking about the roots sleeper I like Rhode Island as my sleeper but a neck to see I distinct. Neutral site Marvin Bagley. Grace and Allen coach K I just it's hard to light Rhode Island up to a certain we have given up who they're going to be going up against. I will say this though in the midwest and that's what the more intriguing play games you got to Arizona State Cherokee got Bobby early. Coach he is champ Jim bay I'm in Dayton on Tuesday that that is. That's a fun place game that's a full on first four game and your ship that bears a mistake you make a little noise that you Lazard. Let's stay on that side of the bracket in head to the east region would Villanova as the one seed Purdue was the soup. Texas Tech out of the big twelve is a three seed in Wichita State is before and portrays it thinking like Virginia like the perfect five C. Are like what's the deal that is like the five C I didn't know they were going to be seated in the NCAA tournament. I'll start with this early. I lights Florentine is the second our our scheme to get to the second week in this thing. Florida placed saint Bonaventure UCLA I like the veteran guard play of Florida to win that game and then against Texas Tech. Florida to get the sweet sixteen in this. Jelly Texas Tech now is that and it depends how the heated Evans I think he's really really good. Texas Tech was that was a player away from from knocked off West Virginia and get another crack at Kansas to me. Villanova. Has got the clearest path it is to the final word any number one seed you would think it would be Virginia the south to the overall number one. But in reality this region east region and this what does that feeling because I Villanova got a fairly clear road while. I'd be really excited to see Wichita State wolf against Virginia as the potential second round match up yet what's produced keeps in Virginia. A five a 45 matchup I think that's a lot of fun attitude I really like Florida as my under five seed to make a run in the he sets the team that I like what's the team in that region that's a five C or lower that you think you maybe make a little bit annoyed. And has my attention for some reason the place of good basketball right now they got Virginia Tech. Now I'm not saying that they can get knocked out Villanova but they may have a chance out of it was intriguing to me. I was I was really on West Virginia during the season but every time West Virginia had a chance to do something they did so on down West Virginia on this one. Maybe it was the first one to take down a one seed I'm not sure but I I still think Villanova has a room. Heading over to the other side and it is the south region Virginia is the one scene Cincinnati's the two. The three seed is Tennessee in the forsee is Arizona I'm gonna go and say this right now. I think the winner of Kentucky Arizona is going to the final thing. I'm not sold on Virginia as you are because I don't think Virginia can really beat you multiple kind of way I think Virginia kid DG sixty to 59. I don't know if they could play the kinda up tempo game that I think Kentucky or Arizona would require them to play in the sweet sixteen. I think the winner of Kentucky Arizona goes to the final four. You may or I but Virginia that one thing that I really love they just find ways to win basketball games you know and I think it's the toughest region out there and you got Kentucky Arizona your job in in your half of the bracket and you're supposed to be the number one overall seed. I think this evolves Virginia. You don't. We get all sister the regular season we have analyses you consider what's the number one overall seed. And you put in our half of the bracket Kentucky and Arizona and the bottom half he got. I think the team in Cincinnati they can really do some damage double is like Nevada and Tennessee played well they were to the SEC title game and fault. It really got down big and they came back in and played Kentucky job. Did the south region in my opinion is by far the top. Which of these teams that are under fives he do you really like Arizona's before Kentucky is the the Bosnia. I like Texas. I get your gonna give me a future NBA player Mohamad Bob that's going to be a top. I think seven pick in next year's NBA draft I think this is just showing up ported to vomit it up eight is played of late. I can do not think Cincinnati's come along those vulnerable teens have been asked me right now to take it up five C or lower in this region. I Texas to actually make runs the sweet sixteen yeah. I'm with ya taxes. Texas Jimmie is under achieved all year I keep waiting for taxes doubt that I'll moment go out there and play well. All I'd like Nevada but I'm with ya I think Texas can make a run its small bomb itself. Last threes in the west region Xavier is the one C North Carolina Michigan while the hottest teams in the country Indians I got. I like North Carolina to come out of this I think North Carolina is the most tested team obviously the best coach in the reason. From a talent standpoint I like North Carolina I think North Carolina is the clear favorite to make the final four out of this you watch a lot. The Smart guys last night break down the bracket is not as seems to be the trendy pick him in the west they've got UNC Greensboro to look at the what are the Houston San Diego State here. On Michigan is a team. But I think is a little bit out of sight out of mind that's the Big Ten champion and they played her chart of the weaker and so literally taught the big twit did much. Last week they waited a year early so they are weaker at least you'd be so they could be at Madison Square Garden so. I'm with you on Carolina but I think Michigan's gonna give about. I I like Michigan a little bit more if they were like the five seat in this region where they did not play Carolina so early maybe to pull that are upset off of Xavier. What think's gonna get to the a sweet sixteen. But I just I think North Carolina is a once seemed kind of masquerading as a two. Just what we know about North Carolina had a performed the last two tournaments or Roy Williams having a veteran guard plays you'll see the series one that I didn't I'd like North Carolina a lot. I think North Carolina is by far the favorite in this region if I had to pick a second one. I'd probably pick Michigan it's the same kind of concept as this south regional winner of that game I think goes the final four. I think Xavier is just a really bold ones you like I don't think that I don't think is they beginnings in the elite eight that I. Either I don't either in the team that I I watched a little bit this weekend but I was impressed with the Dallas Houston knocked up Wichita State. Houston is a team that's got a sneaky good you know we talk about the seeds or higher than a five seed in Houston is a six seed in the west and that's the team that has my attention. If we had to go with face even lower than a five to make a run I think teams Missouri. I just think Missouri with Michael Porter in the wild card that he can be yeah if you're telling me you know one game scenario which I think it's gonna be a little bit of a promus are proud brought the ball out there. And Michael Porter plays really well and that one. I think that's the kind of guy that gives the term minutes scared because I like Carolina and this once I think they're gonna I think they're going the final four. It's hard to pick one of those teams in that lower half of the region especially without I think it Xavier is a vulnerable team. Ivan is Baker's gonna have a real soft goal with whoever they play in a second round match or whether it was three or what is they. Yeah I'm with ya mean even if even if we weren't Kansas City your bazooka and the Missouri Florida State game to me as it is is totally entry. And Michael Moore has a golden opportunity here to fill out actually can do. And if he does that lights it up in the NCAA tournament I mean that it back and raise his draft status and make Missouri basketball fans go when it. Coming up in just a bit. The big story. That was not college basketball this week in the hands meaning all giddy will tell you what it is next draft. Coming up at 3 o'clock. There was something ruins that I thought was impossible. To rule and gets that coming up in about fifteen minutes Los Vijay has won a prize coming up. Agents in minutes today's pop quiz you get a pair of tickets to see the Eagles aspirants and are on Monday march 19 so next Monday for tickets and information. Visits Britain censured dot com today's pop quiz is a movie will be today coming up in ten minutes. Yesterday's scene on I think yeah let me start becoming a believer and a true on the bandwagon you can join me here if you wanna get on it there's plenty room everybody's deal when it so it's time now to get on the Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods yesterday for those that didn't see it. Ran in a forty foot putt on seventeen to get within a shot of the lead with one hole to go all his birdie eighteen. If you do any would you have got to play awful Paul Casey so Tiger Woods is back. That being said. Tiger Woods did did fall short yesterday in Tampa here's why also calls. You know I have. Had a chance today. I enforce existing quite still as sharp as I need to admire those final conservative because of a dynasty to handle the Hawkeyes looked better missed a short when their fourth par sits you putted fourteen I don't know us. Now along like puck battles fairly below the hole I just overdid it. And I missed it's been a nice putt at seventeen give myself a chance on eighteen and and only agenda is they shorten that migraine just chewed it up as a went up that hill and apportioning and they're. The bottom line here Tiger Woods is back. He's. You know it the it was going to be this acted doing one actually he's back to be on top of his game in the Tiger Woods should won this golf term yesterday that's a while he played he talked about not play the par fives well. On the back to I think was number eleven miles watch it before it went on to twin peaks to doer or tourney selection show. He hit his tee shot out of the bunker and it had a sand wedge in any miss the green. Tiger Woods typically. Dominates par fives and he didn't do that this week in Tampa and he was still within one shot of the lead so. For the as the wanna say that he didn't win so it doesn't count I would beg to differ on is it Tiger Woods going into the masters by the waist and one odds to win right now. Doing what he did means that you better watch out here comes Tiger Woods. I don't know why we have to continue to do this. The stance on Tiger Woods is a very simple one I hold tiger to the standards that tiger held himself to. Tiger Woods used to judge himself off winning a major tournaments correct they haven't had a major Jarvis is yours is geared up for it. Did he used it judge himself like winning major turn and that's before you like to do these induced by the do well below whatever salesman at the tools so yes is the answer might well. So is this a major turn. Now know. Did you start and nobody had yet a solo lead on day two and he was one shot out going into the final or which which were a bit. So he lost to this turn out but it's different like all this different than every other sport and Google against the best players in the world the course is different every single I'm not denying that tiger was unpopular in a battle. We're not about every other golfer let's talk about Dustin Johnson or Rory mackerel were talking about Tiger Woods and tiger to the standard that he spelled insult to. We wanted to create new standards for tiger perfectly fine. Tiger Woods the only thing that I'm a care about Tiger Woods and chasing Jack. If he's not interested in winning majors or winning majors he's not that relevant to me especially coming in second place Bob. The bowels sports championship all weekend that nobody is watching golf so why is it like people are excited about it. Well we'll have the conversation about Tiger Woods and you can look me in the face and say see I told you about tiger he won at the masters he won the British Open. He finished second in the balance bar championship. Or the do little cup. Win that major. Ordinance Tiger Woods is not won a major turn in ten. Years and competence and you can't just seem. To be copying Kansas basketball and I. The one that actually tiger was playing a guy like you. Played well lately listen tiger was gear and he's gear up for the masters that's always says schedule. And he's playing well right now he's played the best golf he has probably the since he came back from his first injury in one player of the year. In the beautiful thing about Tiger Woods is this and I understand he's got to win he's got to win majors for for people say he's back. But tiger does have to wind turbines for the PGA tour to benefit those salt. Those are two different conversation I'm with you but we're talking about is Tiger Woods rat if Tiger Woods relevant answers yes Tiger Woods any. And he's on his way back to have played one single major this year what is way back in back or to put absolutely saluted. But it's just it's different golf and you've got to build up too did tiger is winning and I think his legitimate chance to win the match of the ways I asked Donald. I get a huge beach. Used to be saying yeah. You agree when tiger was notified actually a question you what does that Tiger Woods is winning the Mac can't he's. The guys in his forties now with too many different spied a about a million surgeries you've got to think your swing you've got to re learn your body in a different age. Madonna reinvented herself fifteen times. Golfers at their age to do that too and tigers had more injuries than those guys so listen. The bottom line is this bad people or more excited about golf now because the way Tiger Woods is great and he's and he's leading up to the masters and he's starting to play his best golf I watched his ball flight. I watched a lot of stuff that he did this weekend and he looks like the old tiger like he's getting back there he did some stuff. That old tiger doesn't you still got to work outs and can't man you can't. You you can't have a sand wedge into a par five on Sunday and missed the green tiger at a blotches strokes out there and still almost won that thing where these days when he. And if you wanna turn in when he was in his rookie C he said he won't deceit. I. Yesterday and still damn near won the tournament gets to feel a lot of the top players in the world. I guess my frustration with all these Tiger Woods' conversation news. I just feel like we've watered down discussion with Tiger Woods a Tiger Woods used to be held in that like break EU LeBron. Hate meaning company. We're the only thing we cared about was we reveled in the greatness of anti. I got a chance to win every single major we would have conversation of would you take Tiger Woods in the field that's out Dominique he was now now it's got the point you're happy that he came in second place that don't end it all are like that's where it got cut the. Residents are that a lot of the top players in the world there's the complainant the Web.Com event out here at Lionsgate Sony beat. Well good players some of the best in the world say we're seeing things out of tiger that we haven't seen in the in the past few years he's healthier than he's ever been and they start apply. All right so I mean right now I feel like for the first time the tiger does have a legitimate shot a shot to win a major. And I understand like I I think maybe you're now arguing over like degrees. If we're saying Tiger Woods appears to be getting better and looks to have a chance to win the mass. Absolutely. Tiger Woods is back it would not back until he wins the masters tiger. Wins a major tournament this year. All the pro which you say I told I told I told you put this conversation you're having we have had or India but it's different we have. That is still in the tournament finish second have a chance on eighteen that's the first we see this it's like your game. But this time yeah. It's 111 he not think this year of the last couple years when he's come back too early for injured agreed I'm saying is this conversation how excited about tiger we have this exact same conversation it's in the last ten years. I edit re four times in the country tiger let's back tiger won this golf I. Attic I. Those times who wanted him to be back I think this time he is. Based on what I'm seeing in Iowa and in the way he's playing right now. I think this time he legitimately is back he's healthy don't get a shot yet ready to swing coaches. He's play on feel now is get everybody out of his head he's going out there he's healthy so. Saying this the time to watch right this. This time when when fans can legitimately turn other TV all the weekend I think the Tiger Woods had a chance to win and we haven't been there a few years. I list. We can spot my. I'm going to wait. The pop quiz is presented by big screen Chrysler dodge Jeep grand when a pair of tickets to see the Eagles at the sprints general Monday march 19 the week from today. For tickets and information visit sprint center dot com today's pop quiz is a movie take it away dusty. I think kinds of sorry. I'm happy I'm black and I read that and still he says because. Don't intend to act signed a huge amount messed up. Pandering to they do that gets. Shipped and then they expect any different and you can go out. As long as you promised not to disturb mr. Wilson. Coming up in two minutes there's something we thought was impossible to ruin that they absolutely. Rule and we'll get to a coming up on the draft. Florie.