The Drake vs Pusha Beef Episode

Carrington Harrison
Saturday, May 26th
An emergency Stick To Sports podcast regarding the diss records thrown by Pusha T and Drake. Carrington is joined by noted Drake hater Brandon Shakleford to breakdown: Who is up so far? When does Pusha need to respond? Can Drake lose in the battle of public perception? All your questions are discussed. 

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This woman's body can't swim Carrington Harrison from the dry out. The matter. Okay I'm not sure it's. The result of his victims boards by and I had to call it emergency. That's what I can't remember that. Should have let the business iteration. We got out of the Cali fiscal records where everybody's gonna be on the same track hold looking at this thing cool bite out. Andrea so rocket smoke in the Katie beings anytime is Barnes and competition. I mean your Florida got Miami breeze shackle here. Don't largest social all the stuff. Don't know his gimmick you know AKA Vista to meet okay that's what's a mister Jindal more is mystical spot 'cause I'll blow that smoke and up their smoke off labels. Come Holler at me gambit it across the board they'll dim view Twitter IG's net today it would probably take me out I'm. OK I want us to have you win because you're the biggest Drake hater that I know once again Drake is at the center Brett beat. And all of the cards here remember oh yeah oh I've you know I've been OBO fans I have all yellow sweater. I'm a legitimate drugs say it. So I'll want it to be shouldn't start you can beat skip battle this writer you know all my goodness I got the whole deal slated to the Al crosstown. Early reaction. Prick up 10 drapes one all right now you can't convince me and it breaks in not winning so far the OB I feel like every time that you put out a legitimate Sloan babies. Anyway halfway decent the last person who acts the scored the final points when it comes over which is when I don't think that it was the better song but I think that it is dubbed. The latest beef sold so it. Put him. I like it for granted maybe this is the difference in the two I think it for rape is a better rats all ride up freestyle. But there for a writ is just a couple shots Brett good Duffy freestyle is a direct shot at bush a direct shot it good music in a direct shot. It's not like is now like 23 bars. It's forty minutes though. Boom boom boom boom of bullet points system and all my producer you've got an in the know. Good sport and it's not hit the US isn't in its we go but it is still played in Jordan's plays well he's cited so. Let you know why I have to address this I'm cooking up a classic album right now but it worked it is the opposite economically classic album I got a big time to address. You're seven track when he one minute record that you just drop a job I don't. Well I have to come to step away from that I had to step away from prepared is our goal ought to address this. Yeah. Embargo so I think you wade would do the release date and else come in on their ducking and edit and what's up with all the talk about this title dot B. Depp Al had to go Google would dopey if if you saved upbeat today. You now from Canada. You goof ball yeah horrible I'm not even not anybody to have colonel come off Scotland Canada. Hit and influence art and culture and probably would stop Courtney. And dump it not seem. You brits don't they would be infrared and what Eddie's I think that the beam most of my agency that if we know what the song is about to be adults still don't know b.s so. But my first reaction yes I will say quickly. Drake is winning to now I'm waiting room which is response. I just don't feel I legacy is literally I think that. It's always Weber before the the bell rings over the last play to win them in Drake swung Lance told Drake is up is not a bad disowned. I wasn't heavily as impressed as the twitters piercing to YouTube. It would average rates although. The last guy like let's control all you like it's right song my parents of some. Yeah I like I thought I don't so he's not rat hole I think what's interesting in this brief news it's different how he's approach in this than meat milk agree right could have made us all that you do is put your team to what you played the club over reportedly we cute he was very strategic and when she did at the start of the week you insane is the release date and I think he had a couple bars in the chamber windy in the or raise the couple. I kind of patterned after we all heard the song as we could know. What they're tee meet you respond that quickly if you didn't have at least sixteen maybe four bars in the chamber ready to load them. It's different than how you approach meet where meek which charged up. Now we go back. Drake knew he had back to back looking up and so he kind of an awful couple warning shots in me when he didn't seem to meet with rader responding to a back to back. I think he's ticket push seriously could he knows the push is a better rapper to meet so we came added. I think there again and Drake and A conglomerate are eighteen. That is working together to put together this songs like brainstorming project. Tony had all these different minds in here to actually. Add more ships lexicon you project worth like multiple writers they all this couple ideas and game that should talk about debris. Maybe talk about a crack into the heating real. Like a lot of stuff populated just as a group. After the queen of the stuff. App put all beings at Drake into elective category. Yes it was gonna let a collaborative prime. Project to drop is desperate battle begins by districts it came to want to drop the 16 August 32 real quick although this is the fourth hit. Now I think Drake was like hey everybody come with it is group chat real quick what should I say he. OK he's just based on the dummy right and what's interesting about that okay with which that you got that okay if you got. I liked it well it's a step back submit that in death we got to that is out. I. I guess I'd just. I don't know why some draped fans are so Preston not at this admit this thing and I'm cards here remember mobile hot again I've been to Toronto I've seen written not and I think I'm third. Legitimate strict diet. The ghost riding being eliminates him from talking about himself as a leader since before was talking about himself like he's all right and in the economic how to work. You can't be all that we know it didn't cut copy of his records that people that if any do you can't hope. But you can't be continuity so that's why I think part of his beat is interesting is push it is Irish shot if he should be. A satellite not but it was written by Quinton. Broke your boss does the exact same thing that it does this law does this. You all look guy yea well I loved I didn't love Hewitt apple worked on the kind of red hot dog you know yeah we. Could kind days been doing cut copy and paste bars. And you can tell you and I listened to Lamond Daytona that once seal Lotto what would meet do. You can't smell like kittens not a sprint like you what I listened to enough raptor no. Our aid does bark from Karachi this bar Kate inside out of print you'll join us put it okay well. Look like it includes roast concession. And I'm roasting you out there and it's a huge huge mad dusty and you think a but the dome instant they gusted to look. About who don't care what you don't. You think of the leader who are about to the problem is doing. Let it it probably a bit and you thought about you know right now I mean you don't. I don't know why we're gonna what are they doing now where you know you talk about the outlook two. Cool cool talked to him about that we mean you now what you gotta. Probably weren't things that I've implemented. So yes I did get he's he's guilty of it yet but we'd. We'll reveal who don't know but the magician pull back these tickets 80 look he's got those writers we we don't. It'll collaborative process that every time you meet them every time we need to beat it wasn't just heal it with our whole group of people. We still respect him for the music he put out what was it isn't easy. But just feel like we look company's old you just the greatest leaders of the vault we just say he at the bar. Resonate with us in about if you pop history but. I would never say the death Bangkok. When will we found out Drake wasn't right when we found a reference to how to grow it was like a big reveal alligators like this. It is it like it's. Yeah. Like if I knew that I do it but like I feel like. Did it just it seems like it's disingenuous to me that. Drake is literally admitting yeah I have I have goals writers in fact add them to go try to. Now they'll they'll beam. In your nose has got to look like this that don't work. Now we. Admit that d'souza dusty. I mean if Dusty Hughes to. This is why it's hard for me to think that pollution is winning this battle. The only shots he's fired so far is what you Miller right chew bars. I know vet and I don't care I'm curious how you can beat rate in Iraq beef. I don't think the push it to lose in this could push it too talented rapper. How like how Joseph Blanton is dumping Joseph blood war and I don't think Joseph blood loss it's outs and a wrap reason is only the gold their own directions. How pushing can win this beef. We didn't I know he was on the grassy I know he looked up to you like that's obviously it's altogether viewer listener back in the old. Next season room for improvement days I know Miller writes that ball hours. What can you tell me about right that I don't know Beckett makes you win this lyrical battle. Is not much has got to make the club's all that's gonna club draped right because we know grace got album covet and now he's got two of the three most popular rap salt in the country right now is. I don't know how pushing can win this rat beat even though all the people that tricked up to its legal opinions that beat bush is the most what it is one of the more towns of rappers Google opened its does that keep. Outright they entered is one of their. Listen to push is probably two and turn the light guys that become like they're single wedge right didn't like collect cold I gotta go drain. Even if it could blow it now. Yeah I agree I don't think. I don't think that puts has put himself into position where he can we do to win the popular evil anyway there's nothing it. Exit eagle would meet when he revealed. That it was a ghost rider. The level dragged its angels and attitudes toward draped it change but it wasn't like all of a sudden everybody is like a kid like you anymore it was just like we're lift people's life. In no that would actually happen and it wasn't like. What do you think of it by saying no we gotta get this guy hip hop it was more just whatever. So I think that what what what you can do. It's continued to command command it would bars in Baghdad but you can't be beat in this position that means that you do have to respond even if it is redundant stuff. If the back into the swing insane pay. Even if I'm with the same Clinton's. I'm still gonna beat you with Pete in May be attracted may not be club bankers. He can put out some stuff that it will read the departed the deputy to major artists Iger do you sense of you put another beat out excuse whore in just Brian you just do they say. Oliver's right. Campus to the same thing over the beginning in the game he no acting person knows that most people know. Drake is gonna win a profitable route with the way happens is not in it puts it can say to a certain extent that's gonna be like. Some stuff that this will mean the crowd. Two were pushed aside real hip hop is only going to be it was corner Indian majority of people Libyan Driscoll. Like a lot of people know in a real hip pot Canas a catalog and outlook the UN catalog he brew a -- it's true you at least got to respect what trait is doing in his last two priest in a lot is to grant date but a lot of means it's being huge it is I'm not don't talk or tweet about it I'm back to give you ball never meek was on Twitter doing the stuff. OBO radio address Saturday Drake had a song ready meat wasn't ready huge bank to bank. Bush dropped the song all Friday a well received album Daytona we edited out like Daytona good album. Rick was ready in twelve hours ready would another song like I'm I'm sitting here and I'm thinking about how we looking tipoff of man out does your footballers in competition. How much race fan huge breaks me alike which is music alike which is album listen to a full out I don't care who wins. As long as we gave good competition and the bars near fort. But I think definitely that's the don't cross into my hip hop he has. We're just here but we're at these what is what is essentially what you probably about with like this is go away each other instance that's an overhaul our beat. So yes multi about the Lebanese. It's the people who aren't really who are ruined my like duck it's a treat it like it broke a culture. Under oath in Neitzel this often at two again. And not be six of them thought to speak but there's a lot of women who also generate the conversation one way. In debt if I don't know ladies. Oh yeah. I think it Ross put me in the house OK Ozzy Ozzy a lot of odd as well as they've got those opinions are not expressed my character in there isn't anybody reinforced my tennis and the smoke. Coming to Lucas but I got smoke looked on the thing in a lot of women who are directly. I've been asking the tweets ladies theme at Wentworth. All of it was. Was did he was canceled. We will RD of sit with a hold its own. The pushing and cover. Being in a Whitney Houston's bathroom as selective on which was enough when you wouldn't be right is this injury and treatment it gets a little bit is. It just makes need to add fuel for the fire duplicate from the elected. Whatever I'm so I thought like that every time we get into the film would drape side OW that's of these items from our reads of the state. I don't know why we've got to the point. In media maybe it's social media that we have to go to these mystery I kind of feel like not started when he was like emerge you'll you'll this year I mean. Like bush does not cancel. There are not ten people walking the face of the earth that can wrap. Better than pushy it's he puts it he stays and clay but he's all pop well once every three years he's going to need a cocaine flow is going to meet him beats. Am going to keep them open they'll keep doing what is it like there's nothing decades after his beat to change my opinion a push to. Don't grinding it. What is it a little late model BA he's alleged in my monster is nothing that happens anybody single pushing cancel puts out a year. You've just got it as it or we don't think. Think about it is it. Like if you really look at the catalog. There's no grinding injuries capital there's no focus continue to be elected. So if don't. You think it didn't do any thing that happens grind. Grinding my greatest threat you all talk and all that's a fair comparison it is. We know the lyrics so let's let's not make it seem like Drake and upland is the spectacle in the club and other grind negative. He's got a grinding salt. Are. All being got a nobody ever grind it. How would put. Possibly be. Popping out. Yeah. The grotto at my that's got to only be the dirt great as Brett veto vault. Nobody's got a ride that we can be knowing lunch table to grind and a twenty years now and I was gonna make the point about beat Elena keepers of round thirty minutes okay. May simply could not won the Drake beat all the popular count district's the big artist you could wanna beef. The problem with meek was he was always only in defense. He was offense we've fire between teams like notre don't write his own Ron's work at the right is all rhymes. Mitch has already hit 24 hours the place that put rake on the defensive. We meet and having board ready. He allowed try to hit you with a couple fire shot them okay all right and I think we all know what's called charge whenever you get beliefs or we got back to back. Ending he allowed back to back to Apatow ring in the club in the incoming heat he mock you openly if one everybody. So you were always in a position of weakness in always when defense at least in this can go back and forth on who we think is when the beat whether bush or break. Both people right now or an offensive British pushes on defense now because now with moving on around to put push is not losing by a lot in this beat. Rakes and not on the in the first round pushing to easily win this sector around and then we'll see what happens and Butler right and that's that's it that's why I'm I agreed to. That. Listen needs to respond even get elected its gets redundant stuff that we know maybe east of the bonds yeah maybe he built them. That the body at that we today. You really you talk about you get. Them both right stuff is redundant we we are at least that we need to talk about how. How he looks over women wore take out. He always professing his love the stage to women who are in the interest of India that would mean yeah it is about it. He had so much fuel to be honest though were with him we will pop. Where does not seen is if you if your strategy you beatings regular rat you fused you don't writes all law hard. Jordan not winning the Pete you have some some stuff about him call every honest seventy. Odds are like a sucker release and screen shot and don't only trickles down here while I back. That looked like if it. I don't know hook and it did well. Like to edit immediately I don't like you don't I don't love you are thought like I don't like you just have to respond if the response itself and then he had the whole idea that. What it comes to the beat regardless of what it does. There's nothing he could fate who posted that week of input to what's all he sat in Korea itself was just like sitting in. They can we disgusted like if the multitude of difference not everybody is babies that there's Wayne Sapp is just it is essentially tackle. Do you know why they're beefing. I'd legitimately had absolutely no but it armored inputs are involved in rat beat I didn't get over a woman I know that started its over commodities analyst at these these exit the room. I mean they'll pick that up. Yet dead heat a raft of dreams money. In the they've been able empire center for apps eighties. I have no clue what Drake inputs are fighting because I have absolutely no I think that a lot of me ever I don't know what it is. I think it was just a slight added and it's like it might have been thought that it puts it took as a slot are maybe just posted this of it I don't think that. Drake tribe the pre and everybody does it comes to him is just. We don't want his money like put them to have his lane they would have to do a complete 182 real. And I think that that the investment of the engine just being Patrick always does everything media anywhere chemicals will be. It's always even when he did the study Joseph was jealous ones deal in B. It's I like the meek was jealousy. You think of me and what hit beat your idols like skin privilege I hate him. I think it Drake mess wouldn't it humanize its own point. He's back down to him about it I mean I probably is jealousy is why it's Peyton is whatever it is it. If you you can't tell you got the beginning of the alleged rape game meat beef wasn't around because I think I think I agree that you operate in this circle. Although wind right now bowler is not a secret to me by one might think things about hip hop is us off visually IC was we'd like what's the what like what's one thing about it puppets are sure that you were afraid to admit. I think there's a rougher track out there for every single artist I think it Ab soul has done a reference tracked for Kendrick so. I've accepted a little bit a lot has listened to its creative just like what you do with a creative collaboration I'd do with it. Every opinion I give on the radio is in my eyes about it might be utilities up and really good package as well I think there rap music is the exact same counts. But I think there's a big gap between. If I do over for track where you at all. Did and did did there's another contract for me when I do all deliberate. Act if the big difference if I tell you an opinion. And do you take that opinion I won't. Did I agree what you say it like what if you just really just in regard to take exactly what I think it. Don't that's. Copyright infringement that's Xerox and just what I feel like at some point that have to be criticized like this is like that tweed jacket. That's at the signal he's a little Twitter ended what had little FaceBook like they just did not like this and other. That's about a day ago. The game did notice I don't like is. Consider it would be would you agree that everybody has that I'm not gonna make it seem like he added. So somebody had told Joseph is based the faith and I felt the same joke on all your funny not. Yeah. At about you don't have quite like kids. All we. Both love Oprah example. This holds all its lines or directly taken from someone so allow me but it doesn't enough. Liked break does that as often as old does now you use rappers tracks the whole O coordinator like the rule is banked in a reference track for. He listened to not assault it would vote and I. Beat yeah I thought that was a particular with bill well I yeah yeah. I've. Loved it in my due to go boggled that did my dad did this but here. A guy goes into the Booth. No Pitt know a while ago and take moral and take it. Not to do the could've folded like if you with the okay what you okay thought to be studied again to be you know my guys in there. It if he'd just heard so yes indeed with his bar the two B drill bit as bleak as ever and a reference trek fro million. More baby hook. I did think maybe. Maybe Jay has won twice got hooked on all the people. No dream is probable. That some of the obstacles does not like hip hop songs and collects ultimately yeah maybe he did hook up all hope. But I think in this debt to I will be. Devastated to be in the bats. They go about all I think if my fair share of reference track that was all live it's where Jay-Z so. I OK so in this week removal. Which adds talents of rapper was the beauty Siegel was in his prime. I'm supposed that they hope wins here are all of these float and never thought to himself and hope DB and an old boy he's a I bet everybody don't read it in a cruel it's taken all hours everything I did. And everything I did something big out of eighty people while living there is that it will be a lot of us weren't. And how products legendary status is gonna let dollars at all. Dragon go there are added there is a lot of page just wrote to sit three people we all know. Waist allegedly got ghost writer. Wayne is a whole different animal he stole his holes now look you don't get into a whole different being looked. And all this. Don't let my manager of the directly to an emergency inside you'll probably be Ian did you get into a guy and use it at the very beginning of this I'm card carrying member of the oh that you might lessen. I think that Reich had his ceiling not down he could have been Jay-Z maybe we never heard about the ball arts. But now we know the best he can be used that's a great ceiling but I mean just basically catalog he's not gonna be Kron yeah because he's doing and don't read but it's not straight bill and we'll have a top twelve catalog or private. They discovered the great I even asked him it is not irrational I would like yes Drake has put together they discard repeat that will be competed. Amongst the legends but again and Pakistan would never consider Drake. Lyrical I would always considered him a great arts. Op a lyrical person is the person who writes their old stuff maybe not the hooks. But you'll never find a reference bore for now you'll never whenever has war forbid he were elected old is in retrospect be. Get these words for you. You just go it just adds flavor. And I think that's what creek. It with a lot of wasted a bit about. Brought culture so that long blonde today. And I think that that's what people think about the writing is always going to be like look you've kept in perpetuate the idea that you all are hip hop rap. Butchered that there's no part of Iraq where you can have somebody writes Iran in des Hague with blue directives. I'll get you out of here on this were common don't thirty minute your windows puts it T need to respond. I'm actually a little wider than everybody else on this. I think bush has until rate drops and now. Right now it's it's 11 don't one know how you wanna put it. I think he can follow the same model so whatever rate drops scorpion are right when he's about to do it you know treks gonna have a couple put to team bars and there. If on the day of the week it was in response but that's when he needs that added. If you strategy is paid he messed up our release date I'm gonna try to mess up his release date I would it. But that's the absolute latest he can't respond he'd be he has instilled rates date that he drop scorpion whatever it is but can beat you one that could be June 15 that could be June 31 bubble under Chris assert that rates albums coming in June given its who. I disagree I think that he has up into. Memorial Day this album where they weakened puts need to drops them. And I get like I was hoping that's also quick so it feed crops up Monday if you down too low I think you would get down to. I think based on history based on history of the last beat. You know Drake is coming with open. He's not that just to dale because he wolves to bury it he'd bury you and it looks bad. At this awhile because meat didn't come back we'll recap the open. Helen how why it's again yeah it's meet going to jail I. I would know I would say a little bit of Fordham like I would take I would say it's that there whenever you won't that album was called 1942 flow that because would have called it took at least fifteen months to recover from the. But the thing about that was almost like. He looked OK you can Saint Louis he was getting to a point where he was getting back into favor. But it literally took him in steel. Going to jail for everybody to get back on Dmitry that's fair so once and I don't want to to have pushed because the popularity vote is article to be puts him. That puts out of the box so lasted only thing I say if you give him. In civil where today this whole I've because it's a week you wanna have something that people can play and make it down and I just talk about because as a whole much free time everybody's for. Everybody most everybody psyche not freed as we cute but. Most everybody's free to sit around and debate digest this this knicks hip hop. Slot is the oracle like this come from puts a T like or onto this kind of a joke. This miracle bit Buchanan didn't go well this. I would drop something just indicates that Drake does have another. Two minutes well back to back in a guitar and a defeat in the cup you don't wanna be down. What do got a lot to shoot and you'll be fitted still duck and he's the guy in the local political. And now would you still I know. But give up the star are blustery does have mobile cell radio ego goes over the other and once again like all the Eagles are radio's great but now in the news and world were like. Puts it that was put to let that no heat at the track. That's push I know you gonna to. I know you did did drop one minute phone and say hey this one go I'm Amber's got a chance you know that's of the it's no I get. A ball so yeah I'm not exempt from that smoke and look I don't know two to release they count yeah because right now you with a lot of jokes and medium so I got my. Why didn't you don't get into the U and it's over a decision to close an electorate that I didn't like is that. I can buy them and we're like what is silly joke about somebody else the mainland like it's all. And I don't look right evidently wanted to let. You know you I don't know how did you. Green and win could become popular with liposuction to pay so much when the fans booed him. I do like all of the you don't you want it. I think we covered everything and be putts to keep that argument as I know you're busy man and you you don't you've got kids. A that David went up correctly. Op. Posted a social Omar Topper motor broke it I don't it is is dim looking him across the board as dale look and it healed. It's the focus but always want to smoke got awfully was forty whenever you wanna get me. You know the Brady sack on the use it is it's that I. And you don't. Oh. Yeah I don't think it won't happen until retarded to DJD day of the year. Unless I got British Jack over this with the emergency brake he puts of the podcast we got these.