The Day Shift w/ Lake & Bink

The Day Shift
Wednesday, November 15th

The 6pack at noon is at the top and it is a different type of questions for the guys. Rich Gannon joined the show and he dropped and Elvis Grbac and how he felt abouit that situation. Heath Evans had some strong words you have to hear again and Binkly talks about a theroy that an event is coming to KC, but what?


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There weights it's noon here. Another day at the another six to enforce expect here on the patient. Brought to you by the red door real. Relocation just you can check out. When it comes to the red door throw port side of the woods in the Camelot court and the third and that the newest location in a little part. On hundred for the night. This is done day two with the dust man on the I was six back. Doors but wanted to man. He's a third person with a threat could attack I can get their person that did it the other day here like mad about it. Giving Haiti to its you know eighty scissors please him with the best man with third first. You know it it worked so are you guys got it on a little bit earlier in the race before Reid spoke with Tyrod Taylor gets the bench. This upcoming week. Illustrated their defense of our defensive linemen to the Jacksonville Jaguars things have been this falling apart for buffalo is Tyrod Taylor the reasonable. Absolutely. Not. Now I'm not gonna sit here and make it seem as though Tyrod Taylor is the perfect order no he's he's an inconsistent quarterback. Which makes him. All right around being with the seventeenth eighteenth best quarterback in the league. Maybe maybe I also topped one ousted its not until the top political. Their defense a stroke or your weight and that's been more an issue at least of my opinion. Been in the order it. Obviously the command key city really. Eric Taylor 16100 fast and he's their second leading rush with 237 yards rushing from the quarterback position. They lose a considerable amount of offense. That haven't Tyrod at least in there. I guess for Tyrod. Fantasy owners are just gonna be livid if these refunds the computer and started early stadium. There is his first thirds in the Iowa yet. For first third and LA it's not a hostile environment at all. Just like you be read to the giants the hostile environment which is but he guts team ready for the third selection address this point LA is a hostile environment if you are in the stands. All right question number two of this that is six that was last night at a champions classic we saw Kansas Jayhawks played it Kentucky Wildcats. They didn't cover that game by the way either way was that it good enough look inside of what can use going to be this year without Billy Preston is there's still more to be on. Bowl 088 don't know that this is yet. It was a good test it it was nice to see Kansas face that team that is done. Athletic. All the teams that you watched last night are figuring. Things out there trying to develop chemistry at duke. Bought a bad beating him play at the got Pope to guide for the rest today Dana so everybody's figured out how to watch how he's yelling at us that are older that it. Credit shelling coming got to see the updated. How to zealots come together put at the bottom line is I thought the kids looked fine last night I did have some some issues with. Moly dome and did you can see how limiting his game is. Bully Newman to mean in my opinion he's. His game has really well he has really developed since Mississippi State. Two I think that he is going to be a negative to the program actually now is he gonna be a positive contributed to the program. I think it's a one dimensional player he's a Texas to play is not a guy that's gonna go off there in Houston and you make it all these plays slashing to the ramp is not a guy that's gonna be just stability in transition in terms of finishing at the glass. With two or three guys right here he's not athletic that. He is somebody that is going to be able to knock down shots when open but he's not a guy making trio drove salt. I can't cut our way to get my expectations normally Newman because that. Accuracy is limitations but I think it's gonna be a massive year for the month that ran you go Azubuike I think he's going to be a stunt that and mentioned that Twitter was. Was talking about well what if we had to doha last year an attorney yeah I think a total final four but did not get this team be good like. All expecting kids to bullet thing about it is these were very deep or really played six guys in the game Lightfoot Keenan actually seventh place like the only got six minutes. Ever since it is or what they did yes indeed pressed and at the scum bag gets some minutes for the team but they won't admit it. But that Missouri games actually really next best for kids played exhibitions these. That's the begins an athletic team like the zoo. Build ever admit that that was a nice exhibition game and play oh without question. It was going real challenge before they got. A two game against Kentucky last item that game that they played extremely valuable for me to admit it was a valuable. All all the team its assault last client are going to be teams that. At some point over the course of this year in the few months that we have we have to up to March Madness ever buys himself at all. Final four possibilities we will be talking about publicist team to roll into being maybe a national championship contender. We are seeing Kentucky teams. Beats down to it and not be able to go all the way last eyes were to Kentucky. Extremely talented they said as the most decimal solve. August the youngest. Steve Nicholson Alice had at Kentucky their gonna be so what's better by indices. I'm assay betting they can't something and it can be so what voters over. Broke quick in ten seconds how do you rank those for coaches last night wonderful. One of four. All what you got to go post a number one. I'm gonna go Bill Self second plaque on video. I'm getting dole. I'm gonna go is all. Third in and I'm gonna go shelf. Oh look out our. Our question number thought well let us all yet okay it's those self help glory days. Just look I've myself but to act itself before I want them to touches itself is owed it. So you got Izzo to an insult three open aren't really put appointment if the idea okay is count ourselves. It really loosen them for anyway what we see what you got so forth that's right. Calipari deserves a lot of credit for kicking guys and am in the program for three and four years one year and he flips them. He's got a thirty for thirty about himself bill doesn't anyways question number three candidates expect that has brought you by the red or grow twice this year may add bill so we'll get to that later there's two locations of the red or grow Brooke's side and and we would in the Camelot court question for any of this expect. Is this the final four teams or SE in his college football playoffs will there be any additions or any subtraction or is this it. It was going to be kind of changed be honest with you what you're seeing are now eight keep in my when you get the third ranking of teams lose as this they haven't got themselves back. Into the playoffs the team lose beyond this but it's gonna look completely different. Because first of all what you have is clips and Miami both the top for both teams will be playing each other. It is important to note those teams are really playing each other Alabama still has the play at Auburn. Alabama still has to go in play. The SEC title game if they make if they get passed Auburn so it's gonna look completely different and Oklahoma's plausibly be big twelve championship game. The should be five and at the we hear this Demi here nobody finds this cup or go completely different as Wisconsin. There's a real chance taken seriously in an MI LE. It. Depending on how things shake out between my evening gloves. I think Miami's got a great shot they get great shots they got they got something to prove so yeah there's a lot that you sit out here. Clearly before in this. Good energy. Like that are you like then I do like that and much is Kirk cousins like winning games but I do like that. We'd like to like it a question for the states six back. Better chances senior backup quarterback. In Sunday's game if it keeps guys earlier there right tackle for the giants possibly or most definitely is not playing Sunday. And it that she's a blowing out the giants. We see that. The better chances. He lies backup routes and as backup on Sunday all eyes back up lies backed up if this thing gets out of me federally. And you know hot giants fans in New Yorkers did. India just pissed off in the political yet you get out of the game any and you put the back of the net I don't see a scenario where. The only way Alex Smith comes into the game. Off a meat comes out of the game this Sunday is if he gets hurt that's it. He's not getting yanked by 83 things to be yanked this possibility for about twenty points in the fourth quarter note that those a positive things we'll talk about it and I don't. I was saying in the spotlight is saying he does a positive or negative. Okay yeah yeah it's elegant if out if they're blowing about 42 to seventeen in the fourth quarters begun. You're probably gonna see a backup quarterback yeah alienated. Blown out considerable amount ESP. Might be nice and homes man eating US and throw it downfield urges and it's to be mostly hand offs or passes. He's going to let four points he's got to have a guy that likes the road and into another team race. Adding real figure that out. It's. It was so questioned why this is they say expect. Billy Preston. That I think they mentioned eighteen times that he was playing last night in the pregame but the sideline reporter failed to mention anything to coach self pregame. Is Billy Preston. The next clip Alexander's situation at the university in. We don't know enough. I don't when it's. Eagles are leaping to any conclusions don't make any assumptions about what we've they could be going on. I don't have the will have I'd personal ad inside information as to what the heck is going on only go about what down. Tool self said last night amber doors of the state is so hopefully everything will dig rectified in terms of what's going on. Without precedent and the course it's always it was moral with. It. Seems like Bill Self to this point restates headaches. He's had to do this before getting guys old would know he is that was formerly president. But these little side issues but he seemed really tired of the way things are going last year. Every week or something but he seems like he's that point we're just over it. We'll do just what really quick. Five years but for this last one. We kind of got an insight on what's what's the dollar value for some MLB free agents as Katie Martinez. Is rumored to get close to 200 billion dollars if not more. Does that give you an inside don't want to really expect for guys like Mike was sockets and one Eric Hosmer. As they're free agencies and I'm not really sure how this affects everybody else. I was surprised us all that number when it comes to Martinez. 210. Million dollars. You can't me I'd have 45 home runs last year had he stayed airs on the old time movie look at the other guy was sixty or seventy home runs but it biggest. He had about thirty let's plate appearance. But he had 49 home runs and ears of the sixteenth in Detroit but even when he atmosphere it became a different color he's L player a great story. Anybody could have him. That affected the royals going to be gone in directions that every. Team Martinez was cut but he's faster. He took about a gets resurrected his career comeback player career Judy Martinez. Out. I just don't 210 million dollars that's on full. On. I was gonna wrap up these six stands. Or six back here brought by the red door growth three locations sect one now for outside Hollywood and in Overland. Park I told up next our weekly conversation with Ritz gain and from mom CBS sports. And wall asked him I mean fresh out of the bye. Was it sees number one priority that they have to do. And correct to get this team back on track we talked to rich now. The vikings came from. From climate counts here. On this Wednesday morning Ryan out stuff for the rest of the week you're defect they've done in his life. Another ticket. Another son in the name Bruce counts. At. We did talk to Rich Gannon from CBS sports right now is Omaha it's oil rich. Carter or. Would pretty awesome it would pretty well it was reported seeing that she's back in action this week and you see your giants and just us we are. Here. You would look at it that way aren't certain. Doctor you meant to the test with the loss means that kind of looking at. You're. The New York Giants let us this. Signature on the coaching staffs of the seats that you had a bye week to rob a little bit. At one in three in the last month what you're number one objective as it into the bye. I think two things I think first of formal obviously getting all these are defector things and I know that any step to their. It's a two to really create a federal law. You know self doubt and look at what they've done what the first atrophy contribute well. He continued to build on them. Look at corporate news conference that year all options with the search that your game. But the more important chance to really go back and look at areas where they're from. If the word tackling poverty level whether. Blog there whether people protection. You know I think it clear that communication. Barrier would be made at the cute right fielder Byrd down whatever it is. Other than that they could make their point about what is it teaching eagle opportunity he's an extra couple days. The kit to focus in your pursuit strong and and start with. Beat the giants and the bigger field director of what could and it lost three straight there again organizers. Well look burn it will portal. What about firing the coach that we had that happen. Can't you can't beat extract that you don't know let that. But it should have done it and that the preparation and they cannot be Wilma. And it seemed like they can't because what you let me ask couples what a couple applicable. Or that from play makers they have their Q what do you know. The neat effect that it had their. Rich we talked to a Heath Evans yesterday and asked him. About look at the chiefs' schedule next seven games there are the toughest games in the world in the builder two weeks birdie binge their quarterback. How do you gore against complacency. In the NFL when teams can win. Each and every week he said the coaches were typically harder on him in the twenty point wins in the war. In the losses to the chiefs guard against not overlooking opponents. The number eighteen. Where great computer paper. In an ideal sport for the last equity it would accept. You know. In you'd cracked the block and they don't handle well you know you can't talk about. Elect this simple words it'll couple record between your listeners a week. You know to burn off the patriot and he got that talent to be able to. Could be your coach and they'll continue to work hard and that was all. And to make sure that. You're not the you know make it for the slide but it getting better. In years you know improving as you you know you get it felt good about your book the big back it'll how long been here. W and ultimately what considerable arguably beat. Publicly the 49ers. If they were caught a good football team especially what the ball and all of sudden they put a little bit better December. And Flacco streak in the poultry and you can twelve part of the open a couple of well but they got and that all day and you wanna be seeking. Are you cold well. Rich I know that we're talking about a bad ball team in the giant right now they're just they'd be gas so many issues going on you mentioned the new coach is on the hot seat up players sound like you're a little bit disgruntled with things that are going on in New York. Just come up from from your perspective in in all of those those years that you played in the NFL. Take takes the the giants are two ways in terms of their talent out of it. What is it like playing in New York because we hear about certain places are. Tell places to play like arrowhead stadium's top place to play we we hear about Oakland bulb was like playing in New York. Well the Big Apple and a lot of obviously. You know amazing art expert record in order to remember on one trade there. You know immediately unity you know block immediate quarterback news is quote him. And repeat and twelve reporters there from current that can. If you go to your record with you know 200 and you're you know you're the leader of papers written. And you know TV stations and affiliates there on covering football and go to great deal. And when you're not playing well in part because the public critic of unity in the back in your car you're doing news public things. And a couple of that if they get pretty critical and so I think it'll better able to turn paid the big concern when you walk on those that their people criticize the effort. And that would you know that's what you're careful that they reject the good little political Clark. I like all helped in part. Of the litter of crashes business and toppled the bulk of the things that the presidential couple double a couple weeks. I would argue. That. It's could be seen because when you criticized the things for the lack of effort. Then you Circuit Court players with a little bit to the core professional of that thing and they'll. Now the other players and it could be you know it really comes out fires in you know he's bubble line of article that was. So sudden it turned out achieve that it it could be. We will look at the games that you cure that's why it's important to skirt admirable hit the delete the corrupt or. Order. In which one of the things is working well early in the season without that in of quarterback running back were well won't Kreme hall was doing his thing. Alex Smith was having more flexibility. To do things he liked the view and it was that the dollar Smith could really help cream on as far as their running game has. Running in just hasn't been there are six games cream Huntsman held out of the end zone in now at the teams are focusing more and Alex Smith. A little bit. In your experience as a quarterback good morning back. If things they can do to really get cream hunt going his announcement one downfield more what do you think the quarterback needs you can help this morning. Well. I think he can continue to do mean I think a terrific job getting them in the virtual view that a lot of these problems in the outward. Political couple different arms of the ball cholesterol more straight down on the weak side they want to certain locking carbonate Edward. The reductions in the Defense Department waterlogged and it Bobble lower weight reduction neutral. He hypocrite you are getting in inaudible at the plate and not loving Google low note that the things from these other key to a park here. If you know our big people across large commitment he got a portable 11 down play action do different things there. If spread about you get to promote and beset we have on the back he'll. Get the ball out quickly to take a neutral but that day. You really get back to. It's got to be about Nazis got the you know a commitment to the running game believe that you have they did get a quick count rather than here. He can't let the mobile use a month for. About. Double the running game and play better for Arctic article optical and block of murder I didn't block in the running game. You know the running back being different hit it downhill that's actually that the activity incredible relief well for what he. Talking to Rich Gannon from CBS sports on the base of would like to bake him a follow on Porter at Ritz Dan and twelve. Outraged when I look at this match up. He get out respects Eli Manning I think he's you know he's you know probably gonna go the whole thing is wanna double Super Bowls but what am and I'm looking at this week specifically. They have so many play makers that are hurt and I know that the defense has been struggling here lately. I'm trying to figure out the elites from an offensive standpoint with that with the giants how they are going to put points on the board against it sees how do you think they look to do. When you're right I mean look at the personnel and you'd you know I could I could. Reel off the main humanity and our workers eating corn got little change shepherd. Rudolph agreement boards first and second your players shall. They're young players. You know obviously all of the cutter that are a little bit Ingram is you know obviously a rookie furthered that pretty honored for key areas by. They get a better quarterback I don't think the planet could change all that much of critical China Bao. But at and Tuesday because the ball and control he probably chose occurred insists he's speaker pre and decrypt that. The ball out quick and be accurate you know they're not good for being built with their issues they've got some real problems with the offer a line. They don't want to get there. You're the quarterback. You know guys. Those 336. Years old bill that will expose it to any of necessary yet so Kabila architect throws per withdrawal. And that's what could be important to achieve targeted take away the quick roll. Now the ball park include oral in the league don't give many yak yards that the cancer unity export support and get these guys on the ground. Nick Park will make them go eighty yards and intense twelve players. Which would have backed away from the tees were just sick or your opinion on this we discussed earlier but. The Minnesota Vikings get a situation we're case Keenan has this team up and rolling seven to Teddy Bridgewater has been activated. In here Mike Zimmer talked about well it's you know this week it is Wednesday. It with the starting quarterback is. Shouldn't even be cross the coach's mind when team is playing well hey you in the situation as well. Don't you get a DF support the Brung him. I think mixer and look where markets are ever did that would. We're roll it and then you know decide what bill expected their clout he would get that from law stole that feels you know. Strict Courtney I think it's a mistake look the kid. He keynote as lacklustre game I mean I I get credit the Chicago game because. Obviously Bradford was out early and so he played well all over the world that went so. He's in world Pina competent than you know if you can importantly a interceptions he. He's he's a guy that doesn't think himself with a backup quarterback a play cowboy. And I think you're before they could change now look at secret war a complete. In the game and blow over year and the speed of the game Berry does not make it through practice. Earlier assimilate that beat him. Course Susan. Yeah the equal of their players and direction and adaptable I think you'll have been playing out on their. The resort said that he can go play the week but yeah I think to get the other guys ready. Because big note from Portland executive physical report for next year. They want you played. That's fine but not the number of group it will have a football game where we're sitting down on the they're. He reached his schedule have you nearly stadium in each arm in the future. Well actually we're pretty good that week. And then we get up Oakland at Denver Oakland and down. In control Derek. I'm trying. I'm trying to be so that support you are you to get a couple years it's years. Bob that of course I want a public company error December worked for COLT. Dan asked the weighted towards rich that is absolutely the way that works. Or risk that we appreciate the time and down you know what's up I talk to guys who don't know debate we will all over the holidays I'll be dog out actually be back to Minneapolis. Off for the outs with a Thanksgiving raked in enough out onto the week after that it an events at some point when I'm when I'm their outlook yup it will go to redstone are being very hang out. What are. All right I'll reiterate it here all right take care desperate and it joining us here on the days he still lives there and he does he lives and Ebert. You know. Up big by things like that absolutely that might be back. I still disagree that's. I knew a man you can do. So you go I take it up though but that equity and it is. Like you saw it appeared in at least at that we talked about this this situation in Minnesota reminds me. Average unit that. Now axis straits absolutely cores used in coastal. Yeah I tilt it up next there is something that we get possibly lower a Bob that sees even with the weak sector have schedule would get to that. The top yeah. Alone. But right now and we thank rich data for joining us. As he does each and every Wednesday at the wolf team. One of the best in views on on the station each in a week. But I Heath Evans we talked him from and a phone network yesterday. Bought a couple of different things earlier today we we. We we talked about what he said about what was wrong with its seeds in all sold. A Bol Powell. He said they needed to get back to the running game be he it is flat out say you know look. In today's NFL a lot of the wanna disrespect the running game and they don't want to give the running backs enough Friday. For all of the odd beat goods they do it he's bright and easy to get yet got to ask some balance when he got to have a good running game. Look at something else they told us yesterday basically when it comes to. The whole ideology that ball that when it comes to the second half of the season. Candidate sees benefit from a weak second sketch. Second aspect. Activist rich the same thing the caddie guard against complacency. Knowing him as scheduled giants are easy the bills made quarterbacks which you could easily overlook the opponents the G-7 for big donated it really gets your attention. I normally like Pittsburgh comes then play them ruin your play the cowboys of the they have your attention you're in divided into what you gotta do. And is still that they do that but I asked Heath Evans that what happens. What can you really learn about a team that not playing great opponents but these next seven games. Is there something to be gained that she's gonna actually gained reported for the playoffs weeks. Absolutely I've had with the cubs and chewed most of the player. Was up or down and I think it brought you players are law works in the possible attacks little of their game. UW's been in Botswana which or or would you had a great game individual. A big hero recently reporters. Should all be open to teaching coaching but. When the change and walk away their liberators welcome football team in many ways in which it say about the book post just what music chargers. You'll figure closed gate bridge as you can down then you can possibly imaginable to lose a close game on the road Heatley. In multiple factions have done the student. It's just it's quite you know they. But yet you don't struggle with the cheeks are ruled that all. Actually put out there introduced odd that someone of that. Same approach. I mean. What we've been. In the playoffs. And we will get output by bill but in the right policy. Initially. There's not. That's the butt cheek sample or is that. The coaches and good coach but two people so you you would expect. We hit we yeah he'd be in the best position the board squad that. So Kenya really gain anything these seven games didn't concern me. I don't know if you can match the musicality of which are gonna see in the post season. I think playing the patriots a second time around will be different and bill will circle certainly coached a game differently he's one guy learns from his mistakes. Agreements not a surprise to him anymore no he does fix mistakes but in the Steelers can you match that is a colony when you're playing a team. Is literally have that team with strong line strong warning means strong run defense all those categories they don't face a team like that coming up. Eagle one of the things that that I I just had asked rates. Where is weird in the giants which. Like look at all things work at it hurts I know that they're. They're the dot it's gonna they gonna try to you know have them make plays on Sunday. Is that haven't Ingram. The rookie player. Or sterling Shepperd who came back lastly get beat separate Hamlet 142. Yards for CBT. Get a monster day. But how Hershey's they don't have a really good money game and you know auto Beckham junior and Brandon Marshall does there are danger of giving my time would be littered with double doubles is issue. That was richest come back he said. They are going to just hole. That Eli Manning is able to make enough plays in the passing that sit. That's the only way did you looking to get back into beautiful points and report is by doing eagle at the giants are gonna try to get some takeaways. You take advantage of bomb. All of us turning the ball over and hopefully to turn it into points. But outside of that I just don't see how the giants in merchant outside of that. But there have been other there's always upsets in sports there's always upsets and in every single sport and in the NFL. And when you least expect it best man. I would be. No eighty read. Does. Coming out of a I would tell I'd be extremely shocked if the giants had enough always seem to find a way to win this. I think the with a season is almost lose in three last for everybody should have there tension. New building to get back to be in that team was early in the season team who's number one across the power he's the the darling of the NFL. Didn't run the go to the Super Bowl. Their problem is there's not tested in that test this division you're gonna win the games in west. Did the schedule is not and I'm matching up with the best the best most brilliant. Kathy knelt in Nelson from the Kansas City sports commission. She is on a mission to do one thing would tell you what that mission is next. Studio sixty instant media. Walgreens has good news for everyone who uses Medicare card lead for diabetes testing supplies we scratch your back or in this case your test strips. 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Steve while Lee's summit dodges the right decision for you get everything you want at the price user visit they'll ask DCJ dot com. Come see for yourself why you contrast your family with my family here at least some adopt. When you were here nor fame. This ultimately. Why the burn of anger. Which saint Luke's heartburn and acid reflux center in relief with innovative treatment of life changing surgical options. Learn more at saint Luke's PC dot org slash Edgar. Minimums for everyone living life in the go. Native mark has which unique in one easy convenient stop taking you through late nights early mornings and everything in between. So. You know the world. Am I gonna win on the base. Laser banks. One of our neighbors here in Kansas City as I can't he knows that but the Tennessee's forced to mission. She joined us last week. And basically got really excited I mean outlets will be excited not as much. Excitement with the ads with you. Acquitted of rain be in that little salt beam from my way. What else thought it would use my housekeeper that umbrella up the learning problems we were being cautious optimism. Cautiously optimistic. And good luck and I. There's really something here in had to do with conversational revolving around. The NFL draft and trying to get it to Kansas City and there's some some more developing a defamation number go to today when it comes at a. Wake up of this. From the Kansas City city manager on Twitter. Early morning flight to TCI your or with that sport BC which is the sports commission week. I'll watch in TV news this morning. And they said going with at sporting he of the city. In the team that's sporting news that eagle on them like the news immediately leave. Sports commission chiefs. Towards Selby NFL will be in 2009 Peter when he draft. In Kansas City they go out make their package. In her what she said last week it had me. Certainly very exciting and something on you beyond a sign of aboriginal rights Japan's yes sister. Should have Motown this would have. This what Kathy told us about the draft last week. It prank right well we are. He continued its. That the NFL team and yes there's definitely an interest from both sides to get that into the city so there's a lot of work. And scenes going on the you'll be very excited about sack up have. He very excited about within the next couple around those guys. This could be happening next and always use on. More information in the coming weeks on that but everybody's that. Our equity twenty achieves what it is very aggressive in the act and grateful intensely and are ready to show you share with that our vision of what that looks like he's in the city. Did so in Cathy Nelson tweets a little bit ago. Presentation done the anger crossed picture per city manager mark Donovan became CTC bring in the big yet. You're presenting. Your case now they can't sell the airport 2019 and when he thought to be done. He can't sell that. Of course suited to Cathy Nelson. And I said this through or when ninety candy what's up with that though the city managers tweet is people excited to hear meaning myself. You always invited kimono talked about this will score on she mistakes just landed in New York for presentation. We have a solid presentation for today in will hope to make the next cut from a brocade cuts coming more about the cuts is OK at least it. He's the city's one of eight cities on the short list. The beamer did anything on the short list for 2019 or twenty. All the presenting they do this week we will then not to force cities not expect the movie answer. In film grill so there on the shortlist of eight. They can get this bad boy did on the fore here with this presentation she did today. Just know she's out there working to get this in the chaser up they're working to get the cynical drip that she said right there. She's going to get real excited by saying maybe the next couple weeks have some news or information. They are not giving up. This has been her mission since the draft was held in Chicago. Put the proposal together I guarantee issue and that the airport. Skip to doesn't make you want. She deftly when the use that airport vote not able to do it but of course the president of the chiefs is out there with as well. The chiefs have played. Played nice would be enough though. Gore in London doing different things although the other fellas they do deals prime time games what more do you want in that it. Don't be greedy but no but I've always said. If you're not getting a Super Bowl. The draft is something you could put more gets. Did don't have a Super Bowl Cincinnati's the world putting. Green Bay Kansas City. She god already got Philadelphia already got these are places in Dallas is in the which they have reasonable to set. Go figure that one but this this shouldn't this this draft KM in should be moved to NFL community in my opinion. The play games in London first. Jacksonville. Should get another super. Draft you can move at the Super Bowl. Is willing to give up a home game and all the people work goes on games all that money coming your economy. But this is good news came and she made out of four if they get the four in don't get it. Be pissed like that. Clothes that clothes. I don't know man idea if they'll be just fine I hate it here I mean it's I need some help in the text sign it's 69 wiesel says he's not helping the techs on. I need that such sides tell me. Are we eating in two. Our territory weird completely installed team at the Nelson over the simple dress. I feel like it's getting weird that CNN asked ask questions and when I. Didn't. We are the CIA. Kathy does a phenomenal job all old wringing of getting a bit cicada city if it doesn't happen this go round. Likely it will never happen now I don't think it's dead it's never going to happen I think that is allegedly going to happen win last year. Woolsey. They're dated they're trying to make the cut down to for the that's the news of the day the breaking news isn't that the tapes it easy to try to get beatable tractor we've known that for the last couple years. But the new list to advance the story. Is that. They're trying to get down to make that putt awful. The got to play in the city manager. President accused in sports commission the president that she's more Donovan. Go to New York you get the national red ties and red sweaters on the give their presentation brings you the stories each hit it here. The coach G back in the cities. These phone in the pick I would got to be guided whose music. We got people weighing in on the text line. I wish he would stall need not like that won't. Hinckley wants to just welcome it's not weird from the 913. Law maybe at the lights it from the 913 big his network like that big is their own network. On 816. Deaths and a stalker. They won six straight reaper there. Because our midst of the draft in the eighteenth CDC is the armed but she knows that I mean a delight laurel every day I just. Urges a New York that's not assume that's what is the Golan it still makes like it all the people. What's going on with prop give you some brits are good people the picture jury Chris the clear picture. Scott Boris and the media is all around him. There's a ton of media around him or. Judy Martinez Hosmer moves his guys but the wager Chris they did put something down yesterday as we've been talking a lot about. The report by John Lehman the rose believed that not news we play the comments by Boris the elements but he more. Did well let's just told awards is little bit on this evening the surgery president put out last night the royals have grown increasingly more pessimistic. About resigning in the other big free agents possible moves are kaine applause goes. They could shift attention several low price for space options team in Lucas do that. Tom Moreland. In also organize via. More so. Almost you you're asked and a low moment I am. You you you have a beard and it it is they don't young guy came city played the royals law that you know it he's mentioned. He would love to complete the Kansas City Royals. Army is on record saying this is as that's your choice after a possible. At first base. There in his defense he's the words you can understand the offense you get the dolphins who won't but it bears the thing about global. Is you rarely hear a guy it's currently playing another team they the ideal place for them. He's usually like no comment that's on the road old fueled that when it happens but the global make no mistake about it. When he was talking to Steve Stewart itty big comments I forgot who made comments to Rees is in a B radio like that I'd love to play. We dirty make those comments. In Kansas City. I just. I'm not in. I'll try to be. Optimistic about this draft stuff. Because we know that when he comes a presentation we know attacking mills Nelson and that she's put on a great president admitted she brings that should have the airport the video there's no doubt that she put on a great presentation. You've got a point they'll do when you get down to the final four if you don't hit it. Then it's gonna suck mormons in the final four is only in that final four. With the competition I'd like to know since Philadelphia back in I'd like to know who's in that final four which Philadelphia killed. Still all of the war solve those you don't get out of the final 4 July. Because the chances of you planning it. Is. I mean that you got a great chance and if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. 888 if you if you make it to the final four and you don't get it. I think it increases your chance of getting these as next time around. Each of the NFL. We don't want to give something back to the city's so badly and she's ratings well highest the NFL. Every year the simple cut by bringing schemes that teams city's very good the NFL this sell the stadium it is not embarrassing to put departed on TV. Matter of fact is he has done for killed giving shows abundant global two of them have been minor league stadium stadiums and nice gym. For the National Football League from outlook the atmosphere or college atmosphere with Kansas City. Is what the unifil neat people haven't funded gold football game of football town they help in the ratings and everything else you would think the unifil say you don't hit city. You're not getting a Super Bowl you never passed that ruling group but this is actually an event and I get it. Get these back when their four MO. The airport I can be done in time the hotel situation here's our great even though I don't think it has been great will be an April draft. This is word the draft laws which you say we're gonna move this thing. It's about teams that saw a movie in the drain it. It doesn't always work like that they should. You bring a great points they should eagle I wouldn't be shocked. I wouldn't be shocked if they try to do it in LA. I would not be shot at trying to force the issue in LA. With the teams they had moved to LA would be shot because that's not an assault banks as probably wall a lot of tops. I think it's fair passing is the right to do but there's typically. How they roll coming up in two minutes we hear from quarterback Alex Smith in two minutes next on the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's best for war it would to a at least six surgery on my eyes very easy procedure didn't take long at all. I think long and hard before decided to go get. Releasing procedure done but guess what right now they've got a nice field going better effect it's open enrollment season right now. Lisa is an eligible expense that are most public spending and health savings it.