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The Day Shift
Friday, November 17th

It's noon so we have our last 6 pack of the week. Former Chiefs and Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes joins the show. Is Jerry Jones losing his mind or respect in the league? NBA one and done.Is Adam Silver on to something here? 


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Somewhere. There weights it's noon here. I'm six. It's expected. The most of it. Final six back of the week here on the face you. And is brought you by the folks at the red door real three locations. Their new muscle patients in over the bar in a 159 street. And there are other two locations that everybody's been to port side and one in Hollywood at the Camelot. Six backed. What's he done what she got us six back out of Friday happy Friday the book that he thinks are sticking it out in this league appreciated. Lot of people and we appreciate that what you wanted to weigh in on the backside about Ryan being gone maybe they could do a better life. Go to college get a degree sport front guys in the guys that do any awkwardness of his we do more center and we do and at 130 becomes the chief giants game. But don't get this on record it. Reggie Reggie in hi Katie will be though you've liked in more that they are sitting response that you streaking this morning are you serious. Bridges response or the tapes or read he's on record. Kansas by an overhaul of the evil than I sort of get credit that's that's right our rightful he's as sound and I love it. So much everyone's. Last night there's a football Steelers handled Tennessee pretty pretty soundly. Is tidbit is big baby back or is this just another classic home game for Ben Roethlisberger we should just be careful in saying that he's backed off very. The dumb that they bought the Pittsburgh Steelers is that for the most part typically this what they out of their plant at home. Although gold is where they've had some issues they as they seem like a different team when they are away from from from Pittsburg. But this is the scariest thing about this for. They aren't team. As loaded as that off insists. Did they ought to capable. Of having games like that. Consistently. They haven't been consistent this year they had been putting a lot of points on the board but that's how good that all its can't beat. This thing that people need to understand about what's different out on this for this year. Is that in years past it's been about how good the authors based their defense is better this year did understated big difference better this year Bessie issue. They're different is better so they they don't need to go put forty or you win but they put audio from last night doubles. Russ arguably his first at Pittsburgh Chicago birdie get this year over last held up so it's up their defense is better you're right if they can run the ball it was. Tennessee did her job against the run yesterday but man if Pittsburgh can throw the ball like this they Antonio Brown debate can look this good this connection. Plus he's Governor Davis Brian went two for thirty but then juju that didn't four for 47 so GAAP Pittsburgh. It was going to be a problem. Big big problem. They'd been dropped this been for a threat felt that she's have lost the Pittsburgh Steelers they beat the New England Patriots and it was we wanted to post feeds or nobody. Any clue what they're themed going to be. Are that she's the third. Best team in the is it. I believe that they off I believe that that aides. That it pits or Indian. I certainly think it's a tie between. The patriots in the geez I think they're right on the same level bid as everybody else I don't think that the jaguars argues that she's I don't think that the titans hours user sees. But I believe that it's hit or invade its new wing landed in the seats out if you wanna say. 282 days code could do tier system. It Steelers. Above ever verdict is point the dexterity the Steelers are to be chiefs and the patriots. In minutes everybody else blow them yes I think there's no label chiefs is that at least the third best team. Idiocy that they did be doing limit that New England has gotten better since that game but still. Proof is in the putting the chiefs did win but of course she's the Eagles do that she's good with the Eagles. If the chiefs of Eagles played on a neutral field. Eagle Butte favored the yeah there was. Don't get scared of what what Kelly Doug Peterson in this era of any any of the sideline he's got to go on I don't think you spirited at all and waterways. That's got it right to. Some question three from the six back it's funny that speaks that's right. Roger for Iraq's silver fox well I Zardari who was really listen to this morning that the does that. Know that this is different eighty reads different Andy Reid did it is the better off but the bill. Withering this is not Billy's office if he's good at it. You told him forget it goes through so this idea stupid question. That is obvious to request desperate. So. You can only have one camera angle the rest of the year in the NFL with legal I'll come on man I'm going to go traditional phone with the eventual. I conventional off Angola. I lights. Thinking outside the box that this guy in doubles pretty cool you know non no act. The way that we always view view doubtful ball I'll take. A guess. With the at this point is I'm not a 100% ready for the switch. But I did enjoy the hell out of them and frankly feed off its line so much better running lanes you have little sense with the quarterbacks Watson every playwright depression that he feels the one downfield Marcus Mario there twice like they'll you that went through. So I did enjoy that angle. This is some but I could be used to at some point beauty that yet to be pretty beautiful switch to it but I like the way they integrated the third downs the regular angle than this guy but I didn't do it. Yet there's like one player particularly nice solid Marietta through it I knew it was an exception or even happened with gospel. Oh dollars six backed out of his front you buy the regular grocery locations for excite any leeway and a lot court also over the park location. Put all of this expect on this thread Friday did you and Carlos stand deserve the MVP in the National League you know my feelings on this are going to get into it but if he did. Deserve it who did. Well the candidates. I thought the interesting thing about the candidacy as you can make BJ sustain you can make the case of bottles. Alice supplies that and I know we bought as they look yesterday he wasn't a candidate but I was surprised at turner was not a part of being a finalist. I thought he should have been a finalist but I've addressed. I had no real issue with stand India David cool thing is he led the league through the three categories Triple Crown and let it home runs you led it in. In RB I didn't have a problem with that or not those who wanted he finished fourth he's the one that always gets hurt. He might be one of the best three players in Major League Baseball but never gets his due. But like you said that when it comes say him and his teammate you don't. Charlie Black man with a black and accurately to the gas each other well. So but not gotten over issue would withstand Indio winning via MVP. I'm mad dusty dusty dirt dusty to just get in this heat aimed at this point it was hit people's living he sits down the destiny. Range of rape and evolved. State winning in the feeling well now. Needed solid on that. Players. And with Dylan's a lot of stories out there's one that your kids city writers are the ones that did not vote on paper. I mean. I agree to disagree different folks different strokes ready when a college double B nine. Is in our ansari is new is now over their last 36 things you but this 1 together this morning. They're over 36. Other oath. The last 36 games have not won a road game and other commanders fairways rough and it really ever really played a lot of games yet this year their best players know are to be found. Is a starting to become a problem or they know that whole incident in addition Lorena. I don't know I am I ask Lleyton question which is more impressive kansas' 45 game road losing streak and football. Or Missouri's invest 36 feet and I really forty fives were 36. Put in football. A lot of times when you on the road. It is the differing him. You're not you're always play any tougher team on the road. Although this year the Eagles play Ohio that he indicated it probably should've won a basketball 2008 once neutral court but they have not won it true road game. But you play two road games against teams. There aren't as good as you and you still lost you know bottom line is appropriate for us. I can't get soaring to bulk up. The bizarre thing its that the people would acting information. Liked. Best of sorting part about it since you're not getting information about like. Where is that house progressive. Sounds like the next update com it was a Monday at this ended statements of last night salt. Hopefully. Portal will be back Ridley release so that they only lost one game with and at the record is 211 puts out it is by eighteen. To you to all on the roll out and and I know Missouri fans have high expectations on the season that it it would even close. Let me get to that at halftime was 3035 and ninety Sodom and it was that it wasn't rules last night. The but let me Mason is broke widget and I mix as C got in the week. My books weighs in on here in it and not tried itself was we fans the way that I did Kansas fans a couple of days ago with the belief Newman today. But. Put it took just reporter I think he's a really good basketball player right really good basketball player one of the things. He's doing it this is a little bit frustrating is he's taking so many three point shots dude you're not a three. Not yet your that what it is mind thinks he thinks that he has. This same exact skill set his brother. Any does it at this point in time you're you're more polls players that your Brothers so cellular and just turned eighteen didn't I. I didn't get she's actually still be nice I did it it it. And he's like yeah I am not saying he can't not now. A three quarter on occasion that some of saint. Not consistently UK so you're not a three hit more closes have yet to the basket and election. Here to vary. Very precise on who plays what college that's. It's become is love I don't know over the Yankees doesn't lightly Newman I don't I'd say it likely. Vanessa city's one dimensional but he's he's he's just watched is it has all the guys is that I support our league new windows often as the majority nine Genesis right. We eat you up on what. SAL I thought he gets buckets he has a sport. Yeah. What she wants you to guess what do I had you do the homework. Okay over the next couple weeks you'll by the way how he gets buckets. I will night that if he's done. Last but not least I mean it's Neitzel. I just don't rate this try to get her eyes area well maybe not that way. Skull. NFL's got to get some. What they call this morning like civil war action don't know Jerry Jones Goodell so my question yeah it was not eat any of that. Who is any NFL longer Roger Goodell Jerry Jones or Tom Brady. Well it was well sequestered and who's going to be the NFL longer Roger Goodell. Jerry Jones or Tom Brady Roger Goodell. Roger doesn't do is get his it's not an expert he's getting his extension and he got an award revolved. Jerry is trying to make it rough you only saw streaks or Roger Goodell brought it to Dell's ought to get his fate. Q what's funny is Darryl from seeing this. It's just coming out. Yeah the report exile on oh you are all would always about Robert thought breast bettered that all that Debbie guys get a story about it few others do justice came out. Adam silver. It was contacted about becoming NFL commissioner. The NBA's good. And that's the new buzz. He said now obviously. That's where there had been MBA. Opel Busch Series at the question who's gonna be Indian if along. Badger Joseph. I. Go really. There must detail yes it was but it extension. I don't know if he's gonna get we billions that go interview that he's gonna get that I don't know Jim how. Jerry Jones all. He's got the break in the Q wonder old man duels with the doctor recently remember okay hope Jerry stays. You know Miguel tell it kills what VA. Does this tell you why should the series tells gonna be so active and six or seven you think that's dealt. With a lot of stuff that he's got the billions in the bank before I got up under close a hundred million in the bank all of a retired nobody likes of anyway going ol' Roy what does the liking the owners don't like in the collector Roger Goodell decides what is their show me they'll movies is in trouble. You. Now not need the guys that we were read that yeah latest Danny Davis went and it says NFL is investigating James went and after over drivers steady growth. That's not a W came as states. Not tonight what is good is that we're done with the sixtieth or six back here on the day ship brought he buys the fine folks at the red door real coming up NASA talk to former cease and super ball Sanders on the giants launch times next. I back when you get on the days of late and and dusty light intense winds now. On 610 Sports Radio sixty in sports icons. We talked of a couple years ago would. Happy to have them back on the radio talk in some mustn't cease and giants football because those teams get up match up this weekend at. In New York City and we talked a boards times former chief and giant here on this show was wal mart's. It. They're meant an eight thanks for joining us today because these are you know to your former team is gonna. In a matchup this weekend at NO one did and added two tenths of royalty and that it had a field added that he won did you want to sit mr. Raines the edit and Andy did you have to note that's for sure. Anyone else with deal with the New York Giants but without so with this job boards. After starting out on fire the way that it ceased did it and didn't somewhat struggling going into the bye week. How do you view that sees today I mean it's a do you view them as a really good team would do you view them as a Super Bowl contending team. I think they're. Somewhere between I think they're really. I think they they have a replica of it he. The greater game. Felt like you know almost wondered when that gave away at all which you know three plays were with. A drive down so. I'll throw that went out the teaser legit I mean the way they can attack you on offense and others struggle offensively. I looked at them on the favorite simulate it going to glee when it beat new England and I know that was early in the year. But still tough to do. Boards what one of the things that would get your opinion on this guy can that you feel that he's been a big port. Of the chiefs is Harrison blacker. It was against our practice squad Carolina is four skakel by the ways that are with stadium and an affable. There's zero pressure there right he's the only rookie to have two games reared by dual goals. But as a kicker what do you think this guy. It. I've really enjoyed watching. I kind of knew a little bit about them prior to his rival. Comma McGahee if you remember way back we're here with achieve she was my. The special teams coaching Carolina. And he called me. When he said you know you're in the draft process. You know that we draft this is. It was really like this. I think you I mean he that are. That's his rookie have been here to do you I mean it's it's pretty impressive. It has been impressive but and eagle also but no respect for staying at for a state but since he missed that for state. He has been absolutely. On. The money at it in one of the things that. Everybody's been talking about this week is you know with the giants it's a waste in and the way that they struggle because there expectations going into this season was. We're headed to the Super Bowl they have so many guys eighteen guys on injured reserve. And a bulletin notable names in the biggest of the mall ordeal that the Joyner so the giants aren't in a good place and the coach is on the hot seat so with all this conversation revolving around. The giants do you think that somehow some way. Their mindset is that they're gonna try to refocus and go all in this league to prove to everybody they are better team than what they show. Up till we're gonna try to called it with political political or signs backed. Here we would loss in the on the line your souls who would try to get ahold of right now I don't know. What is the mindset. From the giants right now had they. Absolutely a hundred state mailed it in. All RD and try to refocus or at least the second half of the season. Is that that is interest in and now because he's been in locker rooms he knows I diocese but we'll need arise when a lot of these guys he understands the minds that the mentality. The team and what they're going through. Yup yup so I think that we got -- we got we got horseback but let me let me let me go with the sorry about that -- who busted him for second but done. What are what are reset the other question I had for you. We'll look at the giants in the conversation as reporter on the giants. On here this week a lot of it has had to do with the fact that this the team. That had high expectations this season that all of a sudden things start to fall apart they got eighteen guys on injured reserve including auto Beckham junior. So do you think that would all the conversation in the hot seat being on the post and the way that New York media is do you think day. The guys in that locker room rally and they try to refocus and goal all Leonid trying. In terms of trying to fish off the season a right way or do you think that this team as essentially already checked out. I think if you want the last few weeks it looked like it checked out at me like humans in the expectations were so. You seem to you know suspect effort the last few weeks amok and maintain adequate as there are. I've never seen them professional football. You would think professional pride again at some point. This is a layup gave an idol he used that word in the open achieve it. It's peaceful destroyed the that they don't under I don't because of me. They've given up a touchdown. Outside and I think in some and it's a record ten straight games and kills the other be rehearsing all of it is we want. He's gonna tutorial. That they're yeah they're bad place right now and I don't ever remember. The giants being you know not only is. I think it's a talent thing to them and offensively. You know you've got shepherd you get the dining room at RO. But. Their offensive lines struggle and you know you I don't know a lot of time. I think it just keep for. He's structures and I think still so that. Or simply deleted the league a long time and this week yeah I like to listen to a lot of the audio from the portal what they're saying it's funny. You're immediately barely SG's question. It BSG's that one quick question in six and back. To the New York Giants the problems and a lot of times what they were asking rebels as players don't have a players only meeting that a meeting would Mack adieu in the players when he showed the guys. Eighty and call out names but he showed the video of the players not make it plays which is essentially call an amount. In your experience warrants when this happens. It is upon. Positive effect or is it an adverse affect your thinking man this coaches out to get me. In IMAP to get this guy he's proud to be fired anyway what are we need to have ever for this guy these workers back. You know it's interesting who. Quite difficult copilot in New York we have. A single name rank and we didn't weekly so for example. A young receiver that was rookie to comment on Monday it and challenge Eli Manning. It and not have any you know politics with the rate was because it figured it out in your rank in order rookie player. In and problem implement it I think it's. Outstanding. Back it's too late that mean if you if you can call up professional football players for. In what we know. All of those guys are gramatica here my position. By a year on the team I mean you can't play like that and you can't put it on film and to me it just there's something wrong there I don't know what it is that anyone knows what is. They can't work you know with comedy that's standard of what he wanted. An expectation and I think that's what you successful what needed doing well. And it and it looks like to me. Rite and York. They'll have a standard and you know finger pointing up like that we'd get our own report. To our teammates because we're all in this together. It work if you're a man and at the papers of units and you know see you later. We're talking a two times who votes and be with the New York Giants. And former chief florist times here on the day shift it in lords you know one of the things that woe that I'll always remember is when you may be to eight. To defeat to green bay Packers and it NFC championship gaming and you guys wanted the Super Bowl and and and I remember you don't quit when you think about like playoff football you think about. About you know that the Tulsa roll to get to a Super Bowl when you think about the cold weather in the climbers are still remember you know Tom Coughlin in this paste is looking. Was turning all different shades of colors. You know in that cold in Green Bay. Oh when he comes to play a full ball. Do you believe that the recipe for success in the Playhouse when you have to play in the brutal cold elements outdoors is wanting the four ball and stopping the run dissolves a couple things that it sees event issues with this year. I would say yet they yell and into the game that changed a little I mean I still think you're gonna have to run the ball. It was which he's he very well and I think that's it and you know lead them to some big wins down the road but it. I don't know it's hard to say because it's such a pass happy league now is that. I did they keep you play good defense for one. It and you can run the ball a little bit in time of possession is a big deal in the playoffs it stop term follow the same recipe for the last hundred years. But I think it's he's got shot here in another block double game. We're still gonna eat lead Nancy glass the problem goes up in and so. You know I think they're kind of obviously particularly those are good that they're more of that in the NC picture. The schedule like did you lower still on the stretch. How do you guard from complacency. We are now being challenged by the Steelers are Eagles patriots these games earlier this season there will be favored team ever team they play they guard against that. Well you know as a professional. You know we shall comply if injuries. I mean that this is kind of approach the they're not gonna let that happen. You know if they can't get to see I think they beat. That's if they already know they went to doing this year beat and so that's atmosphere and so. They can ultimately play out in is they candidate you know see what happens in this championship. I think they'll be fine. I subtle things we've lost and we appreciate the time other than following choice for ball which have been up to lately man. Net you know I got a break here from you sport thank we'll work our cycle pretty hard the march to November of you know much it will play basketball also. We've got about four months so it's you know to. The diligently. That you're ready for the holidays. Watching football integrate Abiola was ten years this well. Ball see this is about a question is that you bring in Troy. And your Detroit fan LSU game man or read here or there too this is actually pretty decent team and I'll have there head Coach Brown. You know the word that yet you know but the work they we it was a case while in later for Kinect gets settled there. In that made me. Almost well the joy of being honest you let you know relish Utica well. He. A couple of really good football teams that win would be better than bottomless. So. You know on the ground that are very beginning until at least one more year. Either young coach that's probably gonna get a lot elect's. In the Nazis and so. Wolf you have. But yeah they win you know. Footer right next to one against Missouri about fifteen years ago. And I walked off on off bill has some luck or are you had to go to save dollars all right we'll skip a beat human. Here. As always we appreciate it's not be happy holidays to you was yours and outlets aren't you done alignment. Yeah. Followers all right take care of us more time joins you on the day shift to Thompson won't champion. With the vineyards he had asthma but managed. Outlook this seat thrown at Mosul our trees big towards him. He goes the games the one who know he's the he's a big time there then that big time. Absolutely big time. Right agency the national full bullied because one of the things that we just on briefly in the sixth but we gotta get back to. Any aids named Jerry Jones be an all openness Dylan's we address that next. Thank you. Jones show. But it didn't want to mention again this. This allegation against James Winston fought groping and over driver. Greg almond from mom. Easy the bucks and in a full white for the Tampa Bay times. And he or he was the other reporter for the Debbie testing now law. Writes for. A different in a felt entity. He states this are on over he says he says that over and forms a driver in Arizona. Reported the incident allegedly involving James Winston shortly after tripping question. Incident took place march 13 2016. All birds community guidelines prohibit any time of sexual conduct on the app. Seamus. It at all this is true. What type will's suspension. Or Winamp or is he looked. This this member now Davis with that somebody whose reputation. Risk you know before he got in a fellow. Was that he. Wasn't the lightest bull when he comes to deal with when not good says it. It he had he had had the allegation of rape on campus today that doubles doubles one allegation. Did he pretty he jumped up on the on the table and yelled out. Some explicit stuff. It's always some that would sameness since it always because he's been in the lead to years and now this is the forcing has popped upland. Goodness. It's alive together names. You selected. It's elected by somebody else that this trying to get themselves together. He just can't duel because a star running back Ezekiel Elliott is on for the next five weeks is Jerry Jones. Big week. The B there. The alleged things that Jerry Jones had to say this morning amber Garcia. He'll be wanting to continue to the people the fight against Roger detail. In the making a reference to Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots. It came off the something that everybody was talk about this morning in a lot more title last. Jerry Jones to get Dell I'm gonna come after you with everything I have. Did Roger in Jerry Jones is probably the most influential. In FL owner did did you have out there com. Did Jerry's gonna go crazy as the he's going to lose a season. This could constable playoffs because of Z juries of business Manger easy. A guy that loves. The limelight loves being in the post season it looked at a stadium knows pre season football games good ones. They post post season football game host everything he gets everything injuries rooms in the NFL draft next year that's the kind of influence he has over the leak. But he said this I'm gonna come after everything I have Jones said. He'd been referred to placate scheme known Peter so Robert Kraft well if you think Bob Kraft came after you hard. Bob Kraft is the key word comparing. Compared to what I'm going to do this is the quote it's making around yes he which. I was that he Bob would be candidate roots here. But he called Bob that and Chris I like that why you're gonna have too cute. These guys are the if you're Bob Kraft you really. You really like in this little through hell and most influential owners but did notice it target or as fact that you don't go. But here's the thing and I think Jerry Jones did the NFL. Because. It's fun it's fun to have that villain owner that's out there Jerry Jones is now. If you're JR you. You're thinking about a guy what did with the cowboy boots cowboy hat Eads just Dallas style that's Jerry Jones. In Jerry's man. He suspended his guy for six games he's pissed about it he's gonna let you know about it. If you didn't contract extension again it takes two thirds of the NFL owners to prove things like move in the extra point back. Only take six owners to approve the commissioner didn't raise. Keep in mind commissioner works for the owners. You need all relief. What we let the few select how much money were given the commissioner when you ask us all two thirds of fourteen moves reduce the rule well remove extra points. Why do we give rides 45 to fifty million dollars again I think why all Bulger Joan I don't think is a problem with the Z explain it explain and I don't think he cares what it only does. Explain and it's all. That's at best issue that he hands it's all well seat. That's that's that's a thing about all this. And I agree with deepens and what everybody should have a say watching Jerry Jones had any more safe did any older he's like any of this man. You take some away. You get past. I was pissed when you guys would let me switch. Quarterbacks their predate. It gives you football of this competitive spirit if you feel like you've been wrong outlook group did this for the record I didn't say that she shouldn't be it would be Beatrice woods. I little Jerry Jones on I stated I stayed at for the record that. Use him give his take to a one. You still call us. This deal that failed weekly get a hold that LB. But anyway yet. Haiti inject Jerry's good the unifil. Like you need these outlandish owners and I don't my drive you crazy who would you like every Jerry Jones is your owner. Guys willing to do anything. That madam the rules that Matagorda the commissioner to make your team relevant to make your teams think the big events become the Dallas. The Super Bowl. Great college football games the played juries world he gets at all any does look at these major power broker in sports this is not a good guy to have against rugged. Now I'm with you and act I greet you you just want somebody on your side. You don't want when you're side. I would twenty minutes away from talking to Dana news but I Tommy got next it looks like NBA commissioner Adam silver once players that it in college to staple at least two years. As opposed to being one and done. And I'm not necessarily. That upset about. We'll get to that. I haven't put behind the. But the drive. On the way right now. The man had the drive will be attacked nights in Manhattan today. Eighty gene Taylor's gonna join the show right at 2 PM so make sure that you stop on overtake of the guys on the drive. At 2 o'clock today it dedicates an egg you've gone through the recent interest in topics considering the news yesterday. Would Gene Taylor. In BA commissioner Adam silver. He met with the NBA players association executive director Mitchell Roberts. And they talk to ball. Certain things in it in regards to the NBA game. And the NCAA. And college bass art in the met in Washington. And one thing is it came out of the year their conversation and their meeting. This being reported. Is that Adam silver NBA commissioner is reportedly considering proposing a change that would allow players to into the draft. Out of high school. But forced them to remain in palace for two years is they do enter school. It will be similar. To the standard. To go to one in place within Major League Baseball draft players are allowed to turn professional out of high school. Oh must remaining talent with three years once they enroll. On this sort fist. I liked it's I really do. It and I do like this. And the reason I like is because I have always been a proponent in a person has said. That I believe that if you have. The physical. Talents and gifts. And god gave you the opportunity to use those towns against two armored. A job in the NBA and make a living and you can do that directly out of high school. Used to be afforded that opportune. And in this scenario. All afforded that opportunity so I would I'd like Adam civil selectors. This old one and done I've never been so wide that supported the one and done because I believe that if a person. Com. Kim play. Directly out of high school or should that course had the opportunity to make that is it to put themselves yes. I understand that everybody's not going to be Kobe Bryant and LeBron James a Kevin Garnett a two White House. But everybody should have that opportunity to. To do that. In this scenario. You would have that opportunity but would go is say they wanna go to college. Big you have to make that decision that would giggle if I go to school I'm gonna be there for two years there will be no one and I am not mad that I'm not because it enhances the college game two a gives kids an opportunity need to go to. July the NBA directly from high school but also all if you make that decision to go to college and to better yourself. You better yourself for two years as opposes go in the air into the whole bin Simmons being for one. That's the reason is the biggest issue is to be incidents because that's kind of the example we use. Which you do is funeral school. You go to clash mixture eligible for the second semester then what's second semester starts. You could pass a law you don't go you don't need eligibility. Gold for so it's a lot of these guys did so we saying basically two years. Major League Baseball has the old you can go pro. Once rigorous at a high school you decide to play college. There for three years now. Football you cannot play. Indianapolis for three years removed. From life was it sucks up guys it's not just let it. It also today got money they don't what's it at all earlier this should have been because of in wages is. Burger out loud Kansas he redshirt sophomores. Go with a draft there Richard and three years out of he red shirt played two years but if you fuel groceries when it true freshman who played for three years the NHL. You're eighteen they could take you a lot of times. What the heads the initial team author writes he'll still go to college but they'll still hold your rights. Because these like did you were junior hockey they still got to rights but I. A 100% if you're going to make the decision I think it mix college basketball better. You know the guys at least you're gonna be focused enough to be there two years you don't first during the B probably play and be the student athletes on team. You don't want your teammates. Not study here on road trip that care did the last one and done you gotta sit there. In in read everything and do everything you do the homework when these guys don't have to do it but thing is. You'll have the choice district the NBA I think this allows it is he had these guys like Colby in the brawl on these guys Kevin Garnett had they turn out. Dwight Howard of the got to do the same thing they were able to make that jump. But. If you rebuilding the war in this country view the ability to do something. In teams are willing to take Eugene Seattle let's do it you should be allowed after all you can play in the PGA tour it fourteen years old fifteen years old he can play wires school. You could play pro tennis. Why you're thirteen 1415 years old if you're good enough to be in the pro circuit you have the ability to go do my question is. And always brings up. People don't like the wanted to add rules the NBA. Why is it fair for tennis player or golfer to be able to turn pro and do whatever they want why is it fair for I've go to Major League Baseball. Or straight and high school in the NLV when a guy invest. Or receive excuse that this decal or receive were worried about the guy be younger and weaker in plain prose. Of the teams that want to select. Let them better churn out yup bathing the mistake if the if an NBA team most of the whole fourth round pick on its history at a high school to sort out. Then that's on the T. Beckett and his family should be positive positively impacted. A given that money for it traffic doesn't own it coming out of high school. You know what I think is next on the rise or should be in in my opinion. Is after they need to make this switch in this is not a done deal yet okay this is an S installed but I anticipate this with the gonna go. Built on lob guys go from high school into the roles would also had a stipulation of the two years don't they Suzanne very MLB type rule deal that they should be in effect next. Is that you know in college football they take it down to three years to two. To me it's only right. Having to pet what we know about CT eat what we know well how wide of the game Opel bald is. I gotta have to have like a dot a hostile ball for three years well. It also virtue long term is via a running back it's proved himself like Leonard four and it did this for two years. This is an extra year of Wear and tear on his body yet also you get situations like ground. His last year at South Carolina. He did not invested in he didn't play near his heart I know is he did his first two years better effect. He was a game time decision time do you until spring and the plane today. You run into that situation as well these guys Internet these guys are physically if there is clear it's on the team they're the ones when it's like you its careful. Right now or just saying council ball is somebody that is not eligible for the draft. That you think you play in the national awful will lead right. It by standout. There has the physical ditzy like me yet gotten over right now if for trumpet. But he can't go because of his. Is eight. Is the choice is most of them Bryce love upper classmen seek on Barkley he's going to be eligible. Bickering Phil assures heels were like three years older and have to be eligible. There's not a weather Royce Freeman he's eligible ago. I can't think of it there's not really a littered four minute situation. Like you had. A couple of years ago most these guys are draft eligible at this point out like there's Booth is the star studded. It's got the freshman and last year I thought Lamar Jackson could have. Year double as doubles last year the march that something was then it yet the highs until he went from buy something everybody was on the bandwagon has said that he should have been. He should have had the opportunity to lashes he distracted the distract away how or. It is stocks actually improving this year than because he went back if they're looking more objectively now. And you tell people actually coming back than had he gone out of mid round maybe. Amid Rahm pitch lash at a well I don't know how teams are evaluated his arm and how good he could be going for but think he's helped himself actually. I've been in college this year I like his game as what are you he's hot dog out what I did he's gonna be his number this year better than last year's accepted and in the touchdown numbers he had last year. Almost ten. Alma Stan. On the think about it on the big about it but first saw. Every year there is always a guy they can jump up from a physical standpoint plane in itself out social assault. Don't reach a mean it is no there's nobody sees himself as a cat like like littered for that jumped out merely. Clowning jumped out to me Leo there's not that guy in my mind where you see the maturity that's on those guys. But I'm with Adams of on this if you wanna go ahead on the on the B olds would go directly from high school. Into the NBA on all four day. What if you decide you wanna go to college. A say you know what would I do in the one and done anymore you gotta be on cancel a couple years you don't want so be it. I do give you one do give you one. But I think he deeds that he needed this Jonathan Taylor it was found them. He's on mislead the Big Ten in rushing true freshman. Many. These guys can see two years and he's ready for the and the deathly for the third year he leads we did in Russia. What does data and use think about that Steve's coming out of the bye week we know what age you read is able to do with this team's. But how costly it is gaining used the that cease we'll turn around in the second half of the season would talk to Dayton. In two minutes next.