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Friday, November 17th

Honey Thunder poised for a breakout game? It all adds up for this kid to be a star but when will we see it? Everyone that gets a qulifying offer in the MLB turns it down, why Royals fans shouldnt be mad about it this year, it happens. Bruce Weber joins the show as he always does on The Day shift on Friday. Jim Leavitt speaks about the K State football coaching situation.


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All right our number two years they still. Who like things. And just like at some of the sudden blast and Chelsea back next week. You know one of the interesting things that came up earlier this week thanks when it comes to the chiefs. Was. The issue that Tom the chiefs over the banged up they are bankable it's not just in terms of defensively but also offensively. The giants are saying hold my beer yet this whole whole what your book but also old beat the other thing that's come up those affected. Realistically become accountable by we can you still banged up to rest mile brought it up when he talked to bomb that's good morning. My. Stick yeah. You don't humble and be at least be limited at all from the Kabul the odd that we can handle you know kind of not crackers and apple will continue our campaign. What the Margaret are a lot off it is what is right on well yeah. But it certainly cleared that up as we can mean a thing like you know that depth look at that. Need some players to step ball. Desolate Torres painless it needs some players to step ball. Well you think. As well as some other people including Torres that there is somebody that is a step up in May step up here for the chiefs in sight NASA's works Robinson good did say that for the whole year. This guy I was impressed Natalie in OTAs minicamp training Kia but but it looked good as well. We first term in how good the player is go for it cream what was behind Spencer ware. Wouldn't be exponentially better and Spencer were was the mark's Robinson. He's a guy it's getting a lot of time placed it in the that this starting patrols. It throws Baylor is a great piece on an eight under fourteen. Because of Conley is injured but you gotta you. However if you towards the beginning of the season he'd be Reid said. Would Conley got hurt in the chemistry between Smith and Robinson's getting better. Because he probably didn't see a ton of to Marcus Robinson. In trading here is the markets played a lot of times when pitcher but homes would come in the game that that personal. Use there with my homes and my homes. He showcase how good the markets Robinson beat. So homes you look at that fourth pre season game three catches 147 yarder to connect edit your body yet you know you understand this guy can make place. Edwards chiefs receiver to cure its pre season and out of a 147 yards in the first half like Marcus Robinson does. He is a playmaker. And Natalie back to his common pro. He was selected last year not this year the year before. Budge on Dorsey gives us come on profile I think it's interesting when you look back with their sinful that come about that. He robbed by the way they had in its sixth or seventh rounder in Houston have been in fourth this with a said. Tell it jumps off the tape early in the sessions. Elector for local talent that Jimmy quarterbacks rethink their coverage player. Handshake line of scrimmage for free himself against press coverage. It is adequate bolt trick skills graceful flexible athlete would instant herbal acceleration. Has ability to hit the home run after the catch race is all the line and forced quarterbacks into retreat opening easy come back catches. Has talent ability to make he'd living outside. Or from the slot. That's the Iraq and he showed flashes that raiders game mean to 69 yards to Robert Conley and all start here keep city his high watermark seven New York he's done it twice. Dear dad 69 mere memory spelled out. He got tripped up and fell down frog would add an extra 1520 yards after the catch repelled down in I do think this is one of those guys. Figured they could towards the end the season all teams have. Guys that will step up towards the guys will step up in the post season in used Matt Nagy said this interest paler. We're happy with him. I said the soul longs from me the biggest thing with the Marcus is going to be patient. Because it takes a lot to learn the softens. When you're ready position that he is with different splits and alignments that we have achingly crazy. He goes on so for PS me at the he's got a really good job in I think if you asked them he'd tell you each and every day do you learn something new it is arrows going. He should know this office by now is we are talking about his second year here but. If there's still open I think he's Mormeck homes picked than anything else do you chess and warning offense CD or thirtieth year on him. Angel I think he has better ability to skin could be better than how I do. That's why would Conley went down I didn't think you're gonna have a drop off the Mark Roberts. Is currently has the intangibles that you want. That the political record and god combined broad jump he's extremely fast it's Craig separation has been a problem Marcus Robinson does not have that problem. Creighton separation. It is up to his quarterback this challenge for Alex met a big. To make big plays on the field. Just got to get to. Alex Smith as the get used the advantage to get when you get back when. These young receivers 24 years old is the oldest received intent Conley and Wilson pulled 44 years old that's it. It's all what what's the greatest string this wide receiver group they have now. With Tyreke hill. And the market from third down the field receivers they're out on the field vertical threats. With the speed that they have in yet the utilized that talent. And I feel the Marcus Robinson can be that guy you're waiting for guys to step up we're still waiting for number two receiver to develop early. Yup it have been the biggest things that you've been Inky and sitting up wins the number two receiver step it up well look at the cheeks whose leading receiver trips Kelsey. But the tide in the expected best paid in the NFL Perry kill forty catches. Big you have to globally on how Wilson which is seventeen for 221. Is the second leading. Receiver on this team currently at eleven before dessert B rob. Has twelve receptions this year in. Big numbers but Pittsburgh you gotta have somebody decided Toniu brown. They thought Marti was Bryant was gonna be that guy obviously he had a bull conflict there were Tomlinson went on. Good juju it's be merged is that second option you have an passing offense I think really good offenses. Need to have. Two targets are wide receiver that are dangerous. Let me play devil's advocate foresight. Is idea what you are saying. But I asked the old there's a portal all of us. That we seem to get an amber and not sitting here saying that the markets Bob's is not going to be a player. I'm not a singer said he's he's not good and he does does not possess town that they that he does possess in town. But I think that often times we can't enamored. With guys. That we typically don't see their warts. And we came in we think more highly of him than we ship in this reserve my brigade out. Haven't we been here done that with Albert Wilson. Haven't we been here done that with. Junior Hemingway. Haven't we been here done that would Frankie Hammond are talking a couple of numbers are not draft Wilson and Hammond got drafted. Forget about opposition if we cannot suddenly he's a forty round pick up their projected to go sixth seventh. What does this is that week we have been waiting for somebody to step up and beat bit number two dot and we still haven't seemed. I think Tom leads the best example we've been waiting for him to step up. In previous years to be that guy get chances your step up for a draft position. Try to wait AJ Jenkins is don't do anything for it against the terms of its talent orbits quarterback. He's casino Austin Collie stand up and shine with a paid meaning I see Julia it would became a star with Tom Brady. What Julian Edelman didn't use 35 pitches maybe. Probably. The quarterback does make people Giffords who can also I'm saying when the homes had marked rob. He had a guy is Tyreke wasn't playing with. Bed to a Tyreke do with my homes but Epperson. But when when he Ed Wood to every was healed resting in the pre season game Marcus Robinson Moses got. Three catches a 147 yards the first death sometimes and quarterback that's homes excels. Talked about the quarterback is one thing but this what we know the opening the quarterback this year is Al Smith. And we can see. Here McDonnell bought out sniffed album will dissing your double Alta Vista freaky and it. I don't think it Alex Smith to the markets Bob's is going to be done an assault on so I don't think it's gonna be dynamic. Now now it's going to be easy mistake waiting for the chief to develop the other group I think he's got the Billie beat exhibit you get to use it it may come. Wins. The next quarterback though it may have to tumble past homes. That take make you shake like that guy can bring the best out of the markets opposite I'd say all saying is. I don't think that magically in the second half of the season that to Marcus Roberts is going to be a player I hope that he proves me wrong. I hope the Eagles up eerie balls out to Marcus Robinson to date does have a touchdown. I would assume bought escort touched again. Eggs Maurice Robinson problem I think it's the scheme of things quarterback not getting the ball I think he's got the building dual we've seen the ability. This guy is now on the field credibility. Yet to use that bill that's up to the quarterback to do I don't I I can't sit here and say. That it's. All all on the quarterback on the tell you why. Where is junior Hemingway right now. Who knows where where's ranking Eminem right now. We don't know that's gonna be demarcus Bob's WS now. But didn't get what exit laid out Smith the one thing about dorks but we shall flashed these guys and would Wilson's not show me game in Europe that. He's not done it wasn't pretty in the didn't either I was also reply yeah because the Sousa also must. Years ago that yards after catch and breed and Alex Smith hasn't develop that chemistry with the number two receiver is something and a he's trying to do with Tyreke. He's got with Kelsey. What's that number two met film which different this office will be if you throw once with hill another side of the markets Robinson's four is downfield threats. Did in the middle we have Trevor skills seemed behind you have prima. It diversified your happens if you could develop that number two receiver big just had a problem don't. Try to force me Albert will be they got it out Wilson wasn't going to be that guy bonus season. The markets robs the guy who's been playing specialties that that easy good downfield blocker he's too little things that you have to do. Before readable but he is showcasing a place special teams he's good at blocking the other QBs do all the things that you wanna receiver to do. In many gets a shot just like you please. Runs the board Diddy runs that he gets it she gets sick pick arguably for example you re in the war. She'll KT could do that. Now he's on the year. When shows once it as you start from the bottom that's a mortgage Robinson Dolan. I think it's his time I think it's a good quarterback to develop that they've got to figure out a way to get that number two receiver involving game. I just what is this I am not sitting here saying that to Marcus Roberts is not a player. Arm I agree with you I think that he has some talent in Al wanna see you know my mom produce. These are now all I'm saying is is that. From my perspective bill. I'm not expecting him to be some game changer like anything we get out of the Marcus Robinson a productive in the second half of the season. I'm Jill what is icing on the cake hopefully he can beat dot decades stepped up to us to Reza mention it we need some some people to step up I hope it is one of those guys that can step up. We're saying that our season. Is is dictating all the emergence of the Marcus Robinson I don't wanna go. It's like this Nagy says this. He sees Robertson regularly beat his man in single coverage even though the ball rarely comes as what reset. These threats and he sees him regularly beat his man on the ball rarely comes is why. In the end they he says you see there's times he's open. He's doing good job in shoot we've got however many games left every game every practice he just keeps improving each and every day. That's when we meet. Did pretty telling he's hit an open widely available. Now gentiles Stanton he just won the National League MVP. And is available via a trade in Major League Baseball with seems a little bit crazy right. Or some marlin fans will get upset when I am not so sure they should would get to that next. Dressing things up. Then the tends. Wasn't alone when Alex Smith. After we. Right now in the text line. Questioning me. Smith doesn't trust the market's problems. Smith doesn't throw to the hoping god. That's why this team is limited was Smith as a quarterback. Time to bitch Alex Smith that's what's on the tech side right here. Funny how things have changed in the courts and allow. It's not even close the time is is his team here zealots theme this year I guess that owns the knicks here. Clearly though it's been this year there's the off the court air talk about he gets open. Assists but again keep them honest none outs full load times either it's the block. Is if you're going to use honey that are fourteen like you need to. You need time in the pocket in right now that has been sacked eight on a different times he needs time that pocket the deliberate. Matter fact she's a good 24 sacks. This season so yes Alex needs more time. I saw some some Major League Baseball here for second because. It was not announced yesterday the ABPs and both leagues American League MVP wholesale to date. Often the Astros the man it was not in the National League to Donald stands on the Marlins. Was the MVP. You intrigued by some comments made from Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred when it comes to talk to Ball State winning it is a. Oh me me informs all over the place for the most up agreed with some of that's that's the bureau member. Didn't current eastern shake things up a little bit and big things bettered that opens thirds marketing guys that have been told to for topic. But the according to fox here Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred thinks Miami Marlins in should be understanding. If the team's new owners trade John Carlos Guillen. In a liquor. Miami's thirty had a lot of problems with with the perceived ownership. In not wanting to win they put a good team. Resume in yell lazy and John Carlos in the outfield may Amy's absolutely 100% predict. Widowed dear Jeter. Is but he's not the owner. Technically. Another race that he bought the Marlins is part of a rule he spent 45 million. Is because for a billion is part of people face he's faced just just like Magic Johnson has been somewhat the face of the doctors. I just think it's adjusting the commissioner says. For so he never tell fans out of the baseball mr. rob inference thinks Miami most taught them well they should be understanding of the teams do owners trade. You'd be Indies. In this team didn't spot two championships have been sold off right after that a person. The way the approach that would that would in the first couple World Series. Reviewer name VP. In European basic keep in mind they struggled attendants. Trading an MVP. Is not gonna make the and he's happy you know like Joseph Carlos is the MVP initially. He hits a lot of home runs he is a draw become the stadium. Q when you go to marlins' games you don't know where he's going to put it. He hits moon shots it's the furthest home runs in Major League Baseball he is somebody. You buy your popcorn for Inco watched the game. I completely understand the Marlins fans were set. If they go direction in treats the end all as did the whole contract Stanton was bizarre to me. Considering the fact that the morons it's funny the highest contract and all of professional sports. In the United States that not talking EPL is John Carlos the end. I but this only want the 300 plus million or I disagree you are on the on this particular topic though in the breeze my disagrees because he's not saying that nobody should be a say he says it's the understanding. And this is the reality of the situation. That G error Derek Jeter said this does is essentially. You're right he's not a doubt the most money invested but he's gonna be the guy just going to be wind operation okay. Did that did the they are tired of faith that that the bullet the billionaire. Steve Hugo billionaire owns bet that. Basically has more all all the passable ownership of the team he trusted their Jeter is gonna provide a winner to mine. Jeter said this week. The Marlins must cut payroll is so they're gonna listen offers I wish to what that you know why. This the new ownership group Derek Jeter being a part of the group that just bought the team. They were not rounded win Stanton was given that contract. Things that changed with Miami Jose Fernandez died. It's different dynamics and ramifications what went with things like that tactic so it they would put out a better product. You gotta make some changes at times so I guess and I have issue with him cutting payroll adult is with them Buick. What are what Derek Jeter to six you know. How would be good now would be pretty quickly. And Stanton although I think he's he's a good player clearly in BP I think you get a lot form so would you move on from him a lot of rotation I'd look at this team. In the outfield is ridiculous zuni Ellison's the end of ridiculous working Prada would third base Bork. Just who were first basic and don't read this team has east is big speed it's. I don't think they really play at its eye shade tree near Stanton. The league's MVP that led the league in home runs and RB guy is a guy you wanna get rid of being. That is something you build around that trade off you'll trade off the MVP. In this article he states what what I just said to you this a well. I think it's unfair really to criticize the decision if it turns out to be the decision to mobile player. Was a contract that somebody else negotiate. It did to me that's what I think. Rings that conversation differently. This is new people stepping in to some. I don't care what does forty I don't get it oh ball out of chipped it bass what is Fortis well. The Houston Rockets. They happen to own a tape like that new owners that's it is that you don't humble and James are. Do I think that it will be the best thing for Houston Rockets probably not. What he's the new person. With the organization. AG Edwards message Miami is third lowest. Attended. In the it Major League Baseball only Tampa and OpenId worst. Attendance knew he wants you would a White Sox and reds actually drew better Obey the the Marlins did so you're at the bottom you're gonna try to weigh the MVP you as a Fey and the Sox. But you with the U wit I think the even you would agree with this. Win your in a losing situation. Anything's on the tape. Anything's on the table. Anything's when you're losing. Team anything's on the table now. I've seen it forced to me it when you trade away. A former MVP and your best player age don't you just brutal. Doubles Kevin Garnett. What they've been that well since he left so I did I understand. They would not be happy stands mole could do better you better start winning. Why after my opinions they were going to the games with him imagine without him. Move over Tampa so what do you those and then it did not only if they're not to us about what he calls it. People first redeem the pieces around him to compete but you take what do you what do you want to get I think the ones that are going. C state. I think the ones that are going to buy tickets are going to see steam. We get hit more home runs and anybody Major League Baseball because they had more guys than anybody in Major League Baseball. You go to buy ticket to sit down and mortar Steven's gonna launch of 500 footer every single game. Good luck Miami. Good luck did reinstate him. And by the way I swear me dusty was all well and spills this morning to stand one click the royals he says he is the well he's the guy which he could be. The led Major League Baseball and they're trying to trade him past. Marlins in Miami gave to cover the Marlins. Post about this out. Well this team is back in action tonight facing a UC Irvine will talk to Kansas State head basketball coach Bruce Weber. Next. I'm back here dudes here. Playing pain. On sixers portrait justices were not found its way to talk to one favorite guys Bruce Weber make notes. Of the Kansas State wildcats. Basketball team back in action tonight against UC Irvine was going on tilts. They're more hurt you would do pretty good it would do pretty awesome and don't start this would put this on. What is it like for you when your players wider on the holiday season and I asked you this does partially I'll take it day or two walls inaugural visit Stanley where I grew up where I'm from out of town. And I know so many teams have gains does this time a year of kind of bring you gospels together. Yeah. You know one. Who will vote we're like that let. Them. We. In the semester finals and then again oh. It it would become the other developer to ease them back camaraderie. Usually over things he. That. Then armament. You know in York last year obviously he is next week. You know importantly over miles. Years so you know the experiences obviously. You know what their freshman on the side away well you know they eat dinner. Unfortunately. It is always. A little bit. Difficult for them. In article one I hurt your ankle. You know over Christmas holidays. Couple freshmen that vote outcry certainly all my Christmas and so the beat up for. Did no no no no question about that now when asked about that because when it comes to you like I've seen certain Nam television stations talked about our college basketball programs in football programs that have had like you know the the Doug dubbed the data rings for the entire team do you typically put something together for all your guys of the group of guys especially when you talk about guys that did away from home for the first time. You know there's no doubt it ain't so you know one well site which he pitched so. Held tomorrow I will do it in the movie. It gathered. You know then I'm gonna know how it at a. Food pantry and pat what two people were thank you for practice but then. If it were goes he might have one. At the guys. I hate that there is an. Active McCain. Against the Arizona State. And and you have. Every. Level support is clear out so you know we currently installed. You know he's he you know at least be part of our inner. Game and you don't be included with that those guys but they're so we we all right. Service sometime in the front of you know to keep our keep the ball and and also people. Building some of that commodity camaraderie with key. Are the coach Bruce Weber coach is there any method that goes into scheduling teams IE you're kind of West Coast heavy here with Irvine. In in northern Arizona get Arizona State coming up viewed your trip to Washington State so little pact will flare. For you West Coast basketball. Is there a rhyme or reason when you do your scheduling L coaches typically. Do things maybe David Cook kid play in his hometown or whatever it is and it was difficult now that one and guns and everything else but. Is there any kind of method to your mad as you put your schedule together. Well one thing and it's. You know I'd say that I learned a long time ago when you're still at Purdue and that like that it gave me that go to want you to take over yet. I think he realized how hard it. It's a difficult task is that nobody thought he told me this is more important and recruit. Because she could make you scheduled to suffer the Kenya or maybe a balanced. You can put your team and bond and so there were fine. Some of the problem with the follow up for it. You know you've got a lot of don't like that they can't get that gap but it's Alan. They got there that but that you're either rival. Open may need old old old. You know what we need that app is home 7018 where ticket back. So there's an insult you got dumped. Part of it. They get dual gains in two games out there and we absent in the west part of a practice that note. Where an eight year or for us. You know the other side of the bracket are flying. Teams from more from he told little. You know what. Eight presidential. Order former president out there that once worked out that the thinking that he act now and spoke to him. This year so it. It's and he. Although they won't make it one day the you know copper from the other conference. We talked about that. You know also that I don't advocate outlook for Mac certainty that they are. Less and less CE. That could play mean you know or put that either. I put that in the Philippines there there's. A lot would insert that accurate. It is always instincts they're always in in the press box the royal stadium way it'll kind of talk a lot of times. To travel planner. They get a book hotel rooms in the basement of a lot of work goes in the scheduling and figure things out so as got a curious how you did Ecstasy how MLB doesn't itself. Relief strenuous process speaking of scheduling coach and I know this is. Football is but it still Kansas State but the the announcement yesterday. Making it's states and to release over. A Missouri home went home and football in 242 and 43. I'd just tell you it from a Kansas City. A port a few people pretty excited about this game to see Missouri play in the big twelve team again and I know you played Missouri. In basketball. And I hope that's the direction it is going but it was nice seed Kansas State schedule Missouri. In the future for football and I don't know Bruce may be in basketball hopefully do some time. Well here Galactica that they advocate of good. We would file. Hurt me and that they'll Arctic Council. Obviously there is the great thing and raise a lot of money. Glad that this act but are covered in London. Album I thought we talk about our involvement ultimately they're keeping it in the city here. I know he said he wants to go. You know with our our. Record a lot of guys. Are. And that is what we're out of the that he's here we actually worked at credit what you're out there. In the third there. So we got up and didn't you know we hope that the effort. You know you look at. It's practice. Partner at and so. Here download but it definitely caught the. Talking to Casey basketball coach Bruce Weber here on the day shift wanna ask about what are your particular guys in this Deen waited and I still like he's under the microscope right now with a lot of stands because I think everybody's looking for him to have that break out year this year. What are your expectations for being. Are a lot of play. Mort that the girl on the old. Oh. You know it's the ball. Out of it that are. Hall. You know that'll be that they have it. I think he's playing a lot of that we need to add to his ignorance. You know we've worked and it from the this forward incited. It's like you and the bodies. In the school. And all of those. You know he was ever right. People out. No one will act on it broke and double. You know cope with that equals or eat green on all her double him on. A leader. A week you know and eight. Minutes on each week one side. So people. Yeah. The game so it. I. Work or C. We initial. Week. We need to be successful. It a great game in the exhibition season to the horses team the way they're playing an exhibition season double double there to actually steal an ounce of me to coach a little bit is very brown. In what he's been able to name you know he's a fine player but he's really taken charge basketball games legend minutes and points in the last game you play. Yeah they are cute. He loves that people who eat all. Every. Year. He blocked themselves and in its CE gateway terms with. And his personality that he needs a little critical. You know what that young man and he let the clean and and Andy and her team. And I say it but let I don't know what happened but he is a you know this is Mike he had been out there. I hope idol people appreciated and obviously can play better better teacher come out even to my jail on that particular part. Not many know that well or you're. Here. But. And you know. The other day you know those are mine and so I am I am in the W dark. Dark all that well. To as. Well in the order a lot of different people. I told slumping in the moments ago lost its goals through making the trek from Kansas City. To man had no later this evening give us a little lot a quick scouting report on UCR about what's up gains and we anticipate. It Hebert. A program. Done very well fight street you're so when he went. They wonder he and yet the last five. Less frequently but then it's about when their tournament get upset by. Carol he excites me give him the at T. Like. It Hannity you know we played at the board. The earth that act like. You really don't fret that the threat he. I haven't scrambled that IKEA. And as silent as but the old fashioned power bat well. They have three big guy that didn't wanna see that he's in the contracted. Six collector he's sensible politician in the country. They they wanted to talk about eighteen where he is he. We're 888. Or so we read about me. These early exit. And let them work it. With quickness though. What. The and I think for it and see if they deal with some of that is generally create an or. Of the. Like that worked out that. Our body that observers say the there we played hurt secretly write some thirteen. A northern state of simple. He's. Results we started out they're here pretty well. Our football and there. What was important is the ticker for. Coach we appreciate your time as is always have a happy Thanksgiving your team as well and if your board today you're looking for somewhere to go to lunch we have hour afternoon show there actually broadcasting from and admit that it bites of the gene Taylor's gonna come down. And in CM iron and you feel what they're doing their showdown there if you're if you're Borden look at some word ago or. Or are pretty. It. I don't know what could predict. And we struggle. People look at its. I. I got up next year. Them out of there with you. So what you might want to. Our coach that you're much have a good that your results are. ISI told it was worth it can't make it today he's busy day I get that at a press trust you will see this about the fact we start with the hurricane relief. Using out of the date to late Yelp. It was Sharon angle they have begging with Missouri which doubles as dot. Yeah it hasn't done her good friends so you said we may be in tried to play Missouri next year. Kids they don't care man they'll play I was they played Missouri and. After college is awful ball reporter Brad Murphy's report yesterday. In regards to the a succession planning case state we now have Jim Leavitt speaking in weighing in on the situation. Wait until you hear what he has to say we get to that. Next. Yeah now it's more sits back there. Thanks again to vote for what for joining they stayed in action tonight. Against UC Irvine. At Graham works but this segment we dive into you lost gospel ball basically the news broke yesterday in regards to. Greg Murphy and he revealed that there was succession plan when it comes days before ball. But it was somehow nixed by. Told Snyder the case state and that essentially. What was going to happen was that Jim Leavitt was going to be the guy that he was going to be the next coast as soon as next season but told Snyder's has now. Would tell what that don't want that to happen I want my son Sean to replace Maine. Wall Levitt in dealt speaking out on this is what does this article filed yesterday in everybody was talking about it he spoke of body just. The gala at the courage to do power that can't dot com these efforts in fits those guys out there. Talking at the at the statement. From Jim Leavitt on your power got back Thomas said quote I have no desire nor of labor had a desire to be coach in waiting. Limits that the best I've always been and always will be coach Snyder number one band. Coach ever retires which may not be for some time. I would want whatever is best for key issue in the people of Kansas hopefully sometime soon I'll have the opportunity to be head coach for now my only concern is to help build. Our defense. And organ and so we shut it down it basically did it basically did that dogged him ideal place it was pretty specific though from it Murphy. Is forest you know in place the billion dollars of these that they head coach pretty specific. But he understands I think livid and steel goes all know to his Gary Patterson can't sustain this group of coach searches for Avaya. And if you of the gadgets angling for job Beacon Hill hurting in the future you know the board picnics coach again you wanna be is cool you can't coached better they do feel. Whether John Snyder is the coach or not in Dayton vetoed that Bill Snyder will still be very instrumental on who's the next coach at Kansas State. Well regardless without question but let me clarify one thing well. I didn't take it that there was not a deal in place initially that's not our ticket. 888 look at the way that his word he says I have no desire nor. I ever have had a desire to be colds away doesn't mean he didn't happen. A deal put in place yet because his nose if I not to coach still paying it yet that's not just flat out denial that there wasn't an agreement. Wait this war eighty people people look at it. Wait he warned that it is he's not denying that there was that there was not agreement he is saying I didn't have a desire for a bottom line is it's could be tracked job Revere admirable job for somebody with a Bill Snyder has bloody and it was also didn't this odd discourse not to be just know I. I think it's still an opportunity for him to be an icicle is because if there's not let's say no we don't want sought to be the next calls don't they aren't too. Let it. He's got to do a certain amount of ass kicking the Bill Snyder asked missing the Bill Snyder because he knows Snyder is going to be instrumental and who gets the job be used illegal. You'll go bad blood you'll Bobby Bowden. I told these conversations. With him is again he didn't like the wind was pushed out the door floor state he would be coached for a couple more years. But he felt forced other you know it took it took about a couple years before he went back for the state heating bill back in his. It took you more if you hate to see that religion very coach doesn't wanna go back to or a state like Bowden he'd want to. Did they convinced in the document to go when they honored team. At Florida State what one of those things was very easy so yeah that was one of those I'm Roger Levitt doesn't want that situation me yeah. I'd. Let's say getting to the one thing that we need to know about Eads team. Does he's getting into with the music which team are we starting with dusty. Started very very well Starwood good teams they distort their bowl eligibility still alive for Kansas State's gonna be tough this week. Because the remaining schedule in need that win. Oklahoma State this weekend and then play I was stated goal which it's gonna be tough. To win there kids states. Pass defense worst in the league Oklahoma State can score and throw we'll. It's going to be tougher teams stay to get this one however the level I was the next week. In that flip a coin on that I'd Republicans these inexperienced quarterback with hurts and build. Heard and it's Kelly Thompson and he didn't that win I feel indicated that they he's. The quarterback of the future deaths and it seems that the quarterback situation this year and you're begging portrait here on sixteen. Sports Radio tomorrow Missouri thing thing bowl eligibility. I want Missouri keys the boat to get the ball so bad to someone to play each other. There's a remote possibility. They would end up playing each other in a bowl game if that happens. But nobody's playing better right now offensively. Did what Missouri is doing. Except for Alabama that conference the second highest scoring team in the SEC they've been rattling pool. 40s60. Points Missouri's been sworn that will I think they'll take care Vanderbilt then they play or cancel next week adding Missouri still get two more wins. For the affable team this year once again very Oden is safe and keeps his job. Is towards the other local team Kansas. Oklahoma this weekend it's actually once again they got a good station. They were prime time on fox. Against. TCU are on ESPN. In the afternoon game on the real ESPN that the what is the Vegas line as well it's no I. Speaker mayfield warned that keep going in the Heisman race so 37 point golds. At home. And a poorly when it has people excited about Kansas last week for some reason. But that's good series offensively against Texas. Don't forget the week before Baylor was in a winning team and then it was more than touchdown favorite at your place they smoked it. McCain's dispute over Bill Clinton thing at all hours Oklahoma do completely blow the doors off the tee which is very good possibility. Eyes of those that each the one seen it she needed help on east team here. With all local schools anything else you want to know console well and I loved football and basketball is to just really impressive streaks going on right now. Missouri basketball colossus you're tall 36 straight road loss. That's impressive. Kansas football 45 street road loss at Kansas we plane home but. 36 and 452. Local teams have very impressive. Roads streets and misery basketball and Kansas football. I Missouri's the penal actually industry sooner rather than later. Albeit better. And I think they will too armed with. Have to outweigh more talent on the basketball side is going down this year but I'll help you lose 36 street room. That is the price of your bad historically. That's on its bike helmet into ministry Debbie sixth in sports expected speak at a muzzle or. Up Missouri tiger basketball again with Al Michael Porter junior is it time to freaked out in Colombia we get to the six back in two minutes next.