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The Day Shift
Friday, November 17th

Chiefs must take full advantage of their "soft" schedule because the teams infront of them don't have that much harder of a schedule. In the Thursday night game they had a different camera setup where you a fan and would you like to see more? The Giants are bad but is their coach too involved into detail? Also what are they and by they the NY media about the Chiefs?


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Like me the ball tricky and the dog takes. Before priest you mean. Like that line. Avoid it good looking dog he's the league where we're gonna welding with a one billion so whenever a dog do do doesn't like that you are emptied out a little bit lighter. The door pressing trying to work out what they delete the veteran like glacier bed and second for the dog steak I want the dogs like runner up. Dog takes a leap forward dump both. That even more so they've got numbers do it it's a little bit about. How do you run years ago. I don't ask him my daughter grace. That of Otis who functioned better. Yeah I mean I think the romance but I wouldn't you function better when you pick a league when you don't have to do it and the situation. Good a negative and movie theater lately that would in this movie and that a function that is what is it leaks that are on the radio we runs down the hallway between breaks of the best. Comes back fresh. Energized and also that it would use they hit you yet you always do. I know just because he admits he doesn't go I'll sleep when government assuming a more than now. Michael you know that's awful as the rest of you couldn't they have this great state but no I'm gonna go chronicle Obama. You can the show goes down. Right at. Everyone I thought was real term fate without approval lie. I can only trust no human at this point in my life. They've introduction of golf. Having to go to the rest. Fabulous body and mind your own pace ship with a late date and dusty likens. Here on sixth in Sports Radio six has forced back job. I bowled leagues all the off guard equally. That toll quality that we do. I'll hold my goodness what are the safe result does on goodness. Last day of the week in holding back at act and act. I get up and I don't think I'll be back. Yeah we'll. Yeah you way at some point you will be Ryan tells you will be back on Monday he had yet the week off this week obviously because he had indicated. So anyway we digress we died in Susan's feel about youth and. His wife that he did. Assault C span but we're gonna start talked he sees from the perspective both the importance of how they need to play. In the second half of the season and it would not sock the ball. How they go bald to win their business in about how big or about winning games just the fact that they need to continue to win gains. This division to me. Is strictly all about the cheese. There should be no idea out the DC be concerned about the chargers. Should be concerned about the raiders should be concerned about the broad bills. This division is owned. Bide its seats but the one thing that is not owned by Tutsis. Is one of the top records in the AFC now they have one of the top records but after we saw last night in the Pittsburgh Steelers. This part in the top spot. That you also have do we England. Is one of the top two seeds. They have. Have to keep pace with everybody else basically when it comes to the second half of the season in winning games and you've got to get laid out your job that the schedule. The ball the patriots in the Steelers. Casey's got Samara I guess more to do. It comes in of this just look at how can the chiefs find some relevance. With the scheduled just not reviewed or. The New York Giants and by the way we always do a segment will do it a little bit what the same about the chiefs. Time via be honest with because it's all questions about themselves nurturing. In the next week your face routine the beans the quarterback Tyrod Taylor. And buffalo still wondering carrot and even wondering why that happened they do with the computer so how can you get some relevance out of the remaining schedules are simple. She's done this before they revel in straight regular season and went in the playoff. Win. It's very possible when you look at the schedule the chiefs and went after early and go five and L playing teams like the patriots on the road play in the eagles'. Playing the Redskins to get the five and I'll. If this team wants to find some motivation their motivation should come from one place and one place so only. In ads running the table giving to Warner to line. It's Pittsburg and and we Betsy you're looking up there's no and his vision is going to challenge you. At all it is two teams that you need to be look at that and you would take home field from. I'd like to those of the three teams that intend for the Super Bowl this year from the AFC and a 12 and three seat at the just soles redone and it. Recently here last week or so people raving about. The jaguars. I know the jaguars are at snuggle a lot of teams but I don't view the jet lost being as his disease and hopefully bore holes in his playoff road album at winning you don't hear. Yeah they can run the ball in the can stop the run if they get to the quarterback to lead the NFL sacked. Jacksonville does pose and the problem. Begin your scrambling portals to win games on the road the post season battles out that you got that mentality here's the patriots have what. Again would be talking about the chief schedule and how easy it is. You tell me where deals are on this. At the raiders. I can see the raiders you know rose up and they beat the chiefs rivalry and took him to the very last play about five different times because she's the patriots are readers. Opens at home. At the bills. In the bills are a mess right now at the dolphins following that. Then the big. At the Steelers. Which is great for Kansas City is one of those teams. Is taken and help out Steelers or patriots that's gonna be a big game right there and you know what you wanted to be the Steelers because SD Mitchell lost its could be huge game between those two teams. Regardless that's can be when the big gains in the NFL then they play the bills at home in the new jets ago. We're a multiple roles on here for the patriots OK let's say they lose the Steelers. Okay that's okay position yourself you get edited tiebreaker against the patriots so that's good. Who's the Steelers play out well to get that win last night against the titans. They've the Packers at home. No Rodgers right would it be the Pakistan beat Pittsburgh on the role would know right at the three and six singles. After that. Ravens at home I get it is a rivalry game the ravens are under 500. There you would know better of them in the for the patriots course that the big one and at the Texans without Shawn Watson in the finished the season they are the brown. But did we we talk but the chiefs' schedule where the challenge is going to be well. You look at these schedules between the patriots Steelers. There's just one L between. It might be the game that they play each other takes the hill who's getting who's gonna win multiple loss we need the titans the speed and up and beat the Steelers is right now. The kind of ran away with things that he threw the chiefs are six and three is they do have that hybrid achieves that game was so important was literally stadium. Between the chiefs in the Steelers but I don't see multiple oils from the Steelers. Got a question for real quick sell we don't fear anybody else in this division right that we don't we don't think these should in this division to get right is okay. Would you have EB issue rooting for the raiders to try to knock off the page recess week. I know there in the division but they can help to up. The could. Beat in the recent admits it's because the raiders their backs are up against the wall they cannot afford. To come models. On a by losing games day in which some hostile crystal ball team they're gonna be focused on this match up against the wings. The bank's record that you have Lebanon by addictive but it say do you do you root for them to beat the patriots. There's a part of me that wants him to not repeat itself this weekend. Q you don't fear and you have the raiders come and wait stating he keep this in mind do they have the raiders still have to go to Philly. They've got to play Dallas. Although. Z. Seek I don't think we Beckett taking its December 17 big Zeke. Comes back the fifty early 25. Of December and he's out for the next five games. He missed his first one in Miami dealt. So yeah he would be he would be missed the game barely. In so but they had to go to Philly. Here's the thing yeah I think the raiders is the with a gonna finish. Hit a six there had to go six and one. The financial district announced that he raiders looking at nine and seven at best in my opinion it's yet might help the raiders beat the patriots that the to a future. But were these ills that come from between these teams is not a lot. Meters may be one at the top two. In when they play each other so yes this division. Don't worry about it it's the Steelers in the patriot that the only thing she's to be concerned about but they this cheese find a way to eagle thirteen and three. They're really good chance. That they can get the least to see the once it's going to be tough to steal rosary to. The Steelers could technically lose one instill that the damage over the chiefs to the beat him head hit. So that's the scary part about for me it's cheesy you're looking for motivation for injury. It's keeping games early and Stevie and I know the players have been kind here. And you dropped your last game in Arrowhead Stadium as it was management wrote Barbara play here on the road but that that's the minds geez went out. You can control your own destiny as far as that's concerned try to get yourself into the water to see. The the tax is with me though. The tech sign is absolutely would be they say the YouTube for any team opposing the teachers in the Steelers and you should root for. When I bought this weekend she'd be rooting for the raiders against the patriots also bearable with debt. What he meant it yeah freak thing happened he's lost the giants also the raiders when you're behind I get that up bit that some say it comes over a little bit weird. In the situation it's Iran. But I don't fear the raiders and you mentioned the raiders have to come here and play to. I just don't think they're good got to catch that she's counting the chiefs are going to boost to the jets it does come across weird picture rooting for. A team that is behind the division to win a game. But to me it's all the ball well positioning and where you're trying to gains of your seat now this I don't agree with from the test line. Why would talk like quarterback is really important it becomes a winning it Errol it all portals would have to do was and the ball. View that jaguars like that. I think they have do mortgages and the ball off to Atlanta for net. Two wonderful ball game at Arrowhead Stadium. I just don't think that plagued portals is good enough at this point in time. The just step in here for a playoff game and be able it is rolls through intensity I don't view the jaguars being that legitimate all being bet that. When it comes to the Steelers though people did sit here with you talk to bow or maybe they can lose it insisting. They're not moves into the packers' down. They're not gonna lose against some bagels in my estimation the ravens that is like you mentioned a true rivalry game. Patriots but he clearly moves that game. Texans and the browns don't see it happening so at maximum. I think that oh at minimum rather at at the and the middle record I did see the Steelers having is being 120. Minimum if you say that they're gonna lose a couple of mortgage which gives you lost. Still gives them a heads up they could technically lose two more and still have the number one seed over you. It especially if they beat the patriots get the tiebreaker over them. It's important she's a lost their last five games that are in stadiums who say well you put playoffs ago it lost the last five minutes later would stadium well. That it is history. You hope you're able to change those and a bad patterns but for the chiefs if you find something. In the second half its rotate. Up which is team is completely caved. Double big table all most likely at the legal system. I think so. Good at the table I did that went six and one might keep you that earthy. I agree but there's always that one game that you kind of trip up and things don't go your way ignored losing again. And it is his own all the time yup I can see that the Steelers last week almost lose the colts don't. It happens in Hensley but re geez the one thing media focus on run it. Lots of talk last night about these Thursday night football game. And it wasn't about the steps that big bin and Antonio Brown put out would get to what everybody was talking about. Net. We look forward to love it to be getting back their winning ways this weekend against the giants. We'll give you talked about what they're saying about cheese. Here next segment. But one save with Thursday night football for just 12. It has to do with something that a lot of people were talking about being sought on Twitter last night now and I. I saw the second half of the game last and I didn't see the first after the game because I went down to check out remember since you Casey rooms. Arm they loss. Bomb against shut Aussie Scott Loyola last night in sold out it was it was fun to be you know back to Muni and it was just got there. We got there was no of course he wasn't using now at the Leo with a new war and so as speaker who goes through quick and sitting in this historian Lou Murkowski. He got a huge fight and left the ice game back on it in game suspension for his guy loot. Ruling that. That's interesting. But it went down in and wants the rules last nine. In the end now I got home and that set up the second half for the football game. The column. The interest in being from went asset the year now watch the second half of the game. It and at what are open and am seeing some of the comments here in I don't know what she saw in terms in the fourth test. But it was interesting. People's opinions on the sky team. Lot we're talking about the start him in Sosa Julie last night for the for the third that I gained. The majority all of the plates. On Kate. The majority of the plays on what I assault. Or from the sky team. Now they did have the traditional camera angle. Was being utilized I know specifically a lot of horror downplays the utilized it in some of the red zone plays a utilized it but. Haven't issue with a Scotch there really did it it it came about because that they had to utilize it win the the the patent stable it was a really faulty game what was the patriots were the falcons a few weeks ago whatever. And he utilizes signal that this actually worked pretty well for us because of the fall that occurred in a game was good angles. I had no issue with it. It was watching. Over the last game with the video game angle Cooper so used to playing mad in the way that we play video games that was the only difference for me. I felt like it was some people double frustrated watching the game that way but I think day. That the majority of people that watch the Thursday night the ball game last night or that upset. People have problems is it something different. People like different. You go back and forth and it was funny when you watch a game like they can we certainly haven't we normally. If flip over what smacked the ball and see the camera angle they did a nice job I thought of on third downs a lot of time with traditional angle. I needed to go back the traditional lingle wants the while however. Eight it it could get dizzy. Dizzy watching that. He's not set perfectly. It roads. It roams around so it's a little different but yet we'll just like Madden but ineffectual put a screen shot at the scene uniforms that demand screen shot. The exact same angle I'd like to eat can really see a lot of them the way I was playing. How does not plays develop all the blonde sitting in the outs liked Agassi plays developing better. I thought so too especially line O line play perfect. Especially with the wedding back lightly beyond bill which is what he all the time he hesitates and he'll jump into the hole and he'll make this cut. I thought at last it was a perfect game to see how he utilizes his offensive line. I enjoyed it actually in indices have read it on to Delhi. Executive director for the big networks and brought to us he said this he said. In regards to how they wanted to things play out he said third downs would go this show from the conventional camera because that's the most important down in football. Once we're inside the red zone would finish to a for the conventional camera. Wanna try to spark body and not just say here's sky cam come hell or high water is here's I can't in the most advantageous. Places. I I'd like the way that they utilized. I liked it third downs which he he clearly state is the most important down they went back to the traditional conventional tam. In Dan you don't date date they used it in the red zone. But all in all. I enjoyed watching us us I had no issue with it but I think the biggest thing for me bake it sounds like for you too is that you appreciated. From the aspect that you can see certain play of the plays develop casino also the I was working with each other and you can see don't buy outs at the all Watson's run. You can enjoy football game from a lot different angles. Especially in a lot of people don't like to Sydney upper deck. You know like this it way up there. That is conducive for their angle. And you could see the field the whole lot better when Europe there. Basically the best seats are fifty yard line on the upper deck were right there for wrote you can really see the whole field. In how things develop. But it's like being in the end zone watched a bit closer up it's the same angle has recently in zones of different way to view football than Sonoma thirties and forties or fifties. In I think that's always interesting to watch teams from a different angle. I'll try to do that at different times do you enjoy the game as I like the angle. I did understand people getting busy about it at some points it could be that way. Would something different and I enjoy something different like that they were thinking outside the bot it didn't look like the video game mode so that was. Got a different I understand your turn to swing younger. With the viewers and a lot of older viewers might not like because you're used the traditional set when you're watching something from the side. Here's the thing it's fresher. But the chiefs make lines. Sometimes you watch the game and denounces our talk rates toward the C it is hard to see someone else to came into the game. Example how Zach Fulton do consider equities were considered the habits Morse or disable. You can see that you can see how the offensive line is playing united you know I do like what's the offensive line so I felt there was a better wages the other war. You don't want the cease fans love to do. They look they actually see that angle. Where you get the opportunity to see what Alex that does look yet. In hobbies as we sit tab still sees wide open it until I don't what was twice lucid what the hell was married total command yeah. You can see what this does have enabled it to have last night this on the text line. Us six on threes O six and 816. The problem I have is that it was bills are prospective can't tell how many yards someone has one or call. Of football I can see that because you can't necessarily see the chains right away. But this one on the 913. I loved it excited. This farce and it will be excited to see the chiefs in that type. Under lawsuit now yes he would Alex Smith what does it look NN yeah our guys getting open of the creek separation were the running lanes looking for cream on what I would enjoy watching chief's game. In this waged because the office on the colonel what's wrong with the running game what are defense is doing differently. With a plan changed. I'd like this. The conventional way a lot of quarterbacks don't get as much grief from Spain has because we don't cede all 22. Even when you see all 22 or CN double like this you'll get pissed off attach it like. That doubles when he right down the middle of the field. The thing about it is streaming options and everything we have. I think in the future you'll have a choice how you wanna watch the game. What's racial angle to wash it you can always change the angle and video games will which angle if you wanna watch the game but I think that's where it it. A different angle a way to show I wish they would utilize this with some of the secondary channels. She'll show a game like this in and show game in traditional. In I was they've incorporated whatever they're doing these these subtle gets broadcast on CBS and ample network of one with a camera angle different. Then the other yeah same broadcasters that matter but he had a different camera with the dailies which I think is where sports editors think we have the technology to do this. Let's use the technology. Do this so those pilot Jim videos. Or some of the best ones that are out there which have the ability to be the director yourself in chief Cameron also there do when they're said the truck. People realize how much goes into broadcast. For football games but sit at a truck in the director. Is basically looking at all these different angles itty he's. Switched to he as the controlled switch the camera. Is you'll see there's one key of the Olympics only coach. Burkle seed are let's proceed coach we'll show the coach did most of the field directors the wanna kind of puts this together what angles looking at. They kind of told the story of the way of football game is going I think it I think you'd be fund have consumer. Beat soared to record choosing what you wanna see. The 816 is that if this was the standard way to watch in a solid game Alex Smith wouldn't of lasted more than three years in Kansas City. This on the tech side is great cause you can see Derek Fisher's number when he spoke sell offs are it's. At what. Its Arab people like me cast that all the but I do the national title game they haven't spurt out of all the different ESPN networks you can look at different cameras coming how the U wanna see coach's reaction. Would you split screen 81 and only be read what you wanna see woody and he reads like body languages which groups opened up. Make a big play you'll see that the camera switches to a review of the ability to watch any read KM in to see his reaction to what he's taken. Every stone is the border reads do one. Have the abilities which I think if we get the technology eulogies. In this in the it was six I agree this is NBC us fix perspective problem telling how many yards retained right after the play on the bottom of this bit bill also would do when. That's because it if you didn't see how much yardage or you couldn't really you know. Yet make it out your mind if you got three or four yards they immediately put it right the year so you knew what the heck was going off. All right a big game on Sunday because Walt you're facing it. The New York Giants which means it's all ball the New York media and how they perceive the chiefs and their own team. So we get to a what they're saying about the seeds get to that. Get very interesting. Are they saying about yeah. An essay that because. The giants have been absolutely the hero. This season. At one in seven. They they had just been sold ban and we get a New York City. You're gonna get thrown under the bus when your in your was so much media. In both football teams not being built with the expectations going into this season we're different for the jets. In the giants the giants everybody thought it was going to be a Super Bowl bound team. That was expectation the jets everybody's out about their rebuilding the pot legal for quarterback in the NFL draft the jets have been better than the giants' playoff team last year. They've been better than the giants sill so now that we're into all week it was the chiefs are facing the giants. How much are giants media actually talking about it asked in the giants a ball the chiefs not a lot. Actually it was actually the weakest of the every team we fully ever to be played that sweet PL Smith with the Perry keel. Julie one question and it's back how bad stuff. And Mac to do. It's sometimes the force quitting so does your media did even ask a question. About the chiefs a few of them who have few things and they still cared about the game you would just like drama the score on a New York. So there's not a ton. We don't get that and Alex Smith is the game manager play make whatever little bit here and there but not much but here is. Basically everything they said about the chiefs this week here's a Mac can do when he was talking about basically the chiefs in the hole it was back to why the giants. All right she's weak and excited to play at 1 o'clock home game. I was one of the best teams in football we have a war cannot force their talent and healthy and coming off of a buyer. Offensively they're well built their personal have a lot of firepower. Alex Smith is playing the highest level at this point feature to call is running backs and wide receiver and Helen Thomas. They are present challenge Kelsey is a match up challenges well. He's a big basketball player playing tight in Fremont is a physical hungry runner. In all five offensive lineman played tackle in college defensively they're go around attacking style we like to get after the quarterback and create turnovers. Houston and Ford have combined for 58 and half sacks. In four years. And there interior defense of limestone does well with any Logan former eagle leading the way. Jones is an impressive athlete inside with the ability to run game. Peters as atomic corner and all three safety seats on action plan a lot of defensive backs. Special teams are tied for the league lead with kickoff returns for touchdowns since 2013 with nine. Hills special player return punts as we all know. And Pierre Louis and air Marie Louise strong group of covered specialists. That's incident he's the road for about me he's still gives it Lewis the inner bomber is just details. These two. Oh port of peerless like Becker and great coverage he did not it was like stats. Dot. I do like every single one completely off the tip was two OT LP try to go Thom little bit on there but then that was it. It was Ali talked about geez that was all back to his meeting with the player and why they sock that was as we listen to it weren't there you. It was it was Ortiz dark. He talked to meet at bat he was that's one thing about Cheney's defense is asked about are they being exposed. Or not the old raided what do you think about the chief defense again this giants that come to me. Meaning the Pentagon expose them some irons. As far as I think good became awash with Houston. So the defense some you know he's here and there but they can't have my they think they're pretty stuff everywhere. Anderson he's come is. Specifically six. Amended and and so it's going to be tough test report. He's tired of their accounts being durable its support. Yet yet we got exposed and using he was. David but he was kind of like they were asked him how bad the chiefs defense I'd as the bad team talking about how bad another team playoff but that was. Kind of funny there for delegates are here yet I backed the Mac to do this morning's with the Keyon city medium a popsicle he spent one year. With Alex Smith consumer Cisco would you learn about Alex no one here. Yeah we were it was a it was a one year when you're deal we draft them there's San Fran. That's remembered the young the young man with a tremendous tremendous work ethic came from great families. You know. You know I lost learned and had a history of winning and just really worked hard. You know came along. Tip that in there because the ballot Smith did he came from a great family. That's the whole deal why they draft you first mirror he opened the card or for his mom. Runs not go it. Instead of it was a quarterback in the mobility stuff though forget about his forty time he came from Greek. She is one hell of a good coach let me tell you about it. Let's look at that she can sure cut back. But the thing that that was kind of put either buy a Mac if you in his assessment and Alex Smith from the one you. Can hear about it man. Eli Manning chimed in as well get one question about the chiefs. Whose but she's defense under and stock covers the life. Well I think you know just good players good different seven. Experience. Good DBs so you know I think they. Do great jobs plan disciplined football defense. You know it is good to have it turned over to your victories control ball these forward fitted and so long drive patient what's the mentality. This is the had it been out a packet that it can they go straight to what's the mentality. Of the team however did something different this week actually took what the chiefs were may be seeing. About the New York Giants as well Matt Nagy opposite corner lake and again it's what four seconds but we get a big kick out of this one this team you know they're now direct access. They're good football team. One but what this team you know they're not with a record says they're good football team it is the chiefs talking about the giants by the this team you know they're now direct access they're good football team. See I'm glad that he said this man why it's so out of that I used out rental car and awarded to play and related. This team you know they're now direct assess they're good football team. Giants. That was what did he reads those other good football team that's what they are good debut when you do although I will see this. In lake and entered this Tuesday sterling Shepperd actually a big week last week a 104 yards received a 142 yards receiving last week. This was sterling Shepperd kind of the mindset of wage giants are thinking about this game. You know not much you can do that would happen that's got to move them. Think anybody believes them right now. World we have in. To prove everybody wrong. He's won those players that still cares about winning. New cares about going out to a job there apartment is downfield blocking everything heals their sterling Shepperd. Actually cares about winning I think David some guys claim intolerable and I'm like bears beat because of the still smacks me commitment the film session this week. In which does it bears Bob to what they put on film. Acting just and they have guys more focus this week immediate previous week's other cold out. And whether or not we'll see you back into cold about you can call nominee we showed their video. On the screen in its embarrassing for a lot of players can now all the team need to see. Now if you miss the tackle he missed the block your teammates are senior effort. Sterling Shepperd eleven catches 142 yards last week. Target only thirteen times become eleven of only thirteen times MB targeted thirteen Dan told. Didn't mismatch. MO there with the actor. No and it's. That the giants are just the beer and a dental spot because they're not only is their football team bad. How many guys have on injured reserve basically 1818. Players on injured reserve. There he is done. They're done well Matt Nagy this team you know they're not with a record says they're good football team. No beatle have all backed him sooner I asked stink at this time of year you or what your record says. I'd give it due to into three into leaving a huge record says. Jim bought one game. This league season are you or what your record says. And spin this the other way. Oh man all right players and coaches in the National Football League having weight eat too much fun with portables. These days weighty here a couple. And I. When. She. It's. The moon and it. We're just here. And on six fiscal. Yeah. This show up. Comply. I just driving me enhance the drive in Manhattan today at a set that to this size though knew that going there at all. There's no news going on a dollar a minute that that you see here he sure the reason. I'm just mess would be dusty. And a couple things we're gonna talk to Bruce Weber are coming up at 1130. Today. Bennett at 1215 we'll talk to former chief enforceable champion with the god you're giants points times at Dutch wolf the team that at 1 o'clock. Are as always we talked to date in news former chief here on the patient but. One thing's a super cool is. After James runs on on Sunday. To the middle of the week you'll see a light the video clips. And replays don't like the the behind the scenes though you know the Mike de segments and you'll see you like. The portables. Best bet a lot of quarterbacks have. And a lot of stuff this is really to be fun it is has got to be trade of what US adult what was it. All the home. Oklahoma. And Peyton Manning just that's a call will be chamber of commerce the law took off with absolutely. It and it's a now we just won't take any thing in Rome when I voice that is when I sit back there. Quarterback skewed evil side p.s action you're not that peace and the we its ability of reigning Omar yes standpoint yeah school out there I keep. Nike and I are under under. Papa John's I'm surprised me any good news that would be you have to put it. Some of the pre tax you know sales are well Budweiser is one distributed to. But you would think the brand marketing it and you can pay these guys view whatever but that. But eventually the head coach and I like that he may want some of the money K eighties and is thought what would you this audible but anyway I think he could be sold at one of the funny things that. That people line had been using lately in talking about now know that. Feigning on the drive he he tells about the pit misery. AA a lot of people talk about that but like commercial with the whole daily Delhi. I said Jeremy you weren't true friend of the crowd dealing Delhi to. I that's pretty funny the last detail on Thursday night football as you can clearly hear in this is the NBC broadcast. Bit about border. You lose the deal ideally it is audible. A. They bid. Really the only place. Likely Dick creative. When it comes to your notables. USA to date they put together some stuff on hair DOS. From the else from the LA rams. And he had some really funny callables. They just came out with is utilizing a bitter is different names. I outlets health day. They don't block not speak to Bob Obama Obama Obama. Hey Rick flair. Ric Flair. Ric Flair. Reply but I can't curiosity I read through politicians and there. It if you throw Obama you talk about something going to laughed he tried so who the guy. Like eagle political affiliations with what you do. All I just it's so funny that is audible bigs get better better. Hey outlets. Listen I don't block mostly. Due Barack Obama Obama Obama. Hey Rick flare. Red glare. Ric Flair. Itself like he went from L is it to apply it dusty to Obama. Directly. Could be used for ways to some teams we utilize. The high school level other schools say Major League Baseball teams that means you're born in the right. You see in NFL team Gordon left and mayonnaise is different ways to incorporate. In all these bottles do mean something. He. What did you Phyllis now. Now yes you walk on not. I don't care you played that sound bite there you you played did the BI like like you just want something Brinkley got the the quote of the day Ito that you sale bombing of the writes it wrong about Iraq arrogant. All units to worry about who gets makes less than it. Does your independent. I'd stick to this magnesium metal it's just it just makes it here. It straight metal what we do you see these clips ECB is our allies eager is audible it's just it's time demand it it's funny it's it's it's funny to me what went on whether it was Peyton Manning with all the hall. All was Eric dobbs with brick layer Ted to the dilly Dili last night with dubbed in bouts where he'd be defense laughed he bit off guard. All of a sudden you're down medals in the court of physical players like hells he taught you step back for that later given thrown off what does this mean. I said Jeremy you are a true friend of the crowd do they do they okay. And things taken off what exactly is Billy Dale you'd have to ask saying. Doesn't know. I'm not a well I'm just curious people say Billy billion pounds here's what it is. I missed. People believe. Its stake in all. Its take it off the bids season. What will be an audible. That you use Cherokee to be shot on KDV. And what would it mean. The question. Of what we mean okay soul shout out to ADD league you'd question. So you know whether I have shot out TB that's one lately it's not guys lake likes guys. None of them don't know that that's not to quote the court is. I'd like to ride the hot guy that I'd like to ride that hot digest best sequel it's a hot route. It's hot red white that is really hot now Johnson break off your route it would need quarterbacks is this you know exactly what to do. I'd like to ride the hot guys. That means it's going to look hot receiver is at that time the end you if you're seeing me in coverage I'm not art meekly here in Europe probably nine hour. Signifies our press man. Or eaten or big league you're talking a lot ass shots. Shots. Shots. You throw assets. Because it is that heinous oyster house all he had so what is believed that and some we use anus and along the deleted it. I don't know who did it. Try to explain it. But digger dot com but tickets are not on these. About three yards short of the first kick a field goal. How how public this or audible it's not afraid to. Be doing. Treatments in the bowl game but. I just loved audible days and begin to though so read books. I would doubt it. Adobe. Elwood not to do so the book is so read boobs. Four or audible that send us its defense of guard Davis Winston she'll need believable to you with the once a net boobs. He was a one sentence. Again getting out of hand just plain drops that and saying something. Yeah eagle distort behind that doubles something that Xena said. And we just repeated on it. This being your gonna just pound the run right through the middle you know what. We believed it should going to fill this hole. All mind it is Uga as a rarely really ridiculous yes I'm more on this tour. Yeah that worked. NAFTA. Our tech Tillman had been in two minutes. As the second half of the season starts this week you put it sees some are expecting a possible break out from one sees flying under the radar. Would tell you who next.