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The Day Shift
Tuesday, November 14th

Dayton Moore was on High Heat with The Mad Dog to talk about who is really in control of the Royal free agents and what they can do to resign them. How powerful is the "Power of Branding" in college sports? It is also Tuesday on The Day Shift so, the former Missouri football Coach joins Lake and Bink to talk the surging Tigers of late. Also a Dont be THAT Guy that you WONT want to miss. 


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That's right. Gusty like she's on the updates on this show the next couple of days because Lima tells you spot to have David. Yes right in his gradually grind. It hit it easy to carry that thing around for a sixty in sports at sixth in sports ski seed just he's put out old. The chiefs cover that could have point spread the sending verse the New York Giants should late show that dusty likens in the bush level Brit the choices are. Yes. No or who is dusty right now 55%. Say yes. 46% say no 19% say. Who is dusty I think even the dirty werewolf that people I know dirty were ruled morning Yuba. And you know the other and then I interviewed. Dusty was the guy in the me in the streets big corporate media days which have I've always that he be perfect Super Bowl by the way. If she servicer bowlers no doubt dusty should be there. What's it dried tomatoes are out to dry 88 dollars there's just no doubt he says you should be at mile pace and you don't you should be. I just heard like radio wrote during the horrible issues like it's like Black Friday on steer it. You got to go fight against you got to figure out a way to use the about a month the other stations in stations will do different tactics. But legally get gets probable war. Well is. Like this if this show was able to get to the Super Bowl. Is it ceased noticeable because everybody's noticeable rolled dusty would have to adds that dust out how. I would go to to the boss's office and advocates worry I appreciate that I now you're not mean how many legs that would yet I would. I thought out how outlets outlets step up SAR what are. If you'd be perfect reviewed it and well I thought you places that. I got to supporters here I know county prime Leavitt and then hopefully the right down there goes a bit better than the last time. You two hours a car on the way to Cincinnati we've got over that stories that Noah restate who knows maybe a situation you're in with a score you know I'll bring up. I don't I big chances are she czar would rooms Libya is probably be new to. Just say that idiot on FaceBook rule we after thoughts of this food being in the world will will be after thoughts. Old by now that the mostly to do it in manner. This time yesterday bank there were so many people excited because. We were we were talking about how to tame conversation. Across all these media reports over the last couple weeks all. Maybe the royals are deathly gonna have a great shot at resigning air Gaza maybe the royals that'll will have hostile to have Michael stopped us. As well wall today. Scott bourses meeting with Dayton Moore. And the royals. Bomb and there was some. Those that conversation took place yesterday. In regards to bomb. To GM Dayton Moore and he gave his thoughts in regards to. What life could be like here in Kansas City with Al either one of those yet lets you watch. MLB network and how he would that mad dog Russo during today which a lot of you probably don't have met the medal for the show. Was on what they they morals on with him their medals greed anyway. Obvious. The more series of questions some of these are pretty revealing it to what he might be actually thinking. But mad dog started off as conduct Kansas City he had a chance to go to Atlanta what's he feel like now he's going to be staying in teens cities reset. But you know Kansas City such a wonderful place and mr. glasses. Been so good to us that community in depth. I could think of of being anywhere else truthfully I mean we we enjoy Kansas City were passionate about leading in that community and I get to work with an incredible group of people from. JJ put colder Rene Francis go to Scott sharp a lot of Goldberg in my car by oracle and I can go on and on. But with the people I get a chance to work with so if the end of the day Chris as you know the environment. And in which you go to work each and every day trumps everything else personally and you know so it's it's exceptional that you know work we're gonna stay in in Kansas City. You also get the walker vascular Friday morning as you come to the forecast for about Bob hear them. Don't forget about this but he talks about is the mustard from her or else from a what he's built here committee has built with the but he looks guy how's he gonna fit and he looks at this them more but a lot of teams that allowed you just would stats. We'll bring this player indeed more goes beyond that we talked Cohen's were need to deal. It'd ask about baseball he's been asked about score when the goal is history and is fairly situation and all that chorus was blown away. Said that just doesn't happen that was on high heat. It will be network he was also last about free agents. Tough to resign in this market so we does admit this pretty revealing from Dayton Moore on the challenges presented in Kansas City compared to the market. Well Christian overall terrific players and and they all bring the special skill set in the clubhouse on the field. They understand how championship teams must work together on so. They're gonna be certainly attractive to a lot of teams in and as you know. The more competition you have in markets like arts. The less chance you have to win those negotiations so it'll be challenging we understand that we do feel we have a a strong relationship with our players we've built that from the time they sign with us. Out of the draft were international. And you know what we'll see where where where it ends up it the end of the day we we certainly want what's best for our players and we're confident that you know they'll be. Hopefully contributing either in Kansas City or to another club and in doing very well and and hopefully spreading. The C dub of a winning. And and being a great teammate to have because all those those players possess that is a part of her character. That's interesting. Everybody wants to hear that the players spread the seed I believe they here whether they fitness club house or another clubhouse they'll take with them. What they got in Kansas City also says less chance to compete when your remarkably this for gold against big dogs you know it is less of an opportunity to compete. When you're right here but I mean doubles is resting self or what it is. Big Morse told me for for how hard is re sign here in Kansas City when he got to the markets. Particular Russell he's been able to sit at the table. It's nice restaurant and order the appetizers and everything else. What's it comes the main course everything it's been and that money what can you do they can only sit there. But can they still Warner everything off the menu he was also asked about the rebuild or re signed how tough it is of the decisions for you. I'm not sure makes any sense for us to jump out there aggressively because we certainly don't know. You know what the market is going to be like on at this week's as I mentioned earlier it's going to be competitive. But you know Walt Walt we'll just see work goes I mean it's it's very early in the process as we know. And wolf will like all of the other teams we'll just monitor the data de. Process and you'll see where these guys. End up. But we're prepared either way. If if we have yet to rebuild and and I take a few steps back so be it that's part of the game we understand that we're gonna embrace it. The way we've done in the past. In and again wish our guys the very best if indeed they end up. Playing for another team. City and we would embrace it and we have to rebuild we will take a few steps back ace in the city he said we're planning to. I don't know if you look at kids how they say things in which ends they say it. If they choose to go somewhere else is laying the ground work for he's a Boozer gives. Please use the war rebuilt Dalton he's specifically used the word rebuilt. Eight in its name and articles that they're not if the rebuilding nerds signing sills also mean we're L. That's the museum bad debts. Directly at him saying it's meeting rebuild and that is a possibility. We talked about rebuild again all with this response is Russo source talking are you disappointed member. The whales did crucial and what's been chance it would sell off in an ad guys milky amber you bring him in here. So are you disappointed fact that you did crucial then and you didn't see the rewards at the end the season. Well we were all disappointed because we will we will we made those deals. You think we had a 22 and a half game lead. In the wild card he and I might have been just a game and half behind the Indians in the central division so. We felt that those those moves would really put us in and a good spot in an on paper they did I know it energized and our clubhouse and our players and our entire organization that you know sometimes you'll things just you know they don't work out baseball's very difficult to predict and but the into the damn proud of our effort I'm proud that you know weeks we stayed with this group to till the till the very end in and gave. Them a chance to win and of course. You are fan base continue to hope but to get back to the playoffs in another World Series but it didn't happen in an hour in a position where it was several free agents. Will tackle one at a time obviously and our market will be very challenging. Two to bring back all of them in perhaps. You know we don't get an opportunity very back any but if that's the case. We'll continue to work the way we always have focusing on scouting and player development building our forces and transition young players. To the major leagues that will you know connect you know with our fan base and you know hopefully that the rebuild won't won't be too long. Particularly to rebuild was used again hopefully won't be that long he said to be very challenging challenging any guilty yet he's in reference to in this market yet so it's against the market thing and it's a rebuilt. Open won't take too well. These were rebuild law. That's what the mad dog Chris Russo high heat and mobile network. I thought essentially between. I was that is the here we say and there would be more saying you know the words they use. To build challenge in this market it it's it it's it's one saying. For us to you to sit here and we can read these Oracle's from came in in all these other individuals do Tibetan. But when you hear Dayton Moore talk and and he's the person that has to sit here and he has to negotiating he has to directly sit across from. From off from stout reports. That's that's meaningful to hear from him he understands. What's going on he understands how tough it can be any understands the nature of the business that's sometimes aiming you're just animals players you're going to. But he talked about the frustration. Of not being able to get to the post season but the bottom line. This is up on a smaller market this trying to figure out how to retaining key in re signed to their significant pieces. It is thought those were staying weird. From Scott or earlier now a year from date more I'm curious how this meeting goes. Look for Lehman. Put out another piece that I on the meeting is clearly he's got Scott horses here. Because he reported on this meaning you'll want to do so he put again yesterday the look for Scott Boras. Who go through John Hayman. Which keep in mind. Ayman disease articles the opus clients in turn if he cited similar guess who finds out first. Boris text is how these things work he picked him it'll take some other insiders but will be in order to who else about the most. Hui since the information to those quite possible John payment is the Quetta watch and follow along as Bewkes he clearly is an inroads with Scott or out. I hate isn't just about wins and facilities but here's something else that makes your favorite college program even more appealing. We'll talk about what that is its next FEMA wants to hear that the players spread his seed. And. Or down. Ossetia and talk to. I baggage basically banks. And dusty like kids. Here on six in Sports Radio sixth and sports downtown Warsaw to a teary people next segment the Missouri Tigers. I think tiger fans are riding high right now that the site that this football program this are now accumulate some wins in their one win away from being bowl eligible here but the couple. Games which don't get to their Imus fired coaches tour with Florida and then that Tennessee. In I think a deal when it's gonna be run tube of 433 yards rushing last week. Missouri eight. Despite the scheduled from their plane is on the schedule and they're throwing your body. The pointed out the points they scored late 685245. And fifteen last week. You know. Hey let's it's at this as we're talk we're gonna talk to your people are coming appeared next segment. Com and we talked him weekly at 1130 on Tuesdays. Something that you had won and now a home all the microphone last week. In regards to something that's taken place at the University of Oklahoma. With Piero with their program. Which really we think the body it talks speaks to. The power of your brand when it comes to college athletics. In essentially. There's so many things say that it kids to buy into deeds. Find attractive when it comes depicted now in deciding what college program they wanna be apart of and you say that this staying it essentially is gonna add to the DeVore of people wanted to hop on board. With disorder doesn't matter it's whether shoe companies are so big in college best was a college football. I addition which shoes are as big in college football because you're not buying. Recommended the dusty document rocking the cleats cleats and every night but I don't think he has if you're not selling those it was Jesse really. Blake Griffin I told you guys that made you see the video Blake Griffin show are now in handing out shoes ZZ Jordan brand guys. He showed up Oklahoma's. Ladies basketball in children they went nuts sort of the men's basketball team when that's been shown to the football team. Did their wearing Jordan brand keep in mind. It no team can go and sign. With Jordan brand they're they're Nike schools. But they hand pick who they're going to Yale's in there's only a couple of a mountain North Carolina. Is one of the Jordan brand shoes. Oklahoma is the third brand. It's now Michigan Michigan's also. In Oklahoma is one of them and you don't guys choose schools because the uniforms are cool I don't sound stupid. Just go for the program may I never say go head coach they do group but it coach because. They did that most guys they do go because who had coaches and believe that's what unit transfer. But according the it seems a little we're just doing something like this. Would boost recruiting but it does. Now going to enhance what the school doors Jordan brand. Are you shocked that it helps are pretty I am east Lincoln rightly says this response recruiting has been great. It's the Korean players wanna be Ian. It is the best thing out there and Jordan it's it's amazing. Is there's a lot of guys now universal Jordan play. They don't realize how good Michael Jordan was. But he lives on in this absolute world of he's better LeBron and all this in Jordan mean lives on. It's amazing that it is so popular. Because emotions came out. But these guys were black. When the when Jordan's first came out to Jordan brand. I guess I'm a little bit surprised Verity Nike school I didn't know this would take it to the next level be in the Jordan brand instead boom recruits. Like simple like this. Basically these schools are so willing to jump in of Jordan's in our guys. Jordan brand. I'm not I'm not as surprise to you why. It to interpret the impact of Jordan. I agree with you that a lot of these play like like it's our head accounts now. They didn't see Michael Jordan in his day beta is Siemens crime that they they don't have a recollection was she was my Sudan and they were mean to see some of the old school games on like India TV you can you know. Look back to some messed up I had Jordan and agency agency highlights. Put this thing that would never ever. For the athletes. That would define soon cultured the way that Michael Jordan. He seeks change today. He actually changed and yes there will be a lot of asked itself to hear that how. Good projects would Nike the contracts under armour. It contracts with Adidas but nobody's ever from a cold sore despite debate is ever gonna define and happy impact that he had. She moves on to an issue is is you can't give them the stuff because membership in the shorts Red Cross street beat it she's too. They were able to keep those they'd buy them back in certain point because of eligibility. But Lincoln ran at least he gets the importance of brands. And he would get a little care package for the seniors who won't be around it sees what they're complain given to you can give gifts up the supplements the longer. Playing college athletics which is stupid. It's stupid that they can't get these. Right up front. Shoes which. We kicked a lot. What what what does that mean I did I understand it but it's it's just like the bulls are basically if a law on the if you're a mommy do what he did that year your favorite college university. So what if he gives accused of shoes I mean I I did it to the years. That picture not supposed to do that in this day and aids was so many people being given stuff. At least they're making it transparent. Eighty kick it to Jordan bring its total culminates this would just what do Oklahoma needs early dominate this conference they've passed Texas or relevancy. In it Jordan bring in Oklahoma merchandise will be available summer of 2018 he got to wait. But Lincoln's in this heat the head coach who almost as I don't have to keep her Jordan's at home. But I do get it was first brought to my attention that this was a possibility. I couldn't have been more behind. It's the little things like this. That he didn't have the self. Which split their kids to choose because of this. More so we hear college basketball work kids will go to Nike your deeds because of this UConn. I'm sixty is all we hear from kids all the time. We will origin because of all the Palestinians what they're Jersey and Kansas State players have wanted change they get different moments as best we Rhode cool. The white almost Wilbon became morning. Those cool the K state like Kansas. That's the only data can release Seles not Windsor w.s IG was once the BW based us what's up of only a few years to think a lot of bells but they switch at the uniforms all the time. Why you got yo detectives eaten Els. Oh my god I still like page units once speech but he newbies and a nobody else likes about those colors. From the violent three pallets they no doubt it's ET to choose what you guys same fake news it get all the apparel company here. They get the work while the plane yes. It Natalie that currently. Is we're talking about a program it's about to become a Jordan's ring. It's totally keep it for you leak could use it put your locker you Wear the stuff around the universe you don't own it. Eight it is if you think that every team is. Big goals and plays pounds athletics that they are just give him like endless amounts of the deed goes under armour and Nike gear that's not that's not. Why are we can right Lisa baby care package for the seniors that are going to be here next few. It's the excerpt of shoes viewers that we get it gives you didn't Wear it what you're playing Wii and if history stuff form the where. Outside of the school down they get to Wear it and get the walker cubism Jordan here that but still property of Oklahoma. But book with kids but the kids do get a lot of three. It's three slash big big got a free slide around but the care package and stuff like that you have to be careful what you get. Beyond which wearing. The extra shoes or something just for whatever the extra care package you can't give those out now to Wear them. For athletic teams were the athletic department's use of these things that you were on the plane or you're full. On visiting to the hotel. You get to keep that's backed up talk about beyond. I think the people are getting just its use what you're trying to say date. I think people are are getting it to use as a test line it declared their beard they're texting a lot about bought the war budget. We understand that they do more to the same debt Dovonte dramas political war outing gear for four months and all the sudden he has to give me back to the and some beyond what they're going to use. Got to be careful look at ET given that that whatever they Wear these again did the sweat suits everything else where. On the plane order you can keep all that stuff is you're using it for the university but beyond that. Just extra Sheen you can't give you. Dovonte grandkids is sold at a deed is insignia meals lag a one it doesn't fixes don't work with Isaiah with high school to these kids weren't able to keep these LeBron as the the buy them back. Now I tell them to crystal ball program as this one win away from heading to a bowl game after such a slow start of the season. What would it mean for the program to get back to a bull. We talked to former coach Gary eagle next. I'd greatly. Times publicly since the fascia. With former coach of the we're tigers steered people towards us now. On the hot. Could new book out under your journey of life coaching battling. For the win you get him to conduct on born of noble dot com as well Missouri Tigers on a roll right now football wise. And basketball to people works at about that too good morning coach. More or. Hey put the cart before the horse but that it's it's it's weird this turnaround for Missouri. It's been so good what they've been able to do. While Clinton getting a bowl game for this team bulge billed the win in the next two games mean for the program. Ought to get through this first sign of a program that's what the national programs are good apples every year you what you do. Speech he truly important so excited for cheap this opportunity that we. You know and you know legislature so you know just such statement about your program that you consistently web. Not a step you know later on our principles yet. Two the doctors to give up the computer it is traditional tree should should reflect that so. It's awesome person. Certainly toss or suggestions. Know the score over point one points last four games against tigers they've scored 685245. And fifty points. The number two scoring offense in the SEC only behind. Alabama. In coach we think about this team it's running the ball 433 yards rushing. They had last week is Witter again did you you brought in 216 yards in there rams read this a true freshman gets 166. Keep in mind Crockett. Now playing a play next season. But may have this backfield loaded with rocket round three coming back. Yeah virtual awesome yeah you guys like it's you know continually. High level players you lecture there are losing their Twitter yet you know cause we on guys compartment. Let's talk. Which occurred about a thoughtful about this great game you know it you know it's it's it's. Your first ascent on here for certain strict schedules considerations there. There are like now where work now. We're plan you know their defense though like if Rutgers may take place. You know heart stopped ourselves on defense missed tackles in the work or will also secures the look police search for possible way. And I you know two for drew you know drew drew player. Or high level now. He had in this kind of students were frustrated particularly that Persia see that and look at first that it like he could do it. Idol every answer studies that you don't recorder played well at these as quickly yet. Yes what you actually to win in bootleg concert senators you don't waste our quarterbacks that matter urged Cho for test for. It went awestruck your name the candidate you bleachers starter. What you want posture in which would. The captain drew fire and it's such a high level now he's making a difference in winning football games. Quarterback play she got great receivers all of the other guys. But the point is is that. That he keys you know your quarterback actually kind of impact player. You know and you know they produced points you click and so on defense. You know you're you're you're much better football team more competitive Mexicans sure. Echoed what he noticed most. About the defense because early on teams are scoring even gives a Missouri State scoring a lot of Missouri but as I mentioned last four games the once quarter reporting one points are. What did you notice scheme wise with his defense. Well I think you know our record says it's sacred you tackle better and then he you play caller design B plant lines. You know period urged African district which you finally do so now personally I would succulent little adjustments to pick up a huge swaption. The little four calls and we can't go to calls and so all calls no but he call when Detroit which achievements. You get that chemistry call. If we don't like the calls us to keep keep your defense of players a better chance. World club 00 played well played together and so. If you don't players that are going to be good job too much on particular ticket you know copper actual structure it's. It's it's nice to see. You know it's gonna get. It's real exciting here where we're at which structures that. All coaches like to run the ball and you know we've hit that Kansas City when cream not running well you Alex Smith played well. But how much you think is it comforting to quarterback like drew walked with a team is able to go on one like the way they've been to one. Well it takes a lot loss for the you know there's of course politics. Aliases. Quarterback's best friends that she's she's great quarterbacks or great tailback. It is they circled to people back there you know who gets stopped. And so that without question Arctic are significant. You know worked on should block the real world which is nice to see me I. Pressed out. Well he has to scheduling wise and so on this situation. Or for our season. We talked about November as political leper into the ocean which fire. That was fired their possibly hope it does happen for Arkansas but also. The that the people sat in air and the UK it's Saturday better at the bottom line ship go play games. That's what bill. And our official site for what he achieved is treatable including border of the depth that we sick sick because ticket which against Google all. Arkansas two stroke or you know the father and coach the last two he played not so. Or a great position we just got it and give it all excited about it. Our global game and that secret for your football or. Joseph sounds like there's definite Bosnia and nice spot there on in Columbia on the campus because he that the football team is playing well in the and there's an absolute buzz we saw with college basketball in regards of the jobs basketball team in the program here. We'll console market and how how does success so bogged the football team a stacked. The basketball program and the basketball program affect the the football team and vice Versa. I think it was she usually positive and that doesn't have to work that way you know this place that the law. It into its exceptional football site illegal slick could creature. Because for part of that mr. high school's kitchen talking. About 220. You know they're winning games you ought to take it just all presents itself apart the way it you know what again. First I'd state in order a great game screech either. W Greenfield again and really certainly. Very you know high level RL basketball idol. We got a lot of good players or it was a treat to secure the border secure that sugar rich off it will fit. Can bet com slash yours you know he's Toronto blue blue could actually should they or at least circuit crucial. It's an issue too exciting and all the nutrients I was outside circle church items. Sure the successful currently on the books which usually be good to see all those nutrients and talk for him to put all too well that ought to your report product. They're put back on his back or side. That's what that's one of the great things you know that today it's or does for your institution could be. It is it crucial part of the puzzle are much which trickles down to dollars and strongly support could you perceive as. It also coach it's refreshing when you see the name I was state or big twelve play in Zurich. Yeah although there's there's there's a question the you know I cricket. You know that was a bit when I I work extra hard as we don't get it Michael quarterback you know Lucas situation is that. Our best players not playing yet suspense to see this and Greg certainly it's best uses. Thirteen other Belcher Kirstie should see this guy all the shows than future ones for you know get yucky and we got a can be patient to. Talked into while former NATO to the Missouri Tigers here people here. All the day's shift and it was interesting from over the week you want the games and I'll watch Stoltz and I'm not sure how much did you watch another issue you know when we talked to last week you kind of talked about via a Notre Dame fan but I know I actually that's that I tier I tee it up but Notre Dame took on Miami. Over the week in and Miami looks really really impressive and it looked really good. Also in that game as he saw David and secondly. You know so I think it's really cool is this over change. That these kids at Miami Dade they bought into this thing into did their defense their defense. A guy tree to turn over in they had to the sideline in the colts throws it over chain all of them I know that there are other programs that are out there doing similar type things like this blood. What do you think the ball what they're doing in the its buying today it. How cold it is or if it's cold you at all and and secondly it also in the game. Well you know I didn't know statistical the pivotal evidence that don't win or lose our our business lets you know at all score college. The turnovers and it changes everything I think they were for a zero through group. Miami Miami get for trial version in game might get achieve that you that your typical to what the game. Lipitor or you we've done that because that was world called plant a plant that at a cricket color Aqua opt. But those are things. It's like yourself out if you creature she just from work out quite so. Not only about the law which if you want but also optimistic. Though it's all. It by the way the other day we got it turned over the structure it's got action at all about but since they were your Turk all over Kabul times. If you after the date eager you plots that area in your chances increased dramatically so. You know I you know obviously I respect Colleen. Sensationalize or recent soccer optically it changed Jimmie Johnson you know who structure national championships. That kind of thing that certainly these are Little League good football team that they get to this it just the right place September a lot different different street I played November. In a motion by best teams the jury we were a lot there for all of them prefer to worshipped at first. We have register our heroic achievement by the you know were too creaky. And so Arctic that we've seen playing here but sure it doesn't you know get get better better better picture. You know they'll bail him a call option that's why right now all virtues he is tricky one Robert archer she at least Robert barber. You resist the last in which they did you know also. Georgia. Do that doubt that they'll adopt a tractor now senator Al I also think everything blows up. So it's. Gonna be here we're excited to others and now. Is the question and it's the third installment of the rankings have the cultural playoff about the ninth coach in. It was Johnson's gonna be sit there right on the edge IE I do feel they control their own destiny although nothing's easy Auburn to me. Might be one of the better teams in the country who lost by touched on the Clemson four points. A by LSU but does that kind of put your thinking Alabama Miami Oklahoma Clemson to keep in mind. Miami still has the play Clemson so so much this concludes in Alabama as well Robert. Yeah a lot lot of things that happen is that what you want to coach cannabis as a church bulletin it's good better like this and this is where we're trying to have. You know professional people that Roche for so talents you know at least try to guide it and the strictest gets strip this execution or. Yeah it in any kind of what we keep it to neutral and poverty technical decisions so at least it behind you want it to get to four key. They have people there that can export decisions in Arctic air tickets will come out pretty good bloody clashes sparked outrage. Now known something like a 64 or redo the whole thing that you're due to air base who uses. You know I have four different continent conferences. So you'll see where those criticisms currently. Exciting. And you know it's gonna be some great great football certainly the next couple weeks the big. Vision to being in the of their selection show this weekend and it's its attendant that kind of fund lasting free codes to the wanna be your opinion your quarterback guy. I heard this nationally people make it comparison the de Bakker mayfield could be the next Drew Brees. In I thought that was interesting Drew Brees undersized for the guys is the winner he goes on the field takes over I see a lot of this from baker mayfield. Do you see any of those two similarities baker. Yeah a bigger deal that are like average it's yet to come back when it goes against idol archer or stay at aqueduct. It needed in that he would insert sect are going to game. It did do. You know it might be its control where did this work or play Qatar. I'm a block or should he goes to quarterbacks it candidate corporate jets win. It you know player crime in if it weren't championships and you know options it's a great position weird you know we agree more work here you know with perhaps that's changed again. You know again we used it if we we just have to agree where players. Blaine and then I. And so silica so. James Franco exactly district communicable. To each. You know you can quarterback to explain that all as well huge difference and ultimately games. You do that game too much of the position has finally a particular point out on over allotment option. Yeah this economy that are out here on policy. Change rain to much for our site on well we're on. It. How about that took so did to get the new airports and should be done in about three years where you have more fun year. The what if you earn your background and sit in the corner. Of the source speakers off something else. That takes going coach the book under your journey life and coaching and battling for the win fun this week in coach we'll talk again next week. Great. Art that you coached. I disclosed here of people here on the day's course he had more hurdles well Washington to get those quarterbacks and Greg gets to the next level he's just a little like the airport here in the next couple years when it finally gets what's been interviewed your dwindle editor work he said he was laying on the floor some churches well. There's you're going to lean on an airport. One youth hockey tilts at an unbelievable pregame speech. That lands him of the deal the day I die and we have the all we get to that next. States that the viewers back. They give a damn good inside the Irish so we you know. He's futurity. If that's that's last edit that went on and I give us an idea Nike gave a certain last when as an IKEA IKEA as we know law. What he stated last week he had a lot of fun with that and that it is that in order to. If it's outside it sounds like absolutely. I'd back in days of late date in dust like in in a full Ryan what else the I think that does is going to be here with this. Or via for the remaining portion of the week most likely. But eight even though winds on year doesn't change we did Adobe that dot. Don't be their guy. You can't and won't believe. Pictures I show. Don't detain that guy today is still beating islanders would still be the guy is courtesy calls. One statement. Hockey coach you fourteenth. In that Littleton Colorado or via U fourteen team. In the open cholera now he speak to a bunch of he would. And he gives this speech. To be keeping kids now two years now that he was fired 88888. The kids loved essentially what it is when it comes at the speech is a pregame speech okay. He's trying to get the kids fired up. And tomorrow and get an. There isn't there. The role. Although it is pretty cool. If you Ed Wood did. Hey. Let's hockey speech that this work did you do it too much despite works in college it is quite work meaty high school divorce the level maybe these will these little kids they. I trust my I haven't heard is already know where uncle that's. I don't know where I'm going to that was once it doubles that the colts need the he pulled his Jersey over space and he's like smiling like what is going on. What is going on right now. Did you had you had a fire and I think he was extremists is the eighty matter I hate to notices the adults he had to go. They had just Jillian the exit. That gets beat and that's I actually Betsy edit verses from. At dusty like it's dusty had to edit that out. Does he was didn't wait to those appointments to the kids win. I don't know if that's where we liked what he wanted it he was talking about do things today like other coaches like coach is why did it just watch I circle. It's bigger parties. Are going to hear it. I'm going to. But he was not dismissed probation fired for that and of course he should have been fired any talk to elect down the Morse beat you. Your tree it hit Hillary's doing cern fired kids up. Nike doo dad about these kids in the fire but didn't deserve to be fired them yes. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely did better in the W speech. He's better than James just yet though it's your very immature but even you would agree that did. Yet but I think I just feel like I'm I want to speed but I mean it's like the Abbas always tells me like it's a good place. You know immediately do the other coach attorney did. In fact I did the kids like acted and I think it's funny like what was the what was arguably a little break with old Islamic. Lately and what was your motivation well. Someone video like this stuff like if people. It was the AD to you is that's what into the Smart about it partnership of the release the body and had a vendetta that. But new video of this who put it out there somebody that brought them as per office it's great they'll social media. Well why do that they'll have a person Dayton Knoll. That this person was going to be sold. Doll in three does yours team before you hit sand. It's embarrassing it's just been viewed 136000. Ordered it to the several went on and on. To start doing just speech in and all of a sudden you're like and I need to. Eight the bulletin over it's a little but there were echoed similar trend of bringing back. Do you do here big media aide to a huge but. You fourteen. They did not do its job. Bite is works pros. I could seat doesn't Minnesota Wild color brilliantly and your singles lose B I've been. Well it's yours stick in there as you're. I figured out that immediacy and they started off that nugget. What do you need to. It moves the country. Each is fired up he's very intense this typical football thing you don't hear I don't know maybe hockey like this. You don't typically hear about the rah rah speeches and hockey over football. On believe. Q did you the league baseball team to this. On believe. Either has given wrap up blood told you that got at this week that he deserved to law. But it is for other job right now he deserved to defy. But I tell an open just two minutes he had the sixty in a sport six back led by dusty likens today. In two minutes next.