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The Day Shift
Tuesday, November 14th

It's hour one and it was loaded. Ryan is out with a new addition to the family. Scott Boars meets with Dayton Moore to discuss some important names in the Royals family. Former NFL'er Heath Evans joind the guys to talk about Chiefs v Giants, this Sunday and he didn't hold back. How much longer will Ben Macadoo be a coach if he gets blown out this week vs KC. What are the possible landing spots, NOW for these Royal free agents?


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Good day. That the match. So stars Jason played games and now we'll tell ski. Yeah we have some breaking news as a development with the climate now Steve it sounds like. The baby is on the way death we've told you guys the Brian's been pregnant. He wasn't loaded. He's elevated quality and having baby number two at bats and I'm not fat and Ali I'm gradually exit the replica ASCII. Who just called about five minutes ago. So then. Life can be a good girl baby is about via. I didn't do them peaceful quiet yeah these are live as he's not willing to do a Lola a new FaceBook live the BB. Being the. Involvement but it but it all seriousness yes taos ski and his wife are on their way to pass the baby right now they are checked insult. Thinking great thoughts for Miami and the family today and he's gonna be out for some time so. And now it's an act Bigby is funny that was a rock and clearly it's an avid T able got dusty iTunes dusty likens the I. He was a wide. That had the Albert or of the Mac so dusty we appreciate you law hanging out with the dates of fearful of the south. Possibly the rest of the week does he's the one that big twelve media days at the gas became the logs text laments we love. The dirty where war and Bruce Weber did enjoy the quality we followed an apple Bruce Yevgeny he sat. I appreciate that he knew exactly who you were when we brought to go Bruce Weber like shoe. Yeah I was double some funny stuff solo wolf everybody updated as. We get war were about Tom. The baby. Being with us you're officially. A little bit later here visual task you watch that's right that's right but let's stick to something that we discussed yesterday being. But in a different oh realm when it comes to talking about three C and the Kansas City Royals. Yesterday I think that we were all. Cautiously optimistic. And we were feeling really good ball. Wrote a report. That stated that Eric Hosmer. I'm Michael scientists definitely targets for the whales and meet us all feel like. Hey. It's a great thing that we're going to possibly be able to reassign both guys you don't know numbers are going to look like. In all the bad but that was the rumors and speculation that were coming out yesterday. Well we have a report now from John McCain and again from ban rag as well as information. From Scott bores. The power aides in a Major League Baseball. The makes this film will be different. Today's day about this kind of figuring things out read tea leaves yesterday was John Hayman reportage said tuchman the whales may have interest or Hosmer. It moves out we we've heard from the agent. We've heard from Dayton Moore himself who was Oliver got mad dog Russo on I heat. Very telling things that he said. I think you eat me Vincent you you read would be more says when it's all that overturning. Piece everything together outside of just the Johnny Damon to raise a big day which he clearly is a mouthpiece was porous because he has this information. They clean head is update. Scott Boras. And is going to me. Would be more today. ANC. Which direction they're planning meet this Tuesday was Scott Boras he's of course the agent pods were in moves. The meeting will go a long way towards determining how the royals proceed as winner the more you're there is a little bit talked about it. His Russo last. And which direction you go you do you play and rebuilt or do you know who's coming back it is an interesting it later the Dell to wells just don't know which direction to go until you find out. Who you're gonna have. Which direction you go he and also says the royals he most interested in retaining pots so we we do know that that's John payments are latest. There is forums what's he's saying but that is adjusting to these mean and that will go along way is of course it's down throws out some. Crazy numbers. They might just say okay. They are meeting is the GM meetings going on this week in the winter meetings the month rent eleven. Of December but Skype for us was on within a B network radio yesterday. In we've heard for more payments said what does the agents. And he had some really telling things he says about cost and how value yes he did was this you tell me. How much Scott Boras thinks air customer can get on the open market. Murder is championship battle what we're. He aegis of the planes are loaded if you want it burned out delivery if you wanna hurt. Well one your delivery or you want a three your delivery of a championship team when they're 47. 26. Point five years of age all the young ages. These players are adept younger wearing on your finger yet leadership. You have all these element. And as you can see I'm. I'm talking about a dynamic that allows flexibility. For an ownership. To use a player. Where would you get a little older and free agency you have to be treated as though. You're when he utilized player more along the line. But now 33 at into the role player yourself insulin now before. When you get into the younger players are so few players in free agency. 27 a murderer in even a decade the U. And so when you have players that ever ring on the finger and that they have. They win a gold glove and silver slugger and their leaders and they'd come true this cycle. Of being a losing club duel winning club. You have an opportunity to sign that fire he skips every type of club in the marketers. So when you edit so rare that we have that. You know are looser. Are hard in the market and mainly talking about and Bryce Harper to follow these kind of players I don't think. You know it there's just a variety of teams that have the need for them. It was Gabor single B network radio Scott bourse about eight Fisher Price are pretty detailed. More in Haas removes Boris stands to make a lot of money I love forty said. And it's a gold quote he's the federal express. If talk about FedEx. You we could we could cheat easyJet chief Moshood delivery. Next day I mean he was. He was bill Lima no matter what club he goes to he mentioned gold glove and silver slugger I knew he was using them for a mole with the clubs he fits in every club's profile. Anyway that's Gabor is very high and Eric Hosmer sort of think media hometown this can now. I'm not they did it at all when I don't mess that's now be called the FedEx delivery. That's when that last night in rescinded overalls like. Made just does not sound like to guide us looking to bomb to keep me eighty dollars. All the table. It it sounds like Scott Boerse bid they're gonna afford it they're trying to get that massive contract and I don't I don't blame stub or I wouldn't. Blaine air concert air concert. He's got this opportunity did to be a part of free agency any already has all reading. And that is the one thing that forced to get out of that SoundBite was. His statements at pedigree he's achieved in ready to go to your team yup help you out. FedEx delivery you waiting for dad had this team should pedigree in how it that he talks about a team that started from scratch. Integrys Hosmer sought through he saw the bad years that he saw the good years. Talk about her controversy FedEx delivery ready for these are seller excellent says he's so full that are. Agents typically your buddy agents like Scott or surgical be good at their job would be duke Jersey sales pitch right there. He's a 100% sales pitch vote that acts get a ring finger gold Glover silver slugger he. He's going to use everything also said he fits the profile. A whole lot of teams. This would be more to be dealing with yup I'd today at the GM meetings this Gabor sit down Scott Morse of course you also mentioned Bryce Harper there Bryce Harper big free agent. The next year which is gonna bet him at least. Suburb and you like 400 million he's looking at around five this look about 600 million between just these three guys. Now he's gonna get all that he's gonna get out of it but he's looking at nearly half a billion dollars compared to a converts opportunities like 400 million. It's his job billed this as job to angle to get the best. Contracts. And best opportunity before his client now to why leave your house is gonna take the most money to go to a crack team and out wind no. I don't think Costner plays that I think to your house wants to get a massive contract but I also think he wants to be in a situation. He can win I don't think is gonna take money to go to light. The Padres. To see you all ought to go to the race. I podger is human that would Philadelphia Philadelphia is re getting everything they're going. In a gore did the opposite to what the playing it really doesn't need him Reese Hopkins and everything else did they don't neater Don Imus is best example but it's even a minute or two years away. But your customer fits that this team is two years away from competing you bring in in their customer. Hands tech says basically get blank out of your mouth Gabor us what to say he's a good agent man it's called for what it is he gets money. For his clients that's a reason Angela Scott Boras all the because he's good he's this he's one of the best agents in the business. It is a take no Indy deals I've usually done a deal ahead at our. It was able with awestruck or Charles doubles to prosper you know got one done before he got the free agency typically doesn't do. And let's be honest effort has had so many injury issues that it was advantageous for him to go in get their deal but it. Let the text line is not buying eighteen divorce is is is saying here. And we understated he has aids it is trying to put together the best deal. On for his client. But the text font is much is they don't wanna buy anything that he's saying and at the years they appeared that they're talking crap right now on the text line. Make sure that should listen to this show an hour from now. We hear the words directly out of the mile to Dayton Moore and didn't hear what's not to say about what you think the boss got board. I don't care what you think Scott or some say the guy gets money for are absolutely it's what he's its way house who's with Scott worse that's like Greg Holland switch stadium. To get more money it keep in mind Greg Holland is Scott Boras client knew Regis did. He opted out of fifteen million dollars for the Rockies which saw the prizes which is Boris if I can make you more money. So if he does he got an opt out of fifty million. Skies giving limit for him is you know we talk Greg Owen in the doing out. Now with you would get back to the worlds here in just a big. And namely at the top of the hour we got some stuff in regards to Dayton Moore directives from Dayton Moore that's absolutely wanna hear. At 11 o'clock O without a guest coming up next is gonna be Heath Evans from NFL network in its about clearly about the cease and what's going. All with that's he's a former fullback or for the patriots in the saints were cynical network reason we have him on he said this last week. On NFL network we'll talk about it. When I think of chiefs before the season expected defense you know obviously be goes down the first week but they played good defense after air very got hurt. It has been a steady decline of teams kind of been able to impose their will we saw last night. What was it seeks great performance in oh at halftime it was just under four yards he finishes the game just under four yards. But they were steady consistent collects and that this defense just is an opportunistic it's always been it's always been a long ranging fast defense. There are Johnson the boys of all of but it would get their hands on ball you'll balls that played spectacular. And then offensively. Good week 11 the past what they do that they brand of rock you know and then we'll all the shifts in motions all the played designed. I'm they had all these wide open throws for Alex to make. Those things have gone by but they're not running the ball as well if they're not getting all these spree deep throws are but it ordered all Alex is so different now how can you turn down wide open throats and that's what Andy Reid was giving this offense in the early weeks of the season. And those haven't been there. They go Heath Evans pinnacle network scrolls or not they're easy throws and out there he's grown by about Heath Evans former fullback. For the saints in India at the teachers also with the Seahawks as well in the fall back out there in the gulf and I sort of an iPhone now works soul. Where does he Evans analyst for NFL network witness he thinks that c.s are going and what's going on McDermott currently at the moment we'll talk to heat. Next. Basically came. And just like temple pilots out here. On this Tuesday morning but let's get to a talk in Cecil. But the biweekly is over. Now it's back to talking football and down a special guest on the hotline right now that before Lou talked this guy Heath Evans in the film network in Washington formal on Twitter minster. Heath Evans 44 you can see he throughout the week on NFL network's total access 6 PM central he played the fallback position. Which is dying breed unifil but he played extremely well more and he. Good morning Doug burns around the back. They Heath though we Virgil last week and we we thought it was really good stuff. When you're kind of break it down the chiefs. In where you see them go when you talk for defense little bit aired very going down. Vinny started talking about Alex Smith a little bit irreverent talk but this guy be an MVP and he's getting VP type numbers. But what he's seen from his play three the last four games of the chiefs of lost. Well that's always a little weak Watergate days bears into England it NG idiot. It probably did it once it all is well between and you really broke it in the execution of the players. Broke every sequence of rule on the air it check their eyes they drag our whole field with all these. Ghostly motions all the options and shut the pot is that nobody else basically everyone confused in the back continued. For the better weeks. All of and that you'd need would be why the statements were approaching disappear you'd see in the right game people are there guys good. Being more later aren't corrected arise due drag over the fielded chasing things religious their lives you're have you read. Edit movies partner network secret about weather go again. People are been. Bought those things to do it here so we've seen the run games so the bigger guys are GAAP aside there have been there QB get our corrected them. In the past and you know. That's what we write out a way out was picking a deliberate that. You know passionately wanted probably during the couple shall be wide open shots from. The brilliant then you read and so. A law to create it is they're expected that the John Paul bot check if you read by as well. I expected it would this week. But that which you got to get back dribble a ball get great care. We shot that Alex loose ball straight you're baking and disappeared. Social with all the BM VP talk surrounding Alex Smith and how well he was playing to start the year when they started five you know would you say that. By the same token maybe it was understated or under rated how much of an impact Rima was having early. Well all people love to have to disregard Rutgers if it incorporated. You know people act on your day. Don't watch decades ago watch out legally against Denver on Sunday night. They were three yards on first down if you get Brady's second said that it would get worked out you know if you get the record the second war. I mean it'll rebound. You know we we we constantly tried to. Please quarterbacks open obvious that a body and replace coach or play design. Again. If it will run game was well what can point out war and deep there is barely complete wrap up game because of the run game so. It's not just floating on the brilliance of what it is all we. What he's built and built a balanced teams one of these factors that he so and so. It just got all the way to kick back. To where they can dictate taste that the church when you could dictate that deepens what they can and can't do because of your run game in the ducks. That's where it went and that's what degree at all that he do. You don't meet one of the Achilles heels in terms of this defense but they've been struggling with. Has been actually stop in the run and and they had trouble stopping the run last year they're having troubles again stopping the run this year. But how much did the issue DT is tied into. Are dim being impacted by the eerie eerie injury that occurred and we want. Well I. Like what we want it could be impact if you look at it on that game. People focus on the job on week one which was brilliant and very few. You know one people well or social doctored. You look at this the paper and yet say you over the top guys on Saturday that others are trying to squeeze them in a box in. He'd be Egypt early we want but it runs gave it was a heat seeking missile hundred he had. That sport elderly brigade you're so responsible what opted. Social the other. Signal tackles in the open field that he mixes. It might change BB a that game and so. You can't. Wanna buy that. That being (%expletive) I actually I believe it. If you read. Obviously prolonged cheering you want ordered a cup where one player to what we see we're in new news. Well tackled and you can't block Claiborne get success just ridiculous you can't. I applaud that that I think. Beat it would be all that tackles all we talk about boring you know rhetoric Jewish guys being bigger gap assignment. A lot of energy wrote sloppy football right now the chief should enable. Oh getting X. The aviation. Talking to Heath Evans from NFL network form on Twitter at Heath Evans 44 in PGE play for Coach Billick check. And act I'm curious. Is too if you were coaching who you would take our exiting cream on camera took them by surprise and he took the lead by surprise. Their talk did they have the Senior Bowl nobody usually. You pay much attention to him. But the chiefs. Now I think Belichick would clearly take him out but we heard any reader of the Texans game six that they did some things defensively to limit the running game. If I've seen this the last three and four games of the running game was good Alex Smith would bullet. If your face in the chase are you worried about hill kill seat part Alex Smith who we try to take away. The bigger question I think you'll get an Olympic run game and different than what bill do we wanted we won. If bill loves to play strategically loves to kind of get. Just stay very where you can get a vote up or brought those guys that you got a lot of things there's a lot of pressure. All the speed line that you can't really. Just battle all the bargain which you a lot of what you don't do treasure laden could be art and model I'm just beat Iraq. What you feel lately that gave it its its penetration. It's so when you have all those. Dosed action or loose we actually gained all the in this direction. It shouldn't you get one guy picture back you'll it breaks root. And it will be great rhythm then the office literally all support that'll be other people survived go to the truth and report. And so. They get a great job of the gravity penetration early obviously and and then lately that's been the case let's awarded. Battle in the run game but also that actually gain the beach and so crucial early on and so equally on Q. He's the big isn't it 000. Berkshire. Eight you know it's instinct bye week here is what are the chiefs the teams five of those demons won loss last three out of work through before games. I think it's an existing bye week freed you read tuchman a good he's been. But other in the pac sixteen have a better record there's a budgeting are a handful of teams have the same record as them. I'm looking does the vision. I am sure who's going to push them. Do you think the raiders are just two back and they did beat the chiefs head to head but they still got to play the patriots they still got to play the cowboys he's still got to play the Eagles. The raiders are some ills on the schedule. Eighty look at the chief schedule maybe the bills of the toughest rating team and really they battled tough games. Out of the way up. Can you built a false sense of security like one or beaten the giants. Mean this schedules very appetizing for the change he can you do this is still working things even if you're better than teams are playing. Absolutely out of that the cubs and chewed most of the letter was that bird probably. I think it's players are works that ego. You possible attack so altered game. No use being in Botswana which or or what you. Had a great game individual. Other girl recently reporters. Should all be open to teaching and coaching but. In the change and walk away with the owners of liberators well football league in many ways to take the same thing about the book it shows just what you've been chargers. They'll figure when goes gain majors in doubles you can possibly imagine those two musicals gain on the world that he would total one. It in multiple action you'd have done the stupid penalties. It's just it's clearly nobody. Whenever you look at the schedule and with the cheeks are ruined it all. Actually clicks there you could just odd that someone that. They hadn't helped launch. I mean. What we're seeing. In the pot all. We will get coached by bill but in the right policy that it actually. There's not. That's about it that you will orbit. The coaches. Coached by two people so you you would expect. We hit we he'd be in the best position the boards scrub yet. Good stuff he'd the eagles' best team in Florida. You know its record wise and did that. I don't know if you look at it until. So what could take away on what we've seen from the pats in the run game. In the way. There are probably going to be part of being disillusioned with the beaches. You can't. Consistently penetrate pocket which your orbit outlawed in the eagles' game. You know people struggle the patriots because they look at scores well except Sunday night. The way. Telling me. A decent what they can and can't do with all the personnel with a five lives with their anti packages with their. Three backs and their two bachelor of three tied 11 back. You better ones with more decent to lobby them. Great stuff these kids Heath Evans on NFL network throughout the week total Lexus 6 PM central time also formal on Twitter at Heath Evans. 44 always enjoy it he thinks a lot. Review Heath Evans rate their former Super Bowl champion course he played for bill check. In some really just self not to get back to double points days that he pointed out here you'll city get chewed up the most after big wins. Look close there was always the big Wednesday Belichick brought you these guys that went by twenty points Saban bill tickets at the end game. They always have issues good coaches always had issues if it's his word to lose this weekend to the giants not only would it be inexcusable. It was spell doom for the rest of the season. Waited too you hear some NFL analyst address the giants and their head coach next. Yeah yeah. Basic giving you evidence from NFL network he Evans was you just keep it real. It was stupid of 100 banquet. We gets you know. It's an issue for action Smart guys and he was down on the team actually he he was he's still very high on the sees what he says yes yes things that they have to withdraw fullback he's is of course gonna love the running he knows how important it is. Dictating game dictating time of possession the Steelers used a beautifully. They don't tell and the position because here's the one thing to a lot of people still go back Steelers game I think our defense played well he blundered when it. You limited possessions beatable thirteen minutes longer. It's means Alex Smith for two to two and a half times he miss two to two and a half possessions. But sitting on the sideline because of what the Steelers bits and it yeah a lot a lot more Bol tunnel possession at a clock and they did the points always look at that. Eight look at that instead of the the point that Ian who dominated time of possession who keep they kept the other team's offense on the sideline that's what they did I think it. Was interesting though that it can be brought this up to arm on the show. Any over the last couple weeks in and also he deficits brought up your last segment. What he stated that he recasting it's the decrypt if he has. He killed calling bring forth on Ganassi and now. You are angry media he respects Andy Reid he says he's got to be more creative here with this offered to what they're trying to get done but. I kept thinking about the is the entire week when a watch everything that was going on around a week. And I'll watch seeing some of these games let's golf would have Wallace's pass we debate is baffled that. These matchups did not excite me at all out here. What that's what you wanna try out there and talked about I thought that the gains or garbage. They're I don't care if you talk a ball. The jaguars chargers game when an overtime in the Georgia game was trash until the last I admit as we had the turnovers and individually it went in overtime. On the Steelers and the colts. I saw some highlights of that. It looked like a great game. Big day Dallas forces Atlanta. Won them I mean it just was not eighty good football games on this week. The Denver game. Against the patriots. That was trashed so awful Willis college football dominated the unifil this week to get these better so so so. Wit with so many teams. Playing and so many bad games unfortunately. The chiefs didn't looked out with some of the team's big need to Lowe's Lowe's. Now the fortunate thing for them this week. Is that that the Steelers have Tennessee on Thursday night for ball. So may be that Tennessee Titans can jump up and beat the Steelers the Matt -- game it it it it on top of that though. Even if the Steelers. In del winning that game who it's taken and now. The Tennessee Titans look the same record as you do right now soul. That that helps with some in some way there's a definite interest is in their note no question what would Combs to. That sees this would specifically. And then face in the giants. The giants are. Without question a bad for ball. They are totally dysfunctional right now and their hate colts. And that it was on the hot seat today I think did this match up against the giants this weekend is reminiscent. Almost two years ago when JT the brick joined us talking about the winless Oakland Raiders. And howl that chiefs. Would be done in his eyes in his opinion is that she supported gold gold moves to the Oakland Raiders. They be done. They would be legit. Enact a view this game is. As the same ordeal. For the chiefs did she is go on the role and moves to the giants. They're done. This would be inexcusable. Loss and there's so many beings that are acting with the giants but they form. Not only just a bad football team. But they have sold what's drama taking place with the organization. Right now and it starts with the head coach. And I saw something on Sunday that was buried telling into some sound bites. From on it fell Sunday two count down on ESPN. We had a round table. All of radio malls Charles Woodson. Rex Ryan. Talking to mom Samantha ponder. And the comments it will start with is from Charles Woodson aide Charles what's in just. He talked about how this team. Is in effect they're done. They are done this team is done there is no coming back from starting. The way that the giants starting so don't try to sell him on this team can bounce back this was Charles what's. We probably make an and we can try to. You know. That was disease and whatnot public thanks for me is played on the team that went to it is possible dissimilar situation when else would be O readers that we had you know anonymous players you know. Coming out on the codes and laws team goes positive and guess what they did. They're meant to run and asked me and ask me authority chairman is and so you know we had a couple players became president. You know that that causes lost the team an outlet near mammoth. I really you know which enables. I put my name. And I think that it costs at all to see then an issue that you have is that when we got back believing in US vehicles they stopped believing in what you're trying to do I get really disrespect. You don't say when it comes to meetings be don't tie. I'm when it's also when my assistant coaches everybody. Has this dark tunnel vision and people get really disrespectful so. I really feel like man Bob Mack who has probably run his course. In your network rather they do it now what do it later these guys that are there now and I did today and Sunday. They're not buying into what he's Salant. Bass sounds like it Venus on the porch of quitting. That's what it's you've got to go out there at all established dominance over the giants. Endanger your talk about a team is gonna melt down we talked about it with the Broncos game is that he said. And it what we see little Riley doesn't crumble at one point being yours what exactly would the bond was elated this sort of point fingers. This same thing can happen and transpire with the New York Giants. But it doesn't it didn't just in the air because Samantha ponder she had asked the question to everybody else on the panel. And a start with the Randy Moss responding. This team south of punitive or equity that's why losing to the giants would be inexcusable. You're ahead let's prevent happening right now as anything you can do to win them. No I don't know how so because look at the handle on what I mean that's a promise when he suspended two star players now. What type rules he he put in place in New York we don't know. But one thing about it he needed those gas to be able to win games and you heard players say there are contains only your date coaching her new team you take it upon yourself. I don't know how much long. In Arlington tomorrow those guys you suspended if you win norms and like he's an inside and make a point at this point in time look I'm the leader and he's fun to show my team Yale also spin you two guys to our best players. I've looked around like man we've you've got to use our records. The putts at it and I think it would look at it this scene was like 500. And they suspended player now I think. Maybe then you might have you know what a different response right from the players but the fact you won one game. Any expectations were that this is a Super Bowl contending team I mean that's it's it's gonna blow up. Inexcusable bank. Inexcusable. Seems. She did not and they will not lose to the giants. Just to enact it came down team get a look look what they did the wrong. The Broncos were only two game losing streak for the played cheat at a loss to be on the loss by that are. The scum of that they're the giants' only win came against the wrong. The Broncos didn't score eighties for the first time a 25 years they were blanked in LA against chargers. Keep it down team going and keep in spiral in the giants spiral out of control but it's three straight week against New York teams giants. The bills and don't been back out there to play the jets. Listen to this. The chiefs. Are favored. Over the giants. Minds all the rolled. In an axe that's come down in open debate and an eight. Time. You see this typically the National Football League we see teams going all the old what would the line SARS at thirteen in its ten and a half. S trees and he was safe thirteen and half. Of the rebel bad debts. Debts unbelievable. It's giants as the on the idea that. They can about it arts at all oddly they use. It and dusty tells the real bad today I came there with a yeah I don't think he's gonna beat the giants here. I really want security that. It's two out on the road in. Let me project but let me ponder qualities of the bond of cement that on act at a few days yet oral. Yeah but I mean it was. I don't only mallet and on over three wood and that I don't bats and try to make my name up here that does not work itself does but man. Credibility oddly my alma Obama promised update being you don't hardly losing her weakness is that what what you. All become the go to guy like the ID superffoods dusty were little kids you actually thought I was gonna win this -- that you would you Toby Florida State was gonna rule Alabama. I shoot I had to bet I told everybody that Miami was gonna roll ordered. You nailed that all about the U. It is about you I'm eternally true change. I'm a rock which you brought it over him right and forget to turn over. That's gonna Wear that thing back on the field that was gonna forget they have it. In Cuba gathered turn over chain that's a told his responsibility to get pitching that's given code via a I what is the latest projections on what whales free agents may head. We get to that. And I thank you on the days you. Here on sixth in Sports Radio V. He only game in the National Football League this week. Would there is a double digits pop. Spread in terms of the line. Is that seats that's the only one the only other when this that's. This lowers from a number of perspective is this or is favored by set itself have prices come down. Edges sees better knows. Better now but big you can't cross something's from the Atlanta journal constitution. In regards to laud the royals have free agency it's accusing its. I'd be right now of course the news came up this morning Scott Boras will meet today. With Jimmy and Judy Mort GM meetings talk about Hosmer. In the stock is some by the way he grandma and that he works with are. He put out a funny thing. Talking about priests their customers earlier freezer never liked it to Golden Globes ceremony. Here recently. Where highs it was a who who tweeted a picture. If you that the birth or was that the royals I can't remember who specifically tweeted that picture you issues with. Do you see issues with you that there so Don Mattingly handed out the gold gloves were for space to see highs in JC mirrored in nature and after years. Mattingly said the American League gold glove award winner is customer of the mine anymore. I. I still Jeter believes that he's talking about decorative. Of stand but of course or is from Miami. Eric house most work. According to somebody who's they're sleepy grad off so anyway there you go Don Mattingly he's got a lot of jokes introducing Hosmer. As a member of the Miami Marlins. Haven't heard that would. Yes it is big talk Johnny Damon that he could come back to the royals the AJC. The story on the royals would and is kind of weird at a out of the out of the box. But they talked about the big competition. For signing not in a mention a few teams here like the Red Sox. Red Sox have long distances been considers a possible winning spot Hosmer. Of course moves averted in Red Sox quoted at their the life that is lack it Middleby order presence last season. After bigger piece there's the look of the middle order did young tell all around the diamond. No not at first base where Mitch Moreland hilly Ramirez spent time last season Hosmer is opposite field power savings that would also played well. With the green monster in Fenway and they're also looking at Judy Martinez will think about that. They're constantly awful all the time with a home run how many times you think eagle apple hit that green monster top. There's not a home run up like would it be made perfect for what they yes it would they said the Yankees even my short porch. In right field to see the Yankees are average intangibles including his clubhouse leadership in media savvy ways would play well inning yankees clubhouse the continues the younger. What's the Yankees actually put stock in that is the media attention. Is for greater than anybody else that nobody. It's good Laker you would find there yet he'd take a lot of money New York market these early shed away from New York is generally downplay editor when they're playing the Mets. Are lightly his or someone against the mailed him. In New York. If you walk around the streets they'll. Bill knowing there the Yankees have said they wish to get in the 197 million dollar luxury tax Herschel to 2018 according to New York Post. So that's innate in air bird users well so that's. You know somebody they may be interested in. Keeping for that position. So the Yankees and Red Sox or couple's teams here's the thing I think about those. Teams Greg bird. At first base but they got the money yankees' eight when the Yankees and Red Sox are mentioned it's never cooling. Because how much money they can go out there and they've got the royals remains possible that no team about you paused like the royals. It it seems like damage they value customer need the angels while. We we played what Boris Hussein about a good clubhouse guy he's of FedEx guy with a new team that's ready VP at the Yankees. Or when these teams it's getting ready to beat you lose this year in the playoffs they also have Seattle Mariners which I've not heard this week how's myrtle. Looking forward dark horse contender to emerge could be a team like the bears. Owners of the longest playoff drop in baseball the TDs and upgrade to first base in the French guys want a free agent bidding war before. Blaming Robinson and I'll never really thought of the mayors they do have cash mean either they do it the case has been they said the color Iraqis. Snagged an unexpected initially wild card spot in 2007 team. In like the Mariners girls he's an upgrade at first base. The rocky side Ian Desmond to long term deal last off season. He can play first base also possesses the ability to move around in of course they get the same low score got an EQ and a it. Come on and that would absolutely psyched to see and they'll portals have missed the playoffs in consecutive years the cubs have taken control initially central. The GM out there says he's not using the worried rebuild. This off season. The young they're getting into it Tony five home runs the working there in and they say the Aussie angels angels of Francisco giants where have heard moos has been quite a bit as well. Eagles' big market teams with a track record is spending moneys these teams mean I'd be a fit as well the angels will also project is possible winning spot moves. Might not have the money for two big signings this winners than those of the teams are linking us with I was most surprised by the Mariners. Generally thought of them as a contender for Hosmer what would say the Yankees and Red Sox back off especially the Yankees because that luxury tax Herschel. It would've bought the Boston to me is more liking moves than Oliver. They wanted moves battles he's the the royals third I'm physically and I sitting there though it changed for them. I TC either guy landing there could be more routine morning bowl of pretty below that magic. In this there's so much talk to bowel. A Bol to moves. And the angels. That just it is seems like there's a lot of speculation amber or so to finish from a holiday or who knows theory they like him out there is always welcome when he's out there. It will velocity angels vote as wilderness. Holes are. That's selling point for the royals Logan Morse and is being looked who choose gusty tweeted and yes it was the angels looking at Logan Morrison yet elegant horses well. So look at any but you become a key city you're going to give the all star game in the final vote they will would you have. My dark horse is Houston on the text line. I've heard that actually. Really Houston for Hoss. They are to get the ring I don't and act and it got to. I just hit it says they got the ring I don't see him go one out just you know spending money like crazy in its final for this an 816 Casey get a lot that they just downtown. I see them getting engaged or getting married in the next couple years over the two with its primary do it. Exact she doing some work with CBS at ease and broadcast. He's doing now some CBS sports side network stuff so puzzlement moment. The whole idea that I do. I do it then I think it's what is our basic as it for the money out of the woods when the stock early. In and see the growth is at a convenient that they took a break and then right authorities of freeagent they're back together. He's Smart he sand doubtless tarpaulin his goal affairs Berkshire at. And what's he got a gold a lot of slack if you and it Khalili took a mutual I was power cup picture feeling to be mutual. She'd been a pot she'd been a partisan power coupled with. Those power couple if at. Actually Jaber. Heeded could give them back. Egypt we never got any clarity is still what the issue lies member that there are some rumors and speculation but we never got clear as to why. Eighty gets the altar but whatever that's been done a long ago I come up in two minutes. Yesterday most of us were pretty excited about the speculation at the world's angling to resign or cows or Mike stock this. Bull we'd empty here with GM Dayton Moore had to say about the situation in it will likely change your tune. You're from Dayton next.