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Josh Vernier
Monday, May 29th

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And when I was late you know recover fare search I'd be you know bus over there and overran the bag. Try to reach back from all right and then try to take two steps and a mile. And just you know coming up so and those we've suffered standardized so. I judge tried to brace for my arm because it didn't want this thing here and you know. So reliant areas am thankful. My arm is fine you know this this sucks and this is a big. Big time for us turnaround this this is pinned. The voice your opinion about and I'll be stressed unity. You know. Six day service Salem or try to come back soon I mean. I don't know when and I want of this team and so. They're bummed out today of you know may keep the same. Mentality in. Kentucky the boy is alive in here and just do my best to be a part of this you know come on out on the field. Mr. do. Yes you know when you asked me yesterday if I hurt myself foes like I don't know so obviously. Not an aggressive speculate but I woke up this morning back to really do. So. You know so bummer happens to baseball. You know I get over there in time and I do it you know my instincts say muted due in 99% of come. Somehow. I accept full responsibility for you know there's no way to get there at the right way of changes sucks no matter what. I'm kicking myself over a little more because I didn't go my position and I I take a lot of pride that so. Just can't tell you about how we can do look forward and tell you back as quick as possible and you know if iron and go you know whenever the time comes you're anything like this. You're in the World Series in and fourteen lawyer cost a thing of the stress reaction in my room. And you know to them. There was talk about it now because the I was not supposed to talk about it back then and you know for good reason so. Do it and this is something that we need in the from the book right now so I could be fresh and ready to go into making a run for the playoffs names. Yeah I guess they're completely different injury. You know same side and just got an actor say about them rebound. So treatments. You look at who this mystery and anything they throw him in it than anything that. Bested disarmament do if I mean you know and you're back case. On reducing you know hopefully this team and for you this you know I know party's gonna do whoever comes and goes up must is. Kind of pick up right where I left off. And I was really pleas of my previous two hours prior to yesterday. And house fell because in this so. I'm gonna keep the mentality and keep watching video what I've been doing right and when I've been doing wrong and I'll period ago and I knew back in you know. Sucks and David tomorrow on the walk through that door and then do the same moment. Users more frustration for you guys are in the standings and certainly better the last 23 weeks and you can help extended period. Yeah I mean whether where. Thirty and five or were. Where we're at right now is sucks equally because. I know what I'm capable of doing and I'm starting to really come into my own. And actors feel and you know to visit him. Compared to what could and could be. This is homeless more minor in my own band but it could be assists avoid debt I created with this team. Giving her it's been a little bit. It.