Danny Duffy w/ Fescoe In The Morning

Josh Vernier
Thursday, April 13th

Royals starting pitcher joins Fescoe In the Morning as he does each and every Thursday at 9:15. Duffy talks pranking Esky in the club house and what life is like as a starter compared to being a bullpen arm. Also, he talks about the Royals early season struggles. 


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Are added his ads have a week or a job with our guy Danny doesn't it's all brought you by physical destruction is Kansas City evolves distance construction is involved in their make it a donation to know it's bad it's project. Each week when Danny Duffy joins us here on the six dead Sports Radio how you do a budget good. I'm gonna do it animal oh wait it's great view. Certainly. Ready you know. You're ready to rock and roll in the end it's good to raise more money for nose bandage project as we do every week here. Odds extent Sports Radio you with the strikeouts incumbent on each week every work and it knocked this pediatric cancer thing out before we know with all this cash or bring in an hour. I mean goodness there like plans fairly we've made it pretty cute in problem. Really excited to you happen in the future if we can't do agree being could be would be the ultimate limit. He had no question man especially for the kid chosen and to see these kids suffered what not for you to. To go out there and give your time and money and effort throughout all this man were were so great like Nokia city so grateful have a guy like you around doing great things. Well I appreciate him and gives. Two. Leave it played better than it did it look like out here. Not I ask you about this stuff because I saw yesterday during the day the post this on and Stu grant and you guys you do you're quickly becoming one of those. Funniest follows on Twitter Earnest Graham out there man because he did the shenanigans they yesterday. I'm not entirely sure what's going on a but it looks like there's nobody up above this locker Torre reached down tasks one they had what was going on there. And in the media that. It's like opening about the law and I probably out of their way to earth at the bar where cool 45 minutes. So. And it would were the you know obviously. You know majority Kennedy before they and outlook for people who appealed and and behind the bag while Orlando I got to credit him the disputed you didn't expect their pretty blah. I use the mayor talk and pearl everybody have their camera it uses the collusion boots oh. Ed Zola you've got to pop that scared him good he had him on the head he's from below above the lockers on. I'm playing above the lockers and he's reached over and touches to an hour. Yeah. They're Baghdad to jump really high that or are you surprised allied jumped. Yeah. I thought the played it perfectly. But it it would be that there's this. I couldn't quite reached out and grab them. It it worked we're exactly what and I mean you know you gotta keep the boys. You know on their toes and you elaborate in the field that particular. Let him. Is he the type that will now try to get payback. I don't know I think he'll probably do little settled. You know joke. Where we got eight people in the rear and he's he's been known to. In series moment. Cryptic and you'll put the speaker right in the middle moderate. It's if there's going to be like the medical military and president that being. Yeah yeah yeah. It would drive me nuts like him immediately that he writ. Maybe maybe you know you know you don't now I love it we eat. You guys yet you do we need to have a panel levity no matter what it is you do whether it's baseball where the sitting at a desk all day working nine to five you need to kind of have that levity. Around the office in the ability to get along with your teammates and as a starting pitcher let's be honest you got a lot of free time you can come up with the status and I don't. But at that that they had a lot of problem is that what was he what was video on the planet. And picnic it's. It's formulate ways. People and I'm. You know we've still got to have fun regardless you know the start that we've gotten out to eat you know that obviously. Getting could be greater sense of urgency but I. You know we know ineptitude in order to stick together and that you know are women. But in the same sand bar in the same breath we also need to remember. You know how do we yarn in oh you know good Leo you know on the other obviously we haven't haven't all had a lot of foreign born out of the sports but. You know we got we have continued yet though and about it that together. He had no quest yet if it does it seems like everybody's tents like it is looking at this ultimatum and don't always better start winning and that's doom I guess like good for anybody when you when you know the pressures there does. Yeah you know it's. I don't know I don't know what what it is and it's and it is what was called league baseball right now I mean we argue balls release. Four. There's the there's also. On the flip side though you know. Ground ball to connect to block the 35 mile Broward you'd better that the hit that word. We aren't right now where it is right that people mean it. Our big scene and released. In them you know just that cute couple they all right at the shortstop. And that's illegal or right now but you know again it's still Suker and we've got to. Continued to play our game in humble come out of it together it's. You know it's not like where certain news then. You know not into the open bird but we're gonna come out of it together at Morgan and you know you're back on track the plural they are not firm belief that. Allegheny Duffy here on sixth and sports rated judges every Thursday at 915 raising money for nose bandage project to strike out pediatric cancer all right passes yesterday you didn't answer I'm glad you did but what's harder striking out it did slip that water bottle on its head like you did. If it. And that and think they're equally. It's challenging that. I gotta be honest with these men are probably native you government can't. On that water bottle and audio Elliott lead. Use the first to let everybody knows that that was my first yeah. You keep an. That's sorely. Yet big big pep bottled chick who's a little bit more typical that it goes along with the repugnant too much time on it and. It is and and you know that kind of brings us to our next that you got like four days between every store what do you do as a starting pitcher to get ready for that IR I think we're saying yeah I mean is he's got a title and lockers slipping water bottles. Hey by adulthood for a year to some folks who donated dogs is another great thing that you're doing in the community. What should duty on how to start out oh crap happen. But that it. You know I didn't have nearly ideal model worked out of the way we did it. Given that there and get much so the word did not treatment whatever side and you on this particular day. And that I just haven't tried he's my ears open Serb you know anybody who know what that. Talk talk baseball club life I mean there's a lot more suited game and took the game itself and you know. He did he made being that he made the move move move cared about the next the guy next to here. What he's got going on now what we've got going on their mind about the game or does it performance. The game to me in that. I think that the you know it's equipment probably what I do a lot of my apartment to sit there and be you know anybody. A lot of fun. Talking with Danny Duffy here on 610 sports I saw video you get a dog to salute your canine unit dog. There will it wouldn't what goes into training a dog to salute to did you did you have any run down of that all you're doing that. Dude I would side view I don't know my presently coordinated enough. And it does Rupert he's been use music came on. Police state you know. Ninety. Properly these detained canine unit. Area and it in the Lou Altman. Without tighten security and I'll be looked amazing. Yes you know they're not that echoed in my backpack. And then obviously. Medium and sit there and have a full conversations with any the public. That there is now let me know Dietrich you'd like so. In the abuse the coolest thing Thursday. Yes I needed he stated that these. I'm still trying to get Hitler like (%expletive) Crack and I. You talked dogs I'd interviewed all horse before I mean it's cool we need the animals to respond tee it. That's right absolutely. I mean that's the first summit but the play. You know I had one of the most intelligent conversation go to. Yes that's a SP two ways you're buying it here as your buying pet food for a year. And. Yeah you know. Indicate he pet project at its dog and as overeat. What's. Has been there along the most wealthy that are. That the case he pet project and he sent me pictures that dog and Wednesday and I was like what can you do to keep that dog adopted. So while we saw a little bit of attention to whereabouts there on out for a little picnic and they. And a year's supply of dog. And keep their that the great ideas it is in like two days later I don't know any correlation. Like the big but it didn't matter that view on the guitar has a home. But to live writer windows adopted and so we followed through on that a couple weeks ago that Rabin and you know and it out. And that Benedict got it means and what they're thrilled probably the more thorough look there and your family members could one day look like if we are to meet. No question man you're such a good dude doing everything you can effort to make kids city better before we college get out of here from a man how was the ceremony for you on Monday honoring your Donna. It's typical. It is. A beautiful tribute. Is the most needed tribute. Very respectful. I met it mother for the first parliament. I don't really know what the regular it received. It is no playbook that it there's things mobile arm. It was very difficult moment and any. Honestly and normally when that's because that bothers you fly overs idea it to those are soak I think you political thing bedroom. It you know this country and our view that National Anthem and keep that I needed it goes and I was numb and I can you are paying about eight. You know he saw a lot of emotion on the field. It would I don't would don't mind the best activated or government. I think it's an act it's you know. The severity maybe predict comment. All non it to other candidate without moment you. I've told it's so you're gonna mother and it is Graham his grandfather. What. That we where it. Yeah it would there was an awesome tribute and I could say had never heard a stadium that silent before like it was and so everybody inside the stadium was feel those emotions and that's one of the cool things about Casey man. You become part of this community we all feel the same things were all gone through together. Obviously everybody a little bit different than that one another but everybody was Phelan a bad day I think it was good for everyone and I thought you guys is an amazing job with that ceremony man. There's it and in the city this city's incredible it's. We knew that we feel the support. Like no other conference yes. Well let's ago we appreciate the time go out there get a win tonight get one tomorrow for yourself and and every time we strikes MBS 500 dollars to to know is bandage project and every time you come on kiss a construction is making a donation to nose bandage project is well. So were raising money to strike out pediatric cancer thanks so much data you'll talk again next week. They're going about it what that Paula gone on. Thanks out at a lot of people text editor of the shells it's that it's not. It's work you got a buddy take care Diddy gusty with the sirens extends Sports Radio kissing construction donates 200 dollars to know is bandits project for pediatric cancer every time Danny Duffy comes on with us here in -- in the morning that's right the summer raisins a lot of money for nose bandage project and if you wanna be part of the Danny Duffy. You know deal here it's extends portrait you can donate as oil.