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Monday, June 19th

We go commercial free from 830-9 every day; the NBA arms race heats up with Paul George, Ian Kennedy doesn't want to be Dayton Moore, Andy Reid and the Big Story 


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Assistance force radio we do it every single day on Tesco in the morning I'm Mike Waldman Bob vesco. Just going there and producer Steven Specter. And it ate fifty in twenty minutes. You'll give your promo code that you can get boils tickets for six dollars and ten cents and that's at 850. Nobody elected message and ask the question on FaceBook. No there right now 850 BV the promo code for six dollar Tencent royals tickets. Right here in our commercial free 8:30 to 9 o'clock run. The NBA is becoming them on a massive arms race in the sixers are trying to load up for the future by acquiring top talent every year in the draft. As they have. Moved up to number one they tree of the Celtics and that headline was that overshadowed entirely by the cavaliers. Legal apropos of George in the Indiana Pacers. And by god guys the NBA felt like it just ended now. More compelling. Better it's better. That it's better week this. Is a drama as the drama is outstanding obviously you know the biggest stories going to be in the warriors duty in the caps do you. I am I AM. Intrigued by how other teams are going to try to combat it hired try to go after these two because these these that she got to shoot for even the Celtics who won the east. This year they got it. They got some stuff to do before they want really like overtake cash surety and who they know it we know it. We can't just put it on cruise control in the season crichton did and didn't win the east just they didn't want to. So now I've I've really intrigued by how these are there either gonna try to attack and try to try to get in that same nationalize these Dugas. You know you can't just stand by go well let's just let them all do their thing and and will wait till these two teams cannot Peter out and that's what I would do a pause in the NBA like let's there plus themselves out there could be felt something there could be teams that do that but there's I think Jimmy's on there was they're gonna try to do some things and maybe at the content like. Next year but put themselves in position like the sixers like this it such as could be putting themselves in that perfect position or. You do you do all the stuff via the draft in the and you got a nice young group. They can build together and then may be a fine. I'm intrigued by the sixers I and and it allotments and be sure daisy when he says he's a great market for that organization they get Fultz and yet. Simmons an enemy you're like okay buyers start to kind of build some things are gonna do that you're cells and I think that's kind of interstate and then that's the the Celtics. How are they gonna spin it then number one pick they may spin out of it. And and they get a draft the guy or they gonna go try to grab a piece to again Jimmy Butler from Chicago to to go do it right is any. Your foolish to write off dispersed yet and what is popular there now yes I've got to do something. Or pull a rabbit out of some hat to try to get back like Chris Paul let something like that I I think the the offseason stuff for the jockeying it's gonna be fat well I. I think what's very interesting about this is that that's how you have to operate down the NBA you have the stockpile your team in order to be one of those two teams. On top he used to see debt more baseball when the Yankees are doing their dominance how we beat the Yankees well let's stop violent pitching and try to knock them off the plane Oscar's good pitching beats good hitting every single day in the post season. In football though it's like everybody guns for the New England Patriots probably teams actually try to go out every offseason and build their roster. To beat the patriots have been the chiefs are fortunate to get Justin Houston back into the mix because. If they do have to play the patriots in the championship game. The one way to get the Tom Brady is to knock him down in the sack him and that's the way you get to the New England Patriots at the chiefs got to have that built him. But the NBA is art here at the two top dogs there stay on top until somebody goes out there rotted and knocks them all off and somebody goes out there tries to take him down. If the Cleveland Cavaliers end up trading for Paul George and giving him for a one and done type of rattling give up Kevin Love. Bet it's going to be very tough to knock off clean so I think when everybody's hoping for specially the east guys. Is that the pulled George trade goes through he goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers OK they give up Kevin Love a controllable contract on the younger player. That's affordable he goes to the Indiana Pacers and I believe that means we're looking at one more year LeBron. In Cleveland George LeBron go west next year after next season. To the lakers the east then becomes a wide open that's why you're seeing Philadelphia and Boston at a trade picks and move around and do some things. Because I believe those guys realized everybody knows we're gonna win the east this year and we believe Paul George is going to Cleveland he's in team LeBron they're gonna win the east again. We need to be focusing on the future on the twenty. 182019. Season as opposed to 20172018. Season because of LeBron does go west. Bedfellows the east it's wide open and everybody's got a shot at. If you're the brawn why would you go last or why not stay in the east do you like at LA wanna go to another. No the New York you go to Miami there's a lot of nice places in the east and it's much much easier to win. Going through the playoffs and from the eastern side of their house. That I was very out of my house there lodging out there man and us like you you've got to pray at the OK so it doesn't matter necessarily where you play it is brilliant guy anymore because you have palaces everywhere you have multiple places you can staying. And you're on the road in Holland during the season anyway Ezra how quiet yet saying you're never gonna air being beer do you know somebody you know yeah BA. Travels to Sacramento to see how many people though people here we can stay with some resentment hotels like that doesn't happen now you're staying in nice hotels some of the majority of the season how work so you're right you can play anywhere but I think you could do that in sports in general Travis Kelsey is proven all of us. But you can play in Kansas City and still be a national star and still do the things that guys in LA do. The fact that he had that TV show this past offseason I I I think you're right my add this world has become obviously so much smaller you don't have to live in LA. To experience all of what LA has to offer now. You may not get as many endorsements and reach as many people because you're not out there but the opportunities are still won't take your point LeBron does not have to do guess a lot of drives an exception of that rule that we bring up the endorsement possibilities LeBron James is one of the top two most popular athletes in the world are getting bigger by going to ally yeah Andy he's he's it's Christiane over and although number one that LeBron James number two and that's world why and so LeBron James a matter where he goes he has a reach anything LeBron James does anything he says. Anything LeBron James even thinks becomes news and it doesn't matter that he's in Cleveland Ohio but you get. Also go out there potentially and we use the term potentially obviously it's all speculation that. The play with Magic Johnson I think Magic Johnson is gonna have a a kind of a hole for a lot of guys to wanna go to the lakers if you wanna be team with one of the great as the ball tucked and it's still. You're the Los Angeles Lakers who's the better organizational role Cleveland or the Los Angeles Lakers the answers the Los Angeles Lakers as much as a rut as they're in right now. They can switch it all in one offseason becomes the dominant team or one of the dominant teams again. In the NBA they can pick up LeBron and Paul George and Alonso ball without a father I think you're you're off to a pretty good start out there. In Los Angeles and and what does LeBron need to distributor point guard he needs a wing guy I mean the the lakers are setting themselves up right now. For LeBron to be that perfect condition and the perfect spot for LeBron to go to was well because he still doesn't have that wing man in Cleveland right now if you trade Kevin Love give Paul George here. He played together for years these guys are friends bull meat and LA is a package deal I mean. That that could potentially happen in the National Basketball Association. A lot of people believe losing Kevin Love will hurt Cleveland so does that really matter they get Paul George mothers and good. A he's a solid basketball player but he's not merely what people think he has me. You can get Kevin Love production out of a lot of guys in the NBA when it comes to Cleveland now he was the best player on the team like he was back in the T wolves days. Then yeah he's a really solid player but we've seen with the Cleveland Cavaliers he's decent. You can get that kind of production out of other guys it would probably be more beneficial to have a slasher like Paul George or potentially. They wouldn't of traded wigs in the first place they are to have a wing Gary have a slasher but Paul George can make up for that he's probably more refined and better option and wigs would be right now anyway. But being a good general manager like LeBron is don't you always look years ahead and try to you know predict out what's gonna happen so you know Paul George's and I don't wanna be in an Indy for a long time. He he Kevin Love for the time being you win a championship get him to be affordable contract trade his ass to Indiana you all Georgia here Hoosier buddy he never worked it all georgians. Had wigs so I'm just saying this is a very little but LeBron james' thinking ahead. Our real commercial free until 9 o'clock right here on sixth and sports radio and 850 we have the promo code it. The giveaway royals tickets for six dollars and ten cents again that's at 850. And ten minutes and get that promo code. To get royals against for six dollars. And ten cents. The girls are winning they're a 72. Others and into other road trip the West Coast with a huge series win. Over the angels I mean that's to me the biggest thing that comes out of this yet beat the Padres is great beat the giants is nice to teams that you should be able to beat. But go against. The LA angels in the series began the angels were game above 500 if you take three out of four in that series and actually have a chance to move up a little bit in the standings. That's where the royals are really feel like they're turned a corner they have a home series tonight against the Boston Red Sox. It's going to be a very fun series because the other team it's hot right now on the royals in the Red Sox were also hot some gonna have to give the right it's at decay. So I'm excited about it and a lot of intense things going on for for. Dayton Moore when he's trying to figure out exactly what how he's gonna do. Yeah it's very interesting and and I was watching the game on Saturday night which I am like. Yet a couple of cocktails like it took me like Timmons thought it would help the game was a point about fox sports Kansas City not fox sports Kansas game not on TV get a life. I'll be tries channel four although Saab on big box on on Saturday nights on a watch in the game a little bit and Eric Carroll's that was doing the color analyst of the game analysis and eighty Ian Kennedy on for the royals dugout like the fourth inning or something like that on the heels of his great pitching performance from the Knight iron and this is how the conversation went down I found it to be very very intrastate. He needed you get six hits and one piece. To this ballclub the issue. Where do you make that bad. This tough because. What's it like right now we're. No we would need anything our office is doing great come. We've been we've misstating Danny Duffy you know her with a locally but for the most part. I can't really say much having didn't get that. Tough job given the staff so. We get this thing through early on enough begin the season we just are so hot but. Luckily our division we can beat up play each other and play well outside divisions and you know try to keep it sickened. We're not too far back familiar are leaving our division so. I don't know I don't know how little wanna be indeed she's right now. That's interesting right day in candies right you don't wanna be in Dayton shoes right now because he's in is that Limbaugh. He's kind of he's asked to sit and wait there's nothing really you can do you can't called teams about selling you can't call teams about bind because. The script has yet to be written for the royals there's still there's still hover around 500 so they let sit wells over the next month to take control the central. They become first place. There up by a few games with a obviously you're going to be a buyer right over the next month the rose to fall off they end up being fourth in the division come trade deadline that you're seller. It's going to be tougher Dayton Moore to gauge exactly win you start trying to move pieces or start trying to bring peace is an. Because you have to see what this team really is going to be down the stretch in from this point. It's hard to tell I think it looked really good right now and it looks like they're clicking him with the culture and they tell the guys you expected to be good or play in the way you expected in the play. But again if we saw what happened in April you can't get too out over in ahead yours ease. You have to be aware of the fact that this could go the other way in the Dayton Moore put in a tight spot. So many times the battle to get to 500 takes so much energy it does it like to get a deficit hoops and trying to make that second half comeback Deanna Jews today get over the top they're not the 500 yet right right as well as well as they're like they're not the 500 yet you take. You take a three game losing streak recently re your five back right you're buy back 500 again so that battle is is tough. I would rather be a date more shoes though now that I would have been a month ago. Or maybe what you're going to be in a month from now like now as per tied gives you don't have to do anything he said backing you aegis you have everybody evaluate. And that's it well and in this this this is where the experience comes in and if your date more when you put this team together you believe in this team you thought this team was good enough to quit right. And they're doing the things right now to win they're they're showing you they are good enough to win baseball games and you're seeing a little bit of that spark that you saw on 2014 and 2015 you're seeing these guys kind of bond together. For that one last time that one last run and go screw this we're gonna go out there and we're gonna take advantage of your seemed my stock has come up. With a Big Three run double yesterday that we would have seen a couple of weeks ago he's seen saudis big home run that we wouldn't have seen a couple of weeks ago. You're seen dominating performances out of the bullpen and NB Scott Alexander was good for the majority of his performance yesterday you're you're starting to see good starting pitching from Ian Kennedy. That you know the last couple starts or the first couple starts after his DL stint. Weren't that good so you're starting to see things start to come together. You know for this organization right now and if you are Dayton Moore and you believe this ball club would you put it together broke camp on April 1. You believe in this ballclub right now and that's why he's got his pairs of shoes out their sellers to the left and buyers to the right or whatever it is. He split those buying shoes I mean he's going closer to the buyers' side that used to the seller side. Because the one thing we know is that the believes in these guys he believes in the the end base of this city he feels like he owes things that the fan base of the city. This dude ain't given up and and I think if it if you put date with the other the interrogation lite on are you close to being a buyer or seller. I think you would get the answer would be a bite out of date more right now because he believes in these guys and wants to give them and feels like he owes them. The best opportunity to go out there and win that's just the type of general manager human being. That he isn't so for me. You know I'm looking at a relief pitcher is out like I said earlier I wanna smoke a cigarette the sixth inning and of these things are where there may be eight a utility type a guy who can do a lot for you. And that potentially a starter and if worse comes to worse and you have to part with Raul Mondesi to make the big league ball club better. Ahmad as opposed to that as may be I was a couple of months ago while we thought well Mondesi was a can't miss going to be the guy at the big league level. I'm willing to say if they're in first place at the trade deadline and their top prospects that are team wants unanimous and I'm I'm absolutely a 100% listening and I knew the starting pitcher for all month C junior I'd be willing to do something that well GM GM had a chance to catch up with other royals radio network exclusively here on 610 Sports Radio. And you was asked about the haul traffic about potential trades. Well you don't want to put drafted completed that's on him. Are focusing on. You know the trade deadline. EEE it my action preliminary conversation. Or your scouts may approach you with certain ideas and other helpful program VMware but really. You know now the next week or so most of that the GMs and I won't pull up discussions you've got no other you know what order we're looking forward to see your keys in the future disorder or what he has. Clear understanding. You know where we are an organization and we get an idea that take inventory of Obie award other teach her car that can lower the notre sort American constitution of the of the Portugal. Will pick up a little bit it doesn't mean that they're going to be trade to me it's very hard. If you how to maybe a whole lot after all I can and they're both pretty good all although you're due diligence and we always knew enough you don't value and opportunity for peace he could. Well before the cart fees but true to feature well. General manager Dayton Moore right here on six then Sports Radio. This is that entire thing target date is so Dayton doesn't know either. Thank you goes like this towers did take some time we are assured takes time for deals is underground as his incredible. And then sadly he doesn't go well so he's so patient yeah anybody mention he had done the seller shoes but he might not have some issues. Everybody else in town may have so our in state might have those things I get them back in line like. Just just hold on guys right where I can at the deal that we have a deal that I mean I'm not gonna deal that do we have to deal that. And that's been the way it's been all season long that's been kind of the message from people I've talked to in the organization. That's selling these days so it's may friendly nation it's not it's awesome group I'd. I'd have been terrible month well and a complete basket game but the impact. With the Yankees are doing right now they've lost 456 in a row or something like that are still in first place you're gonna go through those ups and downs and ebbs and flows of the season. And it's all about how you managed goes and and the one thing that we talked about a lot over the last couple of days has been the culture of this organization when you have a winning culture. And when yours have prepared as the royals are going into every single game you're putting yourself at an advantage going into the game you just don't have to go out there. And execute and I was watching Sunday night baseball last night on the heels of this and buster role was out there saying it was. He's now hearing from GM's and he's that they are less and less convinced that the royals are going to sell where people have been saying the royals are sellers are sellers are sellers. He's talking to GM's ago that they are gonna be sellers right now and that is fantastic. For royals fans it's fantastic for Kansas City. And it's great for those guys inside that locker room who want to stick together and see this thing through and that's why you know we we've got to our society where the result is written before the actual event takes place and if we wrote the end of the season in April we would all sold everybody on this team right now and here we are in jail and three and a half back of the division lead to wonder 500 and these two back of a wildcard spot of the white in the middle of this thing and all put their culture their mindset their ability to win the against everybody else out there they just have to go out there and execute and they did executing over the last you know ten days so he checked. Watch him excuse for six dollars and ten cents to 610 Saturdays at Kauffman Stadium which include an opportunity offered discounted game ticket food and drink specials. And of course every Monday 850 right here on fest go in the morning we give you the sixth and Saturday coupon code to purchase a ticket for only six dollars and ten cents. Today's code. The mood is. One. 05. VL or. Get 105. A BL RS does not pleased with Andy who expect. I would tell them license plate is basically what's he's his rights as an ally like 105. CL all like you can't crack that code was a movie about the code crackers or something like that Vinci code now there was some that Yeltsin like imitation game. National treasure yes image national treasure that's I think is finally socio and it hurt invitation accurate that is. But ten of 105. It. The LR. Is your problem code six dollar Tencent Tencent tickets for 610 Saturdays. Our list breaking all NFL head coaches Andy Reid was ranked the fifth best NFL coach and it was a have a lot of guys who've won Super Bowls which. Always brings back the same conversation when you think about and you read which is she's one of the best coaches never seemed really one of the best coaches of this entire generation. He just hasn't won a Super Bowl which is David's the only reason why he's not put up there in that same conversation with a guy like Mike Tomlin. Or Pete Carroll the guys were put just above him in a Mike McCarthy I'd actually have a little bit of an exception to but that's okay. He is and use of the top five as well he also has Super Bowl win at any redo the Super Bowl when it. We do everything for his legacy and it's a way this is taking an interest in turning Kansas City. Because. Since coming here. Everything's been up and down it's been the big red roller coaster. They start off with a great turnaround season meltdown the playoffs against Indianapolis Colts in one of the worst playoff losses in and collapses ever. And then it points fifteen you start off one and five everybody's down on. Then you come back with ten straight wins go to the playoffs and win a playoff game in Houston won a playoff game this happened and then last year. You win and is US. To remind everybody that it does him right if I didn't kill after they did Daley did what he's doing a play they have won a desktop game in our. In a recent memory the you there. They want to left with a lot of playoff game these young Sam Houston Texas playoff history iron there. On the on the Internet you go to the Internet and actually is true you go the Internet look at their postseason history includes they went yeah I was there is that people just don't want to acknowledge that we now and then. Of course this year they went AFC west and sweet. Higher AFC west division that have an embarrassing home playoff loss against the Steelers during which they lost to a team that did not score a touchdown. So for any greed is never really did its season where it feels like you're going up up up up and then you're good and that doesn't have to happen the justice Super Bowl win. Last year the chiefs had beaten. The this Pittsburg Steelers at home. Think dollar long lost a couple touchdowns in New England Patriots nobody would really care that much like okay. That's fine they're the patriots. They have a stacked team and have Tom Brady the best quarterback in the history of time although the year before that it wasn't the case it was the chiefs scored fifties low score twos. Well Leonid square and I wasn't all that Tom Brady was it was date the ineptitude of the offense right now thought it might not it might not have been they this week we tip our cap ago Brady's Brady's excellent might not happen that way because. They appear before didn't reacted in others bears whitewash it wasn't. Hey it was Tom Brady and they're they they were up two touchdowns Tom Brady. What are get a view our idea was dated score fast I think we spent too much time as a whole lot spending trying to find fault with Andy Reid's and looking at all these amazing things that he does because. He does nothing but win I mean he took it to a fourteen team and win eleven in five and into the playoffs his first year here in Kansas City. And we talk and all these things that he hasn't accomplished success has been the worst thing that ever happening Andy Reid here in Kansas City because we appreciate it. I mean it clear you we re trying to. Costly throughout their that Haiti just maybe Kansas City fans have insane expect sometimes yes big dose over the top and so out of the problem. Three K go back to what you said don't Mike a couple of weeks ago about the royals where it's either. We're gonna win the World Series or were going to be a team that loses a hundred games and I think that's the way it is with the chiefs right now either win the Super Bowl or nothing else matters now. Granted it's time to take it to that next level you can't discount all of the stuff that Indy is done. To make disorganization respectable again I mean he took over after the worst season in the history. Of an NFL team not mean we enemy and shoot himself dead in the parking lot at season OK it was that it was a disaster. Of the season and eighty Reid came in and restore order and if US philadelphians got to coach is removed from eighty radio wanna be back. They would take you be re back in a heartbeat of course England and New Year's and it goes by a score at New England. Right here the reports that it and it and it positive and it was that it wasn't Tom Brady was mandates per dad out. Aero on this game they'll came back to that bitch about the way the offense to score fast enough. As the defensive player that on third and long drilled Tom Brady got a fifteen yard personal foul that kept that driver why they were able to score points off of that try so you really wanna go back to that line back a hell that was only remembered now. Tom Brady for a fifteen yard penalty when he shouldn't have to keep bad drive alive that. Let a lot to watch the chiefs didn't win that playoff game as much as scoring two solo. Al Smith is also pretty bad. The story. Big story. You sound like I wouldn't see any. Well that does sound day. Beautiful hot streak right now and go climbing in their way back to 500 sitting at 33 and 35 on the season in third place of the AL central. Not a whole lot of national attention but of course. Ned Yost doesn't care. I don't really care people look at us now we know what we're capable of doing. You know we feel good about our team. You know we haven't even in years from one world championships having. You know a lot of people looking at us and thank them that we were very good even back then so we'll learn not to pay too much attention to it. We just go. You know play as hard as we can and now. Finally it's. This is absolutely right there because after 24 team where the royals go to game seven of the World Series moves to the giants. They were even picked to win the central the next year. Of course they go on for central and in the World Series and everybody can heated and that's why Ned Yost doesn't care right damn attention this this award and the guys this core and again back to the colts a sign of things. Has never been given. An opportunity that nobody ever believed that from the wild card game during the wild card game during the wild card game after the wild card game. Against the angels against the the Baltimore Orioles against the giants the following year people's about it it was a fluke that might give them enough credit. Then you get into the playoffs are they won't beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALC. That they're wrong and it be that bad or anything like that like like people or get. That the Kansas City Royals every step of the way between 2014 and fifteen. Were always Canada never given an opportunity do anything. And this core group of players just kept winning and winning and winning and defying expectations. And if there's going to be a team in Major League Baseball right now it's gonna defy expectations and do things that make eagle wow. It's this Kansas City Royals team because they've been there and they done that and for the most part the core of this team has been the same. It has been the same in which your watching right now the core of the team performing. That's the big deal is you're seeing guys like. LCD sets the bar and Alice Horton I'll into the Houston Astros series Jimmie they're down in the eighth inning I mean apple they were gonna come back and win that one and they did so I mean like man. That's right it's big is this. What. It is that they are dead seconds. You are right up. I just it is ever to the ballot I thought about it but seriously like every playoff series they were in in fourteen and fifteen. There were moments there you didn't think they were gonna win and media. And they did sometimes is just invesco world news gallon go ahead and play invesco world that. Good the good time but that's the rigorously analyzed the nucleus you're seeing the escobar's importance of the world starting to contribute that's a massive difference along with. With an air field Jorge Bonifacio. You get that you get those those guys going at the top of the bottom of the order in that veto the order with pain house for president moves all planned well. We it's exciting and but the gets me more excited here in south reds and the reds overcame post game last night. It was looked really go there would be the spot we'll we'll find what they're a little bit longer as well. Moved over the within the double hop and that won't go to the good break. Right now. We're ultra. The Hubble because you know we knew how to do it because within days solid in the would have a great job throughout Mexico and and. Loves. Bill. I gotta give a guy that's and that's the mentality this team they like is success and all that but they follow the same but I mean every team emulates the personality of their coach and it Ned Yost is not somebody's gonna get too excited over nice road trip is not somebody's gonna get too down on everybody after a big losing streak and that's exactly why the royals are able to sustain. This kind of success when they get hot. Unbelievable right into understated way too if he wants to throw that out there I think so too. Like the question he took yesterday about you know yeah you know I we thrive on behalf of an opinion because you know it and I went then chuckled to himself like how hot here ago again. Because he said it though and it reaffirm and reassured that this has been a team that's always been dumped on you know win when people. Didn't think they were gonna have an opportunity when noble you all did Estes are always and what do they do they define all the outstanding nine game losing streak in April people count them out here we are in June 2 games under 500. It's what a fourteen play fifty all over again let's do this.