Chiefs Uber Ratings???

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 21st

Things got.....interesting 


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That's still in the morning I'm lightbulbs to Bob best coach just laying there and producers Steven Specter. Oh manager Dayton Moore in the studio. Peruvians studio for the entire 8 o'clock hour so. The so synchronize. At 8 AM tomorrow will discuss many things throughout the entire hour but mostly. The free agency Major League Baseball what could be happening with guys like Eric Hosmer Mike when stock is exactly what the royals could be looking like in 2018. All of those questions will be answered tomorrow right here. At 8 AM on Tesco in the morning. Specter is walked in and this is laughing for no apparent reason you never walk into the studio. I'd buy walked down the bullpen get deeply sorry about the Stanford running back to Damon and dangers looks traps. Beta Zeta of that is that this. Right back saving kicked it'll it is off to get the hell out of there. Also big hasn't spoke much this off season guys this is gonna be you know one of the opportunities you got it out here from the general manager Dayton right date has not yet not been dating our lighting and eaten tomorrow tomorrow for an entire hour. Yes hasn't spoke much during the offseason and we'll also find out you know the Atlanta stuff that happened and elect as a just a great open conversation. I'll with Dayton tomorrow from eight until nine here on sixteen and Sports Radio that you just don't want to miss down fired up for mass to be fun. RL. Ratings vesco is idea like it does it's it's based on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm I have not seen yet but. It's Brady's. As in like that rating ever take that uber ride you can always rate your driver and younger and one out of five stars potentially the detail of her leave a comment something to help them out. And they were you bury you and Ryder. That gives senior writer rate I have I have four point eight. I'm very lightly and I am very mad like a classic who who rate any lower than a five I'd be desk passenger you could ever have you talked to somebody too much the union. Maybe it yeah. I have a nice conversation I like that Mel who did not give me by that four point 89. Is a slap in the face and a four point eight I feel like talking don't you wonder who wouldn't give your father what did you do not I guess I'll find out where everybody likes me I get that. You're sitting at our I've. Handled some time again I understand I could falsely that. One time I mean yeah I don't I don't and I don't know how you get. He debut around number I've 4924. Boys it's averages of somebody gave you for live writer Stan Javier written enough to be 492 well there. 45 or top you know I mean I got GM right yet it's like well we're narrowing Erica fox all pretty good about it they had to dig out at every given a driver less than a five. Yet you path. Fisher really see I've never been that type of situation where I he had there was one really that I've always knock on wood I've always I take numbers he did more than I do I death more than Josh most likely monastic I take my fair share may be border tool articulate what I goes on like they couldn't find me. Until we define another one all he did yes yeah and yet that's yeah I was like I gotta get impact of these radio that Harry. So we get over ratings for any read Bob Sutton and Alex men who. Out of five stars text line 69306. What grade would you give Andy Reid Bob Sutton. And Alex that the you know also we got us at 610 sports Casey where is about the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six tenths. Ports I went with what I thought the public would give vs what I would and as you can imagine they're probably drastically. Different from for Andy Reid I think the public would give them about a 2.5 rating. Because I think there's a lot that would give them a zero based on recent memory and I think there's also a lot that would give almost five based on where we are as an overall franchise. So I think he would rank higher in some people's minds and obviously lower if others. If it's up to me it be read it it's about a four point three on my Hoover. Rating scale. I gave Andy a solid four point five. Nacional higher than I do I've ridden with him most of all the chiefs of her driver's. And I'm usually getting to my destination with few to no complaints but there's always that one time that one time he gets Majorly Majorly lost. I mean like I protocol another driver he's still lost yet he did fumbles through excuses as to why it's not necessarily. He's not really admitting that he's lost but he also pledged to do better job so it makes me. Never want to ride it again but then I always seem willing to give him just another chance that's a good I give me any foreign. I get any of four point seven and I. I did it in the lowest rating does anybody that doesn't surprise you who probably give Alex the highest rating. We usually when it comes to probably would give them as high as I wanted to go at any team I think usually the I think the blame always falls into the coaching quarterback right now. So it kind of splits up but I look at any read I was trying to keep things in perspective. The who you war compared to your years Andy Reid is a top five coach in the NFL I wish his play calling was better but he still a top five coach. In the NFL that's me gives me four point seven. Can't quite get them a five delegates that's Super Bowl win the four point seven myself. Stomach and I think that's pretty good and I like that. But right now on to Bob Sutton chiefs defensive coordinator is overrated well he's definitely trending debt he started out as a great mover driver and still lately he's been lost he's been confused he's wrecked the car a couple of times seventy flats he really hasn't done anything about fixing it. So I think from the public viewpoint he's getting a one right now whose approval rating I think he's a one from the public. I would give them a three because we still haven't figured out what to do it that second quarterback spot was still like getting in a pressure on the quarterback and the run defense has been brutal and so that's why I give Bob Sutton. A three. It's not. And for me is a three and a half. He's the driver and I rolling every time his name pops up on my screen. I'm as a driver worry ask a lighthearted question just to break the ice way. And any talks the entire length of the ride to the point where your you're stuck in traffic not quite your destination you'd rather just get out and walk rather that you're you've drone on and on. Plus you always makes you sit on the right side of the car when I know full well I could sit on the left side of the car but I really want it to you. It's a Sutton is getting after it happened. So well nuanced markets Peters reference right there as nicely done I think that did you in the pre agreed am I yeah yeah I get the three as well I think he's right there in the middle. And it's it's. We call it is right is Bob Sutton is kind of a tale what he was last few years what he is this year I don't like that we're done by. Moving towards that way if he has to figure this thing out. On Alex Smith all right I think the public gives Alex a two point zero as his ratings I think most of that is trending down right now and I understand that last game was not good. But when you think about it who were driving you wanna guy that's reliable you wanna get it to Michelle if you wanna guy that's gonna put in the best position to where you need to get going and got it to the makes few mistakes Alex. Alex Smith is that guys were beat right now I'd give him 84 because he's been good for the majority of this season. Had a couple of bad moments obviously in that giants game. You can't let one ride spoil your entire rankings we all have bad days Alex gets a forum for me at two from the problem. Well. Alex is a court activities two and a half but as a new were driver he's straight five sees everything I want and into over driver totally prepared for the situation. Gets you on spectacularly to that destination and zero conversation. You hardly realize he's there the radios uneasy listening as to not disturb anyone who is everything I want to regret. Being in the five that's Israel's court back within an over driver he's exactly what I want to play Turkey jumps out as maneuvered I give Allison won. Althea I want a new merger. I won't hazard a home strike by and it doesn't matter what he does the U wanna do overdrive yes I wanted to have a driver. Even if it's passed are homes were to drive into a ditch at least it would be something different then someone Dana. Really death march that you get with Alex Smith is your merger. Is you know how dense we can't talk out of big crash one another over now. Well I think Patrick Holmes he only first round pick who hasn't played this year during the season on out there.