Chiefs Second Half Storylines

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, November 1st

Fescoe, Welch & Kling give you the one thing to watch for the final 8 games of the Chiefs season 


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The chaser at the halfway point of the season in the second half the year look forward to and the best thing about this team. Obviously the number one story line is will they continue to move forward and win games and stays Super Bowl contenders. But beyond that there's so many different story lines to get too we all three have chosen different one point let's start with yours. Minus. Alex Smith in watching what he becomes in the second half of the season as the numbers are just stupid I mean stupid. He throws the best deep ball the NFL you get sixteen touchdowns. And zero interceptions everybody ditched for years about his yards per attempt and I've always hated that. When everybody's complained that Vera Bob yeah Eric with his yards per attempt are very high. He was always within like. If you look at yards for Tim's dad the dumbest that the world has they're all bunched together every quarterbacks bunched together a great president I saved if that's so stupid. That is ratings a career high. He's he's doing everything in a career type season so can I continue over the second half and then obviously. Into the TV post season begins he's having one. Heck of a season. I have learned over recent days and I'm not alone but I Sam really ticked off and Alex Smith over this because how could you beat that bad. For as long as he was he so mediocre. Is it bad it that's unfair for mediocre so average and suddenly here comes twice seventeen they bring in new guy they trade up to number ten to take Patrick Holmes and now it looks like a totally different quarterback. Now let's throw the ball down field. Now is decide it's epic is light up all over the place the jets won the Super Bowl for the last four years. If Alex Smith is playing this way. Very easily. Any team could win a Super Bowl you quarterback play in the wind that it exists if he plays leaving this. Point fifteen how differently does that season and 4060 how differently is that season. Talk about a Super Bowl cheats and Alex bit when he got his ass together and gotten this thing done and play this way before and pat from homes on the wrong man. They realize Edward Einstein once said if you fail to succeed you succeed or fail and his guys failed to succeed for a lot of times and you know he's finally figured out a way to go out there and get the job done and and I like this Alice at the plot a little harder to win yes nice thing again if that's edwards' brother yeah Edward Edward Einstein they developed the phone they twins at her not eyes you Irish way it's actually my children yeah desires towards twelve months apart so okay so that's an. This kid after the season's story lines. Let's go. Well it's your second half storyline the run defense man is gonna get better or is it going to stay the same I think that's the million dollar question. You know for this defense right now is it going to get better or is it going to stay the same because of it doesn't get better man. It's going to be I'm all in January for the Kansas City Chiefs you gotta stop the one in the postseason you've got to shut down that rushing attack and Brian balding or we'll get to this a little bit later on in the show put a video up on Twitter yesterday. And showed exactly why. The chiefs aren't able to stop the run their web Madonna which means only two down. Defensive lineman. And they're getting trapped in those situations and so when you ask is it scheme is that players yet there is some steam involved right you're able to shut down the road. And when you get too obvious rushing situations like I don't know first intended. How about having more than two defensive linemen out there to try to stuff the run so that's what it's gonna be for me for the final eight games this year. What are they going to do in the running game and how are they gonna stop the run because that's vitally important if you want to win a Super Bowl. It is vitally important and it's one of those things where I don't necessarily know how to fix invade you wallet Bennie Logan I think he's had his moments. Couple leaving against the Broncos are really good but. Yet had enough of an upgraded nose tackle now you really happen. Really in the inside linebacker situation it's not work well they I mean we we we talked about it a little bit yesterday Welch with it the DJ get blown into the end zone and a touchdown run. There's Reggie rag and soon I mean no place next to Derrick Johnson right now but if you go with two down linemen. You're not giving your linebackers and opportunity and there's nobody there and net net net defense what you got to do was a defense of what it's about making place. It's about basically halted the offensive linemen off you defensive based act guy's yeah I don't let your linebackers and randomly placed. If you're not doing that you're not gonna stop the run so there is it looks even Bob get more than two defensive why out of the bank field that is I think there will get more. In depth on this team it's 730 here confessed to in the morning today. Why yet Kobe on the play the players are doing their job well either. Buy it does go be on the I mean is it people like furious that mark is Peter's relaying that tackle would Deion Sanders three to do that yesterday then I mean that that's really really bad. But I always go back in the self preservation met. President pacers Indiana and the other ten guys in front of any. At that made that play bad for more in depth on. All of our story lines for the second half of the TCC you can go to C extends force dot com as we broke down all the second half story lines for the Kansas City Chiefs and mine. The biggest question is billed Reed Hundt continue to be the best running back in the NFL. Three months. Has 763. Rushing yards best in the NFL that's just against the chiefs defense in practice. In the UPS 370 yards receiving so at 1070. Yards from scrimmage it's been insane burst after the season for the Korean hunts. Its first seven games is in his career. Get over a hundred yards from scrimmage which is the first player in NFL history is the first player in NFL history to have six games in a row is for six games. If a hundred yards overs hard yards from scrimmage. He also got set so great hunt has been unbelievable he's also been showing that he's an all around back not just the guy that can rush the ball. Catch the ball and also blocked with the best in his best for them as well. If what he's playing the way that he is not a lazy you know lock down that rookie of the year award which. Pretty much has locked up anyway may be is a decent. Second half of the season he's gonna win rookie of the year when I mean you have to Shawn Watson a man that is true it's gotta I mean fight I'd vote for Cory mine. But they scenic nineteen touchdowns already and great records to ban. Strong point there will be argued for Michelle wants but with what Reed Hundt has done is MVP conversation. Watts is not quite the MVP conversation just yet so if hunt does this is what he did the first half of the season in the second half. Meaning that he ends the season with over. 1000 yards from scrimmage game. That the UST these give him at all offensive rookie of the year maybe even the MVP honors. But everything he's accomplished so to me the biggest second half story line. It's going to be Korean pilot because I think he's a war reason why this offense clicking so. I agree Croat agreement and I said I'll continue to say that he's the best weapon right now in the NFL he does at all from under the football attention passes out of the backfield. Even blocking it means he he's a legend already here in Kansas City and you know the next thing you know he's going to be accidents barbecue competitions and vehement like everywhere you could possibly be here is that right you really call curry Honolulu to guardian Angel ball temporary yeah you don't order a football and go to Denver because the guy does it all man from holding camps for kids. To run the football catching passes. To unlocking. This guy's exceptional and and. Does do at all. I know national. Dream mug on board those going to be big and that was the biggest thing for the second half that she sees no as I think the biggest story line is. How they position themselves to witness to what let me ask you may -- overbearing story yeah absolutely let me ask you is does the offense have to go to more of a -- -- to keep that team defense off the field now you know you have to try to light up the best he can because the they have weapons on offense but. They're struggling with consistency they are the last couple games here but they're struggling us and consistency so you have to go for it to go the last eight remedies or 38 so let's back on the exhibit disaster is -- been outside of that one play against so yeah I don't worry about what deep ball against Oakland that was phenomenal I don't wanna take that away from him but. As far as a consistent number one wide receiver out there quite the belted out hell seizure only consistent legit receiving target right now on this team.