Chiefs Question of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, October 18th

Our Chiefs Question of the Week focuses on the rivalry with the Raiders compared to the 90s 


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In order by. You murderer Troy and post these guys never had a problem. Mustache your the most fashionable or cool off. Answer the important. That she was questionable. And it's time for cheese question of the week. Every week Specter comes up with a random question in considering it's a raider week my guess is this one's going to be pretty interesting. It is rivalry base so I think for everybody who grew up watching chiefs and raiders this was the number one rivalry the number one team. Please I want it to be growing up as a cheese stand. So if you put the raiders and chiefs rivalry and it's and back and let's say the mid nineties. What is that number today ten being the greatest of rivals one being not that much of a rivalry you. Comparatively speaking to the rest of the NFL you're talking about for our purposes if that you or is that while the bar's set at mid nineties intense the ten. Yes and knew where you want to tell you not talking about for the all of the and a salary talking about just for the chase for these generators. I'd say about a seven. I get to seven it's not where it was in the ninety's but it's gotten so much better over the recent years with their cars emergence. And as it 2015 it separates it between fourteen game. Where that she's traveled Oakland on Thursday night got beat by the witness raiders that one was so painful. They even though the raiders haven't been great in recent years just and then the last couple. That Alan stuck Mandela stuck to me because it felt like that changed the entire season for Kansas City they were on the road in the playoffs there on the road have a great season. That loss derailed a lot of things and then right after they came Eric Berry diagnosed with cancer and just. A terrible memory. And it. Then last year. Raiders came here for Thursday night football things got very intense yet Travis Kelsey and does calcium. On the punter are part candidate you market being at. They're going back and forth if trash talk there of trash talk between Marcus Peterson Marshawn Lynch there's there's enough. Trash talk back and forth the intensity between these two teams don't it is seven. I got I gotta go five on this one because the raiders have not held up. Their end of the bargain and also the chiefs have won five straight games against the Oakland Raiders in every year we start to think that this rivalry is gonna be good and it's gonna be back like I did at the beginning of this year. And the raiders lose four straight automatically take themselves out of things are sitting at two and four right now they're quarterback's injured. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers in the New England Patriots are more of arrival right now for the Kansas City Chiefs. They're the Oakland Raiders because those are the teams you have to get past to get to where you wanna go and that's to. So that was my follow up question because for me personally I put on the raiders' fourth it's patriots Steelers Broncos. No particular order 123 in and the raiders. All because of playoff stuff yet is it gonna take a raiders chiefs playoff team. To get it back to that number ten I felt like this your had a chance to be like an eight death then obviously the way they have played in and the rate had the raiders have played this year. Lessens their Amanda we're going to be excited about tomorrow and social loser yet but I expected it to be life. Venomous frightened I thought both teams have been like five it says the raiders are everybody's Beck. Well they're coming into the K even if through apple what two and four record of four straight losses take a little zip out I was hoping mr. is going to be an art I think it can I thinking it still happened at a regular season. Contacts I think I think a playoff game would definitely ample might maybe jump started towards towards them but I think you get. Could still be still be there with the regular season meetings like here's what you also need to add to this rivalry you need to have it embraced by the players in the coaches and edited. Really been embraced 100%. When it will argue he had said he would wait to beat the dog bleep out of in pre season yet Travis calcium market he go back and forth I think the players have embraced this rivalry more than fantasy we'll see what happens on on Thursday night but. I just with the raiders not being any good. That hurts the world the rivalry and and you can't have any rivalry if it's a one sided look like it's been for the chiefs over the last couple years with the raiders here's the thing now. The fans get too caught up into that stuff the fans get so caught up into. Over the records how much does it matter to really care about this game we dissect it got so much into it we forget it rivalries are about that. Their motion. Why don't buy the whole team doesn't play and you'd be is that you sucks now. Hey let's play and you because they're better than sour grapes because Missouri left accomplish our it has nothing to do with how batted team is primaries aren't about records that's why you say. It and throw records out. Guys have that you have to happy these game on TV -- these two teams have the emotion that we'll play is that the emotion that. It's makes it a strong man Woolsey out of I think it's I think it is fourth Stephen I would I would say it. Org New England you know I think Pittsburgh's number I want for the chief right now and the best out of rivalry if you wanna put it your context because the chiefs get a basic Steele promised he's respected that because you can't beat that you'd beat the raiders it's like it's another game so that so essentially rivalries are one sided pitchers and well I think that she's about or own. The Oakland Raiders right on the Steelers about her own team they have surely it's not a rivalry between either a hit it it should be a rivalry for the raiders to try to get to where the chiefs are that she should look at the Steelers and say we want to be where they are and everybody should be looking at New England say we want eventually have the success. That you guys have been everybody's just arrival doing them and in doing propaganda with five super balls on Tom Brady's hand you don't ask for better and everybody's out. I've target that's how robberies work man robberies or motion I did their hatred running I I want to hype up this rivalry I want it to be good I thought it was gonna be good. I'm just not buying tomorrow and I think that she's going to they'd they'd just destroy this open. And then while you put it those contacts and I think now. I guess I'm looking at targets that. Who were my target the players are doing to Ottawa Canada if rivalry is about hatred and lots of them I'd now I don't think it's ever get back to that a right to tart. Its target we shoot for re got a four and maybe they maybe they don't feel the same way but. You do from. It is right now that's for your targets are New England the only doctor usually Denver beating new England and more importantly the raiders GOP could ever get an active. A cheap shot a Korean pot we'll take it there almost instantaneously. We also always forget about Indianapolis. I irrationally hate Indianapolis I keep playing there I hate the players as it does not news it's not a rational it's not a right Indianapolis Sox. I mean. When he fourteen. My city vows through already I just in denial ID five home basic I can't remember the year and I hate Indianapolis. That's fair. It deserves to be on that list though that shortlist. Is Indianapolis take candidacy now. Not a thousand items a day when all the time. Yeah they're due for some New England they're worried about the pages like the patriots colts thing as a rivalry because there's a little back and forth and that one at least was back at the day not so much anymore but. I would love for the raiders to be the biggest thing ever the greatest thing ever. But they also have the limits of their end of the bargain and the chief seemingly it had their way with the Oakland Raiders in the last almost three years. 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