The Chappelle NYE Specials Episode

Carrington Harrison
Thursday, January 4th

Carrington is joined by Damon Smith to recap the two new Chappelle specials. 


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I'll have those things that's sickly inward your reasons like intimacy one. On the track it's ego stuff and I know liking of faulty for the it is kind of neat like I don't. Work by the mall but truthfully right there's definitely right it definitely changes they have Uighurs talk about the Chappelle's specials. Actually talked. For learning what each person thinks. Lie I liked the first one more than like the second thought this was better combination. In the first. Love the first. One that he put out the it was all. Ages agency in new deep in the heart of Texas those actually really liked the Texas won it's maybe it was because it is that he saw your music on here already heard that before this. All these jokes lower. Like that's. Weird is huge of the Texas that's the only seen multiple times. I thought the first one that in this one and the I don't know I pronouncing it Aqua man in the air whatever that was. I thought this one if I would jam the agents being in the a EE nine point eight out of ten in. I would give this one like in nine point five editing and the biggest reason why woods. I didn't think the stove top then it was as good as the Bill Cosby superhero. A the superhero bit we told the story about Cosby and he goes into. Look at all these great things economy does he's a hero what are your rights yeah I thought was sold genius when you think about how we tied it back from that story about the Hollywood producer. But I thought the initial stove top story was better than the superhero story he told about the meeting the Hollywood executive center. I didn't think the way to he spun it back with its genius as the first one and that was really the biggest difference. Between the two special cement so that the interest in thing about the cell Todd did is that it reminds me the. The Sunny Delight did. It's a popular product. Of our youth so to speak of his youth that he just kinda tried bill this bit of a bit around. And it works on some level on the punchline the uses and he sets had a whale he sets that brilliantly. It's really not about it said in the first time. So when he set and a initially Orton it's not about using the punch on the first time. It's about the setup being there for the entire back in the show nets out was and it's not. I don't I don't necessarily think it's a great. Call back per say but it's it's they're it works in gotta now is what he was trying to. I what maybe made me so close to the stove top bit was. I mean your black and went to a private school yet. I could relate to the story and I thought who activity was there ever one is out using different they are culturally out mom treated him. And out there relationship with a lot of the one at my mom. They cut it took me back to being 1415 years old like the closeness to the bit I thought that was the most believable story told. If you were black and you'd go to public school at like three grouping different buyer. So stoked talk bit for being hit home a little bit more that the way he sets it updates the sport about the fish bowl but I percent believe that. Dave Chappelle has exceeded my practices himself. And the way he we'd that in the story about not in the projects he tells that sport which a 100% believe him in the eyes. Black ball is sitting in a circle and they tell export the date can't really relate to. Any ties into a story that I can relate to emitted the ticker at the end of it was just and it was this wells soul. Let me I wanna ranked before me in this end and it essentially the way she did. From these last two the first one Aqua and amity I don't know from Nelson right myself. Is number. That's not number one it's number three for me number four is deep in the heart of Texas number two would be day to stand from the first set. And in my favorite is the part revelation. Makes you life on age of spin the very first one. What makes you like that more it and it's this new video whatever you can collect those other two comparable once this big time production in major cities he standing there the spotlight on them to be those are the only what you can really compare it's hard to compare major revelation. Two. Other ones are. To meet any it's really to weigh in to be there not death far apart they're not that far removed. Equanimity when you start talking about bill in it's still story that details in the way he tells it and how he spins it into this. I've moment a positive AD and hopeful this with respect to America. Com kind of shocking almost bloody kind of nearly makes cents. But it's different it's poignant it's Helm in more lecture remote than necessarily. In. This comedy stand MO like it it's it's different and it's I enjoy that. To meet the the thing about the age of spin is that the jokes are extremely extremely sharp. The Bill Cosby did he's a super hero but he rates. It is. One of his probably top five bits as far as I'm concerned. I think that. The way that he weaves in and out of stories and now in the way wheezing and jokes. Is really really. You could tell he spent a lot of time more time on that power. Then you probably did any of the other four. Pirates hold views Stewart and but my boss is actually decent friends with count coward but they're they're conference. Game it was probably two maybe three years ago. That he let us talk the art so Dana I got a chip count. Your thoughts on flight attendants. Of question I asked them Willis how old do you weed in between topics. That at that time I didn't really know how to do. And not experienced enough I had no included do any kind of stages cup experts generally get if they're good it's are added to. So I said how I learn how to do this. I start wants to stand up comedy. And I start watching them do it because. Comedians never tell you hey I'm gonna talk about sex now and talk about Donald Trump now they would just do. They find threats. And it went Wednesday evening. It goes from laughing jovial time to give him points of immigrant gentlemen. Having are actually him. Vinny goes into a five minute deep indeed still story. But like even deeper than him until the bar the civil rights movement he goes into a deep story about the Burke the civil rights movement. And then tied it back into humor at the in like understanding that they can like do my job the next seven years I'll never be able to do that. In the craziest thing about it that's at this when we talk about this beforehand. Is that he asks. About immigrants in the crowd if people who work from the states or what not with an explicit purpose of saying. Hey my people were brought here or not my people didn't come here by choice we were forced to come here. The bottom slave ships he'd make sure. On this special in these last two specials. To make it clear that in a lot of ways. He says it in the mouth subversive manner but then also in a very explicit manner. Black people are America's bottom bitch by. He makes no mistake about it every time he makes. The joke with respect to when he makes his jokes with respect the trans folks when he makes his jokes with respect to. The issues and how he will respect sexual. Issues now. He makes it a point to say but black people. He comes back to what an explicit purpose. What do make of all the controversy is probably the correct way to say it about gave Shapiro and I'll like. If you are comfortable out talking about stuff that's kind of my job but this is like one of those topics that like if you takes on the at a project you get fired over. I was thinking this about it. And I think you and I we had enough conversations and know that we come from like a similar Bagram we have a lot of the same interest buzzing friends like you have a lot of commonalities that. I've always looked at by whoever you the most it's real you know I mean like. To talk about selling dope on the blockage and people like. This but it's entertainment slot like look at it through that real outlook that comedy in the same kind of present like I've been to like movies that make fun of black people I just laughed could it's. It's funny you know I mean am I would say is based in true that I can admit that or and that's the humor to me. I don't want Dave to say this but I do think it is very important thing to talk about economy. I've watched every Dave Chappelle's national I want probably every episode Chappelle show at least five times like Miami. Die hard Dave Chappelle and I also said he's made fun of just about anybody. Black people white people pregnant people Hispanic people and you realize he's made fun of everybody. What I hear so much of the controversies about trees gender. It comes to me like do you feel like you wore a glove being made fun because I would say at least in the realm of comedy everybody is made fun. I really find the trees that are dogs that funny like telling the joke about Caitlin generous portal for it to not really that funny to me. But I do think that comedian should have the ability to tell a joke like at one stage and nobody is exempt illegals they agent says. I don't feel bad about what lies they appear that's I want my comedians debate. The the question about comedy. Standup specifically is this. Whether or not you or I think something is funny. Are people that. You know and sometimes it yet what are they laugh at net nets Chappelle walking away from the show to some extent. But are they laughing yet there's something that's humorous there and Anke explicitly explains. That he's going for the joke he looks in some respects may be going for the lowest common denominator. The penny also comes back in explains explicitly. And when your team. That I'm here for you that I believe that you have. You should have every right that I happen every other person passed and we don't give. And he explains again. You know fairly thoroughly that the only reason that people even give afloat. When any real level about trans people right now says it very very plainly. Because. White men wanted to do this bite. When it comes announces black trans people. Or Hispanic trains people or women going white women going the other way. Kind of shrugged her shoulders by. That's kind of what he's trying to expert there and makes a lot of sense and it's not the source not to say. That the jokes might not be for you. That they might not be moderately. Offensive or extremely offensive disarm. But people are laughing one. On in the into. It's not like he's not they are for you or that he's not understanding or or when your team humane out like it but it. You know what are you gonna do as a comedian he's one until. I thought he tried to weave that in with the commentary about Harvey Weinstein. In their two and I was really happy to see that because part of why. I think you and I light Chappelle's so much more than we like can parties he kind of like to do was to the streets and the like Kevin Hart never tell stories about. Current pop culture now is always hey look at my friends they're famous. Look at my kids in my family look at our relationship on screwing you I'm gonna tell you a story about a deer broke that we all know didn't happen. Does the court. Many let me make listen though because of which you just sit with respect the camera Kevin Hart tells the story that's (%expletive) Terrible about. A woman beyond what the woman who has no shoulder based outflow of you know that I out of the what now special. Enough I think anybody had any issues with the but he's talking about people would. Some of these Woods Hole and it's it's really funny joke this is what it's like she. No. You know. This line right now. I guess hybrid that's like that's kind of how I want my communities beat them like part one I go to Dave Chappelle lose it by apple people listen you'll feel like. If Alex Smith get traded tomorrow you call a different options the year people looking you'll why Alex that country a hole. That you company for what you you wanna know what I think about it. Wind south at that Donald Trump. I kind of look at Dave Chappelle like me a bit I wouldn't know your opinion on about it's you. If there's anybody I want each year talk about the sexual misconduct of basically everybody right now Hollywood I want to hear from Japan will and I kind of got in the Portland he kind of understood. If you like you called him for I wanna know your opinion. I had to do with special and it could not exclude what everybody in America is talking about it and he kept talking about comment allies of the content of what about vendors. The cut at the I was at he would make jokes about them we see today. But he he kept saying shortly what you need me in to be your ally in their not going. Yeah then it is that the interest in thing about the the Lucy Kate. Commentary the jokes that he gets out the way he kind of spins it. Is that people think that he's come in office trying to defend Louis like. No oh that's not just not close that. He's trying to defend that mideast saying that. This woman probably didn't wanna do need that much it's not I don't. Liked it does the necessarily the way he came out of that Irsay but he's not defending what he saying. Well if you want it can't be that much if you want to be you know a real state that well. Maybe should try just a bit harder might hang up the phone home which is essentially what he's like get out the but it's not that art. Isn't this more layers to dead in the eye and he. I kind of got that point Moran is. I would let something like this the real neat yeah rate which like. It's not a situation to play hard to kind of project that when it's somebody yells black at least understood we were trying to say and I figured I support. And it's and it's interesting because this and it's not that easy you know to do to. Did not be derailed from from a dream when that type the second set and who knows what else was going on really in those instances instances but it wasn't this great defense of Louis CK. Like he came evidence that. But black people. And he got back to his main thread between these you know these couple of special slow I don't know. And that this'll brilliance in there. He he's just on a different point 20. And everybody else if you listen Kevin Hart if you listen to Chris Rock. If you listen any comedians they'll tell you. He's playing with a different bag and everybody else like he's playing chess the recipes my outlook is as plain book in. Speeds are better than I did not even close like you know like it's doing yeah like it's it's not to hear. In the put out for specials. Probably in somewhere between eighteen to 24 months. Is flocking in Spain Mike. They know not all of them or is this tight. As far as hoaxes you might expect out of saint Chris Rock special where you get 300 laughs. But they're really (%expletive) do it. The second one clearly was just done with different intentions in the first one would yeah. Like the second one kind of came off as like Kevin Marcum weird for a champions like let me explain the title. That's kind of the cycle panic about the day's pay it's going to be very impromptu economy appear we not Dave likes to greatly pop about a comedy club on me Dave Chappelle's I was gonna talk and tell you these stories. I like the way that was shot because it's. I've got to the improperly twenty times I genuinely enjoy life comedy and I enjoyed so I enjoyed out of the crowd response to how does that like I. I enjoyed the technical stuff of comedy be when other people do. It felt like you were legitimately in the crowd but it felt like you legitimately at a table watching it should failed to sit there. Mean he was refined he wasn't sharp. But comedy or the big things I've heard somebody make a boxing enters the epic week. I'd never worked a book. Icebergs and I'll know that because that Jaycee talking about it. It in Aden in and digging. Any tells the deet tails or about a boy and then mail them out as. And it's released him telling the story about. Capitalism in America and what happens and it's (%expletive) great. That last special the bar revelation. Reminds me a lot of to rock Michael's eight which direct chemicals it is probably the best. Stand specialist when he 77. People sent. The this is good to I had the the cell is critical so that never lead a whole lot for. So it could at least. I got what he was trying to go for I had never really was totally into and I love the the things that he put that he talked about the sellout in the show but the stand up special. Ohm guy eight it is. It's phenomenal and it's one of these pieces where it doesn't look like he anything any understand a special that's come out. In the last twenty years. It's starts. Not on this grand opening where somebody walks out onto a stage in his. You know welcomed with their name being said novice that it's. It's just him asking a question he simply says are we going to be okay. It's silent. And that sets the tone for everything you know what he's talking about when he asked the question are we going to be okay. He's talking about trying to. Like ants comes out maybe a month and a half after the election. It's us the trophy entire thing the entire thing is not really about. Laughs. It's about. What he's saying in the honesty in it. And what you can pull from what he's saying in east explicitly trying to. Avoid laughs he gets some obviously because it's a comedy special. But he's trying to talk to people in its Chappelle does the same thing in the bar revelation obviously feels more like a lecture. Four you know 5060%. Of that it does necessarily. Stand especially and he sitting there in this intimate space. At the comedy store no way it's really talking to people and getting some real truths. Off of his chest like you can kind of tell us that to the end of it he wanted to tell people why he left the show. Com. I think he's he's tried we got going and so many times but I never really liked it never really says it right because I remember. The big thing was related racial pixie ski somebody laugh today made it in appropriately didn't wanna like enforce these negatives there ties with the big reason why left. I don't think that's the reason why anymore he's been told the sport about the baboon remember with the salt out on atletico. All right that's part of it. Writes he's tried to bits and pieces tell the story of it. That think the stories. You have more prepared to be Dave Chappelle. Well a lot of people I think you're forced to be famous people are reports people are not ready for but. If your entire job being with each your personality but. All kite mentality kind of be as big in its famous as he was maybe he wasn't prepare for my outlook is an and I think you're right. Because he sits there at the end of the special when he talks about Hollywood. And it's constructs. Through this this prism of. It's iceberg slim in the intimate story the book. Before you know I have not I wanna read it and the like I should too but he brings it back to you she bring it back to the beginning of the the first special these two. And he says he talks about Kevin Harden. Man this is the last summit do for a got to make a miracle miracle white girls Amanda like Avant. And days he and a (%expletive) Sex paper zone and it's something he's gonna happen and that's what he's explicitly say this is what I'm trying to avoid is all this crazy (%expletive) that happens in Hollywood. So he's and. Like that kind of weird when he said that like I read to the summit of the letter in the and he says well I'm surprised that means. I I could argue the fifteen most it was black people in the war old. Now like. They have like you know when you deliberately pop up anywhere instantly sellout. Well how popular. And he knows it but the thing is is that date is kind of about escapism like he'd get so. In the middle aisle in the middle and lawyer like. You go to south you go but the south went off as did not know who he was in net. Concepts like how big he would now he probably go and don't know exactly who he is back in gulf war they probably didn't. He's about that level of escapism and just being a regular rats person which is opus if you ask me. Com but at the same time be also an answer he gets it. Dave buck in Japan fell by eight. Like you said you wanted to 1010 to fifteen most famous black people women and the entire world like people know you are you have. A litany of aliens like gets it. Knows what he is. He absolutely has to know and I think that called the social responsibility I think like. He kind of takes them missiles responsibility because I remember hearing him say this an interview camera which one was the missing out he was kind of worried about alchemy is from. Aids he's so easy to talk about everybody talks about everybody knows what he does that he can be a little bit of a crutch. About it we went. Whom and a half hours of Dave Chappelle's specials out here to say anything about from you talk about an eight SP and did talk about a really of the Texas one. When it. Forty minutes in this before you go out there. And then all of a sudden he's been sparked tell jokes about his listless way and all that kind of stuff them and that's what Joseph was later use. Out of you today I would say. I would say. One of the things I appreciate most news day always addresses or talks about a lot of things I want your site because remember that that team the report. But he was a quote strong supporter about the stuff he said. He talks about that kind of windy here today. At the very beginning at the age of any kind of talks about where every bite we report the box and all he showed payday was back get back stage it was bullet they're heated talks about it. He's been talked about oh. So I'll live without the big deal there with my that's the election in the age of all gonna be us ally for the first time he gets comment about out from. He talked about giving doubtful which it any regrets saying that. And we all we're kind of anticipating at some point when you're watney special look what is they've got to address the elephant that all of us want to talk about it now from he finally did. Any keys. I don't know its interest in because. The trumping the trump stuff and the majority of who wasn't all that dissimilar from what you get from of the comedians. The lip Joseph was hilarious. I do like the fact that he addressed all of these different. Issues or all of us all at once or handle and in essence. Reminds me a lot of Martan and until that. It reminds me of Adam held Jamie Foxx. Chris Rock. Prior. Eddie Murphy all kind of embracing. And the bad shoot that comes out which seemed to put your either one or two lists on my over because priors dip well. Well. I kind of in a lot of ways because because the way comedians ranked prior in if you really go back and looking at. What he means both respected the way comedy. Out comedy evolved. He and house beyond the scenes comedy wise. On. Dare kind of in a different class relief. I think that. Right now. And I said this on FaceBook when I first finished this the second special. Dave Chappelle is like part. Prior park Cosby. Partner Dick Gregory like. And master. Keys on that level like to be at this point he's kind of gotten away from Chris Rock. And gotten away from the year Jerry science though light. Gotten away from Harlan even like he's up there. With Bell's. Three guys that I named rhapsody and he's he's got elements of each of them because he does he talks a personal stuff peace talks. With great stories like Cosby does the personal stuff thinking of prior and he delves in the politics and really really serene. In real tangible way to where you can tell right he's not but the joke Mike he's telling you sincerely what he believes. The way Dick Gregory. Wouldn't and he was still telling jokes and still doing shows over the course the last forty years of his life but it immigrant Dick Gregory was talking social. Activists what I've always liked about Chappelle and I was told somebody this and we were talking Imus and his remember Cutler goes together is Rome. He always tells the story in a way that I firmly believe that it. When he tells the story about Donald Trump and waiting line to vote form Al in 2008 when he voted for Obama. Like people like a lot like people I know it was a frightful thing I remembered that it Hampshire with the European leagues and you know we got a chance to both of the like and actually have machines to wait and let people kind of war that is like. Up rifle on a. You really gonna say this this is so for weapon scary to me and weird to me is like I voted for gore. I voted for Cary. And then I voted for Obama the first novel to pursue a candidate who won. Was a black comedian is to stop the fight. It doesn't look at which he lost so I ought to lose I definitely do that at that no they'll it would Neitzel that story. I think all of us regardless of what side of the island signal at all caught somebody who like. Opposite like opposite side via iPod really good job as mayor as he can be in this context. Like me in the big reason why you didn't vote. I'm young African American on the streets that they feel from this wasn't voted for Hillary Clinton because he's joked and explain that part two was. I'd like Donald from. Ideas like him more than I'd just like the other community. You know Donald for adult for the most like that I think you that some fear assertion. I think Hillary Clinton was just bad I was born to do both. The political when it comes to light. The store or eat whole Powell. Being a line in talking to drop support having a conversation. I think a lot of people can identify with at the polls seen people being able to tight cats who they were honorable sport who support. I mean I kind of walk around the world these days especially since that election. Kind of eyeball and folks like that like now that's the you know. Odds are that that's definitely I mean that's like I mean. It's ever I had a lot of high you would like you're close friends a circle like Paula some electrons supporters like the worst thing you can call right now like dog delegate drops of water like. I heard somebody all your intro of the order a word and local time one of those. You little bite somebody over Phil is interchangeable from where there is no it is done is like I was happy that Dave. I was happy that so many times in this he addressed everything I wanted to your like the tree is gender stuff was such a big deal from the first two he had talk about he didn't talk about doubtful he had to do yet accounted. The sexual allegation Hollywood. Like if Dave didn't do and other companies special 2018 I fuel pretty bloody incident didn't agree to seventeen like if I hear from if all 48 team. We made out pretty lucky we made out pretty well. I think my my when when I look at these specials especially these last two. What I'm grateful for is that he actually. It's was very thorough and try and explain himself he didn't have to and he could just open jokes. Lifted up to and comprehension. Where you'd understand what his intent it is in telling the jokes. And the truth behind him. I'm grateful for the fact that he felt in the till Suri wants such a grand scale because. Even though you know him on many majority. Are a midi. Americans hurt the story the way he told it was (%expletive) brilliant. How that man's mother gangster. You know that his mother's gangster for doing what she didn't. Beef like you know the story so you know he's about to say he left she left the casket open. But to say that that was brilliant you know was really really dope. Com. To spell out the pits Horry and haven't really be talking about American capitalism. And the pitfalls of it. And the pitfalls of Hollywood. Was really really brilliant. And he's a master at his craft and for him to be of the coming in the room in the weighed in with so much silence. Tom when it's supposed to be about jokes it's like. I said he's on a different level and I'm just appreciated that you know should we force base pills specials in a year is like. But can basically overload but like. Got some time to really sit and digest them. And we got time to really go back and watch them I didn't ask you to do this in the kinda popped in my head so if you don't have your like in order for a moment. How would you rate dates or did you just say all right this is my favorite bit from the special second favorite or they were how would you do top five. That's who. I would probably say my favorite beat it even more than I'll like the way he brought the Cosby thing Beckett the the way he told the story about the bull dyke and to the book before mine I don't hold the book before. He sits and tells the story of the book at the end of it in the way the draw the parallels to did you party alluded to I think it's amazing how price at that is my Fave. That's my favorite one and it's it's my favor one not because the decision telling the story it's the context that it provides. For. This idea of American capitalism in this idea. He sits at some point in time earlier in the special in he says. Imagine how worse it might actually be in Hollywood that he and the sexual misconduct at pat that's happening in he's alluding to. What he seen Mike the ship that happens and I would so when you think about him getting out he's talking about something without saying and when you sit there and you listen to that story at the where he socket and I'll make you know apple (%expletive) in murder. Just to be able to get another 200 folks. You know out of a hole like. Flocked I make it. Hollywood is meant. Maybe just people. You know I would probably have that as my favorite bit I'd probably put my second prevalent as the Cosby one like the way he ties that he and and I do think that that conversation that a lot of black people were adding I mean I grew up idolizing bill content just before my time I didn't grow but today. Look at dual cocky way my parents did that I grew up. I analyzing Bill Cosby now over the last two years everything I do with the child has been completely destroyed the person they showed me ideal lax lately the person that was such an advocate for civil rights as a pillar in the black community. Scott Beck and all of that is a scumbag in the weight ties eating into his original superhero pit stop fighting my second favorite one that one's up. There its top five now would not dumbed it would be second I would put the the from the deep in the deep in the heart of Texas. There's a bit where he's talking about the two lesbian mothers and he's friends with the and in we saw lies he's talking about them in Wii's it back into being back at home. Am watching this you know the sex tape of themselves second off and his wife go yeah yeah FBI like that all of that together because it's all over the one that is probably my second that would some brilliant joke it was brilliant alive it was brilliant the watch it again at a special we didn't have his. Obviously didn't have as great as of effect is it is seen lots does she had seen it. But calm that's probably second for me. You got anything. I was gonna probably say I'd probably put it. The way he we've been OJ EA agents I was I was on the way we've been OJ in the three individual instances in which he met OJ. And he did tie into that we of these guys way too much you don't celebrities up on such this pedestal. You could see how he loss of that reverence for OJ as time progressed and as you learn more about OJ that you're being. I've probably put it that my thorough and the stove tap won't fight my fourth favorite you know. And I am I have to back this. That Jose bid is in their form top five. Sit this might be. It it'll take you more time that you see this is the one that about the talk about it either one or two. But. The the story that he tells about. Doing a show for dope dealers. And they in that gave them 25000 dollars he puts it in the yeah yeah yeah. And he relates Saturday equates it to actually have an endless a policy in a backpack in stated. And how he with no less like. That's probably one of the more Morse most seminal. 101 of the more brilliant bits that's Appel is ever. On got out and the reason I say it is because. He takes and basically show moves us that he. Understands. A woman's fear. In most men. Most of us don't understand a woman's fear with respect to me in an everyday life. On our probably didn't get into product for five years ago that pretty much every woman is welcome registered shipments because. I didn't know until recently I was like having a conversation with some wizard on all of her name out there like that on I'll tell you off the air India on news. I think the most startling thing for me over the last five to six months it is. How prevalent sexual assault is how prevalent sexual violence is port women. And now commonplace CDs amongst you redeem quote unquote normal people you know like say out of teen people that you know. Just think like six or seven at that if you really me who. Are perverts like there are actual. Living breathing the eye is never would've just like everybody that's been my preference are good people. I would say a lot of these people they get caught up as I assume were all good people. They are not. I with sexual deviates. I would say I wouldn't say six two in the mrs. because I don't know what I would say is that. If you talk to tin win and you know it's probably good chance at least half of them have been the victim at the least. Not it's not sexual assault but at least harassment. It probably seven and a ten harassment probably somewhere between three to five attitude and some. And it probably put it. As. I would probably say. Every woman that we know has had an encounter with the Maine and increasing that was the aggressive. Or once the woman told the mania I'm not interested in you. I thought it looked like all of the but it just flips out you know what I mean like. That's probably been the most startling thing I mean this analogy one time it Canada's big you buts about what was Chappelle it is. I kind of fuel like white people tell us all the time out not really you'll our experiences are like hey I tried to tell you XYZ you keep telling that is not real. I kind of feel like that's what I mean I've done to women for so long in for so mini me in. The last 68 months of learning. May have they've been telling us the truth this whole time was and they don't want you to tell bill moment. XY and Z like it's been such an eye opening experience for so many people would certainly is certainly formula I learned a lot about women and female interaction. In human interaction over the last six to eight months based on everything that's happened in the new. The thing that kind of got me. Was I kind of realized that one point. That over the courses. You know twenty plus years. My initial interactions with some women. Seem a little weird in from down. And it's a feeder. And I didn't I never quite understood it until probably about five years ago I was on Twitter for 45 musical in the there was a campaign for women to kind of explain. Or talk about what they will win when they were rate. Or when they were sexually assaulted I remember this and that led to me having conversations with four or five really really close. Female friends. And it blew my whole perspective. That was the same thing about me too because he had seen how many people but I knew. It had never just directly told me. Paid this is what happened to me unless an attitude out Lehman I think that's what I'm saying but seeing how many women maybe for the first time at least publicly admit hey this is what happened to me. I mean you just don't have any clue. You seat said that eight people that you. Hung out with it and real conversations to win dinners and hung out with Syria and like it is over my eyes out commonplace that it really yeah. Now to pull this back into this joke and while this joke is so brilliant. James Dave Chappelle puts it in this context. That we now understand and you walk around 2000 dollars on your person in cash. Fears in a minute to use no one Knowles. Except for you that you had the debt fears real popular route 25000. You weren't about yourself well. Imagine if it's a vagina. Year old woman. I do you have something that the majority of men around you won't. And some of them too many of them an unfortunate number of them will just take. If they so feel like with justice. Puck in unfathomable. For him to be able to put that into this is Joseph context. It is. Since it's as good is. You know some of the bits off of what it's worth that makes they should tell you know to me that great comedian is like that's so brilliant bit. As someone who is a free in a comedy. Are you happy with what Netflix is doing because Netflix I would say. Has shown the biggest commitment to comedy since early HBO and Def comedy. I can't really think of any other network and even include Comedy Central. Betty shown. The cool your commitment. To developing. New comics. And also giving a platform to the biggest like if there are realistic to think. The Kevin. That's a different level of commitment to comedy that we haven't seen again since HBO. So. I made a list of my. Favorite specials from this year I don't like not a liberal Netflix six of the nine around Netflix. The others are only two of them on HBO. In one insolvency so. What's easily heard that before it's an offshoot. Amazon product. And should see she cheers and made is. Stand specials on their sexy. I watched it last night it's (%expletive) It's like the blackness. Stand special group of 27. When I tried Annan wants to go home you reviews news and the first ten minutes and I was like this guy is not funny to me. All I. Like to move I was about say that he is quite a while now as the ones that want to watch and it's kind of one of those. Hey eaten dinner I'll clean up the DV Arnold as wives while now I'll take it for what it's like acts like the great Davis he is not 42 meet in steamed up yet. Ball. I know this isn't as funny to me it's like their. I. Once it and racing and then you know. Telling jokes that are. Right there for that moment in coming off postscript so he's. Can't get passed by minutes ago. Months I watched that one I atlas that way about my guess it was Mike up stand up and I was like this is not funny to me like no part of this is one like a lot of life is like knowing your own humor like. I realized about myself like. I'm that my funniest. Windy you say so that I can make a real quick flip remark and once that gives me go to your outlook on multiple races that at that point like. I think any enough to do what they do like unlike some of the audit you might end. Eighty give you five maybe ten minutes of decent stories I and on. Right I am don't like like do have great appreciation for what they go appeared do so like there's a difference between the like I don't think Tracy Morgan was that just wasn't I didn't get to that point but I love Tracy Morgan a movie is that it is just. It's a different part of the brain a different form of comedy. I think Tracy Morgan's it is good stand. But only say to those relief effort I do you think of the last one is just a lot of just this is mayor let's say so. But after you talked about the double Wal-Mart I care Yale like kind of like what's what's important probably should held onto. The later in the special but it. You know Netflix is kind of like. Set itself on this course where it's where you go for stand witches. Good for standards because it's it's. There's a place for them where's the best of the best. And put out their material material and know that it's going to be there for people to see. And then there there are folks that you don't necessarily. No law that well like Simon notch. Who put out one of the better especially a select issues out homecoming king. I think he was a daily show correspondent for awhile. And while today show that closely never did. So I didn't know we wasn't up pops the specialness like (%expletive) this is amazing. Male and one would think about this metallic inspired me alive. It is that we like in the error of creating content yeah it's like it's cooled to create based on them you don't like. Like everybody at the podcast everybody writes everybody does this like. I'm happy to say like I live in the era in apple platform like. I just confront him like you're talking like so he's going to listen to like it not be people would not like. Ever think about it that way blight. It's happy to see that we live in the air like it's cool would actually do things and that's kind of what I feel like with Netflix like. Just like look how special it upload don't know what's I don't no clue what Netflix pays the less are comedians for the epic. They have put up there hoping catchers and some like you that the failing you know. If I really want good stand up the place I go to every month to get by ten and twelve dolls levered is now Netflix I go to Netflix for the top and yet. And there's there's a million different routes that people can go Netflix is cool obviously if you can get to them if you can get to HBO great. But he couldn't think people that people who sell their specials like Louie CK a CD and is because he. As he was or is still technically. You know there was a point where he can sold to specials for five dollars a pop on his own website may like three million dollars and a few hours or something ridiculous. Just off a sell them on his list like they're different avenues for people. To go outside a Netflix if they want but it. Right now if you're you know in the game heavy. Were Netflix sees you as an upper comer like that's where you go next to thank wal. The Carson winsome comedy how. Who's the car assembly and so I mean it's that's. You know that was somebody always trying to also this is the lead into the crown for awhile whenever it was goal and cat had a cramp. Cat was pre limit those special that was big yes absolutely he got often and Kevin are happened in the Chappelle came back who's. The next he really depends in this this is a thing about content you you kind of spoke to it in the way that anybody can do anything to sell (%expletive) out there that. Com. Gerard Carmichael. Who literally has the best special of the year and a is not nearly as well known as the costs we should as he probably should be had he put out eight in 96. You know when bring the pain comes out whole week flow like. Gerard Carmichael was as big as Chris Rockies. You know. He's got this in DC show that he blew you know this year so it's not like he's not known but that's somebody that I would consider to be potentially next. If I'm crazy and those of the Sino apartments off the I was talking to somebody about this couple days ago we talk about music and I'm like. In the big difference between how I consume music now and now I can send it back in 1990 nines and thing. I would say it's not even so much all of a lesser quality which we can argue quality in terms that it's a matter preferences. We bought a C in 1999 Eagles forced herself like that. I don't this cognitive distance I would hit I would museum goody. I spent my 21 dollars I'm gonna listen to of this thing until it dies how much the book. I can't listen to like crazy. Now when I listen to something. It seems very impersonal but it's all my fault. If I can dish Freeman I don't have to physically I don't get the satisfaction of going to Sam goody opened up the package look into the problem credits in reading in Mosul one time I take the 45 songs that I really like I've run both ends of the Graham and let the Indian. The turn over now so I just was into whose acts like you don't value than the work mikes there might not look geez these last now the pressure. Pretty cool edgy out Ellis and so good that valley loop like seven. First they gotta get a valid but I'm not force the release it was stuff anymore but I wonder of comedy and now lowered formally create government. It is it is this exactly what it's what you're alluding to here is that with so much stuff out there if you don't. Sit with something for awhile like. Suppose it's put out two. Hours of special. And in two weeks nobody will be talking about that that's just the way. Our cultures and should believe in god at this in this. A disputed re basically says you know the challenger blows up like every day and it does like there's something else every single day so. It's not that not that. Shocking really. To come back to where we were another comedian that that night and you get that another comedian that I think might be quote unquote next. And it really depends on how he takes it is Michael. Chinese. Signal until one Mike I like them we can have been a lot. Bomb I. I have watched enough like to release it down and kind of like to while likes the end don't like what shape but we can update to me is the only reason I watched as if you're not mean you're not a huge fan of the show. So. Say has. I'll half an hour special on Comedy Central that's pretty do it. I'm he's got an hour special Netflix that's really good came up at the end when he sixteen in these guys. Random bits that are out there on YouTube that are (%expletive) amazing. That if he ever gets away from. SNL with you probably won't for another 345 years now. Just because he's got the head of Watergate but if he does get away he has the potential to be. Not Chappelle is the Chris Rock you know next Brazil and next. I kind of like I would say it like who's the best corner in India though it changes all the time like. While jot nor was shot at a injuries he's in the row already risen to Sharm elect. Comedy credits as the black people like that's how it's like Kat Williams that is taller now more time in the current I want markets he used to Wear the crown this sound. At some point were coming up an hour year I've approached everything with a big thing like we didn't really cover it left over there. I'm not about Ali here it's not like we left pocket we not have talked about this have a legal right thing in his opening. I don't know. Are there any of these vessels that you could with four when it's born. Or dispersed that's I gotta go back and watch him because I was thinking more. Ball. I think his flow into live Corey is a lot better now it is that makes me light in appreciate the a lot more like it's almost more world of line like that we're now having people care. If she hates. Usher chances music has really changed that much from answered wrapped. Two and a one project he did that Sunday experiment that we that one was called like. It's not as wine mean it's not as sporadic it's like a lot more smoother consistent ride that's kind of what I get from Chappelle over the last like. He's not like out in you know it's just it's a lot lower elderly statesman like. It's kind of liken this is along with a chance analogy. When you listen early Drake where you listen early across. In compared to. Two years after the kind of blow up the sound kind of tweets itself and they really kind of come into who they are even though those released on those records so content. Hold up to some extent so I get it. I don't know for what it's lowers this kind of like. The best thing this appeals that done that it Chappelle show. It was too I gotta go back like really I suggest that. What's killing me softly a lot more than watch out I like killing me softly before what it's worth which might put it this Cisco and that's that's the one instance Ford Slorc is in San Francisco the first one is the oneness in DC I got. The when he talks about. The sixteen Euro. In the fourteen Euro. Jumping off the top ropes and compare ceased to. Very very serious Spain's and white and black in the age difference to site. He's making these great jokes but he's also given you softness and really really real it's the first times it's though. Essence is the first targeted because he doesn't the first special twist to an extent too but not in the same manner where you can tell that he's. Very very serious about what he's saying. And in. Obviously vary reverent to. This is is the moment where you realist holy (%expletive) like. This dude is actually really really brilliant like that's that's where it got me and not the the first one isn't good because it is. He's trying to obviously just kinda coming into his own there. But the second one is just like sit in these but he said he's more polished. He's more comfortable. He's he's. More confident who he is. Is this you know she hit four (%expletive) hour today Chappelle on a year by. What the (%expletive) he's supposed to do with that like it's a lot to digest and it's a lot of brilliant says there and it's. It'll be interest to see how it ages you know. Go on iTunes like subscribe review. All that good stuff. Has always meant I was into the top and we got a got a haircut dessert but the play and as movements on view him as the demise the Wii at Ayers.