Carlos Beltran Retires

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 14th

Carlos Beltran retires as one of the most decorated athletes ever to play in Kansas City 


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Officially retired yesterday had in a letter in the players review and say that this year we have to celebrate everything in. An amazing career yup for for Carlos belts on top to bottom and very nice heart felt written note from him to the fans to everybody who followed his career. And I think New York Mets were the only team he played for that didn't really have much to say yeah I didn't really like really low Carlos belch person ever anybody else yeah. As ultra Mets were like still salty they win a championship belts on there. Yelled that's his goes to city with the Mets organization is all about too I mean he's as low rent compared to everybody else in New York City that's what they are the fans are low rent as well so I'm not surprised that they needed to to go out out of their way to be kinda Carlos Beltran bit. I love Carlos spelled right guys as much as I'd love Derek Johnson and he's he's my favorite chief of all time I think Carlos Beltran is on that list when you talk about like favor royals of all time. He's on that list for me and always will be an atlas for me because he he was an outstanding player in very bad times usually I don't like Mike Sweeney is well just an amazing baseball player that we had the opportunity to get to watch on a daily basis here in Kansas City. But he never played for a team that was really good enough. To go out there but he did play with one of the best out the baby in in in recent vintage of a Major League Baseball history. When you have Damon and dye and belts on and that outfielder back outfield bats to hall of famers and I and it and a borderline you know all star Jermaine Dye and it all started Jermaine Dye playing that right field spot I mean. When you about that outfield at the royals hat die demon and ultra two thirds and Carol Cox hall of fame I mean. That was an incredible incredible Hulk and it's it's almost unbelievable to think about that the royals had those guys one time. And still losing its patent Xavier because they they couldn't pitch in and a pitching eight no pitching whatsoever and no bullpen and and they got a deal Ricky gloat calico out their blown save after save after save so they had a fine clothes and they went about Bob and it hasn't had a trade you know Johnny Damon in which to do is study give him here and that reduced obviously the Taliban had in the field itself. You know additive to fix what aspect of the team yet to give up a guy who was spectacular that probably wasn't going to re sign here anyway in Kansas City. But just the opportunity to watch those three guys explain a daily basis in the same outfield was a joy and an and I loved everything about Carlos Beltran I mean he is the did nicest guy you would ever meet the kindest guy you would ever meet the giving I mean this guy I'd be with when you carve out like. Great baseball players Carlos Beltran is on that list of just all baseball guy yeah he just the ultimate person to man just like I. Like the nice guy like the guy that had a pet monkey in the clubhouse that was cool if I'd like at. He had everything like this guy was he he was a super star and I don't think when he was playing hearing Kansas City everybody realized what kind of superstar he really wants people just complain because the team was losing. Doesn't look like Belgium's hustling he would apply the balls of me ways. Spectacular I mean this guy get enough hustle thing always bugged me yes thank you see the guy he's just. That's how you run east and Al goodies that fast yeah he's. He did describe the ball I could only when he left of it you were thinking about now he's just retiring now yeah that he had a twenty year career Lou. Almost twenty years after he last year down I mean that's that's that's amazing seven years here that he played thirteen more are you kidding me yes. That's that that's amazing run and then this year I mean he kind of filled the when are we calling it that the robot is Cirque. To an extent yes molding in Houston it's too bad that that's his only title does it feel like he deserved more for like horror and death when he's gonna get this one. But it was more of a cheerleader role but that's you know that's our I served its purpose Roger is that yeah. I need cheerleaders though you do right oh you mean those guys those veterans who have been around it to help you understand how special moment right. Easy through these moments when you're young and you don't fully appreciate any album. Right whether its even win a world sick calls for a when he looks back on his life my guess is he'll probably be like yeah I probably should split up that whole winning the World Series in gaining gauged moment I did right yes this does this not just to have the two moments he separate because. You never know when you're going to get these moments again and adults from being there as a pen in his letter and the players should be on. You brought in championship belts and others WWE championship belts and they gave belts out. After every game after every win they have the two a position player in pitcher. One other one of those two that you guys got the belt speak this they want did appreciate enjoy every single way and that's how Carlos was it is you want them to appreciate. Every single wing and because he's been through he understands. How often you don't have winning seasons Howell the you don't have these magical times where you run roughshod over the entire Americans eat that's what Carlos belch robberies the table which. Perspective yes and that's the thing that I think we all need our lives to like with the chiefs right now as the other six in three think they should be better but appreciate what's going on and enjoy every moment because these winning things don't happen a whole lot sports as we experience with the royals you know. And in Carlos Beltran talked about celebrating every win and and having smoked machines and laser light shows and all kinds of stuff after every game. That's exactly what Jeremy Guthrie did it when he fifteen with the Kansas City Royals and each each day after they wanna game which was often because they won ninety some games that year. They would put that you know that neon sign of the year's essence spoke but he's off. You know somebody would wit that every day they wanted it to be the player of the game that the idea grass and their locker I think that was something that was very as the Miami gold chain gap yeah that's exactly it likely to tap that kind of stuff and and you see them celebrate an Angel like it's hokey but it works it works right at it and you got to enjoy your moment you've got to enjoy your win you got to enjoy that the moment at hand. And I think a lot of people forget to do that in sports because we get so caught up with things we can't control that we forget to enjoy the moments that we just did control that was a win on a Tuesday night in Kansas sit here someplace like that.