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The Drive
Tuesday, October 24th

Kansas State Head Basketball Coach caught up with Brad Fanning of "The Drive" to preview the Wildcats upcoming season.


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He told me today it's it's spreads that are. I chip stocks like I've Bruce Weber the one question I didn't ask you what you would. Only gonna try to encourage him make you pay yeah I hear that because I believe. In Bruce Weber in case they get in the NCAA tournament we had a bat. And see God's gonna pay me sooner or later was engaged eight got into the NCAA term election exit. Is usually good at the end of the year and they knocked off number like Baylor. In the big twelve tournament and barely lost to number eleven West Virginia 5150. So I asked coach Weber. You know how you feel it heading into this season coming up a season where he got back to the NCAA tournament. I thought last year you know we got an internment that was great it was a nice reward for seniors there's no doubt. It also helped motivate our young guys have a taste of that and and we if you really look at that we were really close whether that you go to duke Kansas and Texas Tech at a news go down the line there were a lot of close games. You know we found a way to win some of them but you know you're going to be in that top part of the league you've got to win more. Can't if you look at Kansas they I think they had. Fifteen games were came down the last couple minutes and they won thirteen and so that's how you win championships as you compete for a part time partly and that's got to be our next step we went from my angle was too and two and eleven in close games of five and eight last year now Q we go wait driver 94. Whatever it and then be a top team in that that'll come from you know it's got to come from our leaders that consistent older guys. You know he played very brown Kamal stokes. Xavier stayed up our veteran guys that they're very good player should be top players in the big twelve. And now they get to do it on a consistent. Basis they judge you pay attention pre season rankings maybe a little bit at least see what they are. Do you care about that or is that something he's motivated guys I'd I'd. You know I don't really care about it to be honest it doesn't matter to me you know it's right play here finish and win games and you know we got to worry about American coming up fund November 10 that's the most important thing and get better every day but. You know if if it comes out you know we are to what seven to eight different things hey that is what this week we use it as a motivate your. I think if we do our job and we're prepared we're gonna be better than that but but we got to do got to do on the court that's all that matters. Go to bonds at K state Gene Taylor is that how's that as as as head basketball coach know you get a new eighty cumin and you know heats. A good man for supply and inner beauty. All the feedback we've gotten North Dakota State Iowa wherever he's been. You know in his career everybody loves them. I haven't heard one negative thing about to be honest and and so that that's a good thing and and I think he's a coach's AD he wants to do well. He's he he wants to be involved but he's very hands off feet. It comes to practice even know he was there you know in the end. You know you just. I think he's gonna be good for K state there's no doubt about it John Currie. Did some unbelievable things. Former president Charles Gibson you know the if you've been to campus. Our facilities are top notch first class those guys had a lot to do it I got two solid individuals. President Meyerson and Gene Taylor I think can continue making progress we. K state. Coached college basketball to the little bit and hit with a with the FBI revealed the indeed this stuff in the shoe companies. Forty stand at all that these the other stuff coming out. We'll want it's it's actually forgetting about the game it's been my life you know that's it's not a positive thing to its you're talking about. People you're talking. You know individuals with families torn about universities target. A lot of you know people involved in that so that that's not a good thing but. In all I can and I'll I could do was worried about myself then and you know doing things and I standard and so we votes that prided. I'm not perfect and right violated NCAA rules somewhere hacked yet I am I mean there's so many in there I tried it once I didn't even know that we're there but it. You know you try to do things right you try to run program right away we're we're proud of what we've done a case statement. And it and wherever I've been our kids graduate they you know we got guys in the pros. We've won championships. And that that's the most important thing. She should Phillies have too much power in the game that. Well it's it's evolved that way I think more it is in the grass roots of it probably does this summer thing you know a huge crowds of all I. You know I certain. I'm so dangle there wasn't a UN and some of the younger girls done that they grew up playing in any U. And I grew up playing on the playground and you know we you know that's how we got better and learn how to play it. Now it's you know he got the summer tournaments the national stuff all that the shoe companies are involved. Also they have become a factor there there's no doubt about that it you know I guess you always look can you take a negative make a prize and maybe this stuff. We can look at him and keep the shoe companies of all because they are important they pro basketball they give money they're great for grassroots week you know we got to continue to. Games especially game and we want our kids get skilled and better. And because people love it that's why they show up then and because they wanna see good basketball also. Maybe we can taken negative and make it positive in the long run. Bruce thank you very much you appreciated were so happy that sixteens portrayed as the public case they don't appreciate the time yes we're we're excited to it should be a good season and hopefully your column elegiac underwear and under budget close games out because they give you.