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This will be fresh start for you after he. Yeah. I zoom. So much and good competition now. I think coming over here and and having so much. Or to sort through so many people do. Come around. Today. The manager Dave Martinez idiots who would view and don't watch the nationals owes us. Can turn the page personal freedom with the team didn't choose bush. Yeah yeah Jeff. But it has been my home for a long time. And their success started professional careers. You come here BN news organization to lock this. All of this kind of very excited what is likely to find out values and a lot of guys haven't gotten their careers but not having been through it. What was your group. Distinction as a whirlwind. Everything is ever so for us coming out news and then. That was us. Joining here. As quick as possible. Here in. Really goes through the end and for you today he always. Exactly yeah. Okay we'll kind of skills that you think you re. Just it's. Cherub for our. Whichever area there again. If terrorists. Little power wheels leave period are. Try to judge do everything turner and races and be aggressive and play our. He showed that power last year when you lose a little more when yes there there when when I guess this story sheds everything your starters yourself. A little more of it is that some are. Whatsoever Lyle. Power there are expected. 34 around the edges and try to put my name. Sure we will surely knew how the rest and treatment of how much of the so true value of oh well big time there. We gonna do. And get this as a player for awhile ago. Just were having down there and it's damaged literary and fighting through it. Again it's. A loaded into the just your favorite yeah. May the man. They won't she is doing too good slightly differently than you do remember you for. Those yeah well yeah master. But. How is this this is what Russert took. I'm when kind is owned by it was a bone situations. And on which it is due process and give it time. I think we did you play and I'm glad I. Played all over in the outfield usually sinners that your most natural position he could come and of her. We'll miss world in this program. Anywhere it's it's very mature is. Feel more comfortable there so. I don't have a preference. Okay. Hillary go. Singer Sheryl Crow didn't want. And to most. Your world would seriously he told durable. Yes. It's. It's only have a good things and I have been good days and placing. Environment. It's. Very.