The Border War Rises Above Expectations

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, October 23rd

Almost two million dollars raised, great basketball plus a great afternoon with two fan bases in KC; what more could you want!?!?


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Right side driving. Big scoop good. Yeah. Welcome and it's still in the morning Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh swindler and producers Steven Specter. That was from the boy the resurrection yesterday in the sprint center exhibition game to benefit hurricane relief between KUN have you. You wins 9387. That there what was one of the greatest atmosphere is I've seen it in a big hurry long time that thing it. They'd they'd perfectly sold to take its guys you had Missouri on one side Kansas on the other the atmosphere was unbelievable. And after yesterday there is no argument. For disallowing this rivalry to continue. And disallowing these games to keep happening because that was false. Well there there is a lot of argument for one person who has decision making that is Bill Self over at the University of Kansas and as as he said yesterday he is the spokesperson iMac and everything quietly acknowledged it was on it like. Team clean exit gap spokesperson of has the controls is all things. But it was it was a ton of fun yesterday Josh and I were down their for pregame and my range of emotions this thing what was it was all over the board by the time the date was over I'm glued to six Ted listening to the Missouri broadcast screaming. It is there's this they often lets get this way and that as Kansas was able to beat Missouri in the game that didn't matter yesterday but had everybody back at me like everybody in town was dialed in and focused in on this basketball game yesterday that took place down at sprint center and it's just another just another I guess feather in the cap of Kansas City. For how we do sports in this to get to the rivalry in all of that is legal law through the morning but man. One point 75 million dollars raised for charity okay we had 191000. People down their 181000 people down there which was the largest crowd ever to watch a basketball game in the history of sprint center and they said that on the Missouri broadcast numerous times they were fired up. And I hi you guys spell but it's like a march tied the game march type of atmosphere down there. Experts setter yesterday would both sides being down there and partying and having a good time to get ready. For what turned out to be fairly decent basketball game or for October 22 with teams that got a quite yet. Turned out to be fairly entertaining game and I think a lot of people everybody for that matter. Probably got their money's worth that this went to war games don't count this logo are utterly entertaining designers salad yeah. Right back and forth at both fan base. His were into it you could tell. All the pork. It was a major impact because it wasn't just about all of the fans really like the players got into it as well because you don't look at from this perspective we. All the time take things for granted him. Other relationships as you had a for a long time definitely you're going to taken for granted. Well we took hate you and you for granted to have her for over a hundred years it was always there are c.'s like its eyes and that laps. It sucks but it wasn't like this huge deal. Then yesterday you got a taste of what it really was that atmosphere that creates the tightness for both teams and then it. That extra emotion that permeates from the stands on the court and then the players start to feel it. And things get increasingly intense throughout the game that's exactly. What this robbery brings to the table. And it's all about or you good enough to compete it's about just. Is that the rivalry itself create an extra layer of emotion that you don't normally see basketball games. It didn't feel like a charity game you got it like I was wondering what it was going to be like when I got in their I walked in this current sinner. I thought you know to baucus has me a nice little game hey. Everybody's doing the best they can and there haven't thought were raising money for charity right who cares who wins it's like that. Charity did go. To charity that charity basketball games and that was from a charity that's what well let me I was. The entire game here on six and Sports Radio Josh decided pregame that had my kid's soccer game on some there was a non dialed into this thing. And I and I could feel the emotion like I could feel the emotion in my killing Crist to veto who by the way listening to Mike Kelly Chris trivial on that call yesterday. Brought back all the motions for me like I like it felt good listening to and I told Josh that we were the car listening to this feels comfortable this feels like. What it's supposed to be like Kansas and Missouri on the radio with two familiar voices it reminded me of old days we all love him like. All in this Dallas in like brightly that's one of the biggest things that everybody no matter how old you are you love this house that you love the old school stuff. And listening to those two guys yesterday called this game reminded me of old school big twelve big eight days or Kansas and Missouri were playing regularly playing twice a year basketball and wants the football. All the conversations we had last week here on 610 Sports Radio. Brought back a lot of that oldest house and that game happened and you're like okay we got ourselves a basketball game that doesn't matter. But in the big picture yeah we didn't matter because we don't know now when these two teams are going to play each other again we don't know what to do another charity next year. Raise money for something here in Kansas City the NCAA started grant the waiver the president has been set so you may see this game again from a charitable standpoint here in Kansas City for a for another charity or something of that nature but we don't know when Kansas and Missouri you're going to get together again but we had it for one Saturday and the thing is we we had we felt great about it because we had. Had it for so long in because it was taken away for the last five years it's being done but that last year Missouri football game guys. That was a dreadful cited earlier stage nearly 25000 people they're both teams are pretty bad neither team was doing much of anything. At that point in time basketball total different beast to hold different beast when it comes the basketball because the last game as we remember the clean block or Thomas Robinson and that game and Kansas got the win. At Allen fieldhouse so. Basketball's at a different perspective that football is right now and it was fun to see that yesterday and I felt like a kid again I felt like it was like backing policies of my early days out of college. Were Kansas and Missouri you've got fired up. I've got to be honest I haven't had that kind of a motion for a college basketball game. Probably since that game and Allen fieldhouse five years ago when Thomas Robinson cleanly blocked shot to end the game. I felt emotional. About that basketball hate yesterday and I didn't think I would I was pretty fired up when they got the win I'll knock it alive now. The pro big picture standpoint fester you said there are plenty of arguments against this game going forward what are you I don't user base yet one there's one. There's no one else out there this that you build. Re easy this America. Means this rivalry like you're American people by taking this away because it's one of the best rivalries in sports. Events and it goes back a long time ago respectable. Bloodshed Brian I mean. This is one of the greatest rivalries in sports and more than ever bill. We need this thing I can you say that he's smiling it's kind of a hyperbolic but it's kind of like how could she can. Yeah right seriously because sports seems right. Now like like where sports is right now is really good cycle thing now I. If you look at the landscape of college and professional sports right now. You can say were in the gold brigades of sports in this country I don't dad told think that we are right. And what how helps what makes things better. Already it's a Larry things that enhance games and hands rivalries and rivalries are one of those things that. Since conference realignment happens talked at Texas and Texas native talked to Kansas and Missouri talked some of these other you know conferences that have seen rivalry split up because one team went to another league one team stated that it is certainly. It's not the same anymore and when you have a rivalry game like that on a Sunday afternoon in October that means nothing. And you have people fighting with each other in town again and getting psyched up for it how tongue in cheek but your car. America does need more than that we need. The game we need. The extra stuff the bodies do to get excited about he did as a Missouri provided yesterday on by the way did you catch Texas and Texas and -- are playing better at bats Mariah gave us an idea. I. Just as they could not so I felt like that all of you look I would look better reduce the rivalries kind of kind fully commit to them. That's everybody out there and get into a complaint a professional sports at the rivalries just aren't there it's hard to have rivalries with guys change teams all the time. But this one was there this is here for the taking this is something that could take exports to the next level. By bringing back this Kansas Missouri write the. Perspective how incredible this atmosphere was yesterday carriage Harrison from the drive them myself that a post game show from our draft house downs to downtown. We've always had his back and forth is heard on very different sides of what sports it is always viewed as an escape his inner team right. Write music is not always an escape and all that. Even yesterday cared and so that was that was the state is like that was going into a situation. Rare if you didn't know what to expect. But it was two teams there. Hated each other and in your so locked into it did nothing else in the world mattered outside his prison like when you were in there. Nothing else mattered because at that team I love this team I want to beat that team why extra eight Wright is. It's everything sports is supposed to be. And after the game Bill Self. Still quite the same way that we feel. I'm not as they never let it. I don't think there's been happy changing hands in our positions or university goes fossils and I guess on this just now. The problem is. News. Very large contingent of eight people that wasn't happy that we're doing usage to live your license for costs so so. Certainly. You know loose. You know what happens you years from now certainly. Now we're talking about right now. It's builds off yesterday he downplayed a report he also wick back to the old well of the we don't really have any interest in helping to be there and you and sell. The same arguments he's always had it in it sounds as if he is not quite in the same page as the rest of the fans where we want well showed us that he should have stood outside and then help to get people indeed be reading yesterday it just. Just saw that little atmosphere right I'm just got his head out for a moment and saw the downtown to the outside looks like game the big twelve tournament again yeah bigger than the big twelve it well why does it was because proud try to get him back for and a was so. Just a week we couldn't get you to check out the other stuff that was going on and Intel made it and people that want that it was gadgets there was. So it's it's for charity or. PS app people hey why did this way this season that you plays Washington in the sprint center right. The it's gonna look anything like about 171000 people there will be the largest crowd ever lose your honor. I was niacin. Based sold out as little brunch before hand right kind of mosey in the title and I were doing yesterday judge and I stop. I've few places talk with a few folks as as we are meandering our way through downtown yesterday and everybody was in sight having brightest it was layer b.s kind of enjoying the day. I think it all change once everybody got beside them because I talked to some people yesterday at the last minute whenever somebody had an extra ticket I decided to go. And then I saw as post after the game went holy crap I'm glad I went this is the greatest thing ever like like like the the perception initially was. Whatever and by the time the game was over you're sitting there screaming for your team rooting for your team. Because the game lived up to the belly and a lot of times games don't live up to the billing. And Mike you're a 100% right about escape that's what sports needs to be and really the NFL has not given us an escape for the last two years from reality it has been too much in reality to give us an escape from reality. That college basketball game yesterday was a two hours gave it was a two hour trip down memory lane and a two hour re creation of hatred that each side has for each other and it all came together in a perfect storm yesterday and again listened to Mike telling Christian view I delegates yet again I really did it was it was so much fun. To listen to those guys call that gained yesterday here on sixteen and sports radio and so much fun people that get that win because of Kansas little lost. My god I would have been mad about it. People want to be honest here. They sound like they were having a blast high glass I have heard on I mean some loser broadcast and pretty like Stan writes Jack. I know that's sounded excited is that exciting awesome I think it was a bucket like. We're back legs. Were irrelevant to basketball there. It's everything is good yeah I'd like all right you go go have some fun today that. It was it was fantastic yesterday just a great great great day for everybody involved kudos to everyone who helped pull that off and now let's do it again some time I put a blog post though it's extend sports dot com about the reasons why Kansas and Missouri won't play again check it out let me know.