Bill Self Podcast

Bob Fescoe
Wednesday, March 7th
In episode two of the KC Bobcast, Fescoe sits down with the legendary coach of the Kansas Jayhawks Bill Self. From fourteen straight conference titles to playing Missouri in the future all while sitting court side at Allen Field House, episode two is a must listen for any Jayhawks fan.

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For a decade and a half Bill Self has been on the sidelines of the University of Kansas coaching the men's basketball program. And what he took the job a lot of people thought it was nuts there's no way you should follow Laurie Williams many people said. But he know what he decided to follow Roy Williams anyway I took it 80% winning percentage that Roy Williams had and made it even better. Bill Self has been nothing short of remarkable at the University of Kansas fourteen straight big twelve championships. Couple of final fours makes it and a national championship we sat down with Bill Self in Lawrence at the beginning of march we started our conversation talking about the fourteen championships he won and if there was what they thought may get away. This year we. You know we we went through a stretch where West Virginia lost. You know three and force them like that tech Boston. You know three in a row or something like dad Hamas and we had to have that that we embody that that that those things play a factor of course we also helped build. With some of our performances well but but we didn't play well and in and not win but. I would say of all of them. This is that the team that that probably. Surprises me the most because I think the league's groups that I was looking back at some stuff from your career. I was watching athletes it's like you're going to fight and so on foot the Bill Self videos like I'm the one day you're hired and it's chancellor and the way talk and he says. We've hired a coach that would expand the jayhawks winning tradition. Did you think you would expand it to this level I mean likely he nailed it there's no question emailed it in and you've taken it to another level. I I think. There's a lot of people thought I was nuts take the job really well yeah why fallen ruling. If you're never gonna what is much more and more. I thought about talking about following him yeah people thought I was nuts and that was more than one person. That I respected that told me that. You so much of a good job this is a fall the right person. You know he followed you followed. You know you you wanna follows. A person that's got great players in the program. Where they've under chief Anders little expectations. Were good look okay you deal with that being the case. So. Yeah I do it it's it's been it's been a fund run and everything but I don't think anybody thought after that first and second year that we are going to be surpass in anybody's. Expectations that they hit me before I got here so when you when you go to the hiring process to get this job you're talking because I remember it didn't take long immediately mid April you had this job was ever a point we were like. Maybe I won't take this job maybe those people right there to tell me that it I don't know that there was ever that point. And it's yeah I don't remember every. Every. You changed in you know from hour to hour on all what I was thinking that but. You know my dad. You know he he he kind of leveled with these days you know you don't think you should do this don't do they're scared of them do it basically all via. Word did that in this. You know that this. I've heard before from Hilton head and and with the strike the for me here that that. But I had such a good situation room when people don't know them you better players go when I was gonna give Kansas people down here know won't understand but it. I mean we we had a national championship type team with without Charlie built the way that he was come. So so that was tough to leave that I always you don't lead based on the team we base what's best overtime. And you know worked out you go back and look at those vehicles you were wrong now and I'll never never never never and and I. I was certainly receive a lot of hate mail a lot of things. Throughout the time you when I was I was here for a couple years and there's a lot of all halls. You're wrong so you know when they're playing in the final four we lose in the first round so slow but no I've I've never done that. I thought that never thought that at all and a certainly you know real receivables people there that gave us an opportunity but. I think that we could have been really good over time we've state. But you know how it could use to coach. Cindy do this themselves. But he goosebumps right before tip I know she always blow your hand and Dexter superstition but I get goosebumps right before tip off and I'll turn in my stance. Staff and I'll say. We wouldn't can you believe us when the decimal reading gets up to 17120. On the big border though or there's been a lot of times op all all well all of collar guys and our guys they don't they don't ever to run which it with a don't take this ran with this crowd. It's an exhibition. There's no place like this in America so so so. I I do I do get goosebumps at times. And I hope I do as long as the coach I want ask you about three games in pitcher immediately actually it was a I think these are the three most important games your career KU. Davidson. Relief. Relief. So so we we were the better team. We initially played a lot better we were the better team and it. You know the matter what I. I can get up tied I think everybody Keyon I I I try supports elusive term I mean it's ridiculous we're joking we're doing whatever he used the term it. And then one your starters at the first timeout that coach said Russ what's wrong with coach like him pretty. Good innings goes to say how much it means to bail me did that there were so much. Pressure at least in our minds and their minds of what that we had to win that game it's much quarter operating. When when you're the favorite and you have to wing and ideas for your underdog and there's nothing to us and and we being in that. We've been in that mode so many times were. We've been the favorite to to do something that that it does come with pressure but but relief would be they've it's. Title game. Oh. Out of body experience. You know you hear your coach and with with house money. It's a coin flip game. You know in in in you know that your you've got a chance but he also knows that you played right to be. It was fun. But the thing I always take most pride with daddy's. You're down nine with two left and the focus never should I mean guys believed they were still that we and and it's easy to say now I have to he would but it was it that day that group was that group could make other people play that group could. Could could make place that you can't coach. At the most opportune times I mean that that was a unique group that you could never count them. And you you here for the final time. Pride the pride the most emotional game. We hit it. A mile mean very few regular season games that we knew we we thought we got screwed with Colombia. They front that they got through and making sure I don't know we've talked about and as a very good calls the lead but but but the whole thing is that that saudis and in the with that robbery. Certainly. It added to be last year. We to sing it so there was a lot of motion. The first day took the job you talked about officer basement trying to cool I think you said that all things to do is obstacle. Yes it's it's it's probably coup because you communities in Seattle. Offices has changed through sitters and Allen's changed the practice field so many things that are different now. And what it was the end to make that are you still in its sixtieth cavity out here for you. If if I could make it to sixty you know I'll say that that would be. At the end I don't do that so I'd like to. I'd definitely like to contract and whatever happens happens there's there's certainly. As long as I feel like that in theaters to compete against the young guys as he yeah it did of course it. Won't be. Yeah you ever think NBA is that ever an option for you. May yeah. It. You know there's that rate. Becomes. The not so. An unfortunate that every. Scene with its. Public. We will continue our conversation would Bill Self but first a message from our sponsor red door grill you guys have heard me talk about red door grill for almost a year now on sixteen and sports radio and the proud sponsor. Of the bobcats and I'll tell you what I'm a proud eater at red or real in fact my family and I love. Going to read you are not just on Mondays for burgers or Thursday's for fried chicken. But just about every single day of the week because every time we walk into a red door relocation were walking out of here feeling satisfied feeling great in knowing. We got some of the best food in Kansas City. 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Larry Brown wrote this piece for the athletic or whatever was reported as the players thing. And he said advice to you on the induction the whole thing was to sit back have a glass of red wine reflect on success of the young age could do that now. Wanna. It's. Actually up and give him the whole thing is loss. It's the atmosphere it's with so many people. George he has. It. Does the bullets do this we're ahead in Pittsburgh. Has. For. Decades or decade. Is seems like to be seen that surely those spaces was obviously. So that it existed in my feet don't you know. It was. By. Us that he is kind of like. Honor a player. So we're here yeah compared to honor player after things. Mostly it. But it it was at some point Tom. It's. You've done all fan you've won the national championship but it seems like colleges especially basketball. You're like NFL quarterback one's nice but once not enough yet you yet late in the drive to get that second how big is that for you think that we keep. And certainly with us. The thing about it is. It. Let's put yourself in position. But they're not certain teams ago I can start. But amassing and happen but the reality you're not really. Right in the thing that we had done. Which creates pressure. Is that we have been in the game here here. In the game I mean even if we loss five starters in 2000. Team won the league and we're threesome. At Michigan State didn't double figures before they Peterson's sixty it. We re being in the game. But what's the disappointment in the game it's. And we could just so so I wanna be in the game I'd much rather be in the game. No question. But the deadbeats that you get punched its ticket. Yeah plenty of time but what what. So so. There is to drive that you want war. But there's also the right at it it it. They'll continue the path. Where where you know people or people like yourself or discipline this one. Alas she was one. We deeply grateful to the plate make your best three games where all your long term it's leading lately. Why do we do. What I think there's a lot of reasons why it happened. Well with or against it was good they play with the pressure and stuff like that but we do is to get it done here before. It's a one possession game going against the little. And do what we saw that they are legal when the national championship game. And so so we'd get right right here we. Or. So what's the most disappointed you've. I would say. If you talk about losses. Oregon was disappointing. But I think that's. An excellent. Still no question about the best. Sometimes you can be picked the number one overall seed if you're not really the best team that you had the best. But if the team gets hot at the right time you know that their talent level that change could could possibly pitch. But but to me was the peace and that this team. And and and we laid. It stand to. I couple rapid fire questions were kind of play with a name into the final drive or whatever just what first thing that comes to your mind who replaces your case you. First thing because the. Case. Really but. Did say it sector that it's things. I. And that's fair I saw your toast to your daughter and letting you guys talk about Beauty and the Beast I think what your favorite music. But the question. It really want. To. Talk about recent ranking. So we. Long time that. You do right now she calls that was that was viewed in the news or yet. What's your dream foursome. I get the booklet that. Like I gotta put here there are right. I'd say it like it is here. Myself. It did in the that this could be a pit built Obama. Notebook in him he always. Did. Two of the team but whatever I would take that goes it's because that would be warned it would it would be. Don't hold back from hell hole or you could actually make this. Probably. Not be used words aren't that's fair who's the one that got away. We got a lot. We've got a lot to him. Yeah great news this guy. You know we don't you. Shape with a lot of things that we do we got some recruits that we think it should. For a young. Was one that we. Really close it even though he made the right choice yeah Andre made the right choice but if they could be wanting to international players here. But that we were we close those guys leaving clothes and a lot of yeah. Good. You talked about. Just pure talent. I don't know. News. Anybody from tees and that would probably. Account. That's part of being a grandpa. You know I'm little kids but. He used to it sells. That is agreeable but what a picture every day yeah. But I think that this. The best horse probably. Yeah. Seen maybe. Family history seems so this kind of fast dancing. Singing and how happy that we. Children can be. Of course we'll. Give backs this area thanks for we appreciate that should parents. Obvious that a lot of people who's consuming one of the still haven't had a chance to. I look at these three states. This brings to. Even though I've got something from him in the office. Tom Brady. There. Public. Entities that they care yeah right. Of these that's cool Tom Brady is rate will be able to hand them. We doable that we don't go work out like they can they're still pretty cool yeah fifth fifth fifth. There there there would be that would probably be a lot. I would like to eat. Put they. I think some of those people there people. But you know. There's this this some of the coolest people I've been people who struggled lives with a with sickness a lot and see. We secure person coach against. The coach against. I would say it did. If it if I could line the coach. Coach what his concern that. He has some. Cookies. And things like I think those are built in there's more. Certainly there's those guys orders to beat. Analysts'. Dozens more just because. But the guy's head coach to coach is the place and me. With a pure. Pure personal pledge. It's the best sporting event non NCAA tournament bid to. Roasters use. When Forte. Humble. Those. Aren't it seems to clinching game wars lists with the Red Sox. But but seeing you. Again Gibson is pretty special it is finally and get a play and you again. It really. Is this satisfies. Satisfied you guys at the time this much. I'm telling you what man at that that day I was a kid's soccer game. And I had a radio and got listen and then keep it I got my adrenaline go for game didn't mean I didn't think I'd get like an. Because I've always been at a LE scared and didn't they they did agree to people. That. And I. There's there's it. Builders in the box in mind that you know there's water as recently. I don't idol field this week. Our administration shoot us. I don't know that there trees that makes it. They they picked it up. State it's. It could easily happen to get to the the term used. Certain. But it's happened accuse it. This of course so it feels like so it's. That would be a must win game for you because honestly I haven't heard of it. Yeah but that was like the pressure like it there if there any cedar ninth seeded one in which it like the pressure. Right. Right so you probably would for sure but. You know fatalities. You can't tell me that there. You could ever be at a place. Where there would be potential games like that for sure. You know it so so it wants that would play Tennessee to you think they'll be pressure game for him or or points of the plate cal. Or would you just leave the police story yeah. You know that they're there could be that we played you know you know that there could always be. You know pressure. Exit in and I'm sure that really felt that a lot whenever we played. Carolina student. But that that but you know what whenever you make it is if you make decisions. Even though don't you don't know me unintended consequences. Those are some sure you know so so this certainly adds to the press. That wraps up our conversation would Bill Self the head basketball coach of the university campus here on the PC Bob cast stay tuned for more episodes we continue to bring them to you. Who out the next couple of months a lot of great names on tap to talk went well you're playing club or would you come. Grows so many other people throughout the kids city's sports scene and every one that's big news. Right here in Kansas City. They'll all be on the PC bobcats. It's.