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The Drive
Tuesday, October 24th

Kansas HC Bill Self spoke with "The Drive's" Brad Fanning at Big 12 Media Day to discuss the upcoming season for KU and whether he sees a potential future in playing Missouri ever again.


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It's that you got a chance to catch out with the hall of fame coach feels weird calling in this season active coach put. He is in the hall of fame Bill Self yeah big twelve media day got its red setter today and I had a chance to. Or Bill Self and a little one on one interview with them and I started the conversation. L with a simple question you had a couple of days to reflect on the cave in Uganda sprints and what's that. I coaching couple days removed from that gaming and it's a friend senator how do you feel and yet Jessica looked back and say. What what a great atmosphere was wondering if that was. What do you. I I have been able to look back that it was a great atmosphere is a greater fan. Thanks to many we raised a ton of money coming out. I don't know what the final and an amount was but it was a least one point 85 million and so it may have been morn and I and I haven't heard the final tallies. But he it's it's and it's incredible that dead people showed up like that it was an expensive ticket is an expensive paper view it. But I would think most people felt like they. They they did it for the right reasons of these and still they got their money's worth in addition that and three guys infamous and he gets its quality competition right out of the gate he typically when Garrett. Yeah I bet that that's one of the by products of doing that this was a what the reason why we did it yeah absolutely we were exposed. They do some things against us that. Dad is very evident to me and in our players. Dad you know we got to get better in some deficient areas and so that was good I'm sure. Console felt the same way so. You do and it was a fun day it was a you know regardless of the outcome I think I think did both both teams might benefit from Ottawa. Based on the responses I've put the tickets away and how crazy was down here what a great atmosphere was. What are the chances we see this thing on a regular basis why I don't think that has anything to do with whether or not we play in the future. On how quick the ticket response was one. That dad that's irrelevant to me this this was done. In our administration was 100% on board and in doing to raise money and you know there was no opponent that either one I was deployed. They could generated that type of you income for some people would be so. That that was the reason why we did. Just because fans from Missouri. Thought it was such a great deal does not anyways here. This way stood moving in the direction of life the reason will play strictly because we feel like there. That we need to gain his best for us and so so. You know that that certainly are staying assistant changed on and and that's not being negative for me at that justice this is being very factual. Talk about that you're spot and he got Azubuike back how much is that gonna change yes but don't know that it changes as time I think we play inside out when we did last year. And it was great that he was in this. All of its score. As much as what you still could potentially could be good but landing did some things that you don't you can't do. So look. You know ABC on we we certainly a colossal loss when he went down last year this season ending injury it. And it's good to see him. You know. It's an experience and and and hopefully by conference play he'll be a real thing worse but you were the an Indian side so so will be playing small what is. Delonte Gramercy I mean that we don't see too many guys who for years that are that good. How much fun has it been for you see him and a guy like frank. It just developed and to potentially one of the best players were the best player in college basketball well that's a let the fight was last year. Let's not get too carried away with the bunting yet but I do I I without our without you know reservation would say he's one of the premier guards and college basketball and and I think that these two guards signed towels and an Appalachian State. You know just kudos to bail for four. For how hard they've worked and to improve their third game in their trade in and he's a great leader he deferred a lot last year because we had frank. Which is best for our team he'd be the first to tell you but still no you know he's still averaged thirteen game next year why not and and and that being the leading score a lot of teens and and you know he he's a guy didn't get his own shot and what he's got a deal to do was get fouled and get some easy points like frank was able. Biggest. Biggest scare of the team in the big twelve can help theater and try to make yet. Not win that fourteenth and around oh I think I I think our league is probably less top heavy. Like I look at us and I don't think though that I've seen consistently in practice that that we're an elite league. Group. Now I think we can teach to get there if things fall right in in in a look around the league in announcing. They've lost this guy and they lost that guy because that is seems like to me that everybody for the most or should be just as good or better. So our league is not talking maybe it's truly upper middle heavy I mean you look at that you Cubans picked of this five teams. Pre season our league who need to leave now I mean that's a hard deal to do. And so why I idea. I think going to be terrifically and you say do you most nervous of routers here I would say everybody because everybody who play. Especially in their building. I mean it it'll be a coin flip type game and in and then you know we've we've shown that we're pretty good at home but we've also shown. That we can be we can be gotten there and so so it'll be a great league race that you West Virginia TCU Texas. You know you can say oh Oklahoma much improvement of three seasons out there I mean you go down Melissa's can be good athletes I coach thank you very much appreciate that.