Bill Maas Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, November 20th

We talk with former Chiefs DL Bill Maas every Monday morning at 745am as he points to the defensive effort and questions what is going on after they lost to the Giants 


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Bill lost joins us now and deserve those five extra point that's right yet bill very upset on Twitter especially about the defense what do you see. Your ball on Cashmere blanket statement when I watch football you'll have to. I I understand defense sharply to actually look at the close. I'll altered I don't know everything about the routes and regional potential and so we're cricket council or really concentrate on these incidents. And the effort level but I assault yesterday was a picture like old. I was coached. Defense line coach defense coordinator. Let that happen I mean. It was clear to me actual like the department take on this responsibility. And they shut down. There's been no. Don't you desire to get to all terrorists we got to talk earlier do we need something happened essentially strip borders or Sugar Bowl shall be plate. The ocean's twelve also. Energy and that's it's a lot about the name it's a question like had a particularly good returns when that book to the place in the weekly Jewish yeah we said give me. Well I think when the team goes out there performs like they do against an opponent like they do it kind of makes you go hot I mean that that's not a good look for a team that you know at one point was five and a beating the patriots and Eagles got to start off the season now they've regressed to a team. They can't beat the New York football giants as we saw yesterday so. You go out there and you lose that came after the game Travis Kelsey says we're not gonna change until we can learn how to you know play against a cover two to me I take that as he's calling out the entire coaching staff for not figuring out how to make adjustments and still trying to do the same thing over and over and over again it's clearly not working from an offensive standpoint. Well that there are number surged. You're right five weeks ago addressed the basis of boasting of course yeah which it was December. Because if you don't think change in the NFL was missed via VP yeah things change and yet so therefore right now. Soul search experts that would. Waited would you question. Use one blitzes. You've you use these executed in the fact that you can't win with your shipment. Shall we shall we bring somebody stopped the actual flying in there to blow. The peace security and the fact that you can't stop which. So it's all sorts of what you used that many extra please read this direction pleased to get things going offensively. He's executed to the fact you can't win out front and and so we'll start the ball and that's what street. Get to please. Where in the world because he catches it figured it treachery and penetration just looked at the pleasure that we so there is stretched. That's crossing decency and. Well I think my biggest concern you know Mike once Alex Berenson said the Siberia. Ice China I I I Qaeda China. We've got into bracelets and make location where I don't wait on demand still waiting for trump to tweet about it but I am an offensive line bill that just right now is not good they're not tough enough upfront they don't know how to block properly either they're giving this team the ability to really do anything. And really be a multi dimensional offense right now if you can't block upfront to me you can't do anything regardless of who that quarterback is or running back wide receivers. And hence you go back to your closet neutral pleas were trapped structure storm stretched yet so that that's why. That's why you shall we will catch please mr. archer surged. Because they don't we begin without actually got to create a way to get movement. I'm with the ball and that's what's catching up to now that's forcing. Travis Kelsey said that. Everyone guys need to step up who would be first on that list for you. Well exit. In that he'd better teammates and some via social. So it's a personal responsibility. You know sometimes guys. You party discipline and you replied but the fact that news. You've got to make the difference. Egypt want you know great people want to bridge to urged not to system I think she's great play call. Not all sultans defense to make it's that the U. So the outlook with him and we are penalty like this before it stopped. We got under way to shall responsibility to regional. Talk with former she's defensive line and build loss here on sixth and Sports Radio in sixth and spore stock comma so how does this. This team did turn around can they can they get to that whenever you see them winning it 85 I the next six games. Q what would you just simply atrocious history conceit you play. Ball. More confidence built from the first thought we'd take it so much confidence in what they're doing the first five weeks it was there was unpalatable league since it makes you. They were spear or do anything that so that they would win at whatever they play they call it missile to win it. They need to believe that they are what you do there's artwork yourself there's no magic want to wait equal work. It's emotional weight rule culture with the NFL. Teams like wait actually scorched. Bill you bring up their confidence is it possible loss to Pittsburgh. Got to put that seed in the brains of the players that Wallace is going to be the same thing that. You know we might play really well against this team that team owed it comes to the Pittsburg Steelers we just can't beat them is it possible that chip away at their competence. Well what it did is that you wore very difficult to garage reality. We're not secular welcomes shall sit school game they got beat on both such a line of scrimmage in the pitch for being. He turns up pushed around the rim all over the bush personal problems or. Against its murky financial. They got smacked down to a question about that and also he is it was a player in the game player although he should use against. And seeing that. Bill mosque with a serious extent Sports Radio this is a lame and speaking your bill but I've got to ask you because you played the game. Marcus Peters on willingness to play the other side and constantly covered the best wide receiver I think is a bigger issue that we talked about why doesn't he. Go back and forth and side to side. I think the defense could be better if we don't have to rely on Phil Gaines and Ken Acker and some of these other guys to cover at times the best wide receiver on the field what do you think about that. It is that his supporters is that a market leadership anger and such change. I don't think that I'm watching that isn't working in now. Yeah. So via he would like to see but the defense shouldn't be used it won't which calls for it you know electric and try to use Steve. And mr. if you work you know over a true departure from tried but I think it's more to try to play which be shut. Some more Peter short were saying I don't want to. What is it you re saving these guys this morning when he walks in there. Art and what are the ship before a league east he'd be easily there to support watched. Somebody that sort of sugar Arnold. Religious battle out acceptable to anybody. And they need to Caldwell flat. And you know the certainly don't waive players vote that decides. To their target stepped up late as well you guys Itar. Damn right he's bill lost already back limited time and that's exactly we'll just hit the players big dog Bradie reed become big Mac if you. It's time to build up our.