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Friday, October 20th

What the guys said about Marcus Peters and his performace last night


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Okay. Welcome back pin him. We have a very important. Is there information to get to you about the border war resurrection happening at 8 o'clock here on sixth and Sports Radio book market speeders by far the most polarizing player in Kansas City. And a lot of people were wondering what the hell it was thinking last night win it the only tackle he seemingly wanted to make was when Derek Karr was held up Eddie came in with a I guess what missile helmet first to get it took a shot at their car as players get a set off that's one cares about their quarterback to go there. Yank him off Marseille alleged wrongs on the field hell breaks loose arsenal its shelves an official. Trying to protect markets Peters initially I think when he turned around he was just revving indie grab an official push him and then a Britain grad Marcus Peters in the same way probably thinking it was gonna turn around grab mark is to get him out of that situation. So in the end it. More solidly dejected mark speeders in the middle of about a controversy again in Jack tell real after the game it responds to the ejection of more solid. I was disappointed that he ran out. As I knew that we had a fifteen yard penalty we're going to be in good shape. And good chances might have a conversation about it I told him he can't leave the bench like that and that was about it. Listen I knew he was being tossed ruff told that he. Actually put his hands on. Jack Del Rio last night and refereed day did put us as other referees a Marshall it's ejected he deserved it. You can't not inject somebody when they shove an official but in the grand scheme of things it didn't seem like that big of a deal. But Vasco you'll want to party last night winning streaks which went phenomenally great yet you to everybody for coming out manic series that we we really appreciate every single one of you to come out to those events because we do a lot to put tomorrow. Yeah it was it was fantastic to see everybody their last night to all the folks from idea everybody else who showed up at me and Andy Young lady was celebrating her thirtieth birthday party last night of winning streaks it was it was a really really good time and it was basically standing remotely type crowd so. A ton of fun by everyone but there was a there's report camp at least or you're for the stars and now with the Washington Post debate about Marcus Peter's last that was some fans. There's one thing at a city rather see Marcus Peters cut them for the chiefs to win a Super Bowl because he believes that the she's the only Super Bowl without markets Peter twelfth that was before the second half of the game and we saw the defensive backfield last night. He would absolutely lit up but it's of it's it's it's a very very tough spot for a lot of fans. With Marcus Peters right now because there are a lot of kids that don't like Marcus Peters that love the Kansas City Chiefs and they don't know am I supposed to root for markets Peters in my supposed to against mark is the act out of how to handle the whole Marcus Peter's situation and he really truly as a very polarizing figure right now because. He's a great football player there's no nobody can take away from how great he is recovering dudes can eight. He's the best dude cover we've seen in Kansas City probably since the days. Of I don't know my I don't know how guys I mean though those were the Mike back in those days of Mark Miller Bill Carter Albert Lewis you know. To Ron cherry back back in those days in those guys could cover they could flat out ladies that's right. And this guy can flat out covered dudes like it's nobody's business hit anybody no good tackling anybody. But he also rubs a lot of people the wrong way from his actions whether it's the anthem or whether just the way he performs on the fielding getting fifteen yard penalties and personal thousand. Yelling on the sidelines and getting into fights and constantly have to become down by his teammates tease fans or be like stuck between a rock and a hard place because. They know he can do on the field but everything else he doesn't lend themselves to being a great representation of this franchise. And of this idiot so people are wondering do we support Marcus Peters do we not support marks Peters what we do. And my answer is like I don't care for Marcus Peters the dude. But I like Marcus Peters the football player I don't like Marcus Peterson at the attitude but I really like Marcus Peters the football player. And this is one Rossi I'm just gonna pay attention to what he does on Sunday for three hours because really in in my life that's all the matters for me what Marcus Peters does on the football field to meet. Is all that matters and I'll take a Super Bowl over losing a player any single day week. Takes like 69306. What are your thoughts on markets Peters because it seems like everybody has a different everybody had to add this to me. The law of markets Peters attitude. I do I know a lot of people rubs the wrong way I love that man. He's you need these kind of players he is you need guys like Marcus Peters guys who are. Scant. Right unpredictable at times like it's some flags here and there but that kind of attitude is what creates a team that's nasty. Mark is Peters is nasty people are afraid of Marcus Peters because. Because they don't know how he's gonna do well it like that a player I think we always talk about we want stars when guys are big per right now he's one. That we get. Oh that's distraction it's well it's it is practically when you get penalties but it is solidity of the stretches in the rest of the that the defense the rest of the secondary. Ports like post. That's the distraction that stretch is the rest these guys can't cover any wound to the point where they're going to Mort Cooper all over the field just because they know trees going to be on the side. With with Marcus theatres it but here here's the other thing that would Mark Peters it it's too. I don't care what he does messiah yeah. It's Wiki it's fifty plus yards of penalties which he got okay he had a 43 yard pass interference penalty in any of the scud missile was you put it was a great analogy about a love that one. Fifteen yard penalty and get over fifty yards in penalties last night the pass interference had news team. It was going to be a touchdown day if he doesn't autism is a his team a chance and he's a guy by the neck but yeah that means that on purpose if you did in any basketball colleagues following guide the ram yeah but that's how hard this guy has personal foul titles in for me that's what it is. I doubled the anthem stuff I don't care about that you know hit it the way he acts after the games is was left to be desired. But when he goes out there and commits those personal foul penalties of which I think he knows the re already this season that's what rubs me the wrong way and that's what idol like you can play football with passion. You don't have to play like an ass and it was Marcus Peters goes out there plays like it asked and puts the other 53 guys jeopardy and we you've got a defense that struggling right now to make anybody to fall to the ground there and you're going out there and your commitment personal foul penalties and extending drives. Yet that's a tick people off that's gonna expands us who were invested into this team and digital that Mark Peters is investing Kansas City to. I mean I think I'll know when I see it I think they'll they'll be a time you know I was with certain with certain players were the the antics don't outweigh the current productivity right or nauert weren't portal and in that idea for some people you are. And I figure crates and that's the thing though there's there are are there aren't evil little Nightline and now he's getting penalties and now he's not guarded people of all. He's really good eye and added that it it it it's to the point where if it sways the other direction. I'm with the candidates now work I lost my wife's got a message from one of for friends last night and. And tell Bob that I would rather have a bit beer retiree killed at Marcus Peterson that's backed but I go I would too well. On. Thanks line six on threes are exile about a guy who beat a woman. And has more Q rating in this town for a lot of people that markets Peters does it he's got nothing illegal or wrong. I tell us licensed and 306. It's funny how Peters has taken the attention off tracks Kelsey we need markets Peters baker reveals look better. The fair point. This year peers is acting like AT bag and playing like garbage he pretends to be a bad as that is scared hits someone unless it's the quarterback go into the ground. Good of Lackey of the lack of tackling. I I would agree is an issue. But that's an issue for most big time corners around the game because speeders is built to go tackle Marshal omelet that sounds horrible he's built to go out and cover. Problem is he's getting beat here and there but if you compare to other quarterbacks round bogey like Malcolm but there's been bad this year for the patriots. Patrick Peterson big game be a lot this year too it's the round of the quarterbacks in the NFL I wouldn't say there once shut down guy anywhere in the NFL this year. So. He's kind of par for the course around the league. In a lot of people on the tax on 69306. Yet you're gonna love women tele cost to a playoff game they believe is going to cost the chiefs down the road. Don't necessarily agree with that I think we're taking the big personality and blow it up to something it is. Mark is Peter's. Got that penalty for pass interference on purpose isn't going to be a touchdown. Wrap the around the neck hold down and Peter's new is they get that was me because I wanna live to fight another day. If you can't get to a you know he's gonna test test out you can't find the ball he can't located. Eagles the passenger fares that's what you're supposed to do so the hole and all these things against Marcus Peters of the a lot of this is blown up out of proportion because that she's lost. Well it's always been did for a while at our theaters as early as well speaking of things brewer for awhile we have some interest in information and about the resurrected border war coming up next.