The All Eyez On Me Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, June 19th

Carrington is joined by Brandon Shackelford (@DamnLookAtHim) to review the movie All Eyez on Me and Tupac's impact and legacy.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. All right another addition of the stick with I can't. Harrison here happy to be joined by eight. RadioShack before. For in the mine. He does YouTube movie reviews so it's normally my god danger comes in here he's my pop culture expert but then all of the breaks down trust that good guys are brought you that that's appreciated appreciated that he'd be he would tell people about what she going to. Tells them looking him do a little bit of movie reviews Lou did a Netflix review site cover everything that's relative to I guess. What I like I try to like speak to the cultures he would've I've or what everybody else likes is well. Just out of Bob out everybody I hope it what can come through the channel speak to what they like I like to disconnect what everybody was watching what you would enjoy what I'm enjoyment have a good conversation about it. I want to graduate here because I actually watch your view on all eyes on me I saw this movie on Thursday the team. I was just start off the conversation was saying I'm not huge to Bach fan right like most people that are in the culture I understand his music I've heard it I have some level of appreciation for what I wouldn't consider myself a two part phase in quiet affair retton. Music and this was a big moment in the culture. So obviously had the go see the movie of course. I thought it was an entertaining movie I don't think it is a good movie like to meet. There's a distinction between the two the did you go see this movie you'll be disappointed with the move right now you're disappointed Ramallah. Historical accuracy standpoint maybe acting won't be up to the caliber of it but it's hard to like rap music and at least know the music right. And not leave the movie theater entertained a rising. Yes I agree completely out of out of like docile I'm not a huge to bug me and I am a TIM a fan of him that that you think you put into the level the levels of staying super being under the regular fare like. I loved all eyes on me out more partial to it me against the world though so. Let the same way thinking like you know what it's entertaining movie. It's the files of more if it to them in person did it about two putt I'll probably leave the game when I was really choppy. But. As a person who basically you know some pop cardinals hip hop. I can say you buy in attained I got entertained by the move because it was just it was his music to a time. Stewart pretty much if you any kind of like have any knowledge of hip hop you know two blocks or so just. Just watch something live for a good hour and half proposals when that day. I outlook to bring you win and we can have a wide ranging discussion on the good end Ed from the movie again I think the movie was an entertaining movie. I think it was fun. I think there are a lot of things that they kind of sped through them and didn't really spend proper time we'll all in all I think it is a fairly enjoyable movie. The good but I would say is to me they could not tested the person that played some pot better than what they needed. There were times when he spoke but he sounded exactly like pot. Yet his mannerisms their offer when he was in the studio doing that scene about California low when he was onstage performance. Like his mannerisms. And his being so to speak bell like soup. Yes I'd like to meet you should junior was. And I'll case and purposes somebody who actually understood the craft of studying and we was going to be. And going into an insane album mimic him to an exact essence. Everything he said his mannerisms. Even weigh the pox spoke in sometimes carry certain words. That was what he. Excellent of him as being an actor just picking up debt even I mean you legislate on the fact that look like and just it looked like dude that's like I do with that but he also learned. The way to pop cult in the way he carries voice instant beings like. How you like to be like very very powerful as some companies spoke Indian like how we leaned back of the work so. That was great with that weasel state performing. His mannerisms I moved around the crowd that balanced Apocalypse Now across the state that was pot being bitten nobody Utley does. It was just great to see that doomed me mimicking a war an everything decide just. A part of what the criticism that people have about the movie that actually enjoyed was a solid move was broken up into parts. I liked the first part of it with the interviews and Alan harper and hill have in those conversations. And the clear breakaway and pot gets out and it becomes a regular standard movie. I like hell harper know what asking a question it would kind of depict itself in a move before it would be kind of flashback in being imprisoned more present time. Adamant that way I really like that part of it and I think if anything the biggest challenge to these movies seemed enhancements are there going to be wider range is this more Willis. Is that it's difficult to focus Owen are right it's not a digital photograph that's got to be attended a part babies in the old days. And then all of a sudden has produced got a baby and I got to highlight Brit has got a baby that's his first big shot. They got to highlight I'd get around which has its first real you know. Popular single Britain's got a baby epic with talent while those needs songs that did not get around with the popular radio is on the baker really self. Says the kind of speed and all of that kind of gives him the popped it. Mainstream media really started to know and there with a problem started to arise. Two I kinda for. I didn't like how they switched the story line and I don't like how it's changed from Amman. He'll harper basically letting pot Mary's story and Collison became just a Linear story itself want to get out of jail. I wanted him to keep it consistent. As this story had it didn't it embodied by that much did. It irked me when I saw like OK well now he's generating now's the news which now is just a story. I would like him the team coming to stay in one form say hey you know way. We could. It would have been dope if they had played an effective pop release so what stuff after he was that it has pulled the post humans polls Eli senate albums and our outlook that they had played on the back like this maybe this is pop. Reliving his. He imposed. Just every historic and insane hate this is the public to hear what I think they'll. It'll be at least Leemire story word you would have to have well you are was let him do the storyline here. And now it's a story Ian White an injury news to him after jail opt out if it elect. You know what is pox legacy he's he's talked to from the grave and tell you how everything happened in heat and air raid over store and a whole lot. In its equity interest in our particular bail out for me in more ultimately your guess. I know that the movie and there's controversy will get it's that at some point we got a lot of senate talk about this. Like how they showed Willis our two oxygen in his career in the mark like their relationship in the movie like they showed when they were high school when they clearly were close and we now know those seen about the poll which I thought was a really good scene but now hearing the fixings completely made up of just opened the and I was -- never told me at. But I thought it was good Audi showcase their relationship because. And ever came off the sexual but it. It was clear. That Jay was one of the few people in two plots like that he would listen to they would listen to a lot of other people would listen to his manager at times he witnessed an issue look at some would listen to snow. Listen to a lot of people it was Bob everybody would listener would say it was the warm person that you get the rule in the movie. Clearly you movie in was coming whenever. Jaded at realized he'd changed in that she couldn't get through to him anymore that he was been lost so to speak. That's where we have democracy is of the whole lifetime could think you see it and now we know that that ever happening and I felt like that was. Forced like even that interaction I've never I've I've seen a problem because the poem went around along. Like number it's a book I think I was I want to read a lot about this I went back and I read the actual article bay hill Harper's character role I want to read it in five. I read the New York Times piece member when you tell me says don't view horoscope says but never heard the story. I went back and Michael will then I found a story that inspired the song. I went back and I heard the woman he was accused of raping in the convicted of rape every account of the storm which we can get incidence or account of the story is. So completely different than his account of the story today it it is worth having the discussion about. It's our read a lot of this stuff in this year. The great liberties they took seemed to me want a more powerful scenes were 2 o'clock clearly shows his intellect. To admit. Haven't completely make up the scene where you read the data particular why you. That's another little Hollywood Liberty's lead up to take you say you know that's why I'm with the it was BT BT would never do that BT would be war. Lifetime we'll try to force loving and that's about to me is don't like is they can tell this one too about how powerful Blanton who afflicted. Does that seem like good I actually like this happen. I just pop was very complicated and pop was. A lover and in all these other contradiction in paradoxes. What other scene in the movie do you think did happen in real life because when I lost in the first time in years who shot chipped. But there's no way to blogger who shot you like there's an idea like there's no way not like that maybe maybe it was in jail when it happened. And they wanted to outlaws told have been able to taper sub like this are really two boxes out on the yard. Who shot suit who is at that time the rumor dis track towards him and being. This OG figure comes open mic I all right growth and I'll. There are at risk you thinking here. Oh team that gets me. That I was like deals standout was. When he touches the dope dealer when he gets Molly arms. Ambiguity yeah as I don't think you don't know work to do just lets you specially when it. Cared an active and are now. There's nobody there to not let it go and how this works out to just to do that thing you know what you do it is the right to elect ability says my first Dassault somebody details like. Georgia right there is domestic violence against it was shanks are made it more important for us don't please not let me let me. It was funny because like Albert is gone and met might happen when you hit it to be completed. Just like. Dr. Dre and and you just punched every I don't know how I'm the only doctor regularly displaced by no lights or sticky. I thought I had to check somebody at this point in public at the level work the display to deal is not. Just. And his autograph I just like this part about the movie. We're talking about the good right now. Strata Compton made Doctor Murray seemed like a superhero. I always made the right decision never highlighting his domestic violence says he got a death row so easily you got it in WA contract so he's unlike our I don't think it was as seamless process. But you just get out all these situations. The odds on me. Does do a decent enough job of showing you all sides of hoopla. I would say it paints alleged rape and eight. Weighed only highlights to pocket I don't wanna do anything I'm going to sleep next you wake up and I are right and you see accuses you love it okay all right what do. But the movie did a good job bush or really all parts showed acting ability where it was kind of cool to see him try to recreate some of the more powerful scenes from Indian actor is showed him as intelligent rapper showed him as perfectionist he's trying to do Britain has got a baby name. It showed up as this you'll like this very volatile character that will seize up and happening to shoot these two white man for. Attacking as do is show you I really gave you me I would say wide ranging. Emotion of hoots who pock was in the left its U McConnell for your conclusion on who to block views. And I think that was what it's like you said it it basically painted him as the paradox that he used he was he was a lot of things. To buy but the walking contradiction he was Brenda had the baby did in. Wonder why they call you. He was a lot of different things though of back and forth of a person and that was. That made him great I don't think that the movie let them we gave you that you sit in essence a way of depicting what you've gone to pot. In just gave you the picture of who we was now directing with a little bit. Wishy washy here there because it was just his work vs our word and of course is its movie so it Google say hey. So you didn't rate summit in years and people will walk out but. Everything liking you got to see him his his trouble growing up you got to see his. His mother devoted mother drug addiction is still trying to lover to do that. You get to see him trying to take care assistant. You get to see him trying to get into the industry. About way of beam just basically a wrote he. But you have oodles I loved that scene of communal states. What he's been clean up the microphone and any division and if you're behind that that's the same opening theme I loved it. That I didn't think. I didn't think it really showed the struggle it was to be as successful rapper. It was I moved to New York. I do it is one thing is MC New York all of a sudden you have an audition for shot NG. Use it what sixteen borrows design did you the next senior on the road with whom the next scene is hey I want I have a bigger role. You didn't have your biggest hit after that like a it was a lot more Strobl one thing I appreciate about the Tories it's hard to paint the two is. That we showed you. Recorded demo mr. C hears it takes in the B I takes its up off he's faced this life decision in my own keep being in the streets are my goatee duel and how. Like the movie at least tries to show you the creation of biggie smalls the movie goes pro am. 2 o'clock beard and his mom stomach and his mom given a very passionate speech to ambient to block in thirty minutes like. Daisy. And that's why I think that if it would be in. They had done. To pop culinary historian he could've highlighted in points like this. It's seven month passed I had still been working with Digital Underground and it could still let the movie progress with Kim generated over so you have this vision in my life okay it's been seven months. He's still trying to get to rule and it still commit to cleaning B Brodie is set up they just showing. This time period not so you hate it's been seven months pots into Tuesday to this Brodie being Digital Underground he still not make it needs to keep walls to make yet. That way it doesn't seem like it's compact like is that you sit it was just here also and he's too. Every time he went to pocket he was just that got a background Digital Underground when dances. And I think that the story doesn't highlight that enough I think that it was kind of just like sort Michael. He would miss to this to this and that was it. Yeah that's the biggest complaint with the movie that I have but forums are watching news. I saw someone tweeted it's been in the movie is like to box Wikipedia page come alive the never really went in depth. With any individual thing. It never really show the creative process of making Halperin the got a baby or really any song like you never showed you how to pock with Seton create songs. It never showed who relieved. Much about how we got an acting he just told a very quick stored all of a sudden and Jews and it has been it is in his major motion picture. As the star of the movie. It's been skipped over sold meaning little parts. The only thing I really feel like it went in depth to what the right. That was the only thing that I felt like they clearly it's there all right we can't skip over this part about it and was shooting yeah it was boat to date and in the shooting is so little. This yes so ridiculous. Is available that you like okay who is different account today could that you put it if you if you put ball flexes. Being against it is like. And I think I have a question and I left doubted to comply. The apathy where he gets we get sucked into what's in the room and he's leading now and if the Dow up there with both before plex. That's not thought it was that's who I thought it was like hopefully I couldn't tell Lou who was like the movie. Never really explained we have to make you do shows in the way they like if you know hip pocket because funk flex. I'm curious what you think about this. The more I see these movies that Torre is all eyes on me. Khalili comes off to meet that pock was the wrong party in the East Coast West Coast beef that the key was his man. Did you care about it never comes off of it Vicki Adams set up to be shot. It comes off like two pocket just parent no lead right about it any even in this movie. Big league trust the lord to pot like no start rolled with him to lose Monday not good characters just like notorious but to plug this into Nigel my main idol has me hooked even on Nigel clearly got in his rape investigation might. It was not a man pocket Osce did you see debt to prod is the it always to me comes off like clear lead that pock was the wrong party in the deep in just over reacted to a song that probably was not about him. Yeah and I think that that's another thing that's also one of the intimate pop pop pop like to fly off the handle pock would ever took a lot of things into consideration he just wanted to go pop. Pop pop in I was in I think. That the movie highlights that in a point where you can see big. Sent him away in east feels like try to make that hey I'm here I end up and do what it. In part is to get a ring it would signal and I don't know at some point did he know. Think that that's another question to always left and that puck really melded that he never had anything to do what in this but wait for him to drum up more sales by. In in guess investigating not investigating but instigating this beef because puck really grew after the beat like puck was being. But after East Coast west cult it became like huge edge like that all the big public talk about was that. I didn't think the movie did a good job too of the iconic. Soo good and pocket Roland up in the G-8 and into plot how to do it Saudi has that Versace shirt red car but they've been that the source weren't Libya all Gannett and liked it residual really good job would tell it now like that's an iconic moment in hip hop history. They total from snoops perspective there was groups like he's hosting got no love for it that's what the other one goes they dredge up around here. The casting in this was awful she Martinez character didn't look anything like eighth faith character of booked all of. You gave us ice. Here and give me anything but testing was so bad. House. Note due to movement Lex moved in with snow actual real life voice that dual. To boot sound ridiculous that it too much like snoop we did not look anything like oh he looked just like the big W it's it really is the I need to look up and he'll do when I didn't know who was yes they do look absolutely nothing like he's now like to even radio. Will be yeah that's right doesn't it doesn't sound like that was. I think that was actually snoop I think snoop dog dog his parked in the IG annually their dad duo or he just says. The perfect voice outlets like I see I got tested it that's really argues that while it is. Take ago the right units like these. Yeah definitely got better than. Woods put radio and hit the worse than doing it Fredricka. Just don't that account even but he's good stuff did it more like snoop and his. This is a regular black parks like this itty bitty light. Draped in the flag draped. They stood in the black suit and so one of those because there I think that like the biggest thing to do these today and you and decent man is moving them. It you're excited for a show and by topic really our movie just depiction is trade me it could still speculative grades and it's hard to top my good thing to say about him besides these the action that the other than you'd like this to the he's probably if you have restored to hear him like these. As in every movie. I just like it in W elect an old beat down. For. I mean everybody's heard the stories about show remember the story about him and allies where he hangs an outside to get from this out of your area. I just somebody who really do a lot of business had a program. And I mean like even a number of those heavy into reading source in an XXL back in the days when pop sizzle out of your life. When he talked about how bad debt roll was dance. The secretaries of like you know to be happy to shoot outs in the lobby and elected. The thing like in a workplace environment that I wanna be were a word that Sunday and come out of work at Bob knots and go. Additional being encrypted yeah. Netflix has just been elected. We'd get up as well the whom I don't you know it worked as you'll. Data I Abby. It's crazy to let the work environment binges it read so much great music from like all the bad things that death row was. You can legitimately say it was the best rap label that we've ever seen you got a same. Love Rockefeller Rockefeller had a great rowand Rockefeller at the top couldn't produce what Jeff wrote. Ed death row at one point had the best rapper people bought at one point the best producer in the history of hip hop. Snoop. And then one of the greatest business mind remembers it like you were not arguing that body accountant to do was underneath. We Warren G and Nate Dogg ought to do is apart at peace funk era like. You were not messing with the death rows roster. Do you mean you have to if there's there's been hip hop hip hop dynasties throughout history you have to have Rockefeller you have bad boy you have death row. I think that you have to put the death row in a same category with. No limit because the limit was doing something and whales did too and I think that we're Witten were waiting on the no limit but I'll take a master. All of those can be interest in one's pretty one next. I feel like masterpiece. There's an excellent I don't know if it's a motion picture pulpit like a master keys that that look I I agree tell us he's at that level not put the people they've made movies about our doctor grace and do part Dr. Dre to fox MB. Masterpiece at least a pop culture point is not at that level. With white America we're gonna be clear about who drew whose. Going to see these movies don't allow them out. BT to do that they didn't audition that election he could duel they could do a good. I think after being get a good two part three part series. This aside though what frustrates me so much about BT's. You know they can make good content via the audition movie is legitimately good. Slightly out of a solid in the theaters that have good good good and all five parts of it or very entertaining movies. Trop I noticed they like BT doesn't try to. I think they got the right pieces of net mark that was one of bombs and everything discount. Collectively just came to get in the universe and made something great I think a lot of times they are indeed dismiss bow. They have a lot more time like that in such a new additions or into our place has tried to do it it's right to do that throughout I think a lot. Part series on VT I think in this but that. I think it gave you at least you had a little more focused on him you tune teenage. Sue. The next part will be underground the fourth part B. The fourth Bolivia around his I'd get real time periods in game subsequently everything happened in his dance. And that's where I would say. That Netflix. Am party for authorities have changed how we view it. The final of Washington our stuff now the OJ documentaries ten hours the Coca honest too long no it was really good but you can't tell the OJ story in 23 hours like you can't you have to tell it over. Especially when you have to. Basically talk about all the other intangibles that surrounded like if you. I forgot about a lot of stuff around oh today I forgot about the the young lady who was killed. By the Asian store or market got about all the things that went to leaving to the old taper schedule. It's not a story you're gonna properly put context what was going on at the time OJ app and I think that's a lot of what populace I feel like a lot of stuff could have helped out a context of a with a with surrounding these imports just like civil Brenda has a baby. If we win and so okay. This is the what was on Potts my this country apart still living in this area he was seen in this and he wanted to he did he told us he basically said I'll read in the story in the paper. It is so he read a story in the paper and the and we told the business exact thing pay. I read the story every day in newspapers out and read about because of what sex. This is something that I'll let you out because. This is what impacts in my neighborhood this is what impact much people. It skidded to say while pianist had heat they were tough fight him over. He was tough fight in Arab wondered had a baby came on the radio station here and I'm number that was like one of my first talks on that hurt. And ice and I mean I don't live expecting about young but I do remember and had a baby Bryn and really got to bring them out about the birth. I didn't know until I I think I would stake in this funny you bring about the enters co. Who signed a good music contrary. Feel like we've ever heard a story of someone that sided deal with a record company and it went well every single movie story. Biographies. Article you read everybody hates their record contract I think that. The probably the people who who the probably the people there probably the people who do enjoy the contract a one hit wonders they probably has something great and you never comedian that was like there's no way. I can just do. I'm gonna contract but everybody also is a great start. In the games or is always out going to be because the longer you're in your contract. The more you intellect stipulations of this that this then others and then you get debt well. And recoup this money back on this what we spin on this and I'm like this if you hate that theme the theme is played and every. Every single and maybe like a recent picks I would say. Probably post 2000 like fifties never complained about his contract under shady aftermath life. He never complained about just behind the scenes that congress that Athens and it clearly wasn't a winning situation we're going to right now to get that scene is it every buyout because someone in the nineties is unhappy about his musical contract. Which is like don't read this wasn't paying attention because. It's clear even like yours if you basic knowledge of it was clear what to block with trying to do to buck up build up our sugar he was tied have you just resign as reality like I'm gonna make these albums as quickly as pop. Possible and I don't wanna be on death row but it's the only way I can be free. So you may all eyes on mute doubled is clearly with the art that counts is to. Indian I'm in a hurry to make backup Billy because Napa Valley would have would have been the third and horror. Is. Was off with a meat as the world that there are no me want you were wasn't before are you yet has been. I'll get visas for us when we damages in the map of them did that doubt in the wanna completely appreciate it took the lead contract disliked. And Eric. And it. He goes to a says oh I did my three my let me out of my deal already did out that you just opens up the books like nobody on your side was I didn't know these numbers are re. This'll be about everything everybody always thinks things at face value that again that's a lot to deal with black people in our limited. Arlen interaction with major money like if you added if you look if you are Jewish are. For all these purposes white person you might have a lawyer for and our friend has a lawyer and your family this is hey maybe the two Contra broke. Let me look at the books are quick they make sure uniting or we don't have that night most especially. Multi with aspirations to be rappers. That's why a lot of people gods are on all cash money a lot of people that they just wanted to get out you give you anybody apart 100000 dollars. A sign anyplace on your own. 1817. Today. His new car. He has to defeat thousand dollars fine and like if I go rent that flags just now we've seen goal and it was different outages in the ninety's. There's no reason if you decide on those bad deals now we all have the information or that if you if you hit. Like if your little dot mean. And it works for you you don't want to be in this contrary it hurts you in in for you to be in this deal but it helps you in the beginning when if you want a good one that finally break through making you being in record label contract is the worst thing with you and right out there like. If if today. Today's artists if you sign a bad contract with your games are that was huge Nubian Nicklaus message you being ignorant and not want any kind of history of anything amusing. Because you've had seventy's if you watched any movies that depict the 70s. Thousands you know that companies are basically. In for themselves they're not in it for you bit in they'll tell you there in it for you they're gonna say hey we want you to make money. But in the long run they want to make money if they have to store chains you to make money off you they wheels so. Always come into that an artist that decides to them going to the game you always understand like hey this company will took me if need be so. Makes you sign it makes I think keeping get a lawyer have a read over you have to have a lawyer look over to stuff that's just basically like that why would Joseph father Doug dowdy said do you know you can at least six. He had no clue how do you not go to 360 view is how did you not notice as I go yeah. I have I really good understanding what is speaking of money. Maybe everywhere and do this image has surprised me. Play. Was broke. And no clue at 2 o'clock in Brooklyn you just think based on all the stuff that he was doing. How many albums he released probably movie he was in the two pockets Richman the movie clearly shows if money was always issuance of its who by had to think about which is something you would never think about four commercially successful. I think that a lot of times just like with athletes you have at that point when you take care to people I think that was pox. Major thing to pop that pop panel obviously I mean labs but I mean like if he would just take care of himself he'd have. All of these family used to talk take care is likely to elect. Is welcome to call give my mom's woman. And I think that what you get that point we used to it and take care of your family that's an extra would be. Other times like you ticket system lawyer fees you always go with a clear that was another it was always intro note. In the case of the pocket and pop may have been the first episode at least. Leased by average case the ideal. It was all is that true it is in my youth is compact in each week have you got one case you you know. An elected Spain you know and then I want to shoot those two people. I know what I had him at the moment and who pulled the gun or you just get the card just leave. You got around she was also gripped up crowds to who gets. Did you get to the crowds but isn't you know let art the government to downright. Mean and it's not noon and ankle is out all the laughs are related go to foolproof they. I don't think that it with the first first of all is well. Well. We called up and Agassi I know OK like I know cats and Lego is the situation jumped out so I pulled out of me let him go. Compare that like. Like it's okay to Sudan. Good in my eight years ago me. And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm tapped out of the day I appreciate every day if we're. That what I like about them. I thought about to go what not what did you not like about it. Again the only thing I really do it and didn't like was heave the roles that forecast I have to like it upon people who looked loaded war like out of it happy. With people who look more like bill and downed less. If action's good and people look more like them and it's great. I don't really need everybody this laptop I need to do would be in the main target the main role to embody that character everybody else that is just being. Look like them said the couple lines in an ego. Like I feel like they just went from good. Good thing anybody was bad that I don't think that I can look and say elected to place to go with the bad actor hoping to do inflation with bay I thought he was excellent for what he was speaking with both via standout. Roll looked like he was supposed to be secure to that pop want him to be like. This big minutes in. Background care to its lead may have led to pox in my eyes but I don't think he is a bad actor. Feel like a lot of he blasts ousted like they did the acting as criminals like this goes back and I mean he'll harper. Grow from Thomas Michelle's while NBA did an excellent job as a Fini. I think that was great seed Ciba. What do you expect to act like I didn't go into it and I know wasn't the resident art and does what it's a little light. Now I was I want to items was 2 o'clock believable and it lets you didn't you finally saw like the depiction. Like better like Faith Evans will be sold like hard for me get over there interaction she doesn't look anything like bait. That kind of like scenes like that to me were kind of rule our first thought you ceased dog like this it's no doubt it. Well again. The duke of Dr. Dre didn't look anything like Dr. Dre like. Braddock confident this. Is he a guy that you could pay down some music economy and already got Dickie from its. The big you should be leads in the mini boom couldn't talk to them something on the big for the rest of his life he might have been beaten in announced that it isn't going to. This moves the ball hit some highlights our country actually in some needed to prop lookalike. On the news you know him and he he definitely is now. The two I care to do you think it was better or worse and it's ours ours. Easy worse I think and I don't know if that's mustang to misspeak him but I feel like I do like I can look at it objectively and say like from a movie standpoint. I think that. The choice is way more Linear collect the tourist told a complete story it didn't feel like you jumped from spot to spot it Toby Keith you. I am in to see what is to stream it was a streamlined story whereas but he said it was just like you dream pox Wikipedia jumped here and there never showed. Him as it never should create a process that never sold. He dome. Basically east spot of him like having to work for these other things like only tone. Only critical times cocktail what's his own criminal activities it was never artistry so when how he got for. Prepare for a movie roll out our when he broke down the risk of pot. I didn't know big it was a one never really grow. Opera's popular Pope wrote a lot of stuff additional Padraig a lot of innocent kids in and who isn't on the and that's how those who you know out I don't seem to debate that I know he never stayed. I. Como is not a soup pot in movies like robbery at the funniest we just saw was two putt at notre from a mostly it was column special. Outlook that shouldn't turn everything into a joke about the movie old Mike good is off Friday night. I say I didn't go out I was a home. And I exists I could not stop laughing. Today they showed two putt or a snatch a IDC the picture I remember I we next LSU moved because I'm all seated in a lot lower. Ed who fought in the death row change. Dickey Owens the media or water. I think that that was one of them seem to be just rocking with the ground. And it just took a pitcher right mean because you never see how that the movie and now. Without remember that that was the white jeans when he dials when he was at. When he sat up what was that way within with that possibly lose my setup all okay you know you went white pants. In the chain now. Big one round that's obvious that the delta pointed just sat in its rock with a crowd because of another video of him to them really rock. Better outfit and wants are both very reflective of the yeah. And I was so. I think fit in with the birds who started that cities do would both the good elect their right to start to bite on the size up the Marseille. Two black head on a cell is when he messed up I run into I go if you had it handles the while sues like some like. And so today but what they didn't they look at. Ahead also Lynda of gender and we're going to retire he did like. You know I ID. You would think that I dislike them rights I think that it was a good movie I think it was entertaining. I think it was enjoyable I think your if your pin at 2 o'clock you'll like we love the movie. I think if you Horry neutral observer. I'd you come away thinking the movie just could've been a better movie like I left I left the movie theater. Like I six and had seven it's it's enjoyable and I've seen movies like I've seen movies I enjoyed. The I would do it okay rating. I think that it depends on what policy. I'll respect of the what gender and you to pot because a lot of emails I know that super too much and hated. I they did in the human elected. You feed off. A flight back further bail there too but populated like this. School. Demon to write good at it and it rob to buckle we wanted forced you to make him make you take a look at him in Korea bigger scheme just kind of like this is what idea. This will be putting for our man in Julie that's. You didn't take you what you think of him from Nancy you seem to some his greatest songs even know spies here and there. Is still gonna beat you with pot of the British Shackelford so people courtside Sierra YouTube page that's damn look at him on YouTube. Tim at him backs the world due to backs last gambit to him right asserts trail Gator. That's what I do is basically talk movies Todd Netflix. Mike in a music here today I don't know depends on how I feel it's hardly get them play you know decided just kind of bothered by you know it's reach beyond them look him across the board asked him to him. YouTube's netstat Twitter. A FaceBook is im looking MTV Colin. Black and it black planet MySpace. Kite anything else they wanted to cause I was I might be a little right. I didn't. If you'd that basically if you Google Bim to him. More likely I will pop vote on the that had had him in his black planet must give people one under rated Netflix thing to watch. People don't everybody goes there are no stranger things I don't know if you're in the comedy I really enjoy the Osama nods. Economist standup special. That was excellent I feel like. A lot of people may not know of due to unless you watched. With the daily so with terminal now. I Felix is he did just to the course once in the last one. Would trump instilled to he did excellent job there if you get a chance to watch he's been a special watch it check it out he's funny. He's personable. Also if you haven't washed my due. Neil Britain. As we might special on they told me about that I need to watch you'll love it. It's it's creative that's one thing about it that is three mikes in each Mike is a difference ballots stand up he does punch line did does. Stent into comedy and and does. It suspected comity of how he grew up in a deal at night I'd never seen in my view and it's like. I enjoy I enjoy both of those because they re I want to Tracy Moore and therefore it. I try to find good. Aspects and when I did a review for me I wouldn't mix Tracey makes me Korean so much because most of Tracy's audience. Can relate to Tracy. Like he tells jokes about us it's not be cranky aid. Family and I'm like these. Your fans Martina face hands and they can have an update lacking with that it actually happened with you because. The graphic like it's comfortable it's cute Lincoln's. It's like basically like some yoga in word in a party that's flo like you've collectively ironically her. And you come to wethy like. Ole Ole black dude like it's like a house party for the white he would've liked also and you just got an inward in where inwardly that way the company's two legged trip to elective. I'm glad to an old this is what you love to do. Set and he was honest about it we first thought he came out there but I from. That part and it just kept going on like this isn't really that funny to me like I didn't really do I others by Chris Tucker like out of exile army could tuck it back. Stand up was horrible it. I think a lot of sound we kind of just it's on the style to thing because without Chris Tucker he's he's been folklore of Friday in all these other times it can be a funny Ressa. Energetic like how it was like young Chris Tucker of the on Defcon Vijay and oh yeah I was talking fast. As soccer Latina it was bigger hole. Chris Tucker I wanna remember. It's up to eight like Cecil Fielder out here either. It having that he's the recently and it didn't seem not he's W Willis movie I look forward to summer in theaters black Bill Clinton does next next you have Tony aids in actually for a play date movie. Yeah we'll see that I'm I'm I'm an event is item its muted to clear ones that summer. Outdoor rag rocks will be good to I think I just want a trailer alone I think that is gonna goal. A little bit like Dayton they learn from the mistake. You seldom does not make insurance more movies now. I'm over three dozen. More still make money betrayal as he right now no clue what the movies about the not driving cars anymore as robots fighting. That's not what it wasn't at Virginia it was bumblebee and it was due out this. There and caught the transforming into big anymore as. They do offense and I'd do that make you money. To keep good part of the earth though away from what made this story story opulent like I did review of the fast and furious the trend when it first before I don't see any DOC. Festive spirit I haven't seen as they obviously don't wanna be on the move and at this point when you're here. Wouldn't submarines like earnest if you ought to be brought me out Adobe is gonna turn into Armageddon. Fast and furious like it's going to be media are coming toward earth the government ultimately Indy that we need to they. I would say is different about fans of yours that I haven't seen that transformed since they switched over mark Albert. That's if yours has never forgotten who use. It's trees for for what it was Paul Walker retirees into the street racing in the beginning but it's ever got away from you know come here the story you come here to see attractive girls a drug cardinals blow things up. Trust strive to be like a serious movie you fly in an optimist I'm giving you motivational. It. Altered. My. With the meat act added the voice to ordinary G is an MR what it's really trying to get it's. No fast and furious is a very easy don't I don't wanna see now are. That you caller will be the best action. Movies are right now a rock we'll give you one of the top five Vin Diesel who have been conflict would each other. And it always viewed on route to your somebody like who was gonna get out many in the allied that you. That's the thing about it though when that to you first came out it was just it was a drive in movie that was announced that as it for grad outs and actually it's actually move is actionable cars now. I did and I give it because. I mean that's submarine back at all. It is just went public as you know you gotta if you keep up the ante like the first I think seven was you know with a plain. Then submarine. So loudly is I tank. So I eventually somehow though that you got to go to the moon are transformers got to come good come out against it are across so. Over RB IB ID the bidders condi added insult like it guitars bass and diversity of hinges on what is it. This is jump start an earlier period last elegant okay yeah I am British Jack apart we got it numbers are Monica.